3 Simple Dream Interpretation Games

Dream Interpretation Games

3 Simple Dream Interpretation Games

Dream interpretation may seem difficult at first glance, but it’s actually quite simple.  Your dreams are designed to communicate with you and are meant for you to understand.

The only problem is that dreams have their own language, and you don’t understand it.  Dreams speak in the universal language of symbolism and only seem weird when you don’t understand the symbolism.

Dream interpretation is all about moving from what you know to what you are not yet aware of.  Once you can make the connection between what you know (the symbol) and what you don’t know (the dream’s message), you’ll see firsthand how helpful dream interpretation is.

In this post I’ll share three powerful dream interpretation games.  All of these games can be played alone or with others.

Dream Interpretation Game #1: Dream Decoder

“Real magic is the art of bringing gifts from another world into this one.” ~ Robert Moss

The Dream Decoder game is an easy way to understand your dreams and bring the magic of the dream world into your life.  This game is deceivingly simple, yet extremely powerful. It can be played with two or more people.

The premise is this: the Dreamer shares their dream and the other participants help guide the Dreamer towards the dream’s meaning. Here’s how to play:

  1. Tell the Dream

First the Dreamer tells his/her dream.  Give the dream a title and tell your story as concisely as possible.

  1. Question the Dreamer

Next, the Listener prompts the Dreamer with a series of questions aimed at understanding the dream:

  • Feelings: How did you feel during the dream? How did you feel immediately after waking up?
  • Reality Check: How does this dream relate to your waking life? Do you know any of the people?  Do you recognize the location?  Are there any symbolic connections or associations in the dream?
  • Possible Future: Could this event play out in the future, either literally or symbolically?
  • Link to Dream Intention: If the Dreamer set an intention before dreaming this dream, how does the dream relate to the dream intention?


  1. Provide Feedback

Now the Listener provides helpful feedback to the dreamer.  Start by saying “If this were my dream…” and then provide your feedback.  For example, you might say, “If this were my dream…

  • I would think about the time when…
  • I would understand the symbolism this way…
  • I would do…
  • I would avoid…
  • I would think about my relationship with…
  1. Create an Action Plan

The Dream Decoder game is designed to give you massive insights into your dream and your life.  But insight with action is useless.  This last step is the most important:

The Listener helps the Dreamer come up with an action plan based on the dream.  And the Dreamer commits to taking appropriate action.  Remember, as the Dreamer, the ultimate meaning of the dream lies with you.  So only take action that feels right to you.

Game #2.  I am an Alien

This short, fun dream interpretation game will help you understand the meaning of any dream symbol.  This game can be played alone or with a partner.  It is most useful when you have one or two strong symbols in your dream.

Here’s how to play:

  • Choose a dream symbol to explore.
  • Pretend your partner is an alien. S/he has just come to Earth and doesn’t know anything about our planet, customs, beliefs, etc…
  • Explain the symbol as though your partner knows nothing about it.
  • Relate your explanation back to the dream.

For example:

Dream: Last night I dreamt about eating an ice cream cone.

Dream Symbol: Ice Cream Cone

Explanation to an Alien: An ice cream cone is a cold, creamy, and often sweet treat.  I remember eating ice cream cones on hot summer nights when I was a kid.

Dream Meaning:  pleasure, sweetness, associated with childhood.

The meaning of the dream symbol will be different for everyone based on each person’s associations and experiences.

Game #3. What Part of Me Does This Represent?

One important principle of dream interpretation is that everything in your dream is YOU.  Or to put it another way, everything in the dream represents some aspect of you or your personality.  Symbolic dreams focus on you, and everything in the dream reflects that.

This game helps you to understand what part of yourself the dream relates to.  Playing with a friend can be useful because your friends can often see your blind spots.

Here’s how to play:

  • Choose a dream symbol to explore
  • Ask “What part of me does this represent?”
  • Jot down whatever comes to mind and entertain your first associations
  • Relate the dream to your life

For example:

Dream:  I dreamt that I was at work and my dog was following me around.

What Part of Me: For me, my dog represents my natural/wild self.  Unconcerned with what others think of me and fully expressing myself.

Relate to Life: I’m fortunate enough to express myself through my work.

Final Thoughts on Dream Interpretation Games

Playing games is a fun way to start understanding and using your dreams.  Dream interpretation is often portrayed as overly complex and difficult.  But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  When you play these games a few times, you’ll see how fun dream interpretation can be.

It’s your Turn, Dreamer

I always love to hear from you!  Try out one of these dream interpretation games and share your results in the comments below.  Happy Dreaming♥

Hi! I’m Amy – Certified Master Coach, Dream Worker & Creator of this site. I Blend life coaching & dream work to help you uncover your authentic truth and create a life you love ♥

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  1. Hey Amy,
    I was wondering if you could help me? I’ve been having the same dream repeatedly since I was a child. In the dream, I’m at the elementary school that I used to go to. The first time I had the dream, my best friend (at the time) was with me, but the rest of the school seems to be deserted. As we walk through the halls, we start to hear screaming. Then somehow my friend isn’t next to me anymore. Then I turn a corner and see a big black wolf. I run away, terrified, but it doesn’t chase me. I hear more screaming, and one by one find all of my family members dead in the halls. Eventually, I end up outside on the black top, facing the wolf from about 30 feet away. The wolf growls at me and bares its teeth, and….that’s where I always wake up. Over the years, the person who I start wandering with at the beginning of the dream has faded into just a shadowy shape, and goes away quicker than when I was a child. If you could please help me understand what this means, I’d really appreciate it!

    • Hi Caitlin,

      First, I recommend you read over my post on Reoccurring Dreams. It will give you some greater insights on how to work with them.

      If this were my dream, I would examine what was going on in my life when I was at that age and when I attended that school. Were there any big changes in your life or did anything happen. It seems the dream has something to show you. I would also look at the possibility of the friend representing some part of myself that I have long repressed or denied.

      This should give you a place to start figure out your dream.

      Amy xo

  2. Last night I dreamed I had spent $10,000 like it was nothing; in reality I’m not like that, I watch my money very carefully.

    • If this were my dream, I would wonder if I’m watching my money *too* carefully and as a result could be missing out on some wonderful experiences. I would examine my relationship with money and see if it’s time to rethink my beliefs and spending habits. I might even splurge on a small treat for myself to bring that carefree spirit into my daily life – but spend $10 instead of $10,000.

      In the dream, how did you feel spending money like it was nothing?