By Sarah; Toronto

Last night I had a dream that the boy I liked was with me and we were just hanging out. There were other people there but I don’t remember who they were. But me and him were watching a movie and I was wearing a baggy shirt and my long plaid pants. He was talking on the phone saying something about exes and 9 month relationships. (which might have something to do with the true rumour going around that he was gonna have sex with his ex gf).

But I felt like after he put down the phone he wanted to cuddle and watch the movie. So he pulled me closer and I put my hand on his chest (for some reason he was shirtless) and I started rubbing it. I remember the TV was really loud. He started pushing my hand away and I was really confused. And so I sat up and he adjusted his seating and started groping my boobs. I pulled his hands away and looked at him and I said “if you don’t respect me, why should I respect you.”

Then I walked away and went into the washroom. He was still there watching the movie. I was on my period and I was getting ready for bed so I took my tampon out and put a light pad on, brushed my teeth and I took my pants off because I was wearing a baggy shirt. One of the girls I don’t remember in the house looked at my legs and looked at me. And I realized I had cuts on my legs.

Idk why I didn’t just put my pants back on but I planned what I was gonna say and I was gonna say “you may not respect me, but I trust you.” I felt really self-conscious about them and scared on what his reaction would be like. When I was in the washroom somebody’s parents went to go pick them up. But it sounded like my dad and I was terrified he was gonna see my legs.

As always my dream didn’t finish and I didn’t get to see his reaction. I woke up and realized it was a dream and tried to go back to sleep, but it just didn’t work…

(just a little background info that might help u) I’m 14 and I had a thing with this guy for about 8-9 months, we stopped talking when I heard the rumour that he was gonna have sex with his ex gf that Saturday. I just can’t get over him and still like him so much. I told him I missed him a few days before I had this dream. I hope you can help me with interpreting this dream, it would really mean a lot thank you so much.

Dream Interpretation by Amy

Dreams about exes are very common. One of the functions of dreaming is sort out and process the events of our waking lives. Through dreaming you are able to integrate your experiences, hurts, traumas, etc…

Have you ever had the experience of being angry or upset when you go to sleep, and then wake up in the morning feeling better? This happens because we process the events that made us angry or upset through our dreams. Even if you don’t recall having any dreams, the process is working unconsciously, which is why you wake up feeling better.

Sometimes the situation is so big that one night of sleep doesn’t make you feel better. But, nevertheless, you are processing what happened and working it out on an unconscious level.

That is exactly what is happening with this dream. It sounds like a painful situation you were in with this guy. Especially that you really like him and then you heard rumors that he was going to have sex with his ex-girlfriend. So the dream is helping you sort out your feelings and process the situation.

You like the guy – this shows up in the dream with the two of you hanging out and watching a movie. You’re wearing comfortable clothes (baggy pants and long plaid shirt), which indicates you feel comfortable around him. You cuddle. All these reflect your feelings of closeness and affection towards him.

But there’s a snag, and the snag in the dream mirrors the situation in your waking life. He’s on the phone talking about exes (mirroring the rumor about him wanting to sleep with his ex) and 9 month relationships (you’ve been in a relationship with him for about 9 months).

We also see your feelings of separation from him when you rub his chest and he pulls away. This mirrors your own feelings that he is pulling away from you in your waking life because of the rumors. This part of the dream shows a desire for closeness, but at the same time, a feeling that you can’t have it from him anymore.

We see the symbolism of separation and pulling away again when you are in the bathroom and see cuts on your legs. The cuts represent “severing” a connection or being “cut” off. This again is a reflection of your feelings of separation from the boy you like.

Even though you are feeling the separation, you show a sense of hope and vulnerability when you plan on saying, “You may not respect me, but I trust you.” A desire to express your feelings of trust shows a willingness to be vulnerable and to be close to him – it’s like an invitation to him to be close to you again. That kind of intimate sharing also suggests a hope that your openness may win him back.

So, all-in-all, this dream shows you what you already know: you like this boy, but you’re feeling like he’s pulling away from you and that you are no longer as close as you once were but you would like to continue to be close with him. Dreams like this function to help you integrate experiences and feelings from your waking life. Even if you are not aware of the healing and process that is taking place, it’s happening nonetheless. Trust the process and you’ll work it out for yourself!

You might consider talking with him and sharing your feelings (like you planned to in the dream) or asking him about the rumor. What if it’s not even true?

Happy Dreaming,

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  1. THANKYOU!!!!!1!!11111!!

    thank you so much! and that is exactly how i feel!

  2. I have dreams pretty much every night of my boyfriend cheating on me. he is twenty years older than me and has three kids and two x wives. he has been divorced for 4 years, he has have many (flings) with women around town. many that I know. he still talks to them whenever we are in public. Recently I went to his office and his previous fling before me was sitting in the chair in front of his desk. he acted like it was nothing to be upset about. I have had the same dream over and over these past two weeks that he is sleeping with her behind my back. could this mean something? am I unsecure? or something is not right here?
    I would really appreciate honest advice on this situation.
    Thank you!

    • Given the situation with your boyfriend, there are several ways to understand this dream: If this were my dream, I would understand the dream as a reflection of my own fears. Keep in mind that dreams can show you future events or what is actually happening. So check in with yourself to figure out how you feel and how you want to handle the situation.

      xo Amy