Dream Recall: 7 Benefits of Recalling Your Dreams

If you’re not a regular dreamer, you may wonder why anyone would even want to remember their dreams.  Even if you are a regular dreamer, it may have times when you wonder what is the point of all these.  Dream recall is the first step in bringing your dreams into life.  If you’re not dreaming, you can’t use them :)

Fortunately, dream recall is something everyone can benefit from.   In this article, I’ve outlined 7 benefits of recalling your dreams.

#1:  Enhance Creativity & Solve Problems

Creativity is enhanced when you’re dreaming.   And this isn’t just a fanciful claim, it’s backed by scientific studies as well.   In the dream state your brain isn’t bound by the same logical rules that as it is during waking life.   While dreaming you create new connections and different associations.  Thus you creating new neural pathways in your brain. The result: enhanced creativity and increased ability to solve problems.

#2:  Increase Self-Awareness

Dreams provide vast insight into your emotional, mental, and physical state of being. Recalling your dreams unlocks the door to these insights. With increased dream recall, comes an increased self-awareness, both in the dream world and in your waking life.

#3:  Access Your Subconscious

All dreams arise from within you and are created by you. Since there is little to no outside stimulus inside the dream world, you can be assured that you are the sole creator of your dreams, without the influence of others. Thus, dreams provide a window to your subconscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, desires, and fears. Paying attention to your dreams and learning to understand their meanings provides you with vast insights into yourself and increases your self-awareness.

#4:  Communicate With Loved Ones

Ancient spiritual traditions tell us that dreams are in fact real. They are as real as your waking life and physically exist in their own dimension and plane of reality. When you dream of a loved one, it’s not an illusion, it’s an actual communication – only it takes place on another plane.  What’s more, dream time is not limited to the same linear time as the waking world.  That means you can communicate with people who are deceased and who have not yet been born.

#5:  Cultivate Psychic Abilities

Dreams connect you with the infinite All-that-Is. That means they connect you with the past, present, and future. Through your dreams you can actually see future events before they happen. Keeping a dream journal and comparing your dreams to waking-life events can show you when you have a psychic or prophetic dream.

#6:  Re-imagine Your Past

Not all of life’s events are pleasant. All too often we experience traumas or painful situations that we would rather not have lived through. Our dreams allow us to access our past and reinvent painful situations. We can literally change a past situation from our current vantage point by changing our present state. Quantum science has already proven this with its entanglement experiments.

#7:  Journey on New Adventures

Dreaming is not all seriousness and work – it’s also fun and games. Dreams allow you to create new adventures for yourself – travel to distant lands, explore outer space, visit other planets, and meet beings from other star systems. Through your dreams you are free to explore whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. And if you can’t recall your dreams, you’ll miss out on a multitude of amazing adventures.

Benefits of Dream Recall: Final Thoughts

Recalling your dreams is a life-enhancing skill that is sure to enrich your life. If dream recall is still allusive for you, I hope you can find some inspiration in the above benefits. Dream recall is easy to learn and once achieved, it can improve your life in countless ways.

It’s Your Turn Dreamer

What do you love most about dreaming?  If you don’t recall your dreams, why would you love to be able to recall them?  Leave your comments below.

Hi! I’m Amy – Certified Master Coach, Dream Worker & Creator of this site. I Blend life coaching & dream work to help you uncover your authentic truth and create a life you love ♥

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  1. I have recently experienced a change in my life and have begun exploring the spiritual side of living life. I feel sort of secretive about it all, but I keep “stumbling” upon more and more insights, websites, books and people who share a more open and expansive viewpoint on what it means to be here and now I have found my way here. I would love to be able to recall my dreams because I think it is why I was led to your site. It is something that I have always wanted to be able to do. I often would wonder why I could vividly recall some dreams and then other times, for long periods of time, never be able to remember a dream I had. Last night before I went to sleep, I wrote in my journal that I wanted to remember my dream and control some aspect of it and for the first time in a while, I woke up and remembered! I want more of that so I can receive guidance and insight into my waking world.

    • Yay! I’m so excited that you’ve started down the path of spiritual exploration. Yes, that is exactly what this site is all about and I have no doubt that its a divine appointment that you found your way here. Your dreams can be a wonderful source of guidance and spiritual exploration. To start remembering more of your dreams, have a look at my post on how to remember your dreams. And when you’re ready – maybe after you’ve recorded a few dreams, check this one out – I was blown away the first time I did this by how many dreams I actually have each night.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo