Reoccurring Dreams

Reoccurring Dreams

Have you ever felt like you were having déjà vu in your dreams? If you have reoccurring dreams, you just might feel that way.  Recurring dreams are important and need your attention.

What are Reoccurring Dreams?

A reoccurring dream is any dream you have more than once.  Generally these dreams repeat several times over a period of weeks, months, or even years.

You may get the same dream once a week, once a month, or once a year.  It doesn’t matter how far apart the dreams are, the important piece here is that the dream repeats.

Many people find reoccurring dreams disturbing, if only for the fact that they seem to be stuck on repeat.  Recurrent dreams tend to stand out in your mind.  And if you have a sense that your reoccurring dream is meaningful, you’re right…

Why do Dreams Recur?

Dreams in general provide valuable insights about your life.  When you pay attention to your dreams and take appropriate action on them, you integrate the lesson and your dreams move on to what’s next.

Even if you don’t actively use your dreams, most dreams will not reoccur.  Sometimes, however, there is something *so* important that it needs your attention.  If you do not act on and integrate the dream, your dream will repeat.

The main difference between reoccurring and one-off dreams is that reoccurring dreams have an important message that you are not hearing.  So the dream repeats itself again and again and again and again… until you finally pay attention AND take appropriate action.

The repetition shows that the same situation is still present in your life.  Once you take action on your reoccurring dreams, the dream will transform and eventually stop.  The end of the recurrent dream is a sign that you’ve integrated its lessons.

Understanding Reoccurring Dreams

To understand why you are having a particular dream, it’s helpful to look at two separate occurrences of the dream:

  • The first dream
  • The most recent dream

Once you  have identified the first and most recent occurrences of your dream, look for patterns and similarities between the two instances.

When did you FIRST have this dream?

Get out your dream journal or think back to the first time you had your reoccurring dream.  Knowing the exact date the dream started is not important.  What is important is the time period of your life, what was going on, and what your life was like.

Reoccurring dreams often start during periods of change, such as after getting married or starting a new job.  Recall if there were any changes happening in your life when the dream started.

What was the most recent occurrence of the dream?

Now, think back to the most recent occurrence of the dream.  What was going on in your life at that time?  If the dream is still occurring, what is going on in your life now?

Look for Patterns

Look at both the first and most recent occurrences of your dream and look for patterns.  What similarities do you see?  What is the same in your life?  How does the dream relate to the events of your life both now and then?

Of course, your life circumstances probably won’t be exactly the same, especially if the dream has been reoccurring for years.  Look for similarities in the way you feel, how you behave, and the way you show up in the world.

How Reoccurring Dreams are Helpful

Since we all tend to repeat certain patterns, reoccurring dreams often point to a reoccurring pattern in your life.  For example, you might have the dream when you feel stressed, devalued, underappreciated, or when you need a change in your life.

The recurrent dream acts as a reminder that you are doing the same thing over and over again.  They can show you that you are repeating the same behaviors that haven’t worked in the past or that you are holding on to beliefs that no longer serve you. Reoccurring dreams teach us that if we want to have different results, we need to take different actions.

Dream Variations

Sometimes reoccurring dreams have different variations.  Maybe one of the dream characters did something different, or maybe you reacted differently.

Pay attention to these differences.  They provide clues and more details about your situation.  Often they reflect what is going on right now in regards to the situation in the dream.

Further, dream variations may be showing you what you need to do next or how you have changed.

Reoccurring Dreams and PTSD

Reoccurring dreams are a common symptom of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  PTSD is common in veterans, rape victims, and people who were abused as children.

With PTSD, you may find yourself reliving the trauma through your dreams.  These dreams can be vivid and terrifying.  The dreams show you that the trauma you suffered is still very real for you and that you have not worked through it yet.

If your reoccurring dreams are related to PTSD, it’s important to seek help from a trained therapist or psychologist.  He or she can help you process the trauma and relieve the PTSD symptoms.

As with any reoccurring dream, once you have successfully processed the trauma, you will stop having the dream.

Putting it all Together

In short, reoccurring dreams show you that there is something important you need to know and act on.  When you don’t understand the dream or fail to take appropriate action, the dream will repeat until you do.

To begin working with your reoccurring dreams, find the parallels between your dreams and your waking life.  Ask yourself:

  • When did you first have the dream?
  • When was the most recent dream?
  • What patterns can you see in your life between the first and last instance of the dream.

Remember, it’s not enough to simply recognize patterns.   To honor the dream, you need to take action in your waking life.  Look to the dream to help you find the appropriate action to take.

Once you understand the dream and take action, you’ll notice the dream start to transform and eventually stop.

It’s your turn, Dreamer

I’d love to hear your stories.  What is your experience with reoccurring dreams?  Were you able to act on the dream to resolve it?  Comment below.

Hi! I’m Amy – Certified Master Coach, Dream Worker & Creator of this site. I Blend life coaching & dream work to help you uncover your authentic truth and create a life you love ♥

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  1. I just want to say thanks, you helped me a bit. It’s just my dream is weird. In the dream myself and a group of random people, all claimed we were dreaming. The dream was so vivid, that we all agreed that our senses were in tact. Smell, sight, sounds, all experiences we all agreed we never knew. This place we were in defied all logic. We were being guided by a little girl who said she needed our help. I remember some guy stepped up and led us through this place. But none us felt like we went anywhere. Things just kept changing and solidifying different

    • Hi Sam,

      Glad you found this article helpful. It always amazes me how sometimes dreams can feel even more life-like than “real” life! If this were my dream, I would consider what the dream might be telling me about the quality of my waking life – am I living my life as fully as I want to – vividly and with all my senses?

      I would also be curious about the little girl. Who is she? And how can helping the little girl guide me in my life? I would also consider if the “little girl” is some aspect of myself and if so what she represents.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • Hey Amy cope, I was wondering if I could talk to you about a dream I have been having for a couple months now.

          • For years i have been having a re-occuring dream about an evil girl, in one form or another and in each dream there are horrible nightmarish aspects, i am always fighting this evil in my dream. The part that bothers me the most is that it truly seems like when i have this dream someone i know or know of or have just talked about is unexpectedly very sick or dies. This is the second or third time it has been a death.

          • Hi I just read your what do dreams mean . I have been having these dreams for a few weeks that I find out I’m pregnant or having a baby . I’m married and have two special needs children and would love another baby in about 6-8 years , but why all of a sudden am I having these dreams and it’s every night my dreams are I’m pregnant , taking a pregnancy test or giving birth . I love babies but I just can’t handle another for a few years . The dreams don’t bother be I actually like them but it’s just strange how real they seem .

          • Yeah all I dream the day before was that I was living in a clear you know thoes things that you can shake and there’s like a snow glob and I dreamed that me n my BF was living in it and that I didn’t like it and then last night I went back to that dream and my whole family was living there this time but I didn’t feel comfortable still but then woke up this morning like the heck lol but I think it was just in my head

          • Hi Amy,
            I just woke up from another reoccurring dream. I know I’ve had a dream about being in this same house but I cannot recall ever being to it. Each time I’ve had this dream maybe only twice this house had given me a frightening feeling I constantly was scared that it was haunted. In my most recent dream (last night) I finally realized the house was haunted by a women in the dream my boyfriends mom and her boyfriend bought this house and found out that it was never really for sale but the family that lived there was murdered and the bank had sold it without proper background information. I’m very nervous as to why I’ve now had this dream more then once about the interior of a house I’ve never been to. I’d really appreciate your insight.

            Thanks so much

        • Hello I’m Sandra and I’ve been having this reoccurring dream it’s about my estranged husband. In the dream he will just call my name over and over again. or call me and just call my name softly. and there been text message of my name. so mention of I heard money.

      • Hey Amy lately I’ve been having a dream where I go to a school carnival. Its high school of course, and in that dream I am always by myself, and I always seem to be lonely with no friends, but in reality I got some friends that I am close with. But in the dream, I seem to never get along with any games or stuff that are going on with the school. And I’m always getting into small situations at the carnival. I had this dream about a month and it came back just last night as I had the dream ago. Another clue for you is that I don’t go to a regular high school. Its more of a continuation school. But at the school , I see a lot of familiar faces? But they never seem to talk? Thanks and I hope you get the chance to reply.

        • Carnivals are full of diverse games and attractions… If this were my dream I would look at it as representing different parts of myself – the part that is lonely even though I have friends, the part that doesn’t like doing certain things, the part that is angry or hurt (by getting into small situations). Possibly other parts of myself as well that may be represented in the games but didn’t come through specifically. If this were my dream, I would explore those parts of myself and other parts of myself that I might not be paying attention to.

          • Hi Amy,

            I fell in love with my friend in college but he never loved me back because he loved someone else before. But I still continue to love him despite the fact that we’re just typically friends. We graduated separately because he moved to other university, since then we never see each other again.

            I have moved on about him and I have my own family now and so he does but separated.

            And after 10 years we met again, we exactly met 6 days before my wedding. He invited me for a lunch and had a great time sharing about our lives. I can say that I don’t have a feeling with him anymore and I can still sense that for him I’m just his friend. He initiated to take a picture of us because he said it’s been so long that we never seen each other.

            After a couple of months then, I dreamed of him more often, in one of my dreams he told me that he loved me way back then but has no guts to tell me what he really feels for me. He held my hands and hugged me so deep. You know the feeling that we’re both in love with each other in my dreams. After this dream, I began asking myself what the heck out of myself dreaming about him like we’re so much in love with each other despite that I am happily married now and never had a chance to think about him all day to dream about him at night.. Another dream with him is that he died and I cried so hard of losing him in my dream and I woke up crying. Then I dreamed of him again, over and over again. I often dreamed about him that we’re always in relationship. And since then I began to like him and fell in love with him again in waking life.

            I am so much confused because I know the fact that my friend in my dreams won’t feel the same way like what I do feel about him in waking life. I assumed that my friend in my dreams is in love with me now?

            My goal is to know what all my dreams about. I want to confront my friend telling him all about my dreams but I’m too weak to confess what I feel because I’m married, is it’s not a good idea to tell him all about this?

            Please help me,

            Thank you for your help in advance.


          • Hi Anne,

            If this were my dream and my situation, I would look at these dreams symbolically, rather than literally. I suggest you read my post on how to understand the people in your dreams. Then, I would relate whatever insights I gain after that back to the dreams.

            Amy xo

          • Hi amy! I am trying to find out what it means when earlier on in life you have a dream that you specifically remember but you feel like its unfinished. Then later on in life you experience the same dream but everything that happened before and led up to the event of this particular dream you had before? If that makes sense.

          • Dreaming is not confined to linear time & space as we understand it. So, yes, it’s possible to go back into a previous dream you had earlier in life and get a different perspective, more details, and even finish the dream.

            Sweet dreams,
            Amy xo

          • I have the same dream every night I want say what it is I even see the dream as visions while I’m awake example I could daydream and see parts of my dream what’s wrong with me

          • Hey Amy Cope. (For starters my mom is still alive and my step dad is a wonderful person) I’ve been having this dream for a while and I don’t know how it started. So in my dream, my step dad was accused for the murder of my mom and I wanted to help him. Then my grandma was put in the prison/dungeon like thing with him. I went down to help them and then I talked to them for a while and then the prison guard threatened to shoot us. Then I blacked out and woke up in a small abandoned house. I saw a shard of glass and I cut my arms and bleed to death and seeing that my step dad and grandma were in the spirit world with me. I’m really scared and I woke up crying. I have had this dream 6 times now….

      • hi amy i keep having this dream about my ex, we are together in the dream and in both dreams ive had i am having a laugh with her. and in the most recent one i had to hide her from my mother ? its funny because i havnt been with this girl in about four years plus i have a new partner that ive been with for about two years plus we have a baby together. but recently i have talked to my ex. me and my ex never had sexual contact either. my life situation well the relationship im in is fucked up and i feel like it could be coming to an end because we abuse eachother and stuff ? i just dont get it can u help me understand it ?

          • Hi

            I have been having dreams consistantly with my boyfriend in it and each dream is different but with the him and its always in my house with the same people but today i had the same dream exept i was outside my house and my boyfriend got shot in the chest and i instantly woke up can u tell me what this could possibly mean

      • Hi Amy, I had the same dream several times in one night. All the details were the same, it just kept repeating. What does this mean?
        Xx fiona

        • Generally recurring dreams indicate that there’s something going on that you need to be aware of. I suggest writing down the details of your dreams and seeing if you can connect them to any events in your waking life.

      • I have dreams where in the dream I’m supposed to do something, it could be anything like most recently I was away and I needed to get home, this dos not happen I found loads of crazy things happen which stopped me from getting home and as much as I tried I could not get home, all my dreams are like this and they seem like they never have an ending. It drives me mad. The last dream I was going to the shop to get alcohol with my partner that never happened as again so many strange things happened along the way. I don’t drink as I’m a recovering alchoholic and have been for 14mpnths. Could you shine some light on this as I cannot seem to understand if there is in fact a meaning.

        Many thanks

        • If this were my dream, I would wonder if this was something in my life that I want to do (or that I pretend to want or pretend to do) that hasn’t happened yet. What am I avoiding, delaying or pushing away? What is that I don’t want to enter into my life? It could be related to recovery – maybe avoiding something related to your recovery.

          Happy Dreaming,
          Amy xo

          • In probably September or early October, I broke up with this really awful guy. He abused me and lied to me daily and used me. After I broke up with him, I blocked him on everything and haven’t seen him since. About a month ago I started dating this new amazing guy. I never even realized what my ex did was so wrong until I found this new guy that treats me so wonderfully. In my dream, the ex is always there. It started off that he’d tried to talk to me and I’d run away crying. Now he’s just there, but I’m still so scared of him and try to get away. My new boyfriend is always there in some way. In each dream, he steps in more and more to protect me. But I hate even seeing my ex there in my dreams. I’ve been having them for almost a week. Why do you think they keep reoccurring?

      • Calvary greetings.Please Amy,are you married? I’m Godwin lfeanyi.A born again Christain by God’s grace.

        • Yes. I am married.

      • There is this dream iv’e hade about 3 times now and it is the exact same thing. i start off at the top of the stairs of my grandma’s house and then i jump down them . but do you know how it feels when you are on a really big roller coster and you get butter flys. so ya it felt really real, but before i could hit the ground i would wake up, i think it’s one of those dreams where your mind is telling you to wake up but i just thought it would be good to tell you guys

        • If this were my dream, I would wonder if there is some challenge in my life that I am facing. Possibly related to my grandmother or my family in some way.

      • I’m a 17 year old high school athlete. I’ve been having these dreams for a few years now, and they just recently started getting bad, like in the past 4 months.
        I’m always running, and in different places. My surroundings always change, but I can always here this grown woman’s voice. She is giving me directions and instructions. I haven’t heard her voice before, so I don’t know who it is. I never know where I’m at, but I feel like I know where I’m going. She never acts negative, but I always feel like something or someone is chasing me but I can never see it. It keeps me up after I awaken. I’ve tried medicine to help me sleep and the dreams get worse. Like to where I can see stuff behind me actually chasing me. My girlfriend said last night I was thrashing around bad. These dreams keep reoccurring, but my surroundings always are different, but the voice is always the same.

        • is it possible for meh to reply to that , its just a dream right so how about the next time you come to dream this dream you try and make a change to this dream like let’s say for instance to your dream , stop running to see who’s chasing you and don’t be afraid because its just a dream no one and nothing can actually hurt you .
          keep saying that to yourself and you’ll have the guts to actually make a change in the dream and see what happens next maybe the some one who’s chasing you ends up being your friend or some one close to you in the awakening life so the dream was probably just trying to send you a message that this some one is no good for you and that you need to stay away from them as soon as you can before they may be ruin your life or something .
          sorry to interfere in your dream when I don’t own this website but as they always say if you know how to help some one so why not.

      • Hello I’m a guy and I really like this other guy he and I are really good friends and I can’t believe him and I have came this far
        I appreciate our friendship it’s just that I really do like
        Him and look at him more then a friend , he has an idea of how u feel for him it’s just I think he over looks it weather it be because he is straight or that maybe he could be not comfortable with liking the same gender anyhow he means a lot to me and I constantly have the same dream with him where either were spending quality time together or intimate
        I miss him he has gone off to college and I hope he comes back soon , what do you think thanks !!

        • Hey there,

          It sounds like this dream is reflecting your feelings for this guy.

      • I dont know how to comment so ill just reply.

        The first dream and the second are very different. It is always on one side of the house, my brothers room. I walk down the hallway and see a door glowing at the end. I walk towards it but get pulled in anyway. There are monster like things I dont recognize, they aren’t big and purple or something, they just dont look like normal people. They’re trying to hold me to something, but because im dreaming, im me from a past life and magical, so I break free and gotthrough the door again.
        The next dream goes like this… im walking through a house, my house but its in another dimension. I see the hallway where my brother’s room is sapposed to be, but its not there. Instead I see where the door was supposed to be and there is a bar door next to it. This is were on the other side in real life, his closet would be. I pay it no mind and keep walking to where the end of the hallway would be, but instead its a metal stair case going foward and to the side. I walk down it and see a giant room at least fifty feet all around. I look ip and to my left to see a hole in th wall. A white, tall and scary thing stands in it and looks at me with hatred. I wave at it because, ive dealt with this stuff before. It becomes infuriated and disappears into the hole, only to run down the stair case. I fall unconscious. I wake up at the top of the stair case, I go back down. There isn’t anything in the hole in the wall. I turn around, there it is. I walk towards it saying I wont hurt it if ut doesnt hurt me. And then its gone, leaving a boy just feet away from me. We became friends and he showed me what was behind the bars. His room was small and had another hallway with many doors. He told me not to go through any one of them, saying I might get hurt. He had told me of a collection of trinkets he had down the stair case. He showed me and I was amased, he had everything imaginable. I came to visit him the next day and he had hid face in a pillow. Not wanting to speak to me. I saw a light coming from the door at the end of the hallway and was drawn to it. I went in to see a kitchen. It had the weirdest fruits I have ever seen in my life. It wasnt that bad, so I went in the next doors all had dark rooms exept the first door by his bed. It had an office in it. I went through the door and was back in the odd kitchen. Something was chasing me. I tried to scream but couldnt as it had grabbed my throat. The boy ran in as I closed my eyes. I woke up in his arms and he was crying.

        All my dreams are very vivid and weird. I have two other dreams like this.

      • I keep dreaming of this Dream over and over again. Its of my closet i have a bedroom and in the middle is a walk in area which holds a sink, show, and bathroom, then leading into a walk in closet. I never like being in the closet alone the back always makes me feel the need to run, Now i keep dreaming about this weird dream were something i cant see is attempting to drag me to the back of the closet. Im able to somehow control my dreams so i always wake up. Its weird because the next time i dreamed of it i was showing someone a picture i took and it was of a boney skeleton looking thing. Any idea’s of why im dreaming this?

      • So im having this dream again where me and my family my aunt and sisters not my mom this time. Sarah (sister) was driving. And we had to go over these huge hills to get someplace. And then u have to get on a roller coaster to get the rest of the way. Sometimes i go on it but i didnt this time. Why do i have those dreams? Im always nervous and its so real. Everynight oast like 2 months or so

      • You can’t take action on a dream that has already happened

        • Hm… I’m not sure what you mean by that. Acting on your dream is central to keeping them alive in your life. Taking action on the dream means honoring it and bringing its energy into your waking life. So in that way, yes, you *can* take action on a dream that has already happened.

          Sweet dreams,
          Amy xo

      • Hey Amy I would like to know what does it means When you keep dreaming of bad things in your house of people trying to chase you

      • Thank you for telling me what reoccurring dreams are my dream is though it’s been happening for years months weeks and days it’s about me my mum and something running around a running race that’s abandoned so this thing that’s running I can’t see what it is but my mum tells me when to go when I could go infront of it but every time she tells me I’ll miss it will always zoom past me it we constantly run and happen if you could tell me what the dream is about that would really help

        Thanks Arran porter

      • Hi. I keep have dreams about a specific person… But it’s not the same dream. The dreams are different but there’s always one specific person and that person is constantly doing bad things to me in my dream. This person is someone I’m very close with but I don’t know if this a sign or not. These dreams started recently but I have had at like 3 or 4 in the past 2 weeks.

      • Amy,

        I truly hope you get this and can give me some insight… For some reason, I have been semi-controlling my dreams since I was about 12. I’m 43 now and I’ve gotten quite good at manipulating my dreams into what can be described as epic stories… Meaning, I can tell you who every character is what they’ve done what role they are playing and their story while I direct the dream.

        However, what I need some direction on is a recurring dream I’ve been having for over a decade. It’s literally a city, probably in the Mediterranean, that I have never been to, but feel I know very very well. Not just because I’ve had the dream so many times but because I’ve been there somehow someway. Now, the cool parts are there is always a couple of bars, restaurants and stores, where I know everyone and they know me. I always see a girl, whom I’m completely and totally in love with and she knows I’m married, happily, but doesn’t care and we always connect on the last day before I’m supposed to leave this phantom place. Her friends know me, and that I’m married, and don’t approve, but even they know we are supposed to be together. Inevitably, we get on a charterboat, because I delay my return home for a couple days, and head off into some beautiful blue water where we scuba dive into a cave. Everybody goes in one direction and she and I go another; where we find a hidden cave that has a bunch of buried treasure.

        I really think you’re onto something about the stages of my life and needing to fill some sort of void. I’ve done the whole corporate life, kids and marriage, but truly know I’m supposed to be off living and enjoying life. Not leaving my family, but hopefully with them and without them for certain adventures.

        That’s part of what really sticks out and every one of these dreams, which I’ve had well over 100 times, is the girl. This is not the seven year itch, thing. It’s really like a soulmate that I literally pine for upon waking.

        I’ve done some reading on lucid dreaming and I naturally do that, but think I can do it better than what I’ve read people doing. Although, I’m not good enough to make myself dream of that place or girl, which is the most annoying thing, at will. My question is do you think there is a connection that can be had in our subconscious connect me to this place and girl? My belief is that “yes” somewhere out there she is getting ready to go on a trip and I’m gonna meet her on the last day.

    • I’ve been having this reoccurring dream of a girl that I am very attracted to. I’m talking to someone else that I’m always arguing with, and the other girl seems to pop up in my dreams. Me and the girl I dream of have converse about us liking each other, but she’s too stubborn and I’m just as stubborn. Conversations don’t go far with the dream girl, she does not reply enough. I do not know how to interpret the dreams I’m having. This is my third dream of this girl in three weeks.

      • It’s quite common to dream about people we like. Often simply for the fact that they are on your mind. If this were my dream, I would think about this dream girl and what qualities it is I like about her and how she makes me feel when I am around her. I would then look at those feelings and qualities and attempt to bring them into my life – without worrying about dream girl or what she’s doing, it doesn’t sound like she’s available. Maybe you can have the same feelings of attraction with the girl you are taking to, or maybe it’s a sign that its time to move on.

        Happy Dreaming,

      • Hi Amy, thank you for your article. I have been having a strange dream for the past year. It’s more the feeling than the dream. In the dream I have a second house with my boyfriend. It’s beautiful and I’m very happy with it. But I keep forgetting how we paid for it. So the dream keeps on ending in a sort of strange disbelieve of how the house is ours…

        • Hi Emily,

          In dreams, houses often represent YOU or some part of you. So if this were my dream, I would understand the second house to be the second personality or second version of myself that I put on around my boyfriend. Look for ways that you change who you are or modify your behavior when you’re around your boyfriend. The dream could be pointing you there.

          Happy Dreaming,

          • Im having dreams about my period i havent gotten it yet what does this meanThis has happened 2 times in the past 2weeks I’m 11 what does it mean please reply

          • Hi,

            You are at age where many girls start getting their periods. If this were my dream, I would think about it as a kind of preview of what’s to come. Possibly also showing your feelings about getting your period as well – how did you feel in the dream? How you felt in the dream is likely also how you feel about getting your period in your waking life.

            Happy Dreaming,

      • Hi Amy,
        Recently I had a dream that I was wearing stilettos in school and my geography teacher started giving out to me so I went to my old locker and she pressed the locker door against my wrist until it started bleeding. Then today I had a dream that I was cleaning out my current locker when my old crush and his family came over and started poking around my locker. My locker had weird little trinkets in it and they started calling them creepy but I didn’t mind them, then my mom’s friend and her family came over and started poking around my locker aswell. In my dreams different things happen but its always in my school and at a locker that I once had or have now. I don’t understand what this means.

        • If this were my dream, I would understand that there is something for me to learn here. I would wonder if there any areas in my life where I feel my privacy is being invaded by others – particularly by my family. Or if I’m invading other’s privacy. I would also wonder if there any parts of my life that need “cleaning” – as in re-prioritizing certain things or in need of some change.

          Sweet Dreams,
          Amy xo

          • Please help me i keep having a dream about me in school and i wake up and this one teacher is looking at me and i wake up again looking in the mirror. Iv always thought we looked similar and iv always felt special about her. Not in a lesbian way but in a deep way. Like we have a connection that just isnt there. I dont know what it means pls help thanks

        • I’ve been having dreams about pools for three days straight. The first dream I had was that I was swimming like a pro and doing laps around the pool i own. The next dream was a dream with most friends that I’m never going to see again. We were doing a fun skit in the pool that I own. After the skit there was a waterfall, a small one, and my friend was standing by it. Then the day after I had a dream that I fell into a pool and I woke up to that dream with a jump. Again, I’ve had those three dreams day after day. Any clue what it means? I’ve also been swimming a lot too.

          • Your dreams will often recreate scenes that you see in your daily life, yes. So the dreams about the pool could be a reflection of your waking life activities.

            Symbolically, dreaming of pools (as with any body of water) represents your spiritual side. And spiritual gifts that come from within. If this were my dream, I would look for a way to express myself in my waking life in the ways illustrated in the dream – swimming life a pro and having fun with friends. Pools are contained so I would find an outlet in my life

            Sweet dreams,
            Amy xo

    • I forgot the details of the previous dreams but obe thing is common usually in those dream I was either going to take a shower and i find not enough water for me to use or i can’t find change clothes, or mostly common is that the bathroom i was using doesn’t have enough cover the walls have holes

      • If this were my dream, I would think about the shower as being a way to change/shift my feelings or to cleanse my self in someway. Not having enough water suggests that I might feel that I am unable to change/shift in the way that I want to in my life.

        • Okay Amy, I am 15 years old and I have this dream every year or so. The most recent being last night. In the dream I’m usually the sister of someone and there’s this predator (usually a shark) and it’s dying of starvation. The shark always ends up saying stuff like everyone will die if he doesn’t get fed. Then he persists me in trying to feed my sister to him. I tell him no and try to trap him in a room but that doesn’t work so in the end I always end up sacrificing myself to him and dying in the process. What could this dream mean?

          • Hi Rachel,

            What is your connection with sharks? If this were my dream, I would be curious about the shark and want to learn more about them. I might read up on them and learn about their shamanic symbolism and symbolism as a power animal. I would also connect with the shark by drawing a picture of the dream shark.

            What do you think the shark can teach you?

    • I have a nightmare that has been reacuring for several years, however the dream occurs every couple of years. It is always exactly the same and it feels like I am watching a movie. The dream is long and has several “scenes” that play out in different live action locations. One scene has sexual violence followed by murder. Followed by a series of different scenes of violence and murder while being chased. I am not sure if u am the victim in the dream but I always feel my presence in the dream sort of directly and indirectly. The last sequence I feel it is me being chased along with another person.
      I am sorry for the gruesome description.
      But I wonder if u might have some insight.
      I only have the dream every 2 to 3 years.

      • If this were my dream, I would look at the murder as some aspect of myself that I am “killing” – as in, denying, repressing, or ignoring. I would also consider if this repression is in connection with my sexuality or “killing” some part of me related to that.

        Happy Dreaming,

    • Thank you for this Amy. I keep having a re-occuring dream that I’m back at work at a job I recently resigned from (on good terms). Most recent dream was today and first dream was April 8, 2015. My last day on the job was March 3, 2015. It’s different variations of the dream. I’ve had it 4 times already. And the patterns are: I’m back at work at the company I just left but in a new position. Help!?? :-)

      • Hi Pat,

        It’s really common to dream about former jobs and workplaces. I often have similar dreams after I leave a job. For me these dreams are about processing that part of my life – regardless of how long I was actually there, jobs become a major part of our lives and suddenly not being there can be a bit of a shock to the system.

        What helps me is to consciously go back into the dream using my imagination and play out the dream scenes and fully process my experiences there – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Unless there was something worrying or unusual that happened at your job, you’re most likely processing the experience. You can help it along by doing some of the processing consciously.

        Happy Dreaming,

        • Thank you so much Amy for responding!

        • Hi Amy, thanks for responding to my dream back in May. You were on point and I dealt with the issue of resigning from the job and the dreams stopped. However, for 3 weeks now I’ve been having a reoccurring dream that a hiring manager has called me to offer me a job. (I am unemployed and have been interviewing) But each time in the dream when the hiring mgr has offered the job, when I’ve asked for the formal offer letter, the call gets disconnected. Also in the dream, I’ve asked for the offer letter via email but the email never comes through. I’ve had this dream twice so far in a 2-4 week span. I wake up feeling happy and encouraged that I’ll get a job soon, but now I’m not so sure that’s what the dream means. What do you think please? Thx you kindly in advance.

    • Hey. So I’ve been having this reoccurring dream, the most recent was last night. It starts with me in school searching for my locker. The building isn’t familiar and I’m left wondering and worried for a while. What’s different this time is I see an old classmate. He is sliding on the floor with Velcro hands as he talks to me let’s me know which lunch I have for my classes and I’m on my way. Lunch is always in the school dream also. The first school dream reoccurring probably twice and this is the third, which is a little different. I’m always worried about where is my locker what classroom and I usually always end up leaving before I finish school. I get anxious and realize I now missed school! I have many missed work dreams also. Its draining and I want to know why my sleeping conscious worries so much…

      • Are you feeling worried or anxious about school and work in your waking life? Do you feel stress in either of those areas? – maybe pressure to do well or to make money? If you’re stresses in those areas in your waking life, the dreams could be a reflection of your feelings.

        If this was my dream, I would find ways to ease my tension at work and school. If there is something you can do like take less responsibility or taking some time for yourself to relax.

        Happy Dreaming,

    • I have a reoccurring dream of my husband leaving me for the same woman. This is after I found out about his emotional affair.

      • If this was my dream, I would understand it to be about my anxieties and fears of what this new discover means for my me and my marriage.

        Happy Dreaming,

    • ok so I’ve been having this dream for 4 days straight and it’s about me and my family are in our house and we got a cleaning crew for our house. but the thing is that the crew consist of one person a boy I know who’s a little but older than me. So everyday he comes to my house to vacuum it for us. But he ends up verbally fighting with another boy who I don’t recognize and I always choose him to vacuum our house and at the end of the dream me and him end up with a good friendship. Thank you and I’m really confused how to interpret this dream.

      • There’s a lot going on in this dream. Dreaming about a house often symbolizes some part of you such as an aspect of your personality or your body. If this were my dream I would understand the cleaning as a symbol of looking for harmony/balance with my family. I would look areas of my family life that are not harmonious and take steps to bring them back into balance.

        To understand the boy in the dream (or any person you dream about): What is the first thing you think about when you think of this boy? What qualities or attributes do you most associate with this person? If it’s a positive trait, the dream is asking you to bring that quality into your life. If it’s a negative trait, the dream is asking you to remove that trait from you life.

        Happy Dreaming,

    • I still don’t know what the dream wants its been like 2 years now and I tried to ignore it, but its impossible. its a stupid dream too, in the dream I’m moving things with my mind i don’t get it and i want it gone please, i mean its a nice escape from reality but the same thing over, and over again, sorry for the long weird note but i was told this was the website to go to thanks :) oh and I cant stop thinking about it’s like it’s stuck there thanks again :)

      • Hi there,

        It’s not a stupid dream… please don’t think that way. I see it very differently – to me this a very empowering dream.

        If this were my dream, I would understand it to be showing me how much power I actually have. That I have the power to “move things with my mind.” While this is literally possible (though not something I can personally do), I would understand it more symbolically. That through your mind, you can change your life. Your mind is powerful behind measure and we all have the capacity to use our minds to achieve great things. You are an intelligent and creative being and there is nothing that you can cannot overcome and/or achieve if you put your mind to it and take action.

        I would take this dream to heart and really start playing with using my mind, my intelligence, and my creativity to create my life however I want it.

        PS – I had to google the word for moving things with your mind – telekinesis – and I came across this on Yahoo! Answers. It resonated with me – particularly the last half when he talks about everyone on earth spends time moving things around. Thought I would pass it along.

    • Sam, very interesting. Could you describe your surroundings? Buildings what they could have been made of, color, interior of the buildings? The surroundings of the world roads, land, etc?

    • My dream has been the same for three nights in a row that my husband was coming home we have been separated since May 26th he ran me away from our home and I’ve been praying that God reconcile our marriage and work with my husband heart.

      • Hi there,

        I see three ways this dream could be understood. 1) Symbolically, 2) Literally, 3) Wish fulfillment

        To understand this dream symbolically, I invite you to have a look at my post on how to understand the people in your dreams. Dreams *can* show you the future, so if this is an outcome you desire, if this were my dream, I might consider taking some action to reconcile with my husband.

        And finally, though I’m sure this isn’t what you want to hear, the dream itself could be the answer to your prayer.

        Sweet dreams,
        Amy xo

        P.S. Check out my new video training series on how to understand and use your dreams in your life (it’s free!). And I’ll be hosting a live webinar next week about Nightmares. Get your name on my list, if you’re not already, to learn more about that!

    • Hi Amy I have been having this recurring dream for quite a while now and it is a light that someone or something I don’t know what it is is shining a light in my face it is so bright and I can not see anything in the background except for the light right in front of my face I have been asking and telling a few people and one of my close friends told me that is what people see when they are about to die but I have no allergies no health problems and have never even came close to death before can you explain this if you have a chance to respond

      • I’ve heard something similar about death… people report seeing a bright white light, or sometimes a tunnel with a bright white light at the end of it. But there are so many other reasons why you might have a light shone in your face. So if it were my dream/experience I wouldn’t worry about it being about death.

        If this were my dream, I would look at it as the dream “shining light” on some area of my life. It’s likely to be unconscious, hence the need to have it illuminated and lit up. I would look at areas of my life that I’m not paying attention to or areas where I’m not fully conscious in my life. It may even be something that’s “in your face” and obvious, but you just haven’t seen yet. I would ask myself what this dream might be trying to shine light on. Another good question to ask is what is this dream showing me.

        This can give you a place to start.

        Sweet dreams,
        Amy xo

    • I came across your article while searching for answers. I still am unsure as to my dreams. I have the same dream often maybe twice a week. I can see everyone clear as day. I end up marrying the same man living on a ranch with our kids from a previous and 2 kids we ha together. Endless money is flowing in and I’m at the top of my career in my field. Then I wake up!!! Dazed and confused

    • I’ve had a recurring dream five or six times in the past 30 years. Subtle changes of circumstance but the theme and the building where the scenarios play out are the same.
      The building is a round shaped building of a college. The theme is that I cannot find my way out….to go home (last nights dream), to get to a meeting, because I am at the wrong building, etc. and there are people who are trying to help me find this complicated route….because it is not simple…one must take this hall, then that staircase, then such and such elevator….I wind up even more lost and soon people start to just get annoyed with me, then they are talking to each other about my inability to follow the directions given. I seem to go through a period where I try to find my way out. I am convinced that I’ll know how the exit area looks but I just can’t get there. I always wake up feeling so let down and unaccomplished….as if I lost a contest.
      A few additional times I dream that I’m looking for a bathroom and when I get there the facilities are either so gross or broken or exposed that I cannot bring myself to use them even though I am desperate to go. (This dream takes place in this same round building-mind you I’ve not seen the building from the outside-I just ‘know’ it’s round-shaped. Sometimes the bathroom dream takes place in a hospital). The feeling of having lost is the same.

    • The reoccurring dream I keep having is that I’m laying in bed inbetwee my husband and my current boyfriend. Nothing is happening but when my current boyfriend wake up and see my husband in bed he packs and leave. The real situationim dealing with is I am married and I do have a boyfriend. My husband and I were separated and getting ready to file for divorce. He then decided he wanted to fight for our marriage and now I am stuck with wondering do I make my marriage work with my husband who have hurt me for years? Or start a new life with my boyfriend whom never hurt me and loves me and my children. I don’t want to hurt him and I want to make the right choice but am scared because I don’t know which one is the right choice. And my husband has completey changed for the better.

    • Hi Amy,

      You didn’t mention anything about the dream happening in real life?

      As a young girl – I kept dreaming of myself driving a car but could never steer straight on a road. In my dreams it felt like I wasn’t in full control of the car. I would be zigzagging on the roads, driving up the hills on the side of the road. I just couldn’t keep in between the lines on the roads? I have no idea what this meant? It made me fear driving. I didn’t want to crash, and be responsible for someone else’s death… However a few months, maybe even a year ago the dreams stopped. I started driving, well I had to in order for me to get to work and back. I thought everything was fine. But today, what I used to dream of happened to me. I turned at a round about and went to go drive straight onto the road I was turning into and I just lost control of the car, I didn’t lose control of it I was holding the steering wheel straight, but it was zigzagging hitting the left curb then the right. I wasn’t accelerating or anything, but the car seemed to go faster? So I braked, then the car started spinning. I suddenly remembered those dreams. I don’t know if this has anything to do with my dreams, but I truly feel like it does. Maybe I wasn’t meant to be a driver, or maybe it’s just a huge coincidence. I don’t really know what I’m saying, but I just wanted to share my experience and hopefully get some feedback or advice.

      • Dominique –

        You raise a good point and this is something I will address in a future post. Dreams *can* and *do* show us probable/possible futures. One practice I have is to always check my dreams for possible future events. If I think it’s possible a dream may play out in waking life, I take action to avoid unwanted outcomes OR in the case of positive events, I take action in the right direction to make it a reality in waking life. That is the power these dreams hold. If this were my dream, I might sign up for a driving school to sharpen my skills so this doesn’t happen again.

        Sweet dreams,
        Amy xo

    • did the girl happen to have a pink dress and blond/brownish hair and was it about like sunset

    • Hi Amy,
      For years I have had a recurring dream about being back at my old job and working, at a retirement home. In reality, most of my experiences there were positive and heart warming and I left because I moved away, so I wasn’t fired or anything. I dream of seeing my old work mates, nurse and elderly residents and working the same shifts I used to do, nothing really changes. My dreams about my old job are also positive. I Cherish the times I had there. But these dreams are recurring and I feel like they’re trying to tell me something, like do I have to go back there? Or is there a lesson from it all that I need to learn? I’m also at a point in my life where I am really happy. Any help would be great and I’d be so grateful. Thank you

    • I dream about a man that I dated but would I cut him off several times because I was afraid of our 15 year age gap but I really felt he was perfect. He moved far away and we stopped talking for a year or two. He has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend too but I keep dreaming that he is back and we are a couple or he is just constantly appears in my dreams. I have the same dream about 10 times.

    • I keep having the same two dreams help!!!
      The first:it started when I was 6 and I still have it now it never changes.
      I’m in a graveyard and running
      I jump into a grave and start wondering the tunnels. Its so vivid and although its creepy im never scared im more relaxed than anything.
      The second: I had when I was 12 and has been repeating for the last 4 years.
      I’m in a school and it starts when men with gun enter its night and dark.
      I don’t seem scared though and as im trying to get the kids out a man appears , he fires his gun and I jump in front of a little girl to save her. I feel everything the heat, sweat running down my face and I can taste blood but no pain…

    • I dream of the same house over and over. I’ve never been in this house that I know of. Its a big old house and has an attic off of a stairway. This attic is filled with old toys. A little refrigerator and stove. A doll bed with dolls etc.. Its kind of spooky. But yet it’s like I’ve been there before.

    • hi, so I’ve lost my phone about a month ago and i had a dream i found it that night and it kept happening it happened yesterday too but i always found it in different places that i’ve already looked in the first time i had the dream i was really happy about finding it it was in the back of my car and yesterday when i had that dream i found it in my purse but i wasnt really happy about it i just left it there what does this mean

  2. Hi Amy,

    Excellent post! I’ve had a few reoccurring themes in my dreams so far in my life from going to an exam unprepared to losing my beloved bike, and I noticed that all of these themes gave me unpleasant and unhappy feelings. In other words all the reoccurring dreams were the dreams I would want to not reoccur. I wonder if any dreamer would ever have reoccurring dreams that make the dreamer happy and are pleasant?


    • Hi Rick,

      Excellent question. It is true that many reoccurring dreams are about subjects we’d rather not keep dreaming about. This is especially true when the dreams show us something in ourselves that we need to work on, integrate, process, or heal.

      However, not all reoccurring dreams are unpleasant. YES, reoccurring dreams can be happy AND pleasant!

      An example where this might be the case is with athletes who dream about their game. Take the golfer who is working on his drive in his waking life. He may dream about his drive and his game in general. These dreams are very helpful and can actually help improve his performance in waking life. As the golfer continues to play and improve, he may have reoccurring dreams about his game. He might even see himself driving farther and more accurately than he can in real life. Or get a hole in one!

      These dreams would likely be very pleasant and make him happy. And as he continues to play and improve, the dreams continue in a helpful way. It’s not just limited to athletes – one can have reoccurring dreams about any new skill they are learning like playing an instrument, playing video games, or learning to drive – to name a few.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • Hi Amy
        I have been having recurring dreams of a best friend from high school. After graduating high school she moved to Brisbane she hardly ever stays in touch, the only time she’ll start a conversation with me (over email) is during the new year. I have this feeling that she’s moving on from me because she doesn’t contact me much. In my recurring dreams I have dreams that we are back in high school again mucking around with each other and being daredevils again and other nights Id have dreams that she’s in a shopping centre waiting for me I do miss her but I find that hanging out with friends from Tafe distract me what are my recurring dreams telling me?

        • Hi Bianca,

          It can be hard to move away from friends and then feel like you are drifting apart. This has happened to me as well and I too have dreamt about these friends. If these were my dreams, I would take them as a reminder about how much I miss my friend. If the relationship is important enough to me, I might try to contact her and rekindle the friendship, if she’s interested.

          Happy Dreaming,

          • Thank you Amy :)

  3. Hi, I have had a dream that I have not had since I was in about 2nd grade im in 7th grade and I had the dream again. It is a weird dream the main things I remember is my 2 siblings (I have 3 but my little brother is never in it…. I think that is a message) but my older brother older sister and older cousin and some family friends (keep in mind all kids, and yet im the youngest) have to go to a party. the adults all are there but something happens. There is like a book shelf (I don’t quite remember) and we (the family friends cousins and my 2 siblings enter. It ends up there are monsters and we have to fight them each level until we get to the top of a mountain I don’t know why but I think someone always dies, then we have to kill the last monster and we can go back to the room where the adults are. I don’t know why but none of the adults knew what happened and they didn’t care, we didn’t tell them. they were in a room chatting. What does this mean?

    • This dream reminds me of the classic “Hero’s Journey.” The child goes off on her own, without any adults, and has a grand adventure – slaying monsters and climbing mountains. When she returns home she is transformed and is ready for adulthood.

      If this were my dream, I would look forward the challenges that lie ahead in my life – knowing that I can handle whatever comes my way with courage, strength, and grace. And when its all over, I’ll have undergone a profound transformation and enter into adulthood strong and prepared.

