Dr. Oz Dreams & Health

Dr. Oz Dreams

Let’s give it up for Dr. Oz – the {in}famous doctor with the popular talk show about health.  To be fair, I don’t watch the Dr. Oz show.  And he’s only come to my attention recently because of the tabloids.

In any case, come to my attention he did.  And I discovered a gem on his show: Dr. Oz regularly features a segment on dreams.  So of course, I had to check it out.

Since his show is about health, it’s fitting that his segments on dreams are also about health.  In this post, I share my thoughts on the Dr. Oz Dreams segments.  Then, I’ll expand on the discussion and show you exactly how to identify health dreams and what they tell you.

Watch Dr. Oz Dreams: Part 1

5 Ways to Use Dreams to Better Your Health, Pt 1

Takeaways from Dr. Oz Dreams & Health

I really like the idea of this topic.  It’s true that your dreams can show you A LOT about your health.  Although the topic is improving your health through your dreams, the actual content of the Dr. Oz Dreams show leaves me feeling cold.

The show provides a basic intro to dreaming, which is useful if you’re a newbie.  But there’s actually not much about using your dreams to improve your health.  Which is unfortunate because dreams can give you TONS of information about your health.

Below, I’ll expand on this topic and show you exactly how to identify health dreams and what they reveal about your health.

Watch Dr. Oz Dreams: Part 

5 Ways to Use Dreams to Better Your Health, Pt 2


How Dreams about Your Health Really Work

Your body has its own intelligence.  When everything is working harmoniously, your body knows it and you feel great.  On the flip side, when something is out of balance, your body can detect that as well.  In fact, your body can detect imbalances long before you {or even your doctor} can. 

Dreams provide early warning about potential health problems.  A colleague of mine, Michael Sheridan, writes that there is no reason to ever be surprised when you have a “sudden” health problem.  Why?  Because your dreams will have been showing you the problem {potentially} for years before any physical symptoms manifest.

Common Health Dreams

Now that you’re aware that dreams can be an abundant source of wisdom regarding your health, let’s look at exactly what to look for in your dreams. Of course, every dream and Dreamer is unique.  So these will not hold true for every dream, all the time.  

Be sure to take into account the other symbols in your dream, the context, and what is going on in your waking life. 

Rooms in a House

Houses frequently appear in dreams and represent a variety of aspects of yourself – including your health.  Here are some of the ways you can understand various aspects of the house in relation to your health:

  • Kitchen = digestive system
  • Bathroom = elimination system
  • Bedroom = reproductive system/rest
  • Attic = brain
  • Back door = rectum
  • Stairs = spine
  • Heating system = circulation
  • Electrical wiring = nervous system

Heart Matters

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US.  And your dreams will warn you years in advance of heart problems.  Western medicine virtually dismisses the mind-body connection in disease.   However, it’s no coincidence that we associate the heart with more than the muscle inside our chest.

Your heart symbolizes the expression of emotions, love, and creative female energy.  Keeping an open heart and expressing your feelings is the first step in maintaining balanced emotions and a physically strong heart.

Here are some common symbols to look for relating to your heart.

  • Fire – or any symbol relating to fire such as a fireplace, hearth, or chimney
  • Furnace & Heating Systems – relate to the circulatory system
  • Walls – represent “walls” built up around your heart, often due to trauma or sadness
  • Apartments – represent division & how you have separated yourself from your feelings
  • Woman – the heart is governed by female energy so dreaming of a woman can be about the heart
  • Bicycles & Wheels – these require balance, so dreams about these can represent the heart and the need to bring balance into your heart and emotions

Digestive System

Years ago, I came across a maxim in Ayurveda that says, “death begins in the colon.”  What this is saying is that your colon plays a vital role maintaining your health.  Your colon is responsible for eliminating toxins and cleansing your body.  If your colon isn’t function properly, it doesn’t matter what else you do, your health will suffer.  

Your dreams will show you if you need to pay more attention to your colon.  And your entire digestive system, for that matter.  Here’s what to look for:

  • Line or Queue – slow digestion
  • Slow moving animals – sluggish digestion
  • Cement – toxins “cemented” to the colon wall
  • A particular food clogging a toilet – blockage towards that food
  • Wallpaper/plaster falling off – lining of the stomach or intestines
  • Mutated & slowly moving animals – colon cancer
  • Kitchens – digestive system

Final Thoughts

I’m grateful to the Dr. Oz Dreams segments for bringing awareness to the role dreams play in your overall health.  However, as his show is geared towards sensationalism and mainstream media, he does not give health dreams the importance they deserve. 

Dreams provide an early-warning system and will let you know what is going on with your health.  To learn more about health dreams, I highly recommend “How to Interpret your Dreams and Discover Your Life Purpose” by Michael Sheridan.  The information regarding health dreams in this article was pulled from this book.  The book goes into much more depth and detail about this important, yet mostly ignored, topic.

It’s Your Turn, Dreamer

I always love to hear from you.  Have you had any dreams related to your health?  What did they tell you? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.



Sheridan, M. (2007). How to Interpret Your Dreams and Discover Your Life Purpose. Aisling Dream Interpretation.

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  1. I dreamt of a 4 story building covered in plastic becsuse it was being renovated. I needed a bathroom. Someone told me I could use “Anne’s” bathroom. It was behind a room in which all kinds of things were stored, furniture, paint…. but the room was carpeted. I pointed out to someone the lovrely pattern on the grey and pink carpet. I wokr up feeling happy. ( But I didn’t get to the bathroom.)

  2. Been having lots of health problems in recent years.understanding and dealing with it is working nearly done I feel.latest powerful dream was of a gift to me from my late uncle a strong energetic powerful white horse.!!