Ocean Dreams – Facing your Unconscious

Ocean Dreams

The Ocean is a powerful symbol – in both the physical and dream worlds. In the physical world, over 71 percent of Earth is ocean! Its depths and vastness is truly beyond our comprehension.

In the dream world, ocean dreams are connected with strong emotions and your unconscious – which is also vast beyond comprehension. At its heart, the ocean represents your soul.

Dreams about the ocean are often about:

  • Your Unconscious
  • Strong Emotions
  • Connection to Soul
  • Mother

Your Unconscious

We think we are in control of our lives, but really our unconscious runs the show.  Imagine that the land on Earth represents your conscious actions and the ocean represents your unconsciousness.  That means that 71 percent of what you do is actually unconscious.

Dreaming of the ocean can show you areas where you are unconscious.  Often, ocean dreams are about bringing awareness into your life.

Strong Emotions

Water is connected with emotion and ocean dreams are about strong emotions.  These dreams will shed light on emotional areas in your life.  They can also show you how to deal effectively with powerful emotions.

Pay close attention to your feelings during the dream.  Feelings connect the dream world with the physical world.  Now link the feelings in the dream to the same feelings in your waking life.

Connection to Soul

You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. ~unknown

From our limited human perspective, we can barely imagine the vastness of our own potential.  We are limitless beings, currently experiencing limitation.  We may not be aware of it, but we are always connected with soul.  Ocean dreams remind us of this connection.

Ocean dreams represent the bridge between the physical world and your soul.  Your soul seeks expression and these dreams remind you to do whatever makes your heart sing.


Ocean is a feminine symbol and connects us with our divine feminine nature.  It’s associated with compassion, creativity, and intuition. Water reminds us that we are all connected – energetically and through water itself.

Like being cradled in the womb, the ocean brings us back to a time when all our needs were met.  No effort or struggle required. These feelings are often are often associated with the mother-figure in your life.  Ocean dreams remind us that the universe is abundant and that we have everything we need.

Life began in the ocean – the ocean is literally the “mother” of life.  It represents birth, death, and the cycle of life.  Ocean dreams are also about renewal and our desire to connect with Source.


Understanding Ocean Dreams

To understand ocean dreams better, look at the weather conditions and the state of the water.

Water – Your emotions

The state of the water shows your emotional state.  Calm water shows peaceful emotions, while harsh waves suggest more aggressive emotions.  Big waves may suggest waves of strong emotions.

fall-in-to-the-gap waves

Air – State of mind

Air shows your state of mind.  A clear blue sky suggests clarity, whereas gray fog suggests sadness or depression.

Ocean Dreams 10 Ocean Dreams 8

Other Symbols

Look at other symbols in the dream and relate them to the ocean. This will give you a deeper understanding of your dream.

For example – seeing a lighthouse might represent the shining light of hope in your life.  And a walkway might be showing you the way to greater self-awareness.

lighthouse Ocean Dreams 6

Putting it all together

Ocean dreams are powerful.  They are deeply spiritual and reveal your connection to your soul.  The ocean reminds us that we are all deeply connected.  It shows us the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Dreaming of the ocean asks us to get in touch with our deeper selves and connect with our true nature.

It’s your turn, Dreamer

I’d love to hear from you.  What ocean dreams have you had?   What did you learn from your dreams? Comment below.


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  1. I had a dream that I moved back to Australia (I lived there for a year and it was one of the happiest years of my life.) In my dream I moved into a gorgeous one bed apartment in an area of Australia that I made up in head – it was full of beutiful beaches and views… My apartment was on a beach, but, in the night the ocean would come into land and the waves would go over my home which I hated as I felt trapped so I had to move out.

    I felt happy, excited and free at the beginning. But trapped and lonely by the end…

    What does this mean?

    • Hi Laura,

      Thanks for sharing your dream. It sounds like your time in Austrailia was an important period of your life.

      I’m happy to provide some feedback on your dream. If this were my dream, I would consider my time in Australia and how I *felt* when I was living there. What about it made it the happiest time in your life? What were you doing that made you feel so excited and free?

      I would then look at areas in my life where I feel trapped and lonely. How are you feeling now in your current life? Do these feelings ever come up for you? The dream may be showing you how to free yourself from those unpleasant feelings. Not necessarily to move back to Australia, but to capture the feelings you had when you lived there and bring some of that freedom and excitement into your current life.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • Hi. I had a dream about the person who I love very much at the moment. He was standing in shallow water on a beach, there were calm waves touching his feet. I asked him what he is doing and he told me he is collecting shells. This person is someone that I try to connect to but he is pulling away…he seemed a bit angry in the dream and his tone was a bit harsh. But the whole dream felt nice.

        • Hi,

          I guess its quite late to answer, but shells means money. That person wants to earn more money and you kind of disturbing him in his aim… that’s why he is rude. You need to let that person go and explore your own sea within.

          • I had a dream – well a nightmare. The water was rough (sea) and I was in it with my family and dog (except my husband). We couldn’t get out of the rising water and my husband tried to pull us out. A large sand dune kept getting bigger in front of us. My child died in it and I remember waking up screaming! too real and v traumatic – never dreamt of anything like this before. I couldn’t sleep after!

          • Hello there. I am not sure if I’m correctly posting on here.

            My mom was recently told of a need to get some medical tests done that good be life altering. Nothing can be confirmed as either bad or good until these are competed, which are scheduled to happen in 2 weeks. I’m scared for her. I love her so much. As my mom. As my friend. As my soulmate in a motherly way. She is the most important person in my life. I have been very emotional in private. Cant show her how much this all has scared me. And I have a very strong relationship with her. I can’t bare to even imagine she may not be around one day. She’s 61. We just recently went on a vacation in the Caribbean where the weather was not as planned. Very grey sky’s and very rough ocean. I’ve been very emotional since she was told of these needed tests and I can’t get the possible bad news outta my head. Well. In my dream, which resembled the same type of aggressive ocean and grey skies like we had on vacation, my mom and I were sitting on a beach that began to get very rough and choppy, with very large waves coming to shore. We were sitting there taking pictures. I said let’s go mom and she got up to walk with me but walked towards the ocean instead, like she wanted to put her feet into the water. Not scared at all. Like she did realize the strength of waves. Within seconds and as I yelled for her to come towards me, I could see very big and strong waves rolling in behind her and they almost instantly slammed into her. She disppeared into the water. I thought I could see her but I couldn’t get to her, to rescue her. I had a phone in my hand that I was taking the pictures with and couldn’t go into the water ( cause I thought I would ruin the phone ) I knew she was gone because there was no way she was strong enough to fight the wave. Your thoughts on what my dream may mean would be helpful to know.

          • hi I had a dream that I fell into the ocean as I was standing on a wooden bridge and the piece of wood was long and it was still attached to the bridge but loose, it would move up and down and dip me in and out of the water very fast, I was drowning and then it would take me back up to the surface and so forth, somehow I was able to grab myself from a bunch of wires that were just above the water right under the bridge and I was able to scream for help, until then my sister helped me get out of the water but I was beginning to drown but she was still able to save me. Please help me to know the meaning of this dream. Thank you

          • Hi there
            I dreamt I saw sharks frolicking high up in the waves above me then kept walking along this path where I could see clear blue crystal water met a few men along the way then came across a beautiful little island very green with white sand hills on one side

        • Hello Amy, I am 14 years old and have been really stressed out about homework. The last few weeks I have had about 8 ocean dreams but only one had a mermaid in it. Most of the time the sky is clear and the ocean is clear. So my dream was that I was on my dads boat and my brother (who is 9) drove me over to this house on the beach where this older woman lived and she had lots of animals and creatures, such as trolls, birds, fairies,and a tiny mermaid. They were not a big part of the dream though. We talked for a little bit but I don’t remember what about and then she showed me the mermaid. She lived in this small turtle pond. She was the size of my finger. She had blonde hair and green eyes just like me and her hair was the same length as mine. I don’t remember her saying anything to me though.What does this mean? Please help me understand. I also keep a dream journal.

      • I had a dream where I was taken over the calm sea the moon was really bright and the LORD washed me by dipping me in and taking me out. What that mean?

        • If this were my dream, I would consider the religious aspect of the dream and what connections I have with the Lord and baptism.

        • I had a dream where im a mermaid and he captured me and held me hostage by the one that i loved. N i had to go to land high school where i tried to get away back to the ocean. What did that mean and he was a cop too?

          • If this were my dream I would understand the mermaid to be a symbol of Mother and I would wonder if I am being held back by something having to do with mother. I would look at my life and examine how mother fits into it – either my own mother or my own desire to be or not be a mother.

      • I had a dream of being in the middle of the black ocean on a walkway inside my car, the waves are calm the empty sky is black, I see The black sun is darker than everything else which is already black, by the way my car in real life is all black. I roll my window down and ask someone I don’t know who because I can’t see who it is & I ask where can I park my car so I can go see the sun but I get no answer. I was already looking at it before I asked. I’m hoping I get the right answer, thanks Amy

        • What stands out to me most in this dream is the color black. Black is often associated with negativity, grief, depression, painful emotions, etc… If this were my dream, I would wonder if I am experiencing any of these emotions in my life that the dream might be pointing to.

          ~ Amy xo

      • Hi Laura,

        In my dream as I was travelling to my mum’s home a huge tide of waves that was murky came behind me, as I was swimming I was scared and did my best not to drown (as I’m currently feeling like I’m drowning in my life) everything was fast and I was fighting for my survival and eventually I managed not to drown and the water dried up as it took a huge sharp turn and turned into a murky beautiful moon I recently witnessed. When Jupiter met Uranus I think last month.

        The sky was bright and warm like nothing happened. I felt so much relief at the end.

        I hope and wish that all the storms I’m currently facing calm down and I can have a piece of mind soon.

        I hope you could find time and reply to my dream story.


        • Hi Nelisa,

          Thanks for sharing your dream :) Dreams will often act as a mirror and show you in a different way, what is going on in your life. So if you feel like you are drowning in your waking life, your dream will reflect that. The moon (and water too) often represents your unconscious. It’s also about love, intuition, and connecting with your inner self.

          If this were my dream, I would understand it as a reflection of how I am feeling in my life and then then I would look to the symbol of the moon to help me out of it. I would play with trusting my intuition and acting on my gut. I would also take the time to get better acquainted with parts of myself that I may be neglecting.

          Sweet Dreams,
          Amy xo

      • Hi Amy I can’t sleep I just had an unsettling dream I was driving alongside the ocean by where I live and my mother and father and grandparents where all with me we were in two cars my grandfather was driving his car and he was ahead of us pretty far all of a sudden we are watching waves get bigger and out of no where it hit and went across the road we kept driving and it happened again a big one and we wrecked and I called my mother crying and as I did my Pap called my dad and when my mom answered my call she says while crying also that she was under water in my paps car and the signal cut out and my I wasn’t believing it then I hear my Pap say we are under water and we all love you guys the I woke up gasping for air and had to call and check on my mom what does this mean??? Email is dy63lan@yahoo.com

      • Hello Amy! My daughter told me this morning she dreamed I travel with her to Mexico. In the dream we thought we were in Guatemala and then realized we weren’t. So we left to Guatemala. She said when we were in Mexico, we were on a roller coaster and she also said I was So Happy to be in both places. When we were in Guatemala the ocean waves were big enough to get her car wet. In the dream she was upset her laptop got wet. And this supposedly was just for a weekend and she had to be back for school on Monday. I’m actually from El Salvador. Not from any of this two countries and haven’t been to My country in 31 years. Since she was the dreamer, I wonder what this means for her. Thank you So much!

      • Hi Amy! I had a dream about 2 things. My first was I was in a house if some sort with a friend from
        High school. This friend was never a best friend but more of an aquantance. We both have kids and in this dream we were in some sort of house and a bad storm was coming. Big waves were hitting the window and it began to crack it. During this we were trying to get out kids things and get out.
        In the same night I had a dream I was in the hospital and found out I needed a blocked artery and needed heart surgery. I never was in surgery in this dream. But then I was in my old daycare I worked at and I was in charge of all these kids and I needed to go home at 4:30 but I could t find someone to release me to leave.

      • Hi amy i had a dream about the ocean rough big hard waves and i was going to an island i was on one side and wanted to go to the other side well thier was this bridge like an inflatable bridge people were jumping on it having fun i was scared but i wanted to go to the other side so i jumped it suffocated me than i panicked as soon as the water hit me i was drowning the waves were so big the sky was gray n blue after the water hit me i woke up in the back of a truck wrapped in the inflatable bridge i ripped through it and i was in back of a truck and told the driver where was i ..i was lost i couldnt remember where i was he took to this place where people knew me and they were shocked to see me alive they all thought i died they ended up calling my boyfriend and telling him to come over that im alive i was in acoma for 3 weeks he came and i felt at peace as he hugged me .what does that mean

      • I’ve had this dream 2 nights in a row, that I was swimming in the ocean the water was at a perfect temperature, I literally felt perfect peace I was in the deep water playing with the fishes kissing them like an innocent child with no worry no stress just perfect peace and a heart full of Joy. But towards then end of my dream the much bigger scarier fish like the Sharks, eels, ect would come near me and all of a sudden I’m in fear for my life and I freak trying to find a way out of the water… Omg two nights in a row what could this mean???

      • Hi amy. I dreamt of having a very beautiful view of a few mountains and the ocean outside our balcony at home. At the very center of my view were two mountains but not too close to each other. And behind it was a beautiful and calm deep blue ocean. The clouds were pretty and color pink so I hurriedly ran inside the house to get my phone to take photos. On the left of the whole view was view of high and kinda steep summit/apex of a mountain. While at the right side of the beautiful ocean was a huge ferris wheel that later on in my dream broke down. All these beautiful views I saw in my dream were all just a view from our home’s balcony. I wonder what it means

      • Hi I would like to share my beach dream I had last night.

        First of all, it was the first beach dream I ever had and will share what I remember.

        There was a beautiful sky: blue with plenty of sun. I was playing a tag like game, and my older brother was there. I eagerly wanted to go for a swim and suggested it. My brother points at the water. The waves were huge, no way we could go swimming. The sky was still blue, I think I even thought about going to a swimming pool. In the dream it wasnt a big deal that we couldnt swim cause of the strength of the waves. Finally, I observed the water again and the part I was looking at had red plastic cups floating in the water, and two tractors were present. I guess the tractors were trying to clean up the cups im not sure. They were struggling though because the tractors were going with the water. The tractors were orange red in color. I did not feel fear or anything but the dream left me super curious. I hope that you have some insight.


      • I was dreaming I was driving a co-worker & her guy friend to a restaurant the rest of the staff was going to meet at. The location was near the ocean, however the road we were driving on was paved but narrow & winding. I couldn’t drive straight for some reason & everytime I steered around a slight turn or bend I almost would drive into the rough and high surf surrounding us. And at some points we were high up but near the wild ocean. I was so full of anxiety that I asked my co-worker and her friend to drive my vehicle because I just couldn’t. When we got to the restaurant, we were placing tables together for the rest of the staff. All of a sudden a canvas curtain started opening automatically and it eventually opened like a window there was a beautiful view of a sunny pink set of buildings but looking up we could only see the top half. But it was very nice, considering when driving around it seemed grey, stormy, with rough seas.

      • Hi. I was dreaming that I was in the ocean with calm current watching the negotiation between two parties riding a ship the other party wants to own the place that the other party owns. Things are heat up so I decided to get out of the ocean and go to the beach house and the party who wants to own the place started to fire gun at us and throw a bomb luckily I was able to escape together with one of my collegues however I was in the midst of getting away the man who was shooting all over the place start shooting at me at the side and then a the back luckily I was able to escape and hide inside a car. Can you help me interpret this dream im scared.

    • I have dreams about the ocean, the sea, the beaches almost every two days.
      And I had them all my life, Mostly they would make me go insane, why?
      Well, because in the beginning, I dreamt about huge tsunami waves coming at me, and I’m running away.. Most of the time the sky was dark or grey, very stressfull and yet depressing.
      I never ran away from the wave, it would always catch me, but once I was in it, I felt calm..

      Once i dreamt I had a magical ring to become a siren but I had to be well manered and well behaved to keep my legs on, and I went into the ocean in the night, walking in the dephts of the ocean with fishes, it was awesome dream, but still, very very depressing and anxiuos feel was all around me.

      And last night I dreamt i was walking on the beaches on an ireland with people I know well.
      And the sky was grey, dark, but with a litlle light there and then. After it got darker and I saw a strange wave in the distance and it was sooo long.. I didnt know why, I was afraid cause it was thick, but big only in the distance. As it moved to the shore, it went down and then it would dissapear but I was still afraid. And when I looked to the sky I saw a moon, huge moon, I could even see the surface of it, and then my friend told me it wasnt the monn, but the eclipse of the sun and she told me my eyes got weird and scary,
      While I was going crazy, I was thinking about how strange view was that, so melancholic, and I thought to my self – they are lying cause I still can see, I trusted no one, and thought that world is lying about the surface of the sun by scaring the people with not looking at it.

      Im a weido I know.

      • If this were my dream I would think about what in my life is scaring me *because* I’m not looking at it. I find that often things more scary when I refuse to look at them critically. Once I shed some light on it, the fear dissolves.

        Happy Dreaming,

        • I dreamed I was at my summer house and came back to my house leaving my dog with a boy who usually watches him at the beach. the boy returned home without the dog, which scared me. I found out that this was a common occurrence with the boy and he often left my dog at the beach. when I returned to the beach to find the dog the water was rough and full of sharks that tried to get to me and my dog. everything in the dream made me scared that my dog would be hurt( in waking life I fear that my son is sad and missing me and my ex who has custody may be mistreating him, and I’m afraid for him, so I think I have an idea what this dream is about but I’d like your opinion)

      • Hi, it seems this have to do something with your past. If you continue to dream about these regulary , then you might need to go in deep meditation and introspect your emotional aspect. and take a wise decision.

    • i had a dream i was with some friends we were using a dragon as a ladder to get into a cave and once i climbed i fell into a rough water and died. then i was in a little girls house she could see and hear my spirit and i saw god and he spoke to me in my dream then i begged him to make me come back because he had told me i was in the hospital unconscious and he finally agreed i saw the grieve in m y mothers eyes alot and in my longterm ex boyfriends eyes. then i woke up.

      • If this were my dream, I would look at it like this: Dreams about death are often about life transitions – ie dying to one way of living and then transitioning into a new life. This dream carries the story through where you actually do make a transition into being a spirit and then you ask god to bring you back to life. So this dream speaks of that transition – “dying” to one of life and literally moving on to a new way of life.

        If this were my dream I would consider what changes/transitions I am going through in my life right now. What old life I am leaving behind and what I am moving towards.

        Happy Dreaming,

    • I have had the same dream a few times, where I am in an open ocean and a huge wave is coming at me. My only way throughit is to dive through it. The same dream occurred to me last month, but this time I was with my mother holding her hand. My mother also suddenly passed away in February. I never usually have anyone with me in this dream, but this struck hard.

      • I’m sorry to hear that you lost your mother. I know it’s a difficult thing to go through <3 If this were my dream, I would think of the waves being waves of strong emotion – sadness, grief, or whatever you are feeling. There is no way to get passed these emotions except to “dive” in and go “through it.” This relates to whatever emotions you are experiencing at the time of the dream. The dream where you are with your mother shows that these feelings are related to your mother. It’s tough, but the only way though is to dive in. This dream is full of wisdom.

        Happy Dreaming,

      • In my dream I was with my husband and two kids walking by a board walk and checking out the beautiful sky view looked as if the sun was setting . And as we are walking I notice we are approaching like a train station booth but I could see the train tracks because it had the ocean so close to the board walk . We go and wait inside and as I was sitting I can see the ocean waves were getting ruff and leaving some type of green moss that seem to grow rapidly and covering the view from were I was sitting. There were workers cleaning it up so I didn’t feel scared about it but once I took a glance further I can see that the board walk goes further down were it looked cleaner and away from all the foam or green miss.so as we are apt aching to head that way I wake up.

        • What stands out to me in this dream is the imagery of the rough waves leaving behind the green moss which obstructs your view. If this were my dream, I would understand the waves as my emotions, feelings, and impulses. I would wonder if my unchecked and “rough” emotions may be causing me to not see a situation clearly. I would work on “cleaning up” my emotional reactions and playing with new ways to express myself that don’t obstruct my ability to clearly see the situation for what it is.

    • this is a recurring dream for years. I’m living in an area that’s not near the ocean. It’s dark outside and a lot of people are walking around. We see a huge body of ocean coming, swelling up and wants to envelope everyone. I am looking at the water and plotting my escapes. I’m fearful but know I can escape from the water. People are being swallowed up but I get away. However the ocean is persistent, I have to wake up to get away.
      This dream resurfaced May 31, 2015

      • If this were my dream, I would wonder if there is anything “swelling up” inside of me that wants to be expressed. Maybe a long surprised desire or need to reconnect with deeper parts of yourself.

        I highly recommend writing these dreams down was you have them – look for details that are different between the dreams. Also have a look at my post on reoccurring dreams.

        Happy Dreaming,

        • Hi Amy,I had a dream 2 nights ago I was in my car with my daughter she was driving and we fall in the ocean we bolth died,but when I was falling I said to her that I loved her and I said to God to forgive me,thank you.

          • Hi Daniela,

            It’s a short dream, but there’s a lot going on. Dreams *can* be about future events, so I always do “reality check” and ask myself if my dream could play out in the future either literally or symbolically. If my answer is yes, then I’ll take precautionary steps to make sure that doesn’t happen. Like being extra careful when driving.

            Symbolically, dreaming of cars is often about control. So if this were my dream, I would understand it to be about the control that my daughter has in my life and/or how she is running things. Death is usually about a change or transition in your life, in this case related to your daughter.

            I would understand this dream to be asking me to make a change in my life in relation to my daughter. Might be giving up control or taking control. I would look at my life what examine what is going on with my daughter and/or my relationship with her, what’s going on, and what part of the relationship needs to symbolically “die” or let go of.

            Happy Dreaming,
            Amy xo

        • I always have dreams that I’m very lucid in. And I always end up in a beautiful tropical place where I would love to stay. I love the sight of the ocean. But every time I look at it the ocean starts to swell and get bigger. What I try to do is to push the ocean back but then the waves just get bigger farther away and I wake myself up to escape. Recently I confronted the water and it stopped almost like a invisible wall was in front of it . But I got nervous and woke myself up. This happens every time I look at the ocean in a dream .

    • Hi there,
      I had a dream last night where I was in a co worker’s Condo. His condo was built right in the ocean and I remember looking down and around at the view and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The ocean was dark because it was night time and I can hear the waves, up in the sky the sun started to rise and there were a bunch of colorful long clouds in pink yellow and blue… the clouds were vertical too. As I was about to take a picture of the sun rise the clouds started to explode but I wasn’t afraid. Can you tell me what this all means? I can’t get the ocean out of my mind it was so surreal beautiful and peaceful..

      • If this were my dream, I would look at the clouds as a life-giving force in your life (as in clouds play a vital role in providing rain/water which is essential to life on Earth). This is in connection with your own intuition, hopes, fears, beliefs, etc… So, your intuition/inner life is life-affirming and getting in touch with that part of yourself can be beneficial. It sounds like a beautiful dream and I would embrace my own beauty and uniqueness.

        Happy Dreaming,

        • Aww, thanks Amy!

    • I have this recurring dream that I am in the Bay of Islands where my nan lives. All of my family are there (cousins, aunties, nan) and we are happily playing on the bank. then we all start to have a swim. the feelings are lovely, I love dreaming about being there with my family. It is one of my most favourite childhood memories. but then it soon turns to crap when a big wave comes. (like a big massive we can see it coming 10-20 metres) too big for us to swim in and we have to make a dash for it. no-one ever dies but we are all scrambling trying to get kids to safety etc. i never see what happens after the wave crashes. maybe I need to stay in the dream longer? be interesting to hear what your response is

      • If this were my dream, I would wonder if I’m sabotaging myself and my good feelings in some way in my waking life.

        • Hi,
          i keep seeing dream where there’s a city getting destroyed with big waves and I am escaping it . The dream starts with a calm and composed sea and city where people are enjoying and then slowly small waves coming in consecutive frequency and then big wave and then destroying areas near the shore and becomes more aggressive, then after some interval it’s all calm and composed again. I always see myself reading my family and friends and witness the destruction but never drown or helpless. It’s always this similar dream which I keep seeing in regular intervals.
          What does this mean ? I only and only see such dreams I don’t dream of anything else. I personally am a beach lover and enjoy sitting by the beach and gaze for hours. Is it something to do with this.

    • Hi I had a dream that I was ridding the horse and the horse is really fast fly across the ocean I looked down the ocean water so calm blue green color. Please let me know what is my dream mean? Thank you so much sorry my English is my second language.

      • Hi Kim,

        If this were my dream, I would be curious about the horse and might connect it with my natural, powerful urges breaking free.

        Dreams are personal and can have different meanings for everyone. So, my suggestions here are general. I do offer 1-on-1 sessions where we can go into greater depth and decode the personalized meaning for you. Please contact me to take advantage of my $20 introductory special.

        Sweet Dreams,
        Amy xo

    • Hi Amy,
      I recently had a dream I was swimming in the middle of the ocean in large swells of water. It was on the darker side after sunset. And the water was filled with trash to the point where I could not see the water. It was quite frightening. Any insight?

    • I had a dream of waves coming from the south of the place am currently residing in. The waves were big and blue. The vision I was with my two colleagues it was a in a disturbance situation all of us were praying but the waves where getting worse and worse with the next hit..please help me understand this

    • I had a dream that it was night time and the waves were moving like crazy and they looked white and in that dream a guy that I was taking to was in it but I felt love it wasn’t a bad feeling it was a good feeling. I was looking at the ocean and I felt at peace but it was a dark night and the waves were moving like if there was a lot of wind

    • I was dreaming.I knew that a really big wave was coming it was so tall it was the height where airplanes flew my parents were just standing outside asking for me to come here I remember the wind blowing really hard.by this time I did not want to stay outside but my parents were holding my hand and I was telling them I loved them.then we turned around to where our backs were facing the wave.us three just holding hands.I could feel the wave inching closer and closer but I didn’t have the guts to look back , cause if I did I would start crying or faint.Then I heard my parents say wow because I guessed they looked at it.Then my parents started running then I started running then we all sorta jumped like you would jump in a pool.I remember the hard water on my back I remember letting my parents hand go and I remember just exhaling and letting go then I woke up.

    • I dreamt I was walking to the beach and when I got there the sea started to come around the corner more aggressive each time, I couldn’t get to see the beach as a whole, next the water came so fast around the corner and all of a sudden there was no where to escape I was surrounded by cliffs( big rocks) and It started to fill, I couldn’t get out when it was starting to reach the top and accepted it would be OK if I died, there was a little hole at the bottom which I went through and escaped from last minute. How would you interpretate this Amy? Thanks

    • Hi Amy,
      Thanks for this information on dreams. I am a big dreamer and I can usually tell what my dreams mean. But this one I just woke up from was very different from others. I was with a young woman my age that had just came from another country and I was trying to show her the beach. When we got there it started raining heavy and the waves were so big we couldn’t get close to the ocean. There were boats and we asked the man if he can take us on a tour and he said no because the waves are uncontrollable. I am pregnant at the moment fighting with my partner. I’d like to know who this woman I was with could be. Please help?

    • while lovely, this is so generically crafted that it seems more to offer some thread of possible maybe kind of neato random nifty indulgences to people who are genuinely seeking greater insight. thanks for the poetry but this is a weak offering for something so far greater and nuanced. amateurish but kind in intention.

      • Hi Leslie,

        Thanks for your comments. You are correct that the article is generic and it is intended to be so. It’s impossible to give any specific comments pertaining to dreams which are always personal. It is meant to give suggestions and possibilities for the dreamer to consider in working with their own dreams. If you’re looking for specific guidance and deeper insight a 1-on-1 coaching session is for you. You can learn more about them and sign up here.

        Sweet dreams,
        Amy xo

    • I had this dream out with a friend & her son. My friend & I went to pick up her son from school then supposedly dropping them both @ home. Her home then i be off home my self afterwards.
      We been driving /I was the driver, but some how all of the sudden we need to stopped get out of the car & need to walk . We walked & was confused bec we end up at the clift narrow clift untill we end up at the sandy / seashore & saw a wodden staircase or wooden foothpath going to the beach.
      I was beginning to get worried & I saw this young girl. I asked this young girl where would be the way to find the road. The girl walk back we follow . She seems okay to show us until we end up to place where small houses looks like a village by the sea. The young girl ditch us. I saw a woman swimming. I tried to asked information of way out but no one seems happy or willing to help. Then I woke up . But my dream seems so clear & confusing.

    • Hello,
      I had an ocean dream last night. I was swimming extremely deep below but it was amazingly beautiful and calm. Deep in the ocean, there were small amounts of light and beautiful caves and rocks. I’ve never seen anything like this in my waking life. I also was communicating with my mother in law in the dream, but not with words, more like body language. Above the ocean I traveled on a boat that moved fast the skies were grey.

      Maybe you could help me understand my dream.


    • Hi Amy,
      Lovely page, and thank you for your dream knowledge.
      Through out adult years I often dream of murky deep water, always with high rocky islands or deep rocky caves. Two dreams lately have been of that dark ocean water with large rocky outcrops/islands. While the water isn’t rough, it feels very intimidating, I’m scared of it. In the first I was stuck out on one of those rocky outcrops and new I had to somehow manage the tide to get back to safety, and the second I was looking down upon the water from inside a room. Both dreams coincide with emotional turmoil but it’s hard to see if the dreams are actually offering guidance for my physical life. Would very much appreciated your understanding of these dreams. Blessings, Jacque.

  2. Hello, I had a dream last night that I was floating in the ocean in a raft. I was sitting on the side railing of the dingy looking onto the raft floor, where I believe I was looking down on my boyfriend and I laying together, facing each other, sleeping. But on the side of the raft was an ex of mine from about 5 years ago. I’m not sure how I got to the raft, if we swam there, but as I sat on the side, I watched as he (my ex) sank deeper into the ocean water. The whole time I felt calm and peaceful. The ocean wasn’t stormy, but it was at night, and we just drifted over the shoaling waves. What could this mean?

    • Hi Kristin,

      Ocean dreams are often about emotions and how we are feeling about certain situations. If this were my dream I would make the connection between my peaceful feelings in the dream and my feelings about my ex leaving my raft (aka – my life). This dream is about letting go of the old relationship and the peace that brings you. If you’ve already done this the dream is showing your feelings. However if you still have lingering attachments to your ex, the dream is showing you the peace you find by completely letting go.

      Happy Dreaming,

  3. I dream of floating in the ocean, that there were small waves, but not over powering. I laid on my back and floated. .i made a comment about wishing I had water shoes. During the whole dream I was near the water etc..i even took a nap on the beach. .

    • If this were my dream I would be most interested in the feelings I felt during the dream. It sounds like a very pleasant to dream to me and I would consider the ways I could bring these pleasant feelings into my waking life. Whether it be by enjoying the ocean or whatever activities bring you joy, I would do more of that!

      Happy Dreaming,

  4. Hi, I had a dream last night that I was in a small boat paddling with someone else with me. There was waves a cruse boat and a more older boat I paddle to the older boat and got on it.. What can that mean?

    • HI Jessica,

      If this was my dream, I would think about my relationship in regards to the other person in the boat. Was that person known to you? It could be that you are “in the same boat” (in the same situation) as that person. I’d also be curious about the older boat – and if there are any older situations, attitudes, beliefs, etc… that I am returning to in my life.

      Happy Dreaming,

  5. Dreamed of the ocean with big, big waves. I was scared in my dream. I was scared that the water my take me.

    • If this were my dream, I would look at the connection between the big, big waves and scary emotions I have in my waking life. Are you experiencing any emotions that scare you? Or is there anything in your life that you don’t want to face? Maybe something that feels scary to look at, or even something that you have repressed or denied. I’d also look at areas of my life where I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

  6. I dreamt that I was in a foreign ocean, the water was brown and murky, nothing could be seen through it. The ocean was choppy and full of people, worried. The water seemed to taste badly to the people around me. The shore was covered in large dark rocks that shot up to the sky. I watched a man try to climb up to see a sort of shrine or temple in the rock, he fell and dropped his infant son. I saved the child and searched for his mother in the water. She wanted him back, but she disappeared and other women showed up, wanting to take him. The next thing I knew, I was far away in a restaurant with family and friends.
    What could this all mean?

    • Hi Amber,

      If this were my dream I would think of the ocean as representing my emotions – emotions that are “foreign” to me – that I am not used to experiencing. I see other signs in this dream pointing to the same thing – the murky water, and the water tasting bad. This suggests places in your life where you can’t clearly see your own feelings and possibly a fear that these feelings are “bad.”

      I would also look for a connection between these foreign emotions and my feelings around both motherhood and childhood. What is your relationship like with your mother? Are you a mother/what are your feelings around motherhood? I would further extend these feelings to other family members and friends. What are you experiencing in your life now in relation to mother (either you as a mother or your own mother), family, and friends?

      Happy Dreaming,

    • I dreamt that i was in the bus with a dog, then a man in uniform said i have to pay 32.50 USD to bring my dog , then i sat on the chair but the dog turned into a child, in my dream i can’t see myself just the child sitting next to the window of the bus, i told the child to look out the window and we both saw the vastness of the sea, it was so blue and calm, then we sat on a park bench there were meal tickets all over the ground and some people taking some i have to get one for myself and the child, then i found under the seat a money bag with full of money, i then realize it wasn’t mine so i ask the one who opened it to put it under the seat, then we went to redeem our meal ticket. I woke up….

      • If this were my dream, I would explore my feelings and desires around freedom and expressing my natural instincts in regards to children. I would consider these themes around my own childhood first and then I would expand that to my having kids of my own and my feelings around that.

        Happy Dreaming,

      • Hi,

        The vastness of sea, and free tickets.. you need to see that whatever you need you will get. Food and shelter is everyone’s right. So if you are worrying about something.. you need not cause all of it will be provided to you :)

  7. Hi, my dream has been bugging me for months now. In my dream, I was riding on a bus with my classmates. It was full so I was standing and I noticed I had my Architectural materials with me, I know they were heavy but I carried them until I had to leave them in the middle of the road saying I would go back to get them. During the ride, my classmate told me to go back and what I said was “Not yet, I have to see the big blue (Ocean)”. When I was able to see the Ocean, it was wide and amazing with clear blue skies, in short what I saw was breath taking. So I decided it was time to go back but I cant because I keep meeting new people in the ocean. After I woke I think it was a pleasant dream but the thing is I felt very uneasy…can you interpret my dream?

    • Hi CJ,

      How does this dream relate to your waking life? Are you an architectural student? If this were my dream, I would wonder if architecture is the right path for me or if this course of study has started to feel “heavy” or burdensome. I would then be curious about what is coming up from my deep within me – if there is something else that is more aligned with my nature and the spiritual gifts I have to give to the world. The draw to the go see the ocean suggests to me that there is something else within me that I might not be aware of or might be ignoring.

      Happy Dreaming,

  8. Hi Amy,

    I used to have this dream a lot, not much anymore. It is however, the one recurring type dream that I’ve had last 20 years.
    It’s a clear, beautiful day with a blue sky. I’m falling from a great height in the sky probably 1/2 mile up. I am free falling fast, and it’s Always over the ocean. The ocean is not rough seas at all, pretty normal (no waves because I’m away from shore) . I Never hit the ocean or fall into it. Also, many of these were like I was falling way above the SF bridge (for example) , and kept falling past it(beside it), but never feel into water. I was definitely scared during these dreams…and no, I don’t have a fear of heights.
    Thanks for your help

    • Hi Camille,

      There’s a lot going on in this dream – and it seems particularly important since you’ve been having it for 20 years now. If this were my dream, I would look at the connection between the various symbols in the dreams and relate them to what is happening in my waking life. In particular, the ocean and the falling. All dreams and reoccurring dreams in particular are a call for action. Reoccurring dreams persist until you take steps to bring their wisdom into your life. I have a couple other articles related to your dream that you might find helpful: Falling Dreams and Reoccurring Dreams.

