Tiffany HammerAmy has an empathic gift of connection and intuition.

As a coach, her tender nature guided me to find my own answers that lurked underneath the surface and she held sacred space to help me feel safe and assured in breaking down the walls I held in place. As a dream worker, she provided insight and refreshing perspective for a series of impactful dreams I experienced. Amy is a true lightworker and has a loving, confident approach which helped me experience so many ah-ha’s! that my attitude and how I show up in the world is a more authentic expression of myself.

Tiffany Hammer | Interior Designer |


“If dreams are windows of my soul opening up, then yesterday’s dream session was an intentional expansion of that.”

Initially, I didn’t know what to expect from a dream coaching session. While my nights are generally blank, that hasn’t been the case lately.  My dreams have been so vivid they’ve been hard to ignore and I knew there was more to them than I could understand. I am a skeptical person and I half-expected to hear a little “woo-woo” new agey stuff, but that wasn’t the case at all!

I loved that your approach was grounded and action-oriented. You helped me unpack the contents of my dream and encouraged me to come up with specific actions to bring about the change my soul is asking for.  You provided a safe environment and I felt touched by your empathy – I felt visible and listened to, which is healing in itself. Beyond that, it felt wonderful that you took the same interest in my dream as I did!

Your philosophy that “the power lies with the dreamer” is right on point.  Sometimes we need a gentle and experienced guide who has navigated the dreamscape to help us see the way. I walked the path but you holding the torch over my shoulder was invaluable.

This was truly healing. I feel like a better me after our work together.  It’s no exaggeration when I say I feel truly blessed. I’ll not only recommend you, I’ll do so wholeheartedly. Thank you for bringing me such an amazing experience.

Fernando Cavallo | Stage Actor

Leisha DavisAmy is AMAZING!

She has such a gift, and I’m so grateful to be on the receiving end of that incredible gift! The first time I sat down with her, the warmth, calm and charisma that she emanates instantly put me at ease, and we were able to jump right into the good work of life coaching.  Amy has helped me to pull out all kinds of wise nuggets from within, and create concrete goals for myself that have been much easier to accomplish with her wonderful support. I recommend Amy to anyone and everyone. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Amy!

Leisha Davis | Yoga Instructor

Ethan FreckletonAmy has an authentic, gentle presence that allowed me to go deep inside myself to find the answers I needed.

Before working with Amy, I was experiencing heavy emotional resistance to fulfilling a daily family obligation. I was struggling to balance my need for boundaries and being listened to with delivering on my promise to present and supportive in my task.

Amy has an authentic, gentle presence that allowed me to go deep inside myself to find the answers I needed.  Her ability to listen and follow her intuition guided me to some powerful realizations and newfound clarity. She also did a great job of holding me accountable with clear, actionable, realistic goals.  

I learned how to show up and be supportive in a challenging relationship, while still being true to myself and my own needs. I learned how to create and enforce loving but firm boundaries that give me emotional breathing room. Thanks Amy!

Ethan Freckleton | Songwriter |

Cathryn Booth-LaForceAmy is a courageous, intuitive dream worker and coach.  

Actually, I like to think of her as the “Dream Priestess”–her spiritual energy is magnificent and it is clear that she has many gifts to share and coaching insights to convey to those who are fortunate enough to be with her.

Cathryn Booth-LaForce, PhD |  Professor & Reseacher

GerardoAs a result { of Amy’s sessions } I felt significantly empowered.

The powerful blend of Life Coaching tools and dream work techniques that Amy uses in her sessions, allowed me to work through important personal issues, as it triggered  many extremely valuable free associations in my mind, that ultimately helped me recontextualize my previous feelings and ideas.

Amy supported my process during various sessions when I decided to address old self-defeating beliefs and feelings. As a result I felt significantly empowered. My wife and I keep using frequently in the mornings Amy’s dream work guidelines to jointly seek meaning in our dreams and for each day. It has become a very powerful ritual  for us as a couple. Thanks Amy for your listening, presence, holding space, visualizing us empowered, for your  loving support and  “magic” guidance.

Gerardo Ojeda-Ebert, PhD | Mental Health Counselor & Therapist

Lindsey LeDucAmy brings the mystical and tangible beauty of your dreams to life.  She has an intuitive way of uncovering elements of your dreams and help you make sense of them. Working with Amy has given me clarity and insight that has greatly impacted my life!

Lindsey LeDuc| Business & Marketing Consultant |


Greg Newton2 - circle

“I was able to see the truth about what needed to be done, which was really enlightening.”

Before working with Amy, I didn’t understand my dreams and for that reason believed they were random and meaningless.  My dream coaching session with Amy opened my eyes to how much meaning my dreams contain each night.  I gained clarity on my dreams and the session revealed areas I was unconscious to – specifically, my strengths that I hadn’t been owning and areas that I was avoiding.

During our session I was able to quickly see the truth about what I knew needed to be done, which was really enlightening.   I really appreciate that her dream interpretations went deep and were oriented towards my life’s overall growth and expansion.

Amy offers a really intuitive “deep dive” into your dreams to help you unlock the invaluable messages and meanings that directly relate to (and benefit) your life – especially in areas of your life you didn’t even think of or that you may be avoiding.  Her gift lies, not in telling you the dream’s meaning, but rather helping you to uncover the meaning that rings true for you.

Greg Newton| Purpose & Life Coach| Awaken the Wild Within

manojAmy is very lively and authentic as a person, an intuitive listener.

