Flying Dreams

flying dreams

What an adventure it is to soar above the treetops, completely unencumbered, gliding on the wind.  Flying dreams are exhilarating and can leave you feeling on top of the world.

Nothing embodies freedom more than flying.  I love to dream that I’m flying and actively practice it in lucid dreams.  Flying is just so fun – I want more.

Aside from the sheer joy of doing it, flying dreams have symbolic meaning.  In a general sense they are about expanding who you are as a person. More specifically, flying dreams are about:

  • Freedom
  • Adventure
  • Gaining Momentum
  • Getting off the Ground
  • Success
  • Feeling Superior
  • Fear


Flying dreams, especially dreaming of flying unassisted, embody freedom.  These dreams can be about living life by your own rules.  They may also suggest freedom from a situation, relationship, belief, or attitude.

Often flying dreams occur after you have moved on from something.  Or they may occur when you need to leave a situation.


Flying is fun and adventurous.  Dreaming of flying can reflect your adventuresome side or it may suggest a desire for more adventure in your life.  Flying dreams can point to a craving for more experiences in your life.  It may be time to go out into the world and explore!

Gaining Momentum

Taking off in your dream, whether it leads to flying or not, can be about gaining momentum in area of your life.  These dreams may come when you are gaining momentum on a project, at work, or in relationship.  It suggests that whatever you are doing is starting reach a tipping point and soon you will “take off” and achieve your goals.

Getting off the Ground

Sometimes flying dreams are about a need to get going in your life or to get something off the ground.  Such dreams suggest a need to get moving.  It’s time to stop procrastinating and get your project off the ground.


Flying dreams can also indicate success your life.  The dream may be about an accomplishment, something you have already achieved, or something that is *just* about to become successful.

Feeling Superior

Height often represents status – the higher you are positioned, the higher your status.  Dreaming of flying above others can suggest feeling of superiority.  These dreams can show you areas where you judge others or yourself.


Pay attention to the feelings in the dream.  Sometimes flying dreams can be about fear – especially if you feel fear during the dream.  If this is the case, the dream may be showing you areas where your own fear is preventing you from “taking flight” in your life.


Unable to Fly

Another variation on flying dreams is that you are not able to fly.  In these dreams you may find yourself in an airplane that won’t take off, or you might make a failed attempt to fly.

Holding Back

These dreams could suggest that something is holding you back from accomplishing your goals or living the life you want.  Look to other dream symbols to discover what is holding you back and what you can do about it.

Not Time Y et

Not being able to fly can also suggest that the time isn’t right for your undertaking.  You may have some more growing to do before you can “take flight.”



Always pay attention to how you feel both during the dream and when you wake up.  Your feelings in the dream connect to feelings in your waking life.  Use your feelings as a guide to draw parallels to your waking life.


Fear of flying in your dream may suggest fear of success or fear of freedom.  Use the context of the dream to understand where your fear lies.  Other variations on fear include uncertainty, hesitation, anxiety, and anger.

If you are unable to fly in the dream, it may be your own fear (or resistance) that is holding you back.  Connect your feelings in the dream to similar feelings in your waking life. You may need to release your fear before you can fly.


Feeling joyous, adventuresome, free or any other variation of happiness shows your positive feelings about the situation in the dream.  Connect your positive feelings in the dream to similar feelings in your waking life to understand what this flying dream is showing you.

Last Thoughts on Flying Dreams

Flying dreams can be awe-inspiring or terrifying.  Your experience in the dream is a reflection of your perspective. Look to your feelings to understand where the dream is pointing.

Flying dreams are about expansion and breaking limitations.  Flying suggests an expansion of some sorts, while not being able to fly shows places where you are stuck.  Pay attention to your stuck points as these are areas of your life you need to pay attention to.

It’s your turn, Dreamer

I’d love to hear from you.  Share your flying dreams and what you learned from them.  Comment below.

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  1. I was at a field and I dont know why I flew but I did so high and later landed….and there were people watching… felt sooo good

    • Yes! I love flying in my dreams too :) If this were my dream, I would wonder what is about to “take off” in my life.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • My dream is vivid. I kept saying if I believe or ask of God he will save me. As soon as I started flying thru windows feet first I made that comment about God again and it’s so weird cause my husband phone went off and woke me up.

        • If this were my dream I might understand it to be showing me that my connection with God can give me a higher perspective on life.

      • Love to fly

      • I had a very vivid dream about teaching flowers to fly. Theu were hanging in pots around a prch enclosure. The flowers were sad. They were vibrant colored pansy-like flowers. I jumped in a pot and grabbed hold of the ropes and caused it to swing free from it’s hook. We soared together after breaking free and the flowers beamed with sheer happiness and delight at breaking free. There was no fear of falling or even thought of landing. There was only the freedom of flying.

      • Hey I had a dream last night that a bird flew down got me by my hair flew off went up flew me around them put me back down? Is there a meaning to this?