      If you want more support with these dreams, I do offer one-on-one consultations. I can help you figure out why you are having these dreams and what they want from you. You’ll walk away with a deep understanding of your dreams and an action plan based on the dreams. Previous clients have found these sessions quite valuable.

      Happy Dreaming,

  9. Me and my mom were at the beach. We started walking and the water hit our stomach, then it went over our heads. I was trying to reach my mother. Then we were on top of a cliff but its completely made of sand – no rocks nothing. Then there were like houses made of sand in the middle of the ocean and my younger sister was staying there and i was worried about her. I tried to get down and was scared. Then I climb down from a metal staircase and walk thru the water to her and told her I was dying from liver damage. She laughed. I told her it was true that I’m dying and then I just remember flashing a flash light in to other people car ports and I seen easter eggs. In another I seen a small dirt bike and then a few hats in the next one … then i woke up.

    • Hi Josephine,

      Ocean dreams are often about feelings and emotions, especially ones that you may not be conscious of. If this was my dream I would look at my relationship with my mother and see if I there are any parts of the relationship that feel overwhelming in some way.

      Is there any possibility that this dream could be a warning about your liver? Health related dreams often warn far in advance of a problem, so if this were my dream, I would look at what I am doing that might be causing damage to my liver (like drinking alcohol or taking certain medications, for example). Then I’d take steps to heal my liver.

      Happy Dreaming,

  10. Hello,
    I saw this dream where I woke up this midnight I guess and started to leave a small village like place with a horse and my cat. I know the horse part and the village sounds ridiculous. OK after that I got on the horse with my cat and we started to go up a hill. After that i woke up and I was Lying on the road and it was sunny…and there were few more steps to reach the top of the hill. Then I reached it and the ground was covered with sand and grass at some places then there was this huge long wall. I climbed up to it and looked through a gap between huge stones. I saw the sea just below my eye level an just the sea for miles and miles nothing else. I got scared and I went back as far as possible away from the wall and the sea.

    I’ve seen dreams with sea waves coming towards me and some dreams where land is covered by sea with small islands. I always try to run away from the waves because i’m scared.

    I can’t figure out why I see these dreams which I really really don’t like. I hope you can tell me about it.
    THanks :)

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Dreams about the ocean and sea are often about bringing up unconscious emotions. If this were my dream I would try to connect the feelings of being scared to similar feelings I have in my waking life. I would also consider what I am afraid to look at or face about myself or my life. It sounds to me like these dreams have a beautiful gift for you.

      Happy Dreaming,

  11. Hi last night I dreamt I was swimming with 2 dolphins. There were also 2 guys jet skiing. They were meant to take photos of the people swimming but couldnt for some reason. But then one of the guys came over and said he would and snapped a happy snap of the 2 dolphins and me in the middle. The water was deep blue.. refreshing and glistening. The sun was shining and it was a perfect day.

    • Dreams about dolphins are often about connecting with parts of yourself that are deeply unconscious. If this were my dream I would accept the invitation to explore deeper parts of myself and make efforts to do that. Understanding your dreams is a great place to start!

      Happy Dreaming,

  12. Hi, thank you so much for this beautiful webpage! I have been seeing someone off and on who I think is out of my league but we just keep getting closer. I think he feels the same but he keeps his emotions in check. He’s leaving for a trip for work via ship and last night I dreamt we were swimming in the ocean together when some sewerage was dumped into the water. We started swimming to get away from it, but the waves kicked up and we were getting spun around. I couldn’t see him, but I knew we were still together while we fought the waves. I woke up before finding out what happened, but I woke up smiling.

    • Hi Yolanda,

      Thank you so much, I’m so glad you like this site!

      Sewage has two sides to it – 1) it’s dirty waste, and 2) that waste can fertilize new life. So if this were my dream I would wonder what in this relationship could either work against me or work in my favor depending on how it’s used. I might connect this with the on/off aspect of the relationship or that fact that I consider him out of my league.

      Happy Dreaming,

  13. Hi Amy,
    I am not sure if you received my earlier message, because I think I made a mistake in sending it in a wrong place. But anyways, my dream…
    There is this guy that I really love and I saw him standing in the shallow water close to the shore, calm waves washing his feet. I asked him what he is doing and he said he is collecting shells. He was a bit angry and had a harsh tone. I was not in the water or anything, it seems I was nowhere, but I could talk to him and see him, and he could reply to me.
    How would you interpret it?

    • Hi Sorna,

      Shells in dreams are often about your inner self and/or the metaphoric “shell” you crawl in to protect yourself. In this case, in relation to the guy you love. If this were my dream, I would look at the things I do to protect myself from others in general and from the guy I love in particular. I would be curious if I close off in anyway in my relationship with this guy. Then I would take steps to stay out of my “shell” when it’s not serving me to do so.

      Happy Dreaming,

  14. Hi Amy,

    I had a beach dream last night.I am trying to remember exactly what was going on as i cannot recall all.I was in this beach on my way Home and i was making my way in the beaqch it self.The water was soo clean and there were people swimming.As i was making my way the waves would sometimes be stronger and feels like they washing me.I felt so clean and calm and this happened over and over ,I was not drowning at all though the beach was too deep and the waves were strong..I woke up while i was still making my way through.
    Any idea what this means?


    • Hi Amanda,

      If this were my dream, I would try to connect the feelings in the dream with feelings in my waking life. Do you feel “clean” and “calm” in any areas of your life? I would also look at any “strong” emotions that I have and see if I can bring this feeling of calm into those situations. This feels like a very pleasant dream scene to me, so I would find ways that I can experience more of those feelings in my waking life.

      Happy Dreaming,

  15. Hi Amy,
    At fist the dream was about a dull colored ocean overflowing the shore then it moved into a dream about lots of people jumping into the deepest blue and clamest ocean from a certain bridge height. I have never seen such beautiful ocean in my waking life but here it was in my dream. No matter how many times I attempted to jump in it was like some strange force was keeping me rooted to the exact spot. And all I could do was watch everyone jump in and having a good time. The weather was so perfect but I just couldn’t get in!
    Thank You for taking the time to read this. I’m hopeful in getting to know why I always seem to dream about water and oceans. Have a great day!

    • Hi Ashley,

      Dreams about the ocean can be about your potential. That is what I see in this dream – a dream about discovering your own potential. The ocean is you and you are getting a new view of yourself – going from “dull” to “beautiful” which is the true you and your potential. But regardless of what you have inside you, you need to take action for it to actualize in your life. If this were my dream, I would consider what my highest potential is – or what my highest vision for my life is. Then, I would take steps to make that happen. Living your potential requires action – it is only fear that holds you back. The conditions are perfect, you just need to get in.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • Hi. Last nigth i dream abaut my late mother puting me out of the ocean,and when i look at her she was a mainmaid,the ocean was peacefully n clean,can you tell me what does that mean because i really don’t know what is that mean…..thank you

        • If this were my dream, I would understand it to be a symbol of my mother’s love.

          • Mrng amy…thank you somuch for replying back to me,i am very greatfull…keep up the good work….amy u don’t know what is this mean to me coz i really do love my mom althou shes not around anymore…i feel like cryng.

  16. Hi Amy,

    I had a very disturbing dream last night I was in an island when I saw a raft which I decided to hop on. As soon as I did, muddy flood water rose and soon enough I saw people in the flood water too, walking and shouting to be saved. I was about to help but I realized the water is to deep and wasn’t able to save them. Another scene is that we were suppose to get a dip in the beach but suddenly the weather changed and a storm was brewing in. We weren’t able to sleep.

    I hope you can give me insights on this. I can’t get it off my head. Thank you so much Amy!

    • Hi Zahra,

      It helps to think of people in dreams as some aspect of yourself or your personality. If this were my dream, I would think about what parts of myself that are in trouble – where am I struggling in my life and where do I need to be helped or “saved.” I would then consider what ways I feel powerless or helpless in my life and in my ability to save myself from my struggles. Connecting the feelings in the dream to similar feelings in your waking life can help point to the areas where you are struggling. You have everything in you that you need. You are your own rescuer and savior.

      Happy Dreaming,

  17. Hello amy

    I had a dream i was at afriends house who had barely moved and we went to his house and his back yard had a pool connected to the ocean and my older brother was pushed in and we were having a hrd time pulling him out i jumped in and pulled him out

    • In my dream of your dream, it sounds like there may be some difficulties regarding brother. Is there anything he is having a hard time with in his life or are there any troubles in your relationship with him? I would be mindful of what is going on with your brother and offer my help if he needs it.

      Happy Dreaming,

  18. Hi Laura, last night I had the same dream for a second time since last month. Sometimes I have lucid dreams, sometimes I have dreams where I wake up from a dream thinking I’m awake and then I really wake up. I hope you can help shed some light on what my dream meant. Just so you know I’m 24 years old. My dream was that I had planned to move to a different state “Ohio” with my sister who in the dream was actually my friend Lauren who is someone I’m no longer friends with because she’s weird and scary she’s dark and I feel uneasy around her. My boyfriend lives in ohio I don’t. The dream room us to an apartment and then somehow I ended up traveling to Europe. Then from what I remember me and her were at the edge of a pool and to travel to wherever we were going we stepped in the pool it was shallow and we swam it got deeper eventually it turned into Lake Michigan or the ocean I’m not sure and the water was calm and dark dark blue I imagine cold and all I could think about while swimming is big fish eating me or sharks I was scared. We board up on a cruise ship with a lot of people and I go to the kitchen where I once worked and I ran into a chef who made me nervous and I worked there… I told him I liked him in real life but in the dream I was afraid to run into him. At the end I was with my boyfriend but I don’t remember it being a happy moment. Thank you :)

    • Water often represents emotions and your ability to access your unconscious… looking at it from that perspective, we have 2 different types of water in the dream – a pool and then an ocean. These are both spiritual symbols and they deal with your unconscious and true self.

      If this were my dream, I would look at it like this: the pool is a contained body of water, whereas the ocean is uncontained and vast beyond your imagination. The dream is asking you to move beyond your limited views of yourself and move into the deepest, truest, highest version of yourself. You may encounter some fear along the way – others “eating” you, so to speak, but that is to be expected and it is your challenge to overcome to reap the benefits of living your highest vision for you life.

      Happy Dreaming,

  19. Sorry my previous comment had a lot of typos. #autocorrect I also had a dream I went to an exotic island and I was under a tilde wave about to surf and it was so blue under there it was half lucid I couldn’t quite manage to get the surf board in my dream

    • If this were my dream, I would look for areas in my life where I’m attempting to do something, get something, or be something, but haven’t quite managed to do it yet – possibly because I’m only “half” aware of the situation or what I’m doing.

  20. Hi Amy,

    I am a vivid and active dream. I have hundreds of pages filled with dreams from the past year alone (usually several a night). I’ve never come across your site before, but it looks very pretty and well done. Thank you for being here :-).

    A dream from last night that i can’t entirely make out the meaning to. I was in the ocean. There were some others in the ocean all swimming or moving about and looking. Maybe a couple of dozen others all spread out. I looked around and had no idea where were were exactly or why we were there. It was almost as if we were dropped there as i had no recollection of how I came to be there. I think some were commenting that the water was not that warm, and maybe it wasn’t even the time of year where people would be in the water, but people were taking it all in nonetheless. Felt like people were more just hanging in the water and not necessarily trying to swim. Like adjusting to the fact that they were there to begin with. I looked around and saw how far I was from the shore, which seemed to be a white-ish sandy beach area – large and nicely populated (not too much population).

    The distance from where I was made me uneasy. I wondered why we were out this far, how I would get back, and as quickly as I felt the urge to. The weather was nice. No storms. Sun was shining like a nice beach day. I looked around at the water and while it wasn’t particular rough with big waves or anything like that the way the current was moving it would have been nearly impossible to get to shore quickly. So if the current was moving south to north at a diagonal, we’d need to swim west to east (towards the shore), but try to stay against the diagonal or we’d be fighting the current…cutting across it. So it would take us a bit out of the way even though we were moving in the right direction.

    I believe I knew how to swim (I am not a strong swimmer in real life and would never be that far out in the ocean hanging about the way I was in the dream) and maybe I went under the water twice to look and try to figure out how to get over there – to shore – but I couldn’t or didn’t think I could do it. Or couldn’t see how. I wasn’t afraid, I was just thinking ans assessing trying to figure out how to get to shore. Get grounded. Maybe get back to where I belonged.

    Then a man came. He either had on no clothes at all or just no shirt. His upper body was bare. He seemed to be build for swimming – physically, like all he did was swim in these waters. He either told me to hold onto him or I just automatically did because I knew he was there to take me/help me. Almost like a human taxi-driver in the water. Or a lifeguard except I wasn’t drowning or panicking – just trying to assess where I was – and he didn’t look of feel like a lifeguard. But he did seem like someone who was patrolling to find me and pick me up. I think I held on to his waist or back somehow, not sure exactly how. Maybe I was on his back with my arms stretched up and hands clasped around his neck or shoulders. We seemed weightless and like there was no pressure on him or me to come together this way and connect our bodies in order to know how to do this. And with speed and expertise he went under the water and glided through it towards the shore. He almost felt like a fish or a male mermaid. Like he was not completely human in some way although he looked human. His body seemed to be wider at the shoulders with very long arms and his legs almost like a tail – no literally, but the way he seemed to move and glide through the water. Like he was just built for these waters. He seemed to be able to go under the water for very longs periods of times and every time he came up (which was twice) I knew all I had to do was just hold my breathe too and I would make it.

    I was paddling my feel and legs a little at first and he told me not to. I didn’t need to or maybe he said it wasn’t helping or actually hindering him. – Not sue which he said, but like it was best that I just stay still, focus on my breathing and just let him do the work. I also seemed to be able to hold my breath for a long period. Actually, it seemed I could breathe under water. Like I didn’t need to hold my breathe at all and I was breathing under water.

    I think the others were going in this same direction in general (or assessing as i had just been), but the ocean area was big. I was close enough to notice there were other people in the immediate vicinity, but not close enough to know what they were doing. So I really can’t say what the others were doing.

    I woke up before we got to shore, but that’s where he was taking me and he was making great strides across this water. And quicker than I could have ever done on my own.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this dream! Thank you.


    • Hi Sue,

      Thanks for you kind words about the site. I’ve put a lot of love into it so I’m happy to hear you like it! There’s a lot going on in this dream, but to me it boils down to 2 things: your spiritual side and guidance.

      If this were my dream, I would look at it like this: the ocean represents your own vast potential – including your spiritual gifts and everything you are unconscious of. You are out there, “swimming” around and exploring these parts of yourself – you have an idea of where you are going, even have an idea of how to get there, but you need a bit of help. You are a good “swimmer” ie – good at navigating these vast and charted territories of yourself. (Which I see, btw, with all the work you already do with your dreams :) .)

      In my dream of your dream, the man you encounter is your guide. He is showing you the way and helping you navigate through your life and get you where you are going faster and easier than you could on your own. Guides will appear in your dreams and maybe you have recognized them before as well. Simply: You got this! You already have everything you need – knowledge, insight, wisdom, and help. I would let go and allow myself to be guided. Beautiful dream.

      Happy Dreaming,

      PS – If you’re not aware of it already, I have an email newsletter. You can sign up in the footer of any page or on the homepage: amycope.com. You’ll get my free ebook – How to turn your nightly dreams into a life you love! Cheers <3

      • thank you Amy for your response. i typed an entire long response to you and then it disappeared as i went to hit “submit comment” :(. oh well. it’s now well past my bedtime. in any event, thanks again for your response…and i have signed up for the newsletter and ebook. your interpretation resonates with me and is what i needed to be reminded of at this time. spot on. i am LETTING GO… :). thank you. all the best. – Sue

        • Glad to hear it! All the best to you too :)

          – Amy xo

  21. Hey it’s Tiffany again…
    I’m really sorry if i’m troubling you but I saw another dream last night. I was climbing a steep cliff like thing made of mud and soil with grass grown over it. So when i reached the top I felt water splashed on my face. Then again like the previous dream the sea was there at my eye level for miles and miles. So then i stood up…and idk for some reason i was supposed to walk along this wall like cliff thing…to save the world….where this hazard would come to an end. So I walk and when i reached the other end i picked a pebble then the whole sea disappeared and the sea bed was visible. Then i went down the cliff and spoke with my relatives and gave the pebble to my mum.

    please temme about this.
    Thanks a million.

    • Hi Tiffany,

      To me this dream speaks about transitions/change, particularly in that you need to walk along the cliff to save the world. If this were my dream, I would consider what changes I am going through in my life right now, especially ones that relate to my relationship with my relatives and my mum. In my dream of yours, the disappearing sea suggests a “disappearance” ie – *change* in your relationship with your mum, maybe even feeling cold or indifferent towards her as suggested by the pebble. How are you feeling towards her these days?

      Happy Dreaming,

  22. Amy, your words are golden. Reading your response have me goose bumps because that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do with myself and my life and it all makes sense to me.. the fear that others will judge me or criticize me … in the dream they were the “sharks”. Your insight has helped me and I strongly appreciate it! Thank You! – Crystal :)

    • So glad to hear it :) Best of luck on your journey.

      Amy xo

  23. I had a dream that I was with a group of friends and we were all in one of my friends house backyard and the backyard was like an ocean of water, the water was blue and there was more people there also that i didn’t know. The waves would come back & forth sometimes really fast and huge, so when the tidal waves would come toward me and my friends we would run toward anything to grab onto I remember holding onto a tree nearby so the tidal wave wouldn’t take me. I was a little afraid but not scared but kind of fun of the excitement….. what does this mean ?????

    • If this were my dream, I would be most curious about the feelings in the dream. How did it feel to be with your friends in the dream and when do you experience those feelings in your waking life?

      Happy Dreaming,

      • In my dream I felt excited to be hanging out with my friends again and enjoyed the fact that we didn’t know what was coming next. In my waking life I am happy but my life isn’t about the unexpected, I plan everything and I know what I will be doing…. Would this mean that I miss hanging out with my old friends when I was younger?? If so what would the waves mean??…..

        • If this were my dream, I would bring some of that excitement and enjoyment of not knowing what was coming next in my life. I might “plan” a trip with my friends where I just choose a destination or just start driving and see what comes up a long the way and go do it.

          Dreaming about old friends can be about missing them or it can be about wanting that feeling again in your life. In my dream of your dream, the waves represent the excitement you crave in your life, but are afraid to actually experience.

          Happy Dreaming,

  24. I had a dream that I moved to a new country and got a place on the beach. The ocean was almost black and extremely huge waves.

    • Could this dream play out in your waking life? Any possibility of travelling or moving to a different country?

      • No plans of moving. My girlfriend of the past 9 years has recently dumped me and it seems like it was for someone else. Either than that there’s nothing major happenning.

        • Also in the dream I stood on the balcony of my new apartment and waves crashed against the the building splashing water onto my face and I found it very refreshing.

          • If this were my dream, I would think of moving as “moving on” and the black ocean as the dark emotions that arise from the breakup.

  25. HI! Good day!

    I had a dream, that i’am swimming alone under the deep blue sea and not thinking to go on the surface because i can breathe under water and i enjoying it, the current of the sea is also calm and there are sunlight piercing through the ocean, can you help me with this dream?? thanks :)

    • If this were my dream, I would think about the ways I am adaptable to different situations in my life.

      Happy Dreaming,

  26. I was a bit confused with my ocean dream last night. i have had tidal wave dreams before .. i have seen myself being consumed by them, swimming in them and finally surfing the big grand wave like a rockstar as well… all at different stages in life.
    but last night was different.. I dreamt i was walking the beach with the current love interest in my life… we were having a peaceful walk.. clear skies, a peaceful normal looking ocean in bright blue with just a few friendly waves breaking on the shore… we were walking hand in hand and there was this sand dune that we must cross to get to our home/ hotel or the place we were living. the moment we crossed the sand dune… i heard the ocean roar louder, the skies were still bright blue but the sea was dark black and the waves were furious… a couple of big waves crashed on the shore and the sprayed us with black mist… and i mean black as tar. there were other people on this side of the beach and everyone watched in awe.. so did i… and suddenly i wasn’t holding hands with my partner anymore.. i couldn’t see him yet could feel his presence behind me.. i was alone.. awestruck by the behavious of the sea.. i remember not getting wet or the waves not harming me as i am standing a safe distance from them just watching them… but even in the dream i remember being alarmed as to how the sea turned black and angry when just a few minutes ago it was peaceful and blue and lovely.
    Can anyone tell me what it could symbolise?

    • If this were my dream I would think about the various emotions I have towards my love interest and our relationship in general. Are there any angry emotions surrounding the relationship? If this is the case, I would consider these might draw us apart and take action to check my anger.

      Happy Dreaming,

  27. Hi Amy,
    I had a dream last night that me and my family was on our favourite beach we always went to on our family holidays (we havent been on one for about 4 years) (i came into foster care May) The sea wasn’t that bad at first but when we went in it was really violent. I kept on giving my mom a float and bringing her closer to shore but it didn’t seem to work, she kept on being attacked by the waves no matter how much i helped but i refused to leave her (my mom passed away last February).
    A lot of my family kept on being dragged out. Then we ended up in this really shabby hut/shed but my mom had disappeared and the sea was quite calm. My family didn’t seem to notice me.
    Hope you can shed some light on my dream, thank you.

    • Hi Anne,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your mother – that is a tremendous loss. I too spent some time in state-sponsored care away from family when I was a teen and I also lost my mother way too early. I understand how tough this must be and my heart is with you.

      If this were my dream, I would look at the sea as a metaphor for my emotions and feelings towards my mother and my relationship with her. No matter how much you try to help her, there is nothing you could have done to prevent what happened. I would continue talking about your feelings with someone you trust and if you have a therapist, bring it up with him or her. I’d also look at the way I feel towards the rest of my family and especially how I feel around being abandoned or “unseen” by them.

      Stay Strong and Happy Dreaming,

      • Thank you so much for your really honest and heartfelt reply, really means a lot to me. I am too, sorry, for what you went through:(

        Thank you for putting my dream in context and allowing me to explore the emotions I am not allowing to surface, since, I have got some help and feel a whole lot better.

        Thank you so much.

  28. I love your website. In my dream my co-workers and I are at the bottom of a cliff, the sea is calm and the rocks are behind us. Suddenly the waves start picking up and we go to higher ground. Then the water recedes but when I look up I see a huge wave coming towards us, all I can do is hold on. I close my eyes because I’m scared but I don’t even get wet. When I open them again, the people I was with are gone and I’m hanging from a rock half way up the cliff. A good friend of mine is hanging next to me but he’s almost laying on the rocks as if it were a couch, I lean on him and he falls all the way down and injures himself. For some reason, I was waiting for the next wave to let go and have the water break my fall. Any clues?

    • If this were my dream, I would wonder what I am afraid of in my waking life and what I waiting for?

  29. In my dream I was on a solid bridge high up and I needed to make it to over on the right side to the land but the waves of the ocean were crashing ferociously and a person was telling me to go and I said, no I will be hurt if I go now, I need to be patient.. So I waited until the crashing waves became still and I went down onto the beach where I saw the golden yellow sand and the beautiful clear calm baby waves rolling over the sand. I knew I made the right decision to be patient. I believe this dream is about my husband and how he has been trying to end our relationship for many months and I had been experiencing major emotional turmoil due to him telling me, he doesn’t love me and we should just be friends And I always tell him to be patient and that one am sure he will fall in love with me we just have to get through the hard stuff. He is 40 and I am 29 and I am his first relationship because he always wanted to be alone, he only ever had sex one time when he was 19 so I know this is all very new and probably overwhelming to him as I also have enough a 3 yr old son and due to him telling me he doesn’t love me I have experienced major insecurities and fear Which now I am practicing letting go. Thank you for hearing me, Shalom.

    • Hi Sarah,

      One thing about dreams is that they reflect something about *you*, rather than about the other people in the dream. If this were my dream, I would look at my life and see where *I* need to be more patient and practice doing that.

      Happy Dreaming,

  30. I had a dream about peolpe driving into the ocean but i dont know them and i was also in the ocean but i get up and walk out and after thet icomfort nad cry with the children of the people that i dont and the one told me they only found the body of their father but not the mother.Then i wake up.

    • If this were my dream, I would be curious about what emotions I am feeling and what emotions I am repressing in my waking life.

  31. Hi, Amy. I really enjoyed your breakdown of the different meanings various bodies of water can have in dreams. Last night, I dreamt I was in a houseboat asleep, and it was chained to the dock. A storm was brewing, and the boat broke free from the dock. My boat was wisked away into the sea/ocean, but I wasn’the scared because my coworker was there handling the boat. I looked outhe of the window and was in awe at how beatiful the water and sky was during it all. What do you think it means? I’mean always having really weird dreams.

    • Hi Rogue,

      I’m glad you found the article useful :) If this were my dream, I would look at the house boat as representing part of myself. I would consider what ways I am feeling “chained” or tied down in my life. Then I would take action to break free from whatever is keeping me chained to the dock.

      Happy Dreaming,

  32. Hi Amy,

    I had a recurring dream when I was a child of driving on narrow a dirt road at dusk, I’m feeling confused as if I’m looking for somewhere but I seam to know where I’m going. Then I come to the ocean, a road to my right leads to a nice house but I take the road on the left which I seam to know leads to a cliff house, I never make it to the house but as I turn left I grow anxious and weary. It’s like I’m going to do or say something I’ve been waiting a long time for.
    I had completely forgotten this dream until I had it again yesterday, I woke up startled after it. It must be 20 years since I had it last. Any idea what it could mean?

    • Hi April,

      If this were my dream, I would think back to what was going in my life when I first began having this dream. Then I would look at what is going on in my life now and see if there are any similarities – could be in what you are doing, your situation, what is going on around you, a time of change, etc… The dream may be showing you a reoccurring pattern that started when the dream started and is coming up again.

      Happy Dreaming,

  33. I dreamt that I was on a cruise ship and the lift I was in crashed from the upper floors to the bottom after it stopped and bounced to hard at the 2nd floor. After climbing out of the lift pretty unscathed and being helped back to my room, I found myself on a beach, climbing up the stairs of a high platform. I reached the top and remember staring out at the ocean waves and feeling peaceful and starting to dance. Can you help with an interpretation?

    • If this were my dream, I would look at the lift as representing some change within myself – either a shift in mood, status, or movement in what I am focusing on in my life.

  34. Last night I had a terrifying dream it appeared to be me and my husband were swimming in a waterway close to a bridge in the Florida Keys we were treading water at a piling and we decided to swim for shore my husband started swimming first when I began to swim towards shore I got swept away in a riptide I yelled for my husband and he looked back the sky suddenly darkened. I remember feeling a state of panic but I knew what to do which was not to swim against the tide but to swim parallel to the shore then I woke up.

    • It sounds to me like this dream is giving you some great advice about how to deal with dark emotions/situations with your husband: not to swim against the tide, but to swim parallel to the shore. I would understand that as not to resist or fight, but to go in a different direction altogether where I potentially have more control over the situation.

  35. Last night I dreamt I looked out the window and their was a small square backyard pool and beyond that was the ocean. In the dream I had never seen the ocean and thought it beautiful. I was given the choice to swim in the pool or the ocean. I excitedly chose the ocean and ran down. When I got their someone was in the water (I think I knew them) and proudly was holding something. When I swam up to them, I stood and looked at what they held. It was a baby dolphin they proudly said they caught with their hands. When I touched it I said but its dead. Then their was several people standing around in the water, again I said its dead, but no one seemed to care. I took it. Stroked it. Again they just continued talking with no concern for the dolphin. We were then sitting on the edge of the shore. I continued to stroke the dolphin, like a mother would a child. I shaded it from the sun, sat with them. They paid no attention to me or the dolphin, I thought it odd they didn’t seemed interested in the dolphin. I sat, in the circle of people, but felt separate, kept the baby dead dolphin shadede and watched them talk and laugh. The ocean was blue, calm, and it was a warmcloudless sunny blue sky.

    • What a powerful dream. If this were my dream, I would be most curious about the dolphin. Dolphins are unique animals because they live in the sea, yet have formed a connection with humans. I would understand this as representing my connection with the unconscious. My connection with the unconscious might be “dead” and might need to be nurtured. Most people live their lives deeply unconscious so it doesn’t surprise me that the others weren’t interested in the dolphin.

      Happy Dreaming,

  36. I’ve had 3 ocean dreams. They’re all pretty different. A side note, I’m not a strong swimmer. I’ve had a weird relationship to water all my life. Not a dislike of swimming, but like fear and also desire, aversion/excitement-anticipation. I’ve been to the ocean once when I was a kid and tried to go in but had a hard time even though I knew it wouldn’t happen again in years, and stopped by it on school trips. Two years ago I moved here and I see rivers and creeks and waterfalls once in a while so that’s a big change.

    In the 2nd and 3rd I don’t have a body, it’s my point of awareness. The first one was around senior year in high school and I think it told a story of self-sabotage and not trusting my better judgement/heart. It was the only dream I’d ever died in (a whale-shark?? we were hunting on a ship was waiting for me in my bed and stabbed me in the heart with his claws before I could apologize -_-).

    The second dream was a few months ago. My point of awareness is looking down onto a beach, where a giant weird burnt looking ancient geometric or tribal symbolic image of my face thing is on the sand. Like almost painted or tattooed into the sand. I look kinda skeletal. The tides are moving in a way that looks like the erasing of this image is inevitable. I was looking at the image of my face and had an aversion like “that’s not me!!” but knowing it was but being horrified. Knowing it was so near the ocean made me feel better. Also it was sorta like ‘wow a beach?!’

    Kinda sounds like a gradual ego annihilation thing.

    The last one was my first lucid dream. I was anxious and trying to run away from my fears but teleporting through different dreams. I tried religion and was weirded out by an image of the cross. Then I tried the ocean thinking oceans are calm and stuff and see a deep dark ancient and still ocean. Like….also too heavy. It felt immense and quiet and still and forever. I wanted to avoid it. Feels like the inevitability of death or something. Idk. I know water is about emotion and stuff and I’ve been trying to be more emotionally honest and open and expressive and stuff but idk if that ocean is my feelings that’s kinda a looooot. What am I supposed to do with that? I can’t swim in an ocean. Are there whales in there? What if it get stormy once I’m in the water?

    I know I have a fear of change and at this point water on my skin really surprises me if it’s unexpected and I hate being cold. I feel like being in an ocean would be good therapy, like maybe it’ll be fine. But it’s still scary. I want to not be afraid. Especially in a dream. Water as an element feels like something I need to understand. I’m prone to repress everything about it , from the psychic to the intuiton and deep emotional connection and la la lala.

    Tips, encouragement, interpretation, lifehacks, dreamhacks, advice, wisdom? @_@ AhHHHH.

    • Hey Lulu,

      Great dreams! They are all so rich. And you’ve made some great connections with the dreams to your waking life. It sounds like water is an important element in your life. And those feelings you have of excitement/anxiety is a great place for growth.

      If this were my dream and experience, I would try to make peace with water. I would start small – just playing with water wherever you find it – in the sink, the ground, when it rains. I’d just explore water and see what it has to offer. Then as you get more comfortable, you can slowly build up to larger bodies of water – maybe even have a swim in the ocean one day.

      Happy Dreaming,

  37. Just last night I had a very strong emotional dream about the ocean. A guy I have deep feelings for and I were sitting on the beach, the beach has always been our thing. We live at the shore so all last summer we went to the beach together, its just how we are. So In my dream we were sitting there talking about the future and the past and I told him this whole idea that I had if we had met in high school earlier and had dated way sooner than what had transpired between us. I can’t quite remember what he had said but I know we were deep in conversation and then the next thing I knew we were going into the ocean, it was nighttime and the ocean was really rough but we had decided to go swimming and I dont remember much of what happened in the water but I remember it becoming hard to swim at some point and I remember feeling oddly okay because I was there with him, like I knew it was getting hard to swim but I didn’t care cause he was there and we kept trying to swim toward shore but it kept getting harder and harder so I thought of a log cabin and somehow it appeared in the water and him and I climbed up it. It was fascinatingly weird and kind of cool.

    • Wow, cool dream. I love how you manifested a log cabin at the end! If this were my dream, I would recognize my own ability to come up with creative solutions to problems!

      Happy Dreaming,

  38. Hi,
    So I keep having pretty much the same dream. I just kinda take of through the mountains and drive to Hawaii our a tropical place. Sometimes my husband is there and he is always anxious to go but I want to stay. Starts out beautiful weather and the water is so clear. It then kinda turns into a lake but with ocean animals. Weird giant fish, eels, whales but weird ones. I really love watching them. I’m happy but then the weather starts to turn to a storm and I have to go inside, or leave the beach (this varies). Sometimes I’m fishing and catch the weirdest kinda scary fish. When the weather gets bad I wake up.
    I live in Colorado, am in love with the tropics, moving to Tennessee. My husband is very indifferent to everything. We have a rough marriage because he is emotionless. Sometimes in my dreams he is leaving me at the ocean and doesn’t seem to feel a thing while I’m so frustrated. And sometimes he turns into my ex. My kids are never there though, I’m always kinda younger….

    • If this were my dream, I would look at it like this: water is a spiritual symbol that asks you to get in touch with and express your authentic self. The ocean turning into a lake shows you the vastness of your own potential, then asks you to express yourself in the world. I would look at what gifts and talents I have and how I can create an outlet for those gifts in my life.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • I had a dream that my mother and I were on a small boat together which she was driving and we were going into the ocean with nothing in sight but Dolphins swimming and penguins in the water. The sea was rough and the skies were gray. Then the dream jumped into me walking into my room and it was empty. Then it jumped to me by a bus stop talking with some black people about what just happened and with ambulance and Fire fighters driving past coming from my ave and going into a neighboring neighborhood. The night before there was a big brawl at my groups event with ambulance and police coming after 2 hours of the brawl ending. Also after my last arrest and me having a tough time in high school my mom has threatened me multiple times of kicking me out. But when I moved out on my own accord for almost all of 2015 so far my mother was calling me begging me to come back home. When she was telling me a couple weeks before I moved out that she wants me to leave. Recently I have stopped smoking marijuana and drugs due to my run in with the law and usually when I stop I worry about my mom . My biggest fear is to lose her, because she is 56 overweight and doesn’t live the healthiest. Any idea what this could dream could mean with the current situation I’m in?

        • It sounds like those are actually 3 separate dreams you had. The first part about the ocean sounds it connects the most with your current situation. If this were my dream, I would understand the boat to represent my relationship with my mother and the journey you are on together – “rough.” How do you feel about moving back in with her?

          Happy Dreaming,

  39. If it matters, I’m currently a freshmen double-major and two sport athlete at a small D2 college. Stress is definitely part of my daily life, but this dream that I wanted to share is recurring. I’ve been having this dream since at least 8, and for the most part it’s the same everytime. I’m on the beach and the waves get worse and worse, and then end up hitting a friend or family member and taking them away, only hitting me after they are gone. But somehow, I always end up on top a of tsunami type wave, surfing (with no board, just the motion). This has me somewhere over 70 feet sea level, and at the highest peak, I always fall. I never hit the water, and the falling feels like ages. This relatively high paced and quick dream, of which would take maybe 5 minutes in real life, somehow spans the time of 7-8 hours. The weather is dark, cloudy and gloomy, and the wind is always kicked up. I wouldn’t be so questioning if this dream hasn’t spread itself out of 10 years, and happens many times within those years, sometimes more in succession and sometimes larger gaps. I think the longest amount of time that they were repeated was around 12 days straight. Same dream everytime I slept. I just wanted to see if you could shed some light on this dream.