She’s a wonderful coach. During my coaching sessions with her she was instrumental in helping me identify and re-sort my priorities, to move forward in an effective way. She’s been a great accountability partner for me. I absolutely recommend her for anyone who wants to work through deeper underlying issues, and move forward in their life.
Manoj | Seattle, WA

I was fortunate to have the chance to work with Amy as a coach a few times already, and what distinguishes her is the authenticity and the ability to really listen and mirror with a genuine and deeply supportive intent what is the issue one is dealing with. She’s a great coach, and especially good in helping with the meaning and interpretation one can give to their own dreams with appropriate questions to drive inner pondering and meditation. I would recommend her to anyone, especially when interested in better understanding their dreams and how they can help us living a better life.

Daniele | Seattle, WA

To say that Amy knows her way around your subconscious is an understatement.

She has helped me to translate my seeming ridiculous dreams into cognitive messages from my subconscious about the wonderful things that need to take place in my life. Her coaching is gentle and kind, but also deeply thought provoking. She asks you the questions that need to be asked, and will truly help to make your dreams become a reality.

Corrine Stein | Seattle, WA

Amy has such a unique and mystical spirit

By combining her dream work with her life coaching skills, she helps you to reach powerful breakthroughs and new understanding of yourself and your world. If you have a chance to work with Amy, I suggest you jump at the chance!
Tricia Dillard | Sacred Soul Expansions

As a Transformational Life Coach, Amy was meticulous in digging into my fears, leading me to certain realizations which I can work on and look forward to for the rest of my life.
Mon Mondragon | Business Analyst

“ThRyan-Neelye symbols she suggested were deep and profound and touched upon the emotions of the characters involved.”

I am a writer and contacted Amy on a whim while conducting research for a novel dealing with childhood trauma.  One of the devices I decided to use in helping my main character discover the truth of his past was a reoccurring dream, but I was stuck with making the dream seem obscure and allegorical in a way that could evolve throughout the story. I had struggled through several so-called online dream dictionaries, hoping to find the perfect symbolism for the dream. I was frustrated and needed someone knowledgeable to point me in the right direction.  I wasn’t expecting much help at first, because I was asking her to work backward. I didn’t have a dream I needed to understand; I had a meaning for which I needed a dream.

Amy surprised and delighted me; she worked quickly and her results were fantastic. She pointed out several different symbols with meanings that fit exactly into the theme I was trying to point my main character to.  The symbols were allegorical enough to seem obscure, but perhaps really weren’t.  This spawned my creativity in a way that allowed me to create the best dream-representing-reality I possibly could. The symbols she suggested were deep and profound and actually touched upon the emotions of the characters involved.

Throughout the entire process, Amy was attentive; she listened to my concerns and helped me make minor changes to some of the elements within the dream to better match the story. I would recommend Amy’s services to anyone seeking a better understanding of dream symbolism.  She really does have a gift.

Ryan Neely | Writer & Photogrpaher |

Thank you so much! And that is exactly how I feel!
Sara, Toronto

Thank you so much for your interpretation! I try my best to interpret my dreams, but so many symbols are very confusing. I’m glad you can see this stuff clearly. I can certainly understand much about what you said and I believe this will help me move forward.

Bryan, Waverly Hall, GA

Wow Amy, spot on! I am a firm believer of your dreams telling you something. Thank you. This helped a lot towards understanding myself and this situation better.
~ Mia

Thank you very much. Your interpretation was very insightful.
~ Derek, Lancaster PA

Wow! Your intuition was spot on. Thank you VERY much for your interpretation. It was very thorough and genuine. I am very impressed. Your interpretation really helped me in the way that you focused on symbols that I hadn’t really given any thought to…for instance the trees, roof, or the fire! I will be saving this and reading it over a few times…this is definitely encouraging to me to invest more time in understanding and learning from my dreams!

This is a great thing you’re doing. I can tell that you are passionate about what you do, and that you have a very strong connection to yourself and to your own spirit. Thank you again, it’s been quite the pleasure.
~ Anna, Salt Lake City UT

Thank you for this explanation. It makes so much sense now, and yes, there were significant things going on in 1976 that makes that year a turning point in family dynamics. I didn’t know that everything is me, like the house, etc. It makes sense now to me.. thank you again. It is an epic dream for me, as I have thought about it every day since having it.
~ Stephanie, San Jose

Thank you Amy for taking so much time for such detailed interpretation. It makes a lot of sense to me, given my current circumstances. You’ve also provided me with extra clarity to better navigate the issues in my life at present. Thank you again and God Bless!
~ Esstelle, Greenbelt MD

You’ve changed a skeptic. Interesting how dead-on the interpretation was compared to what’s going on in my life I’ve tried other sites but they’ve left me with little. I’ve always been skeptical of things like this but I’ll have to bookmark your site for future reference.
~ Anonymous

Thank you so much for taking time out to help me, I really appreciate it and it definitely clears up a lot.  I will definitely be reading your posts about dreams just to understand myself a little better, again thank you so much! 

~ Shakila G.

I really appreciate your detailed response, especially how you drew upon insight from your previous business school experience. Many thanks for going the extra mile. I will indeed do some soul searching and career research to see if business school is what I need at this time. I will let you know how things go. God bless you. May you be greatly rewarded for giving of your gift of dream insights to society.

~ Koby

Thank you so much for the understanding you have brought to my dreams. I really enjoy talking to you, most  of all for pointing out how valuable this person meant to me, when in fact it’s all she thank me for.  Thanks again.

~ Hilma