      • Hey Amy,

        I have a lot of flying dreams. There are times where I take off myself and times where I don’t. Often in the times I do, it is premeditated and I call upon this ability by muscle memory. The sensation I use to obtain this is building a pressure in the area where I’d believe to do the so called “Third eye”. The pressure sensation feels a lot like when a given limb falls asleep in my body. It’s a sensation that I often feel when I meditate and the best way I’ve been able to describe it to myself personally is that it is energy gathering within my body. With this sensation, it’s almost as if I can start with a little bit of this “energy” and can build onto it, making the energy feel bigger. I can move this energy to any desired part of my body. Often I play with it and let it flow from my brow through my head and neck and down my spine to any give fingertip or toe. I can do it fast or slow. There have even been times in deep mediation where I have felt it come out my nose or the inside corner of my eye in back in through the other or another. When I trigger my flying in my dreams consciously, I usually only have to stimulate the main energy starting point in my third eye area. The issue I tend to have however that is it can be very difficult to control. I often feel like I go directions I don’t want to and sometimes I feel like I can get stuck going in one direction. When I start flying inside sometimes, I get stuck once I reach the roof. It’s pretty bizarre that I can feel as though I’m stuck by boundaries such as a ceiling in a dream room in a house. I often contemplate if this depends on the way my body is positioned while I am sleeping. There have been many times where I have felt physically while I’m sleeping but then a few times I wake up and realize that physical feeling in the dream that seems so real is what my actual physical body is doing against a bed or blanket. Do you know of a connection between what we are doing in the physical world opposed to what we are imagining in our dream world? Sometimes I have dreams where I don’t even intend to fly and all of a sudden I feel as if I’m falling upward like I start to levitate. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Sometimes I fly straight up and can see buildings as I fly upwards into the clouds. After the clouds I often find myself in what must be space because all I see is what seems to be stars in a black abyss. I think a lot of the times when I reach space, I transition into another dream or wake up. I’m curious why. I’ve been flying in dreams for quite some time and enough to recognize that I have that ability. I’ve had a few lucid dreams where I start to fly and I ask people If they notice that I’m doing anything cool and mostly people in the dreams tell me no, even though I’m 15 feet above them asking them the question. Within the last year I had a lucid dream where I was talking in a blue room with my parents. I can’t remember what we were talking about except for me telling them I wanted to show them my flight ability. I triggered it with the energy sensation I explained previously about my forehead. Once in the air, I asked them if they noticed anything cool while I was levitating. My dad told me no. “You cannot see that I’m flying?” I asked. Once again he told me no. It’s at this point I made the observation that my parents seemed very robotic in their responses. I bring this up because last night I had a dream where I was in a house with my girlfriend of 3.5 years, Amanda. I’m pretty sure at this point I was aware I was dreaming. Now I can’t remember our dialogue completely but me asking her if she was aware this was a dream. I cannot recall what her response was but I recall her responses somewhat resembled the robotic nature of my parents from months before but seemed a bit more real and receptive of what I was telling her. I then wanted to show her my flight ability to see if she could tell. When I did, I noticed that she did not seem very surprised but when I asked her if she knew what I was doing, she told me that I was flying. I’m telling you all this in case you have any sort of suggestion to what any of this resembles or how to control it to serve me better. I never have an easy time moving in dreams when I know I’m lucid. It is very difficult to control the direction I’m walking. I often find myself not able to walk at all or sit up like I’m stuck. I often feel like I’m trying to lunge forward but I’m escalating backward. I had a stuck sensation this morning but when I woke up, I recall being curled up in a weird position and my hand was supporting my body between me and the couch and was entirely asleep. If you have any explanation for any of this or what’s holding me back from controlling my body in my dreams, I’d be very grateful. I am a 27 year old male from Tampa, Fl. Thank you.

    • I love to fly, and I am lucid . I can control the strength and power of the wind against my skin of my arms. Like swimming I control my lift with the athleticism I posses. I am confident without doubt…. If I want to hover or fly higher I simple push more air and use every dynamic posture to engineer my path. I sometimes go to bed with the intention of starting my flight where I left off the previous dream. When I wake I am euphoric explaining fine details of human aviation like If I explain my flight someone listening will also be able to fly. I wonder why I am not flying for 1 year now. I was very focused on a 35 year career goal. Then at the same time, I found Love in a man I had known for 35 years but he was never available in a Love relationship. Now at our 1 year anniversary he and me want to know why I never fly. Also business is greater and I have through my relationship and his notoriety an investor that may make my business dreams come true. I think my flying signified a freedom from restraint and moving into the relationships to fulfillment in the 2 most important areas of my life. Love and comfort and security and stability with a solid relationship and future. Secondly business that is an everyday challenge for success in the dream to achieve. I always flew in an upward pattern and I have never come down or landed. What do you think of me NOW?

      • Wow – love the way you fly in your dreams… that’s wonderful.

        Sometimes we go through dream droughts – periods where we don’t dream. You could try setting an intention again to dream of flying. Or check out some of my tips for having and remembering more dreams.

        Happy Dreaming,
        Amy xo

    • Hi, i had a very weird dream that is a combination of many things mentioned above and really need your help to understand my dream please.

      I dreamt that i was at my living room and suddenly I decided to fly, so I got stuck, with the top of back to celieng. I remember that the force was very strong (like if flying was running, i was pushing up to the maximum limit / power). I live at a very high floor, the 36th floor. So i looked outside the window and i got scared, from the height of course, but i decided that no, i am not scared of the height and i had this very strong feeling of courage. Even though My dream ended in my living room, i remember vaguely that before the dream ends that i will fly through the window. Actually in my dream i feared that i might have been flying for real and that i will wake up to find my self have broken the window and was falling from the 36th floor.

      I think i have covered all the possible details that i remember. On the real life side, i got fired from work last week. That same week i had to do an operation in my foot. I am planning to open my own business but also of course i still think i need to find a job because i have family obligations.

      Please help me understand my dream. I could really use some helpful input from your side to figure out my next move.

      Thanks a lot. Love your website.

  2. I have spent 70% of my sleeping time dreaming about flying. I just woke up this morning and found myself doing so, then I went on Google to find out its meaning and I stumbled upon this website.

    I believe everything said here because they apply to me. I pray my first storybook I am publishing next month comes to reality truly. God bless.

    • Yay! I will keep you and your book in my prayer as well. Best of luck!

      – Amy xo

      • I had a dream LASTNIGHT that I was soaring upward extremely fast that I was scared at first but then trusted myself and started going even faster, I’ve had dreams when I was a young boy, I’m 30 now, that floated. But I was soaring through a dark sky and it was very windy. Before I knew it I was laying down on my stomach and laying in my dads backyard on the grass w a baby’s passafire beside me. I have two young boys. I have know idea what this means.

  3. My most recent flying dream which was just last night was as follows:
    I had a discussion with my boyfriend in the dream, we were in his car, then I got off the car and started walking away, then suddenly I felt the erg of flying and I did so, it was like during my flying I was looking for him, then I landed and I found him, then I told him that that he knows very well that I loved him so much and that I would do anything for him and that I wanted to be with him for ever; I just wanted him to tell me if he felt the same and his response was to walk away. I couldn’t believe he was giving up on us. Then I woke up feeling so bad!

    • Is there anything going on with your relationship that might have triggered this dream?

      If this were my dream, I might understand this as a reflection of my fears/anxieties that my boyfriend isn’t as committed to the relationship as I am.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  4. I was flying and gaining height, I was so happy, fields bright yellow flowers and fields rich green, I was excitedly shouting to my mom, id doing it, flying

    • Sounds like an exhilarating dream :)

  5. I dreamed I was “riding” on two people. One woman and one man. We were following street paths like a car but above the ground. As we continued we went faster and faster. I was headed to an appointment I was late for. I asked if they knew where we were going and they said yes. However I checked my pocket for directions and it was empty. I asked if I was too heavy for them. They said no. So I wrapped one leg around each of them ………that’s all I remember.

    • If this were my dream, I might wonder if I’m feeling like I’m missing out on something in my life or if I’m not taking responsibility for something in my life. I might also understand this dream to be about allowing others to help me when I need help.

      • Thanks for responding. Actually all of your comments are relevant. I am impressed with your insight. I must say that I do love flying in my dreams. Next time I hope to soar on my own above snow capped mountains. Maybe I will see you there. Peace.