      Good luck on your journey, Hero :)

      Happy Dreaming,

      • Thanks I enjoy the dream but it is kind of weird I get so scared in that dream

    • Hi,

      I am bothered about this dream that reoccur maybe once in a month until now. I always dream of this person named tim. Almost 10yrs ago, in highschool he is my crush. But he didn’t knew about it since then, he doesn’t even know that I existed. I overcame my feelings with him as time passed by. And today I don’t even think of him, but I kept on dreaming on him, and in my dreams I could feel the feeling I had on him when we’re in highschool, and I always say my feeling about him in my dreams. So whenever I woke up I ended up like a highschool again because the feeling felt the same. then im going to forget about that dream and feelings and then he will reappear in my dreams and bother me again. Its a cycle.

      • If this were my dream, I would think about what Tim represents to me and how I *felt* about him. It sounds like these are positive feelings you have towards Tim, so whatever he most represents to you, I would bring more of those qualities into my life. For example – if you felt excited when you were around him, I would play with bringing more excitement into my everyday life.

        Happy Dreaming,

      • Hello Amy,

        I have had a reoccurring dream for years. I dream of the same house…’s a beautiful old home probably dating early 1900’s or earlier…..I’ve never been to the home in my life. In my dreams throughout the years… family and I live on the first two floors, the staircase is what always stands out…..the first two floors have a lovely wooden staircase and the other 3 floors have a fabulous round wooden staircase….if you stand on first floor the home has a view all the way to the ceiling and the staircase wraps around in an oval shape. I have always feared going past the 2nd floor. Last night I went up all the floors…..each room I entered were bedrooms and they were occupied with people I didn’t know. They were all decorated gorgeous and had thick drapes that kept the room dark… grandmother had a room just like these rooms in her home. I’m having a hard time figuring out what it means and why was I able to go to the other floors and I wasn’t scared. Perhaps you can help me figure it out.

        Thank you

        • Hi Jenn,

          Such beautiful imagery in this dream. If this were my dream, I would understand the stairs to represent the challenges that I face in my life – in general or specifically depending on what is going on in your life right now. If I can get passed my fears of going further/ higher/ to the next level (up the flights of stairs – as in, facing the challenge), I’ll find the beauty that is waiting on the other side of fear.

          Happy Dreaming,

  4. My brother and I had a dream the same night about the same thing, we had a dream and god told us he was coming soon

    • It sounds like you and your brother have a strong connection. Have you talked with him about it in any more detail?

      • It happened when I was in 3rd grade really he didn’t care but I thought it was cool

  5. I keep having this dream about this very strange school house. The school seems abandoned, but is still in relatively good state, i.e windows are still intact, only slight paint chipping, furniture still decorates the room.

    I remember a stairwell, draped in red carpet and as I walk up it leads to a classroom. I always end up sitting in the middle desk, and as soon as I sit down, I can feel other people watching. Other students? A teacher?
    I’m not sure.
    But it always scares me and I feel an overwhelming need to run and escape as soon as possible, otherwise….death? Again, I’m not sure.
    I really don’t like having this dream. It always leaves me feeling vulnerable and child like when I awake.

    Anything, insight or discussion would be helpful. Thank you!

    • Hi Michael,

      If this were my dream, I would connect the school house with a lesson that I need to learn in my life. What learning have I “abandoned” and why I do want so badly to escape this lesson? Figure out the lesson you are avoiding and then take action on it – and go through whatever it is you need to learn, even if its painful. Dreams reoccur until you’ve learned whatever they are teaching and that will likely be the case here too.

      Happy Dreaming,

  6. Hi Amy cope I keep having this dream of being somewere and speaking to some one I think is a lady but the face is not there I can’t get round to wot it is and keep having the same dream the last time was about a year ago

    • If this were my dream, I would be curious about the lady and what she represents. It might help to have more details in this dream. I suggest writing your dream down as soon as you wake up so you can have more details about it. It’s a good idea to do this each time you have the reoccurring dream as well. It will help you track patterns and see any differences between the dreams.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • Hello I’ve been having a dream every few months where it’s a different dream but same location (a mall) last dream was strange I had friendly convos with strangers which was pleasant but I found myself arguing with some girls and was walking around the mall with a pillow and blanket any thoughts on what this means? Thanks.

        • If this were my dream I would be most curious about why I keep going to the mall. What is your connection with malls in your waking life? How do you feel when you go to a mall and what do you most associate them with?

          • I have been having this reoccurring dream that I’m with a boy and my sister is with us and some people are trying to kill us so we run into the wood behind my grandmas house…n more people show up out of nowhere… And where trying to jump over the gate into the water but in this one there was a baby with us and my other ones that I’ve had about this one didn’t have a baby in it

          • If this were my dream, I would wonder if there are parts of myself (feelings, beliefs, behaviors, etc…) that are no longer serving me and I need to “kill” – that is, get rid of/remove from my life.

            Happy Dreaming,

  7. Interesting site. I love to dream. I met a girl at my Church that I wanted to date, a few yrs ago. She wasn’t interested,and moved away,not too long after in 2013. I have had more than a few dreams with her,one was romantic,we almost kissed. The most recent was her telling me she’s been watching me.An she was in my moms Bible study class and she has her as friend on Facebook,I think. I’m on Facebook also,I havn’t befriended her,an won’t unless she she sends me a request.That’s the only way I was thinking she could be “watching me” see my posts. So if she befriends me then I will be wondering what The LORD Jesus has an know it’s not just my mind, I know Jesus can give dreams,like He has to those in The Bible. Thanks an Jesus loves you,us all. We just ask Him in our heart,forgive our sins to be saved,He is Faithful an Just to forgive us,praise The
    LORD Jesus. Isaiah 53. More about Jesus,prayer,encouragement

    • Hi Nicholas,

      This may be a literal dream, as you suggested. If this were my dream, I would look at the girl symbolically. Dreams often use people we know to represent more subtle energies we need to bring in/remove from our lives. What do you think of when you think of this girl from church. What does she most represent to you? If it’s positive, the dream is asking you to bring that quality into your life. If it’s negative, the dream is asking you to remove that quality from your life.

      Happy Dreaming,

  8. Hi amy

    I’m a born. Christain black women for the past couple of years I had stopped going to church even though my friends had told me to invite christ back into my life I never found any peace and I knew I needed god in my life

    I started having dreams all relatated to muslims/islam and please note I don’t have any muslims in my family but I do have muslim friends

    My first dream was of me in a place like jerusalem there was an oceam there it was a bright calm and peaceful day and I was the only one walking amongst muslims dressed in white..

    I have dreamt myslef wearing the scarf like what the muslim women wear.,I have dreamed bieng told to memorise a script wich was written in arab. I have heard the call to prayer in my dreams.I have seen the holy house(which is found in sauda arabia) wich is a very important role in it forms the 5 pillars of islam. In my dream I have seen myslef walking amongst muslim who have come from some celebration.I hav seen an old traditional muslim grandpa in my dream.. And lately I saw myslef doin the full muslim prayer I was dressed in the full black cloak and scarf..and in all these dreams I only see indian muslim people(I’m a black women)

    Lately I have started dating a muslim man..which to me seems like its a sighn that I should follow islam..

    I also dream a lot of our wedding with this man I am dating

    I would like to know could these dreams mean I should convert to islam o what meaning could they have


    • Hi Thandi,

      If this were my dream, I would learn more about the Muslim faith and beliefs. Christianity and Islam have many similarities and if you had previously found something you love in the Christian faith, you may find it again in Islam. I can’t tell you if you should convert to Islam or not, only you can decide that. However, I would take action on these dreams by exploring more about Islam to see if it’s right for me.

      Happy Dreaming,

    • Don’t follow Islam,it’s a satanic cult. An you need to only date Christian men. Tell him about Jesus,He is The Way,Turth an Life amen. Google Beth Moore a great Christian teacher to encourage you in Jesus. Look at these websites May The LORD Jesus speak to you, an you boyfriend an save him,all muslims,lost,in Jesus amen. Shalom Israel,family.
      PTL. Have faith in God ( Jesus). Mark 11:22

    • Please don’t listen to that guy. He sounds pretty un-Christian like with his words.
      Muslims believe in Jesus (Prophet Isa [pbuh]) as well. It seems that God may be guiding you with these dreams. It’s a wonderful gift. Sadly, there are many sects out there, I would recommend you focus on God’s Book, the Qur’an and don’t given too much thought to the secondary sources such as “hadith”.

    • dear,
      if you really had no connection with islam before and such dreams started all of a sudden. i must say you are blessed by God. u should read more about Islam.
      best of luck

  9. I have these dreams where normally something bad happens, once there were bad guys hanging out on my front porch and they were getting through the door, I went to close it and I was running in slow motion it was bad they came in and hurt me, then next dream I was reading in my dining room the window was faced to my back and these gang looking guys were slowly creeping up on me, I didn’t care till they were at the window, I went upstairs to tell my brothers but I couldn’t talk in my dream because I was sick in the dream. by the time I squeezed out the words it was too late, they were in the home. they demanded our ipods we gave them our old ones cause we got new ones, this dude got me and dragged me to my room and told me to talk I couldn’t so he shot me I could feel the bain in my back when I woke up

    • If this were my dream, I would look at the connection between feeling like something bad is going to happen and my own feelings of powerlessness to do something about it. What is going on in your waking life that feels bad to you? And how do you feel about the situation – do you feel empowered or powerless? It often helps to connect the *feelings* in the dream to similar *feelings* in your waking life, regardless of the actual events or situations.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • I get dreams where I have a choice I have to fight a force. I was at someone’s home and my sister and I were there s teacher forced me to help fight the government (not the same as we have) and I said ok and took the gun we got to a place and had to scale long building to a snipe post we were shooting at people. somehow my little brother was there and got shot. I was sad and angry so I shot the lady that hurt him I want bothered by death I get over real death easy, I went to by brothers aid and tended his wound. but we got captured then I woke up. my little brother and I fight a lot. what does this mean I do care about him im an over protective person I guess

        • If this were my dream, I would connect the fighting in my dream with the way I fight with my little brother. As you said at the beginning, you have a choice to make – to fight a force. This implies that you can choose NOT to fight the force. You also have the choice NOT to fight with your little brother. What can you do to resolve conflict with him without fighting?

          • I didn’t know where to write so I’m writing here..I’m married..and I keep having dreams about getting back with my ex from 2011.. Its 2015 lol.. Its always the same situation but different environments..we had a falling out in 2011
            A lot of things happened that weren’t fair or clear .. and he has been dating someone for 2 or 3 years now and I know he probably doesn’t want anything to do with me..but these dreams are driving me insane!

          • To understand the role of your ex in your dream – what does your ex represent to you? what is the first thing you think about what you think of your ex? If this is a positive quality the dream is asking you to bring that into your life. If it is a negative quality the dream is asking you to remove that quality from your life.

            If this were my dream, I would do the above exercise and then take steps to either integrate or remove those aspects from my life.

            Sweet Dreams,
            Amy xo

  10. Hey/ This kinda helped but got me more worried. Sometimes, or most times, i’d have dreams related to death or murder or something terrifying and usually happens when I’m stressed. I’m terrified because there is this one dream that reoccurs and its related to death and I don’t know what to do or how to react. I usually wake up wanting to cry but i can’t. Should i be worried? I’m only 14 and some of my dreams turn out to be true and I’m scared because I don’t want this to happen.

    • Hi Oma,

      Most dreams about death are symbolic dreams – not literal. Dreaming about death often represents a change or transformation that is happening in your life. A symbolic “death” of the old you. 14 is a time of great change. Your teenage years are the time when you leave childhood and make the transition into adulthood. If this were my dream, I would look at the death in my dreams as a symbol for change and transformation in my life and would not worry about an actual death.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • Hey Amy.
        I had a dream the I was with my aunt in this house. The house was really dark I hardly can see anything. And she was caring a coffin and she was telling me Lory hurry up my husband need the coffin. I looked at her and I got really scared and I ran away out of the strange house and I looked at the house from out side and it got on fire. Few weeks later after I had the dream my aunt husband died and they burn his body. Maybe my dream was telling me he was going to die. I’m really confused and I need to know what do u think about this dream.

        • Hi Lory,

          Yes, it sounds like you dreamed ahead of time that your aunt’s husband was going to die. Dreams can be pre-cognitive and show you the future. Unfortunately dreams of the future are easy to miss as most of us aren’t attuned to looking for them. I recommend writing down your dreams and checking them against your waking life to see if any of them play out in the future.

          Amy xo

  11. Once I had a dream ( a few times maybe 2 years ago) it was like a lucid dream. I knew I was dreaming. I was enjoying a book perch Jackson and one of the characters could fly. so I was like whoa this is a dream and I was like im gone fly. it wasn’t working in fact the only thing lucid about it was I knew I was dreaming I was supposed to be son of Zeus I was mad and im confused. how do I lucid dream that would help my stress ( I have a stress full school life) I would fly or drive a car, become popular. I just wanna know how. I know there is books but im a kid and I cant really buy anything

    • Lucid dreaming takes practice – even when you realize you’re dreaming it’s not always easy to control the dream in the way you want to. Don’t worry about that, just keep practicing and eventually you’ll gain greater mobility and control in your lucid dream.

      Reality checks are a popular technique to help you have lucid dreams. I like to set my wrist watch to chime every hour to remind me to do a reality check. The idea is that when you do them enough in your waking life, you’ll remember to do a reality check when you’re asleep and it will trigger lucidity. Here’s an article on how to do reality checks.

      Good luck and Happy Dreaming,

      • hi Amy I’ve had the same dream the past two nights. They weren’t the exact same, but kind of the same situation. My boyfriend and i haven’t been on good terms lately. We argue almost everyday, and he’s changed a lot. Sometimes I feel like he doesn’t care about me at all, which is why these dreams have me very concerned. My first dream was that we were arguing on the phone, and then he put me on three way and he was on the phone with another girl. I then asked him why he was talking to another girl, and he yelled “because all of the stuff we’ve been going through!” My next dream was that he had multiple social media networks hidden from me that I didn’t even know about. He only has about two social media accounts in waking life, but in my dream he had all of them. I saw him on his phone and he had a snapchat from a girl named Khloe I asked him who it was then my dream went to him, her and me sitting at a table. I had his phone, and was looking through the girl’s social media accounts and she had many pictures of them together pictures he took with her that he’d never take with me. He’d also send me texts in waking life that were completely totally out of the conversation we were originally having.. maybe like he meant to send it to someone else. I’m just very concerned, and I’m hoping you can help me figure all of this out.

        • Hi Ciera,

          If these were my dreams, I might understand them as reflecting the situation that is going on in my waking life. Your dreaming mind can piece bits of information together in ways that your waking mind doesn’t. So dreams can show you more clearly how you are feeling and/or what is happening in your life.

          And sometimes dreams are precognitive. So, if there’s any possibility that these events *could* manifest in the future, I would be open to that possibility. The question really is, if you want to be in a relationship with this guy considering what you are going through. I would look at that and look at the dreams as one more piece to consider of a bigger picture.

          Sweet dreams,
          Amy xo

          P.S. Check out my new video training series on how to understand and use your dreams in your life (it’s free!). And I’ll be hosting a live webinar next week about Nightmares. Get your name on my list, if you’re not already, to learn more about that!

  12. Many times I have confused myself with these re-occurring dreams for 3 years. The dream is related to my relationship with a foreigner whom I had a crush 3 years ago. The second time I saw him, that night I had a dream we got married. It seemed someone was trying to predict my future with him. Initially, I thought because of my feeling on him too much that it appeared in my dream normally like everybody else. But it occurred many times till now. The dream story began from the time we met, got hurt, got married and had children. Even I did not see him, there is someone in my dream tell me over and over again that it’s him who will be my future partner.
    3 years ago, we had short term friendship but it lead to nothing more than that. I don’t think it’s a fate until we both surprise to see each other 2 3 times a year by coincidence. Not mention the reality, we have no special relationship except my feeling for him has slowed down much. 2 days ago, that dream exists again and tells me it’s him. Can you help me explain the dream? Does it have any means?

    • If this were my dream I would focus on the *feelings* of the dream. How do you feel being married to this man? Rather than attempting to get together with a particular person, I would focus my attention on attracting the feelings I want into my life. Is it companionship? Love? Whatever feelings are fulfilled by marrying this man, this is where to start. The dream may or may not be showing you the future, but either way I’ve found the best way to get what I want in life is to attract the feelings rather than a particular outcome.

      Happy Dreaming,

  13. I’ve been having this same dream at least once a year for about 9 years. It’s always this same guy from middle school. The two of us are either dating or he’s protecting me from something. I never had a crush on him back then (or even now), and the two of us weren’t ever really friends. We were paired together for something and throughout the whole ordeal he kept asking me if I was okay. He was nice to me when others weren’t. He may have had a crush on me back then, but I don’t really know. It’s so bizarre. I completely forget he exists until I dream about him, it’s not like I see him or anything. I don’t know if he’s thinking about me and that’s why I’m dreaming about him, or what. I don’t know if I should bother taking things into the real world all these years later? I know how to get in contact with him, but I’m so nervous about it. Friends have never been my strong suit (trust issues), so maybe someone’s trying to tell me that this guy is safe? I honestly don’t know lol.

    • Dream characters (the other people in our dreams) can be some of the most useful dream symbols. In many cases (and it sounds like it’s the case here), dream characters represent an aspect of yourself or your personality, rather than the actual person. Often it’s a quality that’s difficult to represent visually, so dreams use a person that represents that quality to you.

      To understand the guy in your dream (or any other dream character), think about what he most represents to you. When you think of him what quality comes to mind first? If it is positive, the dream is asking you to incorporate this quality into your life. If it is negative, the dream is asking you to remove this quality from your life.

      If this were my dream, I might associate this guy with someone who is interested in my well-being and who cares about me. I would then take steps to find some friends who genuinely care about me. If that’s something you want in your life AND it seems like a challenge, it just might be exactly what you need.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • ive had disturbing reoccurring dreams for the last six months. i am always so desperately trying to escape those around me because i a very urgent need to kill myself. sometimes i end up throwing myself against walls, other times people i know restrain me. but the extreme need to end my life is always the same. I’m worried about what this could mean

        • If this were my dream I would take these dream warnings as an urgent need to change something in my life. What needs to change in your life? Are there any people in your life that are keeping you down that you need to escape?

  14. Hi I keep having this dream that repeats about once a year and has been for 2 or 3 years now. I am getting the bus into school and I’m wearing my school uniform then some how I am suddenly in my aunties van and she is driving me to school with my cousins.We arrive at school and there is a spelling test but it’s on a boat in the middle of the ocean which is apparently right next to my school. Anyways I get on board and it is fied with hundreds of people so I step onto the main deck when I step back into the boat everyone is gone onto the dock on the other side of the school dock and are all looking at me strangely. Suddenly the sea starts so swell and suddenly I jump off onto the dock where everyone else is . A few minutes later the dock starts to sink and one of my teachers tells me to get everyone out of it because for some reason there are torpedoes rising out the water and a water turbine inside where the boat is (which would draw everyone out to sea of smash them ) I thought that the teacher said to keep everyone in so I make everyone get inside and by this time the whole dock (which is weirdly enclosed) is under water but not sinking anymore but everyone is tapped cause the doors won’t open, the teacher then comes up to me and says “smartest people are the silliest,arnt they” and then I wake up feeling vunerable and scared. sorry for all the details but what does this mean?

    • There are many elements of this dream relating to school. If this were my dream, I would wonder what *lesson* I need to learn. Do the words the teacher said, “Smartest people are the silliest, aren’t they,” have any significance for you? I would be curious about this and would think about it relates to my life – what silly mistakes do I make and why does that make me feel vulnerable and scared. Try connecting your feelings to areas in your waking life where you have similar feelings.

      Happy Dreaming,

  15. Amy,
    I have been having a reoccurring dream about a place I used to live. The town and my apartment are the same but sometimes all the rest of the things in the dream are different. It was not an easy time in my life so why am I reliving it now?

    • We often dream about past times in our lives because we have unresolved emotions surrounding that time. If this were my dream, I would explore what was going on in my life at that point in time, particularly what was not easy about it. Where ever I found any resentments, anger, or unpleasant feelings, I would take steps to resolve and integrate those feelings. You are reliving it now because there is still work to be done and now you are ready to do it :)

      Happy Dreaming,

  16. I just woke up to this dream that i had once as a child….it starts at the first house i lived in, but last nigjts dream was the same setting but its based on present time….we are lookong through all the stuff in the garage we have accumulated over the years and i keep looking for this stuff i lost years ago….the stuff was advanced pieces of technology that everyone though was toys….i can only relate it to a portal gun and some power gloves and other stuff too….i find the stuff and put it in my car and we leave in two vehicles….as im going down the road i realize i am missing an important piece so i yell to the other vehicle that im missing something and they park all weird as im walking to them the setting suddenly changes and im at the park where i first found them as a kid….im playing then a fiery ball falls from the sky onto the other side of a private fence….when i finallyget to the drop zone there is a threewheeler like thing spinning out of control to the right and a kid and his bike standing over a crater….as i walk up i see the pieces of tech and when i go to grab it the kid tries to grab it so we tussle….i have this feeling of manifestation destiny like that stuff belongs to me but as i grab one of the gloves and try to put it on these guys in white suits pull up and tranquilizes me and the dream ends

    • If this were my dream, I would look at what was going on in my life during the time that I lived in the house where dream took place. What was going on in your life at that time and what was your life generally like? I would then consider what I lost from that era of my life – for example, the end of childhood, innocence, or something related to technology. What do you feel is missing from your life? Try to connect that with what was going on during the time you lived in that house.

      Happy Dreaming,

  17. I have often wondered about my reaccurring dreams I had as a child. I think I was about 7? I can’t say for sure but I was definitely very young. The dreams were so vidid and occured so many times, I am still, as an adult, able to recall them like I had dreamed them yesterday.
    The first dream: I am in a huge round room with dark walls. The room goes up as far as I can see, like there is no end. In the middle of the room is a pole that follows the walls, again as far I can see. Coming out of the pole are sticks, and at the end of the sticks are killer whales. Thousands of them. And they moving around in a circular motion similar to a carousel. I watch for a while. Then climb up the pole on the sticks. I then remove one of the sticks without a killer whale on the end and when I do, everything stops. The killer whale carousel has come to a stop and there is a very eery silence that comes over the entire room. I’m standing still, the killer whales are still, and there is a dead silence. I feel very uncomfortable, like I have done something I shouldnt have. And then the dream ends.

    Second dream: This dream occurs at the same age. I remember dreaming them both off and on but consistently at the same time.
    I’m on the beach right before sunset. I have a pet seal that is playing in water. I’m running along side it on the beach while its swimming and splashing around. Off in the distance I see one of those big red bouys with the bell on it. My seal is busy playing in the water and doesnt see the shark fin coming closer, but I do. And I begin to frantically scream and cry out to get its attention. The seal is swimming near the bell bouy now and oblivious. The shark attack is violent. I can see the struggle in the water and the thrashing around. I’m visibly upset and distraught that I have lost my seal. The bouy is swaying in response to the attach near it and then the commotion is gone and all thats left is the sound of bell and the waves crashing on the shore. And I feel alone. Then, I wake up.

    I have dreamed those dreams since that young age but I have always remembered them. It would be great to have some insight as to why I had those dreams and why they were so significant.


    • Hi Melody,

      If these were my dreams, I would try to think back to what was going on in my life when these dreams first started. Often reoccurring dreams begin during periods of change or transition. Remembering what was going on when the dreams started can give you some clues as to what they are about.

      What connection did you have to killer whales, sharks, and seals at that age? When thinking about these dreams, look at them through the eyes of your 7-year old self. Imagine how you felt as a child and how you saw the world at that age. What did those animals mean to you and what was your relationship with them? Did you have any significant loss at that age?

      Happy Dreaming,

  18. Hi I have had this dream with a leprechaun and I wake up and he is right in front of my face then I wake up and tries to be sneaky and runs to the other side of my dresser then he peeks around the corner and I start talking in my sleep and I wake up out of nowhere it’s really weird and only happens litterally once a month and I just turned 13 its been going on since I was 4

    • There is no one simple explanation for this dream. Its meaning will depend on you and what your connection is with leprechauns. To understand this dream, it helps to think about your connection with leprechauns – when did you first see one/hear about them? How did you feel about it? If you can, try to think about what was going on in your life when the dream first started and how you viewed leprechauns at age 4. Looking at the dream through the eyes of your 4-year old self will help you get a better understanding of it.

      What connection do you have with leprechauns? And what do they mean to you?

      Happy Dreaming,

  19. Today I fell asleep at around 3.30pm and I remember looking at my phone and hoping to fall asleep to pass the time. I am going through a transition of getting over an ex so sleep has been a way to get away from thinking about him. As I was falling to sleep, I began dreaming walking back to my house and seeing a man who appeared to look homeless as his appearance was disheveled. The man had what looked like a big stick which he appeared to be moving in no particular direction. I didn’t want to disturb him or jump over the stick as I feared he would move the stick and I would fall. I tried to walk around it but he was oblivious of passers by especially me so I was now being disturbed of how to keep on walking without getting hurt. I woke up after probably sleeping for about 20 minutes as my phone was ringing. I went straight back to sleep to have the same dream over again. As soon as I try to avoid getting hurt, the dream moves onto something else which I can’t remember.

    • If this were my dream, I would be curious about what I do in my waking life to avoid getting hurt.

  20. Since I was 16 years old I have this recurring dream that I am being chased and followed by an unknown man.
    When I got into a unrequited love relationship with a longtime high school friend of mine, the recurring dream stops. Then after 5 years of recovering from that nasty break up, the recurring dream comes back 2 years after.
    When I was younger, I was being followed and chased by the unknown man in public places such as buildings and streets. He would also hurt me physically by allowing something else to hurt me like a pet he would have.
    Now, he comes in my bedroom and can put his hands on me in a sexual manner. He is darker, stronger and faster. He finally tells me who he is and what he wants from me after I name another man whom I do really want, while my father is there out of the blue telling me, I have no choice but to accept him. I am so outraged with what I feel I know because my father and this unknown man are very similar because they are both dark, obsessive, selfish and exceedly dominant men. The only difference is my father had sentiment toward me and my purser does not. I had to ask my family some hard questions and the only thing that I found out that was really helpful was, I have had these recurring dream when I was a lot more younger and no one did anything about it. This unknown man had told me, “you are going to love me.” I looked back at him no longer afraid and said, ” no, I won’t”
    I am ashamed to say what he has said is his truth but he claims to be a lover of mine that I had vowed to love forever in a life I do not remember living. He also showed me a book that I have no interest in reading that according to him shows our past life together.

    • Hi Saira,

      There’s a lot going on in this dream and sounds like a complex situation. If this were my dream, I would think back to when these dreams first started and try to figure out what was going on in my life at that time. I would also want to know more about this man and when he first showed up. Since this dream is reoccurring, I would set an intention to ask this man more about who he is the next time I have the dream. Doing this will give you a place to start in figuring out what the dream is asking of you.

      If you want more support with this I have private dream coaching sessions available. In the sessions we will look closely at everything in the dream and I will help you decipher the dream’s message. This one on one work goes much deeper than can possibly be done online. Dreams are calls to action, so we’ll come up with an appropriate action plan based on the dream. Most often with reoccurring dreams, once you figure out what the dream is telling you and take action on it, the dreams start to shift and then stop.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • While I have no way of getting a session with you, I do have a psychotherapist who I have discussed these recurring dreams with. She too has said I have no idea who this unknown purser of mine is although I briefly discussed the dream I had with her that has shown me distressing clues of my past life he seems to think I have with him. Please allow me to explain.
        After the dream where he alongside my father was following me – I told my father I did not want him, that I wanted another man. what I did not tell you was the details of the 3 dreams after this, that my unknown purser started to show me our past with a novel – I have not read and a movie scene from a movie I had not watched. He also got another family member – my mom to send me a picture of a poster only it was a blank paper until I touched it revealing itself to me.
        I feel an incredible sense of rage that I am being forced to voice again what I saw in my dream but you and my therapist are telling me, I don’t know enough about my unknown purser for him to leave me alone. Perhaps yes, this is my fault because I talked about it too briefly because I hated it so and too much. So, I am hoping you will understand the last big clue to what I am trying to say, the book he showed me by making me find it in other recurring themes – in my old home was made into a movie that came out this year and the movie scene that I was in was reflected in a poster of a wide window with him overlooking the city. Can you understand me now? I am not yelling at you when I say this, I just want you to understand, I AM NOT CURIOUS ABOUT HIM.

  21. Hi I recently had a dream that I haven’t had for several years. In the dream in am at the top of a mountain on my push bike . I down the track winding my way down the mountain sometimes close to the edge of a cliff, eventually I get to the bottom where there is a picnic area. I continue riding and the track becomes a dirt road, over to my left there is a tarred road with cars on it, I know the road but not the name of it. In the dream the other night I rode in the reverse direction, I started on the road which swapped constantly from dirt to tar and back again, also when I got to the picnic area which was a lot larger now instead of going up the mountain I went onto the familiar road.

    • If this were my dream, I would think of the “road” as the road I am going down in my life. Sometimes the journey is a bit rough (dirt roads) and sometimes its smoother (tarred roads). In regards to reversing direction, I would wonder if I am going in a different direction than I had been previously or that I intended. See if you can connect the symbols in your dream to anything that is taking place in your waking life.

      Happy Dreaming,

  22. Hi. I’ve had the same reoccurring dream since I was 7 r 8. As a child in the dream I was a child running from something or someone. Never knew what but I remember feeling scared while I was trying to running away eventually I would run thru this alley then i find myself at the top of a building. I hv no place else to run. Suddenly I fall off the building idk if someone pushes me are if I jump bc I’m scared but right before I’m suppose to smash into the ground I wake up. When I wake up I’m frantic . My heart feels like its about to explode out my chest, I’m trying to catch my breathe & I find myself touching my arms like checking to see if I’m alive. As I’ve gotten older the part where I feel someone is chasing me feels more lije I’m just running frm omething. But I’m not afraid while I’m running. I’m older in my dream now too. I’m always the same age in my dream as I am in my waking life. But the same thing happens I fall but I always wake up before I smash into the ground. I always wondered if I did smash into the ground in my dream what happens in real life. When I wake up I’m always frantic & checking to see if I’m alive. My heart pounding & I’m gasping for air. Can be possible that if I hit the ground in my dream could I like have an heart attack or something & really die. Its kinda scary. Can you offer any kind of answer to this.. pls. I usually hv this dream 3 r 4 times a yr since I’ve been abt 8 years old & I’m 34 now.

    • Hi Crystal,

      Dreams were you are falling and about to hit the ground can be quite scary. I get dreams like this sometimes too and also wake up with my heart racing, wondering if I am alive. You are not alone in this. There is a common myth that if you die in your dream, you die in real life. Fortunately, this is just a myth. If you do happen to hit the ground in the dream, you WON’T die in real life. The shock of the hit may wake you up anyway, the dream might end, or you might carry on dreaming. But you don’t need to worry about dying.

      If this were my dream, I would wonder what I am so afraid of and what I am trying to run away from. Try to think back to when the dream first started and think about what was going on in your life at that point. Look at the dream through the eyes of your 7-year old self and think about how *she* would view the symbols in the dream. This can help you get an idea for what was going on and why the dreams may have started.

      Happy Dreaming,

  23. Hi
    I have this dream like once a month where I am in an indoor pubic pool with my sister and on the side is a window and if you look through the window its a church ceremony and then my sister and i are sitting by the pool and all of a sudden a lady rushes in and asks my sister and i if w \e could look after her son while she goes to church and we agreed to it so later on in the dream my sister and i forget about the kid and after a while i asked my sister where the child was and we couldn’t find him anywhere and when we look inside the pool the kid would be dead at the bottom of the pool and then the dream ends and i wake up…it has been troubling me and i don’t know what it means and every time i have that dream it is the same, no changes. Do you by any chance know what it might mean?

    • If this were my dream, I would look at my beliefs regarding religion and spirituality. In the dream you are looking through a window at a church ceremony and the main action of the dream takes place in a swimming pool. Swimming pools are very often spiritual dream symbols and represents a “closed in” view of spirituality or religion. I would look at your relationship with religion and see if there are areas where you have outgrown your religious views.

      Happy Dreaming,

  24. Is it ok to tell that person that you are dreaming of him again and again?

    • It’s up to you if you want to tell someone you are dreaming of him again and again. Unless you feel this is a pre-cognitive dream and want to tell him about the dreams as a warning, keep in mind that in sharing your dreams you reveal a lot about yourself. You also never know how the other person will receive the dream information – will he find it cute, romantic, creepy… These are all things to consider before deciding to tell someone about a recurring dream you’re having of him.

  25. I have had this dream since I was little. I would dream that someone would be either trying to wake me up, or my alarm was going off in weird hours of the night. Last night I had the same dream, I dreamed that my alarm was going off when it wasn’t and while I was still dreaming I tried to stand up, I felt as if someone slammed me into my bookshelf and then I fell back down onto my bed. Once I woke up I was covered with some stuff from my bookshelf and my back hurt from slamming into it. One time, it was 3 A.M. and I was woken up, thinking it was time to get up and get ready I got into the shower while I was dreaming. I woke up with my mother banging on the door asking if I was okay. One time I dreamed that my alarm went off again and my mom was asleep on the couch, I some how ended up in the living room trying to wake my mom up at like 4:30 in the morning, telling her it was time to wake up. Sometimes I can’t tell my dreams from reality till the next day when I ask someone about something we talked about, they look at me weird and say they’ve never said that before. I’m a very restless sleeper too. Most of the time when I have dreams, the next day or a few days later that dream actually happens. I’m kinda scared of what these dreams mean, and no one seems to have an answer for me.

    • Hi Hayley,

      It sounds like you might be experiencing the reverse of sleep paralysis. Normally, when we dream our bodies go into shut down mode known as sleep paralysis, which prevents us from acting out our dreams. There is a threshold just before you wake up where you can still be in sleep paralysis (and can’t move) yet be fully awake. Sounds like you might have the opposite – sleep paralysis shutting off while you are still dreaming. Could be causing you to act out your dreams. I would look into melatonin supplements to see if that might help.

      Happy Dreaming,

  26. Hi Amy,
    I’m looking for the answer of my dreams lately and found your article. Hope you can help me.
    I had dreams of repeating location and it has happened for three times this couple months, I had the last one last night. It’s always the same place but different dreams and people. The first one I was going alone and I wanted to go somewhere, which I don’t remember, then I found this place.
    The second one was, I dreamed I was walking alone in the forest when I saw the same place again, the last one I dreamed I was going on camping and the camp site was that same location again. I have never seen the place in real life, I don’t even sure if it’s really exist in a real life too. The place is always in the forest and it’s like huge stones put together in the shape of triangle, it’s a cave, and inside it was a waterfall and a pool, there are always some children bathing in the pool. I always see the cave right in the middle of a field in the forest. But the funny things are I always know that I have seen the place in the previous dream when I’m dreaming, but I have never even once entered the cave. I only saw what inside from outside. In every dream I always told my companion that I will go to the place one day, but not today.
    It’s so confusing for me, but I hope you can help me.

    Thank you.

    • If this were my dream, I would be really curious about the dream location. If this were my dream, I would research this place and see if I can find it. Otherwise, the next time I find myself in this dream location, I would look around for more clues as to where I am and why I keep showing up there. Incubating a dream intent before you can to sleep can help guide this.

      Happy Dreaming,

  27. Hi Amy,

    I keep having a dream with one of my favorite R&B singers. In the dream we are always talking. This artist is a Libra, which I tend to meet a lot of. Sometimes I have the same dream 2-3 in the middle of the night, if i dozed off this person keeps appearing. In one of the dreams , he tries to hold me and wants more from me but I only want to be friends. I’m not saying other signs of the zodiac don’t have kids from multiple women but this particular sign that I meet, they always, and when I say always.. I mean ALWAYS have 4-5 kids from several different women. It doesn’t matter where I go, I keep meeting libra men. I met several online, not a dating site but personal bloggers. I even meet female libras too. Libras are great as friends and I love their intellect but anything more than that. I can’t! I don’t know what I have to learn from this sign, I know that libra is the sign of balance. But why the many libra dreams and especially of this particular person. The last time I had a dream about someone I barely knew, he appeared in real life and things got all weird. That’s another story. Some times I’m afraid of these “psychic dreams” because they come true. I’m afraid I’m going to meet this guy in person, hes going to want to sleep with me and we’re never going to work together on a professional or be friends. I see this person as a confidant and friend but this guy keeps wanting more. I don’t want to date or anything because i’m going through something and want to be single . If you have any advice I can sure use it. Thank you!

    • If this were my dream, I would be most curious about the appearance of my favorite R&B singer. It is easy to understand the meaning of dream characters (the people in your dream). What is the first thing you think of when you think of this singer? What do you most associate with him? If this is a positive quality, the dream is asking you to incorporate more of this trait in your life. If it’s a negative quality, it’s asking you to remove this trait from your life.

      You can do the same with the appearance of Libra in your life. What do you most associate with Libra’s? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the sign Libra?

      Happy Dreaming,

      • The first thing I notice about this singer is his eyes…. then his height he’s close to 6’ 4″. He exudes such masculinity. I love to listen to him sing. I love his voice. It’s very comforting. In the dream were always talking and working together. Its just that when he tries to get close to me, thats when I push away from him. He’ll try to hold me or kiss me and I don’t want that. We actually have a lot in common. A lot of things he’s doing in his person life, I wanted to do or I’m doing the same thing. I had no clue until we exchanged a a few messages online…

        His music reminds me of love, friendship and when I was home with my mom before she passed away when I was young, So when I hear his music, it reminds me of home. But I’m not 12 anymore, lol I feel like his music is getting me to feel something i want or that i don’t want to feel. I’m trying to be very meticulous about this dream and look for clues, to see if its something i need to be aware of in my own life or something I’m not paying attention to. the last time I had a dream about someone I didn’t know, they appeared and things got weird. I guess for me, this guy sees my spirit and not just me physically, which is hard in real life. The way men react towards me ( I know I’m not the only one) its very disheartening. I feel like the last time I had free true friendship with a guy was when I was a teen and with my first love. We were never together , we were both cancers.

        Pretty much every guy that talks to me is a libra. I love libras intellect and they are the sign of balance. I just don’t trust them. I don’t know if it has anything to do with my father. I tried to mend that relationship but that was short lived, I just forgave him and moved on. I associate most libras is everything is mental with them. I’m the same way. they are very romantic and sweet and love, love.. They wear their heart on their sleeve. We have the same taste in music, I can talk to a libra for hours about music, the arts. They give me that mental stimulation. Eventhough the zodiac says we’re incompatible, we have a lot in common and libra is very heavy in my chart. (I just use astrology and numerology and dreams as a guide, I don’t take it verbatim. but I am connected to the spiritual world and look to the stars , angels and god to guide me. I just believe in the spirit world. This singer we have so much in common its not even funny. In my dreams I love that we’re friends. I know it may sound crazy to think that we might be good friends if we met. I really admire and respect this guy as an artist and wanted to record with him one day but being that my past experiences with wanting to work with the opposite sex. They develop and attraction towards me and things get weird. This guy always reminds me of a friend of mine, a libra, same birthday but this guy was born in 1980 and the singer in 1969. When I said to him online are you a libra, he said “yeah libra”. My libra friend from when I was younger, we no longer friends. I’m always meeting october libras too. lol.

        The first thing that comes to mind, when I meet a libra is that they are players. I can’t help it! I wish it wasn’t that way but every Libra, Amy… every libra I met has several women and several kids. Some of them say and others don’t. Its doenst matter what part of the world, a libra will find me, lol I meet so many in a day. When I’m researching online and I come across certain material and I want to know who’s behind it, its a libra, I can tell how they talk, they are always the same height. I can tell just by the look in their eye or how they talk to people in a crowd. Some of my libras friends from high school, they are in love with me still till this day and its 2015 and I graduated in 98. It just stop, lol. I might actually consider dating one, if they didn’t have a village of kids, lol.. but I’m not trying to be with a man like that. I know I said a lot, lol thanks for reading.

      • It happened again, lol. I wasn’t listening to his music and I dozed off for a few minutes and I had another dream with this guy.

  28. Thanks for putting this site together it’s very illuminating. I have been having a recurring dream for several years now (I’m 33), perhaps almost a decade. I live in New York but every night I am catapulted back to my small Midwestern town and in my childhood home that I left when I was twelve. The events vary sometimes I’m with one of my sic siblings other time Im alone. I used to be stuck desperately trying to get back to New York.

    Exhausted from the dreams I went to the home and took pictures (the house is a decrepit shack, not much has changed since I was a kid.) It was abandoned for year but people have recently moved in. I hoped knowing this would end the dream but I still find myself there but now I’m locked out, or other times begging the new folks to let me in. It’s weird because I wanted to flee now I wake up saddened because I tried all night to get back in.

    I didn’t have a great childhood. I was taken away and lived in group homes but I live a positive life as an adult with strong relationships. I know there are issues deeply rooted in my past but how can one resolve and thus overcome something that already happened?

    Thank you for your insight!

    • Hi Gigi,

      We often dream about places from our past when there is something from that era of our lives that needs attention. If this were my dream, I would think back to what was going in my life during the period I lived in that house. I’d try to connect events from that time with behaviors or beliefs that I currently have and are not serving me. I find these subconscious patterns that form in childhood can be quite sneaky… I like to start with what I take for granted about the world around me and see if I can link any of those beliefs to specific childhood events. Uncovering and then changing these unconscious patterns can help to resolve and overcome traumas from your past. Your dream is showing you where to explore next… it’s up to walk through the door.

      Happy Dreaming,

  29. Hey Amy! Your post was very helpful and made me think about my dreams differently. I’m 16 and I’ve been having reoccurring dreams and they are mostly all repeats of vivid dreams that scare me when i wake up and worry me to go back to sleep. I have been having alot of changing like moving towns and schools and legal action with one of my parents so I was wondering if you think it could be related to PTSD? Or if you think that it has nothing to do with it? I have alot of questions about this. But I just need an outlook for the moment on what you think might be happening. Thanks!

