What Are Lucid Dreams? Conscious Dreaming for Beginners

Lucid dreams are the ability to consciously control your dreams while still in the dream state. It’s the ability to literally “wake up” inside your dream, explore your surroundings, make conscious decisions, and interact with other dream characters.

Dreaming consciously takes regular dreaming and bumps it up a notch. In normal dreams, our self-awareness disappears and so we don’t recognize that we had a dream until after we wake up. It’s only when we find ourselves in bed (or on the couch, in a chair, or wherever you happened to fall asleep) that we realize we had just experienced a dream. While inside the dream we don’t understand that we are in the dreamscape – no matter how many bizarre encounters we have.

But, in a lucid dream – you become aware that you are dreaming. When you consciously understand that you are dreaming, you can take advantage of the dreamscape to literally create anything you can imagine.

It’s literally like experiencing a simulated or virtual reality, in which you have total control and complete freedom. Sounds fun, right? Believe me; you’re in for a treat…

A Conscious Dream Experience

In fact, lucid dreams can be so real, that they’re even more “real” than your waking life. Colors are more vivid, sensations are heightened, you have increased mobility… you actually get to experience more of life than you do in your waking life!

I am in a city I don’t recognize. I decide I want to fly. I cross two busy intersections using the zebra-striped crosswalks. Just outside of the bustling city area, I find a small park with a few tall pine trees.

I lower myself horizontally, so I am parallel to the ground. I tuck my arms into my body to create wings. I start flapping my wings and hover over the ground – I am flying. Now I start to flap harder and harder. As I do, I gain altitude. Before I know it, I am at the top of the trees.

I spread my arms out and soar over the treetops. I do a dive and a flip in the air… then complete a “perfect 10” landing on the ground.

What will I do next? I can explore the city… conjure up a friend to go on a flying adventure with me… shoot through the atmosphere and fly through space… ask my Higher Self for guidance…

This was an actual lucid dream that I had… one of the first times I consciously decided to fly. As you can see, you get to experience more of life in your dreams than in your waking life! (For those of you interested, the next thing I did was conjure up a friend to have a flying adventure with – turns out she loves to fly in her dreams too!)


Consciously Exploring the Dream World

Most new lucid dreamers explore fantasies during their early conscious dream experiences. The most common experiences for beginners are flying and having dream sex. These can be wonderful and exciting experiences, definitely a fun way to start consciously exploring the dream world.

But there is so much more you can do – your imagination is the only limitation you face in the dreamscape. You can instantly:

Teleport to distant locations
Conjure up former friends
Have tea with dead relatives
Dance on the moon with your favorite celebrity
Swim to Atlantis without needing oxygen

The sky is NOT even the limit! You can go beyond the sky, beyond the moon, and even beyond the stars. You can meet alien civilizations, travel back in time, or meet a future incarnation of yourself.

Practical Applications of Lucid Dreaming

While there are many aspects of conscious dream control that are fun and games, there are many other applications:

Athletes use conscious dreaming to practice their swing, jump, landing, or dunk.
Artists, writers, and musicians use conscious dreaming to create magnificent works.
Actors use conscious dreams to rehearse their lines or overcome stage freight.
Conscious dreaming can be used to overcome shyness, stop nightmares, and try out new skills.

Want to know the secret as to how lucid dreaming can help you in your waking life in so many practical ways? It’s really quite simple:

Your mind doesn’t understand the difference between your waking life and your dream life. To your mind, it’s all the same – a reality you created. Now, of course, there are physical limitations here on Earth which we recognize and must abide by.

But imagine this: In the dream world, you are NOT bound by the same laws of physics that you are bound by in your waking life. In your waking life, you may only be able to drive a golf ball 200 yards. But, in your dream, you can drive the same golf ball over 350 yards.

Perfect your swing in your dream and it will translate into your waking life. Why? Because your mind understands that a 350 yard swing is possible. Since it doesn’t discern the difference between waking life and dream life – what you can do in your dreams, it believes you can do in waking life as well. Lucidity in your dreams helps tear down the barriers of what you believe is possible. It shows you, in no uncertain terms, that you are much more powerful than you previously thought!

So what will you do in your lucid dreams?

Ready to Start?

Who wouldn’t be! Lucid dreaming is a skill that anyone can learn. Yup… anyone. You don’t need any special talents or superpowers. Even if this is the first time you’ve heard of the concept, you too can learn to have conscious dream control!

If you’re ready to take your dreaming to the next level, I highly recommend the popular e-course by Rebecca Turner, Lucid Dreaming Fast Track. Its the course I (and many others) used to learn lucid dreaming. Read my review here.

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  1. My friends don’t believe me when I say I can control my dreams it’s amazing especially while flying in my dream state or just knowing I can change the outcome