Abandonment: Fear of abandonment is common and generally has its roots in childhood, with parents who are not there for you either physically or emotionally.  This symbol could indicate that you have a fear that someone close to you will abandon you.  It could also indi Read More


An abbey is a religious temple, and it could signify religious or spiritual feelings or aspects of your life.  Since an abbey is overseen by an Abbot or Abbess (Spiritual Father or Mother of the community), dreaming of an abbey could signify feelings of protection, guid Read More


Being abducted in your dream could indicate that you are feeling controlled or manipulated against your will in some area of your life.  If you are the abductor, it could indicate feelings of wanting to control or manipulate others.  Examine why you feel the need to con Read More


Dreaming about an abortion indicates an ending.  Generally, when people talk about abortions, they are talking about terminating a pregnancy.  However, in dream language the abortion can be symbolic.  It could be about ending a creative pursuit, endeavor, or relationshi Read More


Dreaming that you are above something indicates looking at life from a higher perspective.  It could indicate that you have gained a greater ability to see a situation and how it affects you and those around you.  Alternatively, it could indicate that you feel that you Read More


Dreaming of an abscess could indicate that you have some unresolved feelings such as guilt or shame that are eating away at you. Questions to ask yourself: What negative emotions are you harboring?  How can you bring them to the surface and clean them out? Ali Rittenhou Read More


To dream of absorbing something in your dream could indicate that you are completely engrossed in a project and it is consuming you – as in “you are absorbed.”  It could also indicate that you are assimilating feelings, ideas or beliefs that are coming from a source out Read More


To dream that someone is abusing you could indicate feelings of powerlessness, lack of control, or of being a victim.  Examine the extent of the abuse in the dream to determine the extent to which you feel powerless. If you are the abuser in the dream, it could indicate Read More


Dreaming of an abyss could indicate that there is something happening in your waking life that you feel will go on forever without end.  You may be anxious about the situation and the more you want it to end, the more it seems to go on indefinitely. Alternatively, dream Read More


Dreaming of an accelerator indicates that an event or situation in your life is picking up speed.  There may be a creative project or business endeavor you have taken on that is now beginning to take off and gain momentum.  You may be closer to making an important decis Read More


Dreaming that you or someone else in your dream has an accent could indicate feelings of foreignness.  You may be feeling out of place in a certain situation in your life.  Alternatively, it could indicate a desire to try on something new or a desire to be different in Read More


Dreaming of an accident could indicate that you are feeling out of control in some aspect of your life.  Examine your life and think about places where you do not feel you have control.  Ask yourself, what about the situation makes you feel out of control and examine if Read More


Dreaming of an accountant represents the logical, methodical, and rational part of yourself.  It indicates left-brain thinking, order, and moving in a linear manner.  You may be expressing these qualities in your waking life, or you may need to express more of these qua Read More


Dreaming that something is accumulating could indicate a desire for more it.  First examine what was accumulating in the dream, and then examine how you feel about that object and what it represents to you.  Accumulating something does not necessary mean you desire more Read More


Dreaming of an ache indicates a longing for something or someone in your life.  You may feel that this person or thing is just out of reach, which may increase your desire for it.  Your heart my “ache” for someone you have lost or who is no longer in your life. Question Read More


Dreaming of acid could indicate that something is “eating you up inside.”  You may be feeling guilty about something you did or have something you want to express, but are afraid to. Questions to ask yourself: Do you feel badly about anything you have done in your wakin Read More


Acne represents self-image or anger.  It can represent the feelings you have about yourself and how other people view you.  You may be dealing with low self-esteem or feel that you do not measure up to other people’s expectations.  If you have acne, this dream could be Read More


If you are doing an activity in your dream, examine what that activity is.  Look at what qualities and feelings you associate with that activity.  You may be longing to feel the emotions that go along with that particular activity.  Or you may desire to do that activity Read More


Dreaming of an address could carry several different meanings.  It could indicate a certain place in your waking life – such as your own home, your office, or a friend’s home.  It could also indicate a desire to visit that place or to experience the emotions/feelings th Read More


Dreaming that you are admitting to doing something could indicate that you need to clear you conscious or admit something that you feel bad about in your waking life.  It could also signify that there is a part of yourself that you are denying or holding back and it is Read More


There are two sides to adoption – adopting and being adopted. Adopting (a child or pet)  To dream of adopting someone could indicate a desire to be a parent or have someone to care for and nurture.  If you are adopting a child in your dream, it could indicate fears of n Read More