  6. I had an incredible dream last night. As far as I can recall, this is my first time experiencing a flying dream. I live in the Bay Area, and I dreamed I was in my car driving up the coast. The sun was setting, and the colors were beautiful. Bright pinks and oranges, fading into deep blues. As I was driving, I suddenly had the urge to fly instead. “Why haven’t I ever thought of flying before?” I said to myself. So I pulled over, got out of the car and effortlessly lifted my feet from the ground. I looked ahead of me, and decided to chase the sun; so I did. I was soaring above the ocean, flying so fast I couldn’t hear anything but the wind. I was even having difficulty keeping my eyes open. All I knew is that I was chasing the sun, and having an amazing time.

    • Wow! Sounds like an incredible dream! I love all the details you described… I feel like I’m right there with you :)

      Happy Dreaming,
      Amy xo

  7. I dreamt that I was picking up speed then hit a small ditch which catapulted me in the air. I found myself over lush tree tops when I looked down. It wasn’t what I expected. I felt surprised and a tad bit scared to a point that I didn’t remember to just start flying. When I woke up the first thing I thought was “I should have just flew”. I woke up as soon as my instincts NOT to fly kicked in.

    • I see a wonderful lesson in this dream :) If this were my dream, I would understand that when things in my life start to get good – when they start to take off and “fly” – not to get scared and check that I’m not sabotaging my success in anyway. And in my life I would “just fly.”

      Happy Dreaming,
      Amy xo

  8. In the parking lot of my childhood neighborhood, I was conversing with my daughter who was holding her son. I left her and went towards my son. I then began to take flight. In my way was a tree. I said no, u will not stop me. I then flew through the tree and ran into a building. I grabbed the rooftop so I wouldn’t fall and pulled myself up with intentions to continue to fly. Upon the roof were ppl with super powers and the leader told me to join them. Below zombies began attacking. Somehow myself and another was in a building fighting the head zombie. We defeated her but to our suprised we were betrayed by the leader. We were used as decoys for their escape. When I got wind of this I pushed my self to fly up. However, zombies ambushed the building and I was only able to fly to the top of the restroom door due to a zombie grabbing my hand. Although I defeated her, I woke up with a frightening feeling.

    • What a juicy dream… there’s so much there. So flying is often about freedom, breaking away from something, taking off, success, etc… Zombies on the other hand, have an almost opposite suggestion – being controlled by outside forces or something that is not conscious. Have you ever heard people described as being “zombies” or “walking dead”? It’s used to talk about people who act unconsciously, without thinking, without awareness. It can be about living by propaganda, religious dogma or some other conditioned programming that you’re unaware of.

      So, if this were my dream, I would wonder if any of my deeply held beliefs (religious, political or even my habits or addictions) are holding me down and keeping me from living my full potential.

      ~ Amy xo

  9. I have had one dream of flying but the one I’d rather gain insight on was scarier… I had a dream that I woke up in my bed, the room was exactly the same as my room and my boyfriend (who often talks in his sleep, nonsense stuff usually) turned to me and said, “oil, railroad, he’s coming.” And just then my feet and legs started levitating, it freaked me out and I awoke. What does this mean? I was scared when I woke up.

    • If this were my dream, I would think about what is supporting me in my life (physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc…) and if I am feeling uplifted in any of those areas. Also, I would check in to see if any changes or anything that is going on in those areas of my life feels frightening or scary to me.

  10. I had a dream last night that I was flying a small airplane with my Ex boyfriends Mom & sister. I landed the airplane safely and was VERY HAPPY.

    • If this were my dream, I would wonder in what ways I can help and guide my mom and sister in waking life?

      • Dear All

        last night i dream ware white new snicker Nike then suddenly a guy was follow me because was dark he wanted to Harm me then I flying very up to run away from him then land down starting to walk after a group of man was chased me .I enter to people house i don’t know those people but they welcome me after that those guys was outside of that House they were demanded that House to be open the owners of that house started to fear the i decide to flying through the roof i hit the roof and was broken and open then i fly away.

  11. This morning I had a dream where a lady came to me dressed in blue with blue eyes and asked me if I was the one, and then she went into my soul, spirit, and I said to her I don’t know, she opend up all my chakras and they were round and lighted up, she told me I only had 5 and that if I was the one I should have eight, I then knew where these points were in my life, and saw the land and mountains and oceans, and I took off and flew over people and land and followed a path zooming past trees and nature and land along a path, almost hitting trees but I knew I wouldn’t I felt so amazing and just knew I could do it, along side there was a river and for some reason I think I crossed it, and I think I stopped flying and needed help from someone…why would I cross the river? I haven’t had a flying dream in maybe 10 yrs. I am 39, and at a crossroad as to what to do in my life.

    • Beautiful dream! So spiritual and healing in its own right.

      If this were my dream and my experience, I would understand it as showing me the outcome of a choice. In this case, if I follow the path of my soul and spirit and live fully and with all my energies, I will soar. I would understand crossing the river to be about making a change in my life.

      And that has been my experience. When I follow my heart and listen to my inner voice, my spirit, and my soul, the outcome is always better than when I ignore my inner wisdom and make the “logical” choice or make a choice out of fear. It’s not necessarily easier, but better in that it leads to greater growth and makes me come alive in my life.

      So if you’re at a crossroad, I would get really quiet with myself and listen to what my soul and spirit want. I will make my choice from love, rather than fear. And then take action to make the necessary changes in my life.

      Amy xo

  12. I don’t think I am a lucid dreamer but maybe I am. I am going through some issues. The night before last I dreamed I found a stack of $100 bills in the back of my car. I counted through it. Then last night I had a pretty scary dream. I needed to fly. I have been flying in my dreams since I was in preschool ( I remember because I would fly with the cute boy from class lol) I do not fly often but the last few times I can hardly get up and then I can’t stay up for long. This is bad when you are being chased by something evil. I remember kind of knowing it was a dream. I think the flying part makes me know I am dreaming. I Iove to fly.

    • I love flying too! This latest dream sounds like a different kind of flying dream – where you are not able to fly in a situation where flying would make a wonderful escape. If this were my dream, I would understand it as showing me part of my shadow – something in my life that I want to escape, run from, or deny in some way. I would understand not being able to fly as showing me that I can no longer escape your shadow and that it’s time to face it.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

      P.S. Check out my new video training series on how to understand and use your dreams in your life (it’s free!). And I’ll be hosting a live webinar next week about Nightmares. Get your name on my list, if you’re not already, to learn more about that!

