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Brenda Ferrimani is an artist and graphic designer who paints her dreams.  I came across Brenda’s work a few months ago and immediately fell in love.  Her paintings capture the magic and mystery of the dream realm.  In her own words Brenda describes her work:

“I have recently begun to devote my talents to subjects with personal meaning, and my artistic work now reflects a passion for inner examination. Dream images have captivated my imagination and provide an unending source of inspiration for my paintings. It is my desire to express the mystery of the psyche’s inner world and the power of dreams to impact and change our lives.”

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Whale Speaks by Brenda Ferrimani

This painting is inspired by a dream titled, “A Whale Tries to Communicate”:

“There’s a program on television about a whale which tries to come out of the ocean to communicate. It pushes against Christianity to do this. I am very interested in watching this documentary. Now, as I watch the whale, I begin to experience simultaneously being in the ocean as though I am the whale. I move through the deep waters. Before I wake up I hear there’s a job available…The Superintendent of Schools has left his job open, and a woman offers it to me! I am so happy I kiss her right on the mouth!”


Whale Speaks by Brenda Ferrimani

I am Salmon

“I am in the spirit realm and I ask Spirit for a name. The name I am given is Salmon because “I try so hard and through my struggles new creation is born.” As I try to tell the people in my dream about my name I find myself swimming in the ocean. There are thousands of fish around me and I’m moving with the currents. I feel a big fish under me with my foot, and in the distance I see a Killer Whale breaching…” —Dream Journal entry 7-28-06

I Am Salmon by Brenda Ferrimani

Meeting the Saboteur

MEETING THE SABOTEUR  by Brenda Ferrimani


Luna Light

LUNA LIGHT  by Brenda Ferrimani


Beauty’s Challenge

Beautys Challenge  by Brenda Ferrimani


Chart the Growth



Fall into Fear



Gifted Child



Great Dreamer



Greater Woman Within



The Branching Woman



Soul Tree


Why do I paint dreams? ~ Brenda Ferrimani, in her own words

My interest in dreams began several years ago with my own experience, when night after night I was haunted by the same dreams. I had many different flying dreams which would always end with my being forced down, usually by people catching me, or by storms or even gravity’s pull. In the dreams I felt that my very life depended on being able to sustain flight.

I did a series of sketches on this theme, caught up in this mystery constantly saying to myself, “I know this means something!” This led to reading about dreams and eventually finding the dream community. Now, I have come to realize that these dreams came to me as a warning that a lack of opportunity for creative expression was killing me! I had a creative spirit that needed to be set free! This was the beginning of my seeking a professional career in commercial art which I also eventually found to be unfulfilling. Thereafter, I left my graphic design business and focused completely on painting my dreams.

To me dreams provide an unending source of inspiration and a way to come to know myself very deeply. Painting dreams has become for me an intense form of dreamwork and as Jeremy Taylor calls any mindful, spiritual work, a “prayer practice.” I let the dream’s inspiration engulf me, and the images flow through me on to the canvas. It’s a very mysterious and powerful experience. Quite often the subject matter of the dream will be echoed in my daily experiences, as though painting the dream makes it come alive in my waking life!

It’s Your Turn, Dreamer

Art has a way of moving the soul that’s unlike any other medium.  It can stir emotions and bring up long forgotten feelings.  Which painting do you connect with most and why do you love it?  Share your reactions in the comments below

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