Naked Dreams

Naked Dreams

You and a friend are drinking lattes and gossiping when you look down and notice you’re not wearing any clothes.  Realization shakes you: you are completely naked!  Oddly, no one else seems to notice.  Before you can think about what to do, the scene begins to fade…

… and you wake up.

Naked dreams can leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed.  These dreams are often about:

  • Vulnerability
  • Intimacy
  • Dropping Barriers
  • Releasing Resistance
  • Freedom

This article will look at the common elements of naked dreams and then break down some possible interpretations.

Common Elements of Naked Dreams

Naked in Public

Many naked dreams involve being naked in public – at the grocery store, school, work, church. Usually you find yourself naked in a place you would normally wear clothes.  We don’t walk around naked in public in our waking lives.  So dreaming about it can be surprising.

Feeling embarrassed

You may feel shame, or embarrassed about being naked.  These feelings can point to your own fears about being vulnerable in your daily life.

Others Don’t Notice

It’s interesting that in many naked dreams, the other people don’t seem to notice that you’re not wearing clothes. And if they do notice they don’t care and don’t react.

One explanation for this oddity is that your fears may be exaggerated or unfounded. Dreams focus on you and show you how you view yourself – which is not necessarily how others view you.



Naked Dreams 2Naked dreams are often about vulnerability and exposing yourself in front of others.  Seeing yourself physically naked is a metaphor for feeling emotionally vulnerable.

Clothes are more than fashion.  They are a form of protection. In dreams clothes represent emotional protection.  Without your metaphoric clothes, you are left vulnerable to others.

For example, showing up to work naked suggests feeling vulnerable at work – maybe because you feel ill-prepared or are taking on a new challenge.


Nudists – this doesn’t apply to you.  For the rest of us, we spend the majority of our time wearing clothes.  And the vast majority of people in your life will never see you naked.  Only the people you are closest to ever get to see you in your skivvies.

Dreaming about being naked suggests a certain amount of intimacy – either sexual or platonic. Who was with you, how they reacted to you, and how you felt during the dream provide more clues about how you feel and act in intimate relationships.

Dropping Barriers

Letting your guard down and dropping barriers is another theme in naked dreams.  Clothes represent a barrier – they are literally a layer of protection between you and the world.  Without your clothes, you have no protection.

Dreaming about being naked often expresses a need to let go of barriers. They could be emotional barriers with friends or physical barriers.  Whatever your barriers are, it may be time to let them go.

Releasing Resistance

Sometimes naked dreams come to remind you that all you need to do is get out of your own way.  You don’t need to do anything – not even put on clothes.  All you need to do is release your resistance to life.


Clothes can be restrictive and naked dreams can be about freedom.  Shedding your clothes in a dream symbolizes your own freedom.  This dream may be showing you a newfound freedom in your life. Or it could point to an area in your life where you need to be freer.

Pay attention to your feelings in the dream and how you reacted to your nakedness. These areas provide clues as to how you feel about this freedom.


Acting on Naked Dreams

Naked dreams shed light on your fears and insecurities.  Now, the real question is what are you going to do with this information?  Naked dreams may be asking you to drop your barriers and get vulnerable.  This might be your call to action.

Sometimes the best action is simply to stay the course. When I first started teaching English in Japan, I had a dream where I was completely naked in front of my students.  Clearly I felt insecure in my new position.  The best action here was simply to keep doing my job.  Eventually I gained confidence in my abilities.

The Lo-Down on Naked Dreams

In short, naked dreams are often about feeling vulnerable and exposed.   Clothes offer protection and without our protective coverings we are left exposed.

Intimacy is another theme in naked dreams.  Your dream may be asking you to drop your barriers and show your vulnerable side.  It can feel scary, but it’s often worth the leap of faith.  And you may just find that the dreams are pointing you towards your own freedom.

It’s your turn, Dreamer

I’d love to hear from you.  What dreams have you had about being naked and what did you learn?  Leave your comments below.

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  1. I had this dream 2 nights ago where I was naked in public and people were looking at me and I was crying and asking my husband why he wasn’t doing anything to shield my naked body. In reality I had an affair and I told my husband about it. We have been separated for almost a year now. Deep down inside I love my husband and the other man was just not the person I thought he was. I’ve committed a terrible mistake I can’t fix and I guess that’s why I had this dream.Should I follow my true feelings and just tell my husband that I need him or do I just move one alone?