  13. Hey Amy, I had a wonderful dream y’day..I was trying to hop on the ground like a kangaroo, but to my surprise,I was leaping into the air and flying .I was filled with joys and even managed some somersaults in the air, passing through walkways and narrow streets and I didn’t face any hindrances..sometimes I was flying upside down too for a few seconds..But all the while i was doing a kangaroo kind of a motion and not like a bird with wings stretched…What does this mean?

    • What a great dream. If this were my dream, I would pay attention to the *feelings* in the dream. Depending on how you felt about this, the dream can take on very different meanings. Feelings of joy and exuberance vs. fear and anxiety, for example.

      Dreams are personal and can have different meanings for everyone. So, my suggestions here are general. I do offer 1-on-1 sessions where we can go into greater depth and decode the personalized meaning for you. Please contact me to take advantage of my $20 introductory special.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  14. I love my flying dreams. I will be in a dream and then decide that I want to fly. There are usually people around me and I just jump and fly and some people notice but are not envious and others are completely unaware. Sometimes I just fly around a room, other times I am outside and I am completely aware that I am flying. This morning I was flying in a dream and two men did not want me to fly and one even flew up to me and grabbed my hand to pull me down and I just shook off his hand and at that moment I woke up. I did not know either of the two men but I felt that their intentions were not good. They did not like seeing me fly and enjoying my flight. I had never had a flying dream like that before. My mom used to tell me she floated around in her dreams and would go to different places. I thought it was strange when she told me, but she loved her floating dreams. I do not think I flew in my dreams until she passed. I would love to fly with my mom in a dream.

    • What beautiful dreams. I love your wish to fly with your mom in your dreams. Are you familiar with lucid dreaming? It’s a skill you can learn to become conscious in your dreams. People who are skilled at it can manifest anyone in their dreams to go on adventures with. That might be a fun way for you to join your mother in a flying dream. Rebecca Turner created a wonderful program on how to learn Lucid Dreaming. I highly recommend it if lucid dreaming is something you want to learn. You can find it here.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  15. I have dreamed many times that am flying all myself really high and fast… But am not really enjoying it as i feel that i have no control to stop. It feels that i want to land but it doesn’t seem to be happening and i keep on flying. usually i have seen that i take off from the ground but when i want to land some where or stop myself am not able to do so and that scares me because of which i really don’t enjoy flying. What does it indicates?

    • If this were my dream, I would look at the feelings of not being in control and wanting to land. I would wonder if I’m not feeling “grounded” in my life or if I’m too “flighty” in any areas of my life. I would take action to stabilize and ground myself.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  16. I LOVE my flying dreams!! I’m lucid the whole time, I can go straight through walls or ceilings, fly way out into space or high in the air, or right along the ground. And when I wake up its like I had the best sleep ever, I feel wonderful. Most of the time they occur when I have gone back to sleep after waking early in the morning, or if I take a morning nap.
    There is an interesting vibration I am aware of when a flying dream is about to start, and when I was a child it frightened me and I would fight it. Now I just go “Yippee!!”

    • Wow… awesome dreams. I LOVE what you said:

      when I was a child it frightened me and I would fight it. Now I just go “Yippee!!”

      It’s a great reminder that when we resist something in our lives, it often becomes frightening or overwhelming. But when we let go and say Yippee, we allow the positive energy to flow through our lives.

      Thanks for sharing your dreams :)

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  17. What does it mean to fly with angels.

    • Depends on your connection with angels. Could be about your relationship with your mother, religious/spiritual associations, the need for guidance in your life, death, moving into your potential, your inner wisdom/intuition.

  18. I love the flying dreams so much that I get mad when they end. I just flew in the sun shine for the first time over a city, it was amazing! I could feel the sun on my skin the air was the perfect temperature, soo nice! Usually its a night setting in my flying dreams. I will be in a field or park or something like that, I notice the full moon and think “Yay I’m going to fly!” Then I will jump and with each jump get higher and higher until I don’t come down anymore. And its funny because in the dream I get that tingly feeling in my stomach the higher I jump. You know like when your on a roller coaster before the drop? That feeling.
    I check out the tops of trees and buildings and then I fly. I can feel the wind I can smell the night air and I’m thinking in the dream, “This is so cool, I love this!” There’s never any sound its always pretty quiet, I only hear the wind as I fly through the air. I must be getting better at it because in the last one when I flew in the sun I only had to jump two quick jumps and I was off. And the city looked so real many buildings, roads even some cars. I always fly sideways like an air plane would. I’m always looking down going fast. I can move my body to move in the direction I want to go in. I never land I just wake up.
    I enjoyed reading the other dream flyers stories on this site. I feel lucky and honored and GRATEFUL I can have these dreams. I wish I could fly every night!

    • Yay! What wonderful dreams. They sound amazing. You are blessed to have such amazing dreams. Keep dreaming :)

      – Amy xo

  19. In my flying dream I was in fear of where I was headed. I flew high above the clouds in the direction of the Sun. I felt as if I was possibly transitioning into the after life!!! I was happy to awaken from my dream because I flew at a high speed & it was all a very overwhelming experience!!!

  20. I have been in aviation all my life in some form, mostly commercial aviation. I have deep very lucid and vivid dreams. I can remember the next day, in great detail the layout of airports, TSA checkpoints, CBP processing areas, ticket waiting areas, loading bridges, ramp areas, etc. Now get this, not only can I remember the visual, but the sound and cacophony of the surroundings and smells! Many other dreams take place at my (favorite) window seat by the engine of (777 or 747) different weather conditions, seasons or time of day, under various phases of operation including pushback and taxiing. I sometimes had dreams of having our aircraft park at far remote areas away from the main terminal.

    As an example, in one dream during April 2014, after seeing Stars on Ice , featuring Jason Brown; I remember being on an United Boeing 747-432 on a low and slow approach to an airport in China near the sea(?) I remember going through thin layer of acrid brownish and gray clouds (pollution) and seeing the city lights in the early morning arriving from Honolulu. In full detail I can see the triple slotted trailing edge flaps slowly winching out to slow the aircraft. I look around in the cabin, the usual quietness, and chatter, last minute fulling out entry visa forms, flight attendants asking them to finish up in preparation for landing. A few minutes later, breaking through the clouds and seeing a slow sunrise and seeing rice fields as far as the eye can see. Later, after landing our 747 is taxiing not to the main passenger terminal, but some far remote parking (an unused terminal doubling as a “transit lounge”. I remember looking out the window after getting up and seeing the main terminal and other aircraft far away and heavy surf waves breaking near one of the runways. (splash-over?) I remember hearing the UAL crew announce that for Chinese immigration reasons that we have to transit for 24 hours. We are being asked to deplane in another minute. Upon reaching the main cabin door exit, I asked the SFO based flight crew if I can talk to the captain and check out the flight deck. Rudely the purser harshly said “NO! You cannot for security reasons”, There was a Chinese and US immigration official standing there and it wasn’t a time to argue. Later in the dream I remember staying in an somewhat modern unremarkable hotel, getting a quick breakfast to go back to the “transit lounge”. I see Jason Brown (US Figure Skater Bronze-Sochi 2014), and we compared our long hair, exchanged love and hugs. I gave Jason a peck on the cheek and informed him that I was on a maintenance trip and had to go deeper into USSR for work and I was kind of leery but I was stuck on a 2 week assignement and go back to Honolulu and on to Los Angeles (LAX, VNY, BUR home base).
    I remember this dream in every detail as I type TODAY!

