Lucid Dreaming Infographic: How to Control Your Dreams

What fun… I love infographics! This stunning lucid dreaming infographic shows you exactly how to have your first lucid dream.  Follow these steps and you’ll be controlling your dreams tonight.

lucid dreaming infographic

Lucid Dreaming Infographic

That’s all there is to it, Dreamer!  To have a lucid dream all you need is the right mindset.  And what a beautiful way to explain it – this is  my all-time favorite lucid dream infographic. Here’s a summary of what we just learned:

  • Lucid dreaming  is a skill anyone can learn.
  • Lucid dreams occur during the REM cycle
  • People who lucid dream are creative
  • Write down your dreams in your dream journal
  • Look for dream signs
  • Do a reality check
  • Eat Dream Foods

Keep practicing, Dreamers.  Soon you’ll be off to Lucid Dream Land!

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