    • Yes, it sounds like you have a clear understanding of the dream. This dream is showing you your feelings about what happened with your husband. As far as what to do about it – do what your heart tells you, but don’t have any expectations of the outcome <3

      Happy Dreaming,

    • oh sister u Should try to retrieve him Indeed he is your total positivity to all Eternity

  2. What about dreaming that your work colleagues were naked but not you?

    • In dreams, you can understand ALL people in the dream to represent YOU in some way – some aspect of you or your personality. So dreaming that your work colleagues are naked can be about your own feelings of vulnerability, putting yourself out there, or being exposed at work or with your colleagues.

  3. I had one dream i went topless to work and one of the girls that really is controlling told me i had to put a top on..the other one i was working at a carlot selling cars parttime. With my exhusband. I lived in an apartment by myself. But my husband now wasnowhere in the dream. Sometimes i dream my new husband turns in to my ex..

    • In my dream of yours, being topless at works expresses a desire to be from controlling people and situations.

  4. I dreamt I was working doing something and was naked on the top. I remember my breast being exposed. There was a familiar man present in the dream with me. It seemed as though we were working together. Though I was naked I was quite comfortable.

    • If this were my dream, I would think about my comfort levels with being vulnerable around others – particularly men.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • I dreamt that i was with my friend, suddenly i saw myself naked , i was soo uncomfortable, and my friend was making a call and few guys were like talking to her, so i called her attention and told her she knows am naked and she left me. She then apoligized and went looking for were she could get a dress for me. As she was doing that, a guy came and noticed i was naked, he then told me let him go check for a cloth for me. Before they came back, i woke up. What does this dream mean?

  5. I’ve had several dreams where I’m suddenly naked in public, usually on my school’s campus. I feel embarrassed because I don’t have any clothes or anything to cover myself up with close by and I’m worried about how people will react. Nonetheless, I’m not panicked and I’m not afraid to walk by other people to find clothes. People don’t seem to really care that I’m naked either. For the most part they act like being naked in public isn’t that unusual. They do notice though, but there aren’t usually any really bad or humiliating reactions. Overall, the dreams like a minor nightmare, but not one that bothers me after I wake up. It seems kind of different from the other naked dreams people describe having.

    • If this were my dream, I would consider if I feel vulnerable or inadequate in some way in regards to my school life.

      Happy Dreaming,

  6. I had a dream were I thought I was dressed, and then to notice as I walk outside I’m in my underwear and undershirt. I’d go back in the house and get ready in a panic walk out and as I’m traveling to the airport realize I’m not dressed again, again in my underwear. In recent weeks have I been communicating with my ex wife, after being divorced for twelve years. She is separated and I have been telling her I am still in love with her, she’s been receptive but she’s not really responding in detail, meaning she’s okay with what I’m telling her, but she’s not telling me what she thinks or feels about how I feel towards her. I’d say after twelve years I’m still in love with her. Hours before this dream I sent her a lengthy text really opening up to her, which I don’t do with anyone. I tell people what I think, not what I feel. Any thoughts?

    • If this were my dream, I would understand it to be a reflection of my feeling vulnerable with my ex-wife. It seems that no matter how often you get dressed in the dream, you end up in your underwear. If this vulnerability makes you feel uncomfortable in your waking life or “panic” as you say, I would look at this new communication with my ex as a way learn to be comfortable with being open and vulnerable with others.

      Happy Dreaming,

  7. I dreamt being naked at the college I studied more than 20 years ago, but I was very confident and tall and slim in the dream; the nakedness did not bother me. What can it mean?

    • If this were my dream, I would associate the nakedness with confidence and poise. I would learn that by baring all, exposing myself and allowing myself to be vulnerable in my life leads to greater confidence going forth.

      What can you learn from being naked in your dream?

      – Amy xo

  8. Hi,
    Off late I’ve been having this dreams about being on half naked (in my nightwear) in front of this particular guy at work, and later I have been having other dreams about the same guy like he’s combing my hair and all that, and co-incidentally the other day, he happen to share one of his dreams he had about me and the weirdest part is that it was the first time he ever he remembered a dream in his life (he neither pays attention, nor believes in significance a dream).