    • Hi Jessica,

      Your dreams could be related to PTSD… it is possible. If this were my situation, I would talk to a therapist or school counselor about what is going on in my life.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • Hello , I’ve read many articles to tell me why or what the meaning of my recurring dream mean and I can’t figure it out . Its really frightening and I can’t understand the meaning of it all . I always catch every detail of the dream and remember it all so vividly when I wake up . Can you please help me .. I really don’t understand

  30. Hello Amy,
    i’v had a dream where my head is light and i feel extremely groggy and slow. i become aware i am sleep walking but cannot awaken and i lack control of my body. its as if a bubble is around my head, preventing me from thinking or seeing clearly. im extremely frightened, yet curious. i walk into and seek solitude in my bedroom. i find my mother standing very still, her head down and her arms by her side, staring at my bed. she is normal in every way but i feel unsettled but nudge away the lurking thought she may be dangerous. from my door way i can only see 2/3 of my room, i then walk in further and see a more twitchy, disturbed version of my mother sitting against the wall with her head also down while she hugs her knees to her chest, rubbing her shins violently as if to warm them. the twitchy mother looks up at me and acknowledges my presence then continues to scratch and spasm. I walk closer to the first version of my mother and circle her to get a better look at her face. im expecting a scene from a horror movie and sense she is possessed or controlled some how by a paranormal energy. i feel spirits around my entire room and as i become increasingly more aware i am in danger, the spirits feel they do not need to hide anymore. they mean harm, but something is stopping them. i feel uneasy around this version because of how still and quiet she is. i uncross her arms from her legs and lay them out so i can sit on her lap. she seems tired and lets me position her how ever i want then decides to hug me. she flops her head back and it seems shes in a half sleeping state. as i begin to close my eyes i feel a sharp pain in my skull and as i shake my head to loosen what ever has taken hold of it, i look up to find my mother is snaring at me and attempting to bite my head. she does it again and screams when push her away as if i have betrayed her. i squirm out of her embrace and try to find safety with the spirit mother but she is gone. i want to find a place to hide and immediately think of my bed, but as i look up i see a figure laying under the sheets, very still, not even breathing. i am too afraid to guess who or what could be laying in my bed and so i jump onto the sheets, trying to avoid the figure. i land next to it and up come the sheets to reveal my mother in a violent frenzy, hitting me and biting me, screaming nonsense while she flails her arms and smacks me. i immediately scramble for the door and see all versions of my mother in their original positions, looking at me with hate. i run to my sister’s room and find she is sleeping soundly despite all the ruckus in the room only a door away and everything feels calm and oddly life-like. she wakes slowly and as she is getting her head together i am rambling on about the recent attack i had just escaped and explain how i am sleep walking at that very moment. she becomes alarmed and insists i take these peculiar pills to help me wake up. my sister opens her bedside tables draw and hands me little round blue pills, shaped like eminems. she urges me to take them quickly so i can get my sense back to full restoration. as i lay the pills in my hand they begin to levitate a few inches above my palm, splitting in two then each half spinning in opposite directions. they begin to form a ring around them and i feel this is the time for me to consume them, so i do. i begin to feel much better but still obtain this feeling of uneasiness towards the pills i just took. i trust my sister though so i do not question her. i am facing my sister’s door opposite the bed and then see a bright, yellow, ball shaped orb outside the door. it makes me feel safe and comforted for that moment until my mother, who seems so absolutely normal and even concerned as i begin to back away. she is holding the orb and looks down at it questionably as if it might be what is panicking me. she then looks up at me and asks what the fuss is about and how can she help. i feel extremely unsafe around her and dont trust her at all.. but feel guilty for not believing she could be my real mother? i decide not to take risks anyhow after the results of my bad judgement only moments ago and run past her, demanding she does not follow me and stays away from my sister. i wake up
    note: all versions of my mother were wearing different colours pajamas.
    My mother is not violent towards me, neither is she a drug addict (the scratching and twitchiness). She is responsible and takes care of me but i cannot say i am close to her.. but i dont know why i have created this character based on her ?
    Thank you for reading, and i welcome any feedback or theories

    • Hi Sarah,

      There’s quite a lot going on in this dream. If this were my dream, I would understand this dream to be showing me *symbolically* either a) how my relationship with my mother currently is or b) how it could be if it keeps going in the direction it is. This dream might be a call to get closer with your mother.

      Happy Dreaming,

  31. Hi Amy,

    I just had a second dream this morning where I was called to come to my six year old child, and found her lifeless. The story line of the two dreams were different, but the end result was the same. I held my daughter in my arms, and she was lifeless…she was gone. Not even a chance to resuscitate her. I awoke immediately, barely able to breathe, crying, and wondering if God is preparing me for her departure from this life. Now that I’ve had this dream a second time, and the circumstances of the dreams were different, but the end result was the same, I’m frightened to have her leave my sight, and she has to go to school this morning.

    In case you need to know more details…
    In the first dream, I was at some festivity and I let my daughter go to be with my neighbor (who’s a bit of a flaky person), and her two daughters. Then I started feeling this sense that maybe I shouldn’t have let her go, because my neighbor isn’t always very responsible and maybe isn’t watching my daughter or even remembering that she’s with her. Next thing I know, I get a call from a man who says he has my daughter and tells me to come to Dunkin Donuts. I’m still in my pajamas, so my 11 year old son and my husband say that they’ll go. Then, I don’t hear from them for over 30 minutes, and my husband isn’t answering my calls. I find myself on the top of a building with a man who asks me for my cell phone number, and when I give it to him, I first jumble up the numbers. Then, I tell him I have to go and I jump off the top of the building, but land safely below and I start running to DD. When I arrive, a detective is there, and I spot my daughter’s bottom half of her body on the floor protruding from under a bench, wearing her pink pajamas. I go to her, cradle her in my arms, but her body is lifeless. I also help evaluate her body and observe scratches and markings around her genitalia, realizing that she had been sexually molested. I awoke from that dream hysterical, barely able to breathe, and thinking that I can’t let my daughter go anywhere with my neighbor. Then I find myself remembering a chance encounter I had with a very nice elderly woman the weekend before, whose granddaughter was doing a gymnastics class with my daughter. We made an instant connection and engaged in deep conversation, which led to her telling me that she had lost her son probably 20+ years ago. She couldn’t tell me the details, just that it was an accident, because she was still in that much pain over it. We had a little discussion about death and losing loved ones that day. In my mind I thought I had a good sense about losing someone I love, because by the age of 39 I had lost my mom, and my father died when I was 15. I also thought, after I had an awful feeling something was going to happen to my son at age 2, when he left with my brother in his car one day, that I had a sense of what it would feel like to lose my child, and how I would deal with that. I thought I would understand and accept that God had a plan for him, and I would just appreciate the time and opportunity I had with him in his little lifetime. Shouldn’t be too hard to move on after that, when you have a positive attitude, right? Well, that first dream changed my mind totally. I realized there’s no way I could ever empathize with anyone who has lost a child, and I told God that I wouldn’t even try to do that again. That dream “scared me into reality.” The following weekend, I wanted the opportunity to talk to that woman again, and even apologize for thinking that I had a sense of what she went through, but her daughter was with her, and I didn’t get a chance to.
    Well, the second dream I don’t remember as clearly, and ironically, I just had it a few hours ago.
    My husband and I and the kids were in a house that wasn’t ours, and we were together eating at a table. The kids wanted to go out. My husband had a premonition that my daughter was going to get hurt, and warned my son to be careful. My husband & I just started getting into a heated a conversation, then we heard people calling us from the outside to come quickly. We ran out & found our daughter lying on her side with her back to us. I ran to her, turned her over, cradled her, but she was flimsy and lifeless.
    Now that I’ve had this second dream, I fear this is a warning of some other kind or a preparation for the inevitable…I’m going to lose my daughter, and then I’ll really know what that nice elderly woman is going through, not just think I know.
    Amy – I have heard of people who have dreamed that someone died, and they did. Have you heard of this or have you known anyone who did?

    • Hi Beth,

      The ability to empathize with someone doesn’t mean you’ve had to experience the exact same circumstances. Pain is pain. It takes many forms and there are many causes, but at the end of the day hard is hard and painful is painful, regardless of how it looks on the outside. You’ve experienced your own pain in your life and because of that you can empathize with others who are experiencing pain – even if it looks different from you own. Your willingness to reach out to someone in need and offer your support is what matters – not that you’ve experienced the same form of pain as someone else.

      If this were my dream, I would understand it like this: I’m experiencing the death of my child in my dream so that I can empathize with this woman WITHOUT having to experience that particular kind of pain in my waking life. Through your dreams, you now have first-hand experience of your child dying and how it *feels*. The dream is showing you your own ability to empathize. And what a gift these dreams are.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • Thank you for your kind response and reassurance Amy. I’m grateful for your website and the time you take to maintain it. : )

  32. I keep having this reoccurring dream where I’m on the bus back from my band class (which my crush rides also) and our bus driver Mike gets a phone call. It’s my grandparents and they called him to say my parents died in a car crash earlier that afternoon. My crush and his brothers overheard and came to sit with me. I was breaking down because earlier in the dream I had a fight with them, and who wants someone to die when their last words exchanged were during a fight? And it just stops there. For the last like 8 times its happened it just stops. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and fall asleep and have a completely different dream, or none at all. It’s really freaking me out… And it happens in very short spaces between them. They could be like 2 days off… I’ve had it so much I almost know it by heart!

    • If this were my dream, I would use this as a reminder to be kind to the people I love and to make my best effort to resolve arguments and leave on good terms.

      Happy Dreaming,

  33. Hi, I am 16 years old and I keep having a nightmare sometimes night after night, sometimes weekly. It’s strange because I am aware I am dreaming and it takes place with me in my bed, just as I went to sleep. Except there is like a force acting down on me. It sometimes pushes me to spin around, it sometimes pushes me to shove my face into the pillow. I continuously try but cannot move myself into a comfortable position. There is occasionally a screeching like very high noise and it feels like it is penetrating my skull and gives me a throbbing headache. It feels like the force acting on me is causing me to hear this noise. When I try to scream my voice is far away and i struggle to get sound out. I normally wake up in the same position as in my dream and am always so unsure whether I am awake or not, because it is so vivid! My head still wrings and my heart beats really fast. What does it all mean????

  34. Hi, I often have a re occurring dream that I am with another guy other than my husband. Last night I dreamt it again. He come over to me wanting me to go to his house, my eldest daughter,19, told me to go for it then she left. We were walking back to his place when my husband & two other kids appeared. My husband didn’t speak a word. The other guy kept trying to hold my hand & hug me but I kept pulling back as my two other kids didn’t know about us. The guy told me he has never hated me & is glad i waited for him. In all previous dreams he says this also. I know who the guy is, we have history.
    What does this mean?

    • Dreams about sex with someone other than your partner are actually more common than dreams about your partner. If this were my dream, I would go about understanding it the same as with any other dream. To understand dream characters (people in your dream – ie, the other guy), ask yourself what this person represents to you. When you first think of this guy what do you think of? If it’s a positive quality, the dream is asking you to bring more of these qualities into you life. If its a negative quality, the dream is asking you to remove these qualities from your life.

      Happy Dreaming,

  35. I started having this reoccurring dream about 3 years ago, in the dream I was always in the same area watching from across the street. The person that I was seeing at the time was living across the street, in every dream he was always leaving me for someone else. I would either see them together driving away, or getting ready to leave. I would have this feeling of pain and loss, and sadness. At first it was maybe once every 6 mo, then everyother week, then 4 days in a row I had that same dream, on the 4th day I went to sleep had the dream, woke up, moved around took my puppy out for a pottie break went back to sleep and dream that dream again. That morning while getting ready for work I decided that, that dream was telling me something. over the next week I kept thinking about the dream. I told my friend that I did not want to see him anymore, we were done. He wanted to know why I told him about the dream, he was upset with me but, it has been over a month and the dream has been less and less. I feel much better now. I’m so happy that I made the decision to pay attention..

    • What a great story, Rena! Thank you so much for sharing. It’s such a great testament to the power of dreams when you pay attention and act on them. I’m glad to hear the dream helped you and that you’re feeling better now!

      Happy Dreaming,

      • I’ve been having a dream recently that I and my family were on vacation at a beach somewhere and I kept seeing this group of teen boys everywhere we went. When they were leaving everyone cheered like they were supermodels or something fancy like that. When my family and I were swimming one day we could all breathe under water for some reason lol, but I was telling my mom about these cute boys but how 1 just stood out from them all, and they were leaving the dock when one asked if I wanted to go out with ALL of them and I said sure, then they only fought over me verbally and the next few minutes I see only 4 or 5 standing there and the rest never bother us again but my family went back to the hotel and I stayed and swam with them and got to know them all and there was one that was the cute one I was telling my mom about was extremely shy. In the morning I and the 4 or 5 boys went back to my hotel with my family in a limo dropped me off and we talked every day but It felt real…

        • If this were my dream, I might understand it to be showing me my desire to go out with some cute boys.

  36. Hi Amy,

    I was wondering if you can help me figure out my reoccurring dream. You see, my dream, unlike many others, has a place I’ve made up; it’s not real. It has this maze garden I have to go through with pretty pink flower in white vases on each turning point in the maze. After I’ve gotten to the end, I’m in front of this concrete area surrounded by a ring of water. After I cross the water (which was pretty deep since it went up to my chest), there would be a short path into the area. The area, on its corners, has broken columns, all at different heights. There’s cracks in the concrete, it’s tannish, and had rocks and pebbles everywhere. In the center, there’s a giant rock that looks like it was cut in half (because it was so slick and flat at the top of it) and had surrounding rocks that look similar to it. The rock that looks cut is short in height, but very wide in length and width, like a table. The others, which are 3 or 4 in quantity, are rather tall and wide. After I got there the dream ended. That was the first dream.

    But the more recent one, I was with my little brother, we had to hike up mountains and cross a dessert to get to the maze, and when we got there, it was raining. Also, once we were at the Stoney place, I noticed there was a path way in the back on the left corner. We walked there and once we did, I noticed the rain stopped, the sun was shining, and there was shade. I looked up and there was a roof, and on both sides of me it was there was no longer stone surrounding the area, but topical vines and green leaves. We immediately turn around and walk back, but once we did, a big bag gold of gold coins scattered appeared on the flat rock. Also I noticed there was still shade, but no longer and plants or vines and was just rocks around the area. In addition, in this dream, I also got to look back at the maze this time. When I did, I noticed on the other side of the ring of water, is a family, a row of flower vases on both right and left and there’s a lot of green grass everywhere but it still looked near and maintained. By the way if your having a hard time picturing the stone place, I guess it sort of looked like an ancient temple or something, but small.

    Those are all the details I can remember. I tried looking up the meaning of this, but found no answers. So I was hoping you could help me. Thank you

    • Hi Addie,

      If this were my dream, I would think of the maze as the path I’m taking as a I grow in my life. The flowers and beauty all around remind me of the beauty that life has to offer and the gold shows the rice rewards that lie ahead. The broken columns and cracks remind me that life has its troubles and setbacks, but that is all part of the experience.

      Happy Dreaming,

  37. Amy,
    I have had a recurring dream for 25 years about a boy I was in love with in high school who didn’t have any idea how I felt.

    For 25 years, he has popped up in my dreams very regularly. These dreams always have to do with me sharing how I feel about him and him returning the feelings. I do not think about him in my conscious life. I’m a married, full-time working mom and this, now man, lives where I live, but I truly don’t think about him except in these dreams. But they are vivid dreams.
    What does this mean? 25 years is a long time to keep having these dreams!

    • Hi Dawn,

      Yes, 25 years *is* a long time to keep having these dreams. If these were my dreams, I would understand them as a reminder to speak up and speak my truth. Keeping my truth hidden inside me doesn’t do any good. The dream is showing me that when I do speak up and speak my truth, good things happen.

      Happy Dreaming,

  38. I keep having the same dream about a co- worker that I have recently become friends with. In the dream we are married and have a four year old son together. The dreams are so vivid and lifelike. It feels more like a memory than a dream. We named our son after his dad who has recently passed in real life. The color of the child’s eyes. The shape of his face and even down to the texture of his curly hair. I feel like I know him, like he is a real person. In the dream all three of us were vacationing at a beach or lake house. I’ve never physically seen this place before but it feels familiar. It feels safe. It feels like home. My husband in my dream is amazing. Full of kindness, compassion and love. We are all so very happy in the dream. Sometimes I even wake up from the dream still smiling. The really strange thing is that my two real sons aren’t in the dreams at all and I have a strictly platonic relationship with my friend/co-worker. I’ve had this dream five times in the past month. Nothing my life has changed. I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to learn or what message to take away from it all.

    • Hi Bobbi,

      Western dream interpretation focuses on the symbolic aspect of dreams. But that is only one small aspect of dreaming. Traditional dreaming cultures valued dreams for many other reasons, including their ability to show the future and transverse time, space, and dimension. If this were my dream, I would be open to the possibility that this dream is a glimpse into a parallel life. The dream may actually be a memory of another life you are leading.

      Happy Dreaming,

  39. Hey Amy,
    This helped me so much I’ve been having a reoccuring dream with a father figure who died, I can’t hear anything but it’s just us sitting in our band room and talking I have the biggest smile on my face but I also have a tear going down my cheek.

    • Hi Bobby,

      It sounds like you are having some great visits with your father figure! Dreams are wonderful at helping us reconnect with deceased loved ones :)

      Happy Dreaming,

  40. Interesting article relating to recurring dreams. I am a lucid dreamer, and I have always had recurring dreams,,,, I have faced some of them, and they did go away.

    Lately,, I keep having the same one,,, like you said,, some variable change,, but always the same kind of setting and theme. I lived in another country (in real life) for a good while and became really really close with a family there. Now, for about 4 years, I haven’t visited that place, and I am no longer in touch with those people because my ex was from there,, I am really ok with him being my ex and am very happily past that relationship. In my dream, I am in the foreign country where I lived with my ex-husband’s family for a couple of years before we were married. I seem to be interacting with his family on various levels,,, or sometimes I even brought my current friends back with me,,or I am on my own,,,, and in each dream,,I want to go to some special store where they have a special type of bread or sweet that I can only get there. In my mind-in the dream- I seem certain that it is a thing I have had many many times before, and that I simply want to have again since I am visiting. I always break off on my own and go wandering through the streets, thinking that I know where the place is,,, as I used to do when I was there. But, in my dream, I can never find that store, or I seem just about to enter it and it was closed, or something obstructs me,,,

    I had a really hard time moving past things when things ended. Now that I read your article, I am concerned that the recurring mistake or action could be that I once again should be moving on from something (another relationship) in my life,, but instead,, I am holding on. I don’t know if that is the case,, or if I just miss the family and the country where I spent over years.

    • Hi Alia,

      There is no one way to understand your dreams. In fact, both interpretations could be simultaneously true. Its really a matter of learning how to understand what feels right to you. Do you feel it’s time to move on from another relationship and the dream is reconfirming that? Or is there something else about that time in your life and those people that you really miss. If you download my Top 3 Secrets to Turn Your Nightly Dreams into a Life you Love I offer a simple exercise to help you build trust with your own intuition.

      Since you are a lucid dreamer, I would recommend re-entering the dream or using it as “dream sign” to enter into a lucid dream. From there you can find out more about what the dream wants from you or get some more information about the characters and places in the dream.

      Happy Dreaming,

  41. First of all I would like to tell something about me . I am 27 years old male from India got married in 13dec2013 and on June 2014 she left me (didn’t divorced yet). Till now I missed her like hell and want to have her back .
    Now the dream : I oftently dream about my wife but this is different , I dreamed about a girl living in neighbourhood in a colony unknown almost a jungle and backward area but there are shops and colony around I seen the girl , she was beautiful . – dream ended.
    Next day – I seen the dream about the same area , I am going to see a shop where I can find a fruit cake I asked the boy living in the same home and the girl popped up , I told her she is very beautiful and she told me that she is a Muslim if their home find out about our matter they would cut my head off , I smiled and she smiled and I told her huh Muslim so what matters ? And I walked away – dream ended .
    Actually in real life I didn’t like Muslims but the girl have an attraction I coudnt resist . I am now in a fix why I seen such weired dream in an episode way ….

    • If this were my dream, I would be most curious about the contradiction of not liking Muslims in my waking life, but being attracted to one in my dream. I would use this dream as a catalyst to really examine my feelings and beliefs. Such contradictions can be the beginning of beautiful transformation.

      Happy Dreaming,

  42. Hi there,
    I am a dance teacher and have had the same dream for years. I am standing in front of a busy class and I am looking for a track on my ipod and I can’t find the track I need. The most recent one I had was slightly different in that I couldn’t find any music on my ipod . It had all disappeared. I always feel frustrated and realize that time is running out and my students are leaving.
    Really like your website :)

    • Hi Suraya,

      Thanks – I’m glad you like the site :) This dream makes me think about anxiety and feelings of being unprepared. If this were my dream, I would wonder if I feel that way at work, OR in another situation in my life. I would also be curious if I am afraid of being unprepared or not having what I need.

      Happy Dreaming,

  43. hi Amy, I have this reoccurring dream ranging from going to exams unprepared and had to pass an empty script in the first dream, second dream still went the same after so much attempt to get answers from other students but to no avail, but tgis time I had confidence that I would either pay my lecturer to pass me or I ask him to reset the exam for me when I am prepared. third one today went on and I was able to get answers from other students and was able to write like three out of four questions. what does the dream mean?

    • Hi Gene,

      Exam dreams are often about moving forward in your life. My post on Exam Dreams can give you more insights into your dream.

      Happy Dreaming,

  44. Hi Amy,

    Thank you for your site. I came across it while searching what my reoccurring dream means. It helped me. I have had the same dream about a close friend to me being shot and killed in front of me. Although, the place is different. The first one was my friend offered to take out the garbage and on his way to through it a car stopped and someone shot him. The second we are at a supermarket and someone I know shoots him. Then the gunman threatens me that not to touch the body or report him if not I’d be next. It was very scary because it felt real. The detail I noticed in both is that in both dreams he wasn’t aware of his surrounding and didn’t notice when the gunman shot him.(for example; in the second dream he was texting) it’s stressful because now I’m just thinking about it so much because I have no idea what that could mean.

    • Sorry, I forgot to mention although he was not aware of his surroundings, I was. I noticed the car and I noticed it looked suspicious and in the supermarket I saw the man with the gun but yet I couldn’t say anything. Like I was froze or just too afraid.

      • Hi Isabel,

        So glad you find the site helpful :) It can help you to think about all the people in your dreams as representing some aspect of yourself or your personality. If this were my dream, I would wonder what parts of me are no longer needed or are no longer serving me. what do I need to let go of or allow to “die” so to speak. Possibly in connection with my friend or what I most associate with him.

        Happy Dreaming,

  45. Me and my best friend have had separate dreams but a man with the exact features pop up in them. I was dreaming about being in the Airmens mess at an Air Force base and he turned up in a suit. And then he showed up in her dream which was set in Italy. She said there were stones hitting the window. Then he kissed her. I don’t know what the connection is but I want to know why he is in our separate dreams.

    • What an intriguing dream situation. You know, Western dream interpretation only focuses on analyzing dream symbols. But dreams are actually far more complex and serve other functions. One is that dreams transverse time and space. Looking at it from that perspective, it’s possible that this man is trying to communicate with one or both of you. If this were my dream, I would be curious about the man and try to find out more about him. If you can re-enter the dream, you might be able to get more information about him.

      Another possibility is that you are dreaming the same man that so many people dream. There’s a man that several people have seen in their dreams and many theories as to why this dream man is so common. There’s a website that explains all about it:

      Happy Dreaming,

  46. Hi Amy, I’ve been having this reoccurring dream and it’s not like bad but very confusing. It starts off with me and my mom moving to this new house that’s like an old, creepy mansion. Here’s a time skip to us being done unpacking and I’m going to bed in my new room; I have this dream of my dad telling me that my destiny has caused me and my mom to move here because I come from a line of vampires on my mom’s side and werewolves on my dad’s and I have to choose which one I’m going to be. He tells me that at noon I have to go to the boathouse by the lake to announce which one I choose to be. I do as he says and when I get here a holographic native American asks me which one I choose to be. I choose to be a werewolf because I’m very close to my dad. The hologram tells me that in order for me to begin my quest (I can’t remember a quest for what), I have to go to the Party of the Moon and morph into a werewolf in front of everyone. The Party of the Moon is an annual party of the werewolves. I walk out the boathouse and it’s midnight outside and the Party of the Moon has begun. I walk to this pedestal looking disk in the middle of the courtyard and morph into a werewolf in front of everyone. After I do that there’s this hot dude in a white shirt that comes from the crowd and walks over to me. We go to open our mouths to speak when someone accidentally knocks me unto him. We have this surge of electricity run through us and we realize we’re meant for each other. We start to passionately make out right then and there for the rest of the night until the party is over. When morning came my mom brought me to school and it times skips to the bell ringing. I get a note at the end of school saying to go out to the field across from the school and I do. Once there I’m attacked by these vampires and forced to touch a pedestal like the one at the Party of the Moon and I morph into a vampire. My werewolf boyfriend comes out of nowhere and gets mad because he thinks I’ve decided to become a vampire and storms off. I chase after him and explain what happened to him. Afterwards we decided to go on a witch hunt for the vampires and when we set off for it I wake up. Like I said, it’s very weird and very confusing. I don’t think the vampire and werewolves are like the normal ones in dreams.

    • There’s a lot going on in this dream. What stands out to me is the imagery of the werewolf and the vampire. Both being very similar symbols in dreams – associated with violence, sex, fears, doubts, and not being in control of your own life. If this were my dream, I would look for areas in my life where I am feeling controlled or emotional dependent. I would also be curious about the characters and want to learn more about the mythology around werewolves and vampires. Find something that you relate to in either – this can give you a start on what the symbols are telling you.

      Happy Dreaming,

  47. I’ve had a recurring dream of sorts for most of my life, as far back as I can remember. It’s never the same dream, mind you, but the same location. A cemetery. The details of the cemetery change, ever so slightly, from dream to dream, but it’s generally the same, and I always know I’m there.
    For the most part, I enjoy cemeteries, at least more than your average person. I find them calm, peaceful. I go to various graveyards and leave flowers on occasion to well worn and forgotten graves. I’ve slept in one. Point is, they don’t bother me.
    Except for this one. Any time I’m in it, I am panicking, and lost. The peace is gone, replaced with dread. The cemetery itself is in various states of decay, mimicking it’s inhabitants. Sometimes there are cracked sarcophagi that leave room for a slumbering skeleton to peak out of, or for me to fall into. Other times the graves are so worn they are nonexistent and the bodies are reduce to pools and lakes of brown sludge.
    Always in this place, is the grave of my mother. At least in dream logic I know it is her grave. It is always in the same place too. No matter the situation, or state that the graveyard is in, I know exactly where her grave is. It is a small, gray stone. Just an illegible name, and an illegible birth and death date. Nothing else.
    This will be a good time to mention that my mom’s grave in real life is actually right up the road from me. I visit it frequently. It is an average size tombstone, with a heart shaped engraving. On the back is my sister and I in a picture. I keep flowers and decorations up there constantly. A far cry from the one in my dreams.
    Back to the dream grave. I am always fearful of going to this place, this grave in particular. If I have to leave, I close my eyes, and run past it, daring not to look, lest I get dragged into it.
    The other night though, on Mother’s Day no less. It was different. I was still fearful, but I had another emotion, one of guilt, of sadness even, eating away at me. It was saying in no particular words. “You’ve denied her for so long. Her stone is so barren, so unloved. You run, but all she ever wanted was just a second of your time. A second to stop by, and acknowledge her at the very least.”
    I walked up to the grave, and placed a flower upon it. Instantly I was overwhelmed with sadness, guilt, sorrow. My emotions and mind flood with thoughts of “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. I was just scared. I’m sorry.” as tears begin to pour.
    Then I wake up.
    Only problem is these emotions are still nagging at me. Each time I visit this place, it is extremely realistic. I am good at lucid dreaming, a skill I learned from years if sleep paralysis, but this always feels too real for me to know I am dreaming. So when I wake up, I am still trembling inside. I still want to cry all these hours later. It still feels like I should be visiting this grave. Like I want to find it, and bring something, a decoration of sorts to pretty it up. Only problem is it isn’t real. So why does it feel like it is?

    • What a rich dream. And it sounds like it is very important in your life, as it has quite an emotional charge. If this were my dream, I would look at it in two ways:

      1) This could be a literal dream. As in, that grave might actually exist and have some significance for you. This aspect of dreaming is virtually ignored in the West, but dreams can show you real places and people. So I encourage you to be open to that. If it feels real, it just may be. One way to find out is to re-enter the dream. If you can manage to become lucid, this is one way to do it. Otherwise, you could try listening to some drumming to get back into the dream state.

      2) This is a symbolic dream regarding your relationship with your mother. I would think of the grave as representing some aspect of my relationship with my mother. I would pay close attention to the voice in the dream. Try to think about those words symbolically in the context of your relationship with your mother and see if you can make any connections. Also, pay close attention to your own tearful emotions. How do these feelings you expressed in the dream relate to your waking life? Where do you feel these feelings?

      These two suggestions should give you a good start on figuring it out.

      Happy Dreaming,

  48. Hi Amy. I have been having the same reacurring dream for over ten years now. I think what triggers it is stress, or perhaps feeling unwanted by someone I love. However, I want to understand the dream itself because I find it very weird. In the dream I’m never really focused on what it actually is I’m doing but the fact that everything is in slow motion. I remember having it along with another reacurring dream since I was around 6/7 years old and it really freaked me out for some reason. I used to wake up crying and shaking and really freaked out but I never quite understood why because it wasn’t exactly what you would call a nightmare.I’m now 18 years old and still get it from time to time. The weird things is though, sometimes in real life I feel like I’m in the dream. This really freaks me out. I can not even being to think of why it freaks me out so much but it does and I always have to do something to stop myself from feeling this way. It’s very weird and confusing I’m just wondering if you would have any idea as to what this means or why it happens still?

    • Hi Jessica,

      If this were my dream, I would connect the feeling that everything is in slow motion with a feeling of not moving forward or being stuck in my life. It will help to put yourself in the perspective of your 6/7 year old self. What was going on in your life at that time? Was anything stressful happening? Any major changes? Also what experiences did you have with things moving slowly when you were that age (think movies, fun houses, and other kid activities)?

      Happy Dreaming,

  49. Hello. I’ve had a recurring dream lately. First some real life back story to the guy. Back in December I finally managed to act on feelings I’ve had for a friend for over 10 years. In January I moved out of town and we talk a lot less. The first dream we ran into each other and went to his house. He had begun remodeling it so we sat in his truck where we kissed a bit. Then in this new dream we ran into each other in a store. The store began to collapse and he covered me himself to protect me. He was injured so somehow he changed to a dog. I took him home and he became a person again. He thanked me by kissing me. The change in this dream aside from the kiss is that my best friend and my recent ex was there. And the house was further along in its remodel. I can’t figure out what to take from this. Help?

    • Two details stand out to me in this dream. Your friend and the house. To understand the role of your friend, think of what he most represents to you – what is the first thing you think of when you think of this person. If it’s a positive trait, the dream is asking you to bring this quality into your life. If it’s a negative quality, the dream is asking you to remove it from your life.

      Second is the house. If this were my dream, I would understand the house to represent myself and/or some aspect of me. Since the house is being remodeled, I would understand it as some part of myself that is being “remodeled” or transformed in some way. What aspects of your life in transition for you? The house being further along in the remodeling shows that you have moved forward in your personal transformation.

      Happy Dreaming,

  50. Hi … I lost my best friend years ago and at 1st I kept having this reoccurring dream . it was me looking into the mirror and seeing her and she was saying stuff like” my mom made me do it ” and also she said ” she put gold in my mouth so I wouldn’t smile” this dream came almost every night…. Then it stopped completly now recently 5 years later its back again … But stopped what does this mean… I want to continue dreaming about her it makes me feel connected to her

    • Yes, it is wonderful when we dream of loved ones who have crossed over! If you want to intentionally dream about her, you can set a dream intention. As you’re in bed, falling asleep, repeat a mantra like, “Tonight, I will dream about my friend.” Or whatever feels right to you. Repeat it in your head until you fall asleep and see what happens. It can also help to put out a picture of her or leave some food or gifts that she might like on the nightstand.

      Happy Dreaming,

  51. Hi..I’ld say about 2/3 years I’ve had this dream,not often though ,it would happen like once every few months maybe once a year,in my dream I am in a playground ,my surroundings are just a small black fence and everywhere else is like faint and smoky white , in the dream I am walking up to a boy possibly ,I’ve always told myself it was my brother but I’m not sure if it is or not ,and I am screaming at him warning him that someone is coming for him but I’m not sure where this person is coming from ,also there is a women ,oldish ,she is sitting down on a bench and I’m screaming for help and she is just looking at me ,it’s like no one can hear me ,it’s possible they can’t even hear me! The person that then kills my brother is just then standing there and no one is doing anything ,he is in all black ,like a grim reaper ,then the thing/person does something and my brother is dead and I wake him?i haven’t had this dream in a while ,it’s been on my mind a lot lately just wanted Some feedback thank you

    • I see a lot of symbolism around childhood in this dream with the playground and the boy. If this were my dream, I would understand it to have something to do with my childhood and not getting the help I needed at some point. I would also consider if there are areas in my life where I feel ignored, not listened to, or where my needs are aren’t being met.

      Happy Dreaming,

  52. Hi…. I have had a recurring dream that started several years back. The dream is mostly the same each time but it seems to always be a different season of the year. In the most resent dream it was fall. Colorful leaves falling everywhere, the wind is blowing. There is a girl in an elegant, light colored dress(I assume its me because I hear her thought) there is a small brick house with dead flowers planted around….The girl goes into the house with someone( the person is always a different stranger) there is only hallways in the house but they are so narrow you could barely move….Then there is noise (The noise is a low hum, a growl or even s scratching noise) and it over!
    I try and stay in the dream to see what come next but if I stay the dream starts all over again.
    I have a weak and frustrated feeling when I wake.

    • In my dream of yours, I see the hallways in the house as representing transition. If you are not giving yourself permission or enough space to change and evolve in your life, you may start feeling cramped, like you can barely move. And indeed you can’t if you are meant to be changing and evolving at this point in your life. Is there anything in your life you are know you need to change but are resisting or don’t want to?

      Happy Dreaming,

  53. I have been having the same reoccurring dream for years. It seems silly but is so odd. I have an aunt who I was very close with. She passed away suddenly when I was around 13 years old. Here is the dream I have been having pretty mucch since then:
    The dream always starts with my family (parents & siblings) visiting my aunt’s home. We are in the kitchen with my uncle and two cousins having dinner or playing cards. Suddenly out of nowhere my aunt walks down the steps and starts talking to my uncle usually about some non-sense thing laundry or dishes. We (meaning my family) are floored as she is dead. She always must convince us she is not dead and is actually alive. Sometimes she says she was really sick and hid away until she was better or cured or she will say my uncle hid her to keep her away from us. Once the jig is up and we know, we start doing family outtings but there is always some element of danger in the outting that we must keep my aunt safe from as we do not want to loose her again.
    I have this dream a few times a year and have had it since she passed away.

    • If this were my dream, I would understand this dream as a desire to connect with my deceased aunt. The dream may also reflect a 13 year old’s disbelief and/or denial that someone you were formally close with suddenly passed away. If this were my dream, I would honor my connection with my aunt.

      Dreams are a wonderful way to connect with the deceased. In fact, it’s possible to do it intentionally. Set an intention before you go to bed to dream about your aunt. Repeat a mantra like “tonight I will dream about my aunt” or something like that and see if you can connect with her that way. It may take a bit of practice, but keep trying.

      Happy Dreaming,

  54. I keep having a dream were I fall in love with a girl, she looks Indian, no idea if this is important but she’s defiantly not from England like me. When I wake I feel sad all morning because I’m no longer with her. I’ve been with my gf for 10 years, why do I keep dreaming about her, who I she?

    • If this were my dream, I would be curious about who the girl is. Is it possible you two were connected in another life? I would set a dream intention to dream about her again and ask more about her – who she is, why she is coming to you.

      Happy Dreaming,

  55. but what about when you have a scary dream over and over. first it starts out really romantic with me and my boyfriend and then we go into the scary part I get kidnapped by some guys that are trying to kill me and he rescues me but then ther after both of us and we both almost die but barely escape with our lives

    • also in my dream I don’t understand it it doesn’t make sense because before my boyfriend rescues me the man that kidnapped me hes having a celebration of birthdays for people who hes killing and hes celebrating the april birthdays and so I go and he tells me to come back and I tell him that no my birthdays in august and he says no your a jew so your birthday is in april and I don’t understand this because im not a jew at all it creeps me out and this morning I woke up with a cut on my face that I didn’t have last night I think this is very weird because in my dream he cut me with a dagger in the exact same spot that its in right now I just don’t understand

      • Sometimes whatever is happening in the outside world as we sleep, creeps into our dreams. Like if you ever had a dream about going to the bathroom and then you wake up and you have to pee. Something may have scratched you while you slept and your dreaming mind created the image of dagger to explain it.

        Happy Dreaming,

    • Scary dreams are basically the same as recurring dreams that don’t scare you. It’s just sometimes you need to be shocked a little and dreams will sometimes gently scare you into looking at an area of your life. In my dream of yours, I understand the fear of being kidnapped and killed as being a fear of having your power taken away in your relationship with your boyfriend.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • Thanks for all yur help!!!!

  56. hi, i was having very strange dreams, they ended around 6 years ago never to return. and i still dont know what they meant or if they were suppose to mean anything at all. i used to have dreams of a person i didnt know in real life, in the dreams it felt as if we were in love, the dreams happened maybe 2 or 3 times a week for almost 4 years. then suddenly stopped never to return. i remember the last dream of this unknown person, she walked away from me and i was upset. last ever dream of her?? in the dreams it was always different locations but the same person. im not sure what to make of this, as they lasted very long at a frequent rate, do you have any in sight ? or should i just discard them? as its been around 6 years since they stopped?

    many thanks :)

    • Definitely don’t discard them… even if you don’t fully understand the meaning of your dreams they are still valuable! There are many possibilities for this dream. One being that you two were connected in another life or this is a glimpse of a life you are living in another reality.

      Other than the woman leaving in the dream, did anything happen in your waking life that could connect to the woman leaving? Did you end something else, like a job, hobby or addiction? And what was going on in your life while the dreams were occurring? Looking at these areas will help to understand the dream on a symbolic level.

      Happy Dreaming,

  57. Hi,
    I’ve been having this weird dream, in the dream I’m completely and madly in love with this guy. I don’t seem to be able to figure his face out, it’s blurred or not distinct. I have had this dream twice in a month now. It’s so vivid and seems life like. Last time I realised it was a dream only when I got up as it was very vivid. I started to weep because I had never felt anything like that before and I was very upset because it was just a dream. I’m sure it was the same guy both the times and I could feel him near me and smell him. Being with him was just perfect. I didn’t want to be anywhere else. It was so pure and true. I can’t wait to have that dream again. I don’t know what it means but I have a feeling I’ve seen it before and forgot about it. I feel safe and sound when I am around him. Is he my soul mate that I lost long ago ?

    • Of course it is possible that you are connecting with a soul mate through your dreams. Dreams are not confined to time or space and through dreams we have access to non-ordinary experiences. So it is possible that you are connecting with a soul mate or possibly someone you knew in a past life.

      If this were my dream, I would focus on the *feelings* – that feeling you say you’ve never felt before. Focus on that and then bring those feelings into your life in whatever ways you can.

      Happy Dreaming,

  58. Hi, I keep having a dream about a particular estate, I find myself there all the time, sometimes the buildings looks modern n’ beautiful but sometimes the houses looks old, dirty n’ in a really bad shape. This dream has been re occurring for over 10years now. Another one is I find myself in my secondary school that have left over 15years, writing an exam and also in my old uniform. I’ll be happy if you can help put more light on this. Thanks

    • Dreams about houses generally represent some aspect of yourself. The state of the house corresponds to the issue that is coming up – for example dreaming of a modern beautiful house can represent feelings of youth and beauty in the dreamer. It will vary depending on you and what is going on in your life, of course.

      If these were my dreams, I would start writing them down as I have them to capture as much detail as possible. I would also write down what was going on in my life at the time that the dream occurred. Include behaviors, actions, and feelings as well. Look for parallels and patterns between your dreams and your life. This is a starting place to determine what the dreams are about and why you are having them.

      Happy Dreaming,

  59. hey there I am dreaming constantly from last some day about same person and the dream is extremely violent . In dreams firstly she is sitting with me then on next instant she start running and got murdered . this kind of dream occurs earlier but earlier every time the person next to me in dream and getting murdered in dream were close to me , and my dream stops only after they met some sort of accident and I am with them during accident also. But this time i know the girl in dream but I don’t have any contact we both just exist for each other . plz help I wrote this just after seeking from dream plz help

    • If this were my dream, I would understand it like this: the first thing I would look at is the girl in the dream. What is the *first* thing you think of when you think of this girl. If you know her in waking life, what do you most associate with her? Next, I would understand the murder in the dream to be asking me to symbolically “kill”/”let die”/remove from my life whatever quality the girl represents to me.

      Happy Dreaming,

  60. Hi Sam,

    It’s not that my dream, as in the way it begins, flows throughout and then ends is reoccurring, but more that it’s the same person within my dream. They are there as clear as day, wearing items they actually own rather than “dreams clothes” as I call them – items your dream has decided to dress them in.
    I have dreamt of the same person at least once a week, three times at max. for the past 6-7 months. I haven’t seen this person in nearly 2 years, (we were together for nearly 5 years and that ended 3 years ago), so it’s not as though I have contact. I can go a whole week without having this person cross my mind and then they’ll appear in my dream.

    Is this something you could maybe advise on or give meaning to?

    • Dreams of a person you know are often about the *qualities* that person represents to you. To understand a person in your dream, what is the *first* thing you think of when you think of that person? What do you most associate with that person? If the quality is positive, the dream is asking you to bring that quality into your life. If the quality is negative, the dream is asking you to remove that quality from your life.

      If this were my dream, this is the first place I would start.

      Happy Dreaming,

  61. i have this dream of occurring where i am standing in the house and i see and talk to my deseased family. The house is at the moment something in dispute, and i am the hold up with very good reason..but the elderly come to me regularly and say nothing, i tried to talk to them, they do not speak or show any feeling/emotions. all they do is taking me or i am already inside the specific house.

    • If this were my dream, I would connect the dream with the situation going on in my waking life. I recommend writing the dreams down immediately after you wake up from them – and record as many details as you can recall. After a few occurrences, patterns will emerge and you’ll be able to pick out differences in the dreams. Having more details of these dreams will give you a clearer picture about what they are telling you.

      Happy Dreaming,

  62. Hi Amy, I have had this same dream twice that my stepfather has touched me inappropriately. I am 47yrs old and my stepfather has NEVER touched me inappropriately in anyway! My stepdad &mom has raised me together my whole life! So I’m so confused as to why I’m having this horrible horrible dream!! Dad has been deceased for 11yrs now. R.I.P

    • Hi Angie,

      This must have been an upsetting dream, especially since it sounds like you and your stepfather were close. But I assure you, there’s nothing to worry about. Dreams like this are *rarely* about an actual encounter. More often, these dreams are about getting your needs met – as when we are children we are completely dependent on our parents/stepparents to meet all our needs. The sexual nature of the dreams suggests having your sexual needs met.

      If this were my dream, I would look at it from the perspective I described above and then take steps to open up to my own adult sexuality.

      Happy Dreaming,

  63. Hello Amy, my name is joseph I’m a high scholar that’s having a reoccurring dream. I have been having the same dream for the past week with the same person in it from past dreams. I can change little things in the dream but at the end its always the same. the dream is me at a summer camp with all my good friends; and I’m doing activities. each time I look over to the side I see a girl waving at me but her eyes are always hidden; she looks very familiar like I know her from my past. so one night everyone gathers around a camp fire and hanging out I look around and I don’t see the girl. everyone go’s to bed and I volunteered to stay up till the fire go’s out. I fall asleep and I wake up felling warm and find myself under a blanket with the girl right next to me asleep and she put some wood on the fire. she wakes up and slides over and put on a hood to hide her face from me. I ask her name but I don’t hear it I still react to her lips moving. Then she blushes and slides over to me and lays her head on my shoulder and say something again (again I cant hear her say it but I still react to it). I slide down and fell happy and I wrapped my arms around her and give her a hug saying. “That mean a lot to me… I never thought you felt that way _________.” I start looking up and see her with a tears running down her face with a big happy smile (her eyes covered in the shadows of her hood). she says “always remember my name Joe now and forever my name is__________” then I would wake up from this dream. what do you think this means.

    • What an intriguing dream. I’m very curious about girl and I would love to find out more about her. If this were my dream, I would set an intention before I went to sleep to have the dream and remember the girl’s name.

      From a broader perspective, this sounds like a pleasant dream with an element of sexual awakening in it. If this was my dream, I would enjoy these moments with this girl and learn whatever I can from her.