Dreaming of adrenaline could indicate feelings of excitement.  There may be something in your waking life that you are looking particularly forward to and are excited about. Alternatively, adrenaline can indicate nervousness, anxiety, or fear.  There may be a situation Read More


Dreaming that you are intimate with another partner in your dreams is quite common and need not cause alarm.  Sex or intimacy with a partner other than your own could indicate a desire for increased intimacy or connection in your waking life.  If you know the person you Read More


Dreaming of an adventure could indicate that you desire more adventure or more action in your life.  If you generally keep the same routine, this symbol could indicate a desire to break your routine and to do something different.  You may even want to do something that Read More


Dreaming that someone else is giving you advice could indicate that you don’t trust your own inner guidance and that instead you rely on others to tell you what action is right.  If you are giving others advice it could indicate that you don’t trust others to make the r Read More


To dream that something comes after something else or that something happens after something else indicates an order or a sequence.  It also indicates a linear view of the world in which one event can only occur after another has already taken place.  You may be waiting Read More


Dreaming of afterbirth indicates the side effects or consequences of something else.  It may be a situation that had unexpected consequences or something that you said or did. Questions to ask yourself:  What situation in your life had unexpected consequences?  How are Read More


Often in dreams, the time of day signifies the period of your life, where morning is the beginning stages of your life, afternoon is the mid-stage, and evening is the near the end.  Looking at the times of day from this perspective, the afternoon signifies the part of y Read More


Dreaming that you are a certain age represents the period in your life when you were that age. Questions to ask yourself:  What age were you in the dream?  What qualities do you most associate with that period of your life?  What was the main action of the dream?  How c Read More


Dreaming of an agreement represents feelings of harmony or reconciliation.  Examine what it is that you agreed to (or did not agree to) in the dream and pay particular attention to how you felt about making this agreement. Questions to ask yourself:  What did you agree Read More


Dreaming of the air symbolizes that which is invisible, yet ever-present.  Just as you are generally not aware of the air, there may be something lurking in your waking life that you are generally not aware of. This dream symbol asks you to acknowledge that which is all Read More

Air Freshener

Scent is the sense that is most linked to memory.  And air freshener is used to cover up an unpleasant odor or to make a neutral scent smell nice.  Thus, dreaming of air freshener could indicate that you have some memories or experiences that are unpleasant (or neutral) Read More


Dreaming of an airplane represents your ability to “take off,” to fly or to rise to new heights in your life.  This symbol could be in relation to a project, endeavor, or personal goal. If the airplane is grounded or cannot take off, this indicates that you are not yet Read More


The airport is the place where we wait for our flight.  Thus, dreaming of an airport indicates that you are in a waiting period.  There could be in relation to a project, idea, or endeavor that is in the works for you, but the time isn’t quite right.  Thus, you are requ Read More

Alarm Clock

Dreaming of an alarm clock represents your feelings of responsibility to other people.  You may have many obligations in your waking life and may be pulled in different directions to prioritize these responsibilities and obligations.  Specifically, the alarm suggests th Read More


Dreaming of an albino represents that which is different from the norm or that which goes against the expectations of society.  Additionally, this symbol represents exceptions from the rule and asks you to examine those characteristics within yourself that are different Read More


To receive an alert in your dream indicates that this is an area of your life that you need to pay particular attention to. Questions to ask yourself:  What the alert about?  How did you feel when you received the alert?  What is going on in your waking life (particular Read More


Dreaming of an alien often represents feelings, beliefs, concepts, ideas, etc… that are foreign or unknown to you.  This symbol could also represent a situation or event that is so unbelievable that it seems “out of this world.” Questions to ask yourself:  What other sy Read More

Alive or Exists

To dream that something is alive or that something exists affirms your own existence in the world and your own unique place in creation.  Dreaming that something comes alive (after being dead) represents a re-ignition of an idea, belief, or creative process. Questions t Read More


Dreaming that you are allergic to something indicates a strong dislike or aversion for that object – or for the qualities that the object represents to you.  It could also indicate an actual allergy in your waking life, so do not rule out this possibility. Questions to Read More


Dreaming of an alley represents limited perspective, limited space to move or limited direction in life.  You may be looking through a lens that is too narrow or you may have “tunnel vision.”  Because of this you are unable to see that which is around you. Further, you Read More


Dreaming of an alligator represents your own fears.  Particularly fears involving being attacked by another person, event, or group of people. Questions to ask yourself:  What was the alligator doing in the dream?  What other symbols were present or around the alligator Read More