    In reality, we share a very casual equation, and nor did we happen to hangout or do something different before these dreams have occurred, hence here’s no way I could brush them off thinking it could be because of any feelings for each other or something like that. Infact, I share a better rapport with other guys at work

    Any thoughts?

    • What an interesting dream situation! If this were my experience, I would wonder if this guy and I have some gifts to share with each other. I might consider grabbing a coffee with him one afternoon. No expectations – just acting on the dream.

      Happy Dreaming,

  9. What about dreams where your family has shown a video that you created to other family members? In this dream my brother had found a private video I made of my naked self. This tape was very personal and it exposed all my vulnerabilities. I was singing, laughing and crying on the video, but it was intended only for me. I was devastated to learn my brother had shared the tape with my sister. I confronted my mother who said she didn’t look at it only listened because I was laughing. I was so hurt. I wanted to tell th all I hated th for what they did. I hung up on my mom to callus brother and scold him for showing this tape so leisurely aty expense. Then I woke up. Thank goodness there is no actual tape, but what does this mean?
    Thanking you in advance .

    • Hi Kay,

      If this were my dream, I would understand it to be a reflection of my fears and anxieties about allowing other people to see the TRUE me – the vulnerable, exposed me in all my glory and with all my perfections.

      We often feel we are protecting ourselves by not opening up to people and showing them who we really are, but really we are with holding our most precious gift we have to give – and that is yourself. Your whole, true and authentic self.

      If this were my dream, I would look at the dream situation and the feelings and see if they mirror my waking life. I would also play with opening up to my family and showing them *all* the parts of myself – including (and especially) the parts I am shy to expose – like singing, dancing, and crying. That is the path to wholeness.

      Happy Dreaming,

  10. From what I can remember I was going through a regular weekend day, but my whole family and I were going about the day naked. I asked my mother why everyone was naked and she simply said “We have always been naked at home.”

    This was strange for me because I have talked to my family about me being naked at home and it was always no.

    Why would I dream about my family being naked when I am the only one that wants to be naked

    • What a great dream! Dreaming about being naked is often about being symbolically “naked” or vulnerable, rather than physically naked.

      If this were my dream, I would look at this dream in terms of being vulnerable, and open with my family – in a way that creates closeness and intimacy. I would wonder if this is the type of relationship I *have* with my family or if not, do I want this? I would also wonder if I am the only person in my family who wants to be vulnerable (intimate, close) with each other.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  11. I dreamed that I was running late to class I’m assuming. I ran with my niece && little brother inside the gym to go get change but when I walked in there was a lot of students standing && dress in caps && gowns. I asked a friend what was going on && he said we just practicing so I kept running to the restroom && when inside the wrong bathroom but didn’t care I just needed to change but when I realize I was missing my pants && I was so embarrassed I asked if someone could go get them they were probably outside of the building there was a professor that said no && made everybody stay so Idk what to do I felt like I was going to die because I didn’t have anything to wear I asked some guys that were around to let me borrow some pants if they had they all said they didn’t only some other guy that didn’t wasn’t there. I saw a guy sitting && next to him I saw he had some sweats he said he couldn’t let me borrow them we went on && on && I even remember screaming his name “Leonardo” in real like idk anyone with that name well at last minute I decided to just leave the building walking half dress. I’m so confuse because it made me feel like I was back in high school when I graduated 6 years ago && I’m even more confuse because I don’t recall what I was wearing at the beginning I couldn’t find what I had on to go back out like that && just go on with my day. But as I left the building I remember in my dream I walked out like nothing && just kept going with my niece && little brother. I woke up right there. I’m not a shy person when it comes to my body I love my body I love myself even though I’m sort of chubby but I do always have my guard up when it comes to people sometimes even with my family. But I don’t get why I would dream that. Is my first time && I hope my last time.

    • Hi Wendy,

      If this was my dream, I would connect the *feelings* in the dream with feelings in my waking life. You are comfortable with your body in waking life, but are you comfortable with your emotions, and being vulnerable with others? I would understand being naked in this dream as being vulnerable (rather than physically naked). And I would wonder where in my life I am feeling vulnerable. I might connect this to keeping my guard up with people. I would also play around with being more vulnerable and expressing what is true for me.