      Happy Dreaming,

  64. Lets see what you think about my dream. Ive had it for a few days straight now. The dream is the same, setting is the same but different. One time it will be in Italy, or England or Rio but always is cloudy, drizzly, and cool. Ive went to whatever location it is to see a friend of mines wedding. He and I are always riding in a horse drawn carriage amd its lighly raining. I think were on the way to the ceremony but all of a sudden snakes are surrounding us, he grabs my hand and we start running away from the carraige with alot of snakes chasing us. As we are jumping over puddles snakes are coming up out of them. We come to a cliff where there is no where we can go and this huge anaconda is coming right for us,then I wake up kicking my legs to keep the snakes away. Hes in a tux and im in a an old fashion lace gown of some sort with the old fashion granny style boots in every dream our clothing is the same, the snakes amd colors of the snakes are the same, horse and buggy are the same.
    Thank you

    • To understand the people in your dreams – what do you think of first when you think of this person? What quality or trait do you most associate with him? If this is a positive quality, the dream is asking you to bring it into your life. If it is a negative quality, the dream is asking you to remove that quality from your life.

      If this were my dream, I would connect the quality my friend represents with my fearful reaction to the snakes and ask myself what am I afraid of in regards to { that quality }.

      Happy Dreaming,

  65. I know my dream means something but i’m not sure as to what & I was hoping you could help me. I keep dreaming about a childhood friend that I was extremely close with up until my early 20’s .. in my dreams I am searching for her, my heart aches and I am usually frantic and in tears. In my dreams I feel as though I miss her so much it hurts and no matter how hard I try I cannot find her.. last night, in my latest of these series of dreams, another close childhood friend showed up, grey and withered with her arms open wide and I just collapsed into them sobbing. I’m worried something may be wrong .. can you help me?

    • Is this friend someone you are still in touch with? If this were my experience, I might send her an email just to check in and say hi.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • I’ve been trying to get ahold of her for a month now. I know something is wrong, I can feel it, so I decided to get ahold of her mom .. her mom said she hasn’t heard from her in almost 3 months, phone numbers aren’t working & she’s not getting on social sites. She was last known to be in the Bronx area with her baby in a home for new mothers (shes only 24) but after contacting them they said they don’t know her where abouts. I’m dreaming that she’s lost & I’m frantically trying to find her. I think my dreams mean something so much more than I could explain. Something is wrong.

        • It sounds like your dreams may be of help to you. If this were my situation, I would pay attention to what the dreams are telling me and and see if that can give me some more clues as to where she is and/or what happened.

  66. Hi, I have been having a reoccurring dream where I have had classes all semester, but haven’t been going or keeping up so I have missed tests and information. Then at the end of the semester, I am panicking. I’ve had this dream a couple times, but I’m not currently in school. I am going to grad school in August, and moving in with my boyfriend for the first time soon. Any ideas?

    • In my dream of yours, this dream is about anxiety – the anxiety I feel about going back to school, anxiety about keeping up with the class material and maybe even with the other students. Can also (at the same time) be a reflection of your anxiety about moving in with your boyfriend. You’ve got a lot of big changes coming up in your life.

      If these were my experiences, I would focus on taking care of myself, getting my needs met, and doing what I can to lessen the stress and anxiety in my life.

      Happy Dreaming,

  67. Hi there Amy!
    Ive been having this dream over the past few years. In the dream I am myself yet when I find this book bad things start happening. Later in the dream I find out I am of importance to the world and people start calling me justice. I know it sounds wierd but I dont know what it means. And each time this dream occurs, it alters itself to whats going on in my life at the time. I acctually just had this dream last night and it altered itself to include my current boyfriend and my new school.Each time I have this dream i get to see more than I did the last time. I have no clue what its about and I was hoping you could interpret it to me. Please help.

    • Hey Sierra,

      It sounds like there is *a lot* going on in these dreams. I recommend that you start writing them down as they occur and include as much detail as you can. Also track what is going on in your waking life and include what it is that you “see more” of in the dream. This can help give you a clearer idea of what is going on and where you need to focus your attention.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • Thanks I will! Its really confusing to me so ill try to figure it out. Thanks Again

  68. I had laid down to get warm cause I was cold this morning. I have low blood , anyway, while I was asleep I had a dream about a leprechaun chasing me telling me we are to be married soon. Not really sure what this means. Is it possible to explain this to me..Mary

    • I’d start off by figuring out what the dream symbol “leprechaun” represents for you. Pretend you are talking to a space alien – someone who doesn’t know *anything* about leprechauns and tell him what it is. That will point you the right direction.

      Happy Dreaming,

  69. Im having dreams about my period i havent gotten it yet what does this meani have had this dream 2 times in the past 2 weeks I’m 11 and need a answer please respond and help tel, me it it means my period is coming

    • Yes, it could potentially be a dream of the future.

  70. Hi Amy!
    I’ve been having a dream about my first crush since 8 years ago. But the dreams were all very odds and rather terrifying. The scenes were all either an abandoned building or other deserted and gloomy places. In those dreams, I’m continuosly running away from something because I’m being chased by a group of unknown people. Once when I finally got to find a safe hideout, then I will notice him looking at me from some distance. He usually will be in the most unexpected place and he always stands out for some reason. Either the area around him seems more brighter than the other gloomy place or his clothes were in bright colors which contrasted the plain colors of the surroundings. We didn’t even try to reach each other. It’s always just looking into each others eyes and it’s always me who broke off the gaze. Somwtimes, he didn’t realize I’m there and that’s when he will have a display of emotions on his face that I’ve never seen before. One day, he’s gazing into nothingness, the other day, he looks hurts and about to cry and once, he just simply sitting there looking so hopeless. The dreams then proceed when once he approached me in the dream, asking me if I’m okay then holding my hands firmly but gently and asking me to walk home with him. But when I turned around to get my bag, he’s gone. I then felt totally depressed as I try to run and look for him but no sign of him everywhere. Lately, I’ve been dreaming of seeing him looking at me with a total hatred in his eyes as if asking me why am I still in the same dreams as him and I am no longer being chased but I am slowly taking control in that world. Now it changed into having him totally having his full back on me, we’re avoiding each other and me walking behind him, looking him like that and somehow I am smiling and thinking everything will be okay. But the most depressing thing is, I still cannot leave the building/place no matter how I tried. It’s always end up with a dead end although from afar, the exit is clear. It happens whenever I took a turn from where I walk, then I’ll trapped inside feeling afraid, lost, terrified and lonely.

    • Hi Belle,

      It sounds like these dreams are quite vivid. Scary dreams are often a call for your attention – they have something they want to share with you. So I whenever I have scary dreams, I think of them as a gift and extract the lesson from them.

      If this were my dream, I would look at it like this: To understand the role of your crush – what is the first thing you think of when you think of him? what quality or trait about him most stands out to you? If this is a positive quality, the dream is asking you to bring that quality into your life. If it’s a negative trait, the dream is asking you to remove that quality.

      I would also look more closely at whatever I find myself avoiding in the dream. Try to take some small action on this dream and see if you can figure out what the dream is communicating with you.

      Happy Dreaming,

  71. I have a recurrent dream in which I am restarting a job/field that I left over 15years ago. I am glad that I left that job/field, so going backwards is mildly disconcerting. The dream will vary a bit in terms of location and people involved.
    At present, I have doubt and regrets about my job/field current position as well. I also have just a general feeling of ominous foreboding (not in a dream) about what will happen in this country in the next few months.

    • If this were my dream, I would connect the *feelings* of restarting my previous job with the *feelings* I have in my current job. If staying in your current job feels similar to how it might feel to restart your previous job (ie – taking a step backwards), it might be time to consider moving on.

      Happy Dreaming,

  72. Hi Amy
    I just had a dream that I remember having when I was really young I’m 18 now
    In this dream I’m back to my younger self maybe 8-9 and im in this house that I associate with camp and the kids there are hiding up some weird stairs throwing glass bottles filled with more glass and I approach and get hit but I manage to get one kid and when the camp counselor finally cares enough to come. They say that I was driving (I don’t drive yet) when the camp first opened and I hit a child before entering the camp. The dream ends there and I wake up at least I think I do this is when the dream gets even more real I wake up unable to move and my vision is impaired but I can see someone constantly poking their head out of a curtain and I can only describe this person as Michael Jackson. And above me someone I can’t see at all because I can’t move enough to look up but I can see it in my side view

    Mj is one of my favorite artist but when I was a kid I used to have seperate nightmares about him usually during Halloween. (He just looked scary to me when I was a kid during Halloween his music videos that played were him as a dead ghost and skeleton)

    • Hi Mike,

      It sounds like there are two parts to this dream experience – the dream of you as a child and then what happens when you wake up. First – the dream of you as a child – Quite often when we dream about being a certain age (like 8/9) – there is something that happened or some belief you picked up, or something you learned, or whatever that you acquired at that age. If this were my dream, I would think back to my life during that period of my life and see what was going on then that might need some attention. Maybe something associated with camp or friends, or getting blamed for something you didn’t know. Ask yourself how this relates to your waking life either presently or back at age 8. This connection can help you figure out why you are having the dream now and what you need to do.

      The second part – sounds like you may have experienced sleep paralysis. That can happen during the transition between sleeping and waking. It’s nothing to worry about, just something that happens sometimes. If it does start happening more frequently to you, there are fun things you can do with it like turn it into lucid dreams.

      Happy Dreaming,

  73. I keep having dreams that I’m pregnant but I’m far along when I find out there all different dreams but all end in the same result either pregnancy test being positive or my phone taking a ultrasound and showing the baby sometimes both and sometimes were very excited about it other times were excited but not sure how we can handle a 4th child. These dream happen 2-4 times a week now for like 10 weeks. What do you think it means ?
    Thanks ;)

    • Are you considering having a child or is it something that you might like? If this were my dream, I would look at it in one of two ways:

      1) showing me my feelings about the possibility of having another child. And the mixed feelings that go along with that. If this is the case, I would take this as an invitation to consider the possibility of having another child and if this is something I want.

      2) as showing me something about a creative project that I am working on or want to start. If this is the case, I would get clear on what it is I want to create and start “birthing” it into the world.

      Happy Dreaming,

  74. Hi Amy,
    I have had this recurring dream about every 4 months for about 6 years I have the same dream about 4 times the night that I have it. The dream starts off as a nice dream going to the beach as example. Then it turns into the worst nightmare that I have ever had ( Almost like all my nightmares combined, also gets worse over the years!) The nightmare has everything anyone is scared of little scary girls, clowns, falling, and ghosts etc. When I wake up all the pressure from the dream makes me wake up screaming and in pain!
    Amy do you have any advise?

    • Hi Bree,

      It sounds like you’re dream is really scary. Often scary dreams are trying to get your attention – there’s something you need to pay attention to that you haven’t quite gotten yet, so the dream ramps up the volume so you pay attention to it.

      If this were my dream, I would take a serious look at my fears. What is it that scares you in waking life? And it doesn’t have to be directly related to the images you see in the nightmares – start by looking at what scares you in general. Particularly if you have any fears that are keeping you from doing something you want to do in your life or holding you back in some way. Also, think back to what was going on in your life 6 years ago when the dreams started. This will give you a place to start to figure out what the dream wants from you.

      Happy Dreaming,

      • Thanks Amy

  75. Hi Amy,
    I’ve been having this dream for what feels like a couple months now. I’ve never really thought much about it and just brushed it off like it was nothing up until last night. Ill start with what it was like before last night.

    Its always extremely short and I could remember was two human shadows on a grassy field. One was small like a child on the right and the other was big like and adult on the left. All I can remember is hearing a little girl scream and yell for help and it seemed like maybe someone was hurting her. This dream always been exactly the same and not a single change, until last night.

    Last night it started out as just seeing a little girl probably the age of about 5-7. This little girl was all I saw. Nothing else, no sound, no nothing, just the girl. Then all of a sudden it went back to that same picture with the two shadows on a grassy field, except this time it was only the small shadow. Then the big shadow I mentioned I could see come in on the left side and as soon as it came i. I could hear that little girl screaming and yelling for help agian just like all those other dreams. But then ended the same spot that all those others ended at. This dream actually woke me up and was one of the rare times a dream has ever woke me up. When I woke up suddenly I wasn’t scared or anything, I didn’t really feel anything and I just went back to sleep.

    After that dream last night that had that little extra part at the beginning that none of the others had, I decided I look into what reocurring dreams mean and that led me here. I have no idea what the dream means and it doesn’t even make sense to mean but it keeps happening and its starting to get worse so I’m getting worried. Your help would be much appreciated if you could because I honestly don’t know what to do.

    • Hi Nicolas,

      Thanks for sharing your dreams. Dreams often reveal your “shadow” side – that is, parts of yourself that you are denying, repressing, or simply not expressing. And it keeps you from fully living your potential. If this were my dream, I would understand these dreams to be a meeting with my shadow and I would actively seek to identify and heal those parts of myself.

      An easy way to start doing that is to look at what annoys you about other people – these are often the very same parts of ourselves that we repress or are afraid to express. Working with your shadow can be difficult, but it’s wonderfully healing after you’ve gone through it.

      Happy Dreaming,

  76. Hi, im a little nervous here. Ive had the same dream of my granddaughter being shot. Twice in 3 weeks.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      That sounds like a very scary dream. Do you have a history of pre-cognitive dreams? In other words, do your dreams often play out in your waking life? If so, then I would take appropriate steps to keep my granddaughter safe.

      If this were my dream, I would understand it symbolically: Although some dreams do show the future, dreams about death (or someone getting shot, murdered, etc…) **rarely** foretell an actual death, so you can breathe easy. I would look at this dream on a symbolic level. First, I would look at what my granddaughter represents to me. Dreams about someone getting shot, are often about a metaphoric “death” in your own life – as in getting rid of some part of yourself that no longer serves you. Then, I would look at aspects of myself, in relation to my granddaughter, that are no longer serving me or my relationship with her and then take steps to remove those behaviors, beliefs, or whatever you uncover from my life.

      Happy Dreaming,

  77. I have retired from my work about 8 years ago , The last 3 years i have reoccuring dreams that i go back to work , work closely with my ex Boss , he passed away just on 3 years ago . I do a lot of work for the company in my dream .. Never get paid , On my way home i always get lost inside the car park , cannot find the exit …. My Former Boss look happy and OK , we only work , finish whatever have to be done and then we go home … there is where i get lost inside the Factory and then cannot get out the car park ….

    • It sounds like these dreams started just after your boss died? If these were my dreams I would understand them in two ways 1) as a reflection of my feelings about the loss of my boss/ dealing his passing and 2) a friendly visit from the other side letting you know that your boss is happy and well.

      Happy Dreaming,

  78. Awesome post Amy! I’ve been having this dream about traveling to Australia without telling anyone and I would see all of the friends that I had in the country! They would all be very shocked and surprised that I’ve “made it” to Australia, haha. Besides that, the “goal” in these dreams is always looking for my best friend, whom I used to be in love with. Whenever I find him, I would get very scared and nervous, but I eventually gathered up my strength and even before I got to talk to him, I would always see the girl he was in love with by his side and I would wake up.

    I have a very loving boyfriend now, but I always dream about Australia and my best friend. I don’t quite know what my dreams are trying to tell me, but I do get a bit nostalgic every time I wake up from them. Do you have any advice?

    • Hi Aeris,

      Thanks, I’m glad like the post! If this were my dream, I would focus on the *feelings* of the dream. It sounds like your time in Australia was a wonderful time in your life – so I would think about it is I really loved about being there and how that made me *feel.* Then, I would seek out opportunities that allow me to experience those feelings. For example, if you loved having a large group of close friends, you might create a similar group where you are now.

      Happy Dreaming,

  79. Hi,

    I keep having a reoccurring dream ( usually it’s vivid nightmares ) where I wake up in my own house ( which is never my house in reality ) and wonder why I chose to live there. Sometimes the house is haunted, or broken down and in every dream I’m scared or upset about why I’m living in this house I hate. Most of these dreams include the paranormal and also my inability to voice my dislike for the house. I’ve been having a variation of this dream now for about 6 years. I always wake up feeling sick to my stomach and terrified. Any ideas? Thank you.

    • Hi Kim,

      There’s a lot going on here and this sounds like a very deep and personal dream. And it immediately stands out to me as one to pay attention to. In dreams, a house most often represents YOU. If this were my dream, I would do this: Re-read what you wrote above but substitute the word “house” with “self.” And see what happens. How does that feel to you? Can you relate to the dream now?

      Amy xo

      • Thank you Amy! I never thought to make a the correlation between the house and myself! I’ve been battling numerous debilitating illnesses for about 7 years ( they have radically changed how my body can physically function) now so your suggestion makes sense. The house represents my body I think and the fears and broken down parts of the house represent my fears and anxieties towards how these illnesses are effecting my life. I’m not sure why the haunted part comes in but I’m guessing because the paranormal could represent the unknown? You’ve given me lots to think about! Than you so much for the quick and intuitive reply!

        Hugs to you too!

  80. Hi Amy,
    I have this reaccuring dream for years of my husband cheating on me, he has never cheated and I don’t believe that he would but in the dreams there is always an unidentified child? We have been married for 12yrs and have a very strong relationship he’s my best friend so these dreams hurt me and I wake up with the most awful feelings. I really want this to go away but can’t make them stop and they happen for week’s and will bother me the whole day. I try to wake up and think of something else before falling to sleep but it bounces right back to him cheating.

    • Hi Brandi,

      Dream characters (the other people in your dream) usually represent some aspect of yourself. And cheating can also have a few different meanings depending on what is happening in your life: feeling “cheated” in some way, being dishonest with yourself, failing to fully express yourself, or not feeling respected.

      If this were my dream, I would look within myself and see if I feel this way in any area of my life.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  81. hi amy,
    i have the this dream alot its not the same dream but its always set in the same place at the primary school i attended when i was young but i am not a child in the dream and i am not attending school im just walking around or doing whatever, and at the end of the dream i always walk up the same path that i would walk after school and down the same road past the same house that my aunty lived at and where i once lived when i was attending high school. what does this mean?

    • If this were my dream, I would look back at what was going on in my life during the time I attended that school and walked that path. There may be something hidden there – like a lesson you need to learn – that has some wonderful gifts to offer you.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  82. Hi Amy, I’m from Indonesia so, sorry if what I say is very hard to understand.
    Ok, this my case. I’m 24 y.o. now, and I always have a same dream since I’m at primary school till now, but not just one dream. I have many dream that always repeated, and sometimes the dream a little bit different. Like my last dreams, First part : I travel to my student home at a forest with my bicycle, alone. Second part : Like the first part, but now I’m travel with my nephew and not reach my student home because my nephew always make me stop for asking the way and end up with he make some trouble so we can’t reach my student home.
    Do I have a serious problem because have so many dreams that always repeated although sometimes its a little bit different?
    Thx for your attention :)

    • Hi Arif,

      There is no need to worry – having reoccurring dreams doesn’t mean you have a problem. Reoccurring dreams are pretty common and a lot people have them – just look at the number of comments I have on this post (213 as I write) ;)

      If these were my dreams, this is what I would do: In my dream journal, each night before I went to bed, I’d do a quick journal check – what happened in your day and how you feel and if anything unusual happened. Then I would write down my dreams each time I have them (and maybe even create some way to quickly identify which dreams are variations of the same reoccurring dream – as you said you have more than one). I would do this for a few iterations of the dreams and see if I can find any patterns in what is happening in my life and when the dreams are occurring. This will give you a clearer place to start understanding what the dreams want.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

      • Thx for your response :)
        I thought there is something wrong with me cuz I have many reoccurring dreams. It make me feel better to know that is common. I will do what you suggest to me. Once again, Thank you Amy :)

  83. Hi Amy,
    First of all i wanna say thanks for this facts of recurring dreams. I had 7 recurring dreams but i can’t understand my dreams. When i started to saw my recurring dreams, i don’ know. Because of, i can’t remember anything.
    whenever it’s happen then only i can feel, yes i already saw this before in my dream.
    I had seen my recurring dream like a vision that couldn’t change from 7 years ago. i had felt my fear on that dreams. I had seen some particular things which was happened in my past life and current life. Last week i had seen a dream twice time in a one night and that dream returned after two days, i had seen my previous Executive, she talked with me, but i can’t remember her words. and just before 5 days i had seen same dream which was i saw on last month, unfortunately i can’t remember that dream.

    • Hi Rajee,

      You’re welcome! If these were my dreams, I would want to get more clarity on them. I recommend writing your dreams down as they occur along with a small bit about what is going on in your life and how you are feeling. After a few iterations see if you can find any patterns.

      Sweet Dreams,

  84. What does it mean if you keep on dreaming lots and lots of trees? how about if you always dream about your neighborhood? when i was a child, i keep on dreaming unfamiliar places but now, its always been in the neighborhood and my school. with the characters as my classmates, or my friends. what does it mean if you keep on finding a way from those trees? its just so weird… i always travel in my dreams, in search of something. niow… what am i searching? pleeease heelp… im 14 but i understand things… thanks

    • If this were my dream, I would look at it like this: the tree is a symbol of growth – where you come from, where you are now, and the potential you have for the future. You are at an age of rapid growth in many ways and are coming into your own. I would understand this dream as a symbol of you growing into yourself and your purpose in this lifetime. Also, the bit about school has to do with learning, so this adventure of growth will require and demand lots of learning from you.

      Happy Dreaming,

  85. i have been having this dream ever since someone i know stole my phone. i always end up looking at my phone in my hands. does this mean something? btw this has happened 7 nights in a row so far.

    • If this were my experience and my dream, I would look at it two ways: 1) reflecting my anxiety about having my phone stolen or 2) as a need for connection with others in my life.

      Happy Dreaming,

  86. Hello Amy,
    Last year I moved back into my grandpa’s house after living overseas for 4 years and this was the first time I (remember) having a dream of my grandpa alive and seeing him somewhere almost like catching him in a way? In the dream I know that he died of lung cancer in 2009 so I’m confused to why he’s alive and then my family and I find out he faked his death. I feel anger, abandoned, and confusion in this dream. And then just last night I had the exact same dream all over again. I’m not sure what this dream is trying to tell me, please help.

    • Hi Miranda,

      If this were my dream, I would understand it in two ways: 1) as a visit from my grandfather showing me that he is alive and well wherever he is now. and 2) I would examine my relationship with my grandfather and with my father and see if I can make any connections between the dream and what is happening in my life.

      Amy xo

  87. Hi. Thanks for your article. I am currently 7 months pregnant and a month ago my fiancé had to go and do a few months in jail (for nothing serious) and something that had happened awhile ago before he had got sober. I keep having the same dream where he gets out and either doesn’t come home and I can’t find him or he goes to a treatment center and I am trying to text him and call him and he is not responding. And in my dream all I’m thinking and saying is “he doesn’t want to be with me anymore, I knew this was going to happen”. I think this dream is trying to tell me something because a few weeks before he went to jail I had a dream he relapsed and had to go to jail and I was yelling at him saying ” I can’t believe u relapsed right before the baby” even tho he didn’t relapse, he still ended up going to jail. This dream I have been having is stressing me out so bad and making me worry and just feel off during the days.. Can u help me figure out this dream?? I have never went on one of these sights so I don’t know how I will know when u respond or if it goes to my email that I left above. Please get back to me if u can thanks !!

    • Hi Julie,

      If this were my experience and my dream, I would understand it as a reflection of my fears of my fiance abandoning me – either physically or emotionally – by not coming home or relapsing or in another way. Which is a particularly potent fear when you have a baby on the way and he’s already not present with you. I would talk with him and share my dreams and my fears with him.

      Amy xo

      • okay so u don’t think its warning me of the future?

  88. Hi
    U might feel it little weird what I’m going tell about my recurring dreams .
    I’m having them since I was around 6 and now I’m 18.
    In them..I am running in an unknown place to search something or to save my loved ones or people’s lives. There I’m a little girl. And that place is having a strange silent brownish village kind of surroundings but having no much people. Its a little. lonely place .
    Same kind of these things were recurring in my dreams frequently within a time gap of some weeks , months and years.
    Recently when I had that dream in 2014 end..
    I ended up that dream with killing someone beast like person. And from then..I never got that dream till now!
    So Amy.. I wanna know why I was getting those dreams as in reality I have neither ever seen that place nor have ever listened about that place! And my life is normal with God’s grace. And there is nothing in my real life from which I’m running from .
    Is there something logical in those my dreams?
    Do they indicate something which is still unknown to me?

    • Hi Priya,

      If this were my dream, I would look at what was going on in my life when I was around 6. Is there something you lost of left behind, or some part of yourself that you had to give up? Look at this symbolically and think what you are searching for as some aspect of yourself or some behavior or belief. These are usually unconscious so they can be difficult to uncover. I would look around the themes of loneliness, connection, and family.

      Amy xo

  89. Hii Amy,
    I hv recurring dreams, n I c a train and a railway station. Earlier I used to see that I missed the train, bt off late I don’t miss the train in my dreams, m either on board, or waiting for the train to arrive. I’m nt understanding wat significance it hs to my waking life. Bt one thing I remember, last tym I missed the train in my dream, I ws chasing the train, then saw my ex standing in a shop n ws relieved that it’s OK if the train ws missed. Since then I hv never missed the train in my dream. Bt nevertheless I keep seeing a train. N this is the 1st occurrence today wen I ws waiting for the train to come. I also saw myself diving into the ocean in the same dream, and I swear I cud feel the pressure on my head while diving into n coming up…bt I ws nt afraid…as such m afraid of water. This dream has recurred….2-3days back also I saw myself jumping into the waters and I ws nt afraid of drowning. What does this mean…?

    • If this were my dream, I would understand it to be about my desire and efforts to get somewhere in my life or accomplish something. Look at both inner journeys (like self-understanding and transformation) and outer journeys. Relaxing and giving yourself permission to make mistakes or be late can be really helpful in stopping it from happening. What journeys are you undertaking in your life now?

      Amy xo

  90. Hi Amy, I’ve had the same dream three times and can’t figure out the meaning. My grandmother passed away a few months ago and I had spent quite a bit of time prior to that in caring for her. Before she passed, we had moved her to an assisted living facility, hopeful that she would regain strength and spirit. She became very childlike in the last months and would often look at me, giggle and tell me “I can’t” when I would encourage her to do the most basic of tasks. In my dream, I am encouraging her to get up from her chair, talking her through the steps, and she looks up at me, giggles and smiles and says she can’t. Where this varies from real life is that in the dream I tell her it’s okay and pick her up, put her on my hip (like a child), and we go about our business. I’m wondering if now I’m just accepting that she couldn’t do it and was never destined to fully recover from the heart attack and downward decline after, whereas in real life I struggled so hard for her improvement and was terrified that if she didn’t improve, we would lose her, which we ultimately did.
    I appreciate your thoughts!

    • Hi Kim,

      Yes, it sounds to me like you have a great understanding of this dream. My grandmother’s situation was quite similar to yours before she passed and like you, I tried to help her improve but she didn’t. For me this dream definitely feels like a dream of acceptance – accepting your grandmother’s situation and how she feels like a child now. This seems to be a common pattern with some people as they get older as I also saw my grandmother as being very childlike. Acceptance is an important step in the healing process – I’m glad to hear you’re finding it.

      Amy xo

  91. I’ve been having the same nightmare every night for about a week it has gotten so bad that I don’t wanna sleep. Its my girlfriend and I and we are married and have a family but they get kidnapped as I’m halfway around the world and all I can hear is her scream I can see what is happening and they have a gun to her head and I always wake up right before anything horrible happens but every night they have gotten worse. I’ve tried clearing my head sleeping pills and making my self exhausted before I go to sleep and it’s the same story. What do you recommend? Thank you.

    • That’s sounds like a scary experience. It may be easier to try to shut the nightmares off, but I always prefer to deal with underlying causes. If this were my dream, I would look at it symbolically and relate all the aspects of the dream back to myself. I would understand the kidnapping to be about some kind of loss, fear or loss, or threat to my security in relation to my family. I would look at my life and see if there are any areas where I feel this way, then take action to resolve the feelings.

      Amy xo

  92. Hello I have had two separate dreams for the past few months every night and sometimes during the day. It may seem a little out there but Im going to give it a shot and I would like some insight on this if possible. One night I would dream that a werewolf would bust through my window and just as it has busted through my window of my bedroom I jump on its back and I eventually beat the beast and the beast fades to nothing. on the very next night the werewolf comes through my door and stands at the foot of my bed staring at me as I sleep waiting on me to wake and as I do wake I see its eyes and realize it is the exact same werewolf I beat the night before then at that moment it jumps on me ripping me apart violently with a scared psychotic rage and speed where there is no chance of fighting back. and the next night its starts all over. I don’t wake up scared or in a panic I do wake up sweating but that’s it no screams or anything. I will grab a drink of water and splash my face with water and say not again then go to bed then I am fine until the next night. Can someone explain to me the meaning of this? I don’t feel that I am repressing anything I have great friends and family and im content with my life thus far. Someone please help…

    • If this were my dream, I would understand the werewolf to either be showing me my fears or showing me an unexpressed part of myself. I know you said you’re not repressing anything, but in terms of something you are not aware of, rather than repressing.

      I might understand the two dreams as showing me a pattern for dealing with fear, problems, or my own natural desires. For example with fear: when I “fight” my fears – when I try to wrestle them to ground and beat them away, when I try to “kill” them, they only come back stronger and devour me. Another way to deal with fear that might be more effective is to embrace it rather than fight it.

      I would use my imagination to create new versions of these dream with different outcomes. Find some time when you can be alone for a while and can relax. Close your eyes and imagine yourself back in the dream. Make it as vivid and detailed as you can. Once you’re inside the dream, change it. Try different scenarios, interact with the werewolf in different ways. If you could choose a different outcome, what would it be. Talk to the werewolf and as him what he wants and what he’s doing in your dream. Ask him what part of you he represents. Embrace him and embody him.

      This type of active imagination can really help process situations and events. I highly recommend watching this short TedTalk called Embracing Nightmares – I think you’ll find it valuable.

      Amy xo

  93. My dream is about Mexicans (although I’m not a prejudice person) I see only them in like a brothel house setting it’s scary no emotions does anyone have in the dream and at least once week I have this dream it’s like all I do is stand there watching them move and walk/run about its just plain weird to me.

    • If this were my dream, I would wonder why I’m dreaming of Mexicans. To figure this out, pretend that you are one or all of the people in your dream. Stand in their shoes and learn as much as you can about your associations with Mexicans. Ask yourself – how does it feel? What are you doing? Why are you there? Embody this role and write down what you learn.

      Happy Dreaming,

    • Hi Amy,
      I have been having this really weird dream where I time travel,firsts it’s where me and my guy best friend get married, second it’s where I go back in time when I first meet him, third is today when I meet him for the first time (we are internet friends) and I keep having this dream, ever sense we met, what does this mean?

  94. Hey Amy. I ‘ve been having dreams of the same place although i havent been there before. The events are not the same but the place and the things present are there. It is about a port with ships and a lot of people and in my dreams i keep riding on the ship. In the first dream the ship was heading towards the sea and away from the shore but on the second dream the ship was towards the land and away from the sea. What is the meaning of this?

    • If this were my dream, I would look at the ship as representing the journey of my life and how I handle various situations. I would look at my life and see what is going on and how I am dealing with those situations and if there is any room for improvement.

  95. I have been having the same dream about the same person every night ever since I met the person in person for real on march 5 2015 . The dream is about a lady name Raynette each night the dream starts off we are holding hands walking early in the morning on a peer on a beautiful beach we sit down on a bench and we look into each others eyes and watch the sun rise after that we walk back hand in hand in a house she begins to watch dishes I come up behind her kiss her on the neck tell her I love her and ask is there anything I can help you with she says no why don’t you go sit down I will be there in a minute. I go sit down on a couch I put my glasses on and begin to read she comes in the room takes off my glasses and takes the book out of my hand sit the items on an end table by a lamp she turns the lamp off sits in my lap kisses my passionately wraps her arms around my neck kisses me on the cheek tells me she loves and says honey talk to me I don’t care what you say I just want to hear your voice please just talk to me she closes her eyes and I begin to tell her a story while holding her tightly in my arms. Then she falls asleep in my arms to sound of my voice. Then I wake up what does it mean?

    • First to understand the woman (or any person who appears in your dream): What is the first thing you think of when you think of her? What qualities or traits do you most associate with her? If this is a positive quality, the dream is asking you to bring those qualities into your life. If it’s a negative quality, the dream is asking you to remove those qualities from your life.

      What stands out to me is that she says “talk to me, I don’t care what you say I just want to hear your voice.” If this were my dream, I would understand that I need to speak up and use my voice.

      Happy Dreaming,

  96. This is such an awesome article! Thank you for posting this. I hope I can actually put this into words that make sense.
    It’s 345am and I was just again awakened by a dream. In this dream tonight, my husband and I are in a van of some type, parked in some town, and it’s late at night. He’s doing something with a paper, I’m in the middle seat of the van. We each need to use the restroom, and the store outside us is closed. Instead of driving the van, we walk a couple blocks to use a convenience store. Once there, we are accosted and robbed. I was able to see their faces at the time, but I can’t recall what they look like now.

    Last week, when I had the dream, it was the same scenario, with the exception that my daughter and grandson was with us.

    Now, each time, when I’ve woken, I’ve literally had to use the restroom (sorry) and it was around the same time each dream. (I think 330 last week.).

    Weirdness is that I rarely recall my dreams when I wake up. Can you help me understand what this dream represents?

    • Hi Meri,

      Thanks so much for your kind words… I’m so glad you like the article!

      What your describing is actually a common occurrence. Sometimes your dreams will mirror what is happening in your physical body, so if you have to use the restroom, your dream will incorporate that imagery. It happens to me too :) As for remembering your dreams when you wake up to use the restroom, but not when you wake up in the morning, there’s actually a simple explanation for that: you’re more likely to remember a dream when you wake up *during* the dream. So in the morning, you probably wake up after your dream is finished and so have more difficulty remembering them.

      As for the rest of the dream, if it were my dream, I would understand it like this: cars are often about control in your life – are you taking control of your life (represented by being in the driver’s seat) or are you letting someone else control an area of your life (being in the passenger’s seat). I would wonder if there are any areas of my life where I am allowing my husband to dictate or control my life instead of taking control myself.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  97. Last week i lost one of my best friends in the entire world to suicide. I loved her so much. We were on and off relationship wise, at the time she did it we were separated, but i still had feelings for her. I guess based on the circumstances of the night she did it i really blame myself for it. Since then ive had the exact same dream every night with no noticable change. I “wake up” in my dream, like get out of bed and stuff, and it just feels so real as of i woke up normally. Then i walk into the kitchen for breakfast and shes at the stove cooking something. Then i cant really remember what happens after that, but then we’re at the table eating, and she reaches across for something, and her arm starts bleeding, like really bad. Then she looks at me and says “you did this” and passes out, then i wake up. Ive tried your advice from everything above but i just cant get it to stop! It just hurts so much hearing it come from her mouth and it just feels so real as if it were actually happening.

    • Colin,

      My heart goes out to you. I’m truly sorry to hear about your friend – that is such a tragedy. I know it’s painful, and my words may seem shallow in light of the circumstances, but know this: It is NOT your fault. Whatever the circumstances were, and no matter how it feels, you did NOT cause this.

      It sounds to me that this dream is showing you your feelings about what happened – showing you that you *feel* that this is your fault. Which you already know you feel this way, the dream is simply highlighting that. Maybe also showing you feelings of guilt. And that is an awful burden to carry alone. But that is the power of dreams – they reveal what needs to be healed. It will be tough, but if you deal with it now and heal the wounds, it will be worth it, I promise.

      If this were my experience and my dream, I would seek help from a grief counselor or other mental health professional immediately. He or she can help you work through your feelings and in time help you get to a place of understanding and healing. There is a hotline for suicide survivors (people who have lost a loved one to suicide). You can talk to someone 24/7 by calling 211 or (605) 339-4357. Here’s the website for more details:

      Take care and be well.
      – Amy xo

  98. Hi
    ive been dreaming about the same person 3 years now , my dreams start as they normaly would with movies i saw before go to bed or thing i did during the day but it always twist the plot and i end up chating with the same person. this person is my ex, i have tried to reserch in internet but all i can find is that im still atracted to this person and I dont even think about this person at all in real life. Ive been doing some grate changes in my life recently i started working out im going back to college i have the best boyfriend he is grate we have been together for a year and a half now, but some how i cant dreams about this things or about my boyfriend. Im tired of dreaming about this person because when i wake up i have an unpleasent feeling. why is that happening? how can i stop it?

    • It sounds like you are making some wonderful changes in your life! Congratulations :)

      Dreaming about an ex doesn’t necessarily mean that you are still attracted to this person. Here’s a simple way to understand why you are dreaming about your ex (it works with any person you dream about): What is the first thing you think about when you think about your ex? What do you most associate with him? What qualities or traits about him or the relationship most stand out to you?

      If this this is a positive trait, the dream is asking you to bring those qualities into your life. If its a negative trait, the dream is asking you to remove those qualities from your life. When you figure out what it is your ex represents to you symbolically and then take action to bring those qualities into your life, the dreams will most likely stop. If not, go back and look at it in a different way and try again. Once you’ve gotten the message and integrated it into your life, the dreams will stop.

      Good luck.

      – Amy xo

  99. Thank you Amy for a wonderful site. I’m currently pregnant,my son is autistic and in Sept will start a mainstream kindergarten. I’ve had this dream now 4 times since April, when I was first told I was pregnant. This scenario changes within each dream but it’s basically me waiting for the school bus or waiting for something and I can’t find him or I become distracted by something else and then I’m trying to get him back or trying to get back to him and I can’t. I go into a panic and begin crying and eventually wake myself up almost in real tears. It’s a terrifying dream to have and I wish I could understand it so it can no longer have it. Help please!

    • Hi Alexandra,

      If this were my dream, I would understand it as representing my anxieties about sending my son to school for the first time. Particularly exacerbated by the fact that you are pregnant (dreams can more vivid during pregnancy) and that your son is autistic. If this were my dream, I would take steps to make sure that my son is safe at school and has everything he needs. I would also be mindful of *his* needs after the baby is born and make sure that I’m not too distracted to take care of him and help him.

      Amy xo

  100. Hi Amy,

    So I’ve been having this recurring dream for about the past 4 years. I am so sick of it and tormented by it so any insight you have would be SO great! So every time in the dream, my unfaithful ex-boyfriend from an extremely abusive relationship which ended about 10 years ago is always there, and he is always trying to get back with me. Sometimes he tricks me and I am back with him somehow, and once I realize I’m back with him in the dream I get incredibly angry. I run from him, he’ll chase after me, I scream and curse at him, and he won’t go away. I scream how I don’t want to be with him and for him to leave me alone. A few times he even tricks me in my dreams into having sex with him and when I realize it, I flip out, a couple times I have even killed him.

    A friend of mine had suggested not too long ago that he was representing a part of me in the dream that I needed to love and accept, so I tried to go with that idea, and since then the dreams seem worse and I seem to have the types where I am tricked into being with him first rather than him just being there. Sometimes in my dreams he even tricks me by pretending to be my current boyfriend, or my current boyfriend turns into him. In the most recent one last night, I was on top of him, and we were kissing or something, but I was thinking of my current boyfriend, and not really realizing I was on him, then he stopped me to watch TV. Then I realized it was him and I flipped out, screaming for him to get out. He was like “oh this again, you’re telling me to leave again” in a way like this always happens. So I was like “Yeah, get the F out, I’m always fantasizing about someone else anyway!” (meaning my real boyfriend).

    I have been with my current boyfriend for over 4 years, but I do have issues trusting him sometimes because of this past relationship, and so sometimes I react over things taking them the wrong way. So I’m pretty sure this has something to do with fears/doubts/insecurities I still have because of that relationship, but anything you can add would be so great thank you so much!

    • Hi Melissa,

      Abusive relationships can leave scars that last LONG after the relationship ends and the person is out of your life. It sounds like you are aware of this and the dream seems to be bringing this to your attention. I wouldn’t dismiss your friend’s advice as this can be quite helpful. BUT, don’t expect it to make the dreams stop instantly. Abuse can lead to deep wounds that are not easily healed and will take more than looking at yourself in the mirror and saying “I love you.” (for example)

      If this were my dream, I would understand it like this: the abuse left deep scars that are still affecting my life today (trusting your new b/f, as you mentioned. And most likely in other ways as well that you’re not aware of.) The dream is showing me that these wounds aren’t healed and there is more work for me to do.

      I would first uncover every way I can think of that the abuse is still affecting me and work on healing those wounds, one at a time. You mentioned trust, so that might be a good place to start. How can you learn to trust yourself and your decisions? Then how can you take it a step further and start trusting other people?

      I’ve had good success in dealing with difficult issues with The Work of Byron Katie. It might help you with this if you are *ready* and *willing* to take a good look at yourself and do some deep healing. It can be hard work and difficult to get through. I often find myself getting extremely uncomfortable (to the point where I want to stop). But when I keep going anyway, I find it extremely beneficial. You can do it on your own and it’s free. You’ll find all the instructions and worksheets on her website.

      Hope this helps.

      Amy xo

  101. Hi, Amy. For the past 14 years I have been having the same dream with the same guy. We were friends in high school and nothing more. However, I still have a crush on him to this day. He is happy with someone else and I know he wouldn’t be interested. But the dream occurs over and over again. It’s always a happy dream with him and I spending time together. He is always funny and smiling. Eye contact is the best part of the dream to me. Any idea why I’m still having this dream and if there is anything I should do in my life concerning the dream?

    • Hi Nichole,

      An easy way to understand why this guy keeps appearing in your dream is to ask yourself what he most represents to you. What do you first think of when you think of this guy and what traits or qualities most stand out to you? If this is positive the dream is asking you to bring these qualities into your life. If it’s negative the dream is asking you to remove these qualities from your life.

      You mentioned eye contact was the best part of the dream, and for me making eye contact represents a connection with others. If this were my dream, I might seek out close relationships that are positive and fun where I can form a deeper connection.

      Happy Dreaming,

  102. My dream is scary 15 days in a row all the same one creepy faceless figure always in a distance and a endless doors and hallways and doors with bleachers that roll and showers and it will not stop what do I do ?

    • It sounds to me as if you are coming face-to-face with your shadow elements. Your shadow is any part of yourself that you deny, disown, repress or don’t express. If this were my dream, I would explore these parts of myself in order to make them conscious and integrate those aspects of myself into my life.

      This can be difficult as by definition shadow elements are parts of yourself you’re not aware of. A good way to start is to look at where you judge others or what annoys you about other people. These annoying behaviors tend to be projections about something you haven’t fully integrated into yourself yet.

      I would look at the doors in the dream representing a barrier to your personal growth – not integrating your shadow elements is one such barrier. And the hallways representing different aspects of yourself coming together. When we look at the dream holistically, everything points to the same place. I would look for parts of myself that I am afraid to look at or don’t want to face and then FACE them and integrate those parts of myself into my life.

      It’s a deep dream and is asking a lot of you. But it got your attention, so it’s done its job… not its up to you to act.

      Amy xo

  103. Hi Amy. I keep having this weird reoccurring dream. I really hope you can provide me with some insight as to why this is happening. The start of the dream is always the same but the ending can differ.

    This dream consist of me coming home to my old apartment where I will always find the front door open; either wide open or half-way, the door is never locked(This part of the dream is always the same and never changes). The rest of the dream will play out of different scenario. Before I enter the door I am always worried that something may have gone missing , empty house, or a crime scene, because who the hell leaves the door open? My old house is in a poorly housed neighborhood. As I enter the door this is where the scenarios begin… 1. I’ll enter the door and there is nothing in the house. 2. I’ll enter the door and there is blood everywhere as if a murder scene had taken place. 3. Nothing is missing and I explore the house to see if anyone is home. And then I wake up from my dream and get on with my day. There are more scenarios but those 3 are the most prevalent.

    Its been about 10 years since I’ve lived in my old apartment. I’ve moved and have lived in many houses and apartments, but the dream always starts with the house I grew up in. What could my dreams mean? Could my mind be trying to tell me something?