Dreaming that something almost happened, or that you almost did something indicates a desire for a certain outcome.  However, the time is not right for you at the moment.  There are still lessons you need to learn or actions you need to take before the time is right for Read More


To dream that you are altering something indicates a desire for change.  In this case the change is not radical or complete, rather it symbolizes the transformation of a part of you or a part of your life that already exists.  This symbol reminds you that everything you Read More


Dreaming of amnesia represents a desire to forget or repress a certain aspect of yourself or a certain period of your life. Questions to ask yourself:   Who had amnesia in the dream?  What does that person represent to you?  What other actions took place in the dream?  Read More

Amusement Park

Dreaming of an amusement park represents fun times, adventures, and thrill-seeking – all within a safe environment.  You may desire to have more fun and adventure in your life, yet you may be afraid of taking any real risks.  Instead you are experiencing the illusion of Read More


Dreaming of anchor represents holding firmly onto something.  You may be deeply committed to a task, relationship, belief system, person, etc… Examine the way the anchor was used in the dream and what it was anchored to. Alternatively, dreaming of an anchor represents s Read More


Dreaming of angel can have a number of interpretations depending on your relationship to angels.  An angel can represent a guardian angel, your guides, or someone who watches over you to help keep you safe and on the right path. Angels can also represent religious conce Read More


Angina is form of chest pain which can lead to a heart attack.  (See Heart Attack) Ali Rittenhouse


Dreaming of an animal symbolizes the characteristics associated with that particular animal.  Examine the specific animal in the dream and the qualities that you associate with the animal. Seeing an animal in your dream could indicate that you possess the qualities of t Read More

Animal Noise

Dreaming of a particular animal noise can represent the qualities of the animal itself.  Further, it could represent the cultural associations with that animal – for example a rooster crowing represents the beginning of the day/morning.  It could also represent whatever Read More

Animal Pelt or Fur

Dreaming of an animal pelt or fur can indicate that your animal instincts/wild nature is coming through into your daily life.  There is no need to fear these instincts as they are quite natural and part of who we are. Additionally, if you have strong feelings about the Read More


Dreaming that something is animated (ie – cartoon) can symbolize that something isn’t real or doesn’t feel real to you.  It can also represent illusion.  Alternatively, dreaming of animation can represent entertainment or humor. Questions to ask yourself:    Read More


Dreaming of an ankle represents balance, stability, and flexibility.  It also represents the way in which you move forward in life and particularly in relation to the ideas of balance, stability, and flexibility. Dreaming of a broken or sprained ankle can indicate that Read More


Dreaming of an anniversary can represent a waking life anniversary.  It could also represent celebrating or remembering a particular time or moment in your life.  Examine what it was the anniversary of in the dream and what associations you make to that particular date Read More


To dream of anorexia indicates that you are not feeding or nourishing yourself in some area of your life.  This does not have to be literal – rather think of feeding and nourishing yourself more broadly – as in what feeds your soul, what brings you joy?  What makes you Read More


Dreaming of an ant could represent feelings of being small, overlooked or underappreciated.  Further, it could represent hard work, discipline, and working for the greater good of your community or society as a whole. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the ant presente Read More


Antelopes are fast, graceful animals found in Africa and Asia.  To dream of an antelope may represent speed, agility, and the ability to adapt to a variety of situations.  Seeing this symbol in your dream may indicate that you already express these qualities, or that yo Read More


Dreaming of an antique may represent valuing age.  It could also represent wisdom and getting better with time.  Further, an antique could represent the past, previous aspects of yourself, former beliefs and ideologies, or previous ways of acting or thinking. Questions Read More


Dreaming of the anus could represent the ideas of holding on or letting go, depending on how the anus is portrayed in the dream.  Examine the condition of the anus and the way you felt in the dream in regards to it.  A relaxed anus indicates freedom of expression and th Read More


Dreaming of an apocalypse may represent a radical self-transformation.  You may be leaving one stage of your development and entering into the next phase. Sometimes during this transitional process there is great chaos.  But take heart as this is to be expected – it sim Read More


Apologizing in a dream may indicate that you are feeling sorry about something you did or said.  Alternatively, it may indicate that you feel inferior or inadequate in some area of your life – as in apologizing for who you are. Questions to ask yourself:  What was the a Read More


Dreaming of applause could indicate a desire to be recognized for your accomplishments or what you have achieved.  It could also symbolize feelings of having done or achieved something worthy of recognition. Questions to ask yourself:  What was the situation in which th Read More