      Happy Dreaming,
      Amy xo

    • I dreamt about being naked and my team coworkers were making fun of me and laughing at me while pointing. I’m not sure what it could mean but I’m not able to get it out of my head since i woke up!

  12. Last night I had a dream where I was half naked, wearing a vest, a uniform shirt , underwear, stockings and shoes . There was no skirt. As I was about to enter my office , half of the senior managers were sitting outside my boss’s office but only one noticed that I am naked and was loughing about it. I requested one of my female colleagues to get a skirt for me from my office and she refused telling me that she can’t help because my boss was in the office. I thereafter woke up.

    • Often dreaming about not having clothes on signifies feeling “exposed” in some way. If this were my dream, I would look at my work life and wonder if I am feeling vulnerable or exposed in any way. Maybe in connection to my work or if I’m feeling challenged in some way. If I’m doing something new or am in a situation. I would understand this dream as a reflection of my feelings at work.

  13. Hi :))
    I dreamt I was walking thru the mall when I noticed I had no pants on showing all ,so I turned around and started running back to work … Soon as I intered the front door I realised I had a gown on and all I had to do was close the gown ….. Great relieve when I closed up :))

    • Hi Peter,

      If this were my dream, I would wonder if there are any areas in my life where I am feeling insecure or vulnerable. I might also wonder if I tend to “close” down when I feel vulnerable, insecure, or anxious in my life.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

      P.S. Check out my new video training series on how to understand and use your dreams in your life (it’s free!). And I’ll be hosting a live webinar next week about Nightmares. Get your name on my list, if you’re not already, to learn more about that!

  14. I oftendream that I’m bathing and obviously naked in public. My family is close by but them and the rest of the passers by are going on with their business. I can’t explain my feelings during the dream becaus I somehow it feels like it’s okay but strange too.

    • Hi Didi,

      If this were my dream, I would understand that it’s okay to fully express myself, including the places that feel vulnerable. If you’re not used to fully expressing who you are and what is inside you, it might be a strange feeling at first. But if it feels okay to you, then the dream is showing you it’s okay to be who you are, rather than who others may want you to be.

      Dreams are personal and can have different meanings for everyone. So, my suggestions here are general. I do offer 1-on-1 sessions where we can go into greater depth and decode the personalized meaning for you. Please contact me to take advantage of my $20 introductory special.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  15. I saw myself naked, people noticed, they didn’t react but I found myself loaded with worries, trying to run away quickly and get dressed, though in vain. Somehow situations conspired to not allow me to put on clothes.

    • If this were my dream, I would connect being naked in the dream to feeling vulnerable in my life. I would look at areas of my life where I feel vulnerable in some way – feeling not good enough, put on the spot, making presentations, work or school, etc… I would bring awareness to these areas of my life and as I can, work through the feelings.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  16. Last night I had a dream that is was naked at work. But I am a middle school teacher. I positioned the book shelf in front of my self and told the kids that it was nothing and I just kept on teaching. I was not ashamed. The kids did not freak out. I just made it clear that we were going to continue with the day and make the best of it. It left me feeling calm. I’ve had nude dreams before but I usually feel started.

  17. I just had a dream about going to work (teaching EFL) and deciding to get naked in class. Then, I somehow managed to persuade my students to take all of their clothes off, too. The program Director walked in on us, and she fired me with only one week to go until the end of the program. I had NO good explanation for my behavior, so I appealed to her sense of sympathy with the question, “What harm was done to anyone – even the students got naked with me?!” I’m not sure what happened after that because the dream became fuzzier and fuzzier until I finally woke up wondering what the heck that all about.

  18. I have been quite trapped feeling at work. Policies and procedures are in place, and management expects them to be followed. Sadly, nothing fits a mold and though we are over worked, management expects us to evaluate tons of information to catch everything that could possibly be.

    Lately, I have been dreaming of going to work. The dream is in full color with sound. Through the years I have learned the more stresses I feel, the more real and intense sensations in the dream. But, I show up to work. I feel like my clothes are bothering me, and I strip naked. In the dream, I know I am not supposed to leave my desk like this as we have an open floor plan. But, I forget that I am naked and walk across the floor people all respond with looking away, some point and laugh, and some yell in anger.

