Definition for fabric:  Dreaming of fabric can have a variety of interpretations depending on the context and type of fabric.  Examine the type of fabric, what it was made of, and what the fabric was made into.  Fabric could represent the qualities you associate with th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for face:  To see someone’s face in your dream could indicate that you have been thinking about that person or the qualities that they express and represent to you.   It also indicates how you perceive that person.  If the face you see in you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for factory: Dreaming of a factory could indicate a desire to get things done – especially in an efficient way, as in a factory assembly line.  If the factory is polluting the environment, it could indicate that you feel something is “polluti Read More

Failing a Test

Dream dictionary definition for failing a test:  Dreaming that you failed a test could indicate anxieties about an actual test you took or are going to take in the near future.  You may feel ill-prepared or fear the consequences if you do not pass the test. Alternativel Read More


Dream dictionary definition for failure: Dreaming that you are a failure or have failed at a task in your dream could indicate a fear of failure in your waking life.  You may be afraid to take risks, go for your dream, or do something new. Alternatively, you may fear th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for fainting:  Dreaming of fainting can indicate a loss of balance in your waking life.  You may have gone too far into a certain aspect of your life to the exclusion of other people, interests or activities. Alternatively, fainting can repre Read More


Dream dictionary definition for fairness: To dream of fairness indicates a sense of justice, right vs. wrong, and good vs. bad.  Examine the context of the dream and the situation that was fair. Questions to ask yourself: How do you deal with the idea of fairness in you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for fairy: Fairies are magical creatures from another realm.  Seeing a fairy in your dream could indicate that you have magical or enchanted feelings.  It could represent an area of your life where you feel inspired, creative, or child-like w Read More


Dream dictionary definition for fake:  To dream that something is fake indicates a lost sense of reality and what is “real.”  You may be questioning your beliefs and assumptions.  What once seemed to be real no longer feels that way.  You may be expanding your sense of Read More


Dream dictionary definition for falcon:  Falcons are a hunting bird known for their ability to fly at high speeds and to change directions rapidly – able to dive at 200 miles per hour (320 km/h) they are the fastest animal on Earth – yes, faster than the cheetah! Dreami Read More


Dream dictionary definition for falling: Dreaming that you are falling is the most common dream theme, so if you’ve had a dream that you are falling, you are in good company!  Falling in your dream can have a variety of interpretations.  It can indicate a loss of Read More

Falling Asleep

Dream dictionary definition for falling asleep:  Dreaming that you are falling asleep could indicate that you are repressing a part of yourself.  You may have emotions or experiences that are difficult to deal with so you would prefer to make them unconscious rather tha Read More

False Teeth

Dream dictionary definition for false teeth: Dreaming of having false teeth indicates a false sense of self.  You may be feeling that you do not know who you are or that you have been living a life that you did not design. Examine the condition of the false teeth.  Beau Read More

Falsely Accused

Dream dictionary definition for falsely accused:  Dreaming that you are falsely accused could indicate feelings of guilt around a certain situation.  It could also indicate differences in the way you perceive right vs. wrong and the way other people around you perceive Read More


Dream dictionary definition for family:  Dreaming of your family or another family can have different meanings depending on your family of origin.  If you came from a close, loving, and supportive family, dreaming of a family could indicate these feeling.  If you came f Read More


Dream dictionary definition for famished: Dreaming that you or someone else in your dream is famished indicates that your needs are not being met – in a big way.   You may be searching for something more in your life – for more meaning, for greater understanding, for mo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for fangs: To dream that you have fangs could indicate an attitude of hunting or of being on the prowl.  You may look at others as your “prey” and you need to prey upon others.  You may need to put others down or make others wrong in order to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for farming: To dream that you are farming indicates groundedness and a connection to the Earth.  You are aware (or are becoming aware) or your intricate connection with the Earth and all its inhabitants.  Alternatively, dreaming of farming c Read More

Fashion Model

Dream dictionary definition for fashion model:  Dreaming of a fashion model indicates the ideal that you hold for yourself and for society. Questions to ask yourself:  What ideals do you hold for yourself?  For others?  Do these ideals match reality or are they difficul Read More


Dream dictionary definition for fashionable:  Dreaming of wearing fashionable clothes or seeing something that is particularly fashionable indicates a desire to keep up with the latest trends.  It also could indicate a desire to put on airs or to keep up appearances for Read More


Dream dictionary definition for fast: Dreaming that something is moving fast could indicate that you feel your life is moving very fast.  You may be feeling very busy and have a lot going on in your life.  Alternatively, it could indicate that you are in a hurry and wan Read More


Dream dictionary definition for fat: Dreaming of a fat person can have a number of different meanings:  It can indicate underlying anxieties or fears.  It can also indicate a desire to be seen, heard, or understood.  If you are not feeling “seen” in your waking life, th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for father: Dreaming of your father can represent the authority figures in your early life and childhood and may even have strong influences in adulthood.  Father represents masculinity and male energy – which is logical, rational, structural Read More


Dream dictionary definition for father-in-law:  As with any dream character, dreaming of your father-in-law symbolizes the characteristics and qualities that you associate with your father-in-law.  If the man in your dream was not your waking life father-in-law, this sy Read More


Dream dictionary definition for faucet: Dreaming of a faucet could represent the source of life – as water is vital for all life on Earth and in our modern times we primarily get our water from a faucet.  Further, dreaming of a faucet could represent your emotions – esp Read More


Dream dictionary definition for Faun:  The faun is a mythological creature who lives in the enchanted woods.  He is half-man, half-goat.  To dream of the faun could indicate magical feelings or a desire to create magic in your life.  You may be feeling that your life is Read More


Dream dictionary definition for fawn: Dreaming of a fawn (baby deer) represents new life, birth, innocence, and vulnerability.  Further, fawns can represent protection and nurture.  You may feel you need to be protected or nurtured in your waking life or you may desire Read More


Dream dictionary definition for feast:  Dreaming of a feast represents abundance, nourishment, and health.  Further, it can represent social ties or family gatherings. Questions to ask yourself: What other dream characters were present at the feast?  What foods were pre Read More


Dream dictionary definition for feather: Dreaming of a feather could represent freedom, flying, and wings as feathers are associated with birds.  Further, a feather could indicate spiritual inclinations, desires, and thoughts. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the fea Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  feces: Dreaming of feces could indicate the idea of fertilization.  There may be an idea, concept, project, etc.. that you are nurturing – the feces could represent the “nutrients” and love your project needs to grow. Alternatively, drea Read More


Dream dictionary definition for feeding:  Dreaming of feeding represents nourishment and meeting your most basic needs.  To dream that you are unable to feed indicates feelings that your most basic needs are not being met. Questions to ask yourself: Who or what was doin Read More


Dream dictionary definition for feeling:  When you have a particular feeling, emotion, or mood in your dream pay attention to whatever that feeling was because the feelings that we dream about tend to be the same feelings we regularly experience in our waking life.   Fo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for fire:  Fire has a number of interpretations and therefore can have different meanings depending on the context of the dream.  Fire is one of the four basic elements of life, so fire can represent life and the life force that resides in al Read More