Dream Herb: Using Calea Zacatechichi for Vivid Dreams

dream-herbs-for-vivid-dreamsCalea Zacatechichi is considered THE DREAM HERB – it has an unparalleled ability to increase dream activity and produce vivid, meaningful, and even life-like dream experiences.

If you’re interested in exploring your own consciousness, are curious about the Dream World, or have a desire to deepen your relationship with yourself then Calea Zacatechichi is a must.

Calea Zacatechichi: The Dream Herb

Calea Zacatechichi is an indigenous plant of Oaxaca, Mexico and was originally used by the Chontal Natives as a form of divination, to increase dreaming, and to induce lucid dreams.

Traditionally, seekers brew Calea Zacatechichi into a tea using fresh or dried leaves, stems, and flowers.  Just before going to bed, seekers slowly sip the tea while simultaneously smoking a Calea Zacatechichi cigarette.

During the night, the dream herb works its magic by creating vivid dreamscapes and producing meaningful insights for the dreamer.  Thus Calea Zacatechichi is aptly named, the “Dream Herb.”

According to the Chontal Medicine Men, Calea Z helps clarify the senses – particularly the inner senses – and induces a state of euphoria.  Other reported effects include mild auditory hallucinations such as being more aware of sound, where it’s coming from, and its distance.  Chontal Natives call these sounds the “voice of God,” and nicknamed the herb, “The Leaf of God.”

Other names for Calea Zacatechichi include: Calea ternifolia (Latin) and Bitter Grass.

Effects of the Dream Herb

The primary effect of the Dream Herb is to increase the vividness, depth, and clarity of your dreams.  It helps produce dreams that are rich with personal meaning, deeply symbolic, and even prophetic.

While the majority of the effects of Calea Z take place in the dream world, it also has some effects on walking life.  Ingesting the dream herb induces a state of relaxation, which is ideal before sleep and helps combat insomnia.

You might also notice a slight loss of coordination, but nothing major – this is due to the state of deep relaxation the herb puts you in.  Feelings of relaxation and euphoria can last through the morning, giving you time to reflect on your dream experiences and the messages they convey.

Dream Herb Experiences

My experience is that the dream herb gives me vivid and meaningful dreams.  For me, the most noticeable difference is that after taking Calea Z the meaning of my dreams is super clear and easy to understand.

Methods of Consumption

There are three primary methods for consuming the Dream Herb:

  • Drinking tea
  • Smoking/Vaporizing
  • Ingesting capsules

Drinking Tea

Drinking Calea Zacatechichi tea is the traditional method for ingesting the leaf.  I find the tea to be quite relaxing and an easy way to get the benefits of the Dream Herb.

Although many people report that the tea tastes awful, I found it to have quite a pleasant flavor and it was perfectly palatable.  Read my instructions on how to prepare Calea Tea.



Smoking the dream herb brings on the relaxing effects much faster than drinking the tea alone.  In combination with drinking the tea, I found the added inhalation increased my relaxation, produced deeper sleep, and made my dreams longer, more life-like, and rich with easily accessible messages.

I’m not a huge fan of smoking, so I prefer to vaporize Calea Z.  It’s considerably healthier and you get the same effect.  Use any vaporizer, just make sure you get one that vaporizes dry herbs, not oil or resin.



Another option is to ingest the dream herb using capsules.  It’s very easy to make your own Dream Herb capsules.  Pick up some empty capsule gels, fill with dry leaf, and swallow before going to sleep, or after 3 – 4 hours of sleep.  You can experiment with the timing and with the number of capsules you take. I recommend starting with one capsule and if you want more, increasing your dose to two.




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