Apple Dream

By Justine; Canada

A young girl is climbing up a shaking/unstable rope latter to a tree house. In the tree house there is a barrel of apples. She picks up a few apples at a time, slides down on the unsteady rope latter and puts the apples into a bushel on the ground. She does this over and over and over again. BUT, the supply of apples never gets lower and the bushel on the ground never gets full.

Dream Interpretation by Amy

Very interesting dream. Short, but powerful.

When looking at your dreams, it’s important to keep in mind that all dream characters represent an aspect or a part of yourself.

Since you are female – dreaming of a young girl represents yourself at that age. So, this dream is dealing with something related to your life, your emotions, feelings, etc… that occurred or started at the age which the girl was in the dream. To go deeper – there is a part of you that is [still] the age of the young girl in the dream who is still experiencing the issues that you are dealing with in the dream.

Young is a relative term, it can either represent a general feeling of “youth” and times when you were younger. Or, if there was a particular age range of the girl – toddler, child, teen, young adult – that can provide more clues as to when these feelings first started.

In the dream, the girl is climbing up a ladder to a tree house. There are so many symbols present just in this first sentence:

Ladders symbolize an attempt to get somewhere, do something, or accomplish some goal that is presently out of reach. The ladder is shaky and unstable, which further signifies the challenges that you face in order to reach your goals. Trees represent your past, present, and future – all that you have done in your life and all that you will do in your life. Think of it as the roots of the tree are your “roots,” where you came from to get to where you are now. The trunk is the present – where you are now, at this point in your life. And the branches are your future – where you’re going, where you’re headed, and in the case of a fruit-bearing tree, accomplishing your goals and “bearing the fruits of your labor.” A house represents you – so in the case of a tree house, that also represents some aspect or some part of you.

So from the first sentence, we learn that this dream deals with an aspect of yourself that first occurred or began when you were “young.” It also deals with getting somewhere, or reaching some potential that you have.

One way to understand apples in dreams is as the “fruit of your labor.” All the efforts that you have put into something are being actualized. So, with this understanding, the apples in the tree house (the supply) indicate a never-ending stream of abundance. The efforts of your past and present are paying off and are there for you to reap the benefits. They are there for the taking.

However, the bushel at the bottom of the tree (near the roots – your past), never fills up. This could indicate feelings of not having enough, of working hard to reach your goals, to achieve and to accomplish, but not seeing your actions come to fruition. These feelings may have started sometime in your distant past – maybe when you were young. It’s as though you are in a never-ending cycle of working hard to accomplish your goals/become the person you most desire to become, yet not feeling as though you are able to accomplish that.

In short, this dream represents actions that you take to improve your life – harvesting the fruits of your labor, but not feeling fulfilled, no matter how much you work and no matter how many accomplishments and goals you achieve.

To understand this dream deeper, look at what is going on in your life and try to draw some parallels. What do apples represent to you? If you follow the teachings of the Bible, for example, apples might take on a different meaning for you such as of temptation. In what areas of your life do you feel that you work hard, but are not able to see the results of your actions? How can you start to see the abundance within the situation? What do you have an unending supply of (love, peace, chaos)? And how are you not recognizing that abundance in your life? If you find that you have an abundance of something you don’t want (fear, jealousy, etc…) how can you transform that energy into something you would prefer?

Hope that helps give you a better understanding of the dream. The real juice of the dream interpretation will come when you can draw some parallels to your waking life. This dream is showing you something about you and the way you interact with the world. Without knowing anything at all about you, I can only give an educated guess, based on the symbols present in the dream. When you draw parallels to your waking life, you’ll be able to see much more clearly what the dream is communicating.

Happy Dreaming,

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