How to use the Dream Dictionary


Dream Dictionary

Welcome Dreamer!

This is not your ordinary dream dictionary.  I created this dictionary with you in mind.  It is my hope to help you uncover the deeper meaning behind your dreams so that you can use them for guidance in your everyday life.

I created this dream dictionary as a tool to help you think symbolically, since symbols are the language of dreams.  I’ve also included helpful questions, based on each symbol, to get you thinking about how your dream fits in the larger story of your life.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of the Dream Dictionary:

Use What Resonates

Each entry contains multiple suggestions for the meaning of your dream symbol.  Since every dream and every dreamer is different, there is no one-size fits all dream meaning.

Instead, I’ve included multiple interpretations for each symbol.  Use the suggestion that fits best within the context of your dream and resonates with you.

Personalize the Dream Dictionary Meaning

If you don’t see a definition that fits with your dream, use the suggested meanings as a starting place to think of your own meaning.  The dream is yours so only you know if the dream meaning makes sense or not.  If you don’t see a meaning that makes sense to you, use the suggestions as a guide to help you find one that does.

Dream Symbols are Connected

All the symbols, people, locations, colors, etc… in your dream are connected.  Look for ways each symbol connects with the others in the dream.  Instead of looking at each symbol separately, look at the each symbol in context with the entire dream.

Everything is YOU

In dreams, everything represents some aspect of you or your personality.  As you use the dream dictionary, it’s important to relate the symbols back to you.  For example, if you have a dream about your father, look at your relationship with your father.  In that way, you can see that all dream symbols are about you, even if they appear to be about someone else.

Relate the Dream to Your Life

At the end of each entry, I have included several Questions to Ask Yourself.  These questions are intended to help you bring the meaning of your dream into your daily life.  Answer the questions and relate the dream to your waking life.

Write it Down

If you don’t already have a Dream Journal, I encourage you to start one.  Write down any insights you gained from the dream and include interpretations for symbols that are meaningful to you.

Take Action

After using the Dream Dictionary to interpret your dream, you will no doubt gain incredible insights about your dream AND about yourself.  But these insights are worthless if you don’t take action.  I invite you to create an action plan based on the dream and then to take appropriate action.

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It’s Your Turn, Dreamer

Let’s get started.  Browse the dictionary by letter or search for a specific symbol.