    I feel like I am trapped, in a situation I can’t win, and lost on what I should do. I thought the dream may be about feeling trapped, but you made me think about more things going on in the dream.

  19. Last night, I had a nightmare where me and my family were at the airport. There was this corner I was in with a tea table behind me and two big cube blocks infront of me. It was time for us to get on the flight. For some reason, I took my clothes off and dropped them in between two rails. I saw my sister walking into the tunnel to the plane. My mom was already in the plane. I realize it’s time to go but I couldn’t get my clothes or else people would see me. So I hid my body behind the big Cube blocks and two people saw me. It was a man and a woman. They were laughing. The woman had an accent and said “Take your clothes off at home!” The man starts taking pictures, even though my body was hidden behind the blocks. Then I turn around and a couple was eating at the tea table behind me. Then I saw my dad and said “Dad can you get my clothes please?” My dad reached in the rails and threw my clothes over to me. I felt so embarrased and when I put them back on I didn’t want to walk near the man and woman who laughed at me. I kept saying to myself “Why did I take my clothes off?! Why didn’t I put them back on and then go on the plane with my sister?” Then I woke up and realized it was all a dream. I was so relieved!

    • Thanks for sharing your dream. If this were my dream, I might understand it to be showing me how I feel about exposing myself in front of others. Very often we hide our true selves in public and put on a social mask – we present the version of ourselves that we think people want to see and mask our uniqueness and quirkiness. I might understand this dream to be showing me how I feel when I let my guard down in public and allow others to see my vulnerabilities. And the regret/embarrassment I experience or am afraid of experiencing when I do let my guard down in public.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  20. I have a continually recurring theme in my dreams where I’m at work in a bra and panties, nothing else. I never feel self conscious of the fact that I’m barely there, and own it as normal, only worry is that my boss won’t appreciate my uniform, but he never says anything and acts like it’s normal. Any thoughts on what’s causing this recurring theme?

  21. my dream was I asking my classmates to remove their pants so that they will be naked underneath, then i went inside the door, and looked down and see i am naked underneath, i crouched in between the open door to hide, feeling a bit embarrassed, and saw my other classmate and my professor on a subject that i’m worried i’ll fail with in real life. I then looked back the other side of the door and asked my other class mate to get naked underneath again, then even when I’m embarrassed, I stood up and walked in, and my professor said something, i can’t remember if what he said was negative or positive, but i remember i just smiled at him and ignored him. Then i was garnishing a box full of items for work for someone as a gift, like it was food, with some toppings, i think it was cooked ground meat and some cheese. I totally forgot i am naked underneath during my garnishing. Any ideas what this mean? Thank you!

  22. I was dreaming that I was in my underwear in a stairway. I saw former coworkers and friends but they didn’t notice me in my underwear. So I started running looking for the locker room to change. I couldn’t find one then suddenly I was at a school running. I saw kids, classrooms and students in their caps and gowns about to graduate. Didn’t nobody react to me being in my drawers. I was so confused because I couldn’t find the locker room to put on clothes.

  23. hello mam, yesterday i had a dream of being naked and walking down the street ,people notified me but no one came near to cover me. and after some time i started to run to find my home later i found out the home went to wore my clothes. what does it mean? what its stands for? , this second or third time am getting

  24. Dreamt of myself taken off my cloths at work then started to admnister to my patient. Nobody feel noticed and not concern of my nudity but after a while I realized why should I expose myself, put on my clothes and continue with my duties.

    Pls Amy can you interprete my dreams it confuses me.

  25. i have the dreams of being half dressed quite often in front of different people and places.
    last night i had a dream that i was in class and my pants were missing and was underwear was half way down. .. my classmates sitting next to me did not show any reaction and just advised me to dress properly.. so i went to the corner of the class and pulled the underwear up and the pants were somehow cut open and was behind me. so i pulled it to the front and covered up.
    what was different in this case was when i panicked i remember thinking please let this be a dream just like it happened earlier but later accepted that it was real..
    there has been many instances like this and in one case i was sitting on the side walk of a busy road without skirt.
    it is always in the lower body that the clothes are missing. any reason for this?

  26. Dream: I had a dream that I was standing naked in front of some people among them I noticed a female workmate

    Feelings: I felt worried that she has seen my body and she is going to tell our colleagues that she even saw marks on my thighs, but in the same feelings I was comforted that she is going to have one challenge of being asked by the colleagues that “how did you see him naked did u have an affair with him? . Any meaning in this?