  21. i had a dream last night standing with unknow person, all of a sudden i started flying singing with joy .

    • Wee… what a fun dream… love it!

  22. I dream of myself flying high in the sky all the times. Last night was more intense, there are tons of people held hands flew high in the sky dressed in dark blue suit (mostly male) but I went passed them and broke off their hands and flew even higher. Then there are these other people dressed in white outfit (not too many of them) attacked the dark blue people but then one of the guy in white outfit told his team do not attack me and leave me alone. Then suddenly there is this hopeless lady with white dirty ripped dress was below me and I flew down to help her and I found this hide out and help lifted her up to the hideout. Suddenly there was this white outfit guy found us and he look at me straight in the eyes which I know he was going to attack me but somehow I won (not sure how I won). The last I remember is we wore his outfit to pretend to be one of them so this way we will not get attack from the white outfit group. I was the one to come out with the white outfit feeling all happy and at ease. I am not sure what this dream meant?

    • If this were my dream, I might understand it to be showing me that I am capable of doing more and achieving more if I am able to break free from whatever is holding me back . I might understand the attacks as showing me my fears (about achieving more/doing more) in my life, but that I’m capable of overcoming them.

  23. my brother and me have small size aeroplane and we are flying it to go to someones house.. we are happy to have it..
    i wana know meaning of my dream

    • I suggest you have a look at my post on how to understand the people in your dreams. I’d then connect that with the gaining a higher perspective on life or possible avoiding or attempting to “fly away” from an issue.

  24. Hello,
    I use to have a lot of dreams as a child that I was flying. It was fun and liberating. But last night, I had a dream that I was on my church property. I had a teddy bear in my hand and I started to fly but I came down. And then I started to fly again but I came back down, and then I was speaking to a church member in my dream and she was telling me how to move forward. My feelings in the dream were “what is going on, I use to stay in the air for a while.” Thank you.

  25. out the need to get back to work so that I could clock out, and hurry to catch a flight that I had not yet finished packing for. There was an endless maze of slides, elevators, and escalators I had to take, and the people I knew in the dream (mostly co-workers) could never give me adequate direction on how to get back to work in time. It seemed like i was never going to make it, and I was so scared that I was going to miss my flight.

  26. I am having a string of alot of different vivid dreams, and I’m going through alot in my life. But my dream of flying is where I am in a living room and all of a sudden I have to fly high up to a ceiling and all I feel is fear of falling………

  27. Last night I dreamed that I was lost, in a dark place. I wanted to find my way out. Suddenly, I levitated and, horizontally, on my back, I started to fly. I was making motions like I was swimming. I was only about 3 feet off the ground. All I could think of, while I was flying, was that it was so easy to do that (fly), I should be able to do that naturally, in the real world, and why couldn’t I?
    I never did get to anywhere. I woke up while I was flying. But I woke up happy.

    • What a great dream! I love flying dreams too and also wake up happy when I have one :)

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  28. Hi Amy,
    This morning I had a dream that I am flying high in the sky. Someone has made a seat with a handle and I saw myself sleeping on that small seat comfortably. I saw myself sleeping and then felt that I had taken off from the ground and was going higher and higher. I could feel the sweet cool breeze gushing through me. I had my eyes shut and held to the handle firmly and enjoyed my beautiful adventure ride all by myself.

    In the second part of my dream I saw my house, I landed down to take a break and saw a friend of mine who came to meet me and also wanted a ride on the magic seat( that’s what I called it). But to my surprise the seat did not fly when she sat with me, but the moment I sat on the magic seat, I felt the seat moving and I was above everyone and everything soaring high in the sky. I was feeling happy and enjoying my ride as if I had all the powers in my hand to do and get whatever I want! I don’t know if you would interpret this as a negative or positive way? I am curious to know your inputs about the same.

    I have had dream about flying before, this has come after a very long time.
    Awaiting your reply! :)

  29. I’ve been having a troublesome dream. Every night is the same dream. I’m in a front yard of this white mansion looking place and someone tells me to take off. I tell them here I go and I run and jump and put my hands in the air like how Superman flies. I begin to take off from the ground and I glide over from one side of the yard to the other. Every time I started to fly I stayed in the air less and less until I could almost not fly anymore. When I wake up I feel sad or depressed. I must have some sort issue going on?

  30. I became aware of my dream in flight. no assistance, I wasn’t a bird. I was me, flying easily and joyfully straight up. I flew over water and up to a water fall that was so high up, I flew close enough to the water fall to nearly touch it with my nose but I did not. I just kept flying up and up, I looked down once and saw lots of beautiful pine trees grown next to the water fall and in the water – they were vividly green, healthy and beautiful. I woke with such a feeling of happiness and love. I’ve never had anything like this before. I immediately wrote it down in my dream journal so I wouldn’t forget. that feeling stayed with me all day. I don’t know why yet that I had this but I am so grateful to have experienced it.

    • What a beautiful beautiful dream experience. I *love* that you carried the feeling of love and happiness into your day… giving us experience during the dream is one of the ways dreams teach us. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  31. I have had flying dreams since I was a child – 5 or 6 years old. That was 1950. The era of Captain Marvel and Superman comic books. So I imagined myself as a superhero in the flying dreams. I wore a blue suit. Why I don’t (or didn’t) know. Now I was a very very small boy, about 4 ft tall and 50 lbs. Next door was a house with an 8 long front poarch about 2 feet off the ground screened in from the poarch to the ground with lattice. There was a small opening in the lattice less than a foot square. But just large enough for me to crawl into. One day I did. Way under the poarch in the back corner was a small brown bag. Strange!!! I took the bag and crawled out. Inside the bag was a blue jean jacket and blue jeans – and they fit me – a blue suit!!. Probably a child size one. I had never told anyone – not even my parents, about the dreams. My mother died in my arms 35 years ago and I asked her, only then if she had bought the suit. She said no. I still fly, not always as well, and no longer with a blue suit.

  32. My Dream last night was. I wanted to fly but I couldn’t fly like I used to and I try and try but I couldn’t take off, asking my self why and I used to fly before.

