Dream Challenge Night #2: Make a Connection

Dream Challenge2 - Night 2

Are you ready for Day 2 of the Dream Challenge?  Let’s go…

In yesterday’s challenge, we touched on the topic of connection and building a relationship with your dreams.  Today, we’re going to expand on that and connect with our dreams in another way.

What many people don’t realize is that your dreams are intimately connected with your waking life.  They are not separate.  And they are not random.

The bottom line is this:  YOU create your dreams.  They arise from within and are a direct reflection of who you are, where you are in life, what’s important to you, and how you show up in the world.

Dreams hold up a mirror and show you parts of yourself that you might not be aware of or that you may have disconnected from.    They reveal places where you need healing and opportunities for growth.

In short, your dreams are all about you.  So of course they are connected to your waking life!

Tonight, I challenge you to:

Make a connection between your dream and your waking life

Easy Connections

Some dreams are easy to connect to your waking life.  An obvious connection would be if you dream about the place where you currently work.  The setting might be slightly different or you might find yourself working with different people.  But you can still make the connection between the dream location and the corresponding location in your waking life.

A closer look at your dream usually reveals an even deeper connection related to your work situation.  Such as an unresolved problem, your feelings about a co-worker, unrealized potential, or how you react in certain situations.

Keep in mind that dreams often exaggerate, so dreaming about an angry bull running through your office, may reveal your angry feelings about a work situation.

Challenging Connections

Not all dreams are so straightforward.  Dreams speak in symbols and often use trickery, magic, fear or humor to illustrate a point.  At first pass, you may think overly symbolic dreams are completely random.

But that’s the whole point of symbolism.  Dream symbols work as a bridge.  They connect you with what you currently know (the symbol) with something that may be unknown to you (the deeper meaning behind the symbol).  In this way, dream symbols are another form of connection.

Here’s the problem: If you don’t know what the dream symbol is trying to communicate, the dream may feel random or meaningless.  So what’s the solution?  First, you need to understand the dream symbol.  Then you can connect it back to your waking life.

What Part of Me?

An easy way to start working with your dream symbols AND to simultaneously connect them with your waking life is to play “What Part of Me?”

This is a very simple game.  Here’s what to do:

  • Choose a dream symbol you want to understand. You can also work with a dream scene or an entire dream.
  • Ask yourself, “What part of me does this represent?”
  • Take 5 minutes and write down whatever comes to mind without filtering anything out
  • Look at your list and all the connections you just made
  • Use whatever answer(s) resonate most with you

What Part of Me Example

To make this more concrete, here’s an example from my own dream.  And I’m carrying on with the dream that I mentioned in the video above, so if you haven’t watched that, check it out.

In { another part of } the dream, I am climbing up a 100% vertical ice wall.  I am climbing behind a woman who is the main climber and I am helping her up the wall.  Pushing her when I need to, catching her when she falls, etc… When we get to the top, I use all my strength to get her over the edge.  But she makes it up and so do I.  At the top a man joins us and we have a group “I love you hug.”

So, I ask myself, “what part of me does this scene represent?”

My answer:  This represents the part of me that helps other people reach their highest potential.  I do not do the work *for* you, but I am there, right behind you, helping you as you need it.  By helping others reach their highest potential, I also reach mine.

It’s your turn, Dreamer

After you’ve completed this challenge hop on over to the private Facebook group or use the comments below to share your dream and how it’s connected to your life.

Hi! I’m Amy – Certified Master Coach, Dream Worker & Creator of this site. I Blend life coaching & dream work to help you uncover your authentic truth and create a life you love ♥

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  1. This morning I did not jot down anything though I wanted to. That attitude itself made my usual kind of lazy thoughts fly away! Thank you

    • Yay… glad you found it beneficial :)