Foods for Vivid Dreams: How to Enhance Your Dreams

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Did you know there are foods you can eat to create more vivid dreams?  It’s true – what you eat has an effect on your dreams.  Foods for vivid dreams are common pantry items that you may already have.

This article explores the most common reasons for wanting to have more vivid dreams, the science behind eating certain foods, and finally the best foods for vivid dreams.


Why Induce Vivid Dreams?

If you ask me, there’s nothing more exciting than experiencing a wildly vivid or hyper life-like dream.  I love inducing vivid dreams just for the fun of it.  Of course, there are many others reasons to have vivid dreams.   Here are a few:

#1 – Increase Dream Recall

If you can’t recall your dreams it may be because they’re hazy.  When you increase the vividness of your dreams, you’ll automatically help your dream recall.

Vivid dreams are more life-like and often hyper-realistic. Vivid dreams contain more emotion, more detail, and have memorable story-lines. All these factors work together to make dream recall much more likely.

#2 – Easier to Understand

Vivid dreams tend to stick with you long after they’re over.  This allows time to reflect on the dream’s message, making them easier to understand and act on.

#3: Induce Lucid Dreaming

Hyper life-like and realistic dreams create easy entry points for lucid dreams.  You’re more likely to recognize that you’re dreaming when your dreams are more vivid.  This significantly increases your changes of turning a normal dream into a lucid dream!


How does melatonin affect your dreams?

Melatonin is the secret ingredient in foods for vivid dreams.  Melatonin is a hormone that regulates your sleep/wake cycles.  It’s produced in your pineal gland and plays an important role in dreaming.  In fact, melatonin can improve the quality of your sleep and dreams.

High Melatonin = Restful Sleep & Vivid Dreams

Low Melatonin = Sleep Problems & Fewer, Fuzzier Dreams

The formula is simple.  To have more vivid dreams, increase your melatonin levels.


12 Best Foods for Vivid Dreams

It’s easy to increase your melatonin levels and it doesn’t take much to ramp up your dreaming.  Finding foods for vivid dreams is as simple as taking a trip to your neighborhood grocery store.

Foods that Contain the Most Melatonin

White  Mustard 378 ng/tbs   Black Mustard 258 ng/g   Almonds 39ng/g

Sunflower Seeds 29 ng/g   Cherries 15 ng/g   Flax Seeds 12 ng/g

White Mustard 378 ng/tbs, Black Mustard 258 ng/tbs, Almonds 39 ng/g, Sunflower Seeds 29 ng/g, Cherries 15 ng/g, Flax Seeds 12 ng/g, Oats 8 ng/g

Foods that Contain 0.5 – 1 ng/g of melatonin

White Rice   red radishes   Poppy Seeds

Tomatoes   Bananas

Rice, Red Radishes, Poppy Seeds, Tomatoes, Bananas


Foods for Vivid Dreams: Final Thoughts

My favorite foods for vivid dreams are bananas and oatmeal.  Whenever I can’t sleep I eat a banana and in no time I’m asleep and dreaming.  I’m also partial to oatmeal.   Yes, a breakfast food that ironically puts you right back to sleep.

I also find that almonds and cherries work well for me.  Experiment and find which foods work best for you.

It’s your turn, Dreamer

What foods create the most vivid dreams for you?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Blueberries tend to do it and a cup of blue berry tea its great

    • Wonderful! It’s berry season now so I’ll take note next time I have some blueberries :)

  2. I had a sweet tooth last night, so I grabbed a handful of fresh Bing cherries. Before I realized it I was sound asleep. I had the most realistic dreams I’ve ever had! They seemed so real I actually had emotional and physical responses! They seemed to be analogies, in movie form, that are deep rooted issues in my life. When I awoke I felt like I’d been put under hypnosis. And to this very minute I still feel those emotional and physical affects. Wow!!!

    • Wow! Awesome… love to hear that you had such a positive experience with the cherries. And I love that your dreams are revealing deeply rooted issues for you :) Keep it up!

      Happy Dreaming,

  3. I have yet to experience an awesome vivid dream, but ive had my close enough ones. Though i dont tend to remember after a while, they did stay on my mind after awakening thatt day for most of the day. What i have niticed though, is that if i eat chocilate late night before bed, i tend to have nightmares.. Lol.

    • I’ve heard that about chocolate… best to avoid it before going to sleep!

  4. I used to have the most vivid dreams. So vivid I’d have a hard time trying to figure out if it was reality or an actual dream. Unfortunately my dreams have become less and less vivid throughout the year and it’s frustrating, so I’m hoping these tips will help…
    Also, chocolate doesn’t give you nightmares. I always have chocolate at night, lol

    • Hey Laura,

      I also suggest you write your dreams down. Regularly recording them also helps you recall more vivid dreams.

      Amy xo

  5. Try drinking apple juice before you go to bed it really makes vivid dreams ^^

    • Sweet! Thanks for the tip :)

  6. If you have 3 clementines before you go to bed, you will have an AWESOME and WEIRD dream.
    (I am going to write a lot, so you don’t have to read this if you don’t want to)
    Like, my friend was sitting on her front porch with her knees up and she was rocking. So I asked her what she was doing there, and she said that she was waiting for my other friend to retrieve the ball that she threw. And I looked around and I didn’t see her so I asked her where she was, and she said that she was in her backyard, and when she pointed to the back of her house, her whole arm twisted. Then that friend that was retrieving the ball was holding it and she said “I caught it! I actually caught it!” Then I asked if I could watch them play because I wanted to know how she ended up on the front porch and when we went inside, my friend they caught the ball walked to the door that led to her backyard, And she spun around And then opened it. And when she was facing me, she was a different person.
    And my friend that was sitting on her front porch, she wasn’t looking at me at all. Which I found pretty creepy.

  7. I take a tablet of vitamin B6 every other single day, and everyday I eat a banana, almonds and a glass of water with 1tbsp of honey. It works! I recall most of my dreams and write them down into my dream journal. In most of my dreams, I see things related to water, maybe that is my dream sign. One thing that amazes me is that every time I dream about sequence of numbers, the really do come out in the lottery. I play those numbers and within a week or two, I win a consolation prize. Wishing that one day I would dream about the 6 number combination to hit the jackpot. Lol. :-) So I believe that most lotto jackpot winners win because they saw numbers from their dream. Happy dreaming!

    • I love your story! That’s amazing… thanks for sharing :)

  8. B-6 makes vivid dreams!