  33. I sometimes dream about flying and it happened last night again but it was different this time. I was a bird maybe a pigeon and I was looking at another black creepy bird flying above, I tried to fly but I could only take off like 3 foots and it’s the same for every time I dream of flying I can’t take off I try a lot but I can’t

  34. I dream last night flying up high telling people to repent an that Jesus Christ was on the way coming . everyone was repenting, children as well as old people. flying over big trees and in between forest, flying over building, repeatedly saying people should repent. and everyone does

  35. I had my first ever flying dream!
    Lately I’ve been having very apocalyptic style dreams where I am the main caregiver. But this morning I awoke with the marvelous sensation of being weightless!
    All throughout my dream I had beautiful fairy wings & fluttered about everywhere I went. There were a few other females in my dream with wings, all seemed as carefree as I felt. But the few men in the dream and the few females with no wings all seemed frustrated with everything.

  36. I dreamt I was flying so easily and so high and went to Italy and flew all around the beautiful architecture and saw the pope from afar. (always wanting to go the Italy) I then came back to my home area and flew so high above the bush where I live and just spend minutes looking down. I then flew back to my home over the bush valley. When I was in my home I was worried there were people that were coming to get me and I couldn’t escape and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to fly. It was a good dream and i felt free however bound at home.

  37. I dream of flying

    Google that

    You just jump
    As if you are diving
    And then you float like its salty water
    With your arms out
    But it’s windy not wet

    You have to relax
    Last night
    I jumped with my son
    And he couldn’t

    So we fell
    Into the field
    My daughter and the helicopter pilot
    Had to come and pick us up
    She wasn’t impressed

    When I wake up
    I am always
    It seems so real
    I can still feel it

    I keep wanting to try
    In the daytime
    At least she’ll know
    If she finds me in that field
    That I really didn’t want to die

    Just fly

  38. I was in danger and being chased by something or someone. I ran until I reached the edge of a very high cliff. I decided to jump off the cliff, knowing I would die…but instead I started flying up in the air. I flew around for a while I and it was the best feeling. I never had a dream like that before, or since. I remember that dream and it was many years ago that it occurred, but I always remember it.

  39. I had a dream that I was flying with confidence and great ability towards my childhood home. It was effortlessly and exhilarating. For some reason I wanted to try doing a somersault in the air. So I bent forward to somersault over and I didn’t allow myself enough space to flip over narrowly missing the ground so I flew out of it and continued flying straight. Even though I was scared I tried again. I flew up higher towards the heavens and tried again to turn towards the ground and somersault and I ‘STILL’ didn’t enough space to do it successfully. I must fly higher and higher again to logically make this somersault work. I again zoomed to the ground unable to flip and flew out of it- thankfully not hitting the ground. I guess my emotions are of frustration, wanting a challenge and persisting even through defeat. Is there anything else you can gage from this dream?

  40. I keep flying around in my dreams for the past 4 nights. I have the ability to go as high, or as fast as i want, and have no restrictions. I can either hover a couple feet above the ground or can fly very high to the point that i can see the world from space!! The feeling of having total control over flying is amazing and i have no restrictions, whatsoever. It is an amazing feeling and cannot figure out why i’ve been flying around the past 4 night’s in my dream. I do know that i have total control over every flight and i love it!!

  41. I had a dream and all I remember is the amazing joy and incredible sense of peace. It felt as if it was a gift of sorts. And at one point, I was in a half-awake and half-asleep state and I had the saddest feeling, almost to the point of intense longing, for this experience. It was so much that I have cried about it during my waking hours. And in that half asleep and half awake state, the lyrics “How do you keep your feet on the ground when you were born to fly?” ran through my head. I don’t remember much of the scenery or anything like that except the incredibility of it. Any ideas?

  42. I opened a door when i get inside i saw the world of immortals it”s like tinkerbel’s they told me that i cant go back to where i came from bec i’m one of them a guy carried me & then we fly he let me see the whole place & it is so beautiful. I am so amazed & happy while we”re flying. When we landed i thank him & he smiled at me like he is happy to see me happy.

  43. I was flying but everytime i go further up there was always electric cables i was scared but i still went up but there are more electric cables

  44. Even with all that is going on in my life, both high and mostly low, I still manage to fly high and unassisted in my dreams. It’s very exhilarating and undescribable! In some, I have trouble getting off the ground, but I still manage to gain momentum and fly high again with the same feeling! In some I a saving someone and am happy about it. When I wake, I feel great! All of these dreams , I have been in control of my course and also they are in very vivid color. Its an amazing feeling!

  45. Just tonight i had a dream that i was flying and soaring so high together with the birds. We have our own rice field and it appeared in my dream. It also appeared that I was trying to look for the answer of a hidden problem. I saw a lot of far places while i was flying and a lot of people too. What are of the meaning of these to my life?

  46. Hi, I used to fly all of the time in my dreams, I don’t seem to fly any more, may have been after my dads death, what will this mean and is there a way I can get these lucid dreams back?

    • Calea Z *can* help with lucid dreams. And in many cases will make your dreams more vivid, if not lucid. Check out my post about it:

  47. I alway dream that I’m flying away from trouble like people wanting to fight me or attack me, I always fly away to safety, these dream are quite frequently. Any one any idea why I have these dream?

  48. I had a dream of me trying to fly with wings and my mom is asking me to fly higher and i am trying hard to fly more up. What does this mean?

  49. I have always loved my flying dreams and have not had any for a while. I have had major positive changes in my life lately. I have started to dream much more vividly and last night I had a dream about relearning to fly. Like I knew it was time to try again to see if I still could. I was in a park type area with lots of trees and the feel of spring or early summer. I didn’t have wings of any kind. It took place over what seemed like multiple days. I remember being very careful to not let anyone know I could fly. I remember helping organize and assist at what I think was a wedding or other major event. While on a break I went to my secret area and went straight up at a relaxed pace enjoying the view and slowly sinking back to the starting point and doing it again several times before I had to rush back to my duties. I am curious as to what exactly that all means. I felt overall a positive feeling. I did not have control over the dream though so it didn’t feel like a lucid dream. Any guidance you could give would be great. Thank you.

