Definition for daffodil:  Daffodils are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring.  Thus dreaming of daffodils represents new beginnings or a new take on a situation.  This symbol signals a transition into a new phase of life. Questions to ask yourself:  In what w Read More


Dream dictionary definition for daisy:  Dreaming of a daisy indicates the beginnings a new friendship or a new relationship.  It also represents innocence, purity, and love.  Alternatively, if you know someone in your waking life with the name “Daisy,” this symbol could Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dancing: Dancing indicates your own self-expression, freedom and joy.  Dancing can be a spiritual expression or an expression of your Higher/Inner Self.  If you are dancing with a partner, the dream could indicate a close sexual relations Read More


Dream dictionary definition for danger: Dreaming of danger could indicate that you are fearful of something happening or that there will be some danger in your life.  You may have some indication that something you are doing in your waking life could be dangerous to you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for darkness:  Dreaming of darkness indicates that you are unclear about a certain event or situation and do not know how to act.  You may not have enough knowledge about the situation or enough information.  Maybe someone close to you isn&#8 Read More

Dates on a Calendar

Dream dictionary definition for dates on a calendar: Dreaming of a specific date on a calendar could indicate that that date has some significance to you.  Further it could indicate that have a lot going on and need to be particularly aware of your schedule. Questions t Read More


Dream dictionary definition for daughter:  Dreaming of your daughter indicates that you have some unresolved issue or problem with your daughter that you’re attempting to work out.  Look at the context of the dream for other clues as to what the problem is or what it re Read More


Dream dictionary definition for daytime: Dreaming of the daytime indicates that you have clarity on an issue that is affecting your life.  Alternatively, it could indicate a time of productivity, wakefulness, and getting things done. Questions to ask yourself:  Is there Read More

Dead Acquaintance

Dream dictionary definition for dead acquaintance: To dream of a dead acquaintance indicates that there is some part of yourself that is no longer needed.  It could be an aspect of your personality, a friendship, an idea, or a belief that you are holding onto but that y Read More

Dead Body

Dream dictionary definition for dead body: Dreaming of a dead body indicates that some part of your life is coming to an end.  It could be the end of an era, such as the ending of your schooling, a relationship, leading the single-life, or living with/without children. Read More


Dream dictionary definition for deaf: Dreaming that you are deaf indicates that there is something someone is attempting to communicate with you that you are not hearing or are incapable of hearing.  You are either not receptive to what they have to say or are incapable Read More

Death of You

Dream dictionary definition for death of you: Dreaming of your own death indicates that you are going through a major transformation in your waking life.  It could be an emotional or spiritual transformation.  It could also be a transformation of circumstances, finances Read More


Dream dictionary definition for debt:  Dreaming that you are in financial debt could indicate that you are experiencing financial troubles in your waking life.  In this case, you are processing these life events, worries, and fears through your dreams.  Look for other c Read More

Decapitated Head

Dream dictionary definition for decapitated head:  Dreaming of a head represents intellectual pursuits, logic, and rational thought.  Thus, dreaming of a decapitated head indicates that you are not applying these qualities in your waking life.  Maybe it is because you f Read More


Dream dictionary definition for decision:  To dream that you are making a decision could indicate that you have come to a decision about an issue in your waking life.  It may have been a decision in which you didn’t know how to act and now you have decided what course o Read More


Dream dictionary definition for decoration:  Dreaming of decorations indicates the desire to have more beauty in your life or to make your surroundings more pleasant. Questions to ask yourself:  In what ways do you desire more beauty?  How can you add more beauty to you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for decreasing:  To dream that something is decreasing could indicate that you fear you lack something.  Examine what is decreasing in the dream to gain an understanding of what you feel you are lacking.  For example, if you dream that a pile Read More


Dream dictionary definition for deer: Dreaming of a deer represents gentleness, beauty, and inner wisdom.  It symbolizes the part of your inner self that is most in-tune with nature and your natural surroundings.  Although deer are meek and gentle, they are also very ad Read More


Dream dictionary definition for deflating: To dream that something is deflating indicates that it no longer holds the same importance that it once did.  The idea, belief, object, or relationship is not as needed as it once was. Alternatively, the symbol could suggest th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for deformity:  To dream of a deformity can indicate that you feel you are different from others in some unacceptable way.  Your beliefs, ideas, or some other aspect of yourself goes against the norm. You feel self-conscious about being diffe Read More