Dreaming of an apple could represent temptation and fall, as in Adam and Eve.  It also represents appreciation, as in giving your teacher an apple.  Further, an apple represents wholeness and perfection.  It could also represent the fruit of your labors or have the whol Read More


Dreaming of a house represents YOU – so dreaming of the objects inside the house (such as appliances) represents the various aspects of you.  Specifically, appliances represent the various tasks you take on or do during a given period. Questions to ask yourself: What wa Read More


Dreaming of an appointment could indicate that you are very busy and are aware of your schedule.  On a deeper level, this symbol indicates an awareness of something you need to meet – such as a challenge or an aspect of yourself that you are currently unaware.  Further, Read More


To dream that you are receiving approval could represent a desire to gain the approval of others for something you have done or achieved.  It could also represent feelings of low self-worth and the need to compensate for those feelings by seeking approval outside of you Read More


Dreaming of an apron could represent a desire to stay clean.  This doesn’t necessarily mean physically clean; it could also be spiritually clean, emotionally clean, or simply to stay away from a situation, person, or event that doesn’t feel right to you. Questions to as Read More


Dreaming of an aquarium could represent feelings of being watched or of having no privacy.  Alternatively, an aquarium could represent beauty or feelings of peace, tranquility, and serenity. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the aquarium presented in the dream?  Was t Read More


Dreaming of an arcade represents the fun, excitement, and games associated with childhood.  It could also represent a situation in your waking life in which you are facing challenges that you need to overcome and find solutions for. Questions to ask yourself: How was th Read More


Dreaming of an architect represents the ways in which you design and consciously create your own life.  This symbol also serves as a reminder that you are a powerful creator of your life and that you have the ability to design it in any way you choose. Questions to ask Read More

Architectural Support

Dreaming of architectural support or structural support (pillar, beam, rod, column, etc…) could indicate a need or desire for more support in your life. It could also represent different sources of support in your life, such as your family, friends, God, pets, etc… Ques Read More

Arena or Auditorium

Dreaming of an arena or auditorium represents the drama that you are playing out in your life.  It could also indicate an event, transformation, playing out, etc… that you are witnessing either within yourself or within others around you. Further, dreaming of an arena s Read More


Dreaming that you are arguing with someone suggests an inner conflict you are experiencing.  Arguing in a dream is also a way of releasing emotions or expressing feelings that you may not be able to express in your waking life. Questions to ask yourself:  Who were you a Read More


Dreaming of arms represents love, caring, and reaching out to others.   Further, arms represent your ability to be effective in various situations in your life.  They also represent acts such as embracing, hugging, and your ability to help others.  To dream that you don Read More


Dreaming of an armadillo suggests that you are feeling defensive in some situation or area of your life.  You may also be feeling guarded or desire to protect and shield yourself in some way. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the armadillo portrayed in the dream?  Wha Read More

Armor or Shield

Dreaming of armor or a shield represents a need to protect yourself against a perceived attack or hurt.  Generally, this represents and emotional attack and the way you “shield” and protect yourself from others. This may be in regards to a specific attack, or it may rep Read More


Dreaming of an armpit could suggest warmth, heat, and comfort. It could also represent odor and ideas related to cleanliness/uncleanliness.   Further, dreaming of an armpit could represent decay or something that is unwanted.  It can also indicate shame, “dirty” feeling Read More


To dream that you are arriving somewhere represents new beginnings and a new start in some area of your life.  It also suggests success in an endeavor that you are undertaking – as in you are “arriving” at your goal. Questions to ask yourself:  Where did you arrive in t Read More


Dreaming of an arrow represents a situation, emotions, person, etc… that has provoked or irritated you.  It could also represent the idea of being struck by a powerful emotion such as jealousy, hatred, or love.  Further, dreaming of shooting an arrow suggests your dedic Read More

Arrow (Symbol)

The symbol of an arrow indicates the direction you are going in life and how focused your energies are on going in that particular direction.  An arrow pointing up indicates spiritual attainment and rising consciousness.  A downward facing arrow indicates feelings of ne Read More


Dreaming of arthritis represents an area in your life where you are stuck.  You may not be making forward progress in your life or you may have stagnated in some way.  Further, dreaming of arthritis suggests that you may be feeling unloved, unwanted, or unworthy in some Read More


