Dream Films – Vimeo Weekend Challenge

Dream Films

Dream Films Weekend Challenge …Woo hoo!

I recently came across a collection of short films based on dreams! Eeek… I love dream art… I’m stoked about all these wonderful dream films.  These were created for the Vimeo Weekend Challenge.  The challenge: create a film based on one of your dreams.

I’ll let the films speak for themselves – starting with the challenge winner!

And I always love to hear from you .   What did you like about the films?  Did any remind you of your dreams?  Share your thoughts in the comments at the end of the page.

Enjoy ♥

Dream Recall

Visualized from this account of a dream from one of my crew members. With some creative liberties taken, of course.

“I had this dream once. Such a peaceful and serene dream. I was just laying in a field, no, it was by a lake. Yeah, by a lake. And I was like skipping rocks or something. And I think I had my guitar. And I was with someone, not sure who. Maybe Rick. And we were by the lake, but then there was a forest we were going into. Or, I met him in the woods or something. Because then it was just me and there was something changing me. I don’t remember what it was, or why it was after me. But right before it could get me, I woke up scared as shit. I think. ”



Between Dreams

I usually have many dreams each night, of which I only remember small snippets. Also, when I can sleep in, I usually wake up and then go back to sleep in the morning and that is the time when I dream most. So this includes small parts of many dreams I’ve had, such as begging food from an elf who had set up shop outside my house, all my teeth falling out, and my oldest nightmare, a murderous light orb chasing me. Enjoy!

The Foretelling Dream

This is actually a dream that symbolically came true and is told in a chapter in the sequel to my first book “Foretold: An Epic Spiritual Journey”.  The items shown on the patio were actually a custom van and a maxed out RV but could not depict this in the film. The evil in the woods symbolically represented the persons who went through woods to commit the crime.


Red Towel, Pink Babies

I’m in the hallway, late for my high school class, having trouble finding the classroom, and then realize I’ve lost my homework. Even worse, I’m wearing just a towel…a towel that’s barely long enough to even cover the essentials. (Something’s wrong – didn’t I graduate a long time ago?)
I see myself giving birth to something pink and squirmy, but not human. A whole litter of them.
Now I have to pee. I’m barefoot in a dirty girls’ lavatory stall, with (of course) no latch, no toilet paper, and skittering roaches. The babies are in the toilet! Flush them, or no?

Time is Poetry

I once had this dream where I found a lot of money in a book. As I read it, banknotes of greater and greater value would pop up from its pages. I don’t remember if it was a poetry book or not, but unlike the Ancient Romans who said “Carmina non dant panem” (poetry gives no bread), I believe that poetry is bread to the soul, and time spent with it is time well spent.

 The Egg

My son’s dream : there was an egg, he wants to make photo of it, but, instead, there is some of his drawings in the camera.

Recurring Dreams

Some dreams keep coming back, night after night, taking us through the same journey, over and over again.. like if they were trying to tell us something, something we must figure out ourselves, along the way.

Cell Hell

Based on the most surreal dream I’ve ever had: me as a cell running from a virus. All I remember is facing a wall of diseases and waiting for some medicine to come and help me out. None did :(


Better Days

Between life’s struggles, filled with the elation of being present. These images piece together the memories within dreams of childhood and having fun without the struggles that come with adulthood.

It’s your turn Dreamer

I always love to hear from you.  Which video did you like best and why do you love it? Leave your comments below.

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  1. It was interesting to watch the first 2 films. They were taken well. They don’t take too much of your time
    but keep you interested and even provoke your thinking, if you are ready to spend time over them. I wonder whoever thought of this idea of making a film of one’s ordinary dreams. Thank you, Amy for sharing them with others.