Deja Vu

Dream dictionary definition for déjà vu: To dream that you are having déjà vu could mean that you have experienced a similar place before either in your waking life or in the dream world.  Further it could indicate that you have experienced the same events or situations Read More


Dream dictionary definition for delivery: To dream that you are receiving a delivery could indicate an expectation of receiving something in the future – you may be waiting for a gift, package, reward, acknowledgement, etc… in your waking life.  Receiving a delivery cou Read More

Delivery Person

Dream dictionary definition for delivery person: A delivery person is a messenger; he can bring you something good, something bad, or something neutral.  In a dream the delivery person could represent the medium through which you receive communication.  You are in const Read More


Dream dictionary definition for demand: To demand something in a dream represents fear.  You may be afraid that your needs aren’t getting met or that you don’t have all that you need – thus you feel you have to demand something in order for you needs to be satisfied. Al Read More

Dental Care Items

Dream dictionary definition for  dental care items:  Dental care items relate to teeth and taking care of your teeth.  Teeth, in dreams, represent anxiety about a situation in your life.  So, dreaming about dental care items indicates a desire to ease your anxiety.  Fur Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dentist:  Dreaming of a dentist could indicate a general fear or fear of being hurt, especially if you dislike dentists in your waking life.  Further, since dentists work on teeth, dreaming of the dentist could relate to severe anxieties Read More


Dream dictionary definition for denying: To deny something in a dream represents repression of a part of yourself.  You may be consciously hiding a part of who you are in order to fit in with a group, or you may be unconsciously repressing certain memories, feelings, or Read More


Dream dictionary definition for deodorant:  To dream of deodorant could symbolize a culturalized behavior of suppressing your nature to make yourself more presentable or palatable to others.  It could also symbolize a desire to change some part of yourself or to make so Read More


Dream dictionary definition for depleted: To dream that something is depleted represents the idea of not having enough.  You may be feeling that you don’t have enough of something in your waking life such as money, friends, health, resources, etc… Questions to ask yours Read More


Dream dictionary definition for descending: To dream that you are descending could represent your search for meaning in your unconscious.  You may have a desire to explore your own psyche and to get better acquainted with who you are. Alternatively, dreaming of descendi Read More


Dream dictionary definition for desert: Dreaming of the desert represents a lack of attention to personal growth or personal development in your life – not giving enough attention to your own development and growth.  It also represents loneliness, isolation, and depress Read More

Design or Plan

Dream dictionary definition for design of plan: Dreaming of a design or plan symbolizes your intentions, creativity, desires, and that which you intend to manifest in your life.  Plans are a masculine/left-brained symbol and thus suggest structure, order, and an analyti Read More


Dream dictionary definition for desk: Dreaming of a desk represents some kind of work – be it homework, a project for work, or inner work.  A desk can also represent the authority you have in a particular area of your life.  A large, ornate desk represents a great degre Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dessert: Dessert represents sweet pleasures.  To dream that you are eating dessert could indicate that you are enjoying life’s pleasures and taking in the sweetness of life. Alternatively, if you are over-indulging in dessert, this could Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  destroying: To dream that you are destroying something suggests and inner push or desire to transform a part of your life or an aspect of yourself.  Destruction is often a necessary part of inner growth and personal transformation.  Thus Read More


Dream dictionary definition for deterioration: Dreaming that something is deteriorating suggests that you are not taking care of a particular area of your life.  Examine what was deteriorating to gain deeper insights as to what aspect of your life, yourself, or your per Read More

Diamond Shape

Dream dictionary definition for diamond shape:  To dream that something is shaped like a diamond can have meanings associated with diamonds (the gem).  This suggests permanence, resiliency, and beauty.  It also represents spiritual advancement and profound personal tran Read More


Dream dictionary definition for diarrhea: Dreaming of diarrhea suggests the need to rid yourself of some “waste” in your life.  It can also suggest a rejection of an attitude, belief, concept, etc… in your life.  Diarrhea may suggest expelling or releasing negative emot Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dice:  Dreaming of dice may suggest gambling, luck, or playing a game.  Further, dice can represent the chances you are taking in life.  It can also indicate fate. Questions to ask yourself:   How were the dice presented in the dream?  Wh Read More


