Definition for baby: Babies represent innocence, purity, and new beginnings.  The dream meaning behind this symbol indicates your relationship with these ideas.  To dream of a baby could indicate that a new beginning such as a creative project or a new venture is about Read More

Baby Animal

Dream dictionary definition for baby animal:  Dreaming of a baby animal represents vulnerability.  It could also denote weakness or the need for protection by others who are older, stronger, and wiser.  A baby animal could also represent new beginnings or a new lease on Read More

Baby Items

Dream dictionary definition for baby items: Dreaming of baby items could indicate a desire for motherhood or fatherhood.  Further it could represent nurturing yourself or others. Questions to ask yourself: In what ways do you nurture yourself?  How do you nurture others Read More


Dream dictionary definition for babysitter: Dreaming of a babysitter could indicate feelings that you are being watched over and protected.  Alternatively, this dream symbol could be reminiscent of your own personal experiences with a babysitter and how you felt about t Read More


Dream dictionary definition for backseat: Dreaming that you are in the backseat indicates a lack of control over your life and the direction in which you are going.  You are “taking a backseat” and letting someone else do the driving – ie making decisions on your behalf Read More


Dream dictionary definition for backward:  Dreaming that you are moving backward indicates that you are regressing in some area of your life.  Rather than moving forward towards your goals, you are doing the opposite and moving away from your goals. Alternatively, this Read More


Dream dictionary definition for backyard: Dreaming that you are in the backyard could indicate a desire for privacy to relax and enjoy your life.  Alternatively, it could represent your unconscious desires.  Examine the other symbols in the dream and what you were doing Read More


Dream dictionary definition for bad:  Dreaming that you have done something “bad” in your dream could indicate feelings of guilt for something you did (or did not do) in your waking life.   Dreaming that you are bad indicates feelings of shame (feeling like you are fund Read More

Bad Breath

Dream dictionary definition for bad breath:  Dreaming that you or another dream character has bad breath could indicate a desire to keep your distance from others.  You do not want to get too close to other people and do not want them to be too close to you.  This could Read More


Dream dictionary definition for badge:  Dreaming of a badge represent authority and power.  Look at the other symbols in your dream for insights as to who has the power and how they use it. Questions to ask yourself:  Where did you see the badge in your dream?  Was a pe Read More


Dream dictionary definition for badger: Dreaming of a badger could indicate that someone is annoying you, bothering you, or constantly needing your attention.  Someone is “badgering” you.  Alternatively, you could be feeling that you are annoying or bothering someone el Read More


Dream dictionary definition for bag:  A bag is generally used for carrying things, so in dreams a bag represents that which you carry.  It could be anything from physical possessions to emotional baggage.  Was the bag empty or full?  A full bag could indicate what you a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for bakery: A bakery is where you make bread, pastries, cakes, sweets, and other baked goods.  Baking, especially baking bread, represents the most basic nourishment.  On the other hand cakes, sweets, and pastries represent indulgence.  Thus, Read More


Dream dictionary definition for balancing:  Balance is an innate sense that we often take for granted in our waking lives.  Dreaming of balancing in dreams can indicate a feeling of balancing multiple activities or priorities.  Being off-balance, or unable to balance ca Read More


Dream dictionary definition for balcony: Dreaming that you are on a balcony could indicate taking a higher or expanded perspective in some area of your life.  You may need to look at a situation from a higher perspective, or you may be gaining an expanded view on your l Read More


Dream dictionary definition for ball:  Dreaming of a ball indicates feelings of completeness or wholeness.  It could refer to a variety of situations so look for other clues in the dream.  You may have a sense of being complete and whole in who you are as a person.  It Read More


Dream dictionary definition for balloon:  Dreaming of a balloon can have a variety of meanings.  To see a balloon descending in the air indicates abandoned, forgotten, or misplaced hopes.  To see a balloon rising in the air indicates your hopes and dreams for the future Read More


Dream dictionary definition for banana: Dreaming of a banana could represent nourishment.  You may be nourishing yourself in some aspect of your life, or you may need to nourish yourself more.  This doesn’t necessarily refer to physical nourishment, but could also Read More


Dream dictionary definition for band: Dreaming of a particular band could indicate feelings of whatever you associate with that band.  To dream of a band in general could represent feelings of camaraderie, community, and belonging.  You may want to incorporate more musi Read More


Dream dictionary definition for baptism: A baptism is a religious ceremony that represents a rite of passage in a young child’s life.  Depending on the faith this is performed at various times and for different reasons, so while examining this symbol consider what bapti Read More

Bar or Night Club

Dream dictionary definition for bar or night club: Dreaming of being at a bar or night club represents social interactions and the way you act in social situations. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the bar or night club presented in the dream?  What interactions did Read More


Dream dictionary definition for barefoot: Dreaming of being barefoot represents your natural or wild state, without the technologies and conveniences of modern life.  Further, it could indicate toughness or a thick skin, as by walking barefoot you gain a thick skin arou Read More