    • Hi Maj,

      What was going on in your life at the time that the dreams started? And what was your life like when you were growing up? If this were my dream, I would try to start making connections regarding what was going on when the dreams started.

      As I read your dream, my first thoughts were about expectations. You saw the door open and had some expectations about what that meant and then 2/3 times you were found your expectations to be met. If this were my dream, I would wonder if my expectations about something are actually causing that to happen.

      – Amy xo

  104. I been having reoccurring dreams now for about a year. My mom died a few years back. I began dreaming she is visiting me. At first she was just there and would walk away. Then the dream began changing. She would tell me to move to Washington State (I live in a different state) to come live with her. I usually argue in the dream that I can’t live in Washington, I like where I am. In the dream it was always dark or at night near a house or in a house. Recently I was standing in an empty house and it was daytime. I used to wonder if maybe I was supposed to move to be closer to my family (they live in WA, but we aren’t close). This last dream, when I woke up it finally occurred to me that my mom is buried in WA. I get the feeling like I am going to die. I am not sick as far as I know, but i get the feeling the dreams are trying to prepare me for dying.

    • Hi Julie,

      Dreams of the deceased is a complex topic and this dream can be understood in many ways. I don’t know your understandings around this topic, but please suspend any disbelief for a moment. Dreams connect us with other planes of reality and through your dreams you can literally visit with loved ones who have crossed over. If this were my dream, I would understand them as an actual visit from my mother. I might consider at least visiting WA and my family if moving there isn’t something I’m interested in doing.

      On a symbolic level, I might look at this dream as a metaphoric “death” of my relationship with my family as you say you aren’t close to them. Or as a fading away of those relationships.

      Through dreams we can work out our feelings and beliefs about our own mortality. We are all going to die at some point and there is no way to know exactly when that is going to happen. If this were my dream and my experience, I would focus on the life that I have, step into my highest self and truly *live* in each and every moment to the best of my ability.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  105. My late aunt is appearing in my dreams repeatedly. In the first dream I am back at home outside the house and it seems she comes out of our house and comes towards me wearing a beautiful blue long flowing dress with peacock colours at the bottom. When she gets to me she says nothing and it’s as though I can see my late mother inside the house standing by the kitchen counter. Over the next weeks the two appear together or individually in my dreams but it’s mostly my aunt. Last night they appeared again as though we’re having a church service in our house and there’s lots of women from my aunt’s old church. My mom is sitting silently at the head of the table, as the people leave I see my aunt writing her last will and testament and she’s not speaking. In my dream I also see the accident that took the lives of some of my family members when I was 4, it is so clear and it’s as though I’m also in the car. I’m so confused.

    • Thank you for sharing your dream. So many people are writing about dreams of death, I need to make a blog post about it. Sign up for email list or like me on Facebook and I’ll let you know when that is done. In the meantime…

      If this were my dream, I would understand these dreams as shining light on an area of my life that I still haven’t fully processed and integrated – dealing with the deaths of your family members when you so young. Children often don’t have the ability to fully comprehend or integrate death and this could be something that still needs to be worked out.

      Further, I don’t know your understandings around this, but if this is new for you try to suspend your disbelief: Dreams connect us with other planes of reality and through your dreams you can literally visit with loved ones who have crossed over. If these were my dreams, I would *also* see them as actual visits from my late mother and aunt. Possibly even showing me areas of my life that I need to explore (such as death) and integrate.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  106. Hey Amy! Loved your article!

    Alright so this is a dream I’ve been having three times now involving the same guy named ‘Sam’ but i don’t even know him and I am positive that I’ve never seen him at all before.

    The first one was that I had just moved into a new town with my family and I go to a supermarket to find a job where I accidentally bump into him and we have this argument of some sort because I fall and pushed some things fall down. Yes, he is really good looking and then once I get the job, we start to bond over our daily conversations and walks back home. One night it is raining, he tells me he wanted me to meet with his family and I go over and meet them who are all very lovely and welcoming. He has two siblings, a younger sister and a brother. Later i realize its late and I call my dad to inform and that’s when i wake up.
    The second one is again in some place i know, however I don’t recognize most of the people in this dream. It starts off with me holding a cat and then next minute i am taking a walk at night to search for ‘Sam’ because i wanted to meet him after which someone is chasing me, to hurt me and i am running really fast. Then later i meet this group of people who save me and talk to that guy who was chasing me. Just as i was about to turn back home, i see a huge group of people in horizontal lines running a marathon wearing white jerseys and I spot ‘Sam’ in the 4th line.The situation was as if he and I looked each other at the same time and then he grabs my hand and pulls me into a warm hug where i am smiling to have met him after which i realize both of us like each other(this is so weird). He then comes over and meets my family(opposite happened in the first dream).
    The third dream was in some area where there was this competition in which i am taking part along with some of my friends. Later, I see my father sitting with his family and chatting happily and laughing. He then comes up to me, smiling and says ‘I’ve made the arrangement like that’ and I just wake up.

    All this seems so funny but why is it that I see this guy Sam who i don’t even know, again and again? In all my dreams, he comes off a fairly good looking guy with a lovely sense of humor which makes me smile, deeply understanding, extremely caring and thats about it I guess. I don’t even know how i can remember these tiny details but him and my dad always seem to be in all the dreams.

    Thanks! :)

    • If this were my dream, I would keep in mind that dreams *can* show us the future and I would look out for someone named Sam showing up in my waking life. Beyond that, I would also try to bring the *feelings* that I felt in the dream into my life – happiness, attraction, humor, caring, etc…

      So glad to hear you like the article!

      Happy Dreaming,

  107. A week ago, I woke up crying and forgot what dream I had. Then 2 days ago, it happened again. This morning, I woke with plenty of tears and just went back to sleep. This very same day, afternoon siesta, I woke up again with tears, this dream I remembered: I was being bullied by people, laughed/teased at when a cat was trying to bit me. The sad part was, they knew I was pregnant. (And I am also pregnant in real life.)

    What could all these mean? :(

    • If this were my dream experience, I would understand that I have some pent up emotions that needed to be released and I would be grateful to my dreams for allowing me to release those emotions.

      Is there anything in your life (either current or past) that could correlate to the situation in the dream OR where you’ve experienced similar emotions?

      Amy xo

  108. Hello. Thanks for the amazing article. It definitely provided some clarity. Will I be notified if you reply in my email?
    I’ve been having 3 kinds of recurring dreams. I’m an aspiring writer, and I’ve been writing since I was seven. Never once I have admired what I write. So,
    1) First theme of the recurring dream was I think related to my writing. I’m this dream, I was writing something. My sister came and stood beside me and said, “you write beautifully.” In the second dream, I was typing a story in my laptop and all of a sudden, the word *beautiful* was typed on its own. Rest everything blurred and the word *beautiful* glowed. Can you help me in concluding the meaning.

    2) There was a teacher of mine who adored me as a student. I was her favourite and she was mine. Our relationship was strange. We loved each other dearly. The reason I’m choosing past tense is because she is no longer there in my life. It’s been an year now. Her spouse died and she shunned all contacts from us, or anyone she used to know. She is happy now, I’ve inquired this from people who meet her. But she has stopped all contacts from me. Last time I did, I felt largely unwelcome. I’ve stopped thinking about her. At first I missed her, but after I got to know that she was happy then I stopped having sad feelings. Consciously and sub consciously. But the moment I let the demons go I started dreaming about her. Frequently. Too frequently. I don’t know what are those dreams trying to tell me. I’ve let go of the past and still those dreams occur.

    3) I’ve started dreaming about an invisible entity. I can feel it grabbing me, touching me, grasping me. I searched about it on the Internet and I gotta know that it was sleep paralysis. Body was asleep and the mind was awake, so it started hallucinating. But after the third time I dreamt about it, I knew there was some kind of message I needed to uncode. The #1 dream listed above has some explanation. I know it may be about writing. The #2 one is not so mysterious too. It’s common to have recurring dreams about a person. This #3 one is the strangest. It has NO explanation. I’m coming up absolutely blank here.

    Any kind of help, hint etc would be LARGELY appreciated, specially for the #3 one. Rest other 2 too. Please help me. I’m glad I found this site. Keep up the good work :)

    • Hi Shalini,

      So glad to hear you found the article helpful.

      Dream #1: If this were my dream, I would understand that as showing me that me and my work are *beautiful* and valuable. I would understand the dream to be showing me my own value and my own worth as a writer and as a person. You need to believe in yourself first, otherwise how can you expect anyone else to.

      Dream #2: Please see my article on how to understand the people you dream about.

      Dream #3: Other than the explanation of sleep paralysis, I would also connect this dream with the first one – showing you two sides of the same coin. First one showing you your light and giving you encouragement to keep going. If this were my dream, I would understand it as showing me that I have an “invisible entity” such as my own fears, doubts, or feelings of unworthiness that is keeping me from living my highest potential. I take steps to identify what that is and work on releasing it.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  109. Oops. I mean ‘reoccurring’. Not recurring. I’ve been spelling it wrong all along. Oh, and also, will I be notified in my account if you reply? Thanks

    • Yes, if you left an email address, you will be notified when I reply :)

  110. Hi Amy! I keep having dreams about the same people. I know these people, but they are just irrelevant in my life. I’m never really thinking about them while I am awake, they just seem to appear while I am asleep. The occurrences in the dreams are usually similar, but never exactly the same. Does this mean anything?

  111. I have been having this recurring all my life. I dont have this dream all the time. But every so often. I have this dream. The dream is always the same. It starts of with me seeing myself as a child about 6 years old. Im watching myself. Its like a out of body experience. I see myself running inside child hood home from school. dropping my book bag on the floor. I ask my mom can I go to sunny house and she tells me yes and I run out the door. I run out past a park down a small hill and knock on a door. I say hi mr mark can sunny come out. And and guy tells me to come in. I run around house calling sunny then I go up stairs. I open the door and there’s this room with rainbows every were on the walls and dresser and there’s this big white box with a rainbow on it. And hear this guy calling my name and I feel scared. So I get in the toy box and hind. I dont know why but I am more scared in the moment then I have ever felt in my life. I start to cry hiding in this box trying not to make any noise. Then the box opens up and the guy I called mark is there.and I am still very scared. and the guy tells me to come with him and that sunny is in the other room. And I start to cry. I go in to another rainbow room.and I dont know what happened in that room and I never get to see what happens in that room. I just see me going into the room and then I see myself leaving the run down the stairs crying and feeling scared. I always wake up crying and scared. I am 32 now and I still wake up at night crying and scared and I don’t know why. I have been having this dream as are back as I can remember. I would like to know why. Anyone have any answers

    • There seems to be two opposite energies in this dream – a bright, “sunny”, happy energy, along with a scary energy. These two energies may need to be integrated in someway.

      If this were my dream, I would think back to what was going on in my life when the dream started (age 6?) and if it started at different age *also* what was going on in my life at age 6 – your age in the dream. I would start to bring the energy of this dream into my life in small ways – like drawing a picture of the rainbows and the box that you see. And possibly exploring my fears and what is so terrifying about the dream.

      A couple other posts that might help you out are understanding people in your dreams and dream interpretation games.

      Amy xo

  112. Hi, I’ve recently been having this dream about walking down my local town at night by myself, dressed in party wear. In the dream I am conscious that a car with someone in is following me, in front of me there’s another man on the floor and when I bend down to offer help the man and the man in the car grab me and put me in the car and drive off. I am really freaked out by this dream and would like to know if you could offer an insight to why I keep having this dream. Thank you for your help.

    • Cars often suggest control in dreams – as in who is in control of a situation. For example, if you are driving the car it suggests you are in control of a particular situation (like you are in control of the direction and speed of the car while driving it).

      If this were my dream, I would look to my life to see if there are any situations in which I am giving my power away to someone else or allowing others to hijack parts of my life. Also see my article on understanding people in your dreams.

      – Amy xo

  113. Hi Amy,

    This dream is rather odd. I have had it a year ago and I couldn’t believe I had it again. Basically the dream is about a young black boy who sits on a bench everyday for years hoping for his dad to come home. He sits there with a bag full of what appears to be gifts for his father. Everyday he waves at an onlooker who is very far away from him thinking it his dad, when it really is this very old asian woman. She always smiles and waves back giving the boy some sort of comfort. Then one day the boy is questioned by some type of agency to ask him where his parents are. After doing everything he can to try and get away from the agency and not go to an adoption clinic, the elderly asian woman who gives him so much comfort says to the agency, “His parents are dead.” and then the agency takes the boy away to an adoption clinic. That is the end of the dream. Now what is weird is that my prents are not dead, they are happily married and I see them everyday. What could this dream possibly mean? I mean it has no real similarities to my life. Thanks for making this website also, pretty amazing.

    • Hi Connor,

      Dreams *can* be transpersonal – meaning that they are not exactly about you and extend beyond your own personal experience and can include spiritual elements as well. So if this were my dream, I would be open to the possibility that this is a transpersonal dream – maybe you are seeing someone else’s experience or possibly dreaming about a past/future/parallel life.

      Of course, dreams can be viewed on many levels at the same time, so looking at this symbolically, if this were my dream, I might understand it as being about my inner child. A part of me that feels abandoned by my parents – perhaps emotionally, if not physically, and is waiting for them to give me the love and attention that I need and that perhaps wasn’t fulfilled.

      I might also see the gift that the boy is holding as *me* being a gift to my parents and I waiting to give that gift to them. If I’m not fully showing up as the full expression of who I am in my life, I might take this as a sign to step into myself and express my gifts and talents more fully in the world.

      Happy Dreaming,
      Amy xo

  114. Hey Amy, I’ve been having this dream for a while now every year. Since I was 5. I’m 12 now. And it started I’m laying in bed sleeping and I wake up in my dream. Still in my dream I get out of bed and have a pulling feeling to go down the hall to my parents room. Where I used to feel comport. Cause I’m my dream I had felt like I had woken up from a bad dream. As I walked down the hallway everything was dim and colorless. It all felt so real. I looked in my brothers bedroom on the way down the hall and saw I was alone. I ran to the door to see if my parents were there and the room was evacuated. The only furniture left was the dresser and in frount of the dresser there was this demon. He was grinning at me. I was so mad at him. I made a conclusion he had killed or taken my family apart. I was so mad I charged at him and bit him in the arm. But he didn’t even flinch and kept looking at me with this grin on his face. My parents just recently got a divorce so I’m wondering if it was a sighn that my family was going to be taken apart. My parents did start fighting around when I was about 5ish. But I’m not shur please respond. I’m not shur what it meant I haven’t had the dream for 1 year. But I still think about it often

    • Hi Liz,

      Yes, it sounds to me like you have a good understanding about the reason you are having this dream. If this were my dream, I would work with the energy of the dream on it’s own terms. I would start a dream journal where you can write down all your dreams. You can draw pictures of the demons and any parts of your dreams that scare you. (And beautiful parts as well.) It can also help to act out the dream – like move your body and pretend to be the characters in the dream. Do something to help move the energy from the dream – like use your imagination to face the demon, ask him what he wants, and come to some resolution. For example, some people will give the demon a hug and when they do realize that it’s not as scary as it seems in the dream.

      Let me know how it goes.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  115. I have dreams about my ex coming back me and i would love nothing more for this to happen we have been together for 15 years and he just lefted one day and now he is qith some else and i have tryed everthing to gettin him back what does these dreams mean when i dream of him coming back?

    • If this were my dream, I would understand it as a reflection of my own desires to get my ex back. Of course, you can’t make someone do anything they don’t want to do, so I would look at myself and play with getting parts of myself back that I may have lost or given up in my relationship or in my attempt to get my ex back. Ironically, what sometimes happens when we stop being so attached to a certain outcome is that the outcome we wanted naturally happens, or something better comes along that we wouldn’t have experienced if had gotten exactly what we wanted.

      Also see my post about dreaming about other people.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  116. this is my girlfriends dream can you give me any insight (everytime just about, its two sometimes 3 people. Mainly guys in there mid 20s. One time it was a girl in her 30s it looked like. But mostly it two grown men. Im feeling scared, sad, and always looking for a way out and fast, when im in the SAME room every dream. Except maybe the Door to the room is in a different spot. There is always 2-3 beds in this room. The room is dark. The beds have one blanket and one pillow if not any pillows. Sometimes there is a window in the room. The kidnappers never do anything to me or hurt me badly talk to me, they just make sure I don’t escape. They are polite to me which throws me off. I never escape in any of my dreams. I wake up)

    • I’m not entirely sure I understand your girlfriend’s dream. What I gather is that SHE is dreaming about YOU getting kidnapped? Dream symbols will be entirely personal to HER, so I suggest you show her my post on understanding people in dreams.

  117. Hi Amy, I am so sick of having this dream! When I wake up I’m so out of it and my head really hurts! I’ve had this dream for years, it’s the same event every time. Different locations different people. I’m always trying to get to my job. Each dream is different in how I’m to get there. Wrong bus, street, elevator or wrong direction. I am running because I don’t want to be late. Now I’m a good employee and I like my job because it’s not stressful to me and I’m good at it. 98% of the time I am on time. The last one was me working at hotel were a gospel concert was going on and I was trying to go back to work after a break . (I am going through a spiritual change right now.) I wanted the down elevator because I work in the basement. The elevator would go up or skip my floor repeatedly. It would just keep changing like the bus the street sign, what I find at the end of the block would be wrong for that street I know all to well. I’m an phone operator at a hospital. I just don’t get it. All kind of crazy stuff also happening in these dreams. Help me please!!!

    • If this were my dream, I would look at what it means to be late from a symbolic perspective. Being late can be about feeling that you are missing out on something, that you haven’t acted quickly enough in some situation, or that you are avoiding responsibility. I would look at these aspects of being late and see if there are any areas in my life where these hold true. Then I would take action on whatever I discovered. Very often, once you figure out what the dream is telling you and then take corrective measures in your life, the dreams will stop.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  118. For the last 3 days I have been dreaming about my grandmothers’ death. She died 26 years ago, but I keep dreaming that I have just found out, and I have to travel to her home to clean out her belongings. I am not upset in the dream. But every night it is the same thing. I am so curious as to what this may mean.

    • I suggest you see my post on understanding the people in your dreams.

      If this were my dream, I would relate that back to my dream and see if there is anything related to my grandmother (or what you discover after doing the suggested exercise) that needs to be cleaned out from my life.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  119. My fiancée keeps having this dream…I’m really worried about him…he’s barely sleeping because of this dream…Here’s what the dream is about: (quoted by my fiancée)

    “I always find myself in a wasteland, and the only other person there is someone in a black cloak, his face hidden by the hood. The guy pulls out a hand gun and starts shooting. I’m able to run and avoid the gun fire, I just keep running, and running, but the guy doesn’t give up, then I tripped and couldn’t get up, and he pointed the gun right at my head, the moment before he pulls the trigger is usually when I wake up”

    Please, can someone help me and my fiancée understand this dream…

    • There are two things that stand out to me in this dream – the guy in the black cloak and the gun. If this were my dream, I would understand the cloaked figure to represent my Shadow (as described by Carl Jung – parts of yourself that you do not accept, deny, disown, hate, etc…) and my desire to “kill” off these parts of myself.

      Shadow aspects can be difficult to identify because by definition they are unconscious. But a good place to start is to look at what you don’t like about other people. What annoys you, pisses you off, or where you have irrational fears or hatred. Rather than “killing” those parts of yourself, it’s more effective to integrate them.

      I recommend The Work of Byran Katie. This can be difficult work to do, but I always find it be beneficial when I get past the initial discomfort of looking at places of myself I would rather not look at. You can find instructions and learn how to do it free on her website:

  120. Hi Amy,
    I came across your website while doing some research on reoccurring dreams that never came across my mind as important even after one particular incident. Ever since I was young, I’ve always had dreams that I’d be in a car driving and I’d loose control, usually the brakes wouldn’t work or I couldn’t reach them but the dreams would just end there because obviously I was dead or nicely put “no more”. I’ve had drams like this since like I don’t know, I want to say fourth grade and I started getting them again freshman year of high school. The only weird part was how they were all different scenarios like rolling down a ravine, getting smashed from behind in snow, etc. All so very surreal and tragic. Well anyway, I started driving freshman year and this one particular morning I was on my way to school and I had the green light from making a left turn and as I was slowly turning, I noticed that car that should be slowing down (as it had a red light now), was still going about 35 mph. I remember just holding onto the wheel and thinking ‘this is it…. I’m literally going to die’. I was T- boned on my side (the driver’s side) and the passenger side of my van was smashed into a tree. The part that shocks me is that the driver that hit me broke her wrist, collar bone, and was badly injured while I had a sprained ankle that only lasted a day. Crazy! Ever since the incident I haven’t had the reoccurring dream once and that was a little over a year ago. I’ve had another reoccurring dream that came true but this is already long enough! Thanks for this great website!


    • Hey Victoria,

      One of the fascinating things about dreams is that they can show you the future. I always do a “reality check” with my dreams – that is, I ask myself if this dream could possibly come true in the future either literally or symbolically. If the answer is YES, I keep that in mind and if its something I would rather NOT have happen in my waking life, I can use the dream as a warning so that I can take preventative measures.

      Since you have a history of pre-cognitive dreams, I would always do a reality check on my dreams and if it’s something I don’t like, take measures to prevent it – like being extra careful when you drive.

      Glad to hear that you weren’t hurt!

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  121. Hi Amy!

    I’m so glad I found your article, I really enjoyed it. I am one of those lucky people who dream every night. I have very vivid and detailed dreams that I can remember upon waking, and sometimes even days later. There’s always a lot of dialogue in my dreams as well. I have always loved that. I love dreaming, and they are quite entertaining with old friends, humorous situations, and deep dreams to get you thinking.

    The downside is, I am 42 years old, and since I was a child I have always had one recurring theme in my dreams. I am always dreaming that someone/something is trying to kill me. Every scenario you can think of…I’ve been captured: loked in houses, sheds, abandoned buildings, scary basements, stores, etc. I have to try and escape before they kill me. I also have some where I’m being hunted in various places: in the woods, in backyards, parks, on a local road, etc. Most of them are very graphic and disturbing, like one that I have about a skinless man hunting me and trying to kill me. Sometimes I can see a face to my pursuers, other times they might be disfigured, or wearing something over their face. I feel like I spend my whole dream running, fighting back, scared, and terrified. I have them several times a week, sometimes three or more in 7 seven days. I never make it a week without having at least one. As a child I had them just as much. I’m so used to them, so when I wake up I let out a frustration sigh, and say to myself, “Great, another dream where someone is trying to kill me!” Some have been so bad that they have stuck on me emotionally throughout the whole day, or throughout the week. I just don’t get it. I keep wondering why I have been having these dreams since I was a child, and they have never decreased even as I grew into an adult, and have navigated through life well. I’m also very self aware. I just started looking for more information again after I met my new sister in law, and I heard her saying that she has had the same type of dreams since she was a kid as well. I’ve learned to deal with them, but I’d obviously love it if they lessened. What could the abundance of all these dreams mean? Any insight would be great:) Thank you!


    • Hi Katina,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch. It sounds like you have quite a dream life. There are two things that stand out to me in these dreams: 1) that someone is trying to kill you and 2) that you are trying to escape.

      If these were my dreams I would look at them symbolically where “killing” in the dream is about “killing off” or to put another way transformation and change. You can look at escaping in a similar way – that you are “running away” from something, or avoiding something. Putting it together, we can see these dreams are about running away from (or avoiding) change.

      Lots of changes occur during childhood. So it would makes sense that these dreams could start during childhood if you routinely resist or avoid change.

      If these were my dreams, I would look at my life and examine how I react to and deal with change. Do I resist/avoid it or do I embrace it? If I find that I do in fact run away from change in my life, I would take steps to embrace it rather than run away from it.

      It might also help to think back to what was going on in your life at the times the dream started. Often these recurring dreams start during times of (wait for it…) change.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  122. Hi..,I was really disturbed with my dreams that keep on occurring and now I’m a bit worried about it. I’m happily married to a man who loves me unconditionally. My friends say that I’m very much blessed with how my husband takes good care and love me together with our children. My concern started when I keep dreaming my co- worker of the opposite sex. He is a family friend, single, and on his early thirties, while I’m on my middle thirties. Since we have the same job, we’re able to see each other often in our workplace. I have known him for almost 8 years. He is friendly, approachable, smart but not so handsome. We have a normal conversations, we shared jokes on the phone, laugh together in the group of colleagues. I wondered why do I keep dreaming him in scenes of light intimacy such as he invited me to draw away from the crowd during an event, the event was not clear but it was a gathering of people and I refused his idea but he held my hand and I hold him tight too, this is the latest one. Others include, we’re on bed together and I’m about to touch his penis and I woke up, on one scene he was behind me and he was about to smell my hair and I woke up again, and the rest were scenes that we’re both happy in the dream without doing anything with my colleagues. I keep on dreaming him over 4 years already, but in previous years, it was only once or twice. But last year and this year I dream him more often, and I really wonder why, and I’m afraid because I am attacted to him and I don’t know as to what aspect.Many of our colleagues said he’s half gay but in my dreams he seems a straight man.I want to stop dreaming about him but on the other I have this thought in mind maybe his seeking a help from me in relation to his true gender. Please let me know if what I have in my mind is right or wrong. Thank you and more power.

    • Hi there,

      It’s really common to dream about being intimate with someone other than your partner and it’s nothing to worry about. Intimacy often represents a desire for connection, closeness, love, acceptance, or integration. And symbolically, everything in the dream represents YOU, your personality, or some aspect of you or your life. Even your colleague. So the dream is really about loving and connecting with some part of you.

      I suggest you have a look at my post on how to understand the people in your dreams. That will give you more clarity about your dreams.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  123. Thank you for your valuable insights. Those dreams have sorta stopped now.

    But for the past 2 months, I have been dreaming of riding on a school bus. It’s like this, I come out of my house, a park, school, any other place, and there’s a bus waiting for me. A school bus. I never miss that bus, and I just *know* that this bus was waiting for me for quite a while. I hop in inside. Sometimes, there are people who I know and sometimes, there are strangers. The bus starts to go off to someplace I don’t know about, and the feelings accompanying this dream are not the negative ones. I feel normal, relaxed and happy once I’m in.
    The strange part is that this bus is ALWAYS waiting whenever I come out of any building, and there is a slight feeling of anxiety as I hurry over to catch it. I know that I just can’t miss this us.
    Any suggestion or insight will be greatly appreciated. You’re doing a great job :)

  124. Hi Amy,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful advised. I was so delighted and hopefully will have a peace o mind.

    More power!


  125. Hello Amy.
    I have two distinct reoccuring dreams to summarize. The first; whenever I am dreaming about anything, and I see an airplane in the sky, I immediately know that the plane is going to crash, then I watch as it does.
    The second is, I see brilliant lights and objects in the sky, always truely breathtaking. And I point them out. As I watch, usually for a long period ( rare in other dreams ), they reveal as ufo’s. then they attack.
    And a comment, I have been dreaming many times when I realize I am dreaming because of events to unreal to exist. I then force myself to wake up. And I do.
    P.S. I remember my dreams almost every night. And I love it

    • Hi Blair,

      Are you familiar with lucid dreaming? It sounds like you are almost there – it’s when you become aware that you are dreaming and then instead of waking up, you STAY IN the dream. This allows you to do all sorts of things.

      If this were my experience, I would learn some lucid dreaming techniques and then next time I have those dreams explore them further lucidly. I’d LOVE to hear what your dreams reveal if you do this. Here’s a great course on lucid dreaming for beginners – its the program I used to learn lucid dreaming.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  126. I’ve been having this really weird reoccurring dream. I just graduated high school in June, and I haven’t really thought about it much since then, but now I keep on having these dreams with the same basic plot. I’m back at my high school, and it always has one of the guys that used to bully me (he bullied me from 8th grade-10th grade), I’ve had this same dream for the last 3 or 4 dreams I can remember. The one that I can remember the clearest, it was the first day of school, and for some reason I was in my high school that I graduated from. I was worried that, that guy that used to bully me would be in my class, and I was like obsessing over the worry I had that he’d be in my class. I saw him in the hallway a couple times in my dream, also. The last few dreams that I can remember having, but I barely can remember the dream, he’s always been in the schools hallway and I’ve been trying to avoid him as much as possible. It’s so weird, and so irritating, because I just want to forget about that a-hole, and constantly having him in my dreams is making it really difficult.

    • Hi Cindy,

      erg… I completely understand how you feel – it can be irritating to keep being reminded of something you would rather forget. But here’s the thing. By bringing this up and bringing this situation to your attention, your dreams are showing you an area of your life that needs to be healed. Forgetting is one of dealing with trauma, but it comes with a price (and sometimes a large one). A healthier way to deal with it, is to face it and then actually *heal* the trauma.

      I am always thankful for dreams like this because they show me an area in my life that needs to be healed. I suggest you see my post on understanding the people in your dreams. You can understand this as showing you an area that needs to be healed within yourself.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  127. Hey Amy! I’ve been having a recurring dream for the last 2 years or so (since being together with my now husband) that we are together and then I somehow realize that we are no longer together and that he is seeing someone else. But all of these facts are incredibly surprising to me and instead of being like WTF?! to him, I just keep to myself and try to convince him subliminally that he’s mad the wrong decision, all the while freaking out inside and feeling absolutely terrible. I used to wake up and have to convince myself that the man sleeping next to me wasn’t cheating on me, that we were still happily together and that it wasn’t a sign of what’s to come. I just had the dream again last night and this time we were touring an old craftsman style house with my sister and someone else with a real estate agent. And as we were happily touring, I realize that we are suddenly divorced, I feel that sense of panic and subsequently realize that my husband is there on a date with another woman. But it’s strange because we aren’t totally broken up and the potential for us to get remarried is very near and seems like an option. I used to be really afraid of these dreams because I thought it was a literal meaning but I’ve since researched and realized it has everything to do with myself and not my relationship with my husband. But I am desperate to know what the hidden meanings are…please help!

    • Hi Lauren! I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better about the dreams and that you’ve started to understand them more. Dreaming of your spouse cheating is actually quite common. Often these dreams are about some area in *your* life where you are being dishonest, untrue, or just not fully expressing yourself.

      So if this were my dream, I’d start there, look to see if there are any areas in my life where I am being less than honest with myself or with others. And then play with being *real* and showing up as I truly am.

      I also recommend having a look at my post on how to understand the people in your dreams. That will give you some more insight into your husband as a character in your dream.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  128. Hi Amy, my name is Katie. Your article picked up some interesting points but I still don’t understand what my dream can mean. I keep dreaming about my grandmother who died 9 months ago. In my dream were sitting at a table in her old house eating, she asks me a question( I can’t remember what it is) then gets up kisses my forehead and falls on the ground and I wake up. I’ve had this dream for a couple nights in a row but I still cannot remember the question. Can you tell me what this possibly means or how I can stop having this dream?

    • Hi Katie,

      Dreaming about people how have passed is HUGE topic, which I can’t possibly cover fully here. However, there are a couple ways to look at this dream. One is that this is literally a visit from your grandmother – letting you know that she is okay wherever she is now.

      If this were my dream, I would want to know the question she asked and I might set a dream intention. To do that, before you go to sleep, repeat a phrase like, “tonight I will dream about my grandmother and remember her question.” Or “I will remember the question my grandmother asks.” Something like that. And then see if you have any luck remembering the question. If it doesn’t happen on the first try, try again. This can take a bit of practice.

      Second way to look at this dream is symbolically. I suggest you have a look at my post on how to understand the people in your dreams. This will help you understand what your grandmother means to you (in the dream) and what to do with it.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  129. Hi Amy,
    I keep having reoccuring dreams about this guy I have been seeing on and off for the past 2 1/2 years. I’ve always had this little crush on him ,I guess you can say , when I first met him. In the beginning I never took him seriously. I just thought he was another fling of flings and it would never be anything serious. I even got into “short term” relationships after the fact, but he was always still in the back of my mind. I had a bad break up In November of last year, and I wrote him looking for some sort of comfort. I know that’s not good, but I genuinely did miss him. We linked up with each other and I expressed my feelings for him around New years eve. He didn’t reject me, but he did explain how he wasn’t ready for anything serious. We still talked to each other months after that, even seen each other a couple times. One day I just laid it out to him how it wasn’t fair that I was leading him on to believe that I was okay with whatever situation we were In , and that I couldn’t do it anymore. Ever since that He’s been In my dreams at least on 5 occasions, every month. In the first 2 dreams he would always pull me out of situations I felt overwhelmed and stressed from the world, by locking him and myself up in a room and it just being us. The last 2 dreams He would confess his feelings for me, but every time I tried to run to him , things would try to stop me; like something out of an action film. Last night I had a dream about him again, but in this dream, he finally let down his guard and opened up more to me. He even introduced me to his son for the first time and I casually conversed with his mother as if I knew her for years. At the end of the dream he started to take a turn of direction again by slowly lifting back up his guard to me. I don’t know why I keep having these dreams about him. He’s even told me that he had a dream about him and I where it was out of an action movie as well. I just need understanding on this and if I should confess to him the dreams I’ve been having. HELP!

    • Hi Taylor,

      If you are close with this guy, I see no reason not to share the dreams with him if that’s what you want to do. Sharing dreams can be a bonding experience. Keep in mind though, that dreams are all about YOU. Including dreams about HIM or other people.

      To me, these dreams seem to mirror the situation you are in in your waking life. Feelings of desire for your guy and of wanting him to return the feelings, but him not *exactly* doing so in the way that you hoped.

      I suggest you have a look at my post about understanding the people in your dreams to get a better idea of why you are dreaming about him and what you can do about it.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  130. On April 1, 2015, my husband and I got a baby bearded dragon; 3 months old. Since then, I have been having 2 recurring dreams- one of crickets in our bed, and the other that our lizard is in our bed sleeping with us, and I wake up in a panic, and I can’t find him. I wonder if he crawled out of bed, or if he’s lost in the blankets. I wake up from my dream breathing heavy trying to find him, then realize it was all a dream… What does this mean? :(

    • Hi Asia,

      If this were my dream, I might understand it as reflecting my own anxieties about my new companion. *Sometimes* dream can show you future events, so I always ask myself if this dream could play out in the future either literally or symbolically. If this were my dream, I would double check to make sure my pet and his food are secure and there’s no chance of escape.

      Sweet Dream,
      Amy xo

      P.S. Check out my new video training series on how to understand and use your dreams in your life (it’s free!). And I’ll be hosting a live webinar next week about Nightmares. Get your name on my list, if you’re not already, to learn more about that!

  131. I do understand what has been brought up in this article and indeed it has highlighted many aspects of reoccuring dreams. But my case is a bit different. It’s been 6 years since i am in love with a guy so deeply that hardly it has any bound. circumstances have been such that we just can’t be together due to some societal pressure. we had been in true dedicated relationship for 3-4 months. but he soon realized we can’t be together and got into relationship with another girl. but still we have been in contact in all these years . the time when he made relationship with another girl. i would dream of him getting married to her. now she’s out of his life. Today, we are in contact, we talk seldom. but not like people in relationship . its very casual. but the fact remains , we are still in touch. now. after his girlfriend went. since then i started dreaming of myself getting married to someone else in front of him. we both are crying but can’t do anything, If i am to relate dreams, i can say . they all are reoccuring dreams which always separate us in a way or more. All dreams do is to separate us. Even yesterday i saw myself in dream getting married to somebody else and saw tears in his eyes. I just don’t’ know what to do since it’s all about love.i cannot do anything with my feelings. had it been anything else, i might have tried to fix it up. please help.

    • I can deeply relate to your feelings of love for this guy that you can’t have. And the dreams that come along with such a longing. It’s tough, I know…

      If these were my dreams, I would understand them like this: This is a guy that I can’t have. For whatever reasons – societal pressure, he’s with someone else… whatever the reason, you can’t be with him. And yet you still love him and you still deeply want to be with him. Your dreams are trying to help you out here, by showing you what you already know – that you’re not going to be with this guy. And it’s hard. And it’s sad. And it’s going to make you cry. But the dream is only mirroring what you already know.

      If these were my dreams, I would focus on the *feelings* in the dream. What is it that you want *feel* by being in a relationship with this guy. Is it a feeling of loving someone and being loved back? Companionship? Someone who understands you? Whatever it is you want to *feel* by being in a relationship with this guy, I would go after those feelings, rather than the person. Then, I would play with bringing those *feelings* into my life – without getting hung up on the form or the person, I would go for the feelings.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

      P.S. Check out my new video training series on how to understand and use your dreams in your life (it’s free!). And I’ll be hosting a live webinar next week about Nightmares. Get your name on my list, if you’re not already, to learn more about that!

  132. Hello Amy,

    I have a reoccuring dreams since i was 13 years old and ended in the age of 26 years old. Have this one guy keep appearing in my dream i hate him for what ever he do , even he is a significant others that is very kind and patience with me and you know what ,i meet the guy that appear in my dream in real life!

    After i meet him the reoccurring dream have stopped but started again after 4 years I’m not seeing the guy that i meet in my dream . It creep me out, what happen in his life,doesn’t matter what happen.I knew in advance or on the spot. i called him to verified and he response with confirmation.Both of us freaked out.

    Due to few incident like these have happened, I need some shed of light or clarification of why he appear in my dream even we are just a friend.

    hope can hear from you,


    • Hi Selena,

      What a great story. I love that you met the guy in real life that you dreamed about! That illustrates a point about dreams that many people ignore or don’t understand. And that is that dreams *can* show you glimpses of the future. If this were my experience (and it seems you’ve had more than one experience with pre-cognitive dreams) I would keep a dream journal where I write down my dreams and then screen them for future events. If you see something in a dream you don’t like, you can take steps to prevent that from happening. Also if you see something in a dream that you *do* like, you can take steps to create that in your life.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

      P.S. Check out my new video training series on how to understand and use your dreams in your life (it’s free!). And I’ll be hosting a live webinar next week about Nightmares. Get your name on my list, if you’re not already, to learn more about that!

  133. Hi. Can you tell me the meaning of seeing buses in dream frequently? Moving buses with me as a passenger

  134. Hi,

    I think for the last past half year to current now, I’ve had the same dream since. It happens every month, usually around the end of each month.

    The dream consists of stars, mostly falling stars, thousands and thousands in the sky, I remember two of the same while I’ve been on an oval with sometimes other people around, another at a party and I remember seeing only one fall and it was like I was trying to chase it to get it, but it fell out of my reach in the sky(if that makes sense). I’ve had about two where I’ve been on a oval very dark and I’m jumping so high to try and reach them, I know that’s maybe hard to understand, but it’s like I’m fly jumping to fully see them better.

    They’re all the same but sometimes different sceneries, there not always exactly in the same place, like I said, some fall but some are just there, like for instances, it’s the 28th of July today, I had a “star dream” as I call it now only last night! It consisted of me outside a house and seeing them fall, just looking and staring.

    This site encourages people to take action of their recurring dream otherwise it’ll keep happening, but I have no solution to how I would take action to see what this all means, I TRULY believe it means something because I’ve always been such a lover of the stars, they feel like home, they feel peaceful and safe, and it’s like now when I look at them, I’m trying to find home somewhere in them but can’t find my way.

    I would say I’m defiantly a spiritual person, trying to find a purpose in this world because I truly think I’m not from this world.

    I know this may sound so confusing and maybe weird to some, but I wish I knew why I kept having these star dreams, personally I love them, but it’s just usually.


    • Hi Steph,

      What a beautiful dream :) And if you are enjoying them, there is no reason to attempt to make them stop. I offer that as an option for people who find their dreams disturbing and/or are looking for resolution. But it is by no means a requirement.

      If this were my dream, I would do something to honor the dream. Maybe strengthen my connection with the stars in whatever way feels right to you. It is my understanding that many of us on the planet now are from other star systems. And that we’re here as kind of system-busters. You’re meant for much more than the 9 – 5 grind we’ve been sold on. I would also strengthen my connection with my own inner knowing, intuition, and spirituality. Working with dreams is one way to do that :) I might also attempt to bring the energy of the dream into the physical world – maybe through art or music.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

      P.S. Check out my new video training series on how to understand and use your dreams in your life (it’s free!). And I’ll be hosting a live webinar next week about Nightmares. Get your name on my list, if you’re not already, to learn more about that!

  135. Dear Amy,
    thank you for this insightful information. It supports what I know I should do in my waking life.
    My reoccurring dream I know where I am when I start. then I am lost and I can never find my way back, There are dead ends inside buildings and scenes where I am overlooking huge areas to try and spot what I am looking for, things always look different to where I started so I can never go back to a familiar place to start again. In all my dreams I have a child that I abandon to go searching for something, it’s usually my car. I always tell them to ‘stay there and I will be back’, but I can never find them again.I am totally lost and panicking near the end of my dream. I never make it back!
    In my waking life I have 3 children whom I love with all my heart. I however was physically and mentally abused by my mother for many years . I am 52 now and this dream has come back time and time again for many years.
    I would be grateful for some advice.
    Thank you

    • Hi Sue,

      It sounds like you are having quite a powerful dream experience. If this were my dream, I might understand it to be showing me that my inner child is “lost” and looking for way a back home – meaning, looking for her true self and full expression and love that she didn’t receive.

      Dreams are personal and can have different meanings for everyone. So, my suggestions here are general. I do offer 1-on-1 sessions where we can go into greater depth and decode the personalized meaning for you. Please contact me to take advantage of my $20 introductory special.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  136. I have 2 different dreams that I seem to have often… the first one is that I’m being chased. Its always by a different person (or people) but its always for the same reason: he/she/they want to kill me. I realize that thats a pretty common thing for people to dream, but my second reoccuring dream is one that I can’t seem to find any info on on the internet… I dream that I’m lying on the floor in a room with white walls and white tile, and that I remove my own heart (surgically, not violently). After I take out my heart, I just hold it in my hand and stare at the ceiling. I can’t move, can’t talk, can’t do anything except lie there and feel my heart beating in my hand. No idea what thats about…

    • Hi Adriana,

      Yes, you’re right, the first dream is quite common. I actually just did a webinar on Nightmares where I talk about those dream themes. Check it out here.

      That second dream is quite powerful. If this were my dream, I would focus on the imagery of the heart. Dreams involving the heart are often about blocked emotions. Surgically removing the heart my suggest that you’ve “removed” the heart from your life – as in the heart and soul, the passion, and/or emotions in some way or in some area of your life.

      Dreams are personal and can have different meanings for everyone. So, my suggestions here are general. I do offer 1-on-1 sessions where we can go into greater depth and decode the personalized meaning for you. Please contact me to take advantage of my $20 introductory special.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  137. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for your wonderful article. I have been having a recurring dream that has lasted for about two months now, very new to me and disturbing. It started when I moved very far from where I grew up. It is a very simplistic dream–there is no landscape or any characters I interact with, just a field of white. It is me and a huge black and yellow wasp, about 1/4 my size. It is always flying after me with its stinger pointed directly at me–sometimes I can run away and avoid it, other times it stings me repeatedly and I am helpless to protect myself. In the latter dreams, I would swear I can actually feel pain and when I wake up for a few moments I can still feel the pain from the stings. I would love to hear any insight you might have about this.

    • Hi Roberta,

      Sounds like you’re having quite the dream experience. If this were my dream, I would be curious about the giant wasp. I might associate this symbol with irritability, anger, spitefulness, vengeance… emotions like that. I’d look for areas in my life where I’m expressing these emotions, or if I am feeling them being expressed towards me.