Dream dictionary definition for different: When you dream that something or someone is different than you know them to be in your waking life, pay close attention to the aspects of the person/object that are different.  The “different” features represent parts of the pe Read More


Dream dictionary definition for digestion: Dreaming of digestions represents the way in which you use and assimilate information, ideas, attitudes, beliefs, etc… in your waking life.  Digestion that is too fast indicates that you may be too quick to accept or reject new Read More


Dream dictionary definition for digging: Dreaming of digging represents searching.  It could be for information, knowledge, wisdom, etc… Further, you may want to find out the cause of a situation or “get to the bottom” of something. Alternatively, digging may represent Read More

Dinner Party

Dream dictionary definition for dinner party:  Dreaming of a dinner party represents social gatherings and social interactions.  It can also represent family and the way you interact with those closest to you.  Eating, represents nourishment, so dreaming of a dinner par Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dinosaur: Dreaming of a dinosaur may represent something that is old an obsolete.  It can also represent something important in your life, or something “big” – such as a big moment in your life, or an important memory, person, or event… A Read More


Dream dictionary definition for director: Dreaming of a director may represent an authority figure. It can also suggest giving and taking orders and your ability to follow the direction of others. Alternatively, dreaming of a director can suggest the extent to which you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dirty: Dreaming that something is dirty can represent feelings of uncleanliness.  It can also suggest a mistake you made, a perceived character flaw, or an imperfection.  Along the same lines, it can suggest a fear of judgment, criticism, Read More


Dream dictionary definition for disabled:  To dream that you are disabled may represent feelings of inadequacy in some area of your life.  It can also suggest your own abilities and how well you are able to perform certain tasks.  This dream symbol may also represent yo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for disappearing:  Dreaming that something disappears may represent a desire to get rid of that object or person from your life.  It can also suggest forgetting something (maybe from your past) or losing sight of what is important to you.  Fu Read More


Dream dictionary definition for disaster:  Dreaming of a disaster can represent fears of a disaster taking place in your life.  It can also represent feelings of failure, lack, or loss of hope.  Further, a disaster may represent a total transformation or major change ta Read More


Dream dictionary definition for discovering: To dream that you are discovering something represents discovering a new part or aspect of yourself.  It may be a new attitude, interest, hobby, belief, creative outlet, talent, etc… Pay attention to what you discovered in th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dish: Dreaming of a dish represents the way in which you receive nourishment – this can be physical, but more often represents your emotional, spiritual, or psychological nourishment. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the dish portrayed Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dishonest: Dreaming that you or another dream character is being dishonest represents the ways in which you are dishonest with yourself or with others.   Dishonesty also represents lies, deceit, and keeping secrets. Further, dreaming of b Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dishwasher:  Dreaming of a dishwasher represents cleaning up certain areas of your life.  If there have been any areas in your life where you have made mistakes, hurt another person or yourself, this dream symbol may represent making amen Read More


Dream dictionary definition for disobeying: To dream that you are disobeying a rule or an authority figure suggests questioning authority and making your own rules.  It may suggest contempt for authority or a disillusion with authority figures and the power structure yo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for distance:  Dreaming of a distance between objects, locations, or people can represent the actual or perceived distance between those things.  It can also represent emotional distance or philosophical differences.  Further, it can represen Read More


Dream dictionary definition for divider:  Dreaming of a divider signifies an emotional, psychological, or spiritual separation.  It can be a separation between different people or it can be a separation within yourself.  Further, dreaming of a divider can represent the Read More


Dream dictionary definition for diving:  Dreaming that you are diving represents exploring new and deeper depths of yourself, your soul, and your being.  It can also indicate taking a chance or risk-taking.  If you are showing off in the dream, diving represents the way Read More

Diving Gear

Dream dictionary definition for diving gear:  Dreaming of diving gear suggests feelings of being alien or out of place in a given situation.  It can also suggest preparation for deep inner spiritual work. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the diving gear presented in Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dizzy:  Dreaming of being dizzy represents disorientation, confusion, or lack of direction.  It can also suggest that you have not been nourishing yourself in some area of your life.  Examine the other dream symbols/characters present for Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dock: Dreaming of a dock symbolizes a place of rest, restoration, peace, and relaxation.  Further, it symbolizes an entry or an exit. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the dock portrayed in the dream?  What was its condition? What other Read More