  27. I had a dream where I was naked but I looked perfect in my eyes . my breast were larger my skin was clear. I was posing for my friend who was apparently doing a photoshoot. . I was happy .I felt comfortable in my own skin for once

  28. I dreamed about myself facing the mirror, in a partially lightened bathroom without my upper clothes and my ex staring at my reflection in the the mirror (particularly at my boobs)

  29. I just had a dream past night where I was being topless before one of my male tutors. He teaches me physics I guess a subject I fear most…does this dream meant freedom towards the subject..? I also remember that there I felt a little embarrassed but not much and I was asked by my mother to put a top on and then sit and study with him…What could be its interoperation in your view…?

  30. Hi! I have this dream last night. I was in school. I realized that I was naked so I immediately rushed into the bathroom. Our prof followed me. He tries to look for me. He was also naked but seems like he’s not aware. The cubicle in the bathroom seems to have openings where others can see from the outside so I embraced myself and looked down to hide myself from him. But still he found me. Afterwards, we danced together but with our clothes on.

  31. I dream last night.A closely friend woman, 25 age was topless. And her nipples were strangely large and long. Then, she became small idol/image in my hand. I had tried to take a photo that. That happen in a small room and some people were also there. What may mean?
    I am married, about 50, community leader.

  32. I had a lot of strange dreams last night and they all seemed real. One was where I was walking down a crowded street with just a tank top on and all I did was try to pull it down to cover more. The other one was I was walking around a lot of large run down mansions and there were strange people yelling at me then in the same neighborhood I was standing with a coworker by a truck and someone tried to mug us but I was able to hide my purse and my coworker didn’t have her purse on her so then I woke up from that one.
    I have been separated since August 2015 and it had a lot to do with me having an affair that was meaningless. I am also struggling at my job and was just passed on another promotion. I feel like I need a drastic change in my life and part of me is scared of what my future holds after being married for almost 25 years and living on my own for the first time in my life. I feel that these dreams certainly had a lot to do with what is going on with my life right now. Makes perfect sense.

  33. Hi,

    Today I saw my father removing his clothes in front of our whole family.
    He told us something and then started removing clothes and after that he sat with all of us.

  34. Well i just had my dream today. Well first i was having sex with this random girl and then after we finished i went to clean myself but where i ended up was in school i still went to the bathroom. After i was done i said in my mind hope that the vice principal did not show up and there he was yelling at me why am i naked but while he was yelling at me i felt angre he took me back to class and then i just poped up in the cafeteria with my friends

  35. I wish the dream would come true. I would gladly go to work in the nude.
    I am naked at home.
    So why can’t i he naked at work

    • If I wanted to go to work nude, I would find a job where I could ;)

  36. I dreamt that i was with my friend, suddenly i saw myself naked , i was soo uncomfortable, and my friend was making a call and few guys were like talking to her, so i called her attention and told her she knows am naked and she left me. She then apoligized and went looking for were she could get a dress for me. As she was doing that, a guy came and noticed i was naked, he then told me let him go check for a cloth for me. Before they came back, i woke up. What does this dream mean?

  37. Hello Amy, I dream often about being semi naked…. Never completely, just my top half. It usually happens in a public place, with someone I know… Not necessarily the same person though. I don’t realise i’m naked at first but then when i do i’m horrified. No one else seems to notice though that I’m naked.

    I’m happily married with three children and have been with the same man for 27 years. I feel totally secure in our relationship but perhaps not totally confident with my body…..i have put a little weight on over the years… Only a stone or so, so nothing major.

    My parents have been rocky for as long as I remember and my dad had an affair which really affected me. I have ocd and have had for about 25 years as a result of this. I now control it with tablets because it started to rule my life.

    I am happy, have a good job, a wonderful husband, three fantastic children, I’ve no money worries, live in a beautiful house in a beautiful place, I have many many good friends, including my best friend who is always there whom I’ve known for 25 years. I have wonderful parents and a wonderful sister. I haven’t done anything I’m ashamed of, or worried about.

    I do however have a little inferior complex that sometimes gets me down.

    Can you shed any light?

    Kind regards


    Went do you think this stream could be