      Dreams are personal and can have different meanings for everyone. So, my suggestions here are general. I do offer 1-on-1 sessions where we can go into greater depth and decode the personalized meaning for you. Please contact me to take advantage of my $20 introductory special.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  138. Hi Amy,
    That did help a lot for me,this dream that I keep on having its not a good one its a bad one like a scary dream .When I keep on having it always has a hill where only one car can go up on and if another one goes on one of those two cars are going to crash and die and I always go on that hill it its been more then 4 times I had that dream.
    Arianna camacho

    • Hi Arianna,

      Dreaming of cars are often about control in your life or some part of your life. If this were my dream, I would look at my life and see if there are any areas where I am feeling out of control. I would also consider if there are any changes/transitions going on in my life. I recently gave a webinar about nightmares where I covered some of the topics in your dream. Check it out here.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  139. Hi Amy

    This article really got me thinking. Lately I’ve been thinking that my best friend hates me because she hasn’t talked to me in two months but talk to my other friends and even the ones that i message her on my friends account and then message her on mine.

    I’ve been having this dream where she will completely ignore me and we were at this place and i dont know where we were and my friend left me saying she was going to walk our group of friends somewhere and then come back to hang out with me and there was this tower next to me so I decided to climb it and wait for her. All the sudden this bag hits the back of my head and I had saw my best friend earlier with a bag and I ignore it and walk away. This was the first dream.

    The most recent the same thing happened but this time I stopped and turned around to look at her and she looked at me and then walk away and I would pick of the bag and go into the tower and look at what she gave me. She had given me some stuff that I really like and I was at the top of the tower watching them walk away and I started crying and then I woke up still crying.

    I read this and started thinking ‘Wow. This must mean that even though she is still ignoring me she must still care about me” I had the dream last night so I don’t know if I will have it again but everything that happened in the first dream happened a couple more times. Its all been this last week that I’ve had the dream. What does this mean? Do you have any opinions that might help me? I really need the help right now to help me understand the dream even more.

    • Hi Olive,

      It sounds like your friend’s actions are really hurtful :( I can’t speak for your friend, but these dream shows me that *you* really care about her. If this were my dream, I might talk to my friend and tell her how I feel – that it’s really hurtful when she ignores me and that I really care about her and would like to work things out.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  140. Hi Amy,
    Need help! I feel as if I know what is causing my recurring dreams (they’re different each time but same story line)

    I’ve been with my boyfriend over a year and a half (I’m 28-he’s 27) and we live together , have a puppy and kitty and my life has become our life. I’m ready for marriage and babies tomorrow – but he isn’t. He’s committed obviously but he’s not ready for the “official” commitment. While that’s not ideal, I have been able to come to terms that I love this man- and our life and I want him to feel it’s the right time.
    However , I continuously (every day this week and have been before) have dreams where he is not my boyfriend just this guy I might like or hook up with or call his friend- and he is always trying to hook up with someone else, or treats me badly . Quite often I wake up in a panic and he knows about these dreams and the other day he said “that’s not a good sign.” My boyfriend is not a bad guy but has kept very innocent things from me to avoid confrontation that I later found out about – that have created insecurities. I know I’m having the dream because mt sub conscience is telling me he isn’t really committed – right ?? But I know he is in real life- he just needs some time. He’s obviously not going anywhere – just wants to make sure we’re set up for a better life. We are happy though with a tiny occasional bicker that goes away in 10 min-
    How can I make these dreams stop?? It’s disturbing!! Please help!

    • Hi Jessica,

      You said: “I know I’m having the dream because mt sub conscience is telling me he isn’t really committed – right ??” I might add to that that you *feel* that he isn’t committed (because it doesn’t want to get married). And the dream is showing you your fears and insecurities about the situation.

      If this were my dream, I would talk to my boyfriend about this and try to understand his feelings. Maybe there is something else you can do to affirm your commitment to each other, other than marriage.

      Dreams are personal and can have different meanings for everyone. So, my suggestions here are general. I do offer 1-on-1 sessions where we can go into greater depth and decode the personalized meaning for you. Please contact me to take advantage of my $20 introductory special.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  141. Hi Amy
    My dream is a little weird. The dream scenarios are not recurring themselves, you see. But some of the “characters,” I guess, are. The scenarios always include myself and this one other boy, whether we are surrounded by others or alone. The first dream which I had yesterday was about the two of us getting back together and being all happy and hugging and all that kind of stuff, positive and happy. I believe it took place in school? The one I had today, though, featured the same boy. On a school bus and surrounded by a few other people. And we were in the same seat, but beating each other up, and some random guy that goes to my school as well as my sister also participated in this. And towards the end, my sister and the random guy got out of this bus seat and moved to different ones, but we continued to fight, but then he wrapped his arms around my waist and was trying to kiss my neck or something from behind me as I was confused and tried to get away. So to sum it up, two different dreams but the person is the reoccurring factor. In real life, this is a boy who was my best friend, then turned into something more, then we got into a fight and stopped talking much, then we got back into a relationship,which ended and has left us in awkward positions and scenarios for months. I’m having a hard time letting it go so I figured that was why my dreams include him two nights in a row now. He is on my mind a lot, and maybe it means I miss him since it’s summer break now. But this hasn’t happened before , me dreaming about him often, despite me missing him or whatever. It’s a once in a while thing. But now i have dreamt about him for two nights in a row and want to know what’s up. I know the description isn’t a reoccurring dream, but this was the closest site I could find, and you seem knowledgeable and give length responses. Thanks for the help!

    • Hi Diana,

      Yes, it’s quite common to dream about ex-partners in that. Most often dreams like yours are about YOU and the other person represents some aspect of you. I suggest you have a look at my post on how to understand the people in your dreams. That will give you a better understanding as to why you are dreaming about this guy.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  142. Hi,
    I’m only 17 years old and the past couple of days i’ve been having strange dreams. So, when i was little me and my friends used to explore the woods and make “forts” and hang out there all the time. That seems to me what this could be tying into, BUT the place i’ve been going in my dreams does not look similar to those forts I had built during my childhood. Now, In my first dream me and my friends had discovered this “fort” and to get there you have to drive up a hill, that seemed more like a mountain. When you get there, there is a brick building painted white, no doors, no windows, and there are woods to the left of it, if you follow a dirt path there is a place for cars to park. The dirt path leads into woods. So, my next dream, Which i had the night after I had my first one where i discovered the place. I’m back at this “fort” place but this time alone, and I just explored it. I went home and told my mom all about it, which she then said ” Cool, I want to see this”. The next real life night I had another dream, where i was BACK at this place. My mom drove up the hill and for some reason my 67 year old grandmother came along as well. We parked and got out of the car. I showed them around the woods near that white building. We were going to leave and then I remembered the dirt road and I told my mom and grandmother “Oh i forgot i can also show you over here” and we started to walk but i saw a red car with a HUGE spoiler on the back of it parked in one of the parking spots, it was amongst a bunch of grey cars, so it stood out. Seeing that i told my mom and grandmother “Actually that red car is sketching me out” and then we ran behind a huge black car that looked like my moms but wasnt, and as i we were running to hide behind the car my mom says “They see you” and i said calmly “I know its okay everything will be fine” and then i peeked my head around the car to see where the red car was. I was parked right in front of where we were then 2 men came out, one tall and lengthy, one more heavy set. They proceeded to say “do you like your family?” and obviously i said “yes” and then they hit me to the groud and shoved me in the trunk of the car, my grandparent and mom yelled for them to stop, but they didnt. As i was in the trunk the car got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, and i kicked out the tail light so that people could see that someone was in the trunk and needed help. The drivers were blasting music and hit the trunk button that would open the trunk because it had cracked open, so i crawled out of the trunk and signaled to the car behind me to open the door so i could crawl in and be safe, and then call 911, which they did, and i got out safe. After this dream I woke up breathing heavy and sweating. I just don’t know if going to the same “fort” during dreams and having the dreams basically correspond with eachother day after day means or if it means anything.

    • Hi Alexa,

      This aspect of dreams is largely ignored in most of Western dream interpretation. Dreams do actually have their own landscape and exist in their own realm. Not something we talk about or acknowledge much in our culture, but traditional dreaming cultures had the understanding that the dream realm does actually exist in its own right and the places we visit in our dreams exist in non-physical reality and therefore can be revisited.

      It happens to me sometimes as well, where I will go to a similar place in dreams. Even if it’s not exactly the same place, I’ll know locations of places I visited in previous dreams. I’ll remember the apartment I stayed in once is over there, and that’s where I went to work, and I remember eating in a restaurant over there. And all of that exists only in the dream world – even years later, I’ll revisit a place in a dream and recognize parts of it or have memories of being in a nearby location.

      So, from that perspective, that is what is going on with revisiting the fort.

      You can also look at it symbolically – if the dream fort corresponds with your fort from childhood, you can look at the fort reappearing again and again as showing you something important about that time period in your life. Something that you may be missing in your life. And could even benefit from incorporating into your present life.

      As for the part about being kidnapped, this often represents your own fears and/or negative feelings. Recognizing them is the first step to overcoming them. Potentially could be related to your childhood fort or your family. If this were my dream, I would examine my fears and check in with myself whenever I start to feel negative.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  143. Hi Amy Cope

    Hope you’re well. I was wondering if you could help me. I was engaged to an amazing guy, but a few months ago I broke off the engagement. From the first day I’ve met this guy’s mother, I just knew she doesn’t like me a bit. So the last time I saw her she was just so mean to me. She said and did things that I feel I didn’t deserve. She finally couldn’t pretend anymore. I feel like she didn’t hurt me emotionally or mentally, she hurt my soul!! I’ve been struggling to get over this whole situation now for months and just to think about it brings tears to my eyes However, my ex fiance made it so clear that his mother is just so proud so will NEVER apologize for hurting other people because she’d hurt a lot of people before and she just never apologized to them. So here comes the dream part, since then I’ve been having these vivid nightmares and reoccurent dreams about her asking me to forgive her or she’s doing a speech about “forgiveness” or she appears to me in her full figure but she will talk in her son’s voice telling me “babe If you really love me you will forgive my mother” and you know this freaks me out because I know in reality she will NEVER apologize to me and I feel like she’s proud of what she did and she took the love of my life from me (her son) and things will just never be the same again. So can you please help me to understand why I keep getting nightmares about my ex mother in law who most probably doesn’t even realize how really bad she’d hurt me…

    • The thing about forgiveness is that when you forgive someone, it has absolutely nothing to do with the other person and everything to do with you. I’ll tell you a little story about how a dream helped learn this lesson:

      Years ago I had a situation with a woman who did something to me (it’s not important what) and I resented her for it. I was friends with her sister so I had to see her and her pictures on Facebook and whatnot. And every time I saw her picture or thought of her, I was filled with anger and resentment. And I felt this way for 18 years. That’s a long time to hold a grudge. Then one night, I had a dream where I was with her and I went to hug her and she didn’t want to hug me. But I insisted and tried again. She gave me a hug, but held me at arms length and then she said, “I thought you hated me.” And I was like “the hug,” as if that was supposed to be some obvious sign that I didn’t.

      When I woke up, I was filled with this feeling of unconditional love for this woman. It’s really hard to describe, but it was like this peaceful, blissful feeling of love. For this woman who I previously hated. I tested it and went on FB to look at her pictures and all those old feelings of resentment and anger were completely gone. Not even a trace.

      I realized in that moment, what forgiveness is all about. Nothing she had done had changed. She never apologized. Probably barely remembers who I am and I would guess has absolutely no idea why I resented her so much, or even that I did. But the point is that this had been plaguing me for years. And coloring my perception of her in a negative way. And in that moment when I forgave her… I became free. Free from my resentments, my expectations, my hatred, my feelings that she “should” have done something different or whatever. All that space that had been taken up by my own anger was freed up and it felt wonderful. Nothing to do with her and everything to do with me.

      So to your dream. If this were my dream, I would understand it to be telling me to forgive my ex-almost-mother-in-law. Whatever she did to you. However she hurt you. It doesn’t matter. She has her own karma to live out and she is accountable for her own actions. But that’s not yours. That’s hers. Let her keep her mean-spiritedness and her bitterness. And quite frankly, she’s probably living in her own hell because of it. But that’s not yours.

      Yours is to forgive her. Not because she deserves it. But because YOU deserve it. You deserve to feel at peace and not to have her snatching up any of your energy. You deserve to be happy. But that cannot be contingent on her apologizing. Cause like you said, that will probably never happen. But you can still forgive her. You can still find compassion for her and the sad, bitter life she is likely living due to her meanness. Forgiveness is for YOU.

      It doesn’t mean what she did was right. Or that you are excusing it. Or that you’re going to hang out with her and be her best friend now. Of course not. But you can find peace and you can find love in your heart.

      What helps me when I come across people like that is to realize how hurt and how broken she must be to even be capable of treating you that way. Happy people don’t go around hurting others for fun. It just doesn’t happen. You have to be pretty hurt and miserable to treat others that way.

      And that is not you. Your dream is showing you that. And the dream is right: forgive her. It will bring you peace.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  144. Hi Amy, I really like this article you’ve written, and I like the way you’ve been replying to every comment. very empathetic.

    I have been having recurrent dreams as well, since I broke up with my ex-boyfriend 3 years ago. He comes into my dream quite frequently every month when I am in a period. The contents of the dreams could be different but the main character has always been him. We’ve been together for 8 months and during that 8 months I wished to marry him and to have his babies. Yes he’s such a special person for me and I still cannot get rid of the memory of every single piece of positive/negative emotion when we were together, and after the end of our relationship, as well as every subtle or significant situation relating to him. We were from different countries and met in Japan when we were doing the same uni course. But after the graduation he left for his own country ahead of me so I was the person left in there alone, feeling quite desperate. I cried for almost the whole day on the day he left. Especially the moment he entered the security check in the airport has always been vivid in my dream. I had been thinking about reuniting with him, or probably restarting our relationship somewhere in this world maybe after years of being apart, until learning he’s got a new girlfriend months ago, who seems to be a lovely person and it seems he loves her quite much. Of course I couldn’t accept that when I first knew, but several months later now I am like ‘ok, probably I will meet him just as a friend some day’. Maybe next time when I meet him he’s already someone’s husband, or a father of several children. Well, the annoying thing is, because of those thinking, I mean my attempt to meet him again in the future, I feel soooo hard to plan my life. I cannot make a ‘real’ boyfriend and I am afraid of getting maried, so I tend to avoid having real relationships with other guys.

    Well… I might have talked too much and got off the track… Anyway I just find it sooo strange to have him in my dreams every month in my period. Does it do with hormone? It there any internal relationship between my physical and emotional status? I’m not thinking it in a negative way. It’s actually like a magic. But just feeling a bit of sad, and I cannot help myself endlessly thinking about him, especially during my period, EVERY MONTH. Sometimes it can be disturbing especially when I have important tasks to do.

    Apart from that, referring to your article, I guess my dreams might be telling me I have to do something to satisfy my needs (I don’t know exactly what my needs are, though. to find out the possibility of being with him together again, maybe?)? Like this morning I dreamed of going into his apartment, with a complicated mood. First I was sitting on the floor beside the door of his apartment, not sure if I was crying or just feeling sad without any tears, looking at the floor. We had a bit of talk, and I cannot remember what we talked but I’m sure what I did and what I said to him were to get his attention. He knew I was sad so tried to balance my emotions, and he came to give me a hug and rubbed my back. Then I felt better, felt being protected and then he invited me to go inside the apartment. His girlfriend was sitting on his bed, watching TV. His girlfriend seemed to be lovely, likes smiling, just like sunshine, and we had a nice chat. I didn’t know if she knew I am her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, and I didn’t tell her as well. My ex- didn’t say anything about that as well. I probably was just avoiding to be awkward, or I didn’t want to disturb their beautiful relationship, because that’s not fair, and I want him to be happy. But if so why did I still go to meet him? I should have accepted the reality that he’s not mine now. Well…perhaps I’m waiting for them to break up…then I will definitely go ‘YES! YES! YES! MY CHANCE NOW!’——quite an evil thought, I know…

    I guess this dream is telling me I should go to meet him if I wish to find a way to balance my life and emotions, and probably I’m feeling emotionally ready to meet him which is reflected in my nice talk with his girlfriend. Do you think so?

    But due to our distance and my current situation (mainly financial situation and don’t have time; just starting my career), I am not able to meet him in recent months or even years. What should I do …

    *Am I having a mild PTSD, btw?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Kiara,

      I know the feeling of being really in love with someone and not being able to be with them… it’s heartbreaking. And I’m sorry to hear that you have to experience this pain every month. Yes, dreams can get more vivid due to hormones, so that might explain why you get these dreams on your period.

      As for the content of the dreams, your ex, you hit the nail on the head when you said your dreams might be telling you you need to do something to satisfy your needs. Dreams require action and very often once you take action and begin to resolve whatever is coming up in the dreams, they will stop.

      If this were my dream/experience, I would focus on the *feelings* of the dream, rather then focusing on the exact person. You loved this guy and it sounds like you had a great connection. So, I would focus on bringing those *feelings* into my life. Rather than focusing my attention on a particular guy (who is unavailable and will only cause more pain), I would bring those *feelings* into my life. What did you love about your relationship? How did you *feel* in the relationship? In most cases it’s the feelings were actually after, not the particular person. So I would play with bringing more love and connection into my life. And whatever other feelings you enjoyed with this guy – excitement, adventure, whatever it is for you. Cultivate those in yourself first and then extend that to others. You’ll meet someone else who *is* available.

      If you haven’t read my post on how to understand the people in your dream, I think you would find it helpful.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  145. Heya amy.
    I keep having the same dream and I keep going back to this house somewhere and im always running from people in the dream but it’s really vivid and I would always climb through this same little hole in behind a Tiny door and would end up in this house or many different houses but all the same dream. But recently I’ve been having more of the same dream about me being on planes and taking off into the Sky and dreams where the plane is moving around the streets and ive had around 6 dreams where im running from people aborad looks hot a little like spain. My family members r in these dreams most
    Of the time but it’s really hard to remember I feel like it’s really trying to tell me
    Something but I can’t seem
    To get what it is and it’s very concerning. Would be great to hear back from
    You amy thanks for listening xx

    • Hiya!

      Dreams about houses often represent some aspect of yourself or your personality. So for that part of the dream, I would look at through that lens. I would look at the planes as being about taking off in some area of your life and reaching some success. For the dreams where you are running away, I would wonder if there is anything in my life (possibly related to my family) that I am running away from or that I don’t want to face.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  146. I keep having the same dream about a childhood friend at least once or twice a month. I had wonderful memories of this friend. I remember his mom was very sweet and I felt at peace in the home. I would spend a lot of time at his house. My friend lived in a nice quiet neighborhood in a cul-de-sac and he had an interesting cozy house that I loved as a child. I told myself I would grow up and have a house just like it. As we both grew older around 13 years of age, I noticed that he stopped inviting me over and I would call several times and he would never return my call. I became depressed as a young middle schooler but soon moved on and I grew up and got new friends. I never thought about my old friend for years. In fact, I had such a high self-esteem in high school I never gave any thought to this childhood friend at all. Fast forward to present day, for about the last 10 years I have been dreaming about this old childhood friend at least once a month. In the dream I’m my present age and walk up to the house and knock on the door. My old friend isn’t there anymore but it is always a family friend or realative who answers the door and tells me about him. Sometimes I go inside the house and then I leave and I start weeping as I leave their property. I’m 40 years old now and I have a stable marriage and two wonderful children. Why am I still dreaming about an old friend from childhood? Why can’t I move past it? Some reasons I can think of are that I don’t have any close friends anymore. I have my wife and she is wonderful and my best friend but I don’t have any close male friends. I also struggle with work in that I don’t like my career and wish I could do something I truly love. Could it be that I’m regressing to my earlier childhood years for comfort?
    Thanks for your input

    • Thank you for sharing your dream and your story. I also have similar dreams about my childhood friends that it has been years since I’ve seen. It seems you hit the nail on the head when you said that you don’t have any close male friends. For me, those dreams are exactly about that – that I need to some close { female } friends in my life.

      If this were my dream, I would understand it exactly the same way – that the dream is showing you your need for close male friends. No matter how great your wife and kids are, they cannot fulfill ALL your needs and the need for close friends is real. I would look for ways to meet new people and make new friends. Maybe join a meetup group or find an activity that you enjoy doing with other men.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  147. I had a few dream that came true in my real life,I don’t really can recall till it happen.all my dream is just a one timer,the vision is not very clear especially is the key person face I would met in real life.have been talking to a few friends and they really don’t believe me on how am I going to know what my dream is telling what to do cause is just half of it,just like a few months ago dream of two photo and recently this two photo really pop out from a friend that I just knew so what is the dream trying to tell me?

    • Hey Jason,

      Yes… dreams CAN show you the future. In fact, I recently heard that dreams are very often about the future – it’s just that we have a hard time recognizing it because we can’t “remember” the future. If these were my dreams, I would keep a dream journal to write down my dreams and keep notes about what occurs in the future. This will help you “prove” to your friends that this a real thing.

      Also, since you tend to dream about the future, I would *always* ask myself if this dream could come true in the future. If its something you like and want to happen, you can take steps in your life to ensure that it does. And on the flip side, if it’s something you don’t want to happen in your life you can take steps to prevent it in your life. Future dreams are very useful in this way. In fact, in traditional dreaming cultures, the ability to see the future in dreams was one of the most prized features of Dreamers.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  148. Hey,
    About a year or maybe a year and a half I have moved house with my family. I’m 14 years old and I’ve spent th first 12 years in my old house.

    However whenever I go to bed, since I’ve moved, I keep finding that no matter what house I enter ( whether it be in New York or any other place), my old house keeps appearing.

    For example I would be going into a house that me and my friends rented out in Spain, and then all of a sudden the living room would transform into my old one.

    It’s been happening for a long time now; and at first I liked it because i missed my old home but now I’m starting o b

    • Hey Louise,

      Dreaming about a house represents YOU or a part or you, your life, or personality. So, I would look at these dreams as showing me something about myself relating to my old house or what my life was like when I lived there. Other than the house is there anything you miss about your life when you lived there? Like your friends, school, or other activities you did? If this were my experience, I bring what I miss from my old life into my new life in whatever way is possible.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  149. My husband has been having a disturbing reoccurring dream, we have sliding wardrobe doors and his first dream, the doors are open and there are hills and blue sky with a man standing there beckoning him to go with him. He awoke extremely disturbed. This continued a couple of times over a few weeks. Then the dream changed with a man and a lady beckoning him to go with them. Again he awoke disturbed. This happened the night before last but this time I awoke to hear him telling them to go and leave him alone and he was physically crying it was awful, it took a while but I managed to wake him and it took him a while to pull himself together. Last night he had the dream again but this time there was a third person his nan who has passed, she was holding his hand and pulling him the other way away from the people calling him, telling him to ignore them. He does not know who they are. But he was again in a state crying and I had to wake him. It is getting worse. Since I asked his nan to help him she did appear in the dream…..really not sure where to go from here. I hope you are able to help. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Lorraine,

      Dreams so personal it’s hard to know what about these dreams are disturbing your husband. And only he would be able to know that. Just from your descriptions, I can’t see what about it is so disturbing. I have a few helpful activities that can help him start to work with the dream and talk about it. I recommend having a look at these dream interpretation games and see if they might help him.

      Another thing he might want to try is to use active imagination to re-enter the dream while he’s awake and use his imagination to change the ending or the parts of the dreams that scare him. There’s a great Ted Talk you might want to watch called Embracing Nightmares. He talks about how to use lucid dreaming to transform nightmares. If your husband doesn’t know how to lucid dream, it’s okay… you can achieve the same result with active imagination.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  150. it is almost a year after my break up and i get reoccurring dreams about my ex boyfriend hugging me and petting me while I’m crying

    • Hey there. I recommend reading my article on how to understand the people in your dreams. That will help you understand why your ex-bf is appearing in your dreams.

      If this were my dream, I would understand that its okay to cry and okay to be sad about the breakup. In fact it’s healthy and healing. Dreams like these can often be helpful in the healing process. I would allow myself to feel whatever feelings are coming up and cry (in waking life) if you feel like it.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  151. Hi Amy,

    This feedback is supporting me through my reoccurring dreams that I am wanting to end. I really needed to hear that it is possible to end this because I still have not been able to reach that point even in my process of facing the dream and going through the steps of why the dream is and might be occurring. As a young girl I had a crush on my friends older brother since we all were sometimes with each other. I thought it was a typical silly girl phase of mine which seemed to be so until a couple years or so ago. Knowing that he was the first guy I had had ever really had a crush on made the image more clear. Even today, I have met very few people that seemed to contain a similar kind hearted and broken personality. I had other crushes around this time and later on but none of them mounted similar feelings to him. I naturally cared about my friend which meant I would only feel that way to what was important to her, family. Time went by and we were able to keep the contact as we were more in the stage of teenage years and was able to stay with my friend and her family over the Summer. All good memories were reconnected but I noticed something that was different. I told myself it was nothing but it was unfamiliar to me during the time. Her brother seemed to look at me in a way that you look at someone you admire, I told myself it was more than likely his kind regarded personality or from the drug addiction he was battling. I brushed it under, during this time I was going through an abusive relationship which only escalated and become worse. Even as time continued to pass, she let me know how bad things were and that he was able to check into a rehabilitation center. During these times I was developing intense trauma, schizophrenia, anxiety and several health disorders from my abusive relationship. When I reached the surface to end my relations with the person that was only hurting me, I was only able to recover and continue to heal over time. Since this, I hardly ever connect with my childhood-teenage friend. I tried reaching out in messages to see how life is with her and I receive nothing now.

    For the past several years since this has happened I keep getting my reoccurring dreams of them both. What I came up with to find some sort of reasoning was that, when her brother and the family was struggling I believe that my childhood crush intertwined when I felt that sense of compassion and hurt towards her brothers battle. Only it was not a crush as I experienced as a kid for the first time, it was different and something to this day I have never felt from anyone. Again, I told myself since I started feeling this for a couple of years that it is only because I was close to her and her family and I care too much. Sometimes it actually does bite me for the worse and only ends up hurting me. I have not been in a relationship since the last one I mentioned, I only had gotten myself into the wrong crowds of men since then. I am used to being taken advantage of by guys and feel that I can only feel anything if I get to know men who approach me. I realized too much, I was only attracted to males that had a similar appearance to him as well. My brain triggers this unconscious feeling where the attribute/appearance somehow links to what I have always been attracted to the personality, that they both are one whenever I see someone I am attracted to. Whenever I come close to a guy something always goes back to him somehow. Whether my dreams are trying to tell me something true or false why do they have to keep happening if I already came to a conclusion of why I think they are occurring? I apologize for the entire dialogue of this issue but I really want some honest advice because this is the first time I have let anyone know, everything. What I have heard is that more information helps and I hope it suits a binding to help me end it.

    My occurring dream is my once close friends brother. He and I are together in every dream, it is love and sometimes it is an uncovering to tell me that he is bad and not everything I thought he was growing up while we are in some sort of relationship in the dream. Both for good and bad relationships and always shows a secret of not trying to express our feelings in front of others too much. Sometimes my friend is in the dream or others and somehow she hates me and wants nothing to do with me. I get these dreams several times a month or more and I can be content or going through struggles and still have these occurring dreams. I want them to end, they make me so depressed and do not help me with my insomnia when I try to get sleep or remain awake. My motor skills are lacking, I broke a plate on accident and dropped my dinner on the ground because I had this dream again yesterday and it has made me have random emotional outbreaks that control my day. I have not been able to receive any feedback and am on the verge of finding someone who can help with these issues, I would gratefully appreciate any advice you could offer me.

    • Hi Shay,

      Thanks for opening up and sharing your dreams and your experiences. There is a lot going on here and it sounds like there is much more to the story and that the dreams are only one piece of it. It sounds like a good idea to find someone who can help you work through some of these emotions, particularly around the abuse and insomnia.

      Here’s my take on the dream. First, I suggest you have a look at my post about how to understand people in your dreams. Dreams often show us people to express an abstract concept or something that is difficult to express in words. This post will help you get a better understanding of what this guy is representing for you.

      Okay… so if this were my dream and my experience, here’s what I would take from it: I think you got to the heart of the matter when you said that you figured out the reason the dreams were reoccurring because “when her brother and the family was struggling I believe that my childhood crush intertwined when I felt that sense of compassion and hurt towards her brothers battle.”

      So here’s the thing… and you’ll read this in my post about dream characters as well. Dreams use people to show us abstract concepts about ourselves. And in dreams, other people represent parts of YOU. In this case your friend and her brother/your crush. He was hurting, struggling, and addicted and yet you could see through his struggles and can see his kindhearted soul. So what I see is this: YOU are a kind hearted, caring, and compassionate person. Capable of seeing past other’s struggles and seeing the good in their heart. It is not everyone who can do this, so the dream is asking you to honor this part of yourself. Because it truly is a gift, though this sensitivity opens us up to being sensitive to ALL things, including negative feelings.

      I also see the dream asking you to honor the hurt, broken parts of yourself. And to have that same compassionate understanding that you feel for your friend’s brother for yourself. Love your inner child, honor the hurt parts of yourself and move towards healing. Understand the dream is the first step, but to truly bring the dream into your life, it’s important to act. If this were my dream/experience, I would use my new understanding as a catalyst for healing. I might seek out a therapist to help work through my past and heal from the abuse/traumas.

      You are strong. Thank you for your courage in sharing your story. Much love and I wish you all the best.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  152. Hi Amy!
    I have had this reoccurring dream for the past couple years (I have more than one reoccurring dream but this one came to me last night). I am sitting at my grandmother’s place and she is making supper, but she and my family are sitting there laughing at me. Eventually, I get angry, yell, and storm off into my room and continue to scream until my friend comes in and asks me to come with her. I leave the house with her and the scene changes. We are going through a building (kind of like a museum) and there are these creatures that resemble children with blistering faces and they are chasing after us (somewhat zombie-like) and suddenly I am trapped underneath one. Then the scene changes again. I am stuck in an arena-type flat, with others of these “infected” people, (I am also infected, my skin is red), who have not yet turned into “zombies” and we talk and realize that “They” (perhaps an authority figure or group?) are going to set free other infected people who have been “zombified” and we have to run away and try to avoid them or else the infection will turn us into them as well. Then there are different rounds of running away (I.e., more zombies, obstacles, etc.). This dream has always been the same for the past couple years. But the only difference this time is that my best friends were at my grandmother’s house with me as well. If you know what any of this could symbolize, it would help greatly.
    Thank you!

    • If this were my dream, I would understand the zombies to be showing me that there may be an area of my life where I am acting like a zombie – that is to say, where I am being controlled by unconscious forces – such as a habit, addition, religious view, political propaganda, etc…

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  153. Hi my dream makes no sense. Every time it comes up there is only one thing different, the location. My dream starts like this, the first Dream I was in the woods like I had been there all night and this group of wolves come out and they start to gather around me, then they get right near me and that’s it. I wake up. Every time I have this dream it is always the same thing with the wolves but I am in a different place and that is the one thing that makes it so difficult to understand why I am having this dream all the time.

    Is there any way you could to understand it?

  154. Hi I have the same dream every night that I go out and when I get home I get in the lift and as soon as it gets to the top it falls over and over again and I’ve never worked out how to get out the lift but the people who get in the lift with me changed for the first time from my brother to a close friend when I have this dream on the side of the lift there’s a timer and if I don’t get out in time I die an I’ve never got out thank you x

  155. Hi Amy-
    Just woke up from a dream that has reoccurred throughout my life (with variations). In my dream I am about to go to High School for the first day of the new year (usually I am a senior), when i realize that I did not get my new schedule of classes, so I have no idea where to go. I Realize this as I’m about to leave, so now I see that I will be late and will have to go to the office when I arrive, to get my new schedule. (In reality this shouldn’t be the biggest deal, can probably be obtained relatively fast, but it’s never actually happened to me in real life, as I pride myself on being well prepared for things). But i am very anxious about it in my dream. Adding, I also cant seem to find an appropriate gym outfit to bring to school (sweats & a tee shirt). Nothing that I have seems to fit the bill. I imagine myself walking into a class when it’s halfway done and everyone looking. Sometimes this dream includes not knowing my locker code. I havent been in High School for over 20 years, but this dream has creeped up over the years. I havent had it for a few years now, but alas, here it is again…. Any thoughts??

  156. I have been having the same recurring dream for years now.This morning was just slightly different. all the other years,my oldest daughter was with me in the dreams but this morning,my son was with me in dream.Its a dream of an old home we are exploring and after going through the house thoroughly, we discover not only hidden rooms,completely furnished,but each discovery was an entire living quarters.Some unfinished and some complete.I am always very excited to each find.What can this possibly mean?

  157. Hi Amy :)

    I have been having dreams about the same guy for almost 8 years. I never thought too much about him before my first few dreams, but ever since about my 3rd dream I cannot get him off my mind.

    He is one of my brother’s best friends, and I have known him for quite some time. We were both in relationships pretty much the whole time we’ve known each other. However, for some reason I have continuously dreamt about him for years and years, and always had this feeling that we would find our way to each other eventually.

    Recently, that happened. He broke up with his girlfriend and I broke up with my boyfriend (not for each other, but just because it was time to do it.) Him and I have always had an insane intellectual, emotional and mental connection and the physical connection was just as strong. Needless to say, we decided to explore our feelings further. It was great. We both agreed that it was indescribable how deeply we connected on so many different levels. We never slept together when we hung out, we would just walk and talk for hours and hours and seemed to not be able to get enough of each other’s company.

    All of my dreams about him stopped after we started talking all the time and getting to know each other better. Then out of nowhere, his ex girlfriend laid a heavy guilt trip on him for leaving her, and he decided that he was being a bad person for how everything played out, and they decided to give it another shot.

    So now that we’re not talking anymore, all my dreams have come back. I’ve seen him once since then (because he is my brother’s best friend) and it was instantaneous vibes, like usual. He looks at me like he’s just got feelings pouring out of his eyes, and our connection was just as magnetic as always. I try to not think about him, but now that my dreams have come back it feels like he’s just constantly there. How do I make these dreams go away? Do you think this is why I feel so connected to him, or am I dreaming about him all the time because of our connection? Please help!

    Thanks :)

  158. Hi Amy,

    I keep having a dream that I am back in high school and usually it’s the first day of school. When it’s time to change classes, I go to open my new locker and can’t remember which one it is. I’m panicked because all my stuff is in it and I am about to be late for my next class. I start opening a ton of lockers, and none of them have my stuff. I’m clueless on what this might mean.

  159. I cant figure it out. My dream is of an appartment. I live there with my gf. What is freaky is that its so real. Every detail, plants, colors, decorations. As if this appartment exists and i have been there. The first dreams were more on the freakish side.. I had discovered more levels to the appartment. A top floor and a bottom floor. We lived in the middle. Both newly discovered floora were fully decorated as if ppl live there but in my dream they seemed to be clearly part of my appartment. As if i discovered bonus space. But i felt like i had more than i needed. Plus my gf never came to these areas with me. I was always alone and felt alone when in theae areas. It was darker and kind of in a still moment as if frozen in time, waiting for soething to happen. This dream has reoccured for months now. It has changed in time though. Later it had one less floor and the top one wasnt there anymore. It felt less and less mysterious. Like i knew it was there and went there sometimes just to remind myself i should do something about it. Yesterday i had this dream once again. This time i realized ppl lived there. That was weird because i felt like certain things belonged to me. Plus new things were in the appartment and made no sens. Anyways so as i was checking things out i see a door appear and i go out and speak to this guy and ask him whats going on and he tells me this is a seperate appartment and the door in on the backside not in the front. And a family lives there. Made so much sens in my dream and i felt releived and i woke up. I dont understand any of it. Haha

  160. Hi,
    I have been having my dreams in the same location which is my school and I truly loved this school and my parents and I recently moved far away from my most favorite school.

  161. Hi
    I have been havingseveral dreams for quite a few years now and I am always in the same place/location – my nan and grandad’s house. Not matter what the dream I am usually in their house trying to defend something, whether it be trying to save/protect my grandparents/myself, other family members or a close family pet dog who I owned and he passed unexpectedly last year. I am never anywhere else other than here every time I dream and never settled always trying to fight away something, what does this mean as I can’t remember the last time I dreamt and I was not there.

  162. Thanks fornposting this article. Very helpful!!

    I’m not sure that this is a reoccurring dream but different settings but same little boy was in both dreams. He never says anything he just smiles at me first dream he was about 5 years of age. This last dream he was three. He is the cutest little boy and he melts my heart every time I see him.

    The first dream I kept him behind a gold curtain and I was so overprotective of him and told him how much I loved him of him he just sat there and smiled and hugged me the whole time. I felt bad so I went downstairs to grab him a toy and out pops this vibrant shiny gold green red snake. Not scary at all and I woke up looking for this boy. It felt soooo real.

    2nd dream I am going through this town and go to this house and go inside this lady is in a room she’s like back in the 1950s with the ball gowns laying back in a chair rocking a baby cradle I come over to look at the baby she says u don’t have to look anymore u already have what ur looking for and she says I wouldn’t finish looking through the house. So I left and went out of the house. Went to the library and there was the little boy 3 years old smiling and gazing at me this time he was with the guy I am dating now holding his hand. And I walked past them and then I woke up

    I have no idea but these to dreams make me feel s certain way like I can’t forget them.
    Was wondering your thoughts.

  163. Hi Amy! So ive had this dream every year around Christmas since like 2008. Im at my grandparents house and im outside its really dark out but they have this sleigh that lights up. im just standing there looking at it and my grandpa walks out and asks if i want a ride. Btw its winter. And so i say yea! And get on and i start to fly. Then i always wake up. But ever since my grandpa died 2 years ago ive stopped having it. Can you please tell me what it means?

    Thanks in advance

  164. Hi Amy.. It’s was nice to read your article, very helpful. Actually I keep having dreams about my ex boyfriend start form 2012 since my relationship broke up with him. Its like common dreams, I know. But the things that bothering me is the color that me and my ex boyfriend wearing, like the clothes is always in white. And also the shades of my dream is purely in white. First time and second time, I guess is because some feeling like sad or missed him. But until now and its been 3 years, I start worried. I do really trauma since losing my relationship with him, by the times goes and my sadness just disappear slowly, only this dream still haunted me. Last time I dreamed of him about 2 weeks ago, and yes still in white. I didn’t thinking of him in that afternoon, quite surprising me how can he appears in my dream again and again in my nights. I was searching the meaning of that ‘white’ color that we both wearing. I had a new boyfriend, and our relationship has been running for less than 2 years , he is very nice. I almost forgot about my ex boyfriend, but I keep dreaming about him in several times in ‘white’. I also had some time to dream and when I woke up I was in the same room, same bed, same position and same clothes I wore in the dream. Could you help me to find the meaning of it?

  165. I Have Been having dreams about my ex over the past six years and I don’t know why or even how to get them to stop! They are always nice dreams and some are even a replay of actual incidents that took place! Can you tell me why this is happening? Thanks

  166. Hi Amy. My dream is about being alone and nobody care about me;feeling that empytiness that I will be alone forever.
    In the same time I find myself at school and that we are taking some exams and I’m not prepared and working in the same time and wonder how am I going to be able to manage it all.
    I’m a very happy person in real life but those dreams keep on coming back almost every week. What can it be? Thanks

  167. I have been having this dream for years now. Most recent was last night Sep 2, 2015. I start off getting on a schere with a bunch of people that I don’t recognize. long story short I end up going crazy and drowning one of my “friends it seems like” because I think she is trying to kill me. at the end they call the cops and show me a video but instead of the “friend” trying to kill me she was trying to help me and I was just going insane. Then I’m take into the cop car we drive off and I take off.

  168. I have been having this dream for years now. I’m at the pool with people I don’t recognize when all a sudden a girl tries to hurt me then she’s trying to drown me. so eventually im the one who causes her to drown. they call the cops then later show me a video surveillance of the pool and it was actually me who was trying to drown her.. she was trying to help… I was insane, histerical, had know clue I was trying to do the drowning.

  169. Hi Amy, Your article was really helpful to study my own dreams Thanks.
    Its been more than year now I see snake bite in my dreams which is mostly on my right leg. Sometimes snake kind of adore me and go away I know it sounds funny(Its more like I kind of force snake to like me and then snake goes away). I am seeing all this in dreams quite frequent even in day dreams. It started soon after I got married. After reading this article I realized that my dream mostly start as I sleep on my husbands arms he pampers me but as soon as snake enters in room my husband scares me away. I don’t understand what does this mean. In real life my husband never scares me. He is a loving guy. Does it means there is someone who is intruding in between us. We had little fights when we got married but by gods grace its been like more than 6 months or so we rarely had any disagreement on anything.
    I appreciate your help and time. Thanks dear.

  170. Hi Amy,

    When my sister and I were little we used to have the same exact dream but with only one slight difference. And it was a reoccurring dream for both of us. We never knew that we were both having the same dream until a couple years ago when I was curious and asked her if she had ever had a reoccurring dream before then she described it and it was exactly the same as mine. Oh and we are not twins, we are 3 years apart. What does it mean?

    • Sounds like you and your sister have a quite a connection, whether you realized it or not.

  171. Hello there , Ms. Amy..

    I have been working abroad for over three years , I went home for vacation just 2 months back and when I came back to work (abroad) I started having this dream ” .. that I am home with my kids and family , I have few days left before I go back to work again (abroad) I am glad that I was there with them but there’s a feeling of rush that I needed to enjoy my time to the fullest because I am flying back in few days. This occur in my dreams for more than once.

    Please help me to interpret these dreams.

    Thank you so much.


    • Are the feelings you felt in the dreams (being rushed, needing to enjoy your time to fullest), feelings that you felt or feel in your waking life? The dream could be a reflection of how you feel and showing you those emotions. If this were my dream and my situation, I would understand the dream in that way. And then… I would focus on being present and really fully experiencing every moment of my life – whether I’m waiting in a long line or enjoying time with my family.

      “Enjoy the time that you’re given” – sounds like great advice (directly from your dream). In fact, if this were my dream, I’d write this line on an index card and keep it near to me as a great reminder to appreciate everything I have in my life.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  172. I keep on having dreams where my current crush is looking for me and after reading this article it makes sense. I do the same routine over and over again. We used to work together and I got laid off my job. The timing was so terrible. I’m pretty sure he was going to ask me out once one day at work until he figured out I was married. Nothing ever happened after that but we still continued to talk. Fast forward to today, I am divorced now and he knows I like him. He doesn’t act upon it though because he has a girlfriend. The only time I see him is at the gym. It seems to happen every time I see him there. But this time we were back in high scool. Usually the dreams are back at work where he is looking for me. We did go to the same high school once too but I didn’t know him back then.

  173. Hello Amy,
    My sister often dream of attending my funeral. At first I thought it was that she missed me because I lived in another city. Now we live in the same house and she continues to have the same dream. What could it possibly mean?

    • Dreaming of death (or something related, like a funeral) is often about transformation or rebirth. This could be in regards to her relationship with you, or something else that she relates or associates with you. Dreams are personal, so your sister is the best person to ask about this dream. Have her read my post about how to understand the people in your dreams. Ask her to relate what she comes up with to an area of transformation in her life. See what that gives you.

  174. I NEED HELP!!!

    I am 23 years old and a soon to be father with my beautiful girlfriend Katlynn.

    I have had a ridiculous past full of experiences which could obviously be connected to my dreams… but i need someones opinion on the specific exact things happening.

    see, a few years ago I had a brain injury, went to detox for an addiction to sleeping pills following it for 2 weeks (it was a longer process to be completely finished) …

    Since, I continuously have detox, in some version, in my dream…..same people going threw shifts, same place and same energy…. and the weirdest thingis its ALWAYS next to a hotel which has a giant cliff drop into water, which people play and jump into the water on.

    I see this every night, and i usually feel stuck and frantic. I wake up sweating and almost released from torture.

    my girlfriend is always missing and my soon to be daughter brooklynn is never involved..

    its this giant cliff into water, and detox that WIILL NOT GO AWAY.

    this water part is the most interesting…..its a huge drop, people are in the water, its fun, but scary at the same time, its in an area I’m familiar with but cannot describe….