    • Hi Kelly,

      Reoccurring dreams often begin around times of change or high stress. Since this dream started when you were so young, it’s helpful to put yourself in the shoes of your 8-year old self and think about how *she* would feel about the symbols in the dream. What connections did you have with the ocean, water, or tsunamis at that age? What was going on in your life when the dream started? Also, see if you can find any patterns in your waking life when the dreams occur. Do they happen during times of high stress. This can start to give you a better understanding of your dream and what it wants from you. Also, check out my article on reoccurring dreams.

      Happy Dreaming,

  40. I have moved back in with my mom in April .

  41. I recently had a dream that we had a beach house and it was like 5 minutes away from the beach and that waters there were silent and calm but that my brother Luke going to the public beach and we went there once with my cousin but it had big waves that would go into people’s camping places and destroy everything even killed some people then all off a sudden all the water would be gone for a few minutes but after that a huge wave would form in the dream I was safe like in a rock but at first I was in the water and I was screaming to my brother to leave and go to our beach house better because the water there was calm. What does this mean? I recently had a bad break up with my bf I’ve been knowing him for 5 years and I can’t talk to him now I’m guessing it has to do something with that….

    • If this were my dream/experience, I would understand this dream to be showing my two things 1) my feelings regarding the breakup, and 2) my own resilience. The ocean and the waves in this dream sound like they are showing you your breakup – “killing some people off,” or, killing off that relationship with your bf. It also shows the strong emotions surrounding that situation. It’s difficult, and it sucks, but the only way to grow from the experience is to experience all the sucky feelings. But, you have nothing to worry about. Your dream tells you – you are safe. Feel the feelings, grow, and you’ll be safe. You’ll also be better off for it.

      Happy Dreaming,

  42. For the past week I’ve been feeling tired, overwhelmed, like my soul is tired. Depressed, exhausted and empty are just some of the adjectives.
    I usually have dreams of the ocean, waves, feelings of loss, my heart hurting but I haven’t in awhile. Last night I did and I was in a house on the beach, the house had stilts, it was night time, a dog just had puppies, they were resting in a dog bed, there was a nite light, I was upset, confused, and I heard a noise I went to go check, waves got so high in poured through the closed window. I couldn’t hear it coming and I didnt want to look. My stomach felt like when you are on a rollercoaster ready to drop, I heard a womans voice yelling telling me to look out the window for the next wave was coming, she wanted me to see it coming, I closed my eyes and the wave hit the balcony, I closed my eyes and tried to run before the wave broke the window and I was scared, tried to get the puppies, but the window didnt break, I did see water coming through, I saw it partially fill up the sunroom, it went ankle high, I felt the rollercoaster feeling, tried to run, but I called my bf that im having issues with to tell him, as I anticipated the water that was supposed to engulf me, it never did then I woke up feeling like it happened. I was crying.

    • This sounds like a very important dream for you. I’m happy to hear that although you are feeling the way you do, you are still in touch with your dreams. They will help you through this time so that your soul can express your joy again :)

      What stands out to me is the woman’s voice telling you to open your eyes, but you close them instead. If this were my dream, I would wonder what my “eyes are closed to” in my waking life. What feelings (including the painful ones) am I attempting to shut out of my life or avoid feeling? What are you afraid to look at or face? Whatever it is – the dream is telling you to open your eyes AND open yourself up to these experiences. Face your fears. They will help you and it won’t be as bad as you anticipated.

      Happy Dreaming,

  43. Hi Ms. Amy Cope! :) I just wanted to share my dreams. Last night i dreamt that i am in the showiz industry and I’m having a role where the director is couching me. So then we moved into a house that place between the ocean. It was dark at that time i saw a blue mid tidal wave and it passes through the door entrance. First, i feel terrified to the waves that coming to us but when i go to outisede, i saw a group of happy people swimming and playing to the ocean after seeing them, i never felt scared anymore. The water was clear but it the sky is dark. What does it mean? Thank you! :) I hope you’ll this. :)

    • If this were my dream, I would understand the tidal wave to be strong emotions that overwhelm me. The dream shows that if you face those feelings, even though you feel scared, the outcome will be “happy” and beneficial.

      Happy Dreaming,

  44. Hi there, last night I had a dream that has me concerned. I had a dream that somehow my child, my child’s father and myself ended up on a really big white flat and rectangle shaped object that was floating. The three of us were standing up on it, not really having any worries. It was a beautiful sunny day and the water was crystal blue and calm. My child’s father had an oar and was calmly steering us. Slowly we started seeing sea animals approach us in the water. We could see them coming up in the clear water, the first one was a dolphin. It was very friendly, I knelled down to look at it and had my son beside me so he could see it also. Then other little sea animals starting popping up . A baby whale came out of the water and we were amazed, then more whales kept popping up around us. Then they went underneath us and started to shake the object we were floating on. I put my son on my back and held him tightly, my son’s father tried to steer us in one direction and I noticed that land was very close in the other direction. I told him where to go and he steered us. The whales were shaking our floating object more and more, we were close to land so I jumped off with my son on my back and ran onto the land. My son’s father followed behind me and I woke up! It was a very strange mean and I have no idea what it meant.
    Perhaps this may help – my son’s father and I are not together, we both dont have any feelings for each other. I have my son full time, his father is in the military and has been out of the country for the majority of his life. He is a part of his life, we get along pretty well coparenting. I am so in love with my son and don’t mind that I have him all the time. I love having him with me at all times! Any advice? Thanks!

    • Hi Ann,

      What about this dream has you concerned? Can you connect it with anything that is going on in your waking life?

      If this were my dream, I would look at it as a very positive dream. I would understand it like this: the dream is about your relationship with your son and his father and the journey you are on together. In many ways the father “steers” the relationship between the three of you and that may be because of his job and the fact that is overseas. In general, it’s positive and nurturing – especially your relationship with your son as we see when you are looking at the animals together.

      When the animals shake the boat, it suggests some rockiness or bumps in the path. Possibly something that already happened or it could something coming up in the future. But the dream is showing you that it’s nothing that the two of you can’t handle together. So, next time a challenging situation comes up with your family, I would focus on working together with your son’s father knowing that the two of you can resolve it just fine :)

      Happy Dreaming,

  45. Hi,

    I have a 5-year old son. Just this afternoon, as he was watching his favorite show on TV and playing with his toys at the same time, he suddenly started crying. He came running to me and hugged me. He told me he dreamt of him being alone in the ocean. Although he could see the beach, being alone had him really scared.

    I am a stay-at-home dad and I’m the one that stays with him most of the time, while my wife is the working half.

    • It’s interesting to work with children’s dreams because you have to look at it from the perspective of a 5 year old, rather than as an adult. And it’s also important to keep that line of communication open with your son about his dreams – which it sounds like you are doing already! Next time he brings a dream to you, I encourage you to listen to the dream and then help him *do* something with it. Act it out, draw a picture, or whatever feels appropriate. For scary dreams, reassure him that you’re there for him and do something to help him feel better.

      It’s so great to hear that you’re taking an interest in your son’s dreams!

      Happy Dreaming,

  46. Hi Amy,
    My special someone said he had a dream about him and me and then there was a cliff and ocean. He said I jumped first and I was wearing this big white gown. Then when he looked below, he saw the water was so clear and he could almost see the bottom of the ocean. After that he said he also jumped from the cliff. What do you think could this mean? I think there was no negative emotions in his dream according to his story. Thank you!!!

    You have a wonderful blog btw! Thank you for helping people with their dreams! Hope to talk to you soon!


    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks so much… it’s always wonderful to hear that you like the blog :) Since you’re relating your special someone’s dream, keep in mind here that this dream is all about HIM and his thoughts, feelings, etc… So it’s best to ask *him* what his thoughts and feelings about the dream are and what he makes of it.

      If it were my dream, I would understand the dream to be about his relationship with you and how he feels around it. Exploring new territory and experiencing new feelings.

      Happy Dreaming,

  47. Hi, Amy! I had an ocean dream last night and I have found your website very helpful. I appreciate your explanations of how to put it all together. However, I still have questions about my dream. As a background, I am very spiritual (not religious) and have been studying my spirituality for a couple years now getting in touch with All That Is, etc. Anyway, in my dream, I was with a man I do not consciously know, but was comfortable with him and he seemed to be my guide. There were other people around, but not interacting with me. The man and I were standing on some sort of metal structure that had platforms descending down and out over the ocean. We moved to a lower level further out and I found myself on an extremely small diameter round column rising up from the ocean that had a metal pole coming up through it. I slipped and grabbed the pole, but ended up hanging halfway over the edge looking down to the ocean. It must have been a drop of 100 feet or more. I was terrified. I looked at the man (who did not have a visible face) and he said “It’s ok. People go swimming here all the time. This is where they jump off.” I did not see anyone swimming, nor did I see how they could come back up from the water. The skies were overcast, the coloring was muted and grayish, but the water was very calm. Any ideas? Thanks a bunch!!

    • In my dream of yours, I see the guide in the dream as an actual spirit guide of yours. They often appear in your dreams and one way to recognize them is when they literally “guide” you in the dream as you said. I would understand this encounter as reassurance that your guides are with you and they are watching out for you – even helping your see fearful situations in a new, less frightening way. (This place isn’t scary, other people find it fun!) Whatever challenges and fears you are facing, the dream is telling you “it’s ok.”

      Happy Dreaming,

      • Thanks, Amy. That’s very comforting. Keep up the great work. I’ll refer back here often.

  48. Hello,
    I had a dream last night that I was in the ocean with my boyfriend and I dropped my phOne in the water and it went straight to the bottom of the ocean and it was so dark and deep I knew I couldn’t find it and I was very upset because I couldn’t find it.?

    • In my dream of yours, I see this dream as reflecting my fears of losing my connection with my boyfriend.

      Happy Dreaming,

  49. I dreamt I was at a wedding on a beach, and a wave came from behind and took my friends (the bride and groom) and i and we were inside the wave for the longest time ever. We were safe but I was worried we were gonna be there forever, I was trying to protect my phone from getting wet. Then when we finally did get out of the wave, my dream changed and I don’t remember too much about that one lol

    • In my dream of yours, I associate the wave with my feelings about my friends getting married and what that means for my relationship with them.

      Happy Dreaming,

  50. I dream tht i have a bike n i m in colg and the sky is full of black clouds n all students said come we all sit in bus ! N we all sit in buses v travel long distance bt still we dont reach our destination n all i felt is the end of the world is near, n suddenly dream changes now, i m standing on a bridge over an ocean n rain fall is also taking places whole sky is black, n suddenly my grandmom start walking on that bridge n i ws like dont go there ! N i also go with her. And i look down to the ocean n i ws like ‘wht the fuck’ if someone fall in this he or she vil be dead n suddenly i felt yus i know how to swim ! N suddenly the crashed aeroplane bt it ws an fighter plane n i ask a question to my self is my ex is in tht plane ?? N i ws lyk who i can save her n i think tht she is screaming plz save me akash ! N suddenly three fighter aero plane come n thy brust the cloud n i watching that water falling in the ocean n i dont know how that bridge fall n i n my grandmom my sister n my uncle were in the taxi n tht taxi ws also in the water n i ask how v come in shit ! They reply ur grandmom slipped n we come to save her n grandmom ws also with ! N tht crashed fighter plane hve air in it jumps like a ballon and fall right side of me !! Bt the strange is v were in taxi n tht is in d water n water dont come inside !! *_*

    • This sounds like two different dreams to me. For the first one – in my dream of yours, I’m interested in the imagery of the students traveling a long distance, but not reaching your destination. Are you a student? Does this symbolism at all reflect your feelings of studying and student life?

      For the second one – in my dream of yours, I would look at my relationship with my grandma. Do you feel protective of her now that she’s getting older? What can you do in your waking life to help her?

      Happy Dreaming,

      • i had dream of having a house middle of the ocean the other day. when waves would get to high i closed them.

  51. I dreamt that I was swimming farrr in the ocean at night with my ex coworker and another unidentified woman. The current became strong and pushed me towards the boundary or lining where the deep and shallow waters meet. It looked almost like a step downwards. The ex coworker swam to me and said, ” See the drop?”…referring to the step in the water. The current and winds became aggressive like a hurricane and pushed me onto the shore. FYI, The woman and my ex coworker stayed in the deep part of the ocean and the skies became blue after I met the shore.

    • If this were my dream, I would consider what “drop” I associate with my ex coworker and/or the job where we worked together. I feel a “drop” in energy around this person/job? A “drop” in status? Or could it be a loss of some kind?

      Happy Dreaming,

  52. Hi Amy,

    Loved your interpretation of ocean dreams.

    I just had a dream about high ocean waves/ Tsunami but I was safe in that dream and was watching it from the shore.

    I witnessed houses, cars, huge poles being swept away . Somehow I knew I was going to be safe so I didn’t panic even in the dream.

    Any insight from you will help a lot!


    • Hi Katha,

      Thanks – I’m so glad to hear you found the post valuable :)

      If this were my dream, I would hone in on the feelings of being safe and calm. When the going gets tough, and others around you are getting caught up in big emotions like fear and drama, you can stand steadfast in the midst of the drama, unaffected. If this is something you do in your life already, the dream is reflecting that. Otherwise, the dream could be showing you a new way to feel (and act) during turbulent times.

      Happy Dreaming,

  53. I had a dream where I was underwater near a coral reef, breathing though. I felt as if I was stung in the back of the neck by a jellyfish and when I looked up, the water was calm, and the sky was clear but I saw the jellyfish, it was weird looking too, it looked as if it was part squid. I felt alone though also trapped and as if I was dying, then I became angry, I didn’t want to die, so I swam towards the surface and broke through. I was near an island and for some strange reason the Titanic was also there, only smaller and looking good as new. It was still kind’ve sunken though.

    • If this were my dream, I would use my *feelings* in the dream as a guide to what this dream is asking of you. Is there any area of your life where you feel like you are metaphorically “dying?” To put it another way, are there any areas of your life that you are losing your energy for, or that are no longer serving you, yet you continue to cling to those beliefs or patterns?

      Start by connecting the feelings in the dream to similar feelings in your waking life to understand what part of your life this dream is pointing at.

      Happy Dreaming,

  54. I recently obtained a domain name for my soon to be travel website – oceandreams.blue. I am a lifelong lover of the ocean and all that is connected to it. As is the case for many people, my happiest moments in life have occurred either on the beach or on the ocean, and I constantly day dream about them. Yet, I rarely dream about either one while sleeping. Any thoughts about this?

    • If you want to dream about something specific, you can set an intention before going to bed to dream about the ocean or the beach. Repeat a mantra like, “tonight I will dream about the ocean.”

      Happy Dreaming,

      • Thanks Amy – I will try that!

  55. Hi! I just had a dream that confuses me a little bit: I was in the ocean, on a clear, sunny day with a lot of my friends, and we were having fun playing among the waves (pretty big, foamy waves, but not in a scary way – we were really enjoying them). The water was like crystal, except from the salty foam of the waves. I heard that waves are a bad sign, but honestly, this dream left me so refreshed, with such a nice taste in my mouth…so, what do you say – can waves be a good sign too?

    • Absolutely! Waves can be a wonderful sign! It sounds like this dream left you feeling peaceful and happy – focus on that. The dream itself shows you that waves and the ocean are good dream signs.

      If this were my dream, I would focus on the feelings that came up in the dream and do more things that make me feel that way – if its playing in the ocean with your friends or a different activity you enjoy.

      Happy Dreaming,

  56. Hello,
    In October 2014 I had a realistic dream that I had moved to the USA (I live in Poland) somewhere near the ocean. The thing is that I really wanted to see the ocean as quickly as possible. I remember very clearly the small appartment I rented, the older, tall, dignified lady who rented it to me, my first work in a loundry (In the US there are many of them), the way from my appartment to work, the little town I lived in, the ced houses made of bricks. Then I changed my job – I worked in a publising house or something like that. I even thought in the dream as in my “real” life (aren’t dreams real as well?) I thought about the work in a library I left myself – and 3 month ago I really resigned – because of financial problems of the institutions, as I got a job in a corporation. I didn’t succeed during the trial period – unfortunately or mayby fortunately… Corporations are not my thing – I tried working in two corporations. Last time I had a dream about the ocean – the same place in the US. In that dreams I went throuhg some flora to the beach. I assume that it was near the little town I lived in the first dream. And I dreamt about going by train in the US. The train was going normally, not standing, with no accidents.
    I think that it’s time to move to the US, but I cannot find how yet. :) What do you think?

    • It sounds like you are really drawn to the US. It’s been said that we experience everything in our dreams FIRST – and then we act it out in our waking life. If moving to the US is something you really want to do, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

      If this were my experience, I would ask for dream guidance on my next steps. As you fall asleep repeat a mantra, something like “what do I need to know to move to the US?” or “Is it right for me to move to the US?” In the morning, write down all your dreams and see if you’ve gotten any answers to your question.

      Happy Dreaming,

  57. I dreamed that I was in a bus with my coworkers. I could see the ocean and it was beautiful from that bus.. calm with the sun over it.. then I got to the shore and the waves were violent.. but not near the shore.. so I put my feet in side the water n hands.. (I have a tattoo on my finger)as I walked out of the water I notice my hands were shiny younger looking and my tatto was gone… I told my coworker about it .. and she said jump right in .. I felt scared cause I could see the violent waves but jumped right in anyways.. as I swam in the ocean water u could see my tattos being washed away… what does it mean? I can’t stop thinking about this dream

    • Wow… what a powerful dream. Dreaming of a tattoo (regardless if you have one or not) is often about our own scars from the past. Such as traumas, hurts, or emotional wounds.

      If this were my dream, I would understand the violent waves to be the “violent” or strong emotions that I still have for something in the past. Even though you may feel scared and don’t want to face these feelings, by jumping in and experiencing them you can unlock that energy and “wash away” the scars from your past.

      It may be scary, but you can do it. And the dream is showing you what lies on the other side.

      Happy Dreaming,

  58. Hi Amy
    thank you for your article and congratulation on this great website.
    I had 2 dreams in the past months about the ocean. I probably should say that this is a period of big and challenging changes for me (having broken up with my partner recently for whom I moved to another country).
    The first time I was in a rocky beach at the bottom of a small mountain with lots of other unknown people when a tsunami approached. I clearly heard and felt the tsunami coming. I found shelter and safety by climbing to the top the mountain and I stood there as the water was sweeping my feet. It was only partially scary and surprisingly calm.
    The second time I was swimming in the open ocean with what I think was my tribe/people (even if I couldn’t recognise anyone) . I knew that we were migrating even if we couldn’t see any land at all around us. A group of us was leading and some ships were following us. The ocean was lightly wavy when another tribe of a different ethnicity joined us. At some point I spotted the son of one of them struggling to stay afloat and I rescued him by putting him on my back. In the next “scene” we were in a new colonised land getting ready to attend a ceremony for having saved his life (that we were both not very keen to attend).
    I’ve read that dreaming a tsunami means an emotional change or turmoil in your life but I couldn’t find anything specific about saving a child (most of the information that I found were related to seeing someone drown).
    I immagine that swimming toward the unknown is the reflection of my current situation and I could interpret the rescue as trying to reassure my most scared and innocent self (my inner child). It was only surprising that my inner child was male and that we both didn’t want to celebrate his rescue.
    What do you think about it?
    Thank you in advance

    • There’s a lot going on in these dreams, and it sounds like you already have a deep understanding of them. Seeing your inner child represented as a male (when you are female) could be about integrating (or “saving”) your masculine expression in yourself. It could also be about your hopes and worries about your future.

      If this were my dream, I would connect the feelings in the dream to my waking life situation. If this dream is a reflection of your feelings, the question is – what are you going to do now?

      Happy Dreaming,

  59. Before my lover went back to the UK He had a dream that we were both lost in a boat in the middle of the sea. Apparently I pushed him out and then he was all alone by himself bobbing around in the dark. In the middle of the sea.
    I believe it’s to do with having strong emotions but then realising when he goes home that he will not have me there and will have to deal with his emotions alone. Which will feel as vast and as deep as the ocean. I am just wondering if you have any other suggestion to the dream? Would like another way at looking at. Look forward to your response :) thanks

    • It sounds like you are looking at this dream in a good way. If this were my dream, I would understand it in a similar way :) Of course, since it’s your lover’s dream, only he can confirm his feelings. This might be a great gateway to opening up a conversation with him.

      Happy Dreaming,

  60. Hello

    • Hello :)

  61. Hi Amy, first off I’d just like to say I’m super excited reading your posts because I’ve always felt that my dreams have a superior meaning in my life and I’ve always tried to interpret them. But this part of the site really caught my eye because I can relate to ocean dreams very well. I’m now 19, but I have been having reoccuring ocean dreams basically my entire life or since I could remember my dreams. Some of my dreams have actually been almost the same exact dream as ones before. It always has to do with a large tidal wave. In some dreams I’ve been able to walk away from the wave to find shelter and in other dreams I’ve been in the water and either drifted over the wave or dove through it. I’ve always noticed my dreams to have gray skies and dark water, it would actually bother me when I was little. But my most recent Ocean dream was definitely the most unique one I have ever had. It actually started off me standing in a body of water connected to the ocean (an inlet which makes sense because I live by one). Then I realized that I was standing on the submerged bridge that leads from this lagoonish area to the inlet. From then on I knew there was a big storm coming. I made it to land and the skies had cleared (its rare for me to have sunny dreams lol) but I knew it was only the calm before the storm. The town was then evacuated to a community center for shelter and it was like I was in complete survival mode because we knew a tidal wave was coming. At this point the skies and water were dark and gray again. We watched the tidal wave demolish the town on the other side of the inlet but we were still on the safe side. I woke up shortly after that but I do remember watching the wave grow, coming towards us. I have never had such an in depth ocean dream before and just am looking for some insight. Thank you :)

    • Hi Ashley,

      Yes, your dreams are meaningful. It sounds like you have a close connection with the ocean in your waking life. If this were my dream, I would look at the tidal wave as pointing towards a release of energy of some sort – could be emotional, sexual, creative… Is that anything that is burning inside you to do, create, or experience? What in your life needs to be released?

      Happy Dreaming,

  62. hii.. i’ve had many dreams about oceans and seas till now…. one of them included me playing football (or soccer, if u from usa) on the beach with my friends and my coach…. that’s all i remember… (weather was foggy)

    one included me traveling in a train on snowy mountains and suddenly huge waves came and engulfed the train but no one was at harm and the train was kind of surfing….. lol… i know it’s funny. :D (weather was clear)..

    one of the other dream was that there has been an earthquake and there was hardly any water on the beach then… (weather was foggy)

    and one more was something related to the waves approaching me and my family.. i’m not sure about this though but something like this…. … (weather was foggy)

    can u please tell me what is all this about??? thank u in advance…

    • Hi SeaDreamer,

      You’ve had quite a few dreams about the sea. I’m wondering what is your connection with the sea in your waking life?

      Happy Dreaming,

  63. hi…. i’ve had such dreams many times and i wanna know what is the conclusion of them…

    once, i had a dream that i was on a beach playing football with my friends and coach (or soccer if you are from usa)… that’s it… i don’t remember much…. but the weather was foggy, as it is before raining..

    another dream that i had was that i am traveling in a train through snowy mountains and suddenly huge waves came and it engulfed our train…. but the train was kind of surfboarding over the waves….. weather was clear….

    one more time, it was that the waves of beach are approaching me and my family… i don’t remember exactly wat it was or if it is exactly as i have described but the weather was foggy….

    and most recently, i had this dream that there is an earthquake and now, there is hardly any water on the beach… there is kinda destruction of the beach land… but no destruction of property or lives… just the beach’s land was kinda very uneven with pits and all cz of earthquake… the weather was foggy….

    now, can u please tell me what all this signify?? thanks a lot in advance..

    • It sounds like you’ve been having this dream a lot. Reoccurring dreams are often trying to get your attention. I recommend writing your dreams down as you have them in as much detail as you can recall. That way you can track patterns and look for differences. It will give you a lot more to work with. And check out my post on reoccurring dreams.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • u mentioned that these are reoccuring dreams and i did see the link that u sent about reoccuring dreams.. it was helpful…
        and u said that i should write down what i see, so as to keep track of it….
        the only pattern that i see is that the weather was not clear.. the sky was black, as it is during rainy season, when it is going to rain… it’s just once that the sky was clear i.e. in the mountain dream that i told u.. in which the sky was very clear and it was sunny… and i most probably, i think that according to my memory, this was the first dream about sea or waves or so…

        but as of now, can u please tell me what these dreams that i already had signify, based on the information that i gave u about my dreams?? any answer or even an opinion will be appreciated.. :) :)

        • Dreams about the ocean are often about emotions, especially hidden or deeply buried ones. If these were my dreams, I would look at areas in my life where I am feeling “unclear” or uncertain about something. I would also take a look at places in my life where I feel sad or depressed and where my thinking may be “foggy.” The dream could be pointing you to these places in your life and asking you to look at them more deeply. There may be some wounds you need to heal.

          Happy Dreaming,

          • thanks a lot… on thinking over what u answered, i can see what that is all about.. i do have some things that are still in my mind and i am not able to get out of it 100%… and it justifies what you said in sentence about your “foggy thinking”…. thanks a lot.. u were of great help… :)

          • You’re welcome… glad to hear it :)

  64. i don’t know what’s the problem but i don’t see what i posted…. i tried 2 times to submit comment but it’s still not posted

    • Your comments came through – the system just sends them to me first for moderation – that way I can filter out the spam :)

  65. Hello Amy… I had a very vivid dream last night, I was walking on the ocean floor holding my mother’s hand, it look like I was showing her around, as if I knew where I was and what I was doing, calm, beautiful blue water, walking by reefs and marine plants, we saw a whale go by us, and we could talk with no problem. I could also feel as if my feet and legs were coming together as a mermaid’s tail and started swimming like a fish… We were in the deep ocean for a long time, then came out to surface. Wondering its meaning… Thanks!!!

    • Hi Luisa,

      What a beautiful dream. There are several symbols of the unconscious in this dream – the whale, the mermaid, and the ocean. If this were my dream, I would understand it like this: it’s about exploring my unconscious and bringing forth new parts of myself. This is a spiritual dream in the sense that it’s guiding me towards deeper parts of myself and asking me to get in touch with the core of who I am.

      Happy Dreaming,

  66. Hi Amy,

    First and foremost, you deserve a 21-Gun Salute for creating this wonderful website and for helping folks to unlock the mystery behind their dreams.

    And here’s the dream I had last night but first let me tell you something about myself – may be this personal info will help you diagnose the dream more accurately.

    Well, I am 57 years old, have one son who is 20 years and employed [ not married ] and one daughter who is married. I am gifted with a beautiful and caring wife and I am a Finance Professional currently working for a we based Equity Research company. I worked in the Gulf for 2 years as Finance Manager and very recently visited Nairobi and Dar-es-alaam, was there in East Africa for 6 months. I am an introvert, have a very big Ego [ which cost me my job once ] and get annoyed and angry when provoked. Don’t get along well with relatives and have very few friends but they are diamonds! And now, here’s my dream:

    Last night close to the crack of dawn, I dream about jumping effortlessly out of an ocean onto a granite tiled floor which resembled some huge shopping mall / complex and amusingly in my dream I was happy seeing myself jumping safely high out of the ocean and onto land [ on huge tract of granite flooring ] since I don’t know swimming!

    Amy, I shall thank you to briefly diagnose this dream for me and let me know what this foretells about my future, my profession, my family etc.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Kishor,

      I’m glad you like the site – thanks for your kind words :)

      I’m not a fortune-teller, so I can’t tell you what your dream foretells about your future. What I can do, is help you understand the symbolism and how it applies to your daily life. If this were my dream, I might wonder what is going on in my life that could symbolically mirror this dream scene. For example, maybe I’m feeling nervous about a work projects that seems overwhelming – but the dream is showing me that it will go smoothly and I’ll land where I can stand.

      Think about the dream along these lines and see what you come up with.

      Happy Dreaming,

  67. Hi Amy.
    I had a dream that I was at a beach and huge waves started forming. People were trying to swim to shore but eventually the waves got so big that there was no shore. I had to swim through some of the big waves but by the time the waves were huge tidal waves I was holding on to something and was able up escape. I suddenly ended up at home and 2 fam members were missing. As I was getting ready to go out looking for them one appeared explaining their experience with the catastrophe. I woke up before I could find or know what happened to the other person. I’m also supposed to be moving out and away from these two very soon.

    • Hi Bre,

      If this were my dream, I would understand it to be about my anxieties about moving out and away from my family. I would explore those feelings and then do something to ease the anxiety.

      Happy Dreaming,

  68. I’ve had this dream several times when I was around 4 when and then it stopped for a few years and then when I was 11 it came back. I had a dream where my twin brother was drowning me in the ocean and he was smiling while doing it and then I woke up because I was holding my breath in real life I’ve had a couple of theories about what this meant but I haven’t been able to determine what it mean and I’m usually pretty good at figuring out what they mean and why but this is a challenge for me. What does this mean?

    • I have my ideas about what this dream could mean, but I’d love to hear yours first. It’s your dream, so you’re the best person to interpret it :)

  69. So my dream was that my boyfriend and I were out in the ocean and the waves were crashing all around us but we wanted something that was a little more fun and challenging. So we swam out deeper and therw was this line that you had to cross. So my boyfriend crossed it and then held the line up for me and reached his hand out and said come on don’t worry I got you. So I crossed it. These waves were hitting hard. So for the first couple times we went under and came right back up. But then the next couple of times we got pulled under and my boyfriend held me so tight and was swimming as fast as he could with holding on to me and everytime we looked up to gonup for air that area was starting to close. So we were litterally on our last little bot of air and then found an opening and got to the air right before it was to late. At one point I felt myself go limp and then we hit the air and I woke up.
    What does that mean?

    • If this were my dream, I would understand it to be about the emotional relationship with my boyfriend. I would consider if I want to “deepen” the relationship and the emotional bond I have with him. I would also wonder if the gasping for air is my own fear that being in a close relationship might feeling “suffocating” or “choke” me. Ie – if it feelings constricting or like you are losing your freedom.

      Happy Dreaming,

  70. A few weeks ago I had a dream that I was lying down on a white couch out in the middle of the ocean. I was drowning from the waves, but the couch was very still and calm. I kept trying to sit up but my body wouldn’t move..

    What could this possibly mean?

    • If this were my dream, I would look at it like this: either I’m already learning how to be comfortable (calm and still) with unsettling and disturbing emotions and the dream is a reflection of what is going on in my life. Or, if that’s not the case, the dream is showing me a better way to act when my emotions for turbulent or out of control – rather than getting caught up in the emotional storm, staying calm and still might be more beneficial.

      Happy Dreaming,

  71. I did my prayers after placing my son in his bassinet and said to God “I leave it all in your hand” . I dreamt that I was at the beach somewhere on an island playing in crystal blue waters with my family. Beautiful day but it wasn’t scorching hot. At one point there was a swell that carried us to the shore. No fear felt from just joy from playing in the water. Eventually ended up sitting in a small room overlooking the ocean with two other s commenting on the view of the hotel and how certain parts of the building was obstructing the view of the ocean and that the space would be better utilized with a small table in the courtyard. Mind you eight hours before a coworker was talking about Hawaii and I want to move there and my sister is going a cruise vacation to the islands. I am mentally tired and want to be a stay at home mom to watch my newborn for the first two years.

    • If this were my dream, I would understand it like this: the scene at the ocean is reflecting my desire for peace, tranquility, fun, and family in my life. However, as you are already aware, there are obstacles “obstructing” me from experiencing that joy – maybe related to work, as you mentioned. I would start doing things that give me joy and bring more of those pleasant feelings from my dream into my waking life.

      Happy Dreaming,

  72. While i rarely dream, I was dreaming I was driving a new yellow camarao, trying to make the turn onto I believe a bridge, I did not see the bridge, just entrance. Car flew off edge and went side ways so the drivers side was facing down. I saw people on one edge fishing and some rocks, then as I was going further out i saw the clam gray, blue water. I keep falling right to the water but stopped few feet before going in.

    • Dreams about driving cars are often about control in your life. If this were my dream, I would wonder if there are any areas that I feel out of control in my life – I would particularly look at my emotional life.

      Happy Dreaming,

  73. I had a dream that I was in the ocean , it was calm, sun was rising I believe. I was just swimming through the ocean with no direction until I thought I saw a shark, because of its dorsal fin. I got closer to it, and then I realized it was just a big fish. I kept swimming in circles around it , and then it decided to follow me. It felt like it was chasing me, even though it was just gliding in the water towards me slowly, but surely nonetheless. Then, as it came to me it went just under me and dived. Then I woke up. What does it mean?

    • If this were my dream, I would understand the ocean and the shark to be symbols of the unconscious. What is below the surface of awareness may seem scary, but when I actually examine what’s there, I find that it’s not as frightening as I imagined. I would take steps to uncover unconscious beliefs, patterns, or attitudes in my life. I’d particularly look at areas of fear.

      Happy Dreaming,

  74. I have had several water dreams that relate to death. The most recent one, I was in a car with a couple of my siblings and a person who looked nothing like my uncle but was supposed to be my uncle. We were heading to my uncles house planning to catch a flight home from there. On the bridge, we looked out in the distance and noticed that suddenly there was no bridge and card were dropping into the ocean. My uncle slammed on the breaks up on the hill of the bridge and we still dropped into the ocean. Before we went under, my uncle said “Well, we are going in, you know what that means”, and we all went under. Then the dream started back on the road as if we never went into the water in the first place and still were driving on the way to my uncles house. I think the occurring water and death dreams have to do partially with my mother who all of us worry about since she has been an alcoholic as far as I can remember. Our father also committed suicide. I need to figure out why I keep having these dreams so I no longer have to suffer the nightmares!

    • Hi Sarah,

      It sounds like there’s quite a bit of family history that may be playing out in these dreams. What is your relationship with your uncle? Often dreams about cars have to do with control, like who’s in control or who’s in the driver’s seat. If this were my dream, I would look at my family dynamics, particularly in relation to my uncle. I would also look to see if there are any areas where I feel controlled by him.

      Happy Dreaming,

  75. hi

    I had this strange dream last night, I was in the sea but standing on top of the bridge, the sea was so beautiful, all of the sudden I got a call from someone who told me to grab my binoculars and look at the moon, I did so, as I was looking I saw a very bright full moon expanding, while I was admiring the moon , I suddenly drop down to the sea, and moving with force towards where I was, i had mixed feelings because i could not understand what was happening , and what i have observed as the moon was moving the waves were so high and it left the sea dry , i could see the sea sand very dry, it move underneath the bridge i thought the bridge would fall but i did not i could see the moon so bright and big moving so fast in sea water and passed so fast where i was, and nothing i could see only sea sand.. and people whom were around were so scared and there was chaos but nothing has been damage or died. then i woke up .. it was so strange.

    thank you

    • If this were my dream, I would be drawn in by connection of the moon and the tides. Dreams about the moon are often about your intuition and deeper, unconscious parts of yourself coming to the surface. That’s strengthened by the imagery of the sea which. If this were my dream, I would wonder what is coming up from within me and how I can use that as a transformative power in my life. The dream is showing you if might not be an easy process and you might be afraid at times, but nothing will be damaged in the end.

      Happy Dreaming,

  76. I just had a dream where I was with my childhood friends on the balcony of a tall building. The building was in the middle of the ocean and New York City was in the distance. We were all standing on the balcony looking at the city at first the ocean was calm when suddenly the ocean waves started getting big and crashing into the balcony of the building we were standing on. I remember feeling panic in the dream trying to keep everybody safe because it was like the waves were about to cause the whole building to collapse. The waves were crashing into the building and threatening to sweep us all off into the ocean. The things that stand out to me about this is the fact that we were looking at NYC and that I was with my childhood friends. NYC because I have wanting to and have been working towards moving there and my childhood friends because we recently had a bit of a disconnect in our friendship. I think I have a general idea of what this could possibly mean, but I wanted to get somebody else’s opinion.