Dreaming of artwork represents your creative side and your desire for self-expression.  It also suggests beauty and the creative process in general. Questions to ask yourself:  What was the artwork in the dream?  How was it presented?  Were you creating the art?  Was it Read More


To dream of ash or ashes, represents that which remains or is leftover after an experience.  It could also symbolize fraudulent behavior, as in “burning,” someone.  Further, ashes represent purification, cleansing, and renewal.  Ashes can also represent the ending of so Read More


To dream that you (or another dream character) is asleep, represents that which is unconscious or unknown to you.  Look at the other symbols surrounding the sleeping person for further clues as to what you are unconscious or unaware of. Questions to ask yourself:  Who w Read More


Dream dictionary definition for assistant: Dreaming of an assistant suggests a desire for help or “assistance” in some area of your life.  Further, this dream symbol indicates your own ability to solve your problems and how well you handle life’s challenges.  It could a Read More

Astrological Sign

Dream dictionary definition for astrological sign: Dreaming of an astrological sign represents the ideas expressed by that particular sign.  You may be expressing these qualities in your life, or you may benefit from expressing more of the qualities associated with that Read More


Dream dictionary definition for astrology: Dreaming of astrology represents the ways in which you gain deep personal insight about yourself and your inner being by looking outward and upward toward the heavens.  That which is outside of you is also within you – there is Read More


Dream dictionary definition for astronaut: Dreaming of an astronaut represents exploration of unknown places, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, etc… This exploration does not necessarily have to be an outward exploration, but could also indicate an inward exploration, which is Read More


Dream dictionary definition for attached: To dream that two or more things are attached to each other could represent a feeling that those things belong together – examine that qualities that the objects, people, etc… that are attached represent to you.  To look deeper Read More

Attacking Someone

Dream dictionary definition for attacking someone: To dream that you are attacking someone could represent a conscious or unconscious desire to physically, verbally, or emotionally attack someone in your waking life.  Dreaming of attacking someone is a healthy and safe Read More


Dream dictionary definition for attorney: Dreaming of an attorney could represent ideas surrounding justice, blame, retribution, and compensation for a perceived offense (real or imagined).  It can also symbolize argumentativeness, logic, and reason.  Further, dreaming Read More


Dream dictionary definition for attractive: To dream that someone or something is attractive suggests that you are drawn to that particular object or person.  You may desire to have or be associated with the qualities that the object or person represents to you. Questio Read More


Dream dictionary definition for attribute:  Dreaming of a certain attribute of a person, place, thing, or idea, that seems unusual or stands out to you in a particular way, suggests the way you feel about that person/thing etc.  Often in dreams, certain characteristics Read More


Dream dictionary definition for audience: To dream that you are performing or doing something in front of audience indicates that there are many different aspects of yourself (the audience members) that are encouraging and supportive of the actions you are taking in you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for audition: To dream that you are auditioning for something suggests that you are “trying out” new aspects of yourself, new areas of your life, new belief systems, etc… Pay attention to what you are auditioning for to gain further insights Read More


Dream dictionary definition for aunt: Dreaming of an aunt represents an authority figure or a role model in your life.  To gain a deeper understanding of this dream symbol examine your relationship with your own aunt (or uncle, cousin, or older sibling, if you don’t hav Read More

Authority Figure

Dream dictionary definition for authority figure: Dreaming of an authority figure represents your relationship with authority figures in general.  Further, an authority figure can appear in a dream as a way of showing you deeper parts of yourself, such as your own intui Read More


Dream dictionary definition for automobile: Dreaming of an automobile represents the degree of control that you have in your life.  If you are driving the automobile, it indicates that you are in control of your life.  If someone else is driving and you are in the passe Read More


Dream dictionary definition for autumn: Dreaming of autumn can have many different associations.  It can represent whatever you associate with autumn such as beautiful colors, apples, harvest, cooler weather, etc… Further, dreaming of autumn represents preparation – in Read More


Dream dictionary definition for avalanche: Dreaming of an avalanche suggests feelings of being overwhelmed by something in your life.  It also suggests a quick building up of momentum from something small to something big.  This momentum could be negative – as in gettin Read More


Dream dictionary definition for avoiding: To dream that you are avoiding something suggests that you are avoiding the same thing in your waking life.  Be careful though, because dream symbols are not always literal.  Examine what you are avoiding in the dream and more s Read More


Dream dictionary definition for award: Dreaming that you receive an award suggests feelings of accomplishment or of having done something worthy of recognition.  To dream that you are giving someone else an award suggests that you appreciate others for their contributio Read More