    I have recently moved to BC in canada permanently on top of everything.

    I don’t know what to do, I need to find the meaning behind this,

    • If this were my dream, I would look at the issues surrounding my addiction. Addiction is often about more than a chemical reaction in your body, but more often than not also involves mental patterns and other emotions that are difficult to deal with. I would look at the *underlying causes* of my sleeping pill addiction and then deal with those.

  175. i had this dream for years diffrent each time but its a girl were dating but idk her name and its all i can think about help

  176. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for your article. I have a recent recurring dream in which I am not sure what is the meaning of it.

    The first time I dreamt was I was in a whole area with many churches side by side. Each one has different statues and it was during the daytime. However, it turns to night later and at first, it seems to be all fine.
    All of sudden as I walk across one of them, I get a very creepy kind of feeling and I did walked away from that particular one. After walking away from it, I still felt the very creepy feeling from far.

    The second time I dreamt was I re-appeared in the same area and it was daytime. This time, I somehow felt familiar of the previous night creepy experience and I walked the area to find for that particular one. However, I do not recall how does it look like thou.

    Can you help me interpret the meaning behind this dream?

  177. Hi Amy!!!
    I would like to share my experience, it’s not exactly the same dream but one thing which is common in my every night’s dream is that i see myself as i can walk in air 3 feet above the ground and can even take long jumps almost equal to 100-200 metre, it’s not possible actually, but these two things keep repeating in almost every dreams of mine since 2-3 years. One more thing, why do start crying in real when i see myself crying in my dream? I am confused!!! It will be grateful if you can help me with this.
    Thank you :)

    • Hi Rohit,

      Dreams can trigger powerful emotions. You may need to cry and the dream is helping you release some pent up energy. It’s nothing to worry about. In fact, I see it as a gift the dream is giving you.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  178. Hello,
    First off I would like to say that my husband and I are separated and going through a divorce . A male friend that I’ve been friends with for 7 years recently told me a couple months ago that he had feelings for me which I’ve had feelings for him as well. We talked about possibly seeing where things go when my divorce is finalized. But now he has a new girlfriend and has stopped talking to me. The past couple of weeks I have been having a recurring dream that me and him are together. The first 2 dreams was very short but long enough to remember we was dating and out doing stuff like putt-putt. The most recent dream I had was last night and it was longer then the others but once again in the dream we was dating g and happy as could be as well as we were in the others. I’ve tried racking my brain to figure out what it is telling me but I can’t come up with anything.

  179. Hey, so I have been having the same dream for days and it is extremely disturbing. All the dreams take place near woods and involve everyone I love. At first I’m just talking and having fun, but shortly after a man shows up in a mask and slices up everyone except me. When he gets to me, he says he loves me and thats why he does it. After I tell him I do not love him, he chases me down and right before he kills me. I wake up. It has happened 6 nights in a row and multiply times a night. Any idea?

  180. I keep on having a dream that I am going to go back to highschool just to get my diploma again even though i know in my dream i already finished. The crazy part is i actually go and do my senior year over to get my diploma again and i remember saying I’m doing this so i can actually learn more this time and the teacher says i can ands i get my diploma again and somehow I’m happy about it and i feel like i actually accomplished something and that was it

  181. I read this article and I learned a lot from it. But my dream is like a repeat dream it’s about relationships. My boyfriend michael and I got in a fight a long time ago and I don’t remember what it was about but he was yelling and screaming at me then he threw his phone at the door I tried leaving he grabbed me by my arm which made it hurt I pulled away and I left with one my friends I asked her if she could pick me up and she did. This happened a long time ago it’s been a couple of months and my boyfriend and I have been fine ever since but for some reason I keep having the dream. And I don’t know why because we’re good we worked everything out. I just don’t know why out of all sudden I’ve been dreaming about it. Please help me understand why?

  182. So, my dream started with my whole family at church, i can’t remember if it was during or after. My father, second youngest sister, baby sister, and younger brother were not present after that. So it was just me, my mother, and my first younger sister Ruby.

    My dreams are usually very random at the start, and either stay that way or end up rather terrifying.

    In this dream, after the church scenario, we were on our way home and then I suddenly just start flying towards my house instead, leaving my mom and sister behind. I past by this huge blue object that reaches up into the sky and has an opening at the top, inside is a bunch of food. I open a few lids and start eating the ice cream in a vaccuum like way. And after that, (this is the middle part of my dream, which I always have trouble remembering clearly and might forget some events and details) we were suddenly at the mall (my mother and sister still present) or inside a clothing shop. After that I can’t remember what happened, but we ended up going down a few dark stairs leading into a room. (Forgot the rest) now, i’m in a different scenario. Which the terrifying events begin. I like to think of this part as a game, each level gets more terrifying. The only stage that I remember is the last one, at this time during the “game” my mother and sister are no longer present, but there are at least 5 other people there with me. During this stage, the room that we’re all in seems large enough for none of us to feel cramped, it’s similar to a bathroom, one section cut off for 10 stalls, and the room infront (and leading into) are where the sinks are.

    I am fully aware that the other 3 with me are apart of the “nightmarish” stage. But there was another person with me who I didn’t know. I can’t remember the earlier events in that room but at the ending, one of the 3 come up and starts yelling and screaming at me and the other person, he holds up a part of a railing, and at this part I am very afraid but unable to control my dream body. But the dream me grabs the person next to me and puts him/her to the right of me, where the angered person starts beating him/her with the railing. At this point I realize that it’s a woman who’s being beaten due to the screams. And after that, I zap into some sort of store. It’s currently night time, perhaps around 8 or 9 and I run out of the store, at the entrance is some woman and there are flashing cameras. I start flying towards what I think is the way home, but then I soon realize that i’m lost and land in an area with tons of people sitting at tables, eating and chatting away. I walk up to one woman, the only thing that I remember about her is her blonde hair. I ask for her phone to search up my house on google maps the dream ends once I receive the phone.

    I can’t really tell if this is just a really weird dream or something else ._. I haven’t had a repetitive dream in awhile since they usually stop when I talk to someone about it, but yeah. Sorry for the really long comment, hope you respond.

  183. dear amy,
    i m 26 years old, i have repeated dreams from almost one year,since we have moved to new house near my maternal grandparents.
    almost 2 or 3 times a week i see my grandparents house(my grandparents have died for many years), its a bid house and i am always in a different room of the house and sometimes their are changes in rooms and lawn too.usually i am always alone there,sometimes my mother accompanies me ans sometimes i see my grandfather grandfather is always busy in his routine he used to have.he doesnt say anything to me.
    last time i had dream about their house 2 days dream my mother was showing me different rooms and her room too.
    in reality, i used to live at grandparents house in summers when i was a kid but i didnt have any emotional attachment with the house or the grandparents.after grandfathers dead the house is still disputed between his children.its a combined property which is still undivided and needs decision. my grandfather was a man of rules and a very pious ,kind man. he would never like such disputes among his kids.
    dear amy tell me why do i see this house again and again. sometimes i want to shift back to old house. but i do find one relation of this dream with my exams. i see this dream more often near my exams.

    plz answer me,

  184. Good day everybody am here to share my life testimony to you all and to those time of life you think everything has end no, there is always a way out, my life is an example of that, my name is Cacilia am from USA but i work here in UK and i have been in a relationship for 4years now i sacrifice my life my money to make sure it work out and to have a happy family with my boyfriend a time comes when my boyfriend lost his job i stand to make sure he never lack anything and i fight for him to get a new job and have our wedding planed few weeks ago my boyfriend got a good job and i was so happy for him and we where happy together again last week i was at the eatery when i say my boyfriend with a girl eating and having fun i thought it was a friend or something when i got home i ask my boyfriend who was that girl you where with at the eatery today he said she is a friend at work i said ok little did i know that she is a girl that want to rip where she did not soar i try to talk it over with my boyfriend but he refuse and told me he want to end our relationship that he have a new girl in his life now, i could not get myself i thought it was a joke he left me in the house for days i try calling him but refuse to pick my call and send me a text and told me is over i cried and cried a man i labored for now is time for me to have a peace of mind a go-digger want to take what belongs to me i report him to his friends and he still don’t want to let go i was diver-stated and confuse so i was looking for advise in the internet when i saw a testimony of a woman dr wakina help i say to my self i want to be happy again like this woman i give it a try and contact him on his website and told him my problem and he assure me that everything we be fine again and i believe him after 3days my boyfriend came home and kneel down and beg me to forgive him i was so surprise right now we are back together and happy and even fix a date for our wedding i thank you Dr wakina for making me a happy woman again contact him today and you we also share a good story like me his email address is or his website also call him on his mobile number +2348168232724 and you we testify like me.

  185. Hi Amy. I experience so many reoccuring dreams in my life. I think about 4-5 different dreams repeated in 1-2 month. I can’t remember when was it start because i wasn’t too care about it at that time. I’m confused is it a good or bad things. I like your articles anyway

  186. For about 2 weeks now I’ve been having the same dream. It’s like this cursed woman tryouts mf to kill me. But in the begging it’s just a doll but then that disappears then it’s the woman the rest. I keep killing her but she keeps coming back no matter what I do rip her body up, or burn her she always comes back

  187. Hi! I’ve had the same two dreams around once every two weeks or so. For the first one, I’m at the mall with a big group of friends. But I feel something wrong and notice that somebody is following us. When I look back, the guy starts chasing us with a knife. We all go different directions and keep running, but every time I turn a corner, I’m exactly where I was.
    The next dream is set during the night. I’m being chased in my neighborhood by a psycho or something. Sometimes we are on bikes and sometimes we are just running. But whenever I call for help, nobody is there. I knock on doors but no one opens them. I even run all the way to my town police station but only the lights are on and there are no people. I’ve also had many apocalypse dreams like there are bombs being thrown and I have to run away leading my parents, or the ground starts to shake and I see my family holding on to the ground. I’m curious of what any of this means. If anyone could help, it would be appreciated! Thank you!

  188. I have been having a recurring dream all different but they all have my ex boyfriend, friends, and family telling me to leave my husband and to go and be happy with my ex. This has been a recurring dream for a long time and in different dreams but with the same message. Can you help me understand this please!

  189. Hey Amy!

    I’ve always been a vivid dreamer. I’ve had reoccurring dreams before, but last night something happened that I’ve never experienced before. I had the same dream five times back to back. A lot like a song on repeat. This is something that has me a bit confused because nothing changed during each dream, each played out the exact same way.
    Maybe you can give me some insight into that, and maybe some on the dream as a whole.
    It’s about my recent ex, who decided to return to his ex (go figure:) During our relationship I miscarried our baby at 10 weeks, so some of this hits home. Anyway, on to the dream…
    I was standing in a dimly lit room, observing him and her lying on their right side on an unfamiliar bed. Her belly exposed, she was pregnant, I could see a lit up monitor screen on her belly and a glow from inside the womb. I caught a glimpse of the fetus, a girl, and began to hear a heartbeat. It was irregular, and I knew right away there was some malfunction. I walked closer to read what the monitor said and it had the symbol of a heart, the word “DEFECT” and the name Ava. They had no idea I was there, almost as if I were observing from another realm or something. From there, I was standing on a staircase, waiting for him to arrive. I knew he wanted to meet with me to tell me about her pregnancy, but he was unaware I already knew. As soon as he shows up, she appears. I walk away to escape her, knowing inside her motives were to “rub it in” but knowing what I knew about the baby I didn’t want to be the one to say it. He follows me to the next place (inside some building, nothing stands out other than the different rooms to escape to) She appears again. She does this every time we get out of sight of her. After several times of this, I then go back to the beginning in the dimly lit room and the dream repeats itself.
    I’ve never had this dream before, but it did happen five times in a row last night. Any insight you can give would be great, I can usually figure my dreams out but this one has me puzzled.

    • Hi Jamie,

      Sounds like a powerful dream experience. I suggest you have a look at my post about how to understand the people in your dreams – and keep in mind that symbolically, everything in the dream represents some part of you. I would also pay careful attention to the imagery around the heart defect. If this were my dream, I would look at my ability to love and wonder if I’ve closed off my heart any ways in my life.

      If you’d like to explore this dream further, I offer 1-on-1 coaching sessions. You can learn more and book your session here.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  190. Hi Amy
    I graduated nearly 8 years ago, however I still have dreams quite regularly that I’ve failed my dissertation therefore failing the entire final year at university. I always remember this dream and wakeup having to reassure myself that it didn’t happen and feeling like I’ve let down my family and I’ve failed. I don’t understand why I keep having this dream!?

  191. Hi Amy!

    I am having this terrible reoccurring dream not long after I have gotten with my boyfriend two years ago!!! In my reoccurring dream, there is this huge house I live in on a lake. It’s deep in the woods and there is no one around. In fact there is no one in my dream but the people I love (family&friends)… And a faceless man.

    About 9 months into my dream my boyfriend and his family had moved into a huge house on a lake. I have never seen this house in my life and once I had seen it for the first time I realized IT WAS THE HOUSE THAT IS IN MY DREAM! The first couple months of having this dream I woke up laying in different spots in my house such as my couch, the opposite end on my bed, and the dog bed. Going back into my dream.. My mother had died of cancer and my sister committed suicide. I move into this house and my first night there, i go up stairs To go to bed and I shut my eyes for a second. Once I open them I see this faceless man standing over my bed choking me. I scream, run out of bed and go get my boyfriend who was passed out on the couch down stairs. Once I wake him up I tell him what had happened to me and what I saw. I laid my head down in his lap just crying. And when I pick my head up. I’m laying on the faceless man…

    I run crying and screaming trying to find my boyfriend. Once I go outside I see a fire in my yard. I was thinking how could this be. We didn’t have a fire and there is no one within miles of here. So, I decide to walk to see what was burning and it was my boyfriend…once I hit the ground screaming I turn to go call 911 and once again there was the faceless man behind me. He’s chasing me. He’s always following me everywhere I went in my dream.

    Then one night I had my little niece presleigh sleep over. I went to go get a glass of water once she fell asleep and once I got back in the room I saw the faceless man leave and disappear. I freaking out again.. Run to presleigh and she wouldn’t wake up. So I turned her around and she was too.. Faceless..
    At this point I get in my car and drive to go get help. I get to this stoplight and I hear this evil laugh in my car. I turn my head and once again there’s the faceless man. I scream, hit the gas and ran the stop light leaving me hit by a semi severely injured.

    As I spent days in the hospital I didn’t see this faceless man. Until the night before I was being discharged. I was always telling police, doctors, and nurses about the faceless man and no one believed me. Once I got crazy and freaked out they gave me something and made me knock out. Once I woke up my room looked very different. The doctors and nurses had no faces. And of course.. I turn my head and again see the faceless man. I’m running through the halls screaming for help and no one is listening, I remember as I’m running through the has there was this door I ran to and opened it. It lead me right to my house again. As I’m running I run to the dock to the lake with the faceless man following me. As I go to jump into the water I wake up from my dream every time. …

    Because of the reoccurring dream I have severe anxiety about loosing the ones I love and being chased my the faceless man. I drive with the light on in my car, have every light on in the house constantly peeking around doors, corners and looking behind me. I zone out to space constantly (seeing the faceless man) not responsive when someone tries to talk to me. I’m constantly in fear and don’t sleep so well. What can I do?

    • Hi Talesha,

      Thanks for sharing your dreams. It sounds like these are quite frightening. Are you familiar with Carl Jung? He was a famous psychologist who did a lot of work with dreams and he talks a lot about a concept called your “shadow.” Basically, your shadow is any part of yourself that you haven’t accepted, or you deny, or you haven’t fully integrated. These can take on many different forms from traumatic experiences, to feelings of shame, prejudices, or anything in your life that you disown or deny. Can also be generally what you are unconscious of. Often they are “dark” parts of ourselves so they often show up as scary dreams.

      That said, if this were my dream, I would understand it to be showing me my shadow. By definition, this can be tricky to work with since they are the aspects of yourself that you are unconscious of. I would start by looking at what I see in *other* people that annoys me or bothers me in some way. These are often projections of our own shadows and point to places in ourselves that need to be looked it.

      I highly recommend the work of Byron Katie for working through shadow aspects. Everything can be found on her website at and it’s completely free.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  192. Hello Amy. I found your article helpful. I’ve been having a re-occurring theme in a dream in 4 recent dreams. In these dreams, I’m asleep in my bed and wake up to find there is someone in my apartment. Twice it has been the same person. In the first dream, my kitchen door opens and someone I know comes in and plugs in an extension cord. I go to the door and asked what is going on and he said he needed electricity to run his skill saw. I awoke after that. The second dream I cannot remember much about other than once again I am awakened by someone in my apartment. The third dream, I saw my kitchen door open and close, whoever came in was in like a shadow, they walked through my bedroom and out the door, closing the door behind them. This last one was again a man I know and I awoke to see him standing in front of my television, just standing there. I told him if he wants the tv he can have it. In each dream I am in the bed. Twice I know who is in my apartment. I understand that there may be some sort of message to these odd dreams, but I cannot figure out what it is. Any suggestions?

  193. Hello Amy! I just had a dream last night that I had years ago and I don’t really keep a dream journal so I don’t know how has it been but I’m positive its been more than 3 years since I had that dream.
    It starts with me visiting my girlfriend in some type of prison, where she’s not allow to leave and I managed to break her free without no one finding out then we had time for ourselves. We drove to some sort of airport in Los Angeles but I didn’t have the money to buy the plane tickets then the girl sees my dad and asks him for money where he declines and I decided to just go somewhere else and noticed the police were looking for us. We hid in some sort of laboratory and saw a bunch of chickens and 2 people,1 female and 1 male helping us hide from the police, and my girlfriend and I were worry because she kept saying that she was pregnant and I don’t remember correctly but the people that helped us tried to kill us and I managed to kill ‘em both then I wake up… that’s the old dream, I kind of changed it and instead of not taking the plane we did and landed in my hometown in Texas and after that the dream is over.

    I just want to know if it makes sense or should I just be aware if I have it again to record any patterns the dream has.
    Thanks in advanced.

  194. Dear Amy,

    THANK YOU! I am a 44 yr. old female; and my reoccurring dreams started when I was around ten. My dreams are always a message for someone else; and the repeat button will play nightly until I find this person and deliver “their message” and leave a contact card (mainly because I’m curious about the outcome); once the message has been delivered; then the dream stops and I can finally sleep at night; until the next dream starts (i.e. “message to be delivered”)…these are sometimes days apart, other times months.
    This cycle of odd reoccurring dreams has become “normal” for me; it seems I’m constantly in search of someone I don’t know/never met, but will eventually cross paths with on the street, at a coffee shop, or on vacation somewhere; and their responses range from “who do you think you are?” to “how do you know about that?” to “yeah right, your nuts! The latter ones, usually end up calling me a few days later to apologize for not listening when I wast just trying to tell them what was about to happen”.
    The most recent “dream message” ended four weeks ago now, and this is the only one I’ve ever had, that was intended for me. This repeat dream lasted over the course of about six weeks; every night it was a dream of the same woman with longer blonde hair, deep blue eyes, medium height/build, with a very kind smile, and a calming voice that always gave me a feeling of “I know you from somewhere”.
    In the dream, we would hang out at either her or my house, cook, clean/dry dishes, do laundry, go to the movies, go for walks, throw the ball for the dogs in the park, spend time with my son (14) and her two children (boy and girl ages 17 and 24), grocery shop together, just everything anyone would do during everyday life (nothing remarkable…just daily family living). Then every morning I would wake up…journal every detail I could recall –thoughts/feeling/smells /locations (etc…). In the non-dream state, I knew for certain I had never met this person, I had no idea who she was, but the impression left behind every morning; was the feeling of longing, from her and her children missing from my life.
    From reading my dream journal over a few weeks’ time; it became apparent that this nightly encounter was repeating/building so I chose to ask more detailed questions over the next few weeks instead of just being happy to spend time together with our families.
    Over the next few nights, it became quite obvious that the message wasn’t for me alone, but that it was for me, and my husband. Her name started with a hard C or K sound….I’m thinking it was Chris, Christine, Kristen, Karen (something of that sort); she currently lives on the east coast (impression was Boston area or New York; I was also judging this from her accent) with her husband and two children. From our dream conversations her husband was either ill or not in the future plans for her/her family – as she stated that she will be coming to live with my Husband and I in approximately 3-5 years, and that I needed to talk with him about this; so that he would be prepared for the impending change.
    I asked how she would know that he needed “digesting time” to process this insane information/request by his Wife.
    She laughed, saying that most Husbands would need time to adjust to their Wife telling them that another woman, whome she had never met, would be coming to live with them on a permanent basis in the future. Making it a point to me that it was very important that I ensure him that I was very much so a major part of the situation/equation….she continued to say that she will need me, as much as she needs him, and that if I wasn’t fully on board/involved he would never agree to this life change.
    I said I thought this was all very weird…she agreed; but said it is what will come to pass; as long as we (my Husband and I) both remain open and loving people.
    I asked how she knows me…she said she doesn’t other than here (in the dream state) but that she did know my spouse many years ago; and that he would be supportive of me/her, and would (if given time) completely understand what would be needed for this unorthodox situation. I told her I would consider talking to him; and the dream ended.
    Again, I journaled everything.
    Repeat this same dream the following three nights; with me getting little bits/pieces of additional information here/there…and journaling them every morning in order to finally piece it all together; and ultimately come to terms with the request/message – hell – let’s face it; I’m being told that I will be sharing my life with my Husband and another woman!?…WTF is what I was working/dealing with!
    Overall; I am really not certain what this message means, or why it’s was so important that I transfer it to my spouse; but I do know from historical experience that it will not stop (leave me alone) unless I take action. So, after a few more days of the same dreams, same pleading requests, and no sleep, I decided to talk with my Husband about this before bed.
    Basically the short version; (and any married man out there would get the radar up if their Wife started asking questions about past lovers, girlfriends, friends etc…this wasn’t one of those sort of inquires, and I think he knew it). Did he know any women in his past, whose name started with a hard C or K sound that had blonde hair and deep blue eyes that might need our help.
    Oddly enough – my Husband had a best friend Kristy who had blonde hair and blue eyes that he’d not talked to in over 25+ years due to moving, work, family – generally due to each of their lives going in different directions. Of course he asked why I was asking him this…instead I responded with asking him to please reach out to her to check in, see how she is doing, if everything is okay, and if there is anything we could do to help her.
    You would think that after all the years we have been together; this wouldn’t have come as a surprise to him; but he sat down hard with a surprised shock; like the wind had been knocked out of him. He didn’t ask me many questions – just looked at me so odd, said seriously, babe! In a questioning tone; at my affirmed nod and vocal of please do this and don’t ask why. He gave me a huge hug, said I love you sweetheart, then continued down the hall, to the den to work on tracking down her phone number, and taking the time to call. It wasn’t long before I heard screaming on this end of the phone…he was finally able to calm her down explaining that his Wife had just asked him to call and the basics of how/why..and a final of it’s best if you just don’t ask…I have no idea how she does it…but have learrned not to ask too many questions.
    They talked for quite a while, laughed, cried, and reminisced – Overall I think it was a great healing opportunity for both to finally be back in touch with the other.
    Their talk confirmed that her husband is indeed terminally ill; the doctors predict he has about 2-3 years to live; they are currently making all the memories they can as a family, and while crying she couldn’t thank him or his wife (i.e. me) enough for reaching out as she has no one else; all of her family members had already passed away – my heart goes out to her and her family, and he ended the call with it was great to talk to you and we are always here if you need us.
    That night the repeat dream finally ended…and it’s not recycled since – I have seen her once since then a couple nights back; she gave me a huge hug, said thank you so very much for supporting her and for not being closed minded.

    So what this all means I have no idea; but my Husband has been very at peace since speaking with Kristy; and keeps telling me thank you for being such a wonderful wife, mother, partner, his best-friend, and such a caring woman, to those I don’t know.
    End result, he and I are semi-preparing for a permanent housemate in about 4 years; and both laugh at the obsurdity of it all..but wouldn’t be surprised or in the least worried if it actually does happen.

    • Hi Ren,

      Thank *you* for sharing your beautiful dream experiences. You have quite a gift. This is an aspect of dreaming that is almost completely ignored in Western culture. Though traditional dreaming cultures honor and highly value gifts like yours. Are you familiar with Robert Moss? His work touches on this aspect of dreaming quite a bit. I think you would like it. You might start with his book Conscious Dreaming. He also offers online classes, which are *really* good.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  195. Hello, I wish to ask about a dream that has repeated more than 60 or probably 80 times. It’s the same girl I’ve barely known and had no feelings about and she always smiles and walks by. Its happening for 3 years maybe and I get kind of confused she is attractive of course but I never had any thoughts or feelings or anything like that ,so…any advice would be appreciated.

  196. Hi Amy
    I used to dream about going back to this house I used to Iive in probably a few months old at the time while living there and we would have dinner with the lady who owns it now and she had all ready invited a date over who hated children so my mum would stay at the table and me, Kate my twin sister and my two older brothers Jamie and Cameron would run off and hide and as we run off mum would yell don’t go near the border room and we would all hide behind the two fish tanks she had then Jamie and Cameron would tell us about the border room which is basically a gap instead of having the wall meet the floor and there was a ghost there who if you went near it it would suck your soul out . I haven’t had this dream for years now until last night but this time it was different instead of Jamie and Cameron it was my friend Alex and her two brothers and her sister Kate was still there though and we went off to hide but mum never yelled out don’t go near the border room and so I went off past the fish tank and into another room where there were two chairs and a sheet covering something and I walk towards it and as I left the sheet up I see a wooden plark that says BORDER ROOM and in the background I hear Kate say can we go to the border room and mum answers no never go near it never lift the sheet and straight after that something behind me grabs me and pulls me up by my neck then I wake up .
    I would love to know anything about what it could mean.
    Thanks Sara

  197. Hi amy, I wondered if you would be able to give me any advice on this dream, so far it was only reoccured twice but I don’t understand it properly. A while ago I gave a friend my dog for accommodation reasons and have been unable to see him, and that’s partially the reason for this dream I think but am unsure. The dream starts me walking home from the chip shop and I see the friend I gave the dog to. I stop and ask him if he can stop for a few minutes so I can see the dog and he then shouts a load of abuse at me. Out the corner of my eye I see my friends grandma looking out of her window to see what the commotion is, so I tell him there’s no need to shout. Then the grandma comes out of her house and shoots him with a cross bow and tells me now I can have my dog back. And that’s when I wake up, I have wrote these dreams down and the only difference I am able to see is the colour of the cross bow

  198. Hi,Amy
    I recently had a dream which i already have couple of times in my past .
    The dream was about someone talking away my dear ones. When i started to go on a search mission i find few people who have the same incident with them .We altogether went for the search but we were stopped by few robots who had certain kind of chipset on the left where we humans have heart .We faught with them (this is the most intriguing part that i fight with them with certain kind of martial arts which in real life i always want to learn) . But while fighting i caught hold one of them , the moment i was tearing him apart he divided into two parts with help of his team and he took me in his grip but luckily i was able to free myself and caught hold the chip which i thought was there life . As soon as i took away the chip he was like choking , i felt bad and there was a girl who was crying for him . watching her cry i immediately put him in water and he converted into a fish and was breathing. The girl stopped crying and told us a entrance to the future ,from where they took our dearones . This was a dream which i had last night and it had reoccurred a couple of times in past years.
    Please help !!

  199. It’s not a recurring dream, but multiple dreams in general where I am not me and the people in them are not anyone I actually know. In my dreams they are very much connected to me and I feel emotions towards them, very deep emotions. I have a very strong feeling, in fact I am certain that these dreams are not mine, but other peoples maybe? They are very vivid and real, and the entire day after I have these dreams, I keep having these yearning feelings towards these people and a strong need and urge to know them to get back to them…but I no longer can see their faces, or remember the details of the dream, but the feeling and emotions are so strong and real, I don’t understand them; but this happens a lot. Each time they do it’s different people… men, women, children that I do not know but I feel so deeply connected to them all each time. Can you help me understand them? I feel I need to know how to remember these dreams, and people, maybe even how to find them? my feelings have gotten so strong lately that I can’t ignore them anymore.
    Thank you.

  200. Hi, Amy. I have had 2 reoccurring dreams in my life, both always occuring years, sometimes decades apart. The first started during my parents divorce. I have no doubt it represented abandonment issues related to my father. In it, my dad leaves my brother and I to sleep in his keep (one of my favorite things as a kid) in the lobby of a fancy hotel, while he sleeps in the penthouse. Then, in the middle of the night, a masked man breaks in, says something about my dad and then tries to murder my brother, only 4 at the time, and I jump on top of my brother and fight the man until he stabs me, which is when I wake up. This dream is always exactly the same. Luckily it’s been 8 years since I’ve had this dream. The last time, I was pregnant, and I’m sure it was due to feeling as though I was all on my own again. Since then, I’ve started a new reoccurring dream. Last night the new dream happened for the second time. The first was about 5 or 6 years ago when I was in the final years of my marriage. My now ex husband is in this dream, even still. In this one, I am doing a bunch of stuff and nothing seems disturbing, until I make a mistake and go into the wrong door at a community center. I had been warned about this door the first time I had the dream. When you go through the door you enter a gang room. Even if you see nothing, you will not leave the place without getting jumped and or killed. My ex husband comes to pick me up and when I come outside, his truck is surrounded by the gang waiting for me. I’m the first dream I vaguely recall not being able to fight them off and my ex husband not helping. In last night’s version, however, although my ex still did nothing to help, I had no problem fighting them off… In fact, it was like fighting children with no will. In fact some of the gang members t I need into children as they entered my door. It was bizarre, feeling scared and yet humored at the same time. I woke up during a sumo wrestling match with one of the gang members, as the others is already beaten watched on. They all just sort of gave up. Either way, I still woke up with an adrenaline rush and the desire to be held.

    I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks for helping.

  201. Hi Amy. I am so glad I found your website! I have been searching for someone to help interpret the reoccurring dream that I have been having off and on for about 20 years: My family and I move into an old fixer upper house and while I’m fixing it up I always stumble upon a hidden room or a part of the house which I didn’t know existed. Sometimes it’s haunted and sometimes it isn’t. It’s a different type of house in each dream The only things that are the same in every dream is that the house needs work and the fact that I discover a hidden area of the house.

    This dream must have some kind of meaning so I am hoping you can help me figure it out.

    Thank you!

  202. Hi Amy,
    You’re article has been extremely helpful and interesting. I’ve recently realized that i’ve been dreaming more and more lately and just related it to be stressed out ( I’m a college student). However, I had a dream so vivid last night and realized that I have dreamed it many times before. The dream involved me sitting on skyscraper overviewing the skyline of Atlanta (where I live and from) and then trying to crawl back into the building after I finished viewing the city. This dream has recently left me with a very good yet confusing feeling. I was wondering if you could help me understand? It is crazy to me how real the dream seemed to my senses. I could feel the air blowing and could see everything so vividly. Thank you for you time!

  203. Ive had this dream before but from today it started re occuring. I see that mysterious guy in a black outfit with a black mask is trying to kill everyone in my family. It is quite scary. Im not having stress or anything like that plus im happy in my life now but why this kind of a dream or i should say nightmare? Please help.

  204. Hi Amy! I have this recurring dream about a certain person.

    It all started weeks before I met him. In the dream, I was in a dark place until I stopped by a music shop. Inside there was a guy who was watching over the shop. I passed by it and returned to the dark area then went somewhere that has light only to find out that that guy was behind me. I ran and he was chasing me and I just kept on running. The guy who was chasing me changed his appearance in the middle of the chase. At the end, I arrived in a beach and lie down on the sand and took pictures of the coconut leaves. (I felt scared but relieved after waking up as I was able to escape the guy)

    The second dream before I met this person was weirder. This guy (in his changed appearance) was counting off months as to when I will be giving birth. It ended up on December. (I really felt terrified after the dream ’cause I don’t even know the person yet).

    The third dream about the person happened after I met him.
    I was in a room, with many people, but it seems like I was in the center. Then he was also there. And there was like a party, there were ice creams and other food. Then I was so into my phone after getting an ice cream, as I was playing guitar heroes. However, he called the attention of everyone as he sat in front of a piano. He also called me and I just stood in his right side. then he played Bach’s Minuet in G major (I woke up after the song and really remembered its tune. However, I didn’t know the name of this music piece at that time so i searched on the famous songs of the classical music composers ad when I listened to Bach’s, eureka, it’s a match. I fell in love with the music for more than a week. After that, that guy was totally in my mind for most of the time, and I tell you, Amy, I don’t like the fact that i am thinking of him. I’ll tell the reason at the end of this)

    The fourth dream wasn’t that much remarkable compared to the others for in that dream, we were only looking for somewhere to stay in a vacation, like a hotel or something. And it was night, and it was only the lights that made the areas possible to be seen such as the pools, the trees, the aisle and pavements, etc.

    The fifth one was very brief, and I was so close to him in that dream. The thing here was that he was lifting a child. (Of course, i really felt even more terrified after this dream, like ugh, would this even happen in real life. I bet no.)

    The sixth one was kinda long, I was in a room with my classmates. We were entering a certain part of that room, then a little girl grabbed my hand and brought me to the front row of the class. Then he was there again. in front of a piano. Then he started playing but i cannot remember the tune. (To be honest, I felt annoyed after this dream as I wasn’t able to recall the music anymore. But in the dream, I felt happy, like I was enjoying the scene – i’m not sure if it was because of my classmates or when he started playing)

    In the most recent one, I was in our classroom, and I was listening to him, and he was saying nonsense and irrelevant things. (This was just last week. After i woke up, I felt weird like what was that all about)

    O.K. so here’s the thing, Amy. The guy I dreamed about (even before meeting him) is my current art professor. He’s like 15 to 20 years older than me. He’s a singer. He’s a straight to the point person while I’m beating around the bush.

    The thing here is that i recognized he was the same guy in the second dream after meeting him, ad realized he was the guy in the first dream when I searched for his name in google and stalked him a bit.
    I listened to his songs. Not a fan but the melodies are good, and I can somehow relate to the songs for I am also writing my own songs and some of our songs have similar chord patterns.
    Anyway, I don’t know but all these dreams are creeping me out. I don’t want any of these to happen. and even if I appreciate his class, it is not to the extent that i would be thinking about it after i go home. i have other majors that I should focus on. And I am not that much active in his class as well.
    Also, I started having these dreams the weeks before the classes this semester started.

    What do these dreams mean? Why am I having these dreams? Why is he in my dreams? Even before I met him? What can I do to stop these dreams? Is there a need to talk to this guy personally?
    The dreams aren’t recurring but the person is recurring, and the details are disturbing me very much.
    Because of these dreams, that guy would sometimes pop out in my mind out of nowhere and this started a week after the third dream.
    i need your advice, Amy. Thank you for your time and wisdom. :)

  205. i have a dream maybe about a year ago that i married this guy i liked i didnt think it was anything it was just a dream and maybe i had it just cuz i liked him but couple weeks ago i had another dream that i married him again and at the time we was talking and that night my cousin and him was talking and saying if me and him got married and i didnt know they was talking about it but that night i had the dream and before that the guy told me that his family loves me they always talk about me and they want me and him to get married. its probably nothing but i always wondered if it means something i thought i’ll leave a comment and see what your thoughts are about this.

  206. Hello Amy,

    This was helpful. I was wondering I keep dreaming about this guy whom I went to school with from grade 7-9. I moved away and it has been 8 years since then. I did have a crush on him long time ago, but it stopped long time ago. In my dreams I am looking for him, trying to find him at some point in the dream. I didn’t think about him all these years, so I am just really confused by he keeps popping up in my dreams now.

  207. Amy, great article got me thinking….. I kinda have a reoccurring dream, my dream is always different only thing is it takes place in the same place. Atleast once a week I have a dream and it takes place in my grandmothers house. My grandmother has been passed away for atleast 10 years now the house was sold back then to. Any insights?

  208. Hi I’m so confused it started just two nights ago and I never noticed it until it repeated the next night I’m not sure yet my dream is of thanksgiving and no one I know is there but this girl always reappears every time at the same time the turkey is ready then me and others go into the mountains for a camping trip me her and two others get lost we ended up getting lost and that’s when she and I meet face to face and the dream stops

  209. Hey Amy ,
    Your article was helpful thank you. But I have had this weird dream where it was the same concept but it was slightly changed. The first one was I and several other people were falling and we could not move or talk we just fell. We all wore different colored shirts and there were clouds but they were solid and when someone would hit the cloud they disappeared and the cloud turned the color of their shirt. A similar occurrence happened later that week where again me and several others were walking around and we could not move and we could not change our direction and if you ran into someone a hole would form in the floor and they would fall through it. There have been other versions and they are all the same except the different landscapes. I was hoping you could help me figure them out.

  210. I’ve been having a somewhat reoccurring dream for years now. It seems to happen daily. In this dream I am a kidnapping victim and I have super powers and I am just about to go live in this particular fictional character’s house. It is always a different dream, but has the same reoccurring elements, same family, even if the dream differs slightly. In these dreams I think I might be dreaming until I pinch myself and I can actually feel pain in the dream. It’s rather weird and I’m not sure what is going on.

  211. Hey, I am still unsure what to think about my dreams.. I always have vivid dreams. I can count on my hand how many plain blackout sleeps I’ve had. Every dream I have it feels as if I’ve been active within my dreams as my whole life. That when I wake up it takes a moment to click back into reality as I lay there waking up.

    Yet for over a week in a row, I’ve been having very old dreams that I know were not lined up like this when I first had them. It is odd how I have had these dreams.. And they are close to how I am living now. Like things that have happened. It makes me feel odd to say “Have I seen my own future?” It creeps me out dealing with all of this emotion and events in my dreams that I can tell I have experienced before. I have never had a dream twice until a little over a week ago with me having different dreams that I have had before in a row. These dreams, some I know I have had over 5 or maybe even 8 years ago. I do not have one dream repeat, I have been having different types of dreams, none the same, this whole week and a half that I have for certain dreamed before.

    What can I do to help this? It is so weird..

  212. I still can’t get a hold on this dream that I keep having, Well it always starts with me going up a road that looks like a getto, on the right side is a 4 stores all bunched together you know a strip club, bar, Smoke store and another I cant remember. Then on the right is a good sized either MacDonald’s or burger king its kinda bury. As you pass those there is three more roads, On the left is a very very large Bestbuys. On the right is a highway that leads too a very large mall. I remember at the mall there was a murder and best buy was much of a blur. But I allways come from the getto and either go left or right but never towards the getto. Also if i go stright its just a long endless zigzag road and if I go up it its go long that my dream ends.

  213. Hello Amy,
    Please help me a bit with this.
    I seen a dream that i could remember that the same was seen by me some period of time ago.May be one year or just more.My dream was that I was trying to run out of gangster situation with my friends along at different situation.That is , my single dream composed of the situation in which I was at first successful evade a gangster situation , then later finding a next safe place to hide , again I had to think for getting out,I got out ,then again at some safe place the gangsters returns .However , I still dont know whether they were gangster or not , but I do remember that I was trying to run from a large group of people holding arms.I found this dream to be repeated after one year as I said and to my surprise my brain recollected the situation I was in the same dream , last time , every time and also recollected what I did last time in my dream.Then , in my latest dream , i followed exactly the same thing that I did last time in my dream to evade gangsters , and they were found to be working .Since they worked in my last dream.Right now , I am just unable to understand what does this type of repeatition is signifying and want your help at earnest.
    Thanks in Advance!!!

  214. Hello,

    In July of 2008 from my deck in Southwestern, CT right at sundown I saw an object that was in the South East sky and was twice the size of the largest harvest moon I have ever seen, It also looked like it was Jupiter about to crash into the earth and I starting videoing it. I remember being
    very frightened of this thing. It went from the size I described to the the size of the North Star in about 5 minutes. The video was destroyed
    by mistake when it was being converted from disk to video file, but I have a snapshot of it.

    Since that time, I have been experiencing the same dream 2 or 3 times a year in which I wake up in a cold sweat gasping for air and not knowing where I am or who I am. This lasts for about 5 minutes and I have an overwhelming sense of enormous fear for hours/days after word. I have tried
    to examine the dream, but the people in it think I’m nuts when I try to tell them about it and ask if they know why they would be in this dream. I had one person even think I was trying to hit on her (she is married, I barely even know her and totally not into her or breaking up a marriage) and now probably thinks I am a creep. Ugh! There are 2 other people in this dream that I have not contacted and after my experience with the first 2, I will not be contacting anyone else in this dream that takes me back to when I was 12 and had my first crush (the married woman) and was at my best friends graduation from 6th grade. That part of the dream happened 32 years ago. The rest of that part of the dream is foggy and then I am in my hometown Catholic Church and all the characters are there too, but we are all separate and I wake up.

    This is something I have been trying to get rid of for 7 years now. I spoke with a psychologist when it first happened and she thought I should try to understand what the dream meant and why these people were in it. That has not worked and I am at a loss on how to get rid of these recurring and terrifying dreams. They are unpredictable and damaging to my health and well being. Not to mention my reputation.

    Please let me know your thoughts.


  215. I had a reoccurring dream that I tripped over my own feet and hit my head on a fishbowl. What does this mean?

  216. Hello Amy! Interesting blog you have here. I’m actually going through a situation quite similiar to what you’re discussing, but it’s not the same dream recurring..more like the same situation/location. I’ve been having many dreams located in a school, or with something that has to do with school for about a year and a half now. Most of them i’m in a big college or some High school. They’re pleasant…just me walking around in a hallway with people i’ve never seen; sometimes searching for a class, or sitting in a class at a desk. I’m never into the lesson and can’t remember what the instructor says. One dream I’ve had lately was at a hotel with school desks and watching a movie..but i’m always in a school doing some type of activity, I started having them very often and I was wondering why. I graduated High school 2012, and finished with college for now, haven’t even thought about school!

  217. Goodmorning Amy,

    I literally just woke up from one of the few recoccuring dreams that I have often. I always figure that they mean somthing but I’m a college student and don’t exactly have the time to figure it out on my own. I dont know exactly how lobg this dream has been occuring but I could guess a handful of years. It slowly changes but only minorly. In it I’m first person and for some reason i’m running and hiding from someone like a group of people and it’s always in the same builing and town. the town looks like a part of the place i’m from when gone outside but I assume that’s just because I find it familiar. but the place goes underground and it’s odd. but I always end up hiding in this abandoned building with several stories and always wake up before I know I’m safe or not. To me the dream itself is stressful and I never wake up refreshed if anything I wake up anxious and sometimes calm but still feel that bit of fear. If you read this and could help me out I would feel much appreciated. Maybe it would stop if I knew why it keeps replaying. Thank You.

  218. I’m very happily married – have been for 7 years. However, I have consistently dreamt of my ex in a very loving, passionate way almost once a week for years now. The dreams make me think about him all the time and I want to just move on. Why can’t I stop dreaming of my ex when I’m so in love with my husband?

