Definition for cabinet:  Dreaming of a cabinet represents that which you keep hidden or tucked away.  If you are looking for something in a cabinet, it indicates that there is something you have long forgotten about that you are now looking for.  If you are putting some Read More


Dream dictionary definition for cake: Cake is a sweet pleasure, often associated with celebrations such as birthdays and weddings.  Dreaming of cake could indicate special occasions, parties, and fun times with friends. Alternatively, dreaming of cake could indicate tha Read More


Dream dictionary definition for calculator: Calculators are used to help us solve problems – from simple arithmetic to complex calculus.  To see a calculator in your dream could indicate the need for some help in solving a problem.  On the same note, it could represent Read More


Dream dictionary definition for calendar: Dreaming of a calendar represents a linear view of time – where one event happens after another and time moves forward in one direction.  To see a calendar in your dream could indicate that you view time in this manner and live Read More

Call for Help

Dream dictionary definition for call for help: Dreaming that you are calling for help indicates that there is some area in your waking life where you need help.   You may need help from someone else, or you may need to help yourself in some way. If another dream charact Read More


Dream dictionary definition for camel: Camels are desert animals known for their ability to walk long distances without needing water.  The camel represents the ideas of persistence, patience, and the ability to stay with something for the long-run.  Like the famous tor Read More


Dream dictionary definition for camera: Dreaming of a camera represents a desire to capture the moment.  You may be feeling that life is going by too quickly and have desire to capture memories or moments from your life. Further, dreaming of a camera could indicate a de Read More


Dream dictionary definition for camping:  Dreaming that you are camping indicates a desire to be close to nature.  It indicates an enjoyment and appreciation for being outdoors and doing outdoor activities. Alternatively, dreaming of camping could indicate a lack of com Read More

Can’t Call for Help

Dream dictionary definition for can’t call for help:  Dreaming that you can’t call for help could represent an area of shame in your life.  If you need help, but are unable to call for it in the dream, the reason may be that you are unable to ask for help in that partic Read More

Can’t See

Dream dictionary definition for can’t see:  To dream that you can’t see indicates that there is some area in your life where you lack clarity.  There is no light to guide you or to help you. Questions to ask yourself:  What was the context in which you were unable to se Read More


Dream dictionary definition for canal: Dreaming of a canal could indicate that you are looking for an easier way to get somewhere or to move to a different place in your life.  Further, a canal could represent a transitional period in your life or a desire to connect wi Read More


Dream dictionary definition for canary:  Dreaming of a canary indicates feelings of happiness, joy, and gratitude for life.   If the canary is singing in the dream it could indicate that you are true to yourself and follow your own unique spirit, essence, and inner wisd Read More


Dream dictionary definition for candle: A candle provides light, warmth, and atmosphere.  It is unobtrusive and represents the most basic form of light.  Dreaming of a candle could represent any of these feelings.  Depending on the setting where the candle is located, i Read More


Dream dictionary definition for candy:  Candy is a sweet pleasure often associated with childhood.  To dream of candy could indicate your desire to indulge in a childlike pleasure.  Further, depending on the other symbols present in the dream, candy could denote sensual Read More


Dream dictionary definition for cannibalism:  Cannibalism often occurs in desperate times or in situations of extreme need.  It is most often a last-resort for survival.  To dream of cannibalism could indicate your own neediness in some area of your life.  Further it co Read More

Cape or Cloak

Dream dictionary definition for cape or cloak:  Dreaming of a cape or cloak indicates a need for protection.  There may be an area of your life where you feel exposed and desire to have some protection from that exposure.  Alternatively, a cape or cloak indicates a desi Read More


Dream dictionary definition for caravan:  Dreaming of a caravan represents moving together towards a common goal.  You may be experiencing an event in your waking life in which you need to work with others to reach a common goal.  Or, you may need to involve more people Read More


Dream dictionary definition for cardinal:  Dreaming a cardinal (bird) represents feelings of beauty and joy, without vanity.  This symbol reminds you of your own beauty and worth, without going over-board into self-obsession and vanity.  This symbol calls for humility a Read More

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Dream dictionary definition for CPR: To dream that you are giving someone CPR indicates a desire to resurrect the feelings that you associate with that person.  To dream that you are receiving CPR indicates that there is a part of you or an aspect of your life that you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for cargo:  Dreaming of cargo represents that which you carry with you – as in emotions, feelings, and experiences from the past.  If there is a lot of cargo in the dream, it indicates that you carry a lot of emotional baggage with you.  You Read More


Dream dictionary definition for carnation: Carnations represent fun, light-heartedness, joy, and vitality.  To see this symbol in your dream indicates that you either are currently expressing these qualities or that you could benefit from expressing more of them.  Look Read More


