Louis Dyer – Featured Dream Artist

Louis Dyer


All week I’ve been getting ready to unveil a new project I’ve been pouring my heart into.  I’m stoked about it and I can’t wait to share it with you.  I had planned to make the official announcement yesterday… and then… life had other plans for me.

Technical difficulties arose and the webpage wasn’t right.   And my launch didn’t happen.  I was bummed.  Then I remembered that this is my first time doing anything like this.  And I gave myself permission to relax, take a step back, and breathe.

In that moment of space I recalled a post I wanted to do that I had put on the back burner:  a dream art gallery.  I love dream art and the thought of it lifted my spirits.

The only reason I hadn’t made the gallery sooner was that I only had two artists to feature.  But then, I just had a better idea:  instead of featuring one piece of artwork from several artists, why not feature several pieces from one artist.

And so Dreamer, I present to you the first featured artist in the new Dream into Life Artist Series.


Featured Dream Artist: Louis Dyer

new-profile-pngLouis Dyer is a visionary artist from the UK.  His artwork depicts his journeys into altered states of consciousness.  One of the major sources of his inspiration comes from his own lucid dreams and travels into the astral realm.     He creates his paintings digitally in just a few hours.  Painting allows Louis to make intangible images more tangible in this reality.

To see more of Louis’s art or to get in touch with the artist, visit his website at http://louisdyer.com/


Dream Searcher

A new painting inspired by recent lucid dreams. For a while I have had many dreams which featured birds, packs of wild dogs and big cats. It’s amazing how intelligent they always appear, I fell as if they’re trying to pass on messages.


Psychedelic Download

Psychedelic download, this 1 hour 20 mins speed painting was inspired by some crazy lucid hypnagogic visions I had last night. Violently dancing, explosive, and blazing colours that grew in intensity with my focused observation.

Psychedelic Download

Are you the dream or the dreamer?

I dream in the warm glow, this hive of awareness has no limit. The light is always behind these violent visions.

When in darkness voices guide me to colour… colour and light are healers. I belong to a universe that facilitates the exploration of consciousness and all of its wonders.  How can I hate an existence that is filled with such sporadic energy. The saturation from these intense vibrations…the calmness of this solitude stilling every moment of my awareness.

Louis Dyer- dream or dreamer?

Navigating the Realms of Light

In a single moment of dream time, my visual perception witnessed a vast luminous landscape, I managed to stare at the scenery for a good amount of time without losing focus.


The death of a star

This piece has been sitting on my hard drive for months, I started it in June/July after the split of my relationship.
The intense emotions of the time triggered one of my most powerful astral/dream sequences.


Universal Love

The other night I had a strange dream/astral experience, I found myself in a total black abyss screaming ‘I love you!’ over and over. The environment was totally black and very dense,  I could feel it’s tremendous pressure and the vibrations were tearing me apart.

This piece is inspired from that odd event, although I would consider it a negative experience I managed to see it in a positive light while painting, so naturally the colours just got more and more intense and colourful!

universal love

Lessons from the Darkness

This one is inspired by my recent dark experiences of the dream/astral spaces, despite their negative effects….I feel they are always teaching me something.

lessons from the darkness

Violent Vibrations

This piece is inspired by the frightening realms I visit most nights. Dark abyss, dense vibrations, screams, demonic voices, hysterical laughter, whispering and sometimes pain.  If I relax and let the situation play out I wake up and feel so crazily alert and alive. Sometimes they lead to positive experiences and inspiring visuals.

violent vibrations


 Are you a dream artist?

Do you create artwork based on your dreams?  Please contact me if you’d like your artwork considered for possible publication in the Dream into Life Artist Series.


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