    • Hi Jessica,

      If this were my dream, I would understand it like this: The dream is showing me my emotions about two different areas of my life: my childhood friends and my move to NYC. The crashing waves show the emotional journey I’ve been on to get to NYC and being with my friends shows my feelings about wanting to feel connected with them again.

      If this were my experience, I would see if I can reconnect with my friends if that’s important to you and I would continue working towards moving to NYC if that still excites you.

      Happy Dreaming,
      Amy xo

  77. I had a dream last night about the ocean. I don’t usually dream a lot, so when when I woke up I was surprised at how vivid and beautiful the whole dream was. I was in Australia driving with a few new friends I met to the beach. We were talking and I was asking them about their life as an Aussie and we were all having a good time. Everything suddenly became black, and out of nowhere we arrived at the beach. The sky was a gradient blue, going from a light sky blue starting at the horizon fading into a dark blue. The waves were not completely calm, but it wasn’t rough, just perfect. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, I can still feel what I felt when I took in the beauty. It was such an intense emotion, an amazing one. I wonder what it all meant. Perhaps its my passion to travel, because I still feel the same feeling I felt during the dream. I crave it so much.

    • Hi Emily!

      What a wonderful dream – I can see the beauty of it as you describe it! What is your connection with Australia? Have you been there? If this were my dream, I would pay attention to my passion for travel. If a trip to Australia is a possibility for you, it might be a wonderful place to start your travels. Otherwise, I would bring travel into my life in other smaller ways, like being a tourist in your own city, planning day trips, or doing a weekend escape. You don’t have to go far to get the benefits of travel.

      Happy Dreaming,

  78. Hello, I do not usually dream often, but this time I had the most vivid dream ever in color. I dreamed I was on a beach relaxing in a chair laying down, apparently I was with a few other people that I don’t 100% recognize, but there were about 4-5 beautiful women in bikinis on the beach. They were laying down on the sand and made impressions on the sand when they got up and walked a bit away. I got up to see the beautiful horizon which was blue covered with oranges, yellow and a little red with the clear blue waters calmly washing back and forth on the shore. I went to follow these women but as I did I saw the impressions from their body from laying and sun tanning on the sand. The sand had a peculiar glow to it, it was golden brown glowing and sparkling almost like a giant pile of golden treasure. As I walked over and pass these impressions on the ground to take a look over an edge of a nearby cliff I saw dark waters. These waters were dark and deep but calm and I could feel that it could be so deep that if you fell into it you would fall into an abyss and never return. As I walked downwards along the cliff following a few of these women the waters got much calmer and much more clearer. As I walked towards some of these women behind them I could over hear them talking about something in the water. Then I took a good look at the water and saw the few objects they were talking about. I began talking to the women and said “Hey, wow you guys are right! There is something in the water. What is it? I think I can see what it is, it seems to be some kind of child’s play set.” As I continued to talk to the few women the water became low tide slowly. The water eventually went out to low tide and it was low enough to reveal that it was a children’s play set that had a house, a tricycle, and a stuffed animal. I continue to talk to these women and then eventually that is where my dream ended.

    Whenever I have these vivid dreams I always trust that my intuition and brain is making the right decisions. I trust my unconscious mind is telling me the truth and it knows the right answer but I must decipher these symbols and icons.

    • If this were my dream, I would understand it as a symbol of bringing what is currently unconscious in you to light. I would see the ocean as representing the vastness that is within me – deeper than you can even imagine. I would also be curious if there is anything in my childhood or something to do with children that I have forgotten about that is ready to come into my life. Hope that helps give you a place to start understanding your dream.

      Amy xo

  79. Okay, i had a dream last night.

    It was a sunny day and there’s some kind of a grand occasion going on with the fancy tables and chairs with foods and some other party decorations in a village i didn’t know where. There’s no other people i can see but myself and i thought that they will come out as soon as the party starts.

    I’m not really kind of a party person so I found myself hanging out alone in a part of a huge 2 storey garage where some other people (or so i thought, they’re just like black shadows shaped like people) prepares some kind of food for the party at the 2nd floor.

    Few hours later i noticed from the garage door that it was kind of dark outside. And when i went to the door i saw that the clear blue sky turned cloudy and brought strong winds. And still there were no people around. After that i saw that there was a massive tidal wave (like from the interstellar movie) coming in front of me like 5 miles away and then there’s 2 at my sides and another at my back forming a box to contain us all in the village.

    There were no people panicking and running around the village, the street was quiet except for the whistling of the strong winds. The people in the garage were gone, too, so it was just me now. After what’s happening, i felt nothing.

    After a few minutes of thinking on what i have to do, i noticed that the waves aren’t getting any closer. It’s like it formed a wall… to protect me from something i didn’t know outside the waves. After realizing it i felt better, i was happy, i laughed, i felt free, and smiled like never before.

    Then i woke up.

    • If this were my dream, I understand it as a sign that I can feel safe exploring the darker, deeper, and bigger parts of myself and allow myself to uncover parts of myself that I am currently now aware of or am denying. I would also understand that doing so will lead me to feel happy and free.

      Amy xo

  80. I dreamt I had to swim in the middle of the ocean with people I’m not friends with anymore. The water was calm, but it was night time & completely dark out. I felt scared in my dream, scared sharks were going to eat us. All we had were flippers for our feet & fake fins for our arms to help us swim. There was nothing & no one in sight, all we could do was swim and hope for someone to save us.

    • If this were my dream, I would wonder what emotions are arising in me either in connection to these friends or with what they represent to me.

      – Amy xo

  81. I am literally waking up from this dream as I’m typing.. I was about to go on vacation somewhere in this tropical water .. I was getting on a plane and literally the plane landed in water for everyone to get on and I just remember stepping towards it and the water being extremely deep..much deeper than I thought.. But same time the water being extremely clear.. I sank to the bottom slowly but surely almost as if I expected it to be about 13 ft deep cus I wasn’t freaking out or anything just slowly floating down looking at everything … I get to the bottom and almost as if I see ppl at the bottom having convo talkin like I was the only one drowning (doesn’t make sense but this is literally how it happened) so I tried swimming to top and For some reason I couldn’t i sank right to bottom again and that’s when it started to become harder to breathe and someone saw me and told me to hold on to them (from the bottom too) while he swims up.. That didn’t work, I was too heavy.. So he went underneath me and told me to stand on shoulders and he is going to push up and push me out and for some reason that worked..next thing I know I’m back with my boyfriend at home drenched but I never tell him that I almost drowned

    • If this were my dream, I would look at the ocean as being the vastness that is within me – the greatness that I have inside as well as the darkness – filled with emotion and potential. I might connect the airplane with something in my life (like a project, relationship, or whatever) that is about to “take off.” But hasn’t yet because there is still inner work I need to do first – ie, becoming aware of something that I am not yet aware.

      I would start by looking at my life and looking for areas where I feel I am on the brink of becoming something new or a bigger version of myself and then look at what is keeping me from doing it. I would also not be shy to ask for help along the way.

      Happy Dreaming,

  82. I was wakeboarding on a line attached to a cruise ship!!! (I’ve never wakeboarded in my entire life) I was really having fun although I knew what I was doing was insane… then at some point the line got disconnected and the ship left me behind. I was just floating in the ocean which is terrifying because I’m absurdly afraid of sharks. That’s all I remember but I was wondering what you think of something like this.

    We just moved 2 days ago and I am 5 months prego so I’m assuming that could have something to do with it unconsciously – fear of the unknown, maybe the ocean represents the future and the cruise ship represents the past? I was just coasting along enjoying life and now I’m floating around in the middle of impending parenthood? Then again, could mean a million other things. Dreams are fun to try to interpret so I figured I’d throw this one out there! :)

    • Shea – I love it! Yes, the dream could mean a million things, but it’s your dream, and *you* are the expert on yourself and your dreams! Great interpretation.

      Something I might add, you mentioned you are afraid of sharks, but there were no actual sharks in the dream. If this were my dream, I would examine my fears around my new life circumstances and check in if I am having any unfounded fears. Or experiencing worry or anxiety about something that which I have no evidence of actually happening. And general anxieties about having a child.

      Amy xo

  83. I had a dream last night that I’d met someone, I believe online, I made this man up in the dream. He invited me to Australia but I could stay only a day after all the time it took to travel there, I had just met him but when I saw him it felt as if we’d been best friends for years. He had a beautiful cottage on the beach and I remember standing on the beach, the water was crystal clear and a beautiful aqua color, and suddenly these huge waves were coming in, waves that were at least 10 times as tall as me, but right before they were about to hit me they would shrink down and be calm. I was so excited to have seen such enormous waves and I was filled with happiness and awe.

    • If this were my dream, I might associate the giant waves with a giant emotional or sexual release. Releasing pent up energy like this can feel really good, hence the excitement in the dream. I would look at my life for areas where I am experiencing tension and see what I can do to release that energy.

      Happy Dreaming,
      Amy xo

  84. I had a very vivid ocean dream last night. In it, my mother in law (who lived with us and passed in our house almost two years ago; I was her primary caregiver at the end) had requested that her body be put on a big rock in the middle of the ocean (after she died). My husband somehow got her body there. The idea was that “the waves would take her” in time. Years later – in that mysterious way that time flies in dreams – we decided to check on the big rock. We went out in a small rowboat. My husband left me on a dock that magically appeared out of nowhere, and continued to paddle towards the big rock by himself. In the distance I could see that my mother in law’s body was still on the rock – and could quite clearly see that she was very dead (in reality, we had found her after she passed in the middle of the night at our house so are familiar with that rather shocking sight). My husband reached the rock and I heard him say “Oh, ma” kind of in a joking way – like “tsk, tsk – your body is STILL here”) and he gently pushed her body into the water and paddled back to pick me up.

    The ocean water was calm and the day was beautiful and sunny. My husband seemed relaxed to me in the dream. I felt some anxiety; I could not believe that the waves hadn’t “taken” her body and it bothered me that she had been so exposed for so long.

    When I told my husband about the dream, he found it oddly comforting as he said he hasn’t been able to “shake” the experience of having his mom die in our home (even though it was about as peaceful as a death could be – it was a very long hospice of three months).

    It is interesting – I realize now that in the almost two years since her death, I have had several ocean dreams about her!

    I’d be curious to hear your take on this if you’re able. Love your website that I just discovered!

    Thank you

    • If this were my dream, I might understand it as a reflection of my feelings about the death of my mother-in-law. That the deep emotions, such as loss and grief, are not magically “washed away” with the passage of time (as we often hear “time heals all wounds,” which is a myth). Rather the hurt is still there. And maybe even more clearly and vividly for you as you are still living in the house where she passed so even if you don’t think about it all the time, there’s always the constant reminder.

      I love that your husband finds this dream comforting and I can feel the peacefulness as you describe the dream. I see it as giving yourself permission to feel peace with her passing and the dream to be showing you that it’s okay to let go and allow yourself to heal. Not that the loss won’t still be there, but that you can feel at peace about her passing.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

      • Thank you for your take on my dream, Amy – it makes total sense to me and is very helpful.

        • You’re welcome. I’m glad you found it helpful :)

  85. Last night, I had a dream of living in a modern, shed-like house located on the shore of an ocean. The shed-like home had small pools overlooking the ocean which was within 20-30 ft from the actual ocean. I remember chasing my little brother, making sure he was okay where ever he went. Then, we walked towards the shoreline and the tides were going back and forth (instead of the wave hitting the ground, it would rewind itself, and the waves continued on doing that back and forth). After noticing the weirdness of how the waves would do that, a wave started to turn into manly-face . I got a little scared when i noticed the face (having never experienced anything like that), and when it noticed that i was paying attention to it, it’s water-based hand waved at me. As soon as it waved, I left and went back to my shed-like home. I cannot fathom the meaning of tides not hitting the ground and rewinding themselves like they did, nor the water-based man. I’m having trouble understanding this dream, please help (:

    • If this were my dream, I might look at the tides symbol of tides not hitting the ground and rewinding as showing me a reversal in my emotions or unconscious behaviors in some areas of my life. Houses (sheds) generally represent a part of YOU, so I would look at in the context of me and my life.

      Happy Dreaming,

  86. In my dream I was siting on the edge of this curved wall with my Pastor, his wife, my daughter and my friend Debi. It was sunny out and the ocean was very close by and you could hear it. We were telling stories. There was laughter and a peaceful feeling. Suddenly a wave came and it touched us ever so slightly but not rushing over us. We were all very wet and we were laughing. I can’t believe the overwhelming feeling of peace that came over me and emotion when that happened. As we were leaving for the day I felt sad like I didn’t want to leave and I remember putting my hands in the sand and grabbing some and crying with peace, joyful and content feelings. It was such a strong peaceful feeling I just didn’t want to leave. As we left I remember feeling grateful for having had such a wonderful fulfilling day of celebration. When I woke up I cried.

    • Michele,

      What a beautiful dream! If this were my dream, I would enjoy the experience for what it was. And try to bring more of those peaceful beautiful feelings into my life.

      Happy Dreaming,

  87. Hi! My dream concisted in me being at the beach, it was summer and the sky was clear. I was enjoying myself by the shore and i noticed the water level rising. Suddenly i knew i needed to go to a higher place because a tsunami was coming. In my dream i needed to climb a wall made of sand to get to another part of the beach, the sand was strong so i could climb it. The first wave splashed on me while climbing the sand wall half way trough, i didnt fall or get hurt due to attaching myself strongly to the wall. I got into the first sand wall level but i saw the sea level rising again so i ran faster to the second level, i got to climb it and my mom was there with me. I hurried up to save my mom and me and the tsunami water turned pitch black (but it was still water). I was devastated because i could save myself from the second wave but my mom disapeared, i cried but i moved on to save myself. I got into this kind of “space machine” with people in it, everyone was saved by it because it protected humans from the aggressive sea. Surprisingly i found my mother and father being alive inside there, i felt so happy.

    Last scene before waking up was my parents and me sitting around a table, facing the sea (it wasnt black anymore) while being inside the space ship. We saw the aggressive waves and then i asked them “lets hug all together”, and we did hug like we never did and cried because we were together regardless this apocaliptic-like situation.

    • If this were my dream, I would understand this dream to be about a major transition in my life – either coming, has happened, or in the process. I would understand the need to get to higher ground as my own need to find a higher perspective on my situation and what is going in my life around this area. I would also look at my own beliefs and practices around spirituality (higher ground) and evaluate if its working for me or there are any changes or tweaks I want to make.

      Happy Dreaming,
      Amy xo

  88. I dreamt of a giant wave crashing through a window of a house where I was standing at and I felt the water coming in but not too rushed, then I moved to another room as a second wave was moving in towards the house, I rememmber seeing a tornado as well, the colors were bright like daylight, I was scared, then I woke up agitated. This was the second ocean dream I have, in the last few days I dreamt of swinging on a giant swing over the ocean, that was the only way to get up to a high rise to see the view… I’m a realtor, I guess I was trying to sell it.

    • Houses often represent some part of you, your body, or life. And waves and oceans are often about emotions and bringing the unconscious to conscious awareness. If this were my dream, I would understand it as bringing awareness to my emotions. I would pay more attention to how I feel and the consequences of those feelings especially in relation to strong, scary, or agitating feelings.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  89. Hello, I had this dream last night I was at my mums house upstairs in my younger sisters bedroom, somehow the house had turned into a motor home and was next to the sea, I looked out of the window and there were big grey/white aggressive waves splashing up towards us. I thought it’d be ok but my sister started panicking and said ‘we need to move’ so I panicked and ran to the other room to move us, then I woke up. I called my mum and had the most horrific argument with her I was in such a depressive mood now I feel terrible. Your website was really helpful, but what does this mean?

    • Dreams *can* show you the future, so if this were my dream experience, I might take it as a pre-cognitive experience to the argument I had with my mom. I would remember this experience and stay alert for dreams showing me what may be coming. These dreams can actually be quite useful because they give you a warning so you can change the outcome and avoid the fight – or at least if you feel the fight coming on, step back, remember the dream, and then get out of your anger quicker to resolve the argument.

      Amy xo

  90. My dream was both about the ocean and land. At first I was in the middle of the sea with my grandmother and my cousin in a yacht. As far as I remember I got in an argument with my cousin and wasn’t pleased of something he did, suddenly I told him to sink the yatch. In the dream the yatch had a mechanism that made it easy to sink. Afterwards I realised how stupid it was because I usually don’t think of the consequences behind my actions, therefore meaning how are we going to get back to shore. The sky was grey and the sea was a little rough, also it was getting dark. We had no choice but to swim until we found an island. As we reached, I felt in my mind that there was this woman I had to meet and then we saw a pathway and followed it. While walking to an unknown location, just following our instincts and that pathway, we came upon monkeys on the way. What was weird, is that it looked like they were blocking us from passing as if we were trespassing in their territory but at the same time as we came closer they kept backing away. Still moving, I kept on hearing a voice in my head, a woman’s voice, it seemed as she was calling me to come to her as if she was doing some kind of ritual to get in contact with me. Suddenly the monkeys turned the other way and rushed towards an open cabin. That’s where it all surprised me I actually came upon the same woman that I was seeing and hearing in my head. We walked up to her and I woke up. I don’t remember my dreams most of the times, and that one was one the most amazing ones I ever had. I had to look it up.

    • If this were my dream, I would take away 2 things:

      1) Think of the consequences before I act (especially out of anger)
      2) Trust my instincts

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  91. Hi Amy,
    I dreamed of a beautiful ocean at the end of my dream last night. It’s daytime,I went to a community i used to live with a cop. I felt sad about all the changes in the place. I found my old house which belongs to a new owner. We knocked, and then two little girls and a young woman came to us. They dressed in white silk pajamas. They welcomed U.S. and then young woman went to tell her husband. I met him, he’s my friend (never seen him in waking life). I was so happy to meet him again as he had a miserable life before-without a family and with some bad guys. I went upstairs with the cop, to the veranda and then I saw the beautiful light green blue ocean. It’s calm. I looked at a long sight so I didn’t see any beach. Sky is blue and some winds blow to us. The other side of the house is a shallow bay, I can see through the water.
    As you mentioned above, ocean represents our unconsciousness. I try to analyze the dream. I think it’s because I feel happy about my changes recently. Being brave and wiling to reveal my true feelings and emotions.
    Last night I thought of my mom, she doesn’t live with me now. Maybe it’s the ocean in my dream? Comfort me?
    Looking forward to your analysis ^^

    • Hi Mylene,

      I love the way you understand the dream! It’s a beautiful way to look at it :) If this were my dream, I would continue to bring the energy of the dream into my waking life by continuing to be brave and reveal my true feelings. When I do this, although it can feel vulnerable, I always feel better and it leads to positive results.

      If you want to go deeper into the dream, check out my latest article on understanding people in your dreams.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  92. I often see huge n vast waters in my dream that seem scary cause there’s a fear seeing the abundance ,however the water is very placid n beautiful but vast. what do that suggest ?

    • If this were my dream, I would look at my own fears and beliefs around the theme of “abundance.” Do you have any fears or anxieties around having abundance in your life? I would look at all the aspects of abundance including love, money, success, etc… I would also look at my beliefs around worthiness and check in to see if I am sabotaging myself in any way.

      – Amy xo

  93. I had a dream where I was standing on a rock right next to the ocean, a wave hit me but I still continued standing and I did not feel scared.. my mother, sister and a man figure were standing on the side, close to me but they were like on a stable ground fixture. the wave washed over their feet and they started running away from the water.

    • If this were my dream, I would understand to be showing me my own emotional stability and my ability to remain steadfast in the face potentially frightening situation. I would also wonder if that holds true in regards to my feelings around my family.

  94. Hi :)

    I had about 2/3 dreams of seeing the calm nice blue sea, and in one of them i was on a plane and seeing it and another i am on a boat.
    But last night I had a dream that I was scub diving into the sea as a job with someone who both had deep feelings for at work but we both left and he did not want contact. we were holding hands as we went in the water.

    what does it mean?
    what does it mean? :)

  95. Hi :)

    I had two-3 dreams about a bright blue calm sea, and in either of them I was in a boat on or a plane above it.

    But last night I had a a dream that I was working and as part of the job scuba dived into the sea with an ex colleague. we were holding hands as we went under the water.

    We both had feelings for each other but miser understandings so
    that we could not end up to go out and left the job enemies :(

    please can you tell me what t he dreams mean?



    • Hi Dita,

      Dreams about the ocean are often about deep emotions and if this were my dream, I would understand the ocean in that context as it seems clear when you describe the feelings for each other. To understand the role of your ex-colleague have a look at my post on understanding the people in your dream.

      Happy Dreaming,

  96. I have some sort of reoccuring dream with the ocean. Last night I dream of being in the ocean and constantly being underwater and having giant waves come over me. In this dream (along with many others) I was worried about my phone breaking the whole time. (Something to do with communication?) & After the being in the ocean for awhile its almost like i sunk down to a darker blue park of the water where tons of smaller sharks were and started nipping at me. Very weird.

    • Hey there – yes, phones are often about communication. And the ocean is often about unconscious processes and emotions. If this were my dream, I would check in with where I in contact with deeper parts of myself – my intuition, my dreams, emotions, spirituality, etc… I would wonder if I am breaking contact with these deeper parts of myself.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  97. Hello :)
    so i always dream about oceans. Like i was walking at the seashore and suddenly the sky turned dark and the wind begin to blow harshly. And i began to run but i always slip and trying my way up because the water is trying to suck me in. Its like a whirpool sucking me in. And the water begin to rose up to my neck. Trying all my might crawling on the sand trying to pull myself up. But fortunately i was able to climb up and run away. Im so worried because i always encounter this kind of dreams. Please do interpret this. Thank you so much for your help :) Godbless

    • If this were my dream, I would wonder if I am feeling overwhelmed by my emotions in any area of my life. Or if I am being held back in my life by unconscious forces – such as programming, habits, etc…

      – Amy xo

  98. I had a dream last night that I was riding in our family truck with all three of my children. My middle child was driving and when I looked up I realized that we were actually driving in reverse and there were several vehicles that were driving towards us. I switched places with my daughter and miraculously was able to jump the truck into a forward driving position and we raced along this road. In the dream I felt very rushed, like we had somewhere very important to get to and I could tell that we were driving extremely fast. We came to a T in the road and I turned right. We continued to speed along a highway that ran along the ocean. The ocean water was fairly calm. We hit a dip in the road and the truck launched off the road and into the ocean. As the truck started sinking into the water, I was able to gather all three of my children together. I opened the window in the rear of the truck and dragged the three of them up to safety.

    I’d love to hear your insight into my dream.

    Thank you,


    • There’s a lot going on here, Candice. What stands out the most to me is the imagery about the truck. Driving is often about control in dreams, as in “who’s in the driver’s seat.” So if this were my dream, I would wonder if there are any areas in my life where my middle daughter is in control and I am not. I would also understand that I have the ability to correct the situation and keep my family going in the right direction.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  99. My 7 year Old daughter dreamt she was playing in The sand at The Beach shore with Her brother( my 6 yr Old boy) and their dad building sand castles. I was there too and after a while I swam far deep into The ocean. She woke UP crying.

    • Did she tell you why she was crying? Here’s what I suggest when helping kids with their dreams. First acknowledge and validate her experience and whatever feelings she has. And ask her what about that dream made her cry and how she felt. There could be numerous reasons why she was crying – fear, loneliness, sadness, or even happiness that everyone was together. So its important to discuss the dream with her and find out more if you can.

      If its a scary dream, let her know that you are there and that she’s safe. Then do something to expel the negative energy – like shake it off, spit it out, or something to physically move the energy.

      Another fun thing to do with kids is to have her act out the dream or draw a picture of it.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  100. My dream was based at a beach I believe that I was standing on the beach looking out at big crashing waves it was night time. Then Dolphins started to appear and they were riding the wave and then suddenly it was calm and they had their heads out of the water, then a green light was coming from them which illuminated three tall carvings on a cliff the lights made them very easy to see but I couldn’t remember what they were?

    Any help would be amazing

    • Beautiful dream! If this were my dream, I would hone in on the dolphins. Dolphins are often a symbol of your relationship with your subconscious/inner self. So if this were my dream, I would understand it as a call to get in touch with my inner self, my deepest desires, and do what really makes me come alive and feel happy. If that means I need to get better acquainted with who *I* am, versus what I’ve learned I “should” be, that’s a great place to start. There’s a wonderful journey ahead, should you choose to go down that road.

      xo Amy

  101. The last three days I’ve dreaming of swimming in the ocean and loving it!!!
    I am an open water swimmer in real life and I just love that so much. When I’m in the ocean I am thanking Mother Earth while I’m swimming and I feel so much love and passion while I’m in the water. I felt one with the water. My friends that watched me swim commented on how at ease I am while swimming while they struggle to fight the current. What does all this mean? I love the ocean!!!!

    • Yes, it sounds like you love the ocean. Our daily activities often show up in our dreams, for various reasons. One being that dreaming is a learning process and you can actually improve your skills through dreaming. If this were my dream, I might think of this dream as giving me a helping hand in my open water swimming and showing me something in my life that brings me joy.

      Keep swimming and keep dreaming.

      – Amy xo

  102. i had a dream that i fell into the ocean with a girl im competing with then found myself in a small room underwater and won the competition

    • If this were my dream, I might understand this to be a reflection of a waking life competition. Or if not, I would wonder if I am competing with myself in any way for anything.

  103. Dreaming i was on a large boat it looked like an oil tanker it was in motion and it was rocking to very turbulent waves i was standing their on the boat almost being swept into the sea with these crashing waves and it was as if someone grabbed hold of me and pulled me back into the cabin for my own safty.

    • If this were my dream, I would wonder if I am experiencing overwhelming emotions, stress, or anxiety in any areas of my life.

  104. I had a dream where I was in a fancy restaurant in a yacht and I was all alone. My stomach was growling and it probably really was growling in reality because I didnt eat dinner. I really wanted to eat but my parents werent there and I’m only 15 so I didnt have any money. So all these families were
    Together eating, and I just felt awkward and I felt out of place. The waitress asked me if I wanted a table and I knew if I did order something I wouldnt be able to pay for it so I just walked around. I looked out a huge window that showed the blue ocean, and the boat started to take off and went faster and faster. I just looked at the calm water pass by

    • What stands out to me in this dream is the feeling of loneliness and not being able to get your needs met despite being in a place of abundance.

      If this were my dream, I would try to connect the feelings in the dream with my waking life. Do you feel that you’re needs aren’t getting met in some area of your life? Maybe a feeling of powerlessness or lack of control in your life because of your age?

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  105. I had this dream of going to the ocean. I was excited to be there it was a clear blue sky and the sun was bright. I swam into the ocean with a bogey board, and the ocean had many many waves and I felt excited by this and I felt enjoyment as I searched for the biggest wave. And then there it was and I felt exhilarated as the giant wave took form. I took stance and prepared to take the wave as my heart pounds! Success! I’m thrusted forward as the wave pushes me! And I travel a great distance. The wave was so powerful it eventually over took me as I’m thrusted to the bottom of the sea floor! My heart is pounding the sea is completely clear and then everything went into slow motion I see my hands extend in front of me as to keep from hitting the ocean floor. My hands make contact with the sand and my hands and sea floor shimmer blue and purple and in slow motion I thrust myself forward and up, my heart is still pounding as I start to rise to the surface. And then I find myself taking a deep breath and I realize that I’m not choking on water and that I’m dreaming and I continue to breath under water as I surface! And I’m then standing and walking to the shore as I turn to look at my youngest daughter and son (I don’t see my oldest son witch is 7, I don’t know if this is significant) laughing and they both have there backs to the ocean holding what seems to look like a white square piece of plywood. The wave hits them and nocks them over as they laugh in enjoyment and I turn back to look at all the waves in the sea and with the same excitement I look on in wonderment as to how I could breathe and see so clearly underwater. And then I wake up. Right now I have just recently met this girl who I’m really into and she is really into me as well and we are vary comfortable with each other and we are able to communicate and express our feelings openly with each other. The night of the dream we had a vary open and revealing conversation about each other and we opened up and shared things about each other things vary personal. We both shared are troubled pasts and our weaknesses and things we regret about our past. Before I sleeped and had this dream I was thinking about if we would be good for each other and if I could trust her and if she would break my heart and hurt me. I’m feeling that with this dream that my subconscious is telling me that it will be ok to peruse this relationship and that it will be exciting and enjoyable. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Wow… what a beautiful dream. I love that you set a dream intention (thinking about a question before going to sleep) and that you received this dream.

      Yes, I think the dream fits perfectly with the intention. If this were my dream I would understand it as showing me the beauty that I have within me. That includes my feelings, emotions, and what is true and alive within in me. I would also understand it to be showing me the beauty that enters my life when I get vulnerable, close, and intimate in this way with another person. And this can lead to a lot of growth.


      xo Amy

  106. HI.

    I dream so often about the ocean. About a big, big ocean. I’m on the beach, and the beach is endless and broad. I feel a strong longing in my heart and soul pulling me out towards the ocean, and God is telling me that one day it will be a fire inside so strong that I won’t be able to do anything but follow it. And it will mean sailing out towards the unknown- I have somewhere I have to go. I will have to leave security and this beach. But God tells me I’m not ready yet. And in one dream my heart was buried in the sand, just beneath it, close enough to be slightly visible. The odd part was that my heart was as big as I am, and beating so strongly. I could do nothing but lay there, with my cheek against the warm sand hearing my heart beating. I couldn’t leave until it was healed.

    This same beach is in my dreams over and over again. In one I saw my pastor diving and saving people up out of the ocean, over and over again. I knew I might be called to do the same thing one day. Because the number of people Struggling out in the ocean was countless, and being saved alone was not okay.

    I sort of don’t get the two different parts of this connected. People needing to be saved out of the ocean and me needing to help out with this, and on the other hand me in the future heading towards a moment where I will need to throw away all my fears and security and sail out.. Am confused. I know this is God talking to me, but am not really getting what he means with it all.

    • Hi Kessy,

      The ocean is a spiritual symbol, so if this were my dream, I would understand it to be about my calling and my higher purpose in life (as most oceans hit on in some way). I would look for areas in my life that my heart is pulled toward and where I feel that I can best be of service. And I’d start taking steps to do more of what makes me happy and more of what I love. There may be more for you later, but the only way to get there is to start.

      Happy Dreaming,
      Amy xo

  107. I dreamed that I was in the middle of the ocean on a very large boat, the water was deep blue and extremely calm without a ripple or sound. The air was clear, blue sky without a cloud, and intensely sunny. There was a stairway from where I was on the upper deck, down to a lower deck that met with the water. I walked down the stairway and immediately saw an orca whale and felt really freaked out until I saw that it was a very tiny orca and it was happy and smiling. I pet it and it swam off. Then a huge lion jumped on and put its arms around me0 I was very afraid and frozen thinking it was going to eat me at any second. But it just stood there hugging me. I was still nervous but more calm. I told people I was with to take pictures. Then I threw a chickens foot to get the lion off of me so I could go back up to my family who was waiting. The lion turned into a human boy (probably around age 12) who looked very sad and said I want to go with you. I told him I could not take him. He started eating the chicken foot, and I walked away back upstairs to the people who were waiting for me….
    I also had a dream that I had a bunch of brindle pitt bull puppies hatching out of tomatoes, and I had nothing to feed them and was trying to get to a store to get little bottles and puppy formula. I was so worried about those puppies.

    • If this were my dream, I would understand it to be about my own fears in relation to my spirituality and my innermost self. Many people fear what is subconscious/unconscious in them simply because they do not know what is there. However, in the dream once you face what you are afraid of (the lion & the orca), the fear simply doesn’t exist anymore. That is the same thing that happens when we look at our selves. We bring light to the unknown and suddenly its not so scary anymore.

      If this were my dream, I would wonder what fears I have that I simply haven’t examined. I would take action to examine these fears and look at them in another light – in a way that they are no longer scary.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  108. Hi Amy

    I had a dream that I was in the ocean with my father (who is a soldier) and his other soldier friends. I remember the water being a really deep blue, compared to what I am used to seeing in the Caribbean, where I am from. Also, as I stepped into the ocean, it was suddenly very deep, as if I had entered a pool instead of an ocean, where the depth of the water moves gradually from the ankle and gets deeper and deeper.

    Dad and I, along with his soldier friends and I were having fun in the ocean, looking at fishes who did spectacular tricks and traveled in huge schools. However, I left the water to go to my mother and little brother for something, and then I returned to the water where Dad and his friends were. But when I returned, I saw them all in their military uniforms and suddenly had a serious look or ‘battle face’ …. they looked as if they were about to fight a war at sea.

    I felt awkward being around them, so I moved away from them slowly, and I looked at daddy one last time, and then I woke up…

    I would like to know what exactly this dream means, please. I know you are capable of helping me.

    Thank you :)

    • Hi Kim,

      Great dream. If this were my dream, I would link the water and the soldiers as both can have similar interpretations. Water being about your inner desires, inner self, spirituality, making the unconscious conscious. And soldiers symbolizing some kind of conflict.

      If this were my dream, I would understand it like this: The water is showing me my inner most self and what is true within me – spiritually and in terms of shedding light on areas of my life that I am currently unconscious of, also deep emotions. And the soldier showing me a potential conflict I have in doing that. Things that are unconscious are often so for a reason – such as it’s painful to think of certain memories, hurts, or wounds. And so we bury them and forget about them. And then as time goes by, we realize that these hurts we buried aren’t really buried at all, but only expressing themselves in different ways. So the conflict arises that we need to face these wounds for personal growth and healing, but it’s painful to do so.

      I would take a look at my life and see what wants to be expressed in my life – both positive things that want to be expressed, and negative things that want to be healed. Then I would play with making these things conscious by looking at them, examining them, and getting acquainted with these parts of myself. It can be scary, but it can also be quite fun.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  109. Hi Laura,

    In my dream i was on a boat with 3 other, it was a river then suddenly a small wave of muddy water splashed out feet but it didn’t rock our boat. Instead we made it to the other side. What does that mean?

    • Hi Anne,

      If this were my dream, I would understand it to be showing me that even when I don’t have clarity on a situation or when I’m feeling depressed, lost or confused, I have the power within me to “make it to the other side” of these emotions and difficult times.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

      • Thanks Amy. :)

  110. So, I had this dream a few hours ago. It was a cloudy evening, and I was deep in the ocean, swimming without any clothes. I really loved the feeling of flowing water against my body as I swam, being without the usual swimming trunks and all.

    Then I suddenly jumped out of the water, high above the surface, only to soon fall back down into the deeps. I knew my mother was wathing me, from somewhere. I jumped high out of the water a few times, wondering if anyone out there would admire my ability to jump so high.

    For a short time, I was afraid if there are any big fish around, too, but I noticed nothing so I felt relieved. At the same time I also took a moment to look around and see how truly deep underwater I had been all the time: about 100m beneath the surface.

    A moment later, I crashed into the beach after a jump out of water. I noticed something I thought was a porpoise, so I began pushing it back to the ocean. Then my mother came there and told me that it’s actually a seal, and I had landed into a zoo on the beach. I was happy that I was no longer swimming, as it had started to rain and the weather was getting worse.

    A moment later the zoo turned into something weird, a subway station full of trains, and I don’t remember anything else.

    I’m a teenager boy, if that matters, and earlier the same night I had seen a nightmare that scared me quite badly.

    • I love this dream. To me, the main message here is about freedom. Oceans often represent the depths of your unconscious – all that you are, all that you can become, all the potential you have, your connection with your spirituality and the deepest parts of yourself.

      If this were my dream, I would understand it like this: the dream is showing me the vastness of who I am and what I have within me. There’s a great freedom in discovering and expressing yourself fully – all parts of you. Even (and especially) the parts of you that may get ignored, overlooked or put aside. Which can happen quite easily in your teenage years with pressures from family, friends, school, and the like. I would remember this freedom, for this is who you really are and it is the joy you are meant to express in your life.

