E-Mail Message

Definition for e-mail message: Dreaming of sending an email indicates the desire to communicate with someone.  Dreaming of a receiving an email indicates a desire for someone else to initiate communication with you.  Alternatively, it could represent a part of yourself Read More


Dream dictionary definition for eagle: Eagles are powerful hunting birds, commonly associated with soaring and freedom.  To dream of an eagle could carry the dream meaning of “soaring to new heights” in your personal or professional endeavors.  The majesty and beauty of Read More


Dream dictionary definition for ear: Dreaming of an ear represents your ability to hear and listen.  It could indicate that there is something you need to hear – you may need to be more willing to listen to your inner guidance and be more receptive to its messages.  Dre Read More


Dream dictionary definition for earache:  To dream of having an earache could indicate that you are feeling angry about something you heard.  It could be something you heard on TV – such as a news report or it could be something that someone in your waking life said.    Read More


Dream dictionary definition for early:  To dream of being early indicates a desire to get ahead. It could indicate a desire to be the first out of the gate with an idea, project, or business – as in the expression “the early bird gets the worm.”  It could represent eage Read More


Dream dictionary definition for earrings:  Earrings represent beauty, sexuality, and attention to detail.  Dreaming of earrings could indicate that you want to express more of these qualities in your life. Questions to ask yourself:  What do you find beautiful?  How do Read More


Dream dictionary definition for earthquake: Dreaming of an earthquake means that you want to shake things up in your life.  You are ready for a change, but do not know how to go about making that change.  Rather than consciously choosing which direction you will go in n Read More


Dream dictionary definition for earwax: Dreaming of earwax could indicate that you are feeling unclean or that you are not taking proper care of your personal hygiene.  Alternatively, it could indicate that you are not open to guidance and that you are not listening to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for Easter:   Depending on your associations, dreaming of Easter can have a variety of meanings.  If you are Christian, dreaming of Easter could represent your feelings regarding religion.  It could represent your commitment to Christianity, Read More

Easter Eggs

Dream dictionary definition for Easter eggs:  Easter eggs have a few different dream meanings.  Eggs, in general, represent fertility and birth, so dreaming of Easter eggs could represent the ideas of fertility and birth.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be in the phys Read More


Dream dictionary definition for eating: Eating represents self-care, self-nourishment, and taking care of yourself.  To dream that you are eating healthy foods, indicates that you take good care of yourself and that you are conscious of what nourishes you – this could b Read More


Dream dictionary definition for eavesdropping: Dreaming of eavesdropping indicates a desire to know something that you feel you are not meant to know.  It could be because you feel that you are not worthy of having that knowledge or wisdom or that it’s not meant for you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for edge: Dreaming that you are on the edge of something – like a cliff, for example, indicates that you are at the boundary of something.  You may have gone as far as you can with a certain project or idea and now you are in a transitional p Read More


Dream dictionary definition for eel:  Eels are elongated predator fish.  Dreaming of an eel could indicate that you are feeling predatory or that you are feeling like prey for someone else.  Examine the context of the dream to determine which interpretation fits your si Read More


Dream dictionary definition for eight:  Dreaming that you are eight years old represents the memories you had during that time in your life.  Whatever factors, life circumstances or qualities were dominant during that period of your life, could be trying to come through Read More


Dream dictionary definition for eighteen:  Dreaming of turning eighteen years old represents the transitional period between childhood and adulthood.  You are legally an adult and have most of the privileges that come with being an adult – such as the right to vote, buy Read More


Dream dictionary definition for elbow:  Dreaming of an elbow represents movement and flexibility.  If the elbow moves well, it could indicate that you are comfortable with movement and change in your life and that you adapt well to new situations.  If you dream that the Read More


Dream dictionary definition for electric: To dream that something is electric indicates that it gives you an emotional charge or that you are particularly attracted to that object or person.  Examine the object or dream character that was electric in your dream.  What q Read More


Dream dictionary definition for electricity:  Electricity represents energy and the energy that is behind a project or an idea.  Dreaming that something is full of electricity indicates that you have strong feelings regarding that idea and have a lot of energy to put in Read More


Dream dictionary definition for electrocute:  Dreaming that you are being electrocuted could indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed in some area of your life.  There is too much energy or charge in a certain situation and it is taking a toll on you.  It could also in Read More


Dream dictionary definition for elephant:  Elephants have excellent memories and are very intuitive.  It is said that they never forget.  To dream of an elephant could indicate that you have some memories that are just below your awareness that you are attempting to bri Read More


Dream dictionary definition for elevator: Elevators represent lifting up or lowering down; movement in social status; or change in self-esteem.  The direction the elevator moves in the dream indicates which direction you are moving.  Dreaming that you are riding up in a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for eleven: Dreaming of the number 11, could indicate a repeating pattern in your life.  There may be a situation, behavior, or belief that you have embraced in the past that is now coming back around to you once again.  Examine other clues i Read More