  50. I have so many different dreams of flying and they always come and go unexpectedly. The latest dream i had, i was in a corn field but only half of the field was corn and the other was filled with junk. I was with a little girl we was playing with a ball and than it accidentally got throughn in the corn field i went to go get it as i did i saw a huge man a little over 6 ft. He had a mask he didn’t notice me at first but when i tried to quietly walk out of the corn field i stepped on a crunchy corn. Well then i started to run because i heard rustling sounds following me. When i got out of the corn i told the little girl to hide while i distracted him she ran toward huge pillors of junk. He chased after me for awhile in the maze of books. I through a couple at him but he kept coming. Than i saw the little girl right in front of him. He just stood there and looked at her but i quickly grabbed her before he could think of doing something to her. I got pissed off because i didn’t want her to get hurt. So i flew and everything in my whole body was concentrating strenth to my fist. As i flew with my fist first as fast as i could toward the man the girl asked if she could fly with me on my back. I stopped and ignored the man. I nodded and let her on. The man just stood there and watched us flying. Well after that i woke up.

  51. I constantly get this dream, I am walking around the local town with a friend and we are talking about flying, we then start trying to fly. After a while I am able to fly but I realise people are watching me , they have faces I recongise but I don’t know their names. They start walking towards me and I start trying to run from them but it feels like I am running in water and I can barely move. So I decide that I should try to fly, however when I try to take off from the ground I can barely get off it and I can only travel a few feet away before I hit back down on the ground. I continue to try and fly and get further and further but I don’t make any progress and the people are getting closer and closer towards me but I wake up just before they get me. This dream leaves me feeling scared and worried for the rest of the night and I am constantly getting this dream or dreams that are extremely similar. Please Help. What does this mean?

  52. I had a dream last night that my two young children, my husband and I were sitting on several ropes–like swings made of rope. We were lifted high into the air–over an ocean and then a massive, beautiful lake with pine trees surrounding it. We were hundreds of feet in the air and I was terrified for my kids–everyone was smiling and enjoying the scenery. I could feel the sweat on my hands and I kept slipping off the rope. My husband kept telling me to relax and to soak in how pretty it was. And it was very pretty–we were also going so fast! Later in the dream, we’d somehow survived it and were talking about it in a cozy cabin in the woods.

  53. I had one of the deepest dreams I’ve had in a while last night. There was this dude and he said he could make me levitate so I went with it, and I began by laying down then felt a weird “pain” in my back as it began to lift off the ground then I was raised into a seated position then my legs extended and I elevated off the ground. I couldn’t believe it but it felt awesome so I flew around a little bit. When I came back down the dude told me “anyone can levitate/fly, they just have to want it enough”.. Then I woke up

  54. I have had flying dreams occasionally for about 6 years. I am relaxing in bed and feel as though im falling asleep and feel euphoric that i am slowly being pulled out of my bed as i know what is going to happen….i then start flying around my bedroom and have no fear of hitting walls, but if i know im heading straight for a wall, i relax and let myself pass through it. Once i had a flying dream where i was out in space, and saw the most amazing sights of other beautiful universes….it always ends in my bedroom, although most of the time i land on my bedroom floor and worry about what my husband will say when he sees me there… I have even pinched myself and opened my eyes but i am always back in bed! I enjoy every flying dream but they seem so real i worry!?

  55. Hi,
    I’m 13, and sometimes I have dreams where I believe I’m in real life, even when I begin to fly. It’s a certain type of flight–feels burdened, and not so free. I have to actively flap my arms, but it’s a bit like swimming. I’m a competitive swimmer. One time I had a dream I was at a low soccer field at the high school where my parents walk our dog. This field is surrounded by tall hills. I jumped from a hill and soared, I felt like I had a bird of prey’s wings. I love birds of prey. It was amazing but it only happened once. What could these mean?

    Also, occasionally I have a sort of dream that’s very very strange–it’s very hard to describe, not really a sight but a FEELING. I feel like I’m supposed to push little amounts of something down a…belt…line…something. It’s all dark, a charcoal background with the things I’m pushing being black amorphous silhouettes. Then, I decide it’ll take too long to push it in little amounts and I push along the whole thing. There’s a startling feeling or sound–it’s like a booming sound and it shakes me to the very soul–and I either wake up or switch into another dream. Before I wake/switch, I know I shouldn’t have done that and I should have kept doing it little by little. What the heck is this?

  56. I just remember flying and holding on to this guy.. Well, we were holding on to each other. We were looking down at people then they just started throwing things at us, which would bounce off. Some of the things I would catch and throw back and they would explode into tiny pieces of rocks. At one point in my dream we got really high in the air and I got a little scared. But throughout the whole dream we never landed. We got a little low at times but we never touched the ground.

  57. Hi,

    I posted an email I got from my brother (he has terminal cancer), it touched my heart and I wanted your feedback.

    I wrote a song,” I know I will learn to fly.” Got the lyrics and the tune. About learning to fly. This is a metaphor of course. and learning to fly is not like learning to be high. Being high means numbing ourselves out and using that numbness to avoid feeling the pain of our past and stress of the present. Learning to fly involves being painfully aware of our past, of our condition of our stress and being able to fly above it. It was an amazing gift to me to be able to see the dream that I had and to understand or at least begin to understand the feelings I’ve had throughout my life.

    Only days after writing the song I had a dream. I was at Disneyland.I have had many many dreams about Disneyland and about being at work. These dreams are almost always nightmares. They involve me being with the pipe fitter crew that I was with for over twenty six years and being stuck in an attraction. I’m either going to get in trouble or someone’s going to get hurt, someone on the crew might get hit by the attraction. I may get fired for being in the attraction while the park is open. I can never seem to find a way out of the attraction, and I’m always doomed to failure or being stuck in the attraction.

    My recent dream and encouraging enlightenment was that I was once again at Disneyland. As I looked there was a riot. People are fighting punching each other and total chaos. As I walked through the mass crowd I was unharmed and just observing. I noticed two girls tearing an attraction apart and removing pieces. The one girl said to the other, “Just leave it and let’s go.” But the first girl said, “No, I need to take it with me,” and she kept trying to break the piece off the attraction. As I continued walking, I moved around the side of an attraction and there was a security guard and at his back there was open ground and no more chaos. A lady with her kids walked up to the security guard. She asked the guard if she and her children could still go on rides. The guard answered, “You see what’s going on but if you still want to go on the rides, go ahead.”

    I walked past the guard and as I continued on, my feet came off the ground and I believe I was in like a sitting position. I began to fly over the attractions. The view was like you would see a drone with a camera flying over an attraction for a commercial. I was only 4 to 6 feet off the ground but going very fast I could feel the wind blowing on me. I would go up and around fly over like an entire attraction like Grizzly, very beautiful colors. I yelled, “Thank you God, this is the best ride ever!” At that moment my direction went straight up into the sky, and in one second I was a quarter mile high. I looked down at Disneyland and it was very small and surrounded not by a city, but by a huge forest of thick green trees. I flew to the end of the forest and was gently set back down on the ground. I was standing at the edge of a body of water. As I stood there, I look down at my feet and there was a little red book with a red ribbon tied with a bow on it. The book was upside down and I could not see the title. I told myself that’s okay I’ll look at the title later.