Dream dictionary definition for barn: A barn can have a variety of different interpretations depending on the context.  Generally, barns are homes for farm animals or horses.  So dreaming of a barn, could indicate a desire to protect or provide a home for animals.  Addi Read More


Dream dictionary definition for basement:  The basement is part of a house and in dreams, the house represents you or an aspect of your personality.  Specifically, the basement represents unconscious or subconscious memories or desires.  It could also symbolize hidden m Read More

Bat (animal)

Dream dictionary definition for bat: Dreaming of a bat could indicate an ability to see clearly in situations in which others have difficulty seeing or where the problem/solution/motives are unclear to others.   Further, bats are often associated with vampires, darkness Read More


Dream dictionary definition for bathroom: Dreaming of bathrooms can have many interpretations depending on the context of the dream.  Bathrooms are places we go to clean ourselves and/or to empty our wastes.  Thus, dreaming of a bathroom can represent cleanliness or the Read More

Bathroom Sink

Dream dictionary definition for bathroom sink:  Bathroom sinks are most often used for washing your hands after using the toilet.  Thus, dreaming of a bathroom sink could indicate a desire to cleanse yourself of some small transgression, or something that makes you feel Read More

Bathtub or Shower

Dream dictionary definition for bathtub or shower: Dreaming of a bathtub or shower represents cleanliness and the desire to maintain personal hygiene.  This cleanliness extends beyond the physical and can also indicate a desire to “come clean” or rid yourself of guilty Read More

Baton Twirling

Dream dictionary definition for baton twirling: Dreaming of twirling a baton could represent how you deal with risk taking and risky situations.  It can also represent your own skill level in a certain area of life, as baton twirling is difficult to master.  Further, dr Read More


Dream dictionary definition for battery: Batteries are energy stores or reserves.  In dreams, batteries represent your heart.   Just as a battery powers a machine, so too does your heart power your physical body.  Examine the condition of the battery in the dream and it Read More


Dream dictionary definition for beach: Dreaming of the beach can indicate a desire for rest, relaxation, peace, and tranquility.  It can also represent your emotions and intuition.  Further, since a beach is a boundary between the land and the sea, dreaming of a beach c Read More


Dream dictionary definition for bear:  Bears are a paradox.  They are, at once, ferocious beasts and cuddly stuffed toys.  Dreaming of bear could represent this paradox within yourself.  You may be experiencing two apparently opposite or incompatible parts of your perso Read More

Bumble Bee

Dream dictionary definition for  bumble bee: Bumble bees are generally not aggressive insects, unless their colonies are attacked.  Thus, dreaming of a bumble bee could signify feelings of protectiveness towards your family, your possessions, your ego, or yourself.  Alt Read More


Dream dictionary definition for bursting:  Dreaming that something bursts can indicate an ending in your life – relationship, job, period, etc.. It can also indicate disappointment – as in “burst your bubble.” Questions to ask yourself:  What is coming to an end in your Read More


Dream dictionary definition for bury: Dreaming that you are burying something indicates a desire to hide a part of yourself.  It could be a feeling, emotion, experience, belief, etc..  Examine what it is you are burying and your feelings surrounding the burial for more Read More


Dream dictionary definition for bus: Riding on a bus represents your habits, thought patterns, old beliefs or old behaviors.  When riding on a bus you are being “driven” along and are not in control of the direction you are going.  Thus, buses often indicate those patte Read More

Bus Stop

Dream dictionary definition for bus stop:  Dreaming of a bus stop can indicate that you are waiting for something to happen in your life.  As buses relate to behaviors, actions, and believes that are passed down from others, you may be waiting for “permission” from some Read More

Business or Company

Dream dictionary definition for  business or company: Dreaming of a business or company could represent your perception and feelings towards that particular company in your waking life.  Dreaming of starting your own business could indicate a desire for more freedom and Read More


Dream dictionary definition for busser: Dreaming of a busser represents cleaning up after other people and cleaning up someone else’s mess.  It does not necessarily relate to a physical mess, as in a messy table or room.  It could also indicate “fixing” someone else’s m Read More


Dream dictionary definition for butterfly: Dreaming of a butterfly represents all that you are, ever were, and ever will be.  This symbol encompasses the totality of you as a being from your birth, through your growth, and finally towards your metamorphosis into your po Read More


Dream dictionary definition for buttocks: Dreaming of buttocks could have different meanings depending on the context of the dream.  As it is the last phase in a process (digestion), this dream symbol could indicate an ending of a process or period in your life.  Altern Read More


Dream dictionary definition for buying: Dreaming of buying something represents an exchange.  It could be an exchange of goods, but it could also represent an exchange of ideas, beliefs, attitudes or energy.  Examine what you were buying in the dream, what that object r Read More