      As for the zoo and your mother. Zoos are a place of confinement. They are like a jail for unwitting animals who don’t have a choice to be there and would in all likelihood, rather be running free in the wild. So, if this were my dream, I would wonder if I feel my freedom is being restricted by mother. Now this is a tricky place to be and I certainly felt that way when I was a teenager. And in many ways, your freedom *is* restricted and unfortunately, that’s how our society is built. However, if this were my dream, I would look for areas in which I can freely express myself without restriction – maybe through art, music, sports, building, whatever makes you come alive and feel that joy you felt in your dream.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  111. Ive been going through alot in life. And I know every one does. But the stuff I am putting myself through is for love and faith in a good life for my kids. Last night I dreamed about swimming in the ocean. Everything was calm n relaxing. But then the current got strong. I got out of control at first I then got a grip and swam inland. But then large waves came and I was lifted in the air not by the wave but above the wave then gently brought back down with no splash or no pain. What does this mean I went through 2 waves before i woke up.

    • If this were my dream, I might understand it to be showing me another way of working/getting things done. Rather than struggling and putting myself through “a lot,” I would wonder what might happen if I let go and just allowed. Allowed myself to be carried by life rather than trying to force things to happen.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

      P.S. Check out my new video training series on how to understand and use your dreams in your life (it’s free!). And I’ll be hosting a live webinar next week about Nightmares. Get your name on my list, if you’re not already, to learn more about that!

  112. Hi Laura
    Im having a dream that comes often, it’s me playing in the harsh waves at my favorite beach. I’m having fun at the moment and the sky is blue. I kept getting taken under by the waves but I just got back up and started playing in them. What does this mean?

    • If this were my dream I would understand it to be about how to deal with harsh emotions. When difficult/harsh emotions come, I just get back up and play with them. The dream could be showing you how you already handle difficult emotions, or it could be showing you another way to deal with them if you’re not already doing this.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

      P.S. Check out my new video training series on how to understand and use your dreams in your life (it’s free!). And I’ll be hosting a live webinar next week about Nightmares. Get your name on my list, if you’re not already, to learn more about that!

  113. I had a dream that was one of the most beautiful, calm and blue ocean fronts i’ve every seen with white sand and a clear blue sky. I was driving up to it with my car. When I got to the beach front there was a bunch of people doing interviews in front of the gorgeous view so I drove out of their way and admired from the other side. It was one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen.

    • Wow… sounds like a wonderful dream. If this were my dream, I would play with bringing the feelings of the dream into my waking life. Maybe take a trip to the beach if that’s available.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

      P.S. Check out my new video training series on how to understand and use your dreams in your life (it’s free!). And I’ll be hosting a live webinar next week about Nightmares. Get your name on my list, if you’re not already, to learn more about that!

  114. I have horrible ocean dreams that are generally associated with feeling overwhelmed or afraid somehow. I’ve learned not to trust the ocean in dreams, it always, always makes me nervous because every time I’ve encountered the ocean in my dreams, it’s involved a nightmare of some sort. Being overtaken by huge tsunami type waves, being trapped in buildings that are being washed over, stuck on islands with huge waves, just lots of… huge waves. I have no issue with the ocean in real life, it’s just in dreams.

    So this morning I woke up several hours before I normally would, from an ocean dream. I was walking along the beach carrying a collection of items, some mine, some belonging to my cousin and my best friend. I was texting them and we were having a conversation about relationships. My best friend tells me that she has been dating this guy, and when I ask her how long she has been, she says a few months. She came to visit me just a few weeks ago, and in the dream I had asked her directly if she was dating anyone and she told me no. So in this dream I’m upset because she didn’t tell me, and we had had multiple conversations about the subject. She was irritated at me and didn’t understand why I was upset with her. I was also telling my cousin about this informational packet I had with me about the beach and I had the sense that it was of the utmost importance.

    Just then I went to text my best friend, ‘I hate to be that friend, but…’ prefacing some sort of complaint about being the only one in my friend group without a relationship (though I believe dating is pointless at my age and I’m moving next year so there’s no point at all, anyways)

    (I feel the need to clarify that my best friend would have told me about anything like that, and that our relationship isn’t rocky at all irl. We also both have little interest in dating, but it really would be a non-issue if she did start dating someone, though it might be a little odd. She would tell me though! Also this is the second dream I’ve had of her where she was incredibly out of character, she’s a highly considerate person and in both of these dreams it relates to her being inconsiderate somehow.)

    So next in the dream it’s starting to get dark and I’m looking out at the water, and the waves are both really small and frozen, not moving at all. I sigh in relief and say out loud how grateful I am that the waves aren’t moving, because it buys me time to get off the beach before dark. The correlation between the beach and night makes me anxious, in the dream. In person I have no similar fears. At this point I realize that I’m standing at the very edge of the beach, away from the water. There are probably hundreds of feet of sand between the water and me, and just a few more steps and I’d be off the beach entirely.

    So just as I say how relieved I am, I watch in horror as a huge wave starts to build, out of nowhere. This startles me and I drop all of the things I was carrying, and though the first wave doesn’t really touch me, it starts to carry away all of my items. This is all important stuff I’m carrying, my ID, my phone, books, the informational packet, and items belonging to other people that I feel very stressed to take good care of. The rest of the dream consists of me trying to make sure I don’t lose any of the things I’m carrying, I’m overwhelmed and upset because half of the items are drenched, and the waves keep getting bigger and bigger.

    Right before I wake up, a huge wave washes over me completely and leaves me drenched and freezing, and when I woke up, I realize I had kicked my blanket half off. I was too unsettled to go back to sleep, and I just had this sense that it had a double meaning. The storyline with my friend seemed inconsequential, but the rest of it seemed like it meant something and honestly that unsettled me almost as much as the dream itself.

    I’ve also had dreams before with giant waves like that, and one of the times I did was directly related to emotional turmoil I was currently working through. This time, I can think of a few possible triggers, but nothing obviously related.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and for this whole site, it’s fascinating stuff! I have an interest in psychology, and recently have been looking into dream meanings. I’ll probably get a lot out of looking around your website, it all seems very interesting.

    • Hi there,

      If these were my dreams, I would connect the waves with emotional turmoil – as you said. Since they’re recurring, I might associate them with general turmoil and unrest rather than something specific. Sometimes we’re generally anxious, though there may not be anything specific going on to link it to.

      I might also wonder if the cause of this stress has to do with me “carrying other people’s things.” ie – am I a “people pleaser,” do I let others take advantage of me, do I put others’ needs before my own?

      If you’re interested in understanding the bit about your friend, I suggest you have a look at my post on how to understand the people in your dreams. It can give you a clue as to why you’re dreaming about your friend and what to do with it. What stood out to me about that part was that your friend was being “inconsiderate” in the dream, yet she’s actually very “considerate” in life. That contrast might be a place to investigate.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

      P.S. Check out my new video training series on how to understand and use your dreams in your life (it’s free!). And I’ll be hosting a live webinar next week about Nightmares. Get your name on my list, if you’re not already, to learn more about that!

  115. Hi Amy,

    I had a short dream last night where I was in a beautiful ocean that was all the exact same shade of blue and the sand in front was all the same yellow and the sun was out. I was swimming and I saw my friend (who happens to be of the opposite gender but I have no attraction to) a little ways away. I swam over to him, happy to see him, and he told me he wanted to body surf. He tried a little, but he wasn’t very good at it so I quickly grabbed him and turned him around and immediately a small wave picked him up and he flew (literally) thirty feet into the yellow sand. The dream ended there. What could that mean?


    • What a cool dream. I love that you’re friend was flying. Here’s a couple things to keep in mind: everything in your dream represents some part of you including the other people. I suggest you have a look at my post on how to understand the people in your dreams. That will give you a better idea of what your friend represents.

      Since dreams about the ocean are often about emotions and making the unconscious conscious, I would wonder if something related to him (see above post) is trying to be brought to my attention. And become “conscious” within me. This could be along the lines of bringing a positive quality into your life.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

      P.S. Check out my new video training series on how to understand and use your dreams in your life (it’s free!). And I’ll be hosting a live webinar next week about Nightmares. Get your name on my list, if you’re not already, to learn more about that!

  116. I had a dream I was stood on the sand looking at the sea with my little boy. It was a gorgeous sunny day with calm water. Then suddenly there was a huge wall of water heading straight for us. I grabbed my sons hand and we ran and hid behind an old stone hut. Just as I put my son between me and the wall of the hut to protect him the water hit us. I never felt afraid of the water I just knew we had to try to get away from it. Once the water hit us the dream ended.

    • If this were my dream, I might wonder if I am feeling overwhelmed in someway, and I would consider if the overwhelming emotions are related to my son in some way.

      Dreams are personal and can have different meanings for everyone. So, my suggestions here are general. I do offer 1-on-1 sessions where we can go into greater depth and decode the personalized meaning for you. Please contact me to take advantage of my $20 introductory special.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  117. Hi Amy,
    I keep having this recurring dream. I’m walking around in a cove next to the ocean. I really, really want to go swimming but there is a storm approaching. So I end up going back into the house, which different people own (the one last night it was my mom’s house and we were waiting on some guests to arrive but she wouldn’t tell us who) and other times it was similar to a hotel/b&b setting. I go back to look at the ocean, sit on a bench under a large tree and wait to see if the storm is going to come or not so that I can go swimming. The water is sort of choppy and murky and it is gloomy but the sun is shining down at the end of some sort of pier. I think “should I chance it and jump in?” but then I sit back down on the bench, extremely disappointed that I couldn’t go swimming. What could this possibly mean?
    Thanks for your help on this as it’s beginning to bother me.

    • Hi Traci,

      If this were my dream, I would be most curious about the action in the dream – of waiting and wondering if you should go in or not? I would look at my life and see if there are any areas in my life where I’m “waiting” for something to happen or waiting for something before I “dive in” and do what it is I really love.

      Dreams are personal and can have different meanings for everyone. So, my suggestions here are general. I do offer 1-on-1 sessions where we can go into greater depth and decode the personalized meaning for you. Please contact me to take advantage of my $20 introductory special.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  118. I dreamed that I was with some people, a guy and a lady at the big River side. On top of that river there is a wooden bridge i think. We stood there, eating something like a fried yam, and I was fearing of falling inside the water. All of a sudden I go around and wanted to reast my head some where around the area and my legs mistakenly touch a hole or something…. All I could remembered is that I FELL immediately inside the water and was sinking down. And like I could hear and see my friends trying to help. I WOKE UP IMMEDIATELY! Couldn’t understand and was not happy so I decided to know what it means to me in real life. Thanks.

    • Hi Michael,

      If this were my dream, I would wonder if there was some area in my life where I feel like I’m “drowning” or not able to keep up/ or pull my weight.

      Dreams are personal and can have different meanings for everyone. So, my suggestions here are general. I do offer 1-on-1 sessions where we can go into greater depth and decode the personalized meaning for you. Please contact me to take advantage of my $20 introductory special.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  119. Amy,
    My dream a few nights ago was that I took my family to the beach along with some friends. It wasn’t necessarily the perfect beach day but rather a little overcast. The trek down to the waters was long and winding and steep and at times there was water up to my car windows to drive through. Once in the water with my one year old, the waves suddenly turned. They were the biggest most aggressive waves. I turned to go back to shore but there was a huge hole that kept me from making it. I tried and tried but the waves got to us so I was blowing air in my daughters face to keep her from drowning when the waves passed us and finally even that got to be too much to do. So I yelled for someone to please save her and held her up as high as I could into the air while I was under the water drowning. Then, I woke up.
    This dream was more of a nightmare and has been making me feel uncomfortable since I had it.

    • Hi Emily,

      Yes, it sounds like quite a scary dream. I just did a webinar on nightmares, that you might find useful. You can watch the replay here.

      If this were my dream, I would wonder if I’m feeling overwhelmed in any way in my life. I’d particularly look in connection with my daughter, as having a baby can be quite overwhelming at times. If that’s the case, I would look for ways to ease my load – like asking for help when I need it.

      Dreams are personal and can have different meanings for everyone. So, my suggestions here are general. I do offer 1-on-1 sessions where we can go into greater depth and decode the personalized meaning for you. Please contact me to take advantage of my $20 introductory special.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  120. Hi Amy,

    I dreamt last night of swimming in the ocean with my sister and my son. In the dream my son was 10 (he’s 22 now) and was trying to catch waves to learn to surf. I was leisurely swimming when suddenly huge tsunami waves came in and I could hear my sister telling my son to take them. He was part surfing/part falling but was never scared. Then I realized the waves were coming towards me and I knew I needed to try to ride them. I’ve never surfed before in my life. 2 or 3 Tsunami waves came in succession and I rode each one like a pro/without a board. As it drew me to the beach, the sand suddenly became a huge cement wall. When I realized I was going to crash into it the wave completely dropped me and I found myself inside a beach house with my son and sister looking at pictures of myself riding the big waves like a pro. The day was sunny and the sky was blue.

    • Wow, what an incredibly empowering dream :) If this were my dream, I would understand the dream to be showing me either how I handle tough emotions (like a pro). Or if you don’t tend to handle difficult emotions well, I would understand it to be showing me how I could do better. Particularly in connection with your son.

      Dreams are personal and can have different meanings for everyone. So, my suggestions here are general. I do offer 1-on-1 sessions where we can go into greater depth and decode the personalized meaning for you. Please contact me to take advantage of my $20 introductory special.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  121. Hi , I had this dream very often .
    I see dark sea as if im seeing it as in 3D even though im at such a height I see only sea and it is very big
    nothing else around me .
    and very less waves
    im at tallest point and away from sea
    but still it look majestic
    nobody else around or at the beach .

    • If this were my dream, I would pay attention to the *feelings* in the dream. How did you feel about the situation. Looking at the feelings in the dream can often provide more clues than simply the action of the dream.

      Dreams are personal and can have different meanings for everyone. So, my suggestions here are general. I do offer 1-on-1 sessions where we can go into greater depth and decode the personalized meaning for you. Please contact me to take advantage of my $20 introductory special.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  122. Hi Amy I dream that I’m swimming in ocean with boy his age around 3 years old and when I’m finish swimm the sea is change like ice . And I see that one boy hi go swimming that he don’t know the water is ice already and then I see blood . What the meaning of that thanks have ah good day.

    • Hi Michelle,

      If this were my dream, I would wonder if my emotions are “frozen” or stuck in someway. I would connect these emotions with the boy – whether it be a boy you know in your waking life or if he represents some part of you.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  123. Hello Everyone,

    So I had a recurring dream night after night of my house being settled right on the edge of the ocean. I lived with my 7 year old son and was very afraid because It would start to slip furthur in the ocean and I would have people help me pull the house farther back on the sand. A day later It would start slipping again and I was afraid that my son and I would end up in the ocean and I wanted to move away but couldnt. The ocean was calm, the people were nice, I just had no control over this slipping house and my son and I life. Scary…Any thoughts, am I living on the edge?

    • Hi Crystal,

      I love the question you end with, “Am I living on the edge?” This very well could be what the dream is communicating to you. In your waking life, do you feel (or suspect) that you may be living on the edge? If so, I would take a look at these areas of my life.

      If this were my dream, I would also look at the way I handle my emotions. Am I afraid of strong, deep, or unconscious emotions? And / or is there anything that I am afraid to look at in my life?

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  124. I had a dream of floating in a bright baby blue carribean like ocean… not many waves and clear blue skies more blue then I remember as a child… there were many others around me, I didnt know them but I felt at peace… at one point I had dark blue rattlesnakes surrounding me, I wasnt scared but I definatly couldnt ignore them. Further in I started seeing a dock, it was just a random dock with a square center and lots on shutes coming off of it and it was just in the middle of this vast baby blue water. there were people there waiting for all us floaters to come to shore.. I recognized one person… My brother. He left this world a few years ago and I never got to say goodbye and that I loved him… In the dream I hugged him and didnt question why he was there.. He said “I love you sis… dont be sad.” and he never said he loved me in the physical world or called me sis for that matter…. but I accepted it as if we had always said it to eachother… I sad “I love you too bro” back and laughed, and as I stopped hugging him I looked around everyone was hugging, laughing, and talking to what seemed to be loved ones (again I knew noone else in my dream but my brother) and I felt this was a peacefull place…. the snakes in the water turned white and I saw land in the distance right before I woke up…. Man pregnancy is giving me weird dreams!!! lol

    • Love it! What a wonderful dream. I’m going to ask you to suspend your disbelief for a moment – dreams really do connect us with other planes of reality. And if this were my dream, I would understand it to be an *actual* visit from my brother. Letting me know that he is okay and that he loves me. Maybe he came to say goodbye to give you some closure, maybe it’s the beginning of a new relationship with him, if you’re open and allow it.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  125. I had the best dream so far, I was at the beach but there was an old wooden broken bridge in the middle of the ocean (it wasnt a board walk) and on the other side there was one of my classmate who I barely talk to and suddenly I start talking about some project and she told be “Lets just enjoy this vacation/break” and I stop and looked at my feet that was now touching this beautiful turquoise/ blue water and I felt so calm then I step on to the sand and out of nowhere there was the net that came from the sky and I used it as a swing and it made me feel so happy just being in this place but it ended so fast …. I felt a weird connection between the bridge and the turquoise/blue water

    • Love it. If this were my dream, I would take your classmate’s words of wisdom to heart “let’s just enjoy this vacation/break.” If you tend to discuss or think about work/worrisome things too much, this might be a great reminder to enjoy yourself more. I would take action on this dream by spending some time doing things that I enjoy :)

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  126. hi. i have been trying to look for someone to help me. i seldom have dreams and when i do, i usually forget about it when i wake up. but there is something about this dream that i found very disturbing. i was hoping i could find someone to help me interpret it. i dont usually remember my dreams either…but this one, i do.

    i dreamt of an ocean with angry waves. a dark sky. like a storm is coming or is about to pass by. and in the middle of the ocean i was in a big bldg with huge huge windows that were wide open. and i was holding on to it together with a friend. we were trying to jump from one bldg to another until we could get through it. and there was also a crab.

    • Hey there,

      So in dreams when oceans are angry and the sky is dark, this often represents some dark, angry, and possibly disturbing emotions that are coming to the surface. If this were my dream, I would understand it along those lines. I might also understand jumping through the open windows as me trying to escape these emotions that are arising in my life. I would look at areas of my life where I feel overwhelmed.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  127. Hi Amy. I’ve had a dream. And this dream stood out amongst the rest maybe because, this is the only dream that i was able to remember vividly. I’ve had it last night. I dreamt i was in the middle of the ocean with strong waves and dark skies. And i was inside a big building. It was empty with high, open windows. The ones that looks like they are as high as the ceiling with the bottom ending just a few inches above the floor. anyway, i have a friend with me and i was trying to save him/her also. i took his/her hand and made him/hr grab the edge of the window and together we climbed our way sideways until we reach the edge of the bldg which was towards the shoreline. While we were climbing, i think saw crabs. they were slowly walking across the ocean where there was a wall with vines covering it. Anyway, we were almost reaching the shoreline, the image shifted. We end up jumping towards a wall and took hold of the vines. by then, she ocean was at peace and the sky was blue. The climb wasn’t long and when we reached the top, we were on the shore with white sands. the ocean was sparkling blue and it was sunny.

    Seeing that i never forgot about it, maybe it was important? i’ve been trying to do some research about it and i really do want to understand. I am really hoping that you could help me? Thank you in advance. I do really wish to hear from you soon.



    • Hey Gaby,

      I replied to another dream you submitted (same one, it sounds like), but this one has more details. So I’ll just go into the added details here. Actually, it gives me a better picture of the dream. So, with the new information what stands out to me is that you’re *helping* your friend climb through the building to the shore while in the middle of the ocean with a strong waves and dark skies. As I mentioned before the scene suggests strong, dark emotions – possibly overwhelming, depressing, frightening etc…

      But in the dream you are *helping* your friend out of it. And you make it to the shore where there is sparkling sands and blue water. What this says to me is that you have an ability to help others out of overwhelming/strong emotions. You can lead/guide others through difficult times and help bring them to safety and peace. And that is a beautiful gift to have. If this were my dream, I would try to bring awareness to the emotional struggles that my friends are going through. And if I am in a position to help, I would help. And yes, it sounds like an important dream to me too – there’s so much sh!t in the world, and so much to feel bad about, we need guides and people who can help us through troubled times. Thank you for all your help!

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  128. I just had a dream that I was speeding in a car with my boyfriend and took the curve too fast. We ended up going over the cliff, driving into the water. He was so mad at me the whole way, yelling that this was my fault. When we hit the water, we exited the car and held hands while we fell deeper and deeper.

    I saw killer whales and other big fishes as we fell and after we hit the water. I saw one after us but I wasn’t scared. Eventually, we were separated and I let myself just drift through the different depths. I even became physically colder (in real life) as I went deeper. Every 100 meters, it seemed like a different level or stage.

    The dream seemed so real! I think the biggest feeling I had was, “what will happen next?”

    • Dreaming about cars are often about feelings of control. And oceans can be about deep emotions. If this were my dream, I would look at my relationship with my boyfriend and see if there are any areas where I am feeling out of control or where he is blaming me for something.

  129. I’ve consistently had dreams of tsunamis off and on for about a year, I notice they peak as i’m experiencing some kind of emotional crisis. I don’t live near beach , so I don’t have any tsunami concerns so I know it’s not that. I don’t think i’ve had a dream where the weather was clear, i’ve had dreams where the weather began as clear and peaceful but ultimately ending in extreme waves, I’ve even had a dream where the water actually met me (most times the water never touches me) and I could breathe under water, it was very confusing, i’m often with people I care about, i’m never alone, i’m always very afraid, the only time I didn’t feel afraid was when I could breathe under water. I’d really like your input and maybe you can offer a little insight i don’t have.

    • yes, dreams about tsunamis (and big waves in general) are often about strong emotions and emotional turmoil. Like you mentioned they peak when you are going through an emotional crises.

      Oceans are also about the unconscious and unconscious emotions rising to the surface. So even when you are not going through an emotional crisis there may be some emotional “stuff” going on in the background. If these were my dreams, I would look at my emotions and what is going on in my life. Particularly emotions that are just below the surface of my conscious awareness. It helps me just to be real quiet and sit with myself (or often I’ll get these insights in the shower) and feel into what is going on emotionally. Maybe *just* out of my reach.

      This will give you a place to start exploring the dreams.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  130. Hi there!

    I just woke up from the most bizarre dream involving the beach at sunset. I am there with a guy I’ve recently reconnected with. He wants to go surfing, but there aren’t many waves. Still, we go in the water. It soon gets dark and the water is still. We go off into the water once again. This time it’s dark, the only light is the moon and the stars. The water is surprisingly still. So we’re just floating face down on our surfboards. I feel scared, but he assures me everything is fine. Then he says “I love you” and my board flips over leaving me face up. I am scared and freaking out and he comes and helps me get back on my board and says everything will be okay. We stay out in the water and my board flips a second time. This time I’m having a panic attack and trying to control it. Once again, he helps me and I decide it’s time to get out of the water so I start swimming to shore. He follows me, but seems upset, so he walks away to rinse off in the public bathroom while I pick up our belongings.

    I woke up feeling a little anxious. I’m not sure if this dream has to do with my recent move to San Diego, which is the city he lives in or if there’s more to it. Your guidance will be appreciated! Thank you!

    • Hi Keri,

      What stands out to me is in this dream is what happens after he says “I love you,” and you start having trouble with the board. Ocean dreams are often about deep (and often unconscious) emotions. If this were my dream, I would examine my feelings around how it feels when someone says “I love you.” How does that make you feel? Is it scary? Do you feel out of control in some way? Or may it’s a “flip” from what you’re used to in your life. If you’re feeling anxious about your move (especially if you moved for him), your dreams can reflect these feelings.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  131. I had a dream about a black sand beach and at the beginning of my dream there were families on the beach and I was walking with a couple of my family members quite happily along this beach. The waves were of average height but quite distant. We were also walking nowhere near the water as it was low tide. Then I looked up again and everything has changed. The wave height had increased, the beach was empty and my family members were running away. The sky had also turned a dark grey colour and the waves were now crashing at my feet and the beach seemed to be dangerous. What does this mean?

    • It sounds to me that this dream is depicting 2 different emotional states – happy and serene and then dark and possibly violent. If this were my dream, I would look at my relationship with my family and see if there are any areas of tension.

  132. I dreamt i was walking along a beautiful stone sidewalk that somehow contained the endless ocean, with a stone fence. i was with someone who i have had a relationship with in the past and we were eating something, when, out of the blue, a huge wave targeted him. He dissapeared and i was dry and still had my meal, totally unaffected by the wave. i started searching for him, asking other people to look for him, so he wouldnt drown, but he was out of sight. at some point i woke up with the feeling that i was alone the whole time on the beach and that it was all my imagination. i was at ease when i woke up, but a bit confused in the dream. strangest thing is that i havent dreamt with him for ages and then i acknowledged it was his bday when i was awaken. any insight ? thank you

    • Love that you dreamed about this guy on his birthday – what a beautiful way to remember him :) Have you read my post about understanding the people in your dreams? I think you would find that helpful and it will give you some insight as to why you are dreaming about this person.

      Sweet dreams,

  133. I dreamt that I was walking with my daughter through a dune and when we got close to the beach I saw that the tide was coming in the colors around the beach we’re yellowish but out to sea the sky was dark and lightning was flashing,the waves we’re getting stronger and all of a sudden I see my son playing near the edge of the water and I start to run to get him and the water that is rolling in pulls on me to let go of my daughter but Im holding on for dear life because I want to keep them both safe,I finally grab my son and start to head back to the dunes and I turn back and on a flash of lightning I see a majestic lighthouse in the middle of the ocean, all I could think was I have to get the kids to safety and I see all these people just laying out with their kids and having the time of their lives and can’t shake the feeling of desperation I have on getting the kids out of there. Needless to say I woke up and checked my kids but couldn’t go back to sleep. What do you think the dream was about?

    • If this were my dream, I would wonder if there were any situations in which I need to protect my kids. I would also look at the dream symbolically and wonder if I need to protect or save my own inner child.

  134. Hello,

    I had a dream that I was looking down off of a dock I believe, or boat into the lake, but noticed a bunch of dolphins swimming in one direction, it appeared there was a strong current, then I saw killer whales, then Jelly fish and so on, it appeared that the lake had a bunch of ocean animals swimming through it. I was fascinated and excited when I saw them, I showed my daughter who didn’t seem to care so much about it. I remember thinking that this changes everything, and how everything was going to be different now that the lake was filled with ocean animals. No clue what this means and I know it isn’t an ocean but figure it relates enough. I would love some insight.

    • Love it! Oceans in dreams are often about the unconscious and seeing these fish and ocean animals are often about deeply unconscious life process. If this were my dream, I would understand these ocean animals to be showing me what is unconscious in my life. I would understand this dream to be asking me to make conscious whatever is unconscious. In this case you felt fascinated and excited, showing that uncovering these feelings in your life could lead to fascination and excitement with yourself.

      And yes it changes everything… once you become aware of what is unconscious within you, that is when you are able to change the negative and highlight the positive. Which allows you to step more fully into who you are. Working with your dream is a wonderful way to do that.

      I think you would benefit from my Dream into Life Immersion Program. It’s an 8 week course where you learn how to understand and use your dreams in your life. And learn to make unconscious aspects of your life conscious so that you can start to work with them. If you’d like you can schedule a time and we can talk about how the program can benefit you and this spiritual awakening you the dream is inviting in you.

  135. I dreamt that I was in a pool in the beginning – with a group of friends I feel I`m most myself with. But when we dive in, the pool changed into the ocean. The condition of the water was calm, no waves. Just cool, calm water. We kept swimming and a white seal came to play with us. We played for a while before we had to leave the pool and go to class.

    FYI, I just had an argument with my boyfriend last night about our future. We live at the opposite ends of the world. I`ll be visiting him in about 6 months.

    Hope to hear from you soon x

    • Water in general is a very spiritual dream symbol. This dream shows 2 different aspects of water – the first is confined (pool) and the second is expansive and limitless (ocean). If this were my dream, I would understand the dream to be showing me a move from a confined, limited state (for example fear or anxiety or just generally putting on social masks and not being yourself in all situations – which most of us do) to a state of expansion. I would bring those feelings of being able to be myself with my close friends into other areas of my life and show up as fully as I can.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  136. I have had this recurring dream where i walk away from the sandy beach along a thin line of rocks at the bottom of a cliff, the waves crashing against them, there is a small break where it turns into a small patch of grass. Another thin rock trail then a small creek that goes from the ocean inside a mountain. In the first dream I knew something was in there, but not what it was. Then last night i saw the image of a lost city. I never go in because to do so I would have to swim under and through a small cave like tunnel and the thought scares me that I might not come out in time to catch my breath. Every time I have this dream the sky is grey, I can’t walk any further then the creek cave because there are no more rocks to walk on and the depth of what the water is scares me. But in my way there I always feel excited about the discovery that no one else dares to go to. In the dream last night I was woth family membera I had not spoken to in years and whom I used to be close to and we brought goggles to see under the water tunnel but never went in as I was supposed to be thw forst to go. I can’t find any meanings of such a dream so far. Any suggestions would be welcomed. :)

    • What a great dream. Oceans are often about making what is unconscious, conscious. In this way, the ocean is a very spiritual dream symbol. If this were my dream, I would understand it to be giving me a glimpse of what I can uncover when I begin to explore my own inner life. I would also be mindful of my *feelings* during the dream and would wonder if my fear is holding me back from discovering something beautiful in my life.

      To understand the significance of your family member in the dream, have a look at my post on how to understand the people in your dreams.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  137. Amy,

    I am so happy I found your blog! Firstly, thank you.
    I am in the midst of my awareness of my spiritual awakening. Each day I get more in tune and the changes that are happening to me physically and mentally are incredibly beautiful. Last night I dreamt I was at my sister’s wedding, and my mother was in a different building (across a big parking lot that my husband drove the distance for me). After visiting her at the building she was sitting with my uncle who gave me a leather bag. He said it was from his friends, it looked like a Indian book bag (cow hide). After I left them where they where sitting I began to walk back. On the right side of the road the ocean was approaching. A large wave. I was not scared, but startled and wanting to get out to the way. Ahead of me another wave was approaching and I looked for higher ground. I found a small hill to the left of me that I climbed to move away from the waves. The water subsided after that and I was convinced that their where patterns to the waves so I told my husband to be care and wait till the waves where calm before he drove to pick my mother up. The sky was clear and blue, the waves were not violent in nature, but large enough to make me feel I would be carried away by them. I do remember feeling in control and not fearful. —Side note, I am meditating everyday trying to get in more touch with my true self, energy that is bigger then ‘Nomi’. Big love for you Amy! XO

    • Love love love love! It’s so wonderful that you’re becoming aware of your own awakening… it’s such a wonderful process. Dreams about the ocean are spiritual in nature so this dream is quite fitting for what you are experiencing in your life.

      If this were my dream, I would understand this as a reflection of my current life’s journey. The water and the waves, showing you the depth and the greatness of the possibilities that lie within you. Also being able to recognize patterns (not just in the dream, but that can be extended to other parts of your life as well) and this new awareness is able to help you navigate through life’s challenges. It sounds like you are on the right path and this dream is a reflection of that.

      My view on dreams is that they are spiritual by their very nature and they show you things you need to see in your life and when you pay attention, they can help and guide you on your spiritual journey. In many many many ways. I recently released a free video training series that shows you how you can do just that. You can find it here.

      I’m also offering an immersion program where we expand on what we learned in the training series and learn how to use your dreams for spiritual exploration and personal development. It sounds like something you might be interested in and could really benefit from! If you’d like to set up a time to chat, I’d love to tell you more about.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

      • Hi I couldn’t find comment box so I just replied on one of your comments. I have had 2x dreams in the same week with waves and water..

        First dream I was on holiday with my husband (2nd marriage) and my 3 children. The Sky and weather was lovely and we were on holiday with my husbands family. I saw the waves get bigger and bigger like the sea was bubbling and then I grabbed the baby and ran to our hotel room at the top of a hill. The waves crashed over everyone but no one was struggling. (sky still beautiful) but as the waves reached the level that Me, hubby and kids were standing We watched from the windows and I called my mum to tell her we were all about to drown and that I love her, it’s ok I’m not scarred. But then the waves settled, not even 1 drop of water touched us?? Then Everyone was underneath and ok they were just very wet.

        Second dream – I was in a house, narrow and tall and there were lots of spiralling stairs, waves were crashing outside And water slowly pouring in. I was with my church pastor and some people from church and others I do not know. I kept getting down on my knees to pray and then grabbing my baby and running up the stairs to what was our room.. A small concrete room and I just kept praying, knowing we would drown I was just so sad that my baby didn’t know what was going on and she was smiling and I was panicking, then praying and just up and down the stairs, the house continued to fill very slowly.. I woke before it reached my room.

  138. Hi Amy,

    I came upon this website trying to understand what my dreams may mean. I’ve noticed that when I dream about water, my dreams tend to be beautiful and peaceful, yet I feel scared and a bit haunted. Yes I usually have the scary dream where I’m at a beach having a good time, then all the sudden these huge, gigantic, waves start forming, and heading my directions, I’m terrified but I always wake up before anything happens. The dreams that baffle me the most though, are like the one I had last night. I was in the middle of the ocean but somehow, there was this little area made of concrete where I could stand; it was in the form of a hallway made of tan colored walls, almost like the color of sand. On this small area there was also two swings on which my ex and I were gently swinging watching the sunset. He then says something along the lines of “this moment is so perfect” I’m not happy though, I’m thinking to myself “to bad perfect moments don’t last”. All the sudden the dream shifts to me and him being fallowed by bad guys. We are all in what seems like a very rough and fast flowing river, but this river is in-between two tall tan walls that separate us from the ocean, because this is all taking part in the middle of nowhere, in the ocean. Anyhow, my ex is trying to protect me because I am delicate, but eventually the bad guys catch me, and take me to a small empty house, that is across that river we were in, surrounded by more water. Since the sun is setting still, my whole dream is in a bright yellow tint, everything is bright but faint, almost like my dream is disappearing. Anyways, I got off track again, now that I’ve been captured, I do feel like I’m delicate, but only because I’m very strong and I have this secrete strength, and I think that’s why they are after me. I start fighting them, and then I wake up. Through out this whole dream I never talked, no one did really except for that one “this is so perfect” line. I’ve had other dreams where I’m also in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by nothing but calm water. I’m always on some sort structure that allows me to stand. And the dreams always tend to be when the sun is setting, or at twilight. It’s beautiful really, but when I wake up I’m scared, I feel uneasy. Even when I’m not being chased, and I’m just sitting on a structure looking up at the sky surrounded by the beautiful ocean, I’m still scared, and it feels lonely. Why could this be?

    • Hey there,

      What stands out to me is what happens after you think “too bad perfect moments don’t last.” What happens? The perfect moment ends. If this were my dream, I would look at my thinking and check in to see if this is actually how I think in my life – that perfect moments don’t last or if I constantly expect bad things to happen. I would wonder if the dream is showing me the power of my thoughts to bring about the outcome I expect. I would experiment with thinking more positive thoughts and expecting good things to happen.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  139. I had this dream 2 nights in a row. Exactly the same dream. Im in the middle of nowhere, sitting on a rock, surrounding by water. Ocean with waves, dark and alot of ugly and scary looking fish. What does that mean?

    • Dreams about the ocean/water are often about making conscious what is unconscious. So if this were my dream, I might understand this dream as showing me my fears about unknown or forgotten parts of myself. Especially parts of myself that may seem or feel scary.