    As I continue in the dream I walked toward a building that looked like a nice restaurant. I entered the building and found small rooms with many doors. I walk from room to room opening door after door. Until I finally came to the final door that led outside. There was a concrete walkway surrounded by beautiful greenery and trees and I could not see the end of the walkway. That was when I woke up.

    Well that was the dream. better than any Disney nightmare I’ve ever had for sure. It tells of freedom and a gift. I think the little red book was a gift. I think the book was the awareness and understanding in my life that I’m getting through reading and being open to the invisible energy every where and that little small voice inside me. I love being free.

    Thank you,
    Melanie Smith

    • Beautiful dream. The gift makes me think of Jung’s Red Book. If this were my dream, I might explore that as the gift of the dream.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  58. I began floating when I was younger, living at home w/ parents & sibs. As an adult, I’ve mastered flight. I can take off from standing position just by sheer thought/desire to rise up. Once I’m up above the trees, I soar. I enjoy, never frightened. Once I dreamt I was near airplanes – I didn’t like that one! I’m usually just safely above trees/homes. But it’s the take off that intrigues me. I wish it…I think it…and up up up I go. Every time. BUT – I hide my ability from others. I don’t want anyone (in my dreams) to know. They may not approve??! I don’t know.

  59. Does the way you takeoff in a dream or the way you fly have any significance? I have these dreams that if I run really fast I start flying and I can run on air but I start sinking off I stop running. In a differen set of flying dreams I can fly/float/telekenisis my way around from rooftop to rooftop, just standing up. It normally involves protecting people from monsters. What do these types of flying mean, if anything?

  60. Hii. Since last few nights i had dream that i am flying like a bird. And i am thoroughly enjoying it. By flying i move from take off to top on heights. And when i awakens feeling Happy. Please let me know its meaning.

  61. I had a dream last night where I could float instead of walking and I could also fly around. I was at my town celebration. There was food trucks, all sorts of entertainment including horse shows (really cool!). Like nothing I’ve ever seen or heard of before. But anyway, my mom and sister were there. And my mom wanted me to go to this one church. Once we were there, I noticed they had crystals everywhere. In boxes to submerse your hands. At first it was really overwhelming, I could feel my heart racing. My breathing changed. Then when I did put my hands in the boxes of crystals, my fingers danced. It felt amazing. My body was feeling like it was detoxing. Very cool! I did that about 4 different times with different crystals. Then I flew around higher than I had before. I was so happy. It went on more at the town celebration looking for my dad. I found him and we walked for a bit, them I flew away. I then woke up, feeling worried about my dad. But also happy and detoxed. I remember most of my dreams. And they are very active and most include some type of flying. And then I stumbled on this page this morning. Happy dreaming :)

  62. Last night I had a dream that I was flying and when I looked down everyone was looking up at me scared that I was going to fall. Then I was scared that I was going to fall so I grabbed on to something in my dream but then when I let go I started flying again. After that I remember I was on a spinning type ride at an amusement park and it was also high up in the air. When I was on the ride I was scared but when I looked down I saw a beautiful view and felt fine. At the end all I remember is flying into some guys car.

  63. Last night I dreamed that I and whomever the people were in my dream (family/close friends and some people I didn’t know) were the flying people and the non-flying people were trying to catch us. The dream was SUPER intense and I spent the entire dream protecting my other “flying people” from the non-flying people. We experienced so many scenarios of trying to keep from getting caught by the non-flying people, but at the same time they were amazed by us. I remember the last scene being frightening because the non-flying people got the military involved and they came in full gear with all types of weapons and tried to flush us out of where we were so they could gun us down, but we stayed safe during the whole dream!

  64. I had a remarkably lucid dream about being a white, sort of oblong shaped ghost. I could change my shape but not go through objects. I was whizzing through the air in a kind of massive warehouse with lots of obstacles that I could change shape to fit through as I flew. Someone was guiding me, explaining that I couldn’t break up so to avoid the very small spaces, but I could fit through the narrow ones. They were assisting with the rules of the game which were that I couldn’t stay still in a warm place as then I’d be visible and if I was visible I’d be shot at. So I was whizzing around, squeezing through small gaps and occasionally getting too hot and getting shot at, so I’d have to fly faster to lose the heat. It wasn’t scary, more like being some figure in a video game and I had good control mostly, had to concentrate hard, but the flying wasn’t difficult. If I was hit 3 times, I’d be blown up, but that never happened as I was too good at flying and dodging through spaces big enough. The whole dream was just so intense, when I woke up my first thought was how can a dream be so organised? Like everything was thought out and had an answer.

  65. Hi

    Now this is another dream which I get. There are 3 things I experience

    1. Joy: I feel joy while flying somethings and I have nothing much to worry about this.
    2. Fear: I fear as I am chased by dogs (note that I am scared of dogs since childhood) , but ultimately I was never caught which I feel is a good sign.
    3. Fear: sometimes I am also chased by people and I don’t know who they are.

    can you tell me what is that I am scared of ? and who are these people chasing me?

  66. This is so helpful after my own vivid dream. Flying was at the and of the dream, and not the strangest part by a half! I’m curious about landing, which I didn’t see mentioned here. In my dream I am flying fast, to a destination. I fly past snowy mountains, and am so relieved to see that it’s getting green and warmer as I head for my destination. I see the pool, and I intend to land in it but I am nervous about aiming for the pool at my speed, and depth being deep enough. In fact it’s shallow when I land. With a splash! I’m laughing in my dream with relief and feel exhilarated. I wake up feeling this exhilaration. This is the first time flying in a dream!

  67. I dreamed that I was involved in some kind of family scandal, and everyone found out about it. Even the animals somehow knew about it. But then in the second part of the dream I was on this playground surrounded by people I knew, and even though I could hear their thoughts and noticed them looking at me, it didn’t affect me. I started dancing and spinning and when I spun I lifted off the ground and was flying. Then I took off running and felt VERY free and happy. I kept running until I was alone and even though I would go through these patches of mud and get covered in mud, I still felt that happy, free feeling.

  68. I have had flying dreams for many years. They are exhilarating. It is so easy to take off. I simply drop straight to the ground with my body horizontal and move at will. I can fly inside the house and turn circles and swoop everywhere or do the same outdoors. I can never fly high enough. I do not want to wake from a flying dream. I don’t have a care in the world. One time when I awoke I felt like I could go outside and take off. I was too tired to try it and went back to sleep. Good thing I did not live at the top of the empire state building. haha I dream all the time but none are as wonderful as flying.