A Lot Going on Upstairs – Nightmares of Stewie Griffin

I’m a huge Family Guy fanatic. I’ve seen every episode. Multiple times. The show makes me laugh… what can I say! And I particularly love the antics of Stewie and Brian. So, you can imagine how excited I was when I watched the recent episode, A lot going on Upstairs and Read More

Alien Dreams – Meaning of UFOs and Aliens in Dreams

Meaning of UFO Dreams – UFOs and Aliens in Dreams Guest post by JM DeBord Oh, what a dream symbol the UFO is—and popular, too. It is common in dreams—not as much as, say, cars and animals, but more so than the majority of other symbols. Plus, it really raises the Read More

The Last Carton of Eggs

“Everything that enters our field of perception means something, large or small. Everything speaks to us if we will take off our headphones and hear a different sound track. Everything corresponds. We travel better in the forest of symbols when we are open and available Read More

Fire Releasing Ceremony

Fire Releasing Ceremony: How to release unwanted energy for the New Year & Beyond It’s the New Year and it’s time for a fresh start.  With the holidays behind us and the freshness of winter upon us, the start of the year really is a wonderful time to get clear about Read More

Is Fear Keeping You Small?

Fear is an insidious creature.  It’s a trickster who comes to us in all shapes and sizes.  It gets into our psych and whispers gently in our ears that we aren’t good enough, we aren’t smart enough, we can’t do it, and even if we could no one would care anyway, so why bo Read More

I ❤ Rock Friends

Weehee… I have 12 new “rock friends” in my life and so excited. I’m somewhat new to crystals – it’s been a kind of long-forgotten passion… Until yesterday, when I had a powerful vision while hanging out with my rock-loving friend, Tiffany { not to be confused with my ro Read More

Brenda Ferrimani – Featured Dream Artist

Brenda Ferrimani is an artist and graphic designer who paints her dreams.  I came across Brenda’s work a few months ago and immediately fell in love.  Her paintings capture the magic and mystery of the dream realm.  In her own words Brenda describes her work: “I have re Read More

JM DeBord Interview

JM DeBord – Dreams, Shamanism & Embracing Fear   Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting with JM DeBord.  Among his many accomplishments, he’s the author of the book Dreams 1-2-3, runs a website on dreams, and is the moderator of Reddit /r/Dreams.  He’s Read More

5 Types of Dreams & How to Use Them

  5 Types of Dreams & How to Use Them Every night when you go to sleep, you dream.  You leave the world of every day consciousness and enter the dream realm – a mysterious place filled with magic, trickery, and impossibilities. Modern culture tells the story th Read More

Dream Challenge Night #3 – Ask a Question

Congrats Dreamer! You made it to the third and final night of the dream challenge.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the challenge so far and that you’ve gotten a lot out of it. Tonight, we’re going to continue with the theme of connection.  Like any relationship, your relationshi Read More

Dream Challenge Night #2: Make a Connection

Are you ready for Day 2 of the Dream Challenge?  Let’s go… In yesterday’s challenge, we touched on the topic of connection and building a relationship with your dreams.  Today, we’re going to expand on that and connect with our dreams in another way. What many peo Read More

Dream Challenge Night #1: Write it Down

Welcome to Night #1 of the Dream Challenge!  This 3-day challenge is designed to help you start understanding and using your dreams in your daily life. Click here to join the Dream Challenge Facebook Group.  This is your private community of dreamers where you can share Read More

Dream Films – Vimeo Weekend Challenge

Dream Films Weekend Challenge …Woo hoo! I recently came across a collection of short films based on dreams! Eeek… I love dream art… I’m stoked about all these wonderful dream films.  These were created for the Vimeo Weekend Challenge.  The challenge: create a film Read More

Dr. Oz Dreams & Health

Let’s give it up for Dr. Oz – the {in}famous doctor with the popular talk show about health.  To be fair, I don’t watch the Dr. Oz show.  And he’s only come to my attention recently because of the tabloids. In any case, come to my attention he did.  And I discovered a g Read More

Sleep Your Way to Success

Can you sleep your way to success?  While you might be tempted to answer “no,” the latest sleep research reveals you can. When I worked at a tech company, the guys at the top of the food chain liked to brag about how little sleep they got.  They were in the office at 6 Read More