Dream dictionary definition for doctor:  Dreaming of a doctor represents an authority figure and the way you interact and deal with authority.  Further, this dream symbol deals with health issues.  The doctor may serve as a warning to pay attention to a particular area Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dog:  Dreaming of a dog represents your untamed nature and the part of you that has not or does not respond to social conditioning.  Dreaming of a dog on a leash suggests domestication of your natural drives and instincts.  Further, it su Read More


Dream dictionary definition for doll:  Dreaming of a doll often symbolizes yourself, your feelings, and emotions when you were a baby or a child.  Pay attention to the condition of the doll and the way it’s treated in the dream to gain more insights as to your feelings Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dolphin:  Dolphins are a powerful symbol both in dreams and in waking life.  Dolphins are intelligent, caring, and easily form relationships with humans.  In fact, dolphins are so closely linked to humans that they are the only animal tha Read More


Dream dictionary definition for donkey:  Dreaming of a donkey may represent stubbornness, strength, or a strong work ethic.  Further, donkeys can represent stupidity or low intelligence. Questions to ask yourself: How was the donkey presented in the dream?  What conditi Read More

Door or Entrance

Dream dictionary definition for door or entrance: Dreaming of a door or entrance symbolizes new beginnings and new adventures on your journey of life.  It can also signify the exploration of new feelings, attitudes, beliefs, or states of being. Questions to ask yourself Read More


Dream dictionary definition for doorbell: Dreaming of a doorbell represents a call to attention.  You may be attempting to get someone else’s attention.  Or a doorbell could indicate that there is an area of your life that you are not paying attention to.  This would ge Read More


Dream dictionary definition for doorknob:  Dreaming of a doorknob represents a new beginning or the start of a new adventure in your life’s journey.  Further, it suggests a turning point in a situation, belief, attitude, etc… Questions to ask yourself: How was the doork Read More


Dream dictionary definition for doorman: Dreaming of a doorman represents helpfulness, protection, and watchfulness.  It can also suggest welcoming, greeting, friendliness, and kindness. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the doorman portrayed in the dream?  What was h Read More


Dream dictionary definition for doormat:  Dreaming of a doormat may indicate feelings of welcoming, warmth, and home.  A doormat can also suggest a boundary or passage between two distinct areas or phases of your life.  Alternatively, it can suggest feelings of being ta Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dough: Dreaming of dough represents your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes that you cultivate throughout your life.  Whatever you think about, belief, and have strong emotions towards will ultimately become your life.  Dough repr Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dove: Dreaming of a dove represents peace, joy, and hope. Questions to ask yourself: How was the dove portrayed in the dream?  What was its action?  Was there anything strange or unusual about the dove? Ali Rittenhouse

Downhill Sports

Dream dictionary definition for downhill sports:  Dreaming of downhill sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, etc… represents speed, momentum, exhilaration, and adrenaline.  It can also represent a call for adventure or trying new and exciting things in Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dragon: Dreaming of a dragon represents your greatest obstacles, challenges, and fears in your life.  Pay attention to your reaction and feelings about the dragon to gain greater insights as to how you handle your challenges in your wakin Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dragonfly: Dreaming of a dragonfly represents spirituality, spiritual attainment, and a connection with the spirit world. Questions to ask yourself: How was the dragonfly depicted in the dream?  What was its role and purpose?  How did you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for drain: Dreaming of a drain represents waste or something that is unwanted.  If the drain is working properly, it suggests that you are able to get rid of what you no longer need or want in your life.  If the drain is clogged, it suggests Read More


Dream dictionary definition for drawers: Dreaming of drawers represents your own thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, etc… that you carry with you and use on a daily basis.  Further, drawers can represent storing something for later use, or memories you want to keep with you. Read More

Dream within a Dream

Dream dictionary definition for dream within a dream:  One of the functions of dreaming is to consciously receive and understand emotions, feelings, and beliefs that we may not be aware of in our waking lives.  Waking up from one dream, only to find that you are in anot Read More