Dream dictionary definition for carrion: Carrion refers to the dead and decaying flesh of an animal.  Dreaming of carrion represents the ideas of death and transformation – no, it’s not an omen that someone or something is going to die – rather, in dreams deaths are sym Read More


Dream dictionary definition for carrying:  Dreaming of carrying something (an object, person, etc…) represents that which you carry with you in your daily life.  Examine what you are carrying in the dream, how it feels to carry it, and what it represents to you for more Read More


Dream dictionary definition for cart:  Dreaming that you are pushing a cart represents your own efforts to get things done and accomplish the goals in your life.  Dreaming that an animal or another person is pulling a cart represents your expectations for others to carr Read More


Dream dictionary definition for cartoon: Dreaming of a cartoon represents childhood, pleasurable pastimes, and enjoyment. It could also represent humor, relaxation, and having fun. Questions to ask yourself:  What cartoon were you watching?  What was the role of the car Read More


Dream dictionary definition for castle:  Dreaming of a castle can have several meanings depending on how it is presented in the dream.  In ancient times castles were used for protection, so dreaming of a castle could represent a need or desire for protection in your lif Read More


Dream dictionary definition for castrated: Dreaming that you are castrated represents feelings of  not being sexually attractive, fit, or good enough.  This theme goes back to Freud’s dream theories regarding castration.  In such dreams, being castrated represents the f Read More


Dream dictionary definition for cat: Cats can have a variety of meanings in a dream.  Cats represent independence as they don’t need much attention from their owners and largely take care of themselves.  They can represent hidden parts of yourself or parts of yourself w Read More


Dream dictionary definition for catching: To dream that you are catching something (such as an object, fish, etc…) indicates that you desire to attract to you whatever qualities that object represents to you.  Examine the object you caught in the dream for more clues as Read More

Catching Someone

Dream dictionary definition for catching someone: When we dream of a person, the dream character is best examined by what qualities that person represents to you and what you associate with that person.  So, to dream that you are catching someone indicates that you desi Read More


Dream dictionary definition for caterpillar: Caterpillars represent the middle stage of development.  They are no longer the larva and have not yet become a butterfly.  Thus, to dream of a caterpillar indicates that you are in the mid stages of your personal development Read More


Dream dictionary definition for cattle:  Dreaming of cattle may be an indication that you tend to follow what other people are doing, without considering what you actually want to do or what is best for you in a given situation.  You are “following the herd.”  Cattle ma Read More


Dream dictionary definition for cause: Dreaming that you are working for or towards a certain cause may suggest that that particular cause is important to you.  Examine that cause in the dream and what it represents to you in your waking life.  Use this as a starting po Read More


Dream dictionary definition for cave: Dreaming of a cave represents deep hidden places within you.  A cave suggests your unconscious and aspects of yourself that you are currently unaware of.  With it, comes the dark places within in – those parts of yourself that you f Read More


Dream dictionary definition for ceiling: Dreaming of a ceiling represents the heights which you are able to perceive or feel you can achieve.  It represents barriers, limits, and the highest achievements you are able to accomplish. Dreaming of particularly high ceilings Read More


Dream dictionary definition for celebrity:  First, examine the qualities that the celebrity represents to you – what do you admire about that person, why do you like him/her?  Dreaming of a celebrity, like dreaming of a person in your life, may indicate a desire or need Read More

Cell Phone / Mobile Phone

Dream dictionary definition for cell phone / mobile phone:  Cell phones have become our link to the world – they are more than a simple calling device.  Cell phones represent your connection to the world and your ability to interact with others.  Dreaming of a cell phon Read More


Dream dictionary definition for cemetery:   Dreaming of a cemetery represents transformation.  “Death” is not an ending; it is simply a transformation from one state of being to another – thus dreaming of a cemetery represents a transformation from one state to another. Read More


Dream dictionary definition for centaur:  The centaur is a mythological creature with the head and torso of a human, and body of a horse.  This dream symbol serves as a reminder that your animal nature and your “wild” side still exist within you.  Though, we are taught Read More

Center or Between

Dream dictionary definition for center or between:  This dream symbol can represent being the center of attention or a desire for others to pay more attention to you.  It can also represent being caught in the middle of something such as an argument, disagreement, deal, Read More


Dream dictionary definition for centipede: First, examine your waking life feelings about bugs and insects in general.  If you are afraid of bugs/insects, this dream symbol may indicate your fears and anxieties.  If you are not afraid of insects, this symbol may suggest Read More