  219. Hi Amy, I would really like you to reply on what my dream means if you have any idea…:
    I’m a little girl, maybe 7 or 8. Im with my sister, and someone who is my dad in the dream. We are at a weird Disney land full of creepy old statues of Mickey and the grass is like a red savanna. Its all dry there. My dream happens once a year in Fall only. Yt

  220. Hi, I would really like it if you would explain this meaning of this dream to me: I have this dream once a year only in fall. I am with my sister and a person who is my dad in my dream but not the same one in real life. I am at a weird version of Disney world and epcot. It is dry and the terrain is like a red savanna. It is filled with creepy old statues of Mickey and epcot is just a little spot with the big golf ball. It has a giant red carpet walkway that leads to the park. The enterance looks like a stadium. In the park there is a pirate ship that doesn’t move, a Farris wheel, and lots of vendors. I dont remember anything else because I’ve never been on anything else except the Pirate ship. I had a crush on a boy for some reason. Well, at least I used to…last year and all the years before that I’ve had this dream since I started elementary. 2nd grade I think. And Everytime I would to on all the rides and walk around. But this year, 2015, I couldn’t get out of the enterance. I stood there waiting. The lady who worked there said it wasn’t open, I kept asking over and over again and she said the same thing, it wasn’t open. While I was in the dream I tried to go outside the enterance but I couldn’t. The dream wouldn’t let me. I couldn’t stop dreaming so i slept in until 11 am. Here’s what the guy looked like that I said he was my dad: He was a 40 year old who was dressed in a blue shirt, dark blue jeans, Brown belt, had a little heard on his face, and Brown eyes and Brown hair. Be always had a mean expression on his face and said I needed to wait. Please help me quit the dream. Its been giving me anxiety for a while now. I had it yesterday, December21, 2015. Thank you.

  221. I’ve had several reoccuring dreams and am now coming to realize they are trying to show you something. You have to figure out that meaning, my dreams are similar but they’re now starting to change for the better, as in my life I am starting to change for the better. That’s what these dreams are meant to show you, either change or changes you need to make. It’s a sign from God as I’m taking it. Reborn Christian. I love god so much for everything he’s done for me. May all of you find him too. This is Adam, age 19 from ohio, Saying Stay Strong.

  222. Hi Amy, recently I’ve been having the same dream. It’s with this guy I like. He is at my house and every time I have the dream he wants to kiss me. We might be in different places every time in my dream but it’s always the same story line. The most recent one was last night and as I was running to our secret spot I woke up. I always wake up before it happens. We haven’t been talking for about 3 weeks. Does that have something to do with it?

  223. Hi I’m 25 years old now and I have been having this dream since I was a young child. The details always seem the same to me. In the dream I am maybe three years old. My family and I are coming out of a store and getting into our van. I am sitting in the very back. Once we all get in, the van starts rolling backwards on its own and my dad can’t stop it. The doors won’t open so everyone starts climbing out the drivers window since it is the only one that will open. My dad starts pulling everybody out. I am the last one in the van. Just as he goes to grab my hand the van backs over a cliff and I go down with it. I always wake up to myself reaching out of the window with a look of terror as I fall to the bottom. In the dream I know who all of the people are but there faces are blurry, like they almost don’t have a face at all. I’m not sure what it all means.

    • hahaha it literally is a cliff hanger maybe something bad i s gonna happen to ur family

  224. hi Amy
    I’ve lately been having this dream where i got married to this boy in my school which is odd because i have a crush on him and i told my friends and they where like well it was just a dream nothing like that really is actually going to happen so i agreed but then last night i had the same dream but with more detail so i told the same people and they think it might have a sign or something and also that if it happens again tonight i have to let them know. Is this normal will i end up dating or marring him please let me know as soon as possible?
    many thanks

  225. Hey. I keep having these really weird dreams. So it all started in like late November I think, and it started at once a week. But now, I get the same dream like almost every other day, and sometimes its a whole week. I dream about one of my teachers, but she doesn’t teach me. She teaches first grade. But my first dream was pretty short, and it was all like just us hanging out in her classroom. And my other dreams are so much alike, but different. They are just a continuation of that dream. Whenever I have these dreams, it always makes me want to like be with her, but the truth is, is that I don’t really want to. But something keeps telling me to. It’s just so weird. And in real life, it’s like she’s the only person I want to be with at the time, and I keep on trying to be with her, like in the mornings at tutoring I see her sometimes, and before class, and other times, but we never talk. Can you help explain what’s going on? I need help

    • Hi Allis – I suggest you have look at my post on how to understand the people in your dreams. This will give you a place to start.

      If this were my dream, I might explore my relationship with this teacher – she might have something other than academics to teach you.

      Sweet dreams,

  226. I’ve had the same dream in the same week and me and two other people are under a bridge and a group of people come up to us and in both dreams we shoot and kill the them, then more people come out of the woods running at us we turn and run down a tunnel and end up in a house the first dream I couldn’t find a way out until it was to late the second one I knew where to go and I got out the other two didn’t and I ran for what seemed miles and couldn’t reach the tree line that looked like it was about 300 yards away and ended up getting shot..

  227. Hi Amy

    Great article – very happy that I found your site! Browsing online has led me to believe that 95% of reoccurring dreams are nightmarish, caused by stress. Even scrolling through the comments had me thinking I was one of the lucky ones, to be experiencing a reoccurring positive dream – is this rare?

    My dream takes me to the same strip of large, extravagant homes (the layout of each house is exact every time). I take a moment to myself to wonder why I’m here, as I come from a very small town in New England, low-middle class family.

    Turns out I’m attending home showings to purchase one of these mansions. The “open house” theme leaves me walking inside each mansion with a group of strangers, all at least twice my age (I am 27).

    They give me strange looks, like they too are wondering why I’m there. But each dream ends with me putting in an offer (for the same house every time).

    In waking life, I am a hardworking, goal-oriented individual (Capricorn), very happy with the path of my current work life, but monetary wise is nothing remotely close to the wealth I’m surrounded by in my dream.

    As much as I wonder what this dream is telling me, I am even more curious to hear your thoughts about how I can honor it.

    Appreciate your time. Thanks!

    • Beautiful dream! Dreams can show possible futures, but it’s up to you to manifest that dream into reality if you like what we see. If this were my dream, I would hold this dream in my heart and take steps to manifest it into reality. What does this look like? I don’t know… but you do. I would ask myself what’s one step I can take right now to attract wealth into my life while staying true to my heart and myself?

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  228. I had a recurring dream for about 25 years . . .always the same-not so much a ‘dream’ with sequences but an image. A little girl, standing in front of what looked like a boiler room door, in a basement. The door was green. The little girl, perhaps 3 years of age, with curly blond hair, was crying, with one finger in her mouth. dressed only in a pair of white underwear.
    It was a sad scene and left me shaken every time I had the dream.
    When I was 37 years of age, it was bothering me so much one day, when my mother was visiting me, I asked her if we ever knew any little girl in that situation.
    My mother looked shocked and asked me, ‘who told you about this?’
    I explained I had that dream for many years . . .
    She told me that was me-I had been kidnapped at age 3 and found in the basement of an apartment building in front of the boiler room!!
    I have never had that dream from that day on again . . .

    • What a beautiful story, Deborah. Thank you for sharing. Yes… dreams will show you unconscious memories that you may need to be made aware of. You got the message and the dreams stopped. Beautiful.

      • Please read my comment below. I need your incite on my problem.

  229. My dream is like none I have ever had before. I have had this dream for weeks now, it happens over and over and over again. It starts the same, kinda. I wake up in a cage, its pitch black outside the cage. There is a small light in the cage. There is one person outside the cage, it is a girl with black hair, has metal SHARP wings. She talks to me, sometimes I can’t remember, but the conversation is never ever the same. I have no idea what this is, and I have no idea what this means or what is going on. If you have some sort of solution I would more than love to hear it.

    • Hi Brandon,

      Thanks for sharing your dream. One beautiful thing about dreams is that fully formed dreams always have a resolution within the dream itself. The problem is that we don’t always finish our dreams or we only remember pieces of it so we don’t get the full dream. One technique I use in my Dream Sessions is to facilitate a dream re-entry. This allows you to go back inside the dream for resolution and understanding. I would love to work with you further on your dream. If you’re interested you can book a Dream Session here.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  230. I think i commented under someones with a reply, but here is something i curious about (Im 13)
    First let me explain my room. I have a walk-in area in the middle of my room, which holds a shower, toilet, sink, then leading into a small walk in closet
    When i go to do my clothes i have to put them in my closet which gives me this feeling every time i reach the back that i need to run. Yesterday, which i’ve never dreamed of this before, was that i was laying in my bed and i kept looking at the closet and something i couldn’t see would grab my feet and attempt to drag me to the back of the closet. I dont know why but i knew what was happening and i would be able to wake myself, im always able to do that in my dreams i dont understand why but i can, anyway. I kept dreaming of this over and over again and i couldn’t go to sleep. Each time i would wake up i would try not to think about it then go back to sleep. The last time i dreamed of it was different i had a picture of it and was showing it to someone it was on a night vision camera kind of capture thing, the picture showed it standing in my closet it had skin but it was boney more skeleton looking. Then my alarm clock whent of for school i dont understand why i had that dream so many times in a night?

  231. Hey Amy, I can’t figure out what’s wrong. I keep having the same thing happen in my dreams. It’s not the same dream but it always ends the same where a maggot the size of a worm comes out of someone’s ear and then they pull it out and then they die later on because of it. My other dreams like that have always been just everyone around me but tonight it was about two people around me and then me and then I woke up when I pulled it out of my ear. I just don’t know what that means. Other websites tell me it’s because of anxeity about death or just some anxeity I’ve been pushing away. I could see the anxiety about death one because I just went to a funeral and I joked with my mom how I’ve been to too many of these in one year because I’ve been to about 5 to 6 in the past year but I don’t feel I’m stressed over it. I don’t know what the problem is or what my dream is telling me.

  232. Hi Amy,, any info or advice opinion etc would be awesome.

    My whole life ive been searching for answers for a dream that i have that has been 90% of my dreams since a baby/born (as far as memory takes me).
    Its always crocodiles,, im always trying to escape them,, before i even knew much about them these “monsters” would show up in my dreams,, now i obviously know them to be crocodiles ;)
    But the have recurred my entire life and ive never found the true meaning for them.
    Theyre always chasing me or trying to eat me.
    Theres only been one dream where they havent,, they just sat and watched me and i watched them and it was like we bonded,, 1 dream.
    So theyve always chased me etc,, until recently i always ran,, i have had a cat for about 6 yrs now and shes im sure my soul mate,, anyhow now when i have these dreams im running and running and trying to escape,, until my kitty appears in the dream,, and when she does i run to the crocodile to save her and sacrifice my own life if need be.
    Dream dictionaries have been of no use and i still cant figure out the meaning althought i know it is very very important. Id like to understand them as i no longer want these nightmares all the time.
    Any thoughts you have would be of great appreciation thanks heaps in advance! :)

  233. Hi Amy,
    so glad I found you.
    I have a reoccurring dream that has come quite frequently over the last several years.
    A bit of history first: at 27 I divorced with 2 small kids, and moved, got a job, and met the love of my life (yes, it wasn’t my ex-husband). He was recently married (6 mos), and the attraction was something neither of us had ever felt before. It took 6 mos to “act” upon it. I was still very naieve, but this was truly remarkable. I was sort of in denial. At 2 + years, he asked me to wait for him. The draw was so strong, But I was fearful that a) I was unloveable to the extent he loved me b) I would let “us” be all-consuming and neglect my kids c) fear of being the “homewrecker” d) not sure what kind of father he wd be (he had no kids, but a stepchild). He said he knew I loved him…I said “no, it’s just sex”…which wasn’t true, but I let fear succeed instead of joy. I can tell you, without long dissertation, that our connection was spirit-based. He continued to pursue, I could never resist. Ultimately, he stayed married and had a son. But he stayed in the picture..I would dream of him, and he would call the next morning. This continued for many, many years. Long story. I have never remarried, but he divorced, remarried.
    The reoccurring dream: I see him alot in drag. No matter how he appears, I know (in the dream as well as fully conscious) that I still love him and always will. I have not seen him for 10 years, but I did talk with him 3 years ago (I took a Landmark course and needed to pursue a communication with him to attempt to “heal”—I asked him if it was “real” and he confirmed it…very real, and, his words “almost spiritual”. Why is he showing up in my dreams in drag? I feel I have tried all my life to purge him, and everything I’ve done has been to protect myself from the pain of not having said yes . I feel the biggest mistake in my life was not having said yes and pursued a life with him. This prob started about the time my mother died 3 years ago…I think if I’d told her then about the “proposal”, she would have asked me if I loved him, and to follow my heart. But I couldn’t tell her the truth either, I was afraid to tell her the whole truth, ..her….or myself.

  234. Hey, just read the article, I hope it really helps me but I’m still a bit confused. i have several reoccuring dreams, one I’ve been having since I was a like 6 and I’m 18 now. The rest reoccur like every 2-3 weeks and there exactly the same. Nothings different, if it is it’ll be hard to spot out. I can’t really remember them so well to type them or verbally say them but when I have the dreams, I know I’ve had them before. I remember one and its of me watching myself sleep, I’m not actually standing there or anything I can just see me twisting and turning! Its odd.

  235. I recently ran into my former HS bf, after 30 + years. We have talked quite a bit, but nothing more than that. Just catching up and stuff. However, he has told me about an incident from back in school, where he says he saw me go to the car of a guy he hated with a passion. Honestly I don’t remember this..but, since he said he saw me do it…I kinda gave into that…wish now I hadn’t cause I still don’t recall this… the months have progressed, I’ll get more of this so called event he said he saw…to the point now, he says I slept with the guy that night…This I KNOW never happened and have said so..but he has said he knows I did and has proof. All that aside…now he says he is having dreams about this guy and I screwing in the guys car and he..the trying to get me to stop!! Says he is having this dream multiple times a week. I have backed way off..and barely talk to him anymore, b/c he gets so bent out of shape and has even called me a liar and a whore. I should now say he has PTSD from the Army and Gulf War. I don’t want to even be associated with him in anyway anymore…but I am curious..why is he having a dream like this with me doing something that never happened???

    • There could be *many* reasons why he is dreaming of you doing something that never happened. And it has nothing to do with you – it’s HIM and is showing him something about himself. So I wouldn’t take it to heart. It sounds like you are making healthy choices regarding this relationship.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  236. Hi Amy,

    I enjoyed reading your article. I’m only 17 years old and last night I had a dream that I probably had about 10 years ago I would say, possibly also a few years ago too. The only difference was everyone was older and people who are in my life now we’re part of it too. The whole entire dream was very long and it represented my family visited a family friend of ours (except these people I actually don’t know in the waking world) and the house is what I can distinctly remember the most from last night and from years ago. It looked almost exactly the same. The kids of the family friends were boys that were my age and they were very mean to me in the dream and I recall them being mean to me when I was younger too. This dream I remember so vividly because as soon as I woke up I remember I had it as a kid too. And in my dream last night I had a flashback of the same dream that I had when I was about 7. The whole thing is very weird but I think I finally understand why I had it. And I think I also may have had this dream a year or 2 ago. As a child I was never respected by boys, I’m not sure why, but I have just always been bullied by boys, and now being a senior in high school I was recently harassed by a group of boys a while ago and ever since I’ve had anxiety over it. The boys in the dream I believe represent the boys from my school who bother me. I think this dream is telling me that I need to stop letting everyone push me around and stop letting people, especially boys, say whatever they want to me. I’m human too and I’m a young woman, I deserve to be treated with respect. So the next time I am bullied and/or harassed I’m going to speak up and stand up for myself. I’ve never been able to do that so I’m sure this is why my dream has reoccurred a few times in different variations. Thank you so much for this article, I finally understand and I’m so relieved I can finally resolve my problem.

  237. Hi Amy,
    I have two reoccurring dreams. One I have been having for years. I’m always somewhere different, a home, a business, but always somewhere different. There are people all around me, everyone I know and people I haven’t seen in years. I look out the window and there are multiple tornadoes. They are coming right for us. I’m screaming at everyone to take cover, pointing out the window that there are tornadoes coming, but everyone just looks up at me, says nothing and goes back to what they are doing. The tornadoes hit, I can actually feel the wind in my dream, and struggling to walk downstairs to take cover. Something hits me, and that’s it, I wake up.

    My second one, I’m at an old job. I’m working at my current job and working at my old job part time to make more money, but I’m not getting a paycheck. I work for months and still no paycheck, and I’m continuing to ask the secretaries to look into it. But I continue to work and I continue to not see a paycheck.

    • If this were my dream, I would look for areas in my life where I giving to others without getting anything in return.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

      • Hi thank you Amy, makes a lot of sense.

        What do you think of my first dream?

  238. I have dreams every once a year or so, but they aren’t terrorizing, just odd and dramatic. For example, a car chase is one that I have had over the years, as well as an odd family based dream in which morphing is involved. What does this mean?

  239. Hello Amy
    My boyfriend has a reoccurring dream about me being with another guy after we have had sex and I tell him very rude that I am done with him and I go off kissing the other guy in front of him. The characters change sometimes. I am wondering if
    You can tell me why this is. He wakes up so mad at me sometimes he will move to the couch.

    • Hi Cole –

      Dreams about cheating are often indicate the dreamer is “cheating” himself in some way. ie – not giving himself credit or not taking care of himself, or being dishonest himself. I suggest you share this with your b/f and show him my post on how to understand the people in your dreams.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  240. Hi amy

    My girl friend is having a reccuring dream. She saw it often.. She is seeing a home.. Which is not familiar to her. There are two bed rooms upstair on left side and two other rooms on right side. And there is a path way in between.. When she walks through that pathway she could see another stair case . That side is very dark. Nothing can be seen. Their is a door infront of stair case which is open always. And she always go there and when she reaches half way along stair case she will see some strangers.. Total strangers.. They talk loudly and says that they are going to kill her.she will run down . But no one in the house hears her sound. She is seeing this daily. And one day she saw something different that when she runs down she see her mother… She rans to her and hug her. Then her mother says her nothing to worry my girl. Can you please interprett it madam..

  241. Hello Amy,
    I have been married happily for 5 years. My husband was on the course of a divorce when we first met. We have started to see each other app.1 year later and haven’t get in touch when he was still married. we started dating after the divorce. But I am seeing a divorce dream … Normally I don’t remember dreams when I wake up but I have a recurring dream that I see like twice a year, in which he leaves me, mostly we are in the course of divorce, or just had the divorce.. Sometimes the dream comes when we have a dispute. Other people around like relatives or family-in -law try to persuade him to talk things out and have a positive intent for me but he is stubborn and I can not communicate my thoughts or reach him. Or, I sometimes beg sorry, or sometimes divorce has been settled and I am trying to get used to .. But I feel a real pain even after I wake up. Last night there was not a dispute or any unpleasant conversation among us. But I saw the dream.. this time it was a finished divorce, and I was negotiating on a common investment where we are stakeholders with some of his family members and they don’t want to give me any dime and I promise to inherit my share to one of their children. I feel accepted by them normally but in my dream they were too rejecting me like my husband, who was stiff (he is very understanding and open normally in real life) . The emotion I had was that he doesnt feel anything (remorse, sadness, empathy ) and he is so comfortable or determined about the divorce while I feel like I dont want it. And I sometimes wake up and cry with emotions of rejection…

  242. Hi, Amy.
    I quit my part-time job at a retail store in March of 2015 and since then I’ve had about seven dreams with me going back to it. I’ll go back to work there and there’s an uncomfortable feeling because I quit and it’s like the people there are mad at me. The people I worked with are always present in each dream, but what happens in it changes a bit each time.
    The things that stay the same are how it looks, the people, and this feeling of me wanting to walk out. In one dream I worked a long enough day to buy some jacket they had, then I ran out and kept running down the street. It was strange.
    I have no idea what it could mean, if it means anything at all.

  243. Hi, I have one dream which seems to reoccur every so often. It always seems to end the same, with me being chased around my old house (often up the stairs) by a spirit/ghost figure and where I try to jump down the bannister after calling for help. Last night this changed slightly and I dreamt I was in my old room and the spirit was blocking my mum from entering after I called for her in freight. The spirit figure has changed before on the odd occasion too, once it took the form of a little girl. I think I might understand why I am dreaming these having read your article but I am a bit confused too. I have just gotten out of a very long relationship and I am still really young, but these dreams occurred both when we were together and now its beginning again too. I think I used to get the dreams before because I wanted to escape the relationship and breathe, like I actually did. But I don’t understand them now. I am out of the relationship and I am getting the dreams again. If it helps I am very confused to what I want at the moment, and whether i should move on for good or if i can’t lose her. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  244. I’ve had this same dream for at least 3 times. Though I don’t think it’s something I should take into thought. I’m in a hallway in my apartment in Germany. I cant move at all. At the end of the hallway is a giant ball that looks to be made of dust. It comes agonizingly slowly towards me. After it gets very close not touching me ,but close I wake up. I don’t think this is a very serious dream though.

  245. Hello Amy,
    I’ve been having this particular dream repetitively and it’s about having a child but I’m not married although in a serious relationship. This has been getting me so worried since the last time it reoccurred and I thought I should seek for advice. Please what does this means?

  246. Hey Amy, just wanted a opinion of some repeating dreams.
    I used to have about 4 dreams that keep repeating some time ago and I always had them just before I woke up. Can you help me understand them please or give me some clues on what should I look for.
    1. I was a small kid and use to open the front door of the house and I say “Look dad we have 1000 cars” and wake up. same thing over and over again
    2. I was in bed after probably dreaming other stuff as well and always find my self in bed and it felt like 2 doors opened and I was falling in a black place just falling until I wake up without actually hitting the bottom of what that place was
    3. Use to find myself on the edge of a cliff and after looking at it for some time I was jumping off. 2-3 secs in the air hitting the ground heard some cracking noise IN thing everything went black and I woke up
    4. In another one was in the army and was running towards a building (something like a stone house I think (not sure) other soldiers were already up there and when I jumped to climb on the top I was shot in the back or something a bunch of times and woke up after. I also had some dejavu dreams those did not reapeat but I seen those pleases years later just like in my dream.

  247. HELLO AMY,


  248. I’ve been having multiple vivid and sometimes Lucid dreams since I was a child, now mid twenties. I met a guy last night, he’s 10 years older but we just clicked, that is till I found out my friend who introduced us likes him. So I had to back off. Anyways last night I had several dreams and he was in every one. In the dreams we acted as friends, slowly getting to know and be more comfortable around eachother but without ever being romantic. The last dream of the night I’ve been there before. It’s like a big market sorta and all the food looks amazing but you’re not suppose to eat it because if you do you’ll be mind tricked because truth be told the food is made by cannibals. Only this time I went there in a different manner. The first time I had the dream I walked in there with my mom. This time, myself that guy and his friends (including the girl that’s my friend that likes him) but we swam in with scuba diving equipment, and then once I made it in there to the market I lost them. But this time because I had been there before I recognized it and I tried to tell people not to eat it that it’s bad for them and will hurt them. I then tried to get out, ran to make it out. They only open the doors when there’s a new row of people coming into the market. I ended up seeing this girl named Olivia that I went to school with I was able to drag her out with me before she tried the food. But the people who own the market saw us and tried to catch us so we couldn’t escape. But we did and then something very strange happened. This old man asked me for help, which didn’t happen the first time I had this dream. And he told me that his grandson was looking for me, his name was Tyler who is an ex from mine from a year and a bit ago. We ended things crapily but he’s never occurred in one of my dreams. Then I woke up.

    I’ve had past life dreams, astral projections I can’t control, and I wonder if this was someone who was dreaming of me while I was dreaming of them.

    Idk if you can help interpret that but thank you for letting me vent it out! :)

  249. when i was younger i had the same dream every night for seven years and it wasn’t just a dream it was a nightmare.
    It started of that i was in a desert plane area and then i see a crater with the chairs that you find at school all around the edge and it was big! Then i would crawl over under a chair and look down to see heaps of taphovenatrix and Parasaurolophus (their dinosaurs) i was so startled to see them that i tried to get out butt relished to late that i was under one of the chairs and the chair toppled down and i stood up and all the Dinosaurs turned their heads to look at me then they started running towards me and i ran to a door to get away but a ghost appeared and said you have to scream to get through then i would scream and that would be the end of the dream or if i had a sore throat and couldn’t scream the ghost would say not good enough and i would be trampled.

    Please help I’ve been wondering for so long what that meant.

  250. I would have this dream about a girl with blonde hair and I was not able to see her face. Sometimes the dreams would be different, but it was always the same girl. Now, it has stopped and I am currently dating a girl with blonde hair which is so familiar to my dreams. I am confused with life. What did all of this mean?

  251. I keep having this dream over gosh I can’t count how many years it’s not every night it’s more speratic and not the same dream except the place it’s always at this apartment I lived at when I was a child with my parents. I didn’t have a great upbringing this two bedroom apt I lived with my my bro my mom her abusive boyfriend and dad for at least two maybe three years in the 2nd 3rd and I believe a little of fourth grade but now I have dreams I’m moving back in with my new family I’m making a garden setting up my kids outside toys sometimes we’re moving in the upstairs apartment which in reality I had never been upstairs before. Over and over again I feel stress I’m sad that were here it’s so weird. In reality I have a home out of the town and I would never live in that type of neighborhood ever again. And on top of it there’s not many dreams I remember but this one until the last several weeks I’ve been waking up several times a night with super vivid random dreams some scary some anxious some not scary or bad at all and a lot of recurring dreams like when I fall back asleep it starts where it left off I’m waking up drenched in sweat and I am always waking up exhausted though most the time I’m asleep by 9 pm and up around 7 am what is wrong with me

  252. So I recently made a huge change in my life and moved from the city I lived my entire life, things were in shambles there and I couldn’t seem to get my life together. I had a very unhealthy relationship, I wasn’t working and I was going down a bad path. So I decided to move to a new city where I girl I had met a few years back was living and began staying with her, in short we got very close and now have an amazing relationship after only two weeks. She’s changed me as a person and shown me a life I never thought was possible for myself. For the past five days or so I have been having the same bad dreams with similar surroundings. I’m usually back in the city I grew up in for some unknown reason and I’m at a party with friends. Eventually in the dream I realize that I’m in my old city and the girl I’m with is no where to be found. I then start trying to contact her and figure out why I’m not there with her but am unable to remember her name or phone number and it’s very scary. I then wake up and see her beside me and am instantly relieved. I’m curious as to what this means. Thanks!

  253. Hi Amy, I am currently in highschool and I have a reoccurring dream about missing the school bus. It happens about once a week and the last occurrence I ended up in tears because I was so frightened. I have read the reoccurring dreams page on your website and some things are evident in my dreams like similar people, places or events. I haven’t had any trauma in my life to counteract this dream that I know of and I do not suffer from PTSD. Please reply I am really worried about this.

  254. thank u so much for giving us enough information. i was having dreams. those dream have one common thing a flood which coming forword to me and i m running to save my self and also i was finding someone. now i have a surgery of renal stenosis. i have my right kidney shrunk and high bp problem. but now i m fighting with my disease and much happier than before.

  255. So if you have a reoccurring dream it means there is something that you must do? Could it be a reoccurring dream about a thyme because the subconscious is trying to let the conscious know what is going to be? Like you don’t believe in something enough and your dreaming about the thing to let you know to believe??

    • Sounds like you answered your own question…

  256. I know this is kind of an old place to send in a comment..but I want to see if I can find some help interpreting this recurring dream of mine. It’s a nightmare, and every time I have it it’s different in some way. It’s just the same concept. I wake up in a cold sweat after I have it and if I go back to sleep I only go right back to the dream. So I’m sure you can understand my urgency.
    I don’t remember too much detail, even though I just woke up from this dream. But my friends invited me to come down to some mall they love, and it was to eat at one of the restaurants.

  257. Hi Amy,
    I am a freshman in high school and recently lost my grandmother. I keep having the same dream over aand over again. And i also remember them vividly. I am seeking for help. My ex-boyfriend and I dated for (oh lets say 3 weeks), but he never officialy asked me out so it was just a “thing” i guess you could call it. But it was so much more than those couple weeks. He was my first kiss. After we broke things off I started to have the same dream over and over again. The dream starts out with me working undercover at a bar. Then a fight breaks out and all the boys are escorted out. Incuding Bryce. I find that my ear is bleeding because someone had pushed another earing into the same wholw that my cartlidge one is in. Bryce and the other men are chained to a fence and then when my group starts to leave a GIANT duststorm starts and i purposly drop my phone hoping the wind will take it near Bryce. It does and i run over there, pick it up, and then I kiss Bryce on the head saying “Im going to get you out of this baby”. After that i turn around and he gives me the biggest smile i had ever seen. The police think it was Bryce that hurt my ear, but it was a false accusation against him. Along with everyone involved in the fight (including me), we suddenly appear in a factory, wearing uniforms, and seemingly working like slave labor. I soon find Bryce and we do this weird handshake thing and we sit down in a HUGE crowd on the street. Turns out we were putting boxes togehter for the needy (kind of a St.Mary’s Food Bank thing). All of a sudden i am walking down a muddy drive way and come to a stop with barbed wire in front of us. We then have hekp with finding Bryce again and start seeking a game plan in the mud. Then I am at a hotel with my Girl Scout Troop and we are staying in a huge run-down hotel room. Then that is when I woke up. Bryce and I broke things off a week before his birthday and that was in December. It is now almost the end of April and i keep having this same dream. I dont know what it menas but I just know that i still care for him and miss us being togehter dearly. Please hep me! I really need to know what this means.

    Thank you for lisenting and please tell me why i am having this reoccuring dream.

  258. Hello thank you for telling me about the dreams I have a dream where my mum is there and I am there and this thing is there it’s super fast so me and my mum are in an abandoned running race where people will run round one of those circles and it’s giant but this thing runs super fast so me and my mum are in there and my mum tells me go when I should go infront of this thing I can’t see what the thing is because it’s super fast it zooms past me and every time my mum says go I’ll miss but I’ll go back I constantly repeat it then when I wake up the thing stops but then I don’t see it I can’t control myself in it if you could tell me about why I have this dream and what it’s about please tell me

    Regards Arran Porter
    Thank you

  259. Ok, this has been bothering me for a while. Tell me what you think. I have been having dreams of being Friends with 2 people who I’m not friends with anymore who were never really my Friends to begin with. One of them I thought I would be Best Friends with Forever. She would always tell me that I was like a Brother to her and stuff. There were lots of times where her and I had Fun and she treated me well. But there were more where she would pick on me, Bully me, Harass me, call me demeaning names, and would Humiliate me in front of other people. She would make me feel Horrible about myself. Her and I were Friends from like Pre School to my Sophomore Year of High School. The other Friend I was Friends with I met my Sophomore year at my Old High School. He invited me to stuff several times and there were lots of times where he would treat me well too. But, again, there were more times that he would pick on me and Bully me too. He would call me Demeaning names, Humiliate me in front of other people, and make me feel Horrible about myself too. He was friends with the first one I just mentioned, too. And they would both pick on and Bully me almost every day during Lunch too along with 2 other people. Basically I would get picked on by 4 people at once and they would all Laugh at me, call me names, Harass me, Bully me, Pick on me. They loved Humiliating me. But for several months now, I have been having Dreams where I am Friends with these 2 again. And I never want to be Friends with either of them again. Yet I keep Dreaming we’re Friends again. I have had 4 Fake Friends in my Life. But the other 2 I had when I was a kid I knew were Fake but the Girl I thought would be my Best Friend Forever and the Friend I met my Sophomore Year actually tricked me. I actually thought these 2 were my Friends. The Benefit with him is I was only friends with him for a few months. Her, I was Friends with for Years. I didn’t let him use me as much as I let her. I let her use me for years. But him I was only Friends with for a Few months thank God. I haven’t been Friends with these 2 for 2 years and I haven’t seen them for a year and a Half now. I transferred High Schools. The last time I saw them was my First Semester of Junior Year. Then I transferred to a new High School my 2nd Semester of Junior Year. My parents and I moved that Winter Break. Now I am 18 and I am a Senior in High School and I am about to Graduate in 4 weeks. Even though I Hate them and haven’t seen them for a while every once in a while I dream that I am Friends with one of them again. Last time I dreamed I was friends with her Again. This time, I dreamed I was Friends with him Again. I just don’t get it. Why do I keep dreaming of being Friends with them again if I Absolutely Hate them and never want to be Friends with them ever again? I don’t understand. And in these Dreams, they keep being so Nice to me. It’s Weird. It makes no sense. Are my Dreams trying to tell me something? Is there something I’m missing? I don’t get it. Do you think you can explain why I keep having these Dreams? Because these are Definitely Reoccuring Dreams. Someone please respond. Soon. It’s really old now.

  260. Hey Amy

    Ive been having this nightmare now for about a year and a half and it has been the exact same in each situation apart from one. And ive been getting it at least once every two weeks. It starts with me walking through an abandoned city that seems to be damaged or abandoned for a long time. I then get the sense of something following me behind me so I then run to a house in front of me and open the door and step through it. Once I step through the house it disappears behind me and I find myself standing in a massive graveyard which seems to go on forever. I can see the names of everyone close to me and people I don’t even know on tombstones. There is one grave which is empty which has my name on it. I then walk up to it and turn around and there is a figure standing behind me which pushes me into the grave and I hear a loud scream which sounds like its coming from an animal and then it goes black and I wake up. The time when something different happened was when I turned around but was able to make out the figure behind me and it was me but I was covered in dirt and blood and had black eyes.

    I have no idea what to think of this nightmare and its gotten to the point where I haven’t been able to sleep some nights or when I had the nightmare I haven’t woken up at all.

    I hope you will be able to help me out with this.

    Thanks, Luke

    • Hi Luke,

      Thanks for sharing your dreams. There’s a lot going on in these dreams and could have a variety of implications. I do help clients with nightmares and if you’re interested in exploring this dream in more depth, you can schedule a private session here.

      Sweet dreams,

  261. I have been having murder dreams . Its not the same dream but there all similar . The murderers are all men and in two of my dreams there trying to kill me. The first one is where a man with a large needle is trying to get me with it . ( btw im 11 ) in my dream I lived in a similar house like my old one. My mom is taking a nap . I scream for my mom and she doesn’t come . I fight him in poke him with the needle in his thigh . then I wake up. The second one is where two men a skinny man (the leader) and a chubby man ( the sidekick ) are in a white van at a walmart that really exists they get out of the van the skinny man has a hand gun . He shoots an old man that’s coming out of a truck .then he comes after me . He shoots me im still alive then he asks the chubby man to get the arm gun ( those big ones )and he shoots me really fast like 20 times im still alive . but I pretend to be dead . I get under a tarp and slowly crawl to walmart . he catches me . then I wake up. Can u tell me what these dreams mean.

  262. Hi Amy. I am only 15 years old but I’ve been having this one dream once a year now for about 2 years and the second time just occurred last night. It was about my dad and I driving to a supermarket like we always do together in real life. We accidently went through a red light and almost got into an accident. We were immediately pulled over by a cop and all I could see in the dream was me hugging my dad as if he was going to leave me. And then later on in the dream we go again to the supermarket and this time we crash and get severely injured. There was fire too but I can’t remember the tiny intriquite details about that. I remember basically every detail about this dream including me taking pictures of me holding his hand when we went on a walk after the recovery before he falls on the ground. Both this year and last year I have woken up right after he falls to the ground. All I remember people in the dream saying was that he had problems with his brain. I don’t know what this dream is trying to tell me. From reading your article, I have been helped somewhat to understand a reoccurring dream but I’m just severely frightened. If this dream is trying to convey me a message, I’m not sure what it is. I feel like I have to do something about it though. In real life my dad and I don’t hang out much anymore since he has his own buisness and he is hardly home. Is this dream maybe trying to convey to me that I need to find ways to spend more time with my dad? He also has some health problems like high blood pressure for example and arthritis. He gets hurt a lot and has wound up in the hospital for a few things as well. I’m just really scared now that this means something might happen to him with me in real life. I love my dad with all my heart and I don’t know why this dream happened again. It was the same way as it was last year.

  263. Hello…
    I jus read ur article n m very impressed and inspired by it….I would be obliged if u help me in interpretin my dream….i dream a dream twice…the first tym i dint pay attention to it and let it go…but aftr d scnd tym i started thinkin….in d dream der is dis small boy( a muslim his religion is sum of the highlighted points in d dream in a way that it jus feels that hes a muslim n in d scnd dream it is confirmd that he is) who comes up to me and we start talkin n blend in pretty well….n a shuft in scene n m runnin away from him not in a scared manner but running away for his n mine benefit…wen this dream repeated the small boy comes up to me again but dis tym not as a stranger… He comes as if he knows me really well( i realise its d same boy only after i wake up) n starts walkin wid me….i dun recognize him in d dream…his mother whoes wearin a burkha starts talking on d phone wid sumone n walks in front of us…der is no special destinatiom wer we are goin….(the location in both the dreams was a mall) the person who she is talking on d phone seems irritated that the boy is walkin
    wid me (me bein an hindu and the boy a muslim) wen his mother gets off d phone she in a loving n sympathetic but sad tone says ‘manav run’ n i start runnin….in d first dream i outran the boy but in this dream i cudnt….i tried to hide in an old bathroom but the boy follows me der…i hide in a toilet stall n he is right outside n asks me to open the door… relation with the kid in the dreams is like of brothers..n really close frnds…i dunno wat the dreams tryn to tell me or wats goin on in my subconcious mind…i will be obliged if u help me out….eagerly waitin for ur reply

  264. Hey Amy I need ur help I’m repeatedly getting dreams of my 3 yr old daughter. All depicting same meaning, she is going toward some sort of danger where she can be hurt badly or die. And today I dreamt that we’ve been to some party she’s playing in another room , and some water starts rising in the area everyone running here and there i start searching her, go in a room try searching her under some table and was about to leave another table thinking she won’t be there but again get a feeling and see down and find here there floating on water all drenched and folding her legs and hands means they way we do when we are shivering. She was unconscious and when I get her she was a bit afraid… And I got up suddenly

  265. For the past 2 weeks, I’ve consistently had about 3 dreams a night. While none of these dreams seem to repeat, the players and locations do quite consistently. I find myself in my old bedroom at my parents’ house or at my last apartment. My ex-roommate turned enemy is the most common player, followed closely by my most recent ex-boyfriend.

    A little insight on how these themes are negative: my parents and I did not get along until I had been living on my own for about a year. I moved into my last apartment with my now estranged husband, and when we split up, I invited a friend to move in. She and I were close until I ended my relationship with my ex-boyfriend. After that, she robbed me, tried to get me fired, turned all of my friends against me, and otherwise did everything in her power to throw me into a deep depression until I finally moved out. My ex-boyfriend was a great guy, but our relationship didn’t click for me the way it did for him. It took a lot of effort to make him understand that we were done, and I admittedly feel guilty for the way things ended.

    I am currently in a very healthy relationship, but am unemployed following a physical attack from a co-worker I had considered a friend. I live alone in a different county than I had previously lived.

    In my dreams, I often find myself fighting, be it protecting my parents’ house from megafauna or having screaming matches with my current boyfriend. My ex-boyfriend does not fight me in the dreams, nor does he usually try to win my affection. I find him simply with me on whatever adventure I’m having. My ex-roommate, on the other hand, is as aggressive and belittling as she ever was in the waking world. She is almost always accompanied by the friends she convinced to not talk to me.

    Last night, my old apartment caught fire, then in another dream, my ex-roommate turned my current boyfriend against me, leaving me feeling alienated and unwanted. I’m tired of these dreams, but I can’t find any answers in them except that I feel victimized by the life I’ve been dealt. Please help me make sense if it all?

  266. Hi, so I’ve been having this one dream for the past 4 nights now. Its of my dad who past away when I was 16, I’m now 25. He comes up to me and is trying to tell me something, but I cant hear him. I even try to focus harder and I just cant make out what he’s saying.

  267. I’m 20 years old. I had my first boyfriend at the start of the year in February because I was patient in who I dated in my life. It all started because he randomly saw my picture on FB one day and he never gets on. I’ve known him since 5th grade and we came from the same town that we both still live in and we have similar values. We’re both very similar and very different. When I met him he was still getting ober some trouble in his past I was helping him out and getting over that. He’s changed for the better, but 2.5 months in we decided to break up and remain friends. We decided that we’ve grown close like family and I also have some things that are going on in my life that I need tend to first. I don’t know if we’ll every get back together, but we do love each other just not in a romantic way as of late. We did jump into the relationship quite quickly. Point being..I have a dream about him every night. I wake up in the middle of the night, go back to sleep, and continue another dream about him. In the dreams he always pops up randomly and just so happens to be there in different scenarios. Whether I’m mad at him or it’s a situation where when I get close he gets further away. I woke up from my tonsil surgery and the first thing j said was “where’s Trent we were suppose to make cookies?” I’m not sure why this is happening. I have abstract weird almost scifi dreams already…last night I had one and he I couldn’t get close he would walk and do something else as I would try to talk to him, but he sent me a text. I know they say you can’t typically read in dreams, but all I read from the text was “Can you please pray for me _______?” The rest was blank and blurry. Eventually we go close again and could hug and have contact. Also sometimes I wake up right when something important was about to be spoken. So there’s all of that…

  268. Hello Amy,
    For the past few years.. 3 to be exact im having dreams mostly the same all the time…
    Before it tell u my story lemme tell u how the place looks like for better understanding’s.. its a Road straight for a mile and then a Round Shaped Bridge Type Connecter Which connects to a beach which is thousands of feet high, now referring to my dream. I Found myself on that beach (With Someone) where a marriage is being held as soon as i get there i see a huge storm Heading that way in a few seconds i realize i shd run b4 the storm hits the area so i start my bike And there was some1 with me i cant really remember who sits with me i try to start the bike n try to get outta there whenever i reach the bridge( Round shaped ) i see the bridge tryin to disconnect itself from the beach so i try to Get to the other side before its disconnected But whenever im almost to cross it i fell from my bike, so i try to run to the road ( with the person with me ) but every time i reach the road the person with me fells i grab his hand and then suddenly he lets go n falls down.. And finally i wake up… im having these same exact dream 8-9time in the Last 3years..
    Can u gimme a hand i cant really figure this out!
    Thanks VeerVansh.

  269. Hi First off I want to say I enjoyed reading this post because it really help understand how to understand why I having the same dream. However Im also stuck with what my dream is telling me every night starting around 5/20/16 I keep hearing Silent night but its different scenes every night for example just the other night I was sitting in my room just looking out the window and the music started and its not that Im scared or anything like that but Im wondering if you could help me out

  270. I’ve been having rescurring dreams since as long as I could remember. I remembering having reoccurring dreams since I was really little like 4 or 5 years old. Sometimes I have dreams that never reoccur but there’s always a dream or two that reoccurrs. I have atleast one reoccurring dream that I think of that’s recent. I remember one time when I was 6 or 7, I had as much as five different reoccurring dreams. Is there anything wrong with me? What is the meaning of a reoccurring dreams and why do we have them?

  271. In my reoccurring dream my wife spends an awful lot of time with this other Guy and when i confront her about it she just says hes a friend and i go to find this guy that she keeps spending so much time with and i end back up at my house in the same spot of the dream where i started in that same exact conversation. So i try to change the wording of the conversation. I End up leaving to go to the address then the dream flashes back to my house in the conversation again. I have had this dream six times this month already and now its just starting to haunt me and make my sleep dwindle away because i don’t want to have that dream again and it stops for a few days then it comes back. I don’t know what to do with this dream or how to make it stop its slowly driving me insane.

  272. Hi Amy. Over the past couple weeks I keep having this same dream with little details that change. In the dream I am always at the mall, wandering through the stores alone. My aunt is always there, looking at David Bowie shirts. She always seems to be mourning his death in some way, and she always leaves the store with a shirt. There is always this one corridor of the mall and it is usually empty. In the first occurrence, I ran into some classmates, but they couldn’t see or hear me. They ended up leaving the store unhappy with the service. Also, that one corridor had one store in it that a few people would walk in and out of. In the latest occurrence, there was this candy machine and it was giving free candy for one day only. People rushed to get some before it was too late. The one store had been closed down, and that corridor was completely empty. I have a cousin who I am close to who is a dancer. I saw him there dancing with one of our childhood idols. He smiled when he saw me, and he looked like he was having a great time! I was happy to see him doing what he loved. Then it ended.

  273. I’ve been having the same two dreams every night for 4 months now.
    One i