Dream dictionary definition for elf: Dreaming of an elf indicates other realms of consciousness and other realities.  Elves represent a powerfully connected force inside of you – there is something stirring within you that desires to be expressed. Questions to ask yours Read More


Dream dictionary definition for elk: An elk represents your emotions – and the emotional force behind your actions.  Elks are wild animals and represent your ability to control your emotions.  Seeing a powerful and strong elk or an aggressive elk indicates strong emotio Read More


Dream dictionary definition for embroidery: Dreaming of embroidery represents your ability to do simple tasks and to take pride in the simple things in life. Intricate embroidery indicates an attention to detail and an appreciation for simple luxuries.  Alternatively, d Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  embryo: Dreaming of an embryo represents new life, birth, and infinite possibilities.  This could refer to a project, creative endeavor, business venture, family situation, etc… To see this symbol indicates that you are looking at an asp Read More

Emergency Room

Dream dictionary definition for  emergency room:  Dreaming of an emergency room indicates that there is some area of your life that you need to pay immediate attention to.  You may have ignored the situation for a period of time or the situation may have come up suddenl Read More

Emotional Bond

Dream dictionary definition for emotional bond: Dreaming that you have an emotional bond with someone indicates strong feelings for that person.  If you know the person (or animal) in the dream, examine the qualities that that person represents to you.  You may also fee Read More

Emotional Hurt

Dream dictionary definition for emotional hurt: Dreaming of emotional hurt could represent past emotional hurts you have experienced.  Examine the context of the hurt and especially your feelings about it in the dream for more insights as to how you deal with emotional Read More


Dream dictionary definition for empty: Dreaming that something is empty could represent how you feel inside – you may be feeling unfulfilled in some part of your life; you may have a hard time accessing your emotions around a certain situation. Further, there may be a p Read More


Dream dictionary definition for emu:  Dreaming of an emu represents your ability to stay or be grounded in a situation.  Further it could represent an attitude of cockiness or arrogance. Questions to ask yourself: How do you stay grounded in your life?  In what ways cou Read More

Ending a Process

Dream dictionary definition for ending a process:  Dreaming of ending a process could represent a situation in your life which is coming to an end.  Further, it could represent your own fears that something in your life will come to an end – could be a relationship, car Read More


Dream dictionary definition for enemy:  Dreaming of an enemy could indicate repressed hatred for a certain aspect of the enemy.  If you recognize the enemy in your dreams, what qualities does that person represent to you?  You may feel hatred towards the qualities rathe Read More


Dream dictionary definition for engagement:  Dreaming that you are engaged could indicate an actual desire to be engaged.  Further, it could represent an exploration of commitment – to another person, to a project, school, career, etc… Questions to ask yourself:  Do you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for engine: Dreaming of an engine represents your ability to drive projects to completion.  A powerful engine represents a strong desire and drive to complete projects and to get things done.  A small, weak engine indicates apathy and lack of Read More


Dream dictionary definition for enough: Dreaming that you have enough of something (object, money, friendships, etc…) indicates satisfaction with that area of your life.  Alternatively, you may be feeling fed up with a certain situation in your life – you have “had enou Read More

Enter (go into)

Dream dictionary definition for enter: Dreaming that you are entering something indicates a willingness to explore that particular area, place, or aspect of yourself. Questions to ask yourself:  What are you willing to explore?  What new aspects of yourself would like t Read More


Dream dictionary definition for entrepreneur: Dreaming of an entrepreneur indicates self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and the ability to create value for others.  You may be expressing these qualities in your waking life or you may need to add more of these qualities to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for envy: Dreaming of envy indicates that you are not happy with what you have.  You look at what other people have and wish it was yours.  Envy can be used as a positive force in your life – if your envy motivates you to create a life that y Read More


Dream dictionary definition for equipment:  Dreaming of equipment represents the need for external sources to complete a project.  Examine the condition and functionality of the equipment in the dream. Dreaming that the equipment isn’t working properly could indicate a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for eroding: Dreaming that something is eroding indicates a gradual wearing away – it could be an emotional state, financial situation, relationship, etc…  Examine the cause of the erosion in the dream and what was eroding.  Erosion by acid c Read More


Dream dictionary definition for erratic: Dreaming that something is erratic indicates randomness or chaos in your waking life.  You may be feeling emotionally unstable or you may be having a difficult time controlling yourself in a certain way. Questions to ask yourself Read More


Dream dictionary definition for eruption:  Dreaming of an eruption could represent emotional outbursts, or bursts of anger.  Examine the conditions surrounding the eruption and the size of the eruption for greater insight as to how this symbol affects you. Questions to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for escalator: Dreaming of escalator represents higher pursuits in your life.  It could be in any area of your life including personal, financial, spiritual, relationships, or career.  Dreaming that the escalator is going up indicates success Read More