  140. hello,

    I had this dream last night that I was having a vacation in an isolated island. the beach was a bit enclosed by the island’s stony mountain side but it still has a good view of the wide ocean and there is a summer house near the beach. I was sitting on a bench and was playing with some mollusk. I then started to feel a soft vibration and little by little it gets stronger and the mollusks started to rise slowly and it looks like they are all standing from one tip to the end and soon the vibrations are too strong that I can actually feel it in reality. (maybe I was half awake, i’m not sure. but I know I can feel it in reality.) Then I started running back to the summer house and I can see that the tides are going high and it’s almost touching the summer house. when i went inside, i saw 2 of my friends ( I don’t know these persons in reality) pointing at one of our friends (I also don’t know this guy) who is turning into a creature that we may call a demon based on what he looks like. I then told them to call that guys’ girlfriend as she is the only one who can suppress whatever is happening to this demon guy. and when we found the girlfriend, everything went to normal.

    I often have dreams about oceans and other bodies of water. what my mom told me when I was young is that when in your dream the water is murky, it means bad luck and if it’s clear it signifies good fortune.

    but these dreams often felt so real that i’m quite disturbed. I have this fear of deep waters since I was little. but in my dreams, I am always in this kind of situation. be it falling, swimming, or just passing by a bridge on top of it. drowning in it maybe twice or thrice. what could all these possibly mean?

    thank you and regards.

    • Hey there,

      Dreams about sea creatures, like mollusks are often about making the unconscious, conscious. This goes along with the symbol of the ocean as well. So, if this were my dream, I would understand it to be showing me something within me that wants to be expressed.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  141. The last few yrs. I’ve had dreams about being surrounded by or swept up in all different types of bodies of water sometimes calm and other times not. The last year they have become more frequent and the last month every night. They involve a river flooding while shopping with my mom & it made me late for work; in others I am in my late grandmother’s yard and a small creek comes out of nowhere and overflows; sometimes I am in a yard or building and as I go on the porch or in the yard the place is on the tip of a peninsula or is surrounded by a bay or ocean size body of water. The most disturbing one had my husband & I driving and all of a sudden we became lost on a major highway and the road suddenly ended & we were engulfed by an ocean or bay size body of water..we were calm but scared at the same time as we backed up & tried to get away. I was in FL recently and was kind of freaked out about driving over bridges given all of my recent nightly dreams about water washing over me.

    • I always like to screen dreams for possible future events. That’s useful because if it’s an outcome you don’t want you can take action to prevent it from happening. For example, if you live near water being prepared in case a storm happens and you need to evacuate.

      Symbolically, water dreams are often about emotions. If this were my dream, I would examine how I’ve been feeling and check in to see I’ve been overwhelmed or feeling stressed in my life. I might wonder if I’m feeling lost in some area of my life or don’t know what direction to go next.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  142. I was over whelm when I dream swimming in ocean though people where chasing me I always up there over them I but I could feel the salt in my body

    • If this were my dream, I would wonder if I’m feeling emotionally overwhelmed in some area of my life. I would also wonder if there is something that I am running away from – possibly emotionally and/or related to the overwhelming feelings.

  143. hi, I’m Sharon I had a dream of big calm water and I was very afraid to get into the big water while my sisters were busy enjoying swimming in the water. what does it mean?

    • Hi Sharon,

      If this were my dream, I would wonder if fear in my life is holding me back from doing something that I would enjoy. Even from doing something that I see others enjoying.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  144. I have read your posts. Great job. I usually can make out my dreams and have my thoughts about this one, but because I have had two that seem so similar, but different. I am concerned.
    The first have both my girls, almost 18 years old, swimming with dolphins in a almost closed off swimming hole with dolphins as I watch and a shark comes in, which obviously is a predators and I am concerned. I am yelling for my girls to get out of the water and walk over to me! The path is all rocks. The girls are looking at me- as if they can not see the shark. I second guess my vision several times, FINALLY they start heading toward me…taking different paths. (obviously to me..i see my girls splitting up and going different ways after graduation) BUT what in the world does the shark represent. A person? btw, weather and water was absolutely beautiful the entire time!
    less than a week later, dolphins, whales, (all kinds of species) and beautiful rocks/weather and again my girls are in the water playing while I’m out of the water (which is odd) and I see (what I think is a shark) and I am trying to tell them to get out of the water (screaming/waving)! But, they just keep playing and floating farther out and back in, playing and riding, just having a great time, saying..”I can’t hear you”! They hear me screaming and waving my arms! THIS time, the dolphins come to me and I pet them, but my girls are still just playing.
    Perhaps it is because they are growing up? OR (and PLEASE) tell me what I need examine.

    • I have been waiting for my comment to appear and still analyzing my dreams! How much I love to do it.

      I do have a question…do you believe that deceased love ones can speak to you in dreams?

  145. In my dream last night…
    I was walking with my husband on a sandy road by the ocean. The waves were coming over the natural barrier (dunes) and we passed a shadowed man in a boat that was also shadowed. The ocean was beautiful and was crystal clear. We were then swept into the ocean by a wave, but once we were in the water it seemed calm although we were along way from shore. I was carrying my husband, as he couldn’t swim, and I told he we needed to call for help as we were too far out I wouldn’t be able to swim us back. We called and immediately the same shadowed boat turned up with the shadowed boatsman with his oar (there was no motor on the boat it was older) he helped us to shore and wouldn’t take any money for the help. Later in my dream I went for a walk out to the end of an old pier, on the same ocean. the water was calm and crystal clear and when I turned to come back to shore the wood started to fall away and I fell back into the ocean. I could see the sand and made it to shore. In both situations I felt calm and the water was beautiful but would love to know your thoughts on what it meant.

  146. I drempt I was on a beach, and there were big waves, not tidal, just big waves. At first I was wrapped up in something and the wave just threw me over and under. Next I was on top of the waves gliding and It felt amazing. I have some idea what this dream may represent, but any other opinion would be appreciated.

  147. Hello, i am Prabhu, i had a dream where me and my parent have boarded the fight. During the take off, we saw a very big huge blue ocean and also huge buildings. as my mom was first time traveler on fight, she was scared to see the take off. we were all scared if the flight would crash off but nothing happened and i was out of my dream.

  148. Last night I dreamt I was swimming in the ocean, the waves were large and fun, but then I fell asleep. When I woke up I had drifted out really far and could barely see the lights from tall buildings. I swam back to shore and walked up through a small garden style condo complex. When I got up to the parking lot there was a man with a taxi bike that had multiple side-car style bike seats on both sides. I was hesitant to get on the bike with him because he was creepy and I was just in a towel and my bathing suit but there were other riders on the bike and I needed to get home so I hopped on. He then said he wanted to drop me off last in a creepy way which freaked me out. Then my alarm when off and I woke up. It felt so real I can’t stop thinking about it.

  149. Hi,

    I have dreamed with a kind of reunion in spirit. I make some new friends in this place. It seems they were spirits in a kind of convention, teaching each others to deal with their own questions…

    They were all beautifull. Their faces, hair and way to talk were amazing. Like really special beings. After all, I was over a hill in front a bay where i could see a red sea, sometimes purple as the sky where. Everething were very very beautifull and I was very calm and happy there. In the horizon, the see shines, like the reflex of the sunset in the silver color.

    When I woke up, I feel my body so heavely like weighting tons each hand. I feel that my physical where rude and coarse in comparison with I was just feeliing in that dream.

  150. Hi Amy. Had a bit of a strange dream last night. I cant exactly remember the start or how it got to the part i remember but i dreamt that i was in my house with my brother and 2 people i know was over and i think they were tryna bully me or hurt me. Force me into something. Something down those lines. Anyway my brother was chasing them in the back garden and i went into the front garden. A few minutes passed and my brother came out looking distrate but also like he didnt have a care in the world on what he had done. I walked into the house and as soon as you walk passed the kitchen i could see the 2 people hanging. I couldnt see there faces. It was like in a movie when the camera only shows you half of their body but you full well know what has just happened. Anyway i knew that my brother had killed one of them (maybe forced him to hang himself) but the other had committed suicide. I told him we had to call the police and he agreed he wanted to be locked up. I rang them. I then panicked and rang a relative for help xos i didnt know what to do and didnt want my brother to go jail.
    People were walking in and out of my house not even noticing the bodies, which i thought was strange and the police never showed up. It then jumped to me being in a small village by the ocean and you had to take a maybe a 2 minute boat ride across the shallow water to my new home. I xould easily walk to my new home through the water as the it only fame up to my belly/chest. I also i had a house with the people in the village.
    Anway what i rememeber of this dream was i was standing in the ocean with my 6 sisters. Who i have no idea are and i dont have 6 sisters. I aas standing in the water and it was calm. But the water was greeny/blue but misty. The sky was dusky but greyish blue. It was quite beautiful. I fell in the water and panicked cos i dodnt want to go under and even thoigh the water came up to my belly/chest when i fell onto my bum the water was no where near my face. It went down as i did. But jjst around me. Everyone laughed but the whole time in the ocean i didnt feel at ease. I felt panicky and scared and wantes to get out even thoigh the water was calm. I just didnt feel safe. It then went onto all of us in the house that was seperste from the village. Everyond was sleeping besides me and one sisger and we was talking. I feel like we was having a heart to heart chat but cant remember what it consisted of. As we was talkimg i was looking out the window to the left of me and saw a mistle rise out of the sea. I ran to the window to watch where it was going and it went over our house and landed in the village. Some od the fire hit our window and o literally smacked the onside of the window and the fire went out on the lutside of the wondow. I could see the village clearly. The houses were untouched by the fire byt the fire was around them if that makes sense. It was an intense fire. We were all panicked and needed to geg over there to get our mother apparently. I ran downstairs and had to use the toilet before we left lol (in such situation sould you be thinkijg to do that? Haha) we got outside and even though the wayer was still calm and everything i was still acared to go in.
    I know this oage is about ocean dreams but i felt like i needed to share everything thag i remember in that dream because i dont know if it is connected somehow.
    Please help. Have no clue whag it could mean
    Thank you

  151. So weird. This morning I had a dream about the ocean. I was in a building getting ready to step onto the beach and I saw these rocks being hurled by the ocean at small children. I was trying to time myself to go and scoop up the children but one got hit in the head by the rock before I could get to them. I am going with my husband and 2 young adult children to the beach tomorrow to visit my son whose in the military and thought that was why I was dreaming that. At the same time I have been estranged from my Mom and siblings (Dad is deceased) for 8 years. My mom is hostile toward my family. I was surprised to see a Facebook friend request from her and when I asked about it it was evidently a Facebook glitch that sent it, not her. Once again it got ugly and weird. When you said the Ocean could represent my Mother and the way I felt like I’ve had to protect my kids from her (she continually tries to tell them how awful I am and tris to pull them into this drama). I’m wondering if this dream was acting out this theme.

  152. I submitted a comment earlier today and don’t see it. Does it get read somewhere before showing up here?

    • It goes to moderation… I’m going to look into how to allow comments to post right away…

  153. I saw I was enjoying with with my few close friends in Cox’s Bazar at the Bay of Bengal. It was afternoon, the weather was little gloomy and cloudy. There were regular waves in the sea as usual. Suddenly all the waves stopped, the whole sea calmed down as far as we could see. It was like an enormous endless pond. All of us got frightened at this sudden change. I was then telling my friends that just before a big storm, the sea calms down like this, in order to save ourselves we must run back to our hotel as fast as possible. Then we started running. That was the end of my dream.

    Was this a bad dream? Or a good dream?

  154. Last night I dreamed between 2 seas: Mediterranean and Aegean. I was on land seeing Aegean on my right and Mediterranean on my left. Both oceans looks beautiful, peaceful, sky-blue color, I felt happy. Next, a friend told me to take a stairs, I did it and I saw a amazing cruise ship in front of me, and I feel surprised and happy. What means? I’m very excited about this dream because I never has been on Aegean sea, but I take a map and maybe in my dream I was on Crete island (Aegean on my right, Mediterranean on my left). What’s your interpretation? Best wishes

  155. In my dreams there were big waves and a lot of trash in the sea, but then afterwards, suddenly the sea cleared outl, I was with someone sitting near the shore, holding hands, watching the sunset. What does that mean?

  156. Hi Amy
    I recently had a dream that I was swimming in the middle of the ocean in large swells of water. It was getting dark, after sunset I suppose. The water was filled with trash to the point that I could not see the water. It was quite frightening. Any insight?

  157. Hello, love!
    Last night(8/29), I had a dream that I was standing on a dock next to a giant cruise ship. I looked out beyond the ocean and seen dozens of other boats. The waves were calm near me and the beautiful clouds above me were bright by the sun. Seagulls flew above me and I was snatched from my feet, tossed up in the air, grabbed by my foot and I was looking at everything upside down. I was practically upside down over the ocean, weaving around boats and the farther I got away from the boat I was at…the darker the sky got. The rougher the tides came. I was turned around and started heading back to the boat that I started at. I passed the dock that I was standing at was dropped into the water. I was surrounded by darkness. I knew and felt that I was under the water. I felt scared but relieved. The darkness was almost comforting…As I went under the water, I felt my body floating to the top. (Remind you that it was completely black…I’m not sure if I am literally under the water..) To the top of the darkness, I started to breathe but I am still paddling my feet up…It was almost never ending. The dream ends as I awoke, springing forward gasping for air.
    Currently, I have been spending time with this guy. I enjoy his presence, he makes me feel wanted and says the sweetest things that I have always wanted to hear. All we have honestly done is watch netflix and barely watched because he was too busy being all over me. He doesn’t seem like the type of guy that wants just sex but I am starting to believe he may. We have taken things so quick though…Within like a week, we have kissed and pursued the act. Ever since we made the act,,.I have been off. I keep telling myself that it has probably been because it’s been awhile but I’m a firm believer that my conscious is telling me something else. Yesterday(8/29), my friend, who I have done so many wonderful things with that I love to do in general. We go on road trips, lay around and watch netflix, we go outside and take walks, he is just a gentle friend. He made me wait an hour a half for him to finally arrive but it was worth the wait because I didn’t think of anything that was bothering me. The friend that came over ended up leaving after watching a movie…he then called me a few hours later asking if he could stay since he was too drunk to drive to his house which was a further destination, I told him yes because I want to make sure he is safe no matter what. We ended up falling asleep together, I was too hot and pulled my other bed out and fell asleep again. That was when I had this dream….I’m not sure how to come to this. I don’t know if I am to think that I may be overwhelmed by rushing into a relationship and letting go of what I want to do with myself. Rushing into a relationship and not doing what I already am enjoying with the people I care for…I don’t know.. If you have any insight on this, I could really use some. Thank you so much for your time, hon!

  158. Hello. I always dream about water. Last night I dream about riding in a tricycle with my cousin. The driver got angry because our money is not enough for the fare. We run and hide at the back of that place. That place was a seashore. I dont know what happened then but in my mind i am afraid of the driver.

    Then, i dream of fetching drinking water in the house of our neighbor. It is a flowing water. It flows in a bamboo ( as a hose) and i fetch it there.

  159. Hello Amy,
    I had this dream, where I was in the middle of the ocean (No Islands, no nothing), just a clear sky, and im just floating there. I start swimming forward, but then I cant find anything no matter how much I swim, I don’t know any directions.. nothing. Then, I see 1 shark coming behind me, followed by another. So, I started swimming backwards. Then I just dove into the water. That’s when I saw a group (bunch) of Huge Yellow mixed with blue and white. Apparently they had tentacles around their mouth, and they started doing whale noises. I tried to resist the flow of water, but the water was dragging me to them, no matter how much I try to move back. They were also coming at me. So I told myself “Let me just die, I’ll respawn somewhere else”. So I think I died. Then I woke up. PLEASE HELP ME EXPLAIN THIS, I’VE BEEN HAVING SOME PROBLEMS IN MY LIFE. Thank you!
    My Regards,
    Rana xoxo

    • Hi Rana,

      I can certainly help you relate your dream to your life. But in order to do so, I need to talk with you. Dreams are personal and their meanings will be different for each person. If you’re game, feel free to book a 1-on-1 session with me.

      If this were my dream, I would look for areas of my life where I am resisting what is. I would find those areas and practice going with the flow.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  160. Hi Amy –

    I was hoping you could share some insight on a recurring dream. For years, about two or three times a month, I dream I am in an ocean swimming and in the distance I see a wave. The wave grows rapidly as it approaches. The dream always ends the same way: I’m looking up toward the sky, paralyzed in fear, as the wave is looming over me. The wave crashes down upon me and I know I’m going to drown. Very often the shore is nearby but I never try to swim toward it. I am always alone – no one else is in the dream with me. Also, sometimes it is a lucid dream. Before the wave crashes on me, I tell myself “This is only a dream, you are safe.” But then I worry (in the dream) that if I die in a dream, then I will die in real life.

    Please let me know if you have any thoughts regarding my dream. Thank you

  161. I woke up this morning startled after dreaming that myself, my boyfriend, his two children and one of his friends were in a boat close to shore. I was lying in the boat and then it started to spin but we thought was just the water motion.

    Suddenly the boat capsized and my boyfriend and his mate ended up in the water and started splashing, but his children and I appeared to be motored far out into the middle of the sea away from them. We found ourselves laying on what seemed to be a flat boat but yet appeared like a white sheet.

    Then waves kept crashing over us, pushing us to and forth. It never washed us away but just kept moving our “boat”. I was holding unto the girl so she don’t wash away and she was holding on to her brother. When I touched them both, I discovered that everytime the waves crashed they got wet but it didn’t touch me.

    Then suddenly the boy fell in the water and so did the girl. I fished for both and pulled them out. Then I heard my boyfriend voice from ashore telling me to paddle the boat in and we started to paddle in while screaming for someone to help us. As we got closer to the shore there were people in the water looking at us and then we finally made it in shallow water an I woke up.

  162. I dreamt that I was in the middle of the ocean in some type of container… We couldn’t get out. Blue sky regular waters. I was starting to feel unleaded as to how we were getting out. My companion was looking north and I started looking south. From the waters two giant beings came out. On his side was a snail. In front of me was a snake. The snail spoke and said to me: You must choose one of. Only one can take you across the ocean and you must choose. If you choose the wrong one you will be left here forever. my companion made the choice for us. For me without asking. He chose the snail. I knew it was the wrong choice but it had been made. I knew it, I felt like of the snake belonged to me. It was mine and he had chosen the other one, the snail, in error. I/ We had made a mistake and I was silent. I reached out to the snake and touched it. It said the choice was made however that it would give me a gift. Both Giants went back into the water. The snake gave me two snake eggs. One, for some reason I thought was the same color as the shell of my Giant snake. However I did not crack that egg (black with luminicent cracks- like snake skin but black with luminicent borders on the scales) I chose the teal egg. I opened up both and a bright teal snake head popped out. It made me so happy. It was a baby (a giant baby) half my size but I was so happy. I could get out. I shushed it and put it back into the egg. I put the two eggs on my side and I woke up.

  163. My dream….
    I was in what looked like a valley or an indented island with a companion. The sky was blue and the ocean surrounded us. The water was blue and a little choppy but nothing dangerous. I knew that we needed to cross the ocean to get out and we were looking for a way. I was starting to feel frantic for a way out. My partner was facing north and I was facing south. From the ocean two giants appeared from the water. On my companions side there was a giant snail. In front of me appeared a giant snake. The snail spoke to us. It informed us that we needed to choose one of the two. One of them would indeed help us by taking us across the ocean but the other was a deceiver and would not take us upon being chosen. My partner made the choice for us and picked the snail without asking me. I was silent when he chose. But as he said the words I knew it was the wrong choice. I approached the snake and extended my hand to caress it’s face. I knew the snake was real. Upon seeing my grief the snake said to me that since I knew who was true from the beginning he would give me a gift. He whispered it to me so my partner would not hear. It would take me longer to get off the island but it would help me but I had another choice to make. The snake gifted me two eggs. It said to choose. Both giants then disappeared into the ocean. I tried to cover the egg shells from my partner. He had already turned the other way as if he’d find another way. I saw the two shells as big as my belly. One of them was black with scales that had an iridescent border. It was beautiful. The second was teal. Teal scales on the egg. I remember caressing the black egg but decided to open the teal egg. From it I saw a snake head come out. It was the most brilliant shade of teal. The snake was a baby, beautiful with the purest teal. It was almost as big as I was. Too young to be ridden still. When I saw it I smiled but ushered it back into the egg. I moved to cover both eggs and then I woke up.

  164. I dream i was facing the Ocean ,very clear blue and peaceful , so happy to look at it ,i was with somebody i could’nt remember who exactly and i had a white sheet in my hand that i was rincing it in the ocean i wish i knew the meaning of this dream

  165. Hi Amy, yesterday early morning, just b4 i woke up, i had a dream, it was a tall building may be with some 100 floors, i reached their by lift, from the top, i could see breathtaking beautiful sea/ocean , cool, calm bluish no waves… i can see the earth curve like waht u see from top of Bhuj in dubai, at the same time children playing in a swimming pool on the top floor very next to me, i felt like i’m standing on the top of the Light house…the view was beautiful, i wished to cherish those lovely moments… please explain my dream what does it mean…

  166. I have a reoccurring dream of a beautiful blue ocean with bright skies. I am very drawn to it. Sometimes I am on a boat or wishing I could be on a boat. Other times I want to swim in it but I can’t get to the water. It usually ends with me being very sad when I realize it isn’t real. When I wake up I am still sad. It seems like even while awake I am constantly drawn to the ocean or clear blue water.

  167. Hey,
    I had a dream last night where I was drowning with my friend in the middle of the ocean and it was dark out, at first we couldn’t see anything the water were Sami clam but than I saw lights and a walk away and we both saved ourself. What’s my dream means?

  168. I had a dream I was gliding through a calm crystal clear ocean while holding my chihuahua in my arms. I was swimming effortlessly and fast like a dolphin would, just gliding with my upper body out of the water. The skies were sunny and blue, with no wind. I felt happy and free, but a little worried about the creatures that could be in the waters under me. Could you evaluate this dream a little more for me?
    Thanks a lot!

  169. In my dream I was aware, as I normally am, but could not do anything to change my situation. I had a dream that I was with a celebrity, and for the most part I was only worried about keeping her safe, which was hard due to the constant partying and drug use so half my dream was spent tracking her down. While in the dream partying at some random rude rich persons house she and some other male I wasn’t paying attention to had fallen into the ocean and on instinct with someone by my side (unaware if it was my boyfriend in real life or not as I cannot remember him being present) had jumped into the ocean to save her and her friend. I would have been successful if something hadn’t pulled me down, like this huge bug with suctions on my back and I drowned hoping that if I raise my hand someone will save me. But the entire time this happened I was calm and wondering if this person had been worth saving. When I awoke the artist had been on my phone screen with a song label(I was NOT listening to at all prior or sleeping hearing it) and when I googled her and drowning it popped up with her and someone I could suspect drowning with her singing a song i’ve never heard before of them drowning in the ocean and needing someone to save them. I just wanted someone else’s opinion on this because there was too many coincidences.

  170. I keep having a reoccurring dream about trying to get to the ocean but can’t see or get to it. There are other bodies of water that look beautiful but when I get to them they are mucky and I want to see the ocean because the water is so clean. Any idea what that could mean?

  171. I just had a dream that was a little confused about I was walking on beach the water was up to my ankles I had a tan bikin on and the water was good for a moment until it stared to turn into fire it wasn’t as hot as I thought but it was just a small wave then cold water come out then warm, it keepted repeating itself so I decided to get away from it.

  172. Hi, I have had two dreams now where I am running and I fall very high into the water but never make it to the water. The first dream I was on a cruise ship and I was running around the cruise ship and when I turned the corner there was no more cruise ship and I fell, but didn’t hit water, but knew I was falling. The second dream I had was last night when I was running on cement by the water. As I am running all of a sudden there was a big whole in the cement and I fell, but never hit the water. Do you know what this means? My dreams feel so real! Thanks

  173. Hi Amy *^_^*
    I saw a dream last night .. a tsunami which was terrible.
    The waves were coming several times..and each time I was trying my best ..more like a ninja jumping and climbing on to higher things and roofs in buildings… I don’t know how i managed to move to another place before the other wave came in… so wave after wave.. i was in a new place struggling to survive.. and i didn’t want my legs to touch the water. As I have told you before about my previous dreams about the sea and how I didn’t like the high tidal waves. Hope you can find a meaning for this dream..

  174. Hi Amy
    Can you help me understand my dream. Every dream I have dreamed years ago I write them down. About a few weeks ago, I dream that my little sister and my cousin who are both save & sanctified took me to the bottom of the ocean and they left me there and swamed upward going out. I told the Lord I can’t swim. Then he split the ocean and in the middle was dry ground. On the left and right side of the ocean was water. When I looked at the ground, I was able the walk on dry ground. What is God saying to me?

  175. Hi,
    My dreams are mostly connected with Ocean. I love ocean and my last night dream was huge tidy waves in high speed and I was playing with my friends in shore. I enjoyed watching the waves and playing with my friends. Also I saw rocks present in the shore to slowdown speed of waves. I do saw that big rocks were also pushed,moved by high speed waves and I was taking selfies in those moments.

    Basically I love beaches, ocean and fishes.

    Many times I see big waves in my dreams but I was not drowned and dont know why I get Ocean dreams often. Share your comments too..


  176. Hi there, I had a very lucid dream about running from huge animals. I was terrified in my dream and my sisters were with me and I kept going back to help them. at the end of my dream, my sister and I had to jump into the ocean which was dark and cold. she had to help me swim to a ladder, where it was crystal clear and sting rays were all around us. I was scared of the sting rays but she told me to climb the ladder and helped me out of the ocean. It was a strange dream and I don’t remember dreams too often so it seemed very symbolic to me.

  177. My boyfriend had a dream last night we were riding horses by the ocean. My horse and I were riding in the ocean when my horse all of the sudden just dove right under with me. He woke up immediately at that point. He has vivid dreams often that generally have deep meaning. Any thoughts on what his dream is telling him?

  178. Hi

    Last night I dreamed that my daughter and I were near a beach and the waves were getting huge, I could see them coming towards us and wasn’t really scared because I knew they couldn’t get us, but I was a bit concerned when they started crashing onto the beach and coming very close to us, so I got my daughter, who is 22 now, but in the dream was a toddler, and I moved to higher ground. My life feels like a train wreck at the moment, so I am guessing it has a lot to do with that, not sure where my daughter comes into it though.

  179. I dreamed that my husband and i were swimming in the ocean. We were so far out that we could not determine which direction to go. Some friends of ours past by us on a ship so we decided to go in the direction of the ship which was in the opposite direction we were going. We were swimming really fast to keep the ship in view. Suddenly there was this gigantic wave. The ship was on top of the wave but my husband convinced me to swim underwater through the wave.
    I remember taking a deep breath and i held my husbands arm and went under the wave.
    When we got under the wave there was this big black beautiful rock that had diamonds shining from it. It seperated us briefly. I remember feeling a little scared because i wasnt holding on to my husband but immediately found him and held his arm. So we’re under the wave but theres air for us to breathe. We looked up and there was this swarm of stingrays over us. My husband reached up and touched the bottom of one but it did not harm him. After the wave past we were immediately on dry land. I dont know what happened to the ship but my husband and i were fine.
    Ive had this dream for 2 days. It has to have some significance but i dont understand it.
    Can you help me?

  180. Hi ,

    I had a dream that I was on a big boat in the middle of the ocean and I was looking straight down at the water and it was a very clear water and I was surprised as to how clean it was.
    After staring at it for a while I turned around and to my surprise I saw 4 whales swimming in the opposite direction, I was like omg I have never seen such a thing it’s so beautiful. then I woke up, I would like to know what that dream means .

  181. last night I decided to finally let go of my ex in a deeper sense. I wrote him a letter which was first heartbroken and then angry and then as i let it all out it became apologetic and then thankful.. As i burnt all our photos I said out loud goodbye and im letting you go and as the flame took his face away i felt like i was really saying goodbye.. I lastly burnt the letter without reading it all again.. The letter was rolled up and my ring was around it..

    I cried and let it all out.. I then went to bed and had a powerful dream about the ex.. In it we were with my family on vacation and every time him and i fought mt family would take his side making me feel very frustrated and so i went to the beach where i would swin. The water seemed lovely ans there were blue skies and the waves were t aggressive but they were there like any normal waves.. I remember being underwater a lot and always struggling dor a second to get back up for air.. There were so many people and kids swimming. It was like a crowded public pool.. My ex would come in and try talk to me.. I cant remember exactly but i kept leaving him.. I then remember at one point he was crying and said he cant leave me and when i saw his heartache my entire perspective changed. I didnt want him to hurt, i loved him and would do anything to stop fighting.. I then remember us arguing or something and we went out far into the ocean away from everyone but the water was still, pool like and shallow – shouting and pushing eachother until a sense of primal attraction came over both of us and we ripped eachothers clothes off and .. Well .. Yes (blush) i then remember us all being back in the house with the family and everyone giggling and us giggling and talking about everyone seeing us.. Thats as much as I can remember.. Was this my subconcoius way of letting go?

  182. I had a dream I was in a most deepest part of the ocean. And I was just lying there. I visit your site to know it’s meaning. A friend told me, when I told her that ocean dream means connect to your soul, she said that I am too deep. But I don’t know if it’s really just like that. Can you please interpret it for me? It kind of bother me. Thanks.

  183. In my dream i was like running/walking on the ocean. I was on one side and i was trying to get to the other side where my mom was. Im petrified of the ocean by the way bc of all of its unknown and the mysterious creatures in it. Anyway the ocean is clear and i can see all the fish and orca and whales in it and the only way to cross it to get to the other side im told is just to run fast and across it. It takes some time but i finally do it and i can feel the water under my feet and the fish are grazing me legs and feet but i have this exciting rush feeling while im doing it. Im both scared but excited. When i finally make it across i feel amazing and i reach my mom and were at this island where theres a small market and bars. I remember crossing this clear ocean twice is feeling a powerful rush.

  184. i dream i was running a from something in the house with my little brothers and sister. but when we expat out side the window it was just ocean with a light house. we should run any where.

  185. Hi, I just recently had a dream about me being on the beach swimming near the shore and suddenly this gigantic wave appear and drag me into the ocean, and then there were more and more giant waves, I felt scared and hopeless. But then I figured a way to get on shore and I was just standing there seeing this bad ocean with giant waves.

  186. I had a dream the other night/morning that I went to the ocean with a baby, someone’s child I was watching over, and people were all around. The baby I threw out into the ocean and the baby danced on top of the water for a minute. Then I remember sting-rays coming to eat the baby, they attacked and took the baby. I panicked and was mad/upset/confused by what had just happened. I tried to reach out to a stranger and say did you just see what happened? They ate my baby. The person just looked and laughed and acted like they didnt care, then I immediately left the scene and woke up.

    I am so scared as to why I had this kind of dream. I am in the process of doing a creative project for my work, and I am going through a weird love relationship with someone who I’m having issues with. The next day, he sent me roses to my house. What does this all mean?

  187. I keep having dreams about hurricanes/big waves in the ocean. The first dream started with me by the water and then a huge wave comes, but it’s a weird skinny wave only at one section of the ocean. the second dream I had was, the ocean started retreating really far back like it does before a hurricane comes.

  188. I saw the sea with calm water and clear sky. and some other person is standing in a pillow and doing something in water and after sometime his foot slip from pillow and he drowned in sea .

  189. Hi. My dream was that I walked in a house and when I went out through the back door there was an ocean outside in my backyard the water was clear and the sky was blue it was nice but then bees started coming out of the ocean floor the water was clear so I could see when the bees would come out of the floor, they were leaving traces of honey behind and when they would fly through the water into the air they would fly away

  190. Hello- I have had a couple ocean dreams in the past where I’m sitting or laying on the shore and there’s usually nothing else around just a wide open ocean. One of the times I was with a friend of mine that passed away, another time I was by myself and it was getting dark. Last night, I had a lucid dream in which I traveled through some kind of vortex or void but it was bright green and then changed to blue and next thing I know I end up in the ocean. It’s dark out but not pitch black and I’m just swimming with my eyes right above the surface of the water. The waves aren’t harsh, more of a calmer night. I remember thinking I wish I had more power to swim because it was difficult to move my arms and legs and get further. That’s all I remember.

  191. Hey Amy,

    Thank you for the informative article! I was searching for some answers on the web and came across your wonderful website.

    I recently went through an extremely shocking event, in which I’ve lost absolutely everything. I have hit rock-bottom, so to speak – financially as well as socially. I’ve been constantly praying for strength, support and guidance, as well as some good luck. Last night, I had an interesting dream.

    I was in the ocean, the water was a beautiful greenish-blue, and fairly calm. I then saw a large wave approach engulf me. I wasn’t afraid, but I prayed – I wasn’t hurt, and didn’t drown, but to my surprise, I saw a large sum of money floating in the ocean following the passing of the large wave. I immediately collected and carried as much as I could to shore and was extremely happy with my find.

    I’m not sure what to make of all this, but hoping that it is a positive sign of things to come!

  192. I had a dream in which i was at a beach and i saw many familiar faces from school and college. There was a tiny pond sort of area in in the beach and beyond that there was an ocean. I was in a low mood the sky wasnt dark but was grey , i could tell that it was day time and nowhere close to sunset.

    I walkd to towards the ocean i saw a close friend of mine. The water rushing towards the shore was very muddy and all of a sudden a train tracked appeared on the beach next to me and my friend pulled me away from it and everyone was asked to move away feom the beach. I think a train passed by, im not sure

  193. I dreamed I was swimming in the ocean at night beside a castle. There was a party going on inside involving lots of important people. There were many ships anchored at sea from all the guests that had arrived and a few small boats. None of the boats were docked, though. They were just floating around the ships. Suddenly, after being relatively calm, the waves became very intense, so I started moving closer to shore. As I did, the ships seemed to have become unanchored, and I was surrounded by them. They were empty and unmanned, just floating aimlessly, being moved to and fro by the waves. I kept thinking that surely one was going to hit me and knock me out or trap me, and I would then drown. But I escaped and was on my way to shore. I was so close, I could see the castle entrance, and the water had calmed once more. It was beautiful beneath the firelight from the castle. In the stream of firelight, I noticed a glimmer of green, and I realized it was a water snake moving toward me. I started splashing in an attempt to scare it away, but it just moved faster toward me. It wrapped itself around my left arm. With my right hand, I tried to pull it away and throw it, but it wouldn’t let go. It seemed glued to me, and I couldn’t tell if it had bitten me or not. And then I woke up.

    Please, help me figure out what it all means.

  194. I had a dream that i swam out into the ocean and reached a castle but when i got there, it was deserted. It was made completely out of stone and i remember getting to the top floor of the castle sitting on the floor looking out of the window space (there weren’t actual windows) and i was hugging my knees rocking back and forth. I was scared, lonely and cold and wanted to go home.. but was too tired to swim back. What do you think this means?

  195. Part of my dream that I had was that I was spending time on the beach (beautiful weather, and it felt more like a vacation) with my brother and his girlfriend and someone else I didn’t know. On the beach we were playing on the sand when we noticed a lot of circular inflatable tubes that you could sit in and could fit a lot of people. The 4 of us got in the water and I noticed when in the water there was a lot of people around in other tubes and we noticed the waves were huge. We never capsized but rode the waves as they got higher, and as I was enjoying myself, I was standing up on the tube. Finally, the biggest wave I remember once we reached the very peak of the wave, I jumped out from the tube and it felt like I was floating in the air for a while before I started to free fall back into the ocean. The feeling was great and I believe once I got back in the Ocean I was swimming back to the tube, and woke up around that time. Any thoughts on this?

