Flying Bird turns into a Boy

By Laurie

I am in the bedroom of a beautiful 5 star hotel. The room is golden color with beautiful furniture all in tapestry golden color. The hotel is very old, like a grand old limestone mansion. The hotel is only 3 stories. We are on the top floor.

I look out the window because I hear a sound outside of it. I see on the ledge a huge beautiful animal/bird with a huge head. Colors are green, blue, turquoise, purple. Very bright. I called over the other women in the room. I don’t know her. The animal is gone. It is down in the courtyard, with another.

We go downstairs and the animal/bird is in the lobby. We are told the animal/bird knows the future. Go and ask him a question. There is a line.

I ask my question, when will I meet someone? (I am a widow) And the bird turns into a little boy about 8 or 10 and he says May 14.

We go outside and there is some sort of a small theme park. Inside everyone is flying. We go inside and start to fly not into the clouds, about the theme park perhaps 3 stories high. My friend and I who, I don’t know, thinks this great and why don’t more people know about this place.

Then I woke up. I never remember pleasant dreams. I have never remembered colors especially these that were so beautiful.

Dream Interpretation by Amy

What a great dream. This dream is filled with spiritual significance and urges you to look more deeply at yourself. First it asks you to get in touch with the very best of yourself; the dream shows you how beautiful and valuable you are. Then it asks you to explore some areas of your life where you felt vulnerable or afraid. Doing this work is the key to your freedom.

Let’s look at the dream in more detail.

Dreaming of a hotel suggests impermanency – hotels point towards attitudes, beliefs, or states of mind that are new, that you are still exploring, or that haven’t become rigid in your mind or belief-system. Hotels in dreams also suggest exploring new areas of yourself – new beliefs, attitudes, etc…

It’s a 5-star hotel decorated with golden fabrics and colorings. These two symbols work in conjunction with each other to show you how valuable you really are. Being a 5-star hotel indicates high-quality and the golden color speaks to those qualities within you that are the most valuable and signifies your authentic inner power. The hotel is “old” and “grand,” which reinforces symbolism of the golden color. Not only does this dream deal with your best and most valuable qualities, but it’s telling you that these qualities are not new – they have always been with you, whether you are aware of them or not.

So, we have two things going on in first part of the dream. First, we know that the dream is dealing with your best qualities, the best parts of who you are as a person, and your most valuable inner qualities. These qualities are not new to you, they are qualities that you have always expressed (whether you are aware of it or not). Second, we learn that the dream is shedding light on a new area of yourself – some part of you that you haven’t explored fully. This could be in connection with your best qualities and who you are at your core. It could also be in connection with areas of your life where you feel vulnerable or afraid as we will see in a later part of the dream. Although these qualities have always been with you, the beginning of the dream suggests the start of a new phase where you can explore your inner depths even deeper.

The number three (third story of the hotel) indicates your own commitment to the dream and the ideas expressed in the dream. And being on the top story suggests having a higher vantage point in relation to the ideas of the dream. This also points to a spiritual purpose – doing things for the higher good of yourself and for all.

To best understand the symbolism of the first part of the dream, ask yourself what are your best qualities? What do you love most about yourself? What do you give to the world and what do you bring to relationships? These qualities could be anything, for example, love, kindness, empathy, laughter, joy… whatever resonates with you. Also, look for areas in your life where you may be getting more opportunities to express your inner-most self, or for areas where you able to explore new depths of who you are.

Now you see a very colorful bird. Keep in mind here, that all dream characters (including animals) represent some part of yourself. Although birds have a variety of different interpretations, based on the context of the dream, the bird seems to represent your intuition and a longing to go beyond the limitations that you are currently experiencing.

The bird is able to tell the future. Here, the dream is showing you that using your intuition and looking within yourself is the way that you can best create your own future – in other words, by using your intuition as a guide, you literally can foretell your future, by acting on your intuition and following your heart.

Now you wait in line to ask the bird a question. Here you are being asked to wait – not to jump into anything, but rather to allow yourself time to develop a trust with yourself and to develop your intuition. The dream is saying that this is an ability that you can develop if you choose – it’s within you, but not fully formed yet. It’s up to you to decide if you want to explore this side of yourself further.

You ask the bird the question, when will I meet someone? This is a practical question that pertains to your current waking life. The answer, however, is not straight-forward which is to be expected when dealing with intuition.

The bird turns into a boy of about 8 or 10 years and says May 14.

Most likely, the dream is not giving you an exact date that you will meet someone – though it’s quite possible and would be interesting to note if this dream is a premonition, which it could be. I don’t know how to tell if a dream is showing the future before the event occurs and I haven’t found anyone else that knows how to do this either. So, for now, it’s good that you’ve written the dream down. When you do meet someone, you can look back at this dream and note the similarities if it does turn out to be a prophetic dream.

If you are interested in attracting a partner into your life, I recently did a dream interpretation where I provided suggestions on how to attract a partner into your life.

Dreams can be understood on many levels, so we can also understand this part of the dream on a symbolic level. Again, all dream characters represent an aspect of yourself or your personality, so the boy that the bird turns into also represents an aspect of yourself. Dreaming of a child often represents a link to your own feelings from childhood and may suggest fears or vulnerabilities that began during that time in your life. Further, children represent growth.

By examining your childhood – particularly around the ages of 8 to 10 – you may be able to uncover fears or vulnerabilities that are still affecting you in your adult life. Bringing these fears to the surface, examining them, and integrating the lessons into your adult life is the next step in your personal evolution. Doing this work will lead to your freedom, as suggested by the end of the dream where everyone is flying – which suggests freedom from constraints and bondages, in this case from fears arising from childhood.

To put it all together: The dream starts by asking you to explore the best parts of yourself and get in touch with your inner most self. Using your intuition and getting in touch with the deeper parts of yourself, will lead you to explore areas of vulnerability and fear. Examining these areas of your life and integrating the lessons they have to teach you will be the key to your freedom. It’s up to you to act on the dream or not.

Happy Dreaming,

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