Hi! I’m Amy CopeAmy Cope - circle

Welcome to my {dream} world!  I’m a certified life coach and dream worker committed to helping you live your greatest vision for your life.

How do I do this?  Let’s just say I’m a skilled Wisdom Warrior + Dream Magician + Authenticity Alchemist and I {love} sharing how to bring your dreams into life with courageous souls ready to create a magnificent life.

Welcome to your tribe.  How does it feel?


Your dreams are not random – they are your soul’s calling.

Dreams come in many forms.  Whether it’s a cherished aspiration, a spontaneous night dream, or a synchronicity in your daily life, dreams {all of them} shine a light on your path & illuminate your way.  To ignore your dreams is to ignore a vital part of your soul.

It is my intention to help you draw out the wisdom that is already within you to transform your life in whatever ways you desire. I use a combination of Life Coaching & Dream Work to help you re-connect to your authentic self and manifest your vision into the world. 

Frankly, I don’t care what that looks like.  I just want YOU to care, and YOU to be happy – no… ecstatically passionate – about it. 

About {Sleep} Dreams

{Sleep} dreams are much more than random images floating through your head at night.  They are windows to your soul.  By consciously working with your dreams, you can harness their wisdom for exponential growth in your daily life.

Dreams are forward-looking and focus on what’s ahead in your path.  They show you what to explore next, areas where you are stuck, and what needs healing.  And according to Iroquois tradition, dreams reveal the Secret Wish of the Soul. 

I use a deep listening and intuitive questioning to draw out your soul’s authentic wish and help you put it into action in your life. It is not necessary to recall your {sleep} dreams to benefit from coaching.  I work with ALL kinds of dreams and dreamers. 

You can call me your Dream Coach.

Why Work with Me

Because I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I truly get it.  I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, and isolation.  I’ve questioned my path and wondered if I actually had a purpose in this lifetime. 

Growing up with an abusive step-father, my childhood was far from rosy and had lasting consequences.  But I got through the funks of life – you know those dark, heavy, lonely places – and absolutely thrived afterwards.  And I learned many valuable lessons along the way.

I am committed to my own evolution as much as I’m committed to yours.  I walk the walk and will never ask anything of you, that I’m not willing to embrace myself.

If you want to free your mind and bring your dreams into life, let’s talk.

I currently offer 1:1 private coaching sessions (aka Dream Sessions).  Future offerings will include workshops & retreats.  Sign up for the ezine (at the top or bottom of this page) to stay in touch with our tribe.

May your {best} dreams come true, and may you remember them.

~ Amy xo

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