  196. Hi

    I had a very vivid dream that I was “gliding” through a calm bright ocean holding my girlfriends hands and there were thousands of different coloured fish or jellyfish, I woke with a feeling of happiness and unlike many other dreams have been able to remember this one fully

    I would be interested to hear your interpretation

    Kind regards


  197. Last night I had a very strange dream that I was on the beach. Well it was more like a sandbar or a very thin peninsula. It was connected to land on one end and ends at the ocean on the other with water on the ‘front’ or ‘back’ end I guess ? I am not sure how exactly to explain it but think thin peninsula. Anyways there was a good amount of people on the beach but I was with this older man in particular. It felt like we had all come together or were there with the same group but this man was in some sort of authority position. I will elaborate on that in a minute. The man had a red truck that I think we had all driven in out on the beach but I do not remember that being part of the dream. We were all about to leave when the tide started coming in. At first we were standing marvelling at it bc we could see the tide rising on the beach before our eyes, very quickly. But then within seconds the water was rising so fast we couldnt walk off the beach fast enough? The man was expressing concern and some misunderstnding for how it was rising so quick but seemed pretty calm? We came to the conclusion that we definitely couldnt drive the truck off the beach and it was going to be lost in this event to the tide. I remember the moments when the tide was coming up then covering my feet and ankles as i stood at the highest point on the peninsula. I was scared but not panicing I guess?
    Cut to being in a large house. My ex boyfriend was there. at first we were avoidng each other but then at one moment he was standing next to me and i was sitting.. I put my arm around his calf and leaned my head against his leg. it was as if I had forgotten we werent together anymore and he kind of rubbed my back like he had forgotten too. I immediately pulled away kind of in shock that i had just done that and his reaction was similar. We both looked around to see if his current fiance was around to have seen. The house had some kind of haunting or something? There was someone in an authoritative role but they were not ‘good’ like they had some connection to this haunting entity or negatively energized entity. During the time they were in charge my ex and I were avoiding each other. then somehow the authoritative figure left and a new couple came that had his leadership role. Everyone thought they were connected to the haunting at first too? we found somewqay to overcome it I think? and the house started to look cleaner? And my ex & I were now talking. he expressed discontentment w his fiance and at one point we were cozy on a bed together?? the dream ended with everyone in the house being able to finally leave? like we were stuck there or something? & I was frantically looking for shoes for work and then we left.
    I know this is so so long.. I hope you have time to read & respond. thanks so much for providing this resource!

    Thank you

  198. Hi,

    I had a dream that I’ve had once before. This dream took place while I was still in high school however everyone lived on this little Island in the middle of the ocean. I had been reincarnated and obtained my powers I could control everything and everyone around me, however I could only use them to a certain extent until my body started becoming reliant on them and if that were the case I would die (I’ve had a dream about this before where I died from using too much of them even in my dream I had a flashback of my previous dream of how it felt to die, in that dream I was almost speaking and seeing under the calm ocean?) So a war broke out and in my dream I had to use a bow and arrow I also had to heal someone who got hurt. The war got so bad that I had to make the whole ocean warm to essentially sacrifice myself in order to save everyone else so they could be warm while swimming. The ocean was calm and it was a half sunny / cloudy day. The times there were sun was when I used my magic. But that’s where the dream ended.

    • Powerful dream. If this were my dream, I would think about what gifts I bring to the world and how I can use my “powers” for the greater good.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  199. Hello,

    I had a dream about the ocean rising and seeing China. The water was calm. I was suddenly in a house with another person.; being forced towards the ceiling and trying to hold my breath before the water reached the ceiling and I hold my breath. The person I was with told me to find a window. I swim to find a window in the house while underwater. I felted confident. I finally founded a window and I was trying to break it. I had to move the furniture that was blocking the window. I have a hard time breaking the window and the guy I was with , grabbed a wooden object to break the window. We got through the window , reach towards the surface. Climbed on some sort of a wooden porch. I looked up and seen my classmates. I started crying because I knew my mom and brother was gone. But I didn’t realize to guys face who I came up with. I didn’t know who he was. My classmate asked where my brother was and I said “I didn’t know”. Then I woke up I was calm but a bit scared.

  200. Just wondering in the same night I was on a ship with big picture windows and all I saw was ocean waves nothing to big but still it seemed like it was big enough to rock the ship but never did and yet while on the ship I had photos of and area I was suppose to be moving to (a non descript place) the photos showed winter scenes with snow and ice. also there was something about me having to go back to high school even though I am 49. Some things about me I am Trans and in the early stages of transitioning also dealing with depression. So just wondering what this all means or ties together.

  201. hi,
    I dreamt about ocean and sea waves and tornado in past a lot especially in last 2 years which was understandable because I was going through very rough time in my life, however just as I thought I moved and peace will come , I had this dream last night that was one of the most interesting ever ,
    I dreamt of:
    Presence of two ocean side by side , donot know how they were separated from each other but they were connected by wall or something. One side was tornado and huge waves swallowing big ships and people . I was not in that ocean but I could see from above and I was scared., I had choice instead someone maybe a man told me to jump inside other side and stay safe underwater , I think there was somebody living there already like a mermaid , at first I was worried but eventually I discovered that I can breath under so I submerged under deep ocean , I had done diving before so it was just like touching corals and diving but without any apparatus , it seems very calm and relax and I chose to live there to stay away from chaos on the other side.
    Can u please help me to understand this specially experiencing two side and living underwater?
    Thanks a lot,

  202. A few times I have had a dream about myself at the bottom of a dark ocean. Alone. No sound, no light, nothing. It’s kind of scary to be honest.

    What does this mean?

  203. Hi Amy! Your dream interpretations are some of the most soothing and accurate / “relate-able” articles I have ever read. Thank you for your interpretations and your help. I had a dream last night. I was standing on a rocky cliff or a higher ground very near the ocean as if I can touch it if I want to. The Ocean was divided. There was an area on the left side near the rock where a natural pool was formed. That area in my dream is safer because the reef forming the pool breaks the strong waves in the ocean but it is also scary as it appears to be very deep and dark and I felt as if there are creatures lurking under. In my dream I remember thinking that it is beautiful and but scary. On the other side, where the open water is, the waves were quite strong but I felt more calm while looking at it. I remember thinking that I would prefer to be in the open water than in the pool on my left. The time of the day was in the after noon, near sunset. The sky is not dark but it’s not that clear either. I also remember that just as I was able to make up my mind that I will not take a dip in the pool, a stranger said “But this is where beginners actually go first” so I got confused again and that’s all I can remember.

  204. I had a very interesting dream about the ocean! I was in Mexico standing on top of a cliff. It was a beautiful blue sky day. There was a male and female Lion in a den on top of the cliff. I jumped into the clear, calm, blue water below where I opened my eyes. You could swim into a cave at the bottom of the sea floor that was a beautiful entrance to what looked like a mansion. When I swam back up for air there was a giraffe gliding through the water. What could the mansion, giraffe, and lions represent? I wasn’t fearful at all during this dream.

  205. Hi everyone, I often don’t remember what I dream upon waking up but when I do it has me thinking all day! I had a dream that I was on vacation with both family and friends and that I was standing right in front of the ocean with my mom all while the waves of the ocean started to get more and more aggressive. The waves got higher and higher and in that moment I was beginning to get worried for my life. Although the winds weren’t bad and the sky wasn’t gloomy so I feel like my dream has a bit of a mixture. Anyway the waves got so high they began to start arrising onto land almost like a tsunami but not all the water came out. I’m wondering if anyone can help me figure this out.

  206. Usually when I dream I have re-occurring dreams (Sometimes more than 3 times). I know because while I’m in the dream I can remember I have dreamed this before (and it’s usually from a long time ago) and it can be the exact same dream or I can actually see more of it than the last time. Though i might not necessarily remember the dream when I wake up, it has happened that while my “normal” day is going, something happens or I see something that makes me snap and remember “That reminds me what I dreamed last night”. It’s either that or I wake up desperately from the dream to write it down before I forget because I feel is way too important.

    I have had through out my life this dream at least four to five times in different time periods, and it’s always so scary because: (Imagine this in a horizontal point of view) I’m in this large but not necessarily wide chunk of land (or sand to be more specific) where there is nothing but me, small mountains of sand and water all around the island. I can never picture right if the sky is clear or grey, maybe I’ve dreamed it both ways and I don’t remember. The water is not calm what so ever in these dreams, it’s always harsh and loud waves all around building up and crashing. In these dreams I have never touched the water and curiously the sand does not seem to get wet. In the dream I specifically feel scared of depth if the waves ever catch me. I feel desperate, without breath and understandably notice feeling alone. I try to get away from the waves as much as I can but there is no where to run to.

  207. Hi, I dreamed I was standing in an ocean. I had one of my three daughters with me in the water but she wasn’t right next to me. I thought my other two were in the water as well at first but, perhaps not. I felt they were quite safe however.
    So I’m standing there and suddenly get a scared feeling come over me.
    I look to my left to see what looks like the back of a giant, white cobra snake’s head floating last me towards shore.
    My fear for my daughters lights right up, however again, I felt like my other two daughters were safe, but the one daughter that I knew to be in the water with me was suddenly clutched onto me. I was holding her as tightly as I could, doing my best to keep her calm and quiet. Trying to keep her still, as well.
    She was terrified of the snake thing, as was I.
    All of a sudden there is a group of people around us, in the water with us, who are just terrified as we are.
    The snake thing turns around and starts coming towards us (the group).
    It stops in front of us, looks at us, and that’s when I realized that, it’s a man. A man with bright blue eyes, who thinks we are there but isn’t sure.
    It’s looking right at us (the group) but doesn’t see us somehow.
    We are all, trying not to move, not to make a sound, but we’re terrified, my daughter is wimpering and I’m wondering if these people would save her if something happened to me.
    Who would it get (because I was sure it was there to hurt someone).
    I looked at it, and saw that it knew we (the group or maybe even just me) were there.
    I could feel that it was about to attack…then…woke up.
    I was TERRIFIED. Could not fall back asleep, and may not again tonight!
    I would really appreciate some insight on this dream please and thank you! :)

  208. Hello

    I had a dream it was night time, the ocean was very calm and the moon was half way in the water. My husband and I were in a car and saw this view so amazed that we wanted to drive up as close as we could. Every time he tried to drive up close we would sink a bit in the water but then he would reverse back out and try again without sinking. He tried a few times and we would either hit a rock or sink in a bit but he would reverse and try again. The last time he tried he drove fast hit a rock in the water and the car flipped over into the water. We safely escaped through the windows without a struggle. I would appreciate it if you could help me interpret this dream.

    Thank you =)

  209. It was a night i was dreaming about a beach the waves were calm the air was breezy.. There was groups of jellyfish glowing in water ever here and there.. I was standing in water it was comfortable.. About 4 to 5 jellyfish came near my feet and wave washed back. Leaving them behind they where glowing pink even which were present in water were glowing pink i just stood trying to get them back to water. I don’t know what this mean.

  210. Hi Amy, I love your website!
    I’ve been having recurring dreams that I am on a medium size boat with family members (father and mother) and some close friends and we’re going against the current and into the deeper sea. Weather is mild but the waves are always HUGE and it’s pretty rough, in my dream I guess I have the anxiety to keep the boat safe as if it is my responsibility. Also, I’ve dreamt about my family members constantly which has never happened before, but are always in my dream whenever I remember it. I currently live away from them. I’d love to hear your opinion about my dreams :)

    Thank you

  211. Hi,
    I had a dream last night, I was lying on the beach with waves flowing back on forth from the tide, the waves was very soft and it felt so real as if I could feel the warmth from the sea. I think the dream was in Mauritius because I remember someone mentioning it the dream, my family was at the hotel however at the beach I was alone.

  212. I tend to have a “recurring” dream in that the ocean is the main scenario & whatever is going on in the dream, the water is ALWAYS very deep, very dark, & frigid cold. But it’s not necessarily rough water. I’m always near the water (like on a pier or in an open boat) but not in it & I’m very anxious about falling in. Besides being deep & dark, I tend to wonder why is the ocean always icy, icy cold in my dreams.

  213. Hi Amy. I had a dream that I was hang gliding over a huge clear blue ocean. I was very, very high up and I was actually hanging vertically from the hang glider’s rail. My right hand was a little too close to my left hand, so I was slightly off balance, and I managed to shuffle my right hand along the bar to even up the glider. Looking down into the bright clear blue ocean I could see rocks and I could see people. I knew I had to find a safe place to let go of the hang glider and drop into the ocean away from the rocks. I yelled down to the people below “is this a good place to drop?” I wasn’t scared, I just found the right place and confidently let go of the hang glider and dropped like a pin cleanly into the ocean and woke up. It was a very powerful dream and I’d be so grateful if you might give me some insight as to what it might have meant. Warm regards, James

  214. Last night I dreamt I was in the ocean, there was no shore, the buildings and houses and sidewalks were a meter deep into the clear blue water, people were talking and walking around, enjoying. The waves softly lifted to below my chin. The sky was beautiful. Everything was so blue. But there were people there that have hurt me, they lightly interacted with me and everything seemed to be fine. I am in a spot in my life where I am always sad and everything seems to crumble around me, so this dream feels very out of the box right now… What does it say?

  215. Hi Laura,

    I had a dream where I was throwing unwanted belongings into the ocean. I was on top of a building that had the ocean below about 8 storeys below. At first I started throwing them in 1 by 1 then in huge lots. There were 2 more people there, males and I don’t know who they were helping me. The waves were taking away old toys, clothing, etc. There was also a dinghy that was pulled out the ocean using a crane that had shark bites all over it.

  216. I had a dream that huge waves were right outside of my front door like a Beach Front house except no beach. My husband was there and was reassuring me that it’s okay the waves won’t flood the house and I felt calmer after he said that so Im watching in awe (while rocking my son in a bassinet) and a seal Just swims up like everything is normal we were so amazed. Then the next thing I remember is the waves started splashing into our house so I begin to panic but my husband just shuts the door and kinda giggles because it was a simple solution. Also my son who was in the dream as a newborn is in reality 3 years old and lives in another state with his father. (really emotional situation) please help decipher this dream!

  217. My dream was me and my bf went to the ocean and there were a few small waves but it was warm and clear there were kittens, puppies, ducklings and a baby pink pig. They all had collars on so they belonged to some one. I tried catching the pig and it led me to a lady on the shore line reading tarot cards for a donation of prayer(I asked her how much they would cost) then she read my cards and my bf came walking by and I woke up. I felt peace and joy

  218. I had a dream last night that I was sitting at a table with 3 men who had blue eyes. I also have blue eyes. Then after that I was at this beautiful place with clear still ocean blue water where I wanted to go in and swim but I didn’t because I had clothes on.

  219. I just had a dream last night I’m trying to figure out. I was on a boat, sleeping. The boat wasn’t moving, it was nice weather. But my mind I guess was awake because I was thinking in my dream I’m going to fall in the water, and I just let myself. At first I just fell and felt a scense of being refreshed, but I was falling fast into the water, I was trying to swim back up but I couldn’t swim up as fast as I was drowning straight down, I seen white ? Water above me that felt like it just kept me down .(like the way water looks on the sides of a boat when its moving) then somebody saved me, I’m not sure exactly who it was. I’m not sure, but I know it was a guy friend. It wasn’t my husband.

  220. My Ocean dream was an exact picture of my present state and a reminder of what is the right way forward …
    I was playing ball with friends in an ocean, when all of a sudden it got dark, ocean got very stormy and I got swept off of my feet and taken under. I remember being dragged very fast very deep looking up towards to suface. I did not struggle breathing, that was not a concern, and I though if I stop fighting it, it will eventually kick me back up to the surface, so I did stop and I was back up in a second. I was quite far from the shore, again, trying to force mysay back to the land, I thought I can’t keep fighting, I stayed still and I was BACK in my hotel room surrounded by my friends like nothing happened.

    Lesson: stop fighting and let things happen naturally.

    • Hi I had a dream last night that I was in the ocean. The water was so clear, the sun was shining and there were absolutely no waves. Out of no where a wave comes and I’m drowning. I hit the sand (bottom of the ocean) there was a guy next to me and I tried to get his attention as I was under water but he thought it was a shark. I was trying really hard to swim back up but then my cousin pulled me out. I have been feeling strong emotions lately but what does this dream have to do with anything?

  221. Hi there, my son had a dream early this morning that he catch the train go to Uni and asked driver where the train will go then the train travel under the water. So, what that means thanks

  222. I had a dream I was caught between stormy seas high waves, strange thing is I was standing in the middle of very small dry land but surrounded by really high waves, I just stood there and looked around feeling little scared , trying to think which way to go but in all directions the waves are very high, they are coming closer to me but doesn’t touch me so I feel safe, is like I am caught in a safe spot but still surrounded by oceans behaving very erratic with big waves. I can feel it’s very windy and the oceans sounds were very harsh as the waves crashed and rolled high coming very close to me all directions but strangely still not reaching me on my safe spot and the sky is little grey as if a storm is coming. I feel anxious little scared but watch in wonder anyway.

  223. I have dreams of the ocean almost every night. If not, at least 3 times a week. Every time it is different, the waves, the air, the mood… But there are always huge fish, whales and sea creatures around me – I am never afraid of them and I really love the dream. Even when my dream seems it would be scary (crashing waves, storms etc.) I am never actually afraid. The dreams are always so vivid and real. Could you tell me what this means and why I keep dreaming of this? I have been having these dreams for over a month now and am interested in finding out more. Thanks!

  224. I just woke up from a dream where I was in a room that was kind of small and it smelled like a swimming pool but everyone kept telling me it was just part of the ocean and when they lifted the cover off of this water it looked bright and colorful below but everyone was saying be careful because there are things on the sides that will try to push you back down. So what we were doing was diving in the water on one side and then curving straight back up and coming up the other side.. and somehow I could see everything but I was watching myself and my eyes were closed…there was a lot of green and at one point everyone (like 4 other teens) stopped diving in to go eat lunch and my mom walked in and I was so excited to show her what was going on and another guy started recording and there was music playing under the water when I was swimming and I was doing spins underwater and I felt so free but in the back of my mind I was so scared of the things living in the water and I didn’t want to be alone down there but I mostly felt happy so it was strange. When I got out of the water I went to dry my clothes.. then I woke up.. sorry it is so confusing but I just need to know what this dream means!!!

  225. Hi – Good Morning, I stumbled across your beautiful site this morning as I was pulling the remnants of last nights dream to surface, best I could. I’m stoked to poke around and discover things I didn’t know I needed to know. Thank you.

    Dream – It was one filled with awe, wonder and calmness. The scene was beautiful, blue calm sky. The focus of the dream was the momentum of the tremendous waves that were forming as they neared the shore. They slowly built to the size where it triggered that slight questioning of whether it was going to turn into too much but there was never panic. I don’t know if I actually saw a wave break at the shore. The details were more in the dimples and glimmer on the building waves. I was watching from inside a house through a clear and large window. The vibe I felt is that this was my home and that’s why I was inside; watching the ocean from inside my the home I reside in is part of my daily living/landscape. Twice I asked my young son if he saw one of the waves in the rolling symphony.

    Diving into your site and what you have offered for dream interpretation was timely in reference to some questions and decisions I’m working with currently. Thank you again.

  226. I dreamt i was in the ocean and as the water quickly drifts me backwards i saw a giant from afar. I was trying to move forward but the water just drifted me away from it.

  227. Hi Amy, i don’t usually remember my dreams, but last night before falling asleep i asked my higher self to let me see a man in my dreams that i’ve lost touch with and to allow us to communicate with each other. Here’s my dream which was very vivid: I dreamt i was at the ocean, a beautiful warm sunny day, the waves were calm, and there was a wedding going on, a bride and groom on a sailboat(they were the only ones on the boat), they were a little in the distance, i could see they were the bride and groom but couldn’t make out their faces. All the wedding party was close in the water, they were dressed in their gowns & tuxes but somehow were also taking part in some festivities that included water play. There were giant stingrays, i mean really giant where they would come up from under the water and catapult quite a few of them up in the air so they would splash back down, it was all in fun and planned. I was just watching from the shore, but even though the water was a bit deep it was the shore and i was there with everyone, everyone was having fun but i wasn’t taking part in it, just observing and watching. When i woke all i could remember initially was these massive, beautiful stingrays flying thru the air. Any ideas? Thank You,

  228. I was in my home with all my siblings though I could not see them in my dream. But I am sure they all were there along with me. I suddenly started feeling as though my home is about to get submersed in ocean water. I was imagining how it would have felt to be drowned in ocean. I was about to die and all my organs stop functioning. I was imagining about the pain I was about to go through. Surprisingly, I was not at all in fear but rather was eagerly waiting for the same. Please explain to me the meaning of the same.

  229. Hi Amy last night I had a dream that I was in a place which seems to be an island, I was walking to the side of the ocean the water was very calm, clear and Bleue. So clear in fact I was able to see some fish swimming and I saw a cat laying on the beautiful white sand and simply reach its paw and grab a couple of fish that seems to be swimming towards the cat. And then I see myself in a house that is on the water with some people that I don’t know but it felt like they were family and out of no where I saw some bombs being dropped on the house and on some boats that were around we jumped in the water. when everything seems to be calm we went back to the house only to find a very rich and powerful man in the house he explains that he bombed the house because he was looking for a bride that was promised to him and propose that I marry him. Now I am already married what could this dream mean? Thanks in advance for your help

  230. I have dreams of the ocean often. Recently, I’ve been dealing with depression as I always do these colder and darker months in Wyoming. I’ll go to bed praying for the strength to get through another winter. Many nights I dream of standing in the ocean in a specific place. One that my boyfriend brought me to in Puerto Rico when we first met. I walk into the water sobbing, my tears falling into the salt water. It feels as though it scrubs my soul. My response? I booked a flight to San Juan. I’m going to dry into the Atlantic and it’s going to feel wonderful.

  231. My dream started out being at a social function and getting word that a big rain storm was approaching. I grabbed some gift cards I had purchased and left for home, but the rain was so strong, and the winds so high that I became stuck in a flooding situation. I remember not feeling afraid, bobbing in the water, and going under the water far enough when a wave came that it wouldn’t really affect me under water. I looked out on the horizon and saw my friend drive by in his van. The last thing I saw before waking up was the formation of a huge wave coming at me.
    With that said, I have been seeing a therapist with my mother and some heavy revelations were made today, and I was validated for the first time in years. Thanks in advance for your commentary.

  232. I had a dream that started with me alone on a boat at night traveling to a nearby island. It started off with rough water then quickly went to me going uphill, still in the boat. When I reached the top the waters were calm and I saw what I precived was a bright colorful city. That is where I ended up. There I met up with my brother… And… My cell phone was dead. Lol.. My emotions at the beginning was fear of not being able to make the journey to the island.

  233. Dreamt I was holding Eamon in the beach and a massive wave came up and we were standing under it in the tube! It was like slow motion and beautiful being in the tube. We were unhurt. It was amazing.

    What does this mean?

    • Dreamt I was holding my son in the beach and a massive wave came up and we were standing under it in the tube! It was like slow motion and beautiful being in the tube. We were unhurt. It was amazing.

      What does this mean?

  234. Hi!!! I dreamed I was in a beachfront hotel on an elevator. There were apparently 4 floors and then the roof which said Bridge access. I meant to press 4 but I accidentally pressed bridge access which I did not want. So I kept pressing 4 but it didn’t take. When the elevator got to the top it popped out and into the ocean. So I was stuck in there when water started coming in. At this point I woke myself up

  235. hey Amy!

    So I dreamt last night I was on vacation with my family and it felt like I was in turkey, and I was cycling on my way to the beach down this road which felt like it was never ending, eventually I got to the beach after seeing a motorbike accident which I tried to help the man but all the locals told me to go away anyway I got the beach and was golden sand and the ocean was as calm as ever with beautiful blue sky. I embraced the beauty of what I could feel, but then something happened and the sand moulded into some cliff which I fell down and this lady was with me we were both struggling climbing up this cliff because the tide was coming in rapidly and before you know it I’m in this abounded house with a good friend of mine and we didn’t look good at all and there was nothing good happening in this house which made me feel haunted or cursed its really difficult to explain

  236. I had a dream that I was driving through familiar streets and I remember going past my daughters new primary school. I then took a few wrong turns and ended up at the beach. It was sunset, the water was very calm and there were people in the water and on the sand. All of a sudden I was riding a bicycle on a path by the water. Riding the bike felt liberating and I remember feeling happy. All of a sudden the path led me into the water. At first I was able to ride through the water as it was shallow, however it became deeper and deeper and I found myself almost drowning and I was no longer on my bike. Out of nowhere an unfamiliar male appeared and I grabbed him tightly and pulled myself out of the water and was able to step back onto land. I woke up feeling a mixture of emotions as the dream felt vivid and real.

  237. Hi thanks for the info! I always dream about water and its almost always different every time. Sometimes its calm but most it might be tsunamis. In the waking i am a natural water baby living by the beach my whole life but its also one of my greatest irrational fears. There are frequently temples like buildings with almost a greek design to them. In my dreams i always feel happiest when im in the air but they are rare dreams and i was just wondering how to get rid of some of these water dreams as they can be quite creepy. Thanks!

  238. Hello Amy. I just awoke from a dream where I am back in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica where I live and have my business. I am presently in the states taking care of my parents and some personal stuff. I am invited to an event south of Dominican. I am not prepared so I rush to the store to get shoes and something to wear, in in a bathing suit. My girlfriend makes the bus and I miss it. I try to take off after the bus but cannot catch it. I decide to jump off a cliff and free fly over the ocean and take a more direct route. The sky was peaceful, calm and sunny. The ocean was amazing shades of blue and calm. I make it to an island with a house being constructed on it. I ask the contractor the most direct direction and I overhear him trying to send me the longest way. I call him out grab a golden shell encrusted with crystals which was scattered with other in the lagoon around this house. I guess and soar off this very high cliff and back over ocean. Make it to the next coastal outcropping of land. A friend is there to greet me with a hug and I realize I am below where the bus passes by on the Panamerican Highway. I climb up a old broken ladder and drop my keys. I go back down and miss the bus. I then take off free flying again but hitchhiking along the way and I wake up. I immediately looked up what it my mean and was brought to this page. I found great much needed comfort in your general explanation. Can you please give me a little more detail? Thank you

  239. I had a dream where I was at my grandparent’s house, but the lake that they live on the shore of had turned into an ocean. My lover was in the water with his friends while mine were waiting for me. I jumped and swam out to my lover, he swam towards me as well. We then both went under water and joked around tickling each other(a thing we normally do) and smiling. When we swam towards shore waves started coming in on us, but we held hands to stay together. Even when a wave drug one of us under the other would pull them up. The ocean started out green and murky, but by the time the waves had begun it slowly turned a bright blue. We eventually made it to the shore holding hands. What does this mean?

  240. I always have reacquiring dreams that somehow I am going to be hit from a huge wave from the ocean, however I always wake up before it hits. I am always in a different place and with different people. the feeling is always the same, I fear that this wave will over take.

  241. I had a dream last night where a friend from school had lost his two little daughters. He had pin pointed where they were but couldn’t get there. I said I could. I think I traveled by plane. Next thing I was under deep water in the ocean, it was like the visibility when you are in relatively clear water. I could see the sun shining through the water lighting it up naturally, the clean sand on the bottom and the 2 girls were laying in the water on the sand. I remember thinking as I got down deep that I didn’t have anything for air but then I just didn’t worry about it. Never struggled and neither did the girls. There was no struggle what so ever just nice really. I think I started diving with one other person but I don’t remember any details about them just that we had no air and then nothing after that. :)

  242. I constantly have dreams about the sea ever since i was a little girl. The first ones usually where a fear like a dam cracking and huge tidal waves. Most of my dreams with the sea have a house in it that im going to move into but i live no where near the sea. In the back of my mind in the dreams im wary of the sea and the powers it holds and that it can change at any time.

  243. Hi Amy,

    Last night I dreamed I was in a huge mansion. I was in the upper level trying to get to the lower level which was seperated by a large pool of water. I tried to get around it and realized i had to step through it. I climbed in unafraid knowing i had to cross the water to get to my dogs downstairs. Then waves began all of sudden in the pool. At first I thought they were small and managable and it was just one maybe two, then they got bigger and I was afraid. I woke up at that point. The things I woke up feeling were, knowing i had to step in and feeling ok doing it, not being afraid of the waves at first, then intense fears as they continued. Based on your post above it must be connected to emotions. I am not sure how to go about discovering what emotions the water represents or how to uncover what my subconcious is trying to communicate to me. Am I missing anything? This dream really disturbed me. Thank you for your time and this awesome website!



  244. Hi Amy,

    I had a dream last night that I’m having trouble understanding it. I was hoping you could shed some light.

    I was standing on a white sandy beach looking out to crystal blue water with blue skies. As I was standing there I bent over and scooped up some water in my hands and washed my face. It felt very refreshing and cleansing. Then I noticed my cousin (who’s around his mid 30s in real life) swimming in the water. He was swimming about 100 or so yards away from the beach and then he started to swim towards me. I started walking and before I knew we were embracing and he was crying that we had not seen each other when i recently had gone overseas (I recently travelled to the greek islands and he did not come to visit me). I saw him as a young boy and not at the age he is now. I hugged him and said it’s ok and as I did that I saw his father who is now deceased, walking towards the beach. His deceased father looked almost disfigured and he had black patches on his face. He was walking towards the beach with two younger boys who I did not know. I then woke up.

    It was a very weird dream and I haven’t ever seen one like that. The water did feel refreshing and I felt a lot of strength in the dream and I felt like my cousin came to me for comfort and forgiveness.

  245. Hey,
    Last night I dreamed about I am in the oceon with my three sisters. I was so happy and excited. But in the backround of the oceon it was Mostly empty. The water was so blue and beautiful. But the sky was not clear. So when we were walking there was this big hole in the shore, and two guys were near tha whole saying it was a hole that a radiation passes through and we (my sisters and me) did try that. But after i did try it was as if everything vanished around me and a really depressing, sad backround took over. My sisters vanished and all the other people vanshed from the place. In the end was the only one in that oceon. Can you please tell me a meaning for this.
    Thank you

  246. Hi Amy,I dreamer I’m with all my family members,board a taxi to somewhere in medowlands location, suddenly I’m trapped on to of some rocks because der was water around me,not still but not aggressive as well,all I realise is that the water were very deep,a white boy came by and made a away and a stop to the big water, just like Moses did in a bible,all my brothers and sisters were there,all dressed up and looking the part,
    What does that means

  247. Hi Amy,
    I’ve been trying to find out what my dreams mean but no where can I find anything similar to what I’ve been dreaming about in the last few weeks. So I’m hoping you might be able to shed some light on my dreams.
    I’ve had three dreams where my family and I are near the sea or ocean. Suddenly a fire starts in the water. Before we know it we are overcome with tsunami size tidal waves of fire coming from the sea or ocean! I remember being inside the wave of fire, bright orange and red. I remember not feeling any heat and not feeling afraid, more shock than anything. I remember feeling that it will be ok we will be fine we can escape it’s not so bad. In my latest dream my family and I are driving and we are approaching the seaside as we do waves of redfire begin to billow out and up towards us. We come to a skidding halt and manage to avoid the waves. I remember my self and other family members, who exactly I can’t tell, saying we will be fine if we stay up here just don’t go down there. We looked upon the scene with some sort of amazement. There was some fear but it wasn’t the feeling of the dream not that with which I woke up with. I am not entirely sure what on earth these dreams mean, but I really would like to know.

    • Water is often a spiritual symbol and fire is a powerful symbol about transformation, cleansing, rebirth, destruction & creation. If this were my dream, I might understand that if I were to undertake a spiritual practice it would have a powerful transformational affect on my life.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  248. I had a dream where I was standing by a river or lake, I remember in the dream I threw something valuable in the lake or river not quite sure the difference but when I went to retrieve it, I found myself stuck in the middle with my body lying astride on a cemented wall in the middle of the river or lake. I remember in the dream I was a bit anxious and confused, first as to how I got there and a way to get out, in the dream I could hear familiar voices from a distance and as I was trying to get close to them to shout for help I woke up……what could it mean?

  249. Hi,

    Last night I dreamed I was in a little draft afloat of a huge open water like the sea or ocean but the water was still and the sky was a little dim (not too dark) kind of like grey with some light and I drifted towards a concrete pavement that looked almost like a large concrete road and it was my safety. I got off the draft onto the concrete and I looked back at the draft to see if I left anything & when I looked I saw my key chain with my keys..I reached for them & I got them then crawled onto the concrete. From there I saw the long pavement I would have to walk through to go back to land but I felt the safe because I was on the ground and no longer over the water. While I was in the draft on the water I felt nervous because the water was dark and very deep. I’m afraid of drowning and or drifting away into the ocean but I managed to get to safe grounds which was a thick, long, concrete pavement that lead back to land.

  250. Hi :) I’m just wondering if you can help me out..
    I have recurring dream that comes and goes almost all of my life. Basically, the latest one I was standing on a cliff with clear skies watching the ocean with someone else. I learnt awhile ago too that I can control my dreams.. But in these dreams the ocean starts with small normal waves slowly getting bigger.. As they get bigger i get nervous and try control the size of them. The more I try to control the size of the waves the bigger they get. I’m also stuck in place – until eventually I’m swallowed by the waves and moved to a different location. Through this i know it’s a dream so I’m not really afraid. I just find it a strange recurring dream that I don’t understand.

    • I keep having dreams like this too. Tsunamis and waves that are coming at me but I can’t move. I’m starting to write all my ocean dreams down so that I could make sense of them. They’re never terrifying, but they recur so much!

  251. Hi :).

    Okay I keep having recurring dreams of oceans and tsunamis and tidal waves. I am starting to finally write them down because I know there has to be something to it. Last night, I had another ocean dream, although a new one.
    This time, I was looking at a gorgeous view of the ocean and a long bridge made of wood and rope. I think I was on a rocky beach. I really wanted to cross this bridge and I was staring at it. The waves were strong and once you get past maybe 100 ft or so on the bridge, it kind of sunk into the ocean in some parts, so it was kind of iffy if you’d make it past that part or if the waves would pull you into the ocean. I wasn’t scared because everything about this was sooooooo pretty. As I was about to start crossing, my dad called my name to say hi to some family over Skype and then my dream ended.

    I’m not sure how to interpret this. I keep having these dreams about large powerful bodies of water and tsunamis.

  252. Hi Amy,

    I had a dream where the High waves come in intervals. I am with my husband and brother trying to get out of the city which looks like Banff in those intervals. Before the first wave hits us my husband has to go the washroom and i am in car with my brother. We almost drown but somehow we are alive and trying to find my husband. We find him just before the second wave has to hit. We take shelter in a restaurant. No body seems panicked. Its like routine for people. The third wave is most scary, so huge and we all are scared, we are driving towards the wave and we get out before the wave hits us. The whole dream is very dark and cloudy with lights and bulbs in the restaurant. It was not like a nightmare but i am unable to get it out from my head. I feel really blank and in a different world. Somehow this dream has disrupted my peace. How can i let it go?

  253. I had a dream I was on vacation on an unknown island. ..the island was beautiful our hotel rooms were made of wood on decks that were on the edge of water ….while I was enjoying my trip with my family I went outside laid down on a beach chair enjoying the beautiful green/blue water view with golden sand the guy I am seeing showed up. He said hi to my family and bent down gave me a deep passionate kiss and held me a few seconds so it wouldn’t make any sound for my family to hear. He went on and joined some of my family to sit with I went for a walk and saw a sign saying visit bird island. So I walked over to this bird island that was up on a hill from sea shore. There were a lot of people sight seeing this exotic colourful birds that were all over the place feeding them taking pictures ect…there were a few local people there to what I didn’t understand was when I looked at the bird island the birds were not in cages at all as I took a closer look I could see the blue/green water with golden sand. Where the birds were staying looked like an abandoned big castle built on the side of the hill that was covered in Moss and mother nature had taken over it was a ruin. But there was a a two door high metal gate in same condition leading down hill into the ruins. The locals that were there were dressed in dark green uniforms that I identified by feelings were the keepers and watchers of the island. They offered me an object to open up the gate so visitors could go through and sight see. All I could think of was these birds need to be freed though they were free the gate wasn’t caging nothing. I asked why they wanted me to open the gate they said we give the privilege to one visitor to do the honours and we choose you. Than they started to cheer me on with the visitors to do it. My boyfriend showed up and put his arms around me from behind and asked what I was doing in a sweet caring voice. I explained it to him and told him I had to go get my mother to see this island she would love it as she loves animals and it was our last day there. When we went back to the hotel my family was packing and checking their flight dates on the tickets. My flight was within a couple hours and I said I don’t want to go it’s ok if I miss my flight for once. My family left leaving me there with my boyfriend. The entire dream was a happy and good feelings just not sure how to translate it into my waking life.

