Dream Journal

This elegant and beautifully designed Dream Journal is the perfect place to record your nightly dreams. I created these journals myself with both beauty and functionality in mind. Each entry contains prompts to help you understand the deeper meaning of your dreams.  Available in your choice of two covers and complete with simple instructions on how to make the most or your journal. This Dream Journal is a must-have on every Dreamer’s night stand.


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Dream Journal - White

Dream Journal – White

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Dream Journal - Purple

Dream Journal – Purple

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Products I Recommend

I have hand-selected these programs and products because, in my opinion, they are exceptional.  Some of these are affiliate links. I would never recommend anything I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in. That being said, please choose what you feel is best for you, as only you know best. Enjoy.


Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

Lucid Dreaming Fast TrackDid you know that you can control your dreams?  It’s called Lucid Dreaming, and allows you to create anything you can imagine in the dream world.

Lucid Dreaming Fast Track by Rebecca Turner, provides a straightforward and user-friendly guide to learning how to control your dreams.  Thousands of people {including me} have already learned this fun and empowering skill with Rebecca’s course.  If you’re ready to take your dreams to the next level, I highly recommend The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track.

Calea Zacatechichi: Vivid & Memorable Dreams

dream-herbs-for-vivid-dreamsBetter known as the Dream Herb, Calea Z is best known for producing vivid, life-like, and truly memorable dreams.  I’ve found the messages conveyed in my dreams while using Calea Z have been deeply meaningful and quite easy for me to understand.

Learn more about the beneficial effects of Calea Zacatechichi

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The Journal – Journaling Software

the-journal-icon-3If you prefer to keep your Dream Journal electronically, there’s no better option than the The Journal.  I’ve been using it since 2013 and I love it.  It’s super intuitive and easy to use.  With The Journal you can keep all your dreams in one safe place and since you can easily back it up on Dropbox you’ll never have to worry about losing anything.   You can add pictures, images, and even audio.  Add tags for easy access and search your entries with Keywords. Revolutionize your dream journal with  The Journal.