Dream dictionary definition for chain: Dreaming of a chain represents bondage, being tied down, or “chained up.”  A chain represents a lack of freedom or liberty.  Further, a chain can represent feelings of oppression or of being held back by others in your life.  Chain Read More


Dream dictionary definition for chair:  Dreaming of a chair suggests relaxation, restfulness, and a peaceful state of mind.  Further, a chair symbolizes passivity and inactivity. Questions to ask yourself: How was the chair presented in the dream?  What was its conditio Read More

Chalk or Chalkboard

Dream dictionary definition for chalk or chalkboard: Dreaming of chalk or a chalkboard may suggest childhood and childhood activities.  Drawing or using the chalk/chalkboard to play a game, symbolizes fun childhood memories and could suggest a desire to return to the ca Read More


Dream dictionary definition for chameleon:  Dreaming of a chameleon represents your ability to adapt to a variety of different situations.  It may suggest your ability to change who you are or the front you put forth in order to fit in with others.  This symbol may sugg Read More


Dream dictionary definition for champagne:  Dreaming of champagne represents a celebration, such as a party, anniversary, New Year, or other such occasion.  It also symbolizes luxury, prosperity, and abundance. Questions to ask yourself: How was the champagne depicted i Read More


Dream dictionary definition for changing:  Dreaming that an object or person is changing, represents the changes that are taking place internally.  Pay attention to the original form of the object/person and the changed form for greater insights as to the ways you are c Read More


Dream dictionary definition for chaos:  Dreaming of chaos often represents transformation and change.  Often things feel most chaotic just before a major breakthrough or transformation occurs.  Alternatively, this dream symbol can depict your emotional, psychological, o Read More


Dream dictionary definition for character:  Characters (such as from a book, movie, show, etc…) often show up in dreams as an embodiment of a specific quality.  Since qualities are often hard to symbolize, one of the best ways to convey a quality is through a person or Read More


Dream dictionary definition for chasing:  Dreaming that you are being chased suggests that you are running away from something in your life.  This could be a problem, a situation, a belief, etc…  Examine the other dream symbols to gain greater insights as to what you ma Read More


Dream dictionary definition for cheating:  Dreaming that you are cheating may represent a situation in your life in which you cheated or in which you were not forthright or honest.  It can also represent a belief that the best or only way to achieve your goals is throug Read More


Dream dictionary definition for check:  Dreaming of a check represents the rewards you receive for your efforts and contributions.  It also represents compensation for completing a job, project, etc… it may also represent feelings of accomplishment or of having done goo Read More

Check Cashing

Dream dictionary definition for check cashing:  To dream that you are cashing a check represents cashing in a favor, collecting on a debt or promise, or an “I-O-U.”  To dream that you are cashing a bad check suggests a promise that was never meant to be kept, or a favor Read More


Dream dictionary definition for cheek:  Dreaming of a cheek can represent love, affection, and closeness.  Cheeks can also represent sexual attraction in the case of flushed cheeks.  Further cheeks may represent treating those who have hurt you with kindness, as in “tur Read More


Dream dictionary definition for cheerleader:  Dreaming of a cheerleader represents someone who provides encouragement, support, and motivation.  It can also represent a person who supports you and your endeavors.  Further, a cheerleader can represent sports, sportsmansh Read More


Dream dictionary definition for chemical:  Dreaming of a chemical can symbolize the following: a building-block or element that makes up a larger whole; a reaction; being ready and able to act on a situation when the time and setting are right.  Alternatively, dreaming Read More


Dream dictionary definition for chemistry:  Dreaming of chemistry may represent experimentation, trying new things, science, or looking for answers/new information. Dreaming of chemistry (as in having a good rapport with someone else), suggests affinity, togetherness, c Read More


Dream dictionary definition for chest: Dreaming of a chest represents emotions, past experiences, memories, excitements, etc… that you carry with you.  Often these memories, emotions, beliefs, etc… are hidden away or locked inside you.  Dreaming of an old chest represen Read More


Dream dictionary definition for chewing: Dreaming of chewing represents taking time to think something over in order to break down the information into smaller “bites,” making it easier to absorb.  Further dreaming of chewing may represent taking something into yourself Read More

Chewing Gum

Dream dictionary definition for chewing gum:  Dreaming of chewing gum may represent something that you would like to take into yourself and assimilate, but cannot.  You are making an attempt to break down information etc… into more manageable pieces, however, you are no Read More


Dream dictionary definition for chickadee: Dreaming of a chickadee represents joy, optimism, high-hopes, and cheerfulness. Questions to ask yourself: How was the chickadee depicted in the dream?  What was it doing?  Where was it?  What other dream symbols were present i Read More