Escaping or Running Away

Dream dictionary definition for escaping or running away: To dream that you are escaping or running away usually indicates a problem, challenge, or situation in your waking life that you are attempting to avoid.  You may be “running away” from your problems or attemptin Read More


Dream dictionary definition for evening: Dreaming of the evening represents rest, calm, and tranquility.  It is the time of day when we relax and prepare for rest.  Dreaming of this symbol could be an indication that you need more of these qualities in your life or it c Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  evenness: To dream that something is even indicates a sense of fairness.  Alternatively, it could represent “even” emotions – as in, you do not experience extreme highs and lows in your moods and feelings, rather you experience a constan Read More


Dream dictionary definition for event:  Dreaming of an event can have a variety of meanings depending on what the event is.  If you have experienced this type of event in your waking life, the dream could be a way of processing what happened.  Examine the feelings surro Read More


Dream dictionary definition for evil: Dreaming that something is evil represents feelings, emotions, beliefs, experiences, etc… which you have repressed in your waking life.  It takes so much energy to repress such feelings that they become clouded in fear and negativit Read More


Dream dictionary definition for ex: Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-lover, etc… is often a way of processing the relationship.  Often there are things left unsaid, and hurts left unresolved.  We don’t always get a chance to express our feelings or resolve Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  executing: Dreaming that you are executing another person (or other living being) could indicate a desire to end a certain pattern, belief system, thought process, or circumstance in your own life. Alternatively, this symbol could indica Read More


Dream dictionary definition for execution: Dreaming of an execution represents a sudden ending in your life against your will.  Examples could include being fired from a job, a breakup which you did not want, abandonment by one or both parents, a death, or any other sit Read More


Dream dictionary definition for exercise:  Dreaming of exercise could represent an area of your life which needs to be stimulated.  There may be some area which is stiff and un-stimulated and needs to be moved or exercised in order to regain its full functionality.  Thi Read More


Dream dictionary definition for exhaust: Dreaming of exhaust – aka – byproducts from a car, furnace, etc… could represent the by-products from a project, endeavor or process in your life.  If the exhaust in the dream is harmful there may be certain undesirable consequen Read More


Dream dictionary definition for exorcism:  Dreaming of an exorcism could indicate a desire to rid yourself of negative feelings.  Negativity often projects itself as evil spirits, hatred, greed, etc… though it can take on any form and ultimately leads you to feeling sma Read More


Dream dictionary definition for expensive: Dreaming that something is expensive indicates that which is out of your reach.  If you are unable to afford something because it is too expensive, it then becomes unavailable to you.  This dream symbol could indicate that you Read More

Experimented On

Dream dictionary definition for experimented on: Dreaming that you are being experimented on indicates feelings of powerlessness, helplessness, or low self-value.  You may be feeling that you are out of control or powerless to stop the abuses of others.  This could be o Read More


Dream dictionary definition for explosion:  Dreaming of an explosion could indicate a quick and immediate end to a certain phase in your life.  Alternatively, it could represent explosive bursts of anger, resentment, or rage. Questions to ask yourself:  Have any phases Read More


Dream dictionary definition for exposed:  Dreaming that you are being exposed in some way indicates feelings of vulnerability.  There may be an area of your life where you do not feel completely comfortable to express yourself and having that part of yourself exposed fe Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  extra: Dreaming that you have extra of something could indicate that you have more than you need in a certain area of your life.  You may be hoarding, or you may just not know what to do with the excess items.  Examine the context of the Read More


Dream dictionary definition for eye:  Dreaming of an eye could indicate feelings of being watched, scrutinized, or spied on.  You may have feelings that “the big eye in the sky” is watching you, or even waiting for you to step out of line or make a mistake. Alternativel Read More


Dream dictionary definition for eyebrow: Dreaming of eyebrows indicates expressing your feelings.  You could be expressing them to yourself or the outside world. Questions to ask yourself:  What feelings do you need to express in your waking life?  Do you need to commun Read More


Dream dictionary definition for eyelashes: Dreaming of eyelashes represents protection.  Though small, your eyelashes play a large role in protecting your eyes from external objects.  You may feel in need of subtle protection or you may be feeling protected. Alternative Read More


Dream dictionary definition for eyes: Our eyes are the way in which we see and perceive the world.  Dreaming of eyes represents your perception of the world, of others, or of yourself. Questions to ask yourself:  How do you perceive the world?  How is your perception li Read More


Dream dictionary definition for eyesight: Dreaming of eyesight gives greater insight as to how you perceive the world through your physical senses.  Dreaming of clear eyesight indicates that you see the world for what it is and have clear vision regarding your life and Read More