Dream dictionary definition for drinking: Dreaming that you are drinking a beverage represents your longings and what you “thirst” for.  Your thirst could be physical, spiritual, emotional, or psychological.  Pay attention to the other dream symbols and dream characters Read More

Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

Dream dictionary definition for drinking alcoholic beverages:   Dreaming that you are drinking alcohol can have a number of meanings depending on the context of the dream, the quantity drunk, and how you use alcohol in your waking life.  One possibility involves relaxat Read More

Drinking Glass

Dream dictionary definition for drinking glass:  Dreaming of a drinking glass can represent social occasions, socializing with friends, and parties.  It can also represent relaxation and peacefulness.  Dreaming of an empty glass suggests the past – past memories, past e Read More

Drinking Straw

Dream dictionary definition for drinking straw: Dreaming of a drinking straw represents a narrow or tight focus.  It symbolizes a desire to get only what you are intending to get from a situation, event, person, etc… without getting anything else along with it.   Altern Read More

Driver’s License

Dream dictionary definition for driver’s license:  Dreaming of a driver’s license represents permission or authority to do something, perform a task, perform a service, etc… Dreaming of a driver’s license is a sign that you have the knowledge and experience to move forw Read More


Dream dictionary definition for driveway: Dreaming of a driveway represents the path that you take in order to gain access to deeper parts of a person.  If you dream of your own driveway, it suggests the path you must take to get to know yourself better and to access de Read More


Dream dictionary definition for driving:  Dreaming that you are driving a vehicle (such as a car, truck, etc…) represents the degree of control you have in your life.  Dreaming that you are in the driver’s seat suggests feelings of being in control of your own life and Read More


Dream dictionary definition for drowning: Dreaming of drowning suggests feelings of being out of control in some area of your life.  For example, you may feel you are “drowning” in work or responsibilities.  Further, drowning represents fear and anxiety of being overwhe Read More


Dream dictionary definition for drugs:  Drugs can have a number of different dream meanings depending on the context of the dream, the type of drug, and how you use drugs in your waking life. A prescription drug can represent returning to health, relieving pain, or atta Read More

Drum Major

Dream dictionary definition for drum major: Dreaming of a drum major may represent modulation, balance, and harmony in an area of your life.  Further, this dream symbol represents leadership, and the ability to coordinate multiple parts of a task.  It can also indicate Read More


Dream dictionary definition for drunk: Dreaming of being drunk may represent having a good time – or have too much of a good time.  It can represent excess.  Dreaming of being drunk may represent feelings of comfort and familiarity in an environment.  Further, dreaming Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dry:  Dreaming that you are drying something represents returning a situation, idea, attitude, belief, etc… back its original state or a desire to do so.  Further, it can represent your ability to solve problems. Questions to ask yourself Read More

Dry Up

Dream dictionary definition for dry up:  To dream that something is drying up or has dried up may represent neglect or an uncaring attitude towards something.  Examine what dried up in the dream, and how it did so to gain greater insights as to what you are neglecting i Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dryer:  Dreaming of dryer may represent a stage of completion in your life.  It suggests the ending of one phase and the beginning of a new one.  Further, it can represent a transformation – turning something that was impure or complicate Read More


Dream dictionary definition for duck: Ducks are unique animals in their ability to navigate both the air and the water (they can fly and they also swim and dive).  Thus dreaming of a duck represents your ability to reach new heights and expand your horizons.  It can als Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dumpster: Dreaming of a dumpster represents that which is no longer needed in your life.  It represents waste and things you need to get rid of.  It suggests that there may be attitudes, beliefs, situations, people, items, etc… that are n Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dust: Dreaming of dust represents your past or past memories that are long forgotten, neglected or ignored.  It can also represent the passage of time or the last time you felt the feelings that are portrayed in the dream.   Dreaming that Read More

Dyeing Your Hair

Dream dictionary definition for dyeing your hair: Dreaming that you are dyeing your hair represents a change in your self-image or the way you want to been seen. Questions to ask yourself:  In what context did you dye your hair?  What color did you dye it?  What does th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for dying:  Dreaming of dying is a common dream theme and usually does not represent an actual physical death (especially if you dream of your own death).  Rather, dreaming of dying represents a major transformation in your life.  The transfo Read More