  254. I am not sure if this comment will be noticed, but I will give it a try. Just a few hours ago I had a dream of being on a beach with my mum. The water is shallow, clear, the sky was blue but a little gloomy, and the waves are strong. What was strange is, it was not windy, but the waves are strong. I jumped on the rocks to get to the overwater stilt house. The waves are pushing me, nevertheless, I managed to get inside the stilt house with my mum. My memory is vague about the other details in my dream, I don’t remember seeing my mum struggling to get to the stilt house. It was just me who struggled. In the last part of my dream, while I was eating, a woman told me that my mum and I have to leave. She did not say the reason why it did not look alarming. She just said we need to go. What does this mean?

  255. Hi, I had a dream in mid December last year. I have only told One person before about it because I thought no one would believe it. IN THE DREAM THERE WAS AN SECRET BUILDING FLOATING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN. IN THIS BUILDING THERE WERE PEOPLE N ANIMALS BUT IN THE DREAM I FELT LIKE GOD WAS ANGRY WITH THE PEOPLE INSIDE THE BUILDING AND WANTED TO DISTROY THEM. Before god distroyed them, I CAME AND PRAYED ON EACH SIDE OF THE BUILDING. After I finished praying, GOD APPEARED AND TOLD ME TO HOLD ON HIS LONG BEAR AND HE LIFTED ME UP WITH HIM and the dream ended. Any one who can interpret this dream please help.

  256. I’ve had various dreams with large waves.

    The first was about a year ago. I had used the large wave as a ramp (as if surfing) and started floating serenely in the sky. After a while though I became fearful of being so high and now knowing how to control it and fell back to the water.

    The next dream was a few weeks ago. The sky was very grey and cloudy, similar to the Oregon coast (I live in Portland). That’s how the beaches are here all the time. I was walking leisurely along the beach with some friends when out of nowhere, a small car drove straight into a massive wave. I became fearful because I thought someone had committed suicide. After a little bit though the car drove back onto land a little further down the beach.

    Last night I had another dream with waves and the ocean. I was at some sort of hotel/resort right on the water. Someone must have let cattle loose because a large number of horses and cows ran straight into very large waves. The waves were crashing down on them and they seemed to be getting hurt. (The sky was blue in this dream). All of a sudden, military shooting robot rose out of the water and began shooting all the animals.

    Please help me understand what is going on.

  257. In my dream, I was in a house (not sure whose house or where it was). When I looked out the window, large ocean waves were crashing and reaching my window which was on an upper level. I remember going downstairs to tell people that the waves were reaching my window but I’m not sure if there was anyone actually there. I remember when I went downstairs, I could not see an ocean out of the window but I saw concrete, like a patio. I just remember feeling scared when I was in the upstairs window and the huge waves were crashing on it.

  258. Hi,

    I had a beautiful dream last night. I saw my self in a tall building (hotel?) and once I looked outside the window I saw a big ocean/sea/river- it had clear, bright blue water and the sky was blue and sun was shining and the body of water was surrounded by palm trees that had pineapples growing in them (I know). I remember feeling happy and kept saying to my friend how beautiful it was. I couldn’t remember how I got there. I wanted to take a picture with my phone so I opened the window and leaned outside, then I noticed big waves and I stopped to admire the beautiful sight of it. Then one of the waves was really high- almost as high as the building I was in. I had to close the window so the water wouldn’t get in. It splashed on the window a little and the water was still blue and clear, but had a few leaves (from birch trees ) in.

    Then I felt like I was lower then I was a t first and I was being carried with the water inside the building. But I never felt scared, I was very calm and enjoyed the experience. And as we travelled along, I saw another beautiful ocean/river with even more pineapple trees.

    I’d be grateful for your interpretation of this dream.

    Thank you

  259. Your explanation was a great help. I dreamt I could not cross the ocean the way I always did, and I was very upset. I lost my mother in January and it must mean I can no longer be with her

  260. Hi Amy, I just woke up from a nightmare. My family was vacationing in a nice resort by the beach in Germany, where I’m from and where I’m going to be vacationing in the summer, and we were having a blast. Then my friend and I walk towards the ocean. It was calm and peaceful and the sun was setting, very pleasant. Then the closer we got to the ocean it seemed like volcanoes began to bursts inside the water so lava began to come closer and closer. My friend saved me from burns as he carries me the car. My whole family was ready to leave the resort but we didn’t have enough room for him in the car. I knew that he would die there because the storm was getting worse. It starts to rain hard and I’m sitting in the backseat telling my uncle to slow down the roads are slippery we don’t want to crash. There was a lot of cars trying to leave to get home safely. My uncle was speeding like he always does and told me everything’s going to be alright we won’t crash. We made a sharp turn on a bridge as see multiple accidents occur in front of us. My uncle dodged them but as we were turning a car hit us on the side, it wasn’t our fault. But the roads were slippery from the storm and we swerved off the bridge plunging into the water. It seemed like a long fall but I knew I wasn’t going to die I just kept thinking of my family. As soon as I hit the water I swam up in a matter of seconds. Usually ocean dreams are scary when your submerged but I had a motivation or urge to save myself. I reached the surface like I knew I would and climbed up a pole to get ontop of the bridge. No one else survived. The worst part was the pain I felt when I realized this. My entire family was gone. I’ve had dreams where my mother died or my sister died at least 3 times now. I wake up so terrified. I’m very close with both of them. Can you please clarify this dream for me so I clear my subconscious?

  261. Hi.

    So I am usually not an emotional person and like to push things aside to accomplish what I am set to do. I usually don’t really care about my dreams at all either. I am a college student at a difficult school and have been successful so far. I am also on the track team and am a member of a fraternity.

    My Dream: I was running in sandals because I forgot my shoes and felt the need to do a running workout. I began to run on the highway with no intention to return to any destination. Primarily to just run away from everything. On this adventure, I saw a girl from my high school walking the opposite direction. I did not know this girl very well but I did know that she was a very free spirit and does whatever she wants. I was calm and happy in this dream and eventually was in a canoe paddling in a body of water. The waves were present but not rough and I felt I had a grasp on where I was going although there were no landmarks around and no way to know where I was actually going. I hit this wall that opened up a large door where water rushed out. I decided to go out into this water and the massive door shut behind me. As I was desperately trying to hold onto the wall, the door shut and the current pulled me out. I saw a sign that said ‘Mid-Atlantic Ocean.’ I was surrounded by the Ocean on every side of me. I saw a rock formation in the distance and that was it. I am a strong individual physically and a good swimmer but was not strong enough to dictate my direction as the current pulled me wherever it wanted me to go. I felt that as if I were to make it back to this rock formation that I would be able to find a way out of this predicament. The last thing I remember was thinking ‘Do I give up? No! I can survive this. This is just another day in the life of Chris. I can do anything.’ I felt confident but was definitely scared and there was a small feeling of ‘I may not survive this, this could be the end of me.’ Then I woke up.

    The funny thing is the sky was bright but no sun. The water was calm but not very clear. The current was so strong as I was surprisingly okay with this. I really did not care where I was going. Was I looking for a fresh start?

    What the heck does this mean?

    • If this were my dream, I would focus on the end part where you decide not to give and understand that you can handle anything. I’d take this feeling and confidently go forward with my life – returning to the lessons in the dream whenever I need a boost.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  262. I had the most amazing dream this morning…to make things clear currently i do not have the most loving relationship in fact i do not even know what to call it anymore, my dream took me back to teen days this morning where i was in the midst of a someone that was special to me we never got the chance to really get to know each other until in my dream ive never felt more loved adored and so much more i actually woke up all smiles…to me i believe that you mostly you end up dreaming about whats the last thing on your mind at night or how you constantly feeling about things, i crave the feelings i had in my dream this morning guess thats why i dreamt about it…do you think its something different?

    • If this were my dream, I would understand it as an invitation to create these feelings in my everyday life. Be it with your partner, or if that’s not possible, with someone else – either romantically or platonically. We all have a need for love and connection and dreams can help shine a light on our unmet needs.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  263. I forgot to add the part where we played in the ocean there were strong waves involved where he protected me from falling it was the best feeling wish i can feel that way again but this time in real life :)

  264. Hello Amy, I’d love to receive your insights on these two dreams. This morning I dreamt that i flew out from the shoreline over the ocean. I was flying rapidly at a reasonably low height, just above the ocean. I don’t recall seeing the shoreline, it was more like I was immediately out over the ocean. The waves were not crashing but they were large and rolling like the deep ocean area. The sky was clear, but I don’t recall it being grey or blue. I felt exhilarated as I was flying so fast. I turned around and flew back just as low and fast. I was very briefly in a living room near the coastline but almost immediately I flew back out over the rolling waves of the ocean. I could hear voices of a family i know saying don’t do it, be careful (they thought I was taking a risk and could put myself in danger). They are a couple who’ve separated unpleasantly (in ‘real’ life) a number of times but have recently reunited. When I was flying this time I started searching for something. I think it was a red ball, but I’m not 100% sure of this. I had been flying in a straight direction the entire time but when I started to look for the ‘ball’ I was flying in a sideways direction much more slowly. I started to become aware that as I was out over the deep ocean I had to be careful of not getting lost as if I searched around too much i might no longer know which direction the shore was. I wasn’t scared, just wary and thought i needed to be careful. I didn’t see the ball during this short sideways foray and decided it was best to give up on that search, it wasn’t important. I flew back to the shoreline, fast and in a direct line. the entire time i was flying, Although I was flying low the water of the big waves never touched me, they never crashed and there was no spray, they just rolled in a big way. Back in the living room I came to a stop in the air and levitated in a perfect landing onto the couch. The family were astounded. I never saw the family, only heard their voices and felt their opinion. I’ve had many, many amazing dreams over about 30 years, but I rarely fly in my dreams.
    A couple of weeks ago I dreamt that I was flying up and down in a straight line. I would fly high up into the air, turn around and fly and plunge deep into the ocean. I did this a number of times, it was exhilarating again. After awhile I noticed there was a Grey Nurse shark circling below the depth I was plunging too. It wasn’t taking any notice of me. I wasn’t threatened or scared. It was just there.
    Would be great to read your thoughts Amy.
    Warm Regards, Ash.

  265. I have had a couple of water dreams lately
    The two that I remember are
    1. My sister was at work and her whole building flooded due to rain and they closed and locked all the doors only allowing the first (6 I think) people through and she was one.

    2. I was standing in what looked like a cafeteria with this beautiful big glass window on the other side of the window was an ocean with beautiful waves and a sunset. The cafe tables were kind of floating in the ocean water. And I was taking s picture. I was there with my ex and his sister who used to be my close friend. My ex was begging me back and said he would take me to Florida if I went back. I recall myself in the dream debating it and then I finally said no that I didn’t love him Anymore ( we had a very unhappy relationship ) I then turned to his sister and asked if I could still come with them to Florida, she said no. And I told her I understand but I was upset and hurt at how our friendship ended because of the split up. The waves were bigger at through the whole conversation with my ex and his sister and they almost surrounded us and the car we were suddenly in.

    Any help figuring these out. I have had more ocean dreams although I don’t remember them. But they have been almost nightly lately


  266. yesterday i started reading Paul Mckennas ‘Change your life in 7 days ‘ as i have been feeling a bit bogged down recently.

    Last night i had a dream that i was with two old friends from my teenage years. we were in a house over looking the ocean it was a nice day outside and i thought it would be fun to run across the sand into the sea. As i did a big wave came up over my head. i was a bit frightened but as i came out of it a saw another one coming. i wasn’t sur i had enough breath but as it hit i felt excitment and swam up through it.
    I stood up and ran further into the ocean. I heard the girl i was with back in the house shout, that i should probably come back in to the house. i did not listen and as looked back out to sea i saw two wave the second bigger than the first coming together straight towards me. i looked up and watched as the first one blocked everything out and circled over my head towards me. took a deep breath relaxed and swam up into them both. there was no fear just release calm.
    Then i woke up a bit shaken. Have not had a purposeful dream like this for a long time now.

  267. Hi Amy,

    Thank you for bringing this subject to our attention and helping to unlock our unconsciousness.

    Lately, I’ve been having vivid dreams and remembering bits and pieces a day or two later. My most recent dream was me floating in the water. It was a sea/ocean setting and I was above the water. I remember feeling excited but also very nervous at the same time. I had on goggles so look underneath the water and see fishes, plants, etc, but I was afraid. I finally looked underneath and a part of me felt sad, missing my childhood, but another felt excited. It was very strange. I don’t remember the vision to be extremely clear or colorful, but it certainly had color. I wish I remembered the color of the water itself. I am almost positive I was alone.

    I’m not sure if this means I’m trying to get in touch with my unconscious, but it was interesting as I have a love/hate relationship with the ocean in real life.

    I appreciate your time and would love to hear from you on your thoughts.

  268. For two consecurive nights I have had dreams about the sea. In the first one I am with a female collegue and we are swimming in the waves on a busy happy beach (wearing swimmning costumes with t-shirts underneath!) and in the second I climbed over the garden wall of a quaint cottage to see the other cottages in the garden and the waves were touching my toes, I desperatly wanted to go into the water but I had to leave. It was a sunny day and there were lots of children on the beach. I woke feeling very relaxed and have thought about the vivid picture in my dreams throughout the day! What does this mean?

  269. Hello Amy,

    My dream was on a cruise ship (which I had never been on in my life even to this day), and I remember being in front of the ship seeing the ocean for miles on end with the most beautiful skyline in the backdrop. I felt I was in a whole different country (not Houston Texas) because the view was of big mountains with greenery and snow on the tops of the mountains for as far as I could see, but in my dream it seem so close. The ship kept moving and the ocean just kept guiding our path. The water as calm as can be and so beautiful (blue) and I just felt at peace then once I woke up I was at awe, of how vivid the dream was.

  270. Hi Amy,

    Last night I dreamt of being on a board walk looking upon the ocean. The ocean was clear blue and it was endless. I remember the beautiful colors in the sky refelecting on the water. There was also a slide in front of me, and for a second I thought to use it, but decided to dive in instead. There where people in the ocean who I did not recognize. When I emerged in the water there was someone to greet me with a kiss, whom I did not know, and who was not my partner. Over all the dream was beautiful. I remember thinking “how wonderful my God is” that he created something so beautiful and I was able to experience it. I was at peace and extremely happy.

    If you have some time, what are your thoughts on the dream?

    • Kelly,

      What a beautiful dream. If this were my dream, I would hold on to that feeling of “how wonderful my God is” and carry that feeling with me as I go through my life. I might even get an object that can remind me of the dream so that when I see it/touch it, I’m reminded of the beauty God has created for me to experience and know that this is true in my everyday life and not only in my dreams.

      Sweet dreams,

  271. Hi, I had a very horrible dream, In my dream I’m in england and everyones normal then someone shouts put on the news and north east and north west part of england had cracked and sunk into the sea, soo many people died everyone was scared that it could happen to the whole of this country. We helped anyone who lost people and everyone moved down south to stay safer and then while I was sitting there I just woke up. I really would like to know what that means.

  272. My son passed away 3 weeks ago when I was 30 weeks pregnant with him. Now almost every dream I have has some sort of body of water in it. It’s been a swimming pool, a lake, the ocean etc. the one in particular at a swimming pool, I was with my dad and we were playing with a girl who was about 2 years old and she only wanted to play with us. She had curly hair like me too. Wondering if this is a sign that we’ll have another child since it took 6 years to try for my son. Thank you!

  273. Hi Amy,
    I just had a dream and I really need your help to understand this. In my dream, I was in a car with my boyfriend. We were driving on a nice road looking like a park and suddenly there appeared water (looking very very deep blue) on my right side (passenger). I told him about it and suddenly next I know we face the water in front of us. He told me there is no way we can turn the car or avoid it. So he kept driving the car in water. The water is nice and calm but I was very freaked out. And we were never immersed in the water. The car seemed to take the water well. And I kept telling him we need to find a way to get out of the water because we can’t drive in the water. And every corner every way we turn there is either really deep water or shallow water but no ground can be seen or felt. And the water runs in layers as it seemed to look like. Eventually he kept finding a way to avoid the dept of the water and I saw I almost fell into the water as the car hit the bump but I still landed in the car ok. Then I woke up being very terrified even though the water looked calm the whole time. What does this all mean? Please help. Thank you so much.

  274. I had a dream I was on a cruise ship (which I have never been on), and the seas were beyond rough. Huge tsunami like waves tossed the ship around like a wine bottle cork, but the whole time the captain saved us. The ship never sank or rolled over, but did spin around like a top. I also never felt afraid in my dream. More in awe of the waves and the captain spinning us around to face the correct way. I awoke naturally (not in a nightmarish panic), and the ship was still intact the last I remember.

  275. Hi Amy. I had an unforgettable ocean-themed this afternoon. The beach was similar to that in my hometown, but they are not exactly alike. The city looked like it was in the middle of a tropical forest. I was walking along the beach, the weather was great, the sky was blue and it was sunny. I stopped when I saw huge, gigantic waves rising on the sea. The waves then changed its shapes and colors in a comical way. It became a tiger, a hippo, people and a little bit like a jungle. Then I saw the sign “Eco-performance” (i don’t know why) and thought “This may have been a performance. Why didn’t I know about it before”. I met a girl at the beach too. We got along well. Please can you interpret my dream?

  276. hey this dream wasn’t in the ocean but it did involve water… anyway so this boy ( my boyfriend) brought me in the middle of the woods and there was this board walk with a tree in front of it . The sky was gray but the water was calm and cooling anyway it was only deep in a small circle around the board walk every where else you could see the roots and the bottoms of trees. so i got kind of close to the water and the tree grabbed me and put me in the water and for some reason i couldn’t move the water wouldn’t let me so i had to sit there and drown basically but my bf just stood there looking at me and then he walked away he didn’t even look sad. he went to school and he had this best friend who was a red hair girl who i didn’t know about… she asked him what was wrong and he brought her there and the tree grabbed her to and put her in the water this time he tried to save her but the tree grabbed him to but he flipped and got out of its reach then there was a desk and he went there and sat there because the tree only suspected movement near the water. He went up to the water with this music thing and two dolls one had red hair and one was him and it was her music thing but he put those under the water and held it there for a bit then something touched his hand so he grabbed it and pulled it and he actually pulled out me but not my body he pulled out my soul. He went home sad because he didn’t get anything “valuable” back but it showed him like a year later and i had been singing and that is all he heard was me singing and i was the guilt he was having and this is really confusing i have no idea what it means could you please tell me thank you :)

  277. Hello Amy,
    So my dream started off at the beach with my husband as we were going to jet ski. We were looking at the ocean as it was beautiful and calm without a wave in sight. Then out of no where he wasn’t in my dream anymore and I was by myself. I was going for a swim and suddenly I was being pulled into the ocean, I tried to swim up but with out a struggle or being scared and realized I wasn’t going anywhere so I did the sign of the cross and let myself go. I didn’t see myself die but I suddenly woke up after the sign of the cross.

  278. Hi Amy,yesterday I had a dream like I was just standing on the bridge above the sea level and I got stuck over there.There was loud sound of big waves,the fog clouds were there.So I was hardly trying to get down from the bridge as I was scaring to fall down in the heavy water.Finally one girl gave her hand to help me out.

  279. Hi Amy…I had almost the same dream for 3 times over last couple of weeks….I am trying to understand the meaning of it…I am in a multi-storey building near a large water source like ocean…I can’t really see big waves…I am with some strangers in the building but can see some familiar faces….the water is slowly raising…the water is so clear and calm…I can see it through the glass windows of the building…the water reaches the floor I am in…it slowly goes over my head..I am standing holding someone’s hand and let it goes over my head…I am not trying to escape…as if I am ready for it…or there is no option…
    After a few days I get the same dream…I am escaped and in the same building and the same happens again…what do you think..?

  280. Hi…Amy…its Anjali…before I could finish the comment and say thanks…my daughter sent it…sorry…thanks again..hope you could help me…

    Anjali B Nair

  281. I had a dream I was standing in the ocean about knee deep with a lot of people I didn’t know but a few people I did know. The wave hit me in the face, I was a little stunned. The water was very dirty and salty. Then i went to another area with more people and ran into some man and I was told to tell him his wife was pregnant.

  282. Hi Amy

    I have been having reoccurring dreams about the ocean but each dream is slightly different.

    I dream that I am standing high above the sea, from a window or looking down on the sea and I see creatures below the surface – on seperate occasions I have saw whales, sharks, dolphins and huge fish. The sea is calm and clear and I feel so excited to have seen the creatures below the surface and can’t quite believe it.

    Do you have any idea what it means as it keeps happening.

    Thanks in advance!

  283. Dreamt was doing crossfit/yoga/kickboxing
    near an ocean, treacherous waters,
    my boss called me his girlfriend. Was interesting. Wonder if theres a mutual attraction? Or is it just me. Maybe Im walking near treacherous waters :)
    And I always love dreaming about the dogs reuniting and lots of cuddles and love and kisses from the dogs.

  284. When I was kid I had recurring dreams about being on an exotic beach someplace far away from home. The sand was always powder white and powder soft. The water was a very pretty blue. It wasn’t a dark blue – more like an aqua blue. I could always hear the whistling of a breeze but it was always louder than it felt (if that makes any sense). In other words It sounded like a category 3 hurricane but felt like a very soft kiss of wind on the cheek…

    Anyway, the water was always calm and still as glass. There was never any waves of any sort. I would always walk into the water, which was only about knee-deep for (what seemed like) hundreds of yards.

    The eerie thing was that there was never any life form in the water. No plants, no sea creatures of any kind, nothing – just the pretty blue water and the powdery soft sand. This always kind of spooked me. I remember naming that place, “the abandoned ocean”.

    Every few months or so, for a span of about five years, I would wake up saying to myself, “Wow I just had another dream about the abandoned ocean.”

    I cannot find any resources anywhere on the internet that even suggests what recurring dreams such as those could possibly mean, or why I stopped having them…

    I have my own theories but it would be cool to be able to line them up next to some other ones and compare. Of course my theories are obvious: Life is an ocean. At the time of those dreams I had not yet explored life to any meaningful extent. I was still innocent and pure. This is why there was nothing at all in the water – not even mossy rocks or sea shells. My life appeared to be more turbulent to me than it actually was. That is why the wind sounded more violent than it actually was. The fear of being all alone kind of frightened me. But knowing that the water was never going to get any deeper than it was filled me with some level of comfort, predictability even.

    Can anybody do better than that? I would love to hear other opinions.

    Thank you.

  285. I tend to dream about the tide rising a lot in my dreams and get very fearful as the tide usually pulls me in and I can’t get out and drags me far away. Last night was the first dream in which I got away. And me and my family made it up to the the top having to clime a really hard sand wall. As I stood safe on top I saw a black little lighthouse that was a black box with a light spinning on a rock

  286. Hi Amy, not normally into my dreams but this one has certainly got me thinking…. I was dreaming that we were having like a remembrance memorial for my late father in-law and lots of family was there but at the same time there was a line of prisoners who were attending as respect (he was a well known man) , the part that got me thinking though was that my step father passed away in prison. Once the service was finished a group of us took a walk and were by like an ocean / sea and walking on rocks and watching killer whales swim under the water right next to us, my mother in law and i took a further walk and wanted to go where we couldn’t see until we were called back by the rest of the crowd, its just really got my mind boggled as i’m wondering if maybe then ‘spirits are trying to tell me something’

  287. Hi,

    Last night I dreamt that I was at a friends place that lived along the Pacific Coast Highway, in Los Angles. The view and beach was right across the street from their place. It was Malibu beach, it was a really bright and sunny day. The air and sun was so crisp and clear. As we stepped outside, I noticed a very blue ocean, and as I walked passed it there were massive waves. That looked like Tsunami type of waves, but they were calm. People were surfing on these waves. The people surfing and on the beach were sunglasses and looked like they stepped out a 50’s beach movie. As I walked by the beach that was across the street the waves grew larger. But I stopped myself to stare at the waves. I specifically said to myself in the dream, that “I’m glad this is real. This looks too beautiful to be fake. I”m glad this is real.” “The ocean looks fake almost digital, but its real.”

    And then I walked away and got into a car with people who were friends and their family. Everyone was dressed in black. We arrived at what I think was a court house in the dream. I sat in the court house waiting, but I knew my name was going to be called soon, but I got tired of waiting, My friends family were sitting behind me. They were Indian. I’ve never seen these people or know these people in my waking life so it was interesting, the family consisted of a mom, a dad and 2 little girls, all very attractive people.

    So I got up and walked out of the court room to leave but then I was stopped by an old friend and her son. In waking life this woman coached me with audition pieces for graduate school three years ago and in return I babysat her son,( who was 2 at the time) for the coaching.

    In the dream she was also dressed in a black dress with a little lace and her son was dressed in a beige suit. She stopped me as I was making my way out of the courtroom. She told me that I’m coming up soon, there are only two more people ahead of me. She suggested that I should would wait. I replied that even though I was aware that I was up soon, I just got tired of waiting. In the dream I told her that I thought to myself, “Fuck it”, I’m leaving.” She told me to wait, so I went back in and sat in the court house.

    But I can’t remember what happened next in the dream, now in truth I’m a bit fuzzy if I actually went back into the courtroom.

    Pool Section of the dream:
    But the next thing I remember is being back at the house with the ocean view, but this time in the kitchen as the Indian family arrived. I was with my friends in the dream who were Indianan I think as well, and they were men and very flirtatious. When their family arrived we went into the backyard with a POOL.

    I immediately dove into the pool with all of my clothes on and swam to the other side. One of my friends became extremely turned on and flirted with me. He kept on asking me why did I swim in all of my clothes, and I replied, “I just felt like it and it felt so good”. I did I felt confident and sexy and free and alive after I got out of the pool.

    I in my normal life don’t know how to swim, but this feeling was amazing. That’s about all I remember. As I write this, I’m realizing that it might have to do with the changes in my life. I’m thinking of moving back east for a few months for a career opportunity. I’ve been out here in Los Angeles for almost 9 years pursuing a goal, but another opportunity has opened up, it could be a risk but that’s what I’m thinking. It could be my subconscious trying to figure out this decision.

    But thats about all I remember, I’d love your input. Thank you so much for your help!

    & Thank you so much for your time.


  288. Hi,

    So I had this really strange dream 2 nights ago. It was in the place of the ocean, but not looking towards it, I was actually living under the ocean.. Lol! There were 2 giraffes (my favourite animal) and my deceased father was just casually sitting on the lounge. In my dream living under the ocean and the giraffes seemed normal, but I was confused about my dad, as in my dream I seemed to be in the state like “yeah, this is my house. Those are my neighbour giraffes. How is that weird?” Lol! So I was focused on my dad. He was just watching telly, eating, I kept going to ask him “how are you here? I’m so happy, but how is it possible?” And he would start shaking is head at me like I was silly for asking, before I would ask the question. Every time I seen my dad in my dream I would attempt to ask, and it just kept going the same way. I ended up thinking “he didn’t really die” “where has he been hiding the last 5 years?” Usually my dreams are just straight forward, so this really got me when I woke, hahaha…. Do you have any understanding you could share about that?

    Mouse xo

  289. I dreamed I was the passenger in a pick up truck with my cousin and we were driving by the coast. The water was deep right next to the shore, the water was beautiful in color mild waves but the weather was turning stormy we suddenly drove right into the ocean i was super calm and felt fine my window would not open, but she got hers down and swam out then i swam out too. We broke the waters surface and everything was still beautiful I woke up after that.

  290. Hi! I had a dream where I was with my daughter walking on the beach Bridge in a very blue sky sunny day….and suddenly a huge clear water wave came over us…..and we didn’t panic….but I hold daughter really tight and told her to hold the wooden pilar from the bridge….and said to her will pass…we will be fine….will pass soon and then immediately with hold our breath….until the wave was gone….I can remembered the warming water covering us over and then after all…..the wave was gone the feeling of breathing safe again.
    Thank you!

  291. Hello,

    Last night I had a very vivid dream I am having ,mixed emotions as to what it means. It was nighttime, I clearly saw a beautiful full moon shining down, and the tide rises and all of a sudden, huge waves are coming towards me, and several of them actually hit me, however didn’t move me, I just felt the water cover me and I was even able to keep my eyes open and saw the clear water. in one of the waves, 2 Dogs were dragged to the shore; a dalmatian and a white small breed dog. They were almost lifeless, so as I approached them I grabbed the small dog and tucked it in my shirt close to my chest, and the dalmatian followed me. I took them into a room lit and warmed by many candles and put them down. and I woke up with heavy breathing. I found it pleasant, but at the same time I am intrigued by the events. any thoughts on this?

    Thank you!

  292. Hi,

    In my dream i was getting married near beach, but i was confused about getting married near beach, i was scared what if flood or some other activity will happen?

    I was was walking on the beach and talking to someone if getting married near beach is right decision or not?

  293. Hi Ms Amy,
    I had a dream where my son and I were sitting on the ocean and the ocean became very rough and was moving in a tornado style. My son was struggling to move and I had to push him up and to run away so we can get out of the rough ocean. Once we were on a high soil after a good while the water became calm and everything was dry to the point the soil was so dry it was cracking.

    What can this mean?

  294. Hi

    I always dream that I am at the middle of an ocean or a sea and I am sinking. This all the times scares me and I wake up horrified. When will I stop dreaming this.

    Also, my boy friend will be taking me to a beach soon. I am scared to visit that place.

  295. Another for your collection:
    My dream is recurring and changes in look/location, but not much in plot. I’m driving/riding in some vehicle (these change. Last night it was a bus of sorts) usually on a nice, clear sunny day. I look ahead and realize that the road is covered with water and driving forward is dangerous/deadly, but I don’t stop. Sometimes the water starts out shallow and becomes deeper, like a rising flood; sometimes it is obvious that the water is deep already (large body of water like an ocean or huge lake with no distant shore visible) but the road is being swamped by it, as if the road was designed to be just above water level, but the water increased and flooded the area. Often, even though I’m in the vehicle, I switch to a birds-eye view and can see the road heading into the water. I never actually go into the water with my body. The vehicle does and it is terrifying, but I don’t have sensations of drowning or even getting wet…I just get the feeling of the large, powerful water overwhelming me on a road. The vehicle moves forward and I don’t remember entertaining the option to stop or turn around. Last night’s version was me driving along the coast of the Adriatic in Italy on a beautiful sunny day (spectacular views) and suddenly the road ahead is covered by water and actually appears to head into the ocean. These dreams are not pleasant, but they also don’t surprise me. In the dream I recognize the dream and anticipate what will happen even though I don’t want it to.

  296. I dreamed about the ocean, it was someones back yard, it was jard to get to the shore, there was a cliff and as I looked down I could see lots of rocks. I managed to get down on the side of the cliff their seem to be something that resembled a later but wasn’t a later. right away I was in front of the ocean and I could see that it wasnt save I could see the vawes growing and I felt afraid, I did get to put my feet inside the water but I knew right away that it wasnt save and I had to leave. There was thise scary noise coming out of the ocean, it sounded like animal sounds, as I was leaving I could see something that had fallen in the ocean, it was a big garbage can and there was another garbage can where the cliff was..

  297. Everyone was lined up to turn in their brains and other major body parts. We were signing our bodies away and actually turned them in but were still walking around. Then you got in line and in line I realized that they could do whatever they wanted with me now that they had the rights to my body and brain. We’re all lining up for them to take care of us in our final stage of life but how do I know that they’ll really take care of us (was this before or after I saw the commercial during waking about how 40+% of people in elderly care are abused?). Anyway, I got outside to where the buses were waiting and there is this huge crowd. Outside the building there is a gated area and it is full of a large crazy crowd and I’m scared I’ll get crushed or hurt but somehow make it to the bus. I get on the bus and all sorts of people are there: young children, middle aged people, Asian people, not many if any older people, though. I can see all their faces looking at me as I walk down the aisle to find my seat. I wonder if they know it is all hopeless now, that we have all signed away our rights and that we may be on a trip to our death. They have expressionless faces staring back at me.

    Now I’m in the ocean pretty far down and it is so blue and clear – better visibility than diving – it is like floating. There is a big ship like a cruise liner floating along in the ocean and cliffs. I don’t know how I feel in the ocean maybe just strange but I’m just floating calmly around. I’m floating and not swimming – everything is effortless. I get close to the ship but it appears sort of empty – like abandoned. The ocean is beautiful but I don’t want to be there.

    I only remember waking up crying because I didn’t want to die. I felt like we were all so helpless being driven straight to our death – that we no longer mattered and were in a sense already dead, already ghosts. I was crying because I didn’t want to die – and especially not like that with no choice.

  298. I dreamed that I was riding a wave on my way to the ocean (it looked like I was in the middle of a City and there where streets and a few people {most of my focus was on the street and the people}. The wave was rough and it was destroying everything unwanted in its way (was almost like it was selected), but I was having fun and laughing all the way. The water was also very clear, dark blue. What can this mean?

  299. When the dream began i automatically had the thought in mind that i had to build a water hotel, one above water off of a grass land. The water was very vast but im not sure if it was an ocean or a lake. The water was completely still, no movement at all. When i began to build the grounding of the hotel i put down a raft (for some reason i was using rafts instead of wood) and i stepped on the raft to put another down but since it wasnt stable i fell into the water and caught myself with the other rafts i was holding. In the shallow end the water was clear and in the deeper end it was darker. the raft flipped over and i was then under the raft (though i could breathe still because the raft was tilted.) I began to swim to a deck and got scared because the seaweed was touching my feet (this isnt unusual because i am scared of the seaweed at the bottom of the water) and then a girl helped me up out of the water( in the dream there were two girls with me that i seemed to know but do not remember who they were.) After i was out, someone found a cookie(i have no idea why a cookie) and we went to go see someones mom to show her it. We went up a bunch of stairs and on a huge deck there was the mom sitting in a chair. We showed her what we found and she told us that if we found a certain amount ( i dont remember how much) that she would give us something(i dont remember what it was but i just know it was something very important, not necessarily a materialistic thing.) When i looked up into the sky it was the most beautiful sunset i had ever seen, but it wasnt ordinary. It had a weird shape around the sun and just bright colors everywhere, mostly pink but there was also orange and yellow. I pointed to the sky and said look how beautiful, the girls agreed and we went back down to where i was building the hotel. Now, there was a wood deck going out into the water. I pointed down into the water and said “look theres a cookie right there, go get that and ill look for some up here”(i was afraid of going into the water(idk i have this thing for oceans that scare me even when im not dreaming but the water was completely clear.) I found a cookie on the land and i bit the edge of it and then bit the edges of the bite to make it seem like it wasnt a bite mark. After that, i woke up.

  300. Hi

    I dreamt that my mom, dad, my husband, my aunt and I went looking at a house close to the ocean,
    so happened the ground floor to the side of the house was like a sea wall and the sea water was black like charcoal and was almost level to the wall and the water was rough. i happened to leave my mom and dad on the bottom floor with the rough waters trying to come over the wall but strange enough it was burglar proofed. the rest of us went to the top floor which seems really high while look out of a window.. it looks like we were in a cliff house looking down then all of a sudden i heard my mom said the the water is coming over under the house. then i saw the water receding from the shore and this huge wave just passed at the side of the house and hit d shore, corroding it and my aunt shout out that the house is falling the land is caving. i just closed my eyes while the top of the house where we were just fell into the black waters. although the house fell into the water i didn’t wake up but i didn’t felt wet either. i just kept my eyes closed and what seem like i was bout to die and woke up. can you plz help me with this dream.