Definition for game: Dreaming of playing a board game or a childhood game such as hide-and-seek or tag represents feelings of playfulness, childhood fun, and cooperation with others.  What game were you playing in the dream?  Examine the associations you have with the g Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gang:  Dreaming of being in a gang could represent feelings of being bonded with a group of people and a desire for camaraderie, friendship, and loyalty.  Dreaming of being a victim of gang activity indicates fear of having close attachme Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gangrene:  Dreaming of gangrene indicates feelings of grief and loss.  Further it indicates that you may be in a state of emotional or spiritual decay. Questions to ask yourself:  Have you experienced any recent loses?  How are you handli Read More


Dream dictionary definition for garage: Generally a garage is a place to store your car when you are not using it.  To dream of a garage could indicate that you are waiting or are in a holding pattern in a certain place of your life.  A garage also protects whatever is Read More

Garage Sale

Dream dictionary definition for garage sale:  Dreaming of having a garage sale suggests that you have too many possessions and you desire to get rid of some of them.  Further, it indicates that you no longer value the same ideas/beliefs/experiences that you once did and Read More


Dream dictionary definition for garbage:  To dream of garbage indicates that there are things in your life you no longer want and that are no longer useful.  These could be ideas, beliefs, emotions, excess weight, or an addiction. Questions to ask yourself:  What are yo Read More

Garbage Can

Dream dictionary definition for garbage can:  Dreaming of a garbage can indicates that you are storing excess waste.  This could be emotional waste, spiritual waste, or physical waste.  Maybe you need to lose some weight, or learn new ways to handle difficult situations Read More

Garbage Disposal

Dream dictionary definition for garbage disposal:  Dreaming of a garbage disposal indicates your ability to quickly discard unwanted beliefs, emotions, or ideas.  When you come to realize that something is not serving you, you are quickly able to remove it from your lif Read More

Garbage Dump

Dream dictionary definition for garbage dump:  Dreaming of a garbage dump indicates that you have accumulated excess stuff.  It could be ideas or beliefs, or it could be physical possessions, weight, relationships, or anything else that is piling up and holding you down Read More


Dream dictionary definition for garbled: Dreaming that something is garbled indicates that there are aspects of your waking life that are unclear to you. Questions to ask yourself:  What do you find difficult to understand or what is unclear to you?  Look for ways to ga Read More


Dream dictionary definition for garden: Dreaming of a garden indicates growth, new life, and the cycle of life.  To dream that the garden is growing or in full bloom, indicates feelings that your life is full and you are blossoming as a person. Dreaming that you are pic Read More


Dream dictionary definition for garland:  Dreaming of garland indicates a desire for festivities and decoration.  If you use garland in your Christmas decorations it could indicate a desire for the feelings you associate with Christmas or the holiday season. Questions t Read More


Dream dictionary definition for garlic: Garlic can have a variety of meanings depending on how it is depicted in the dream.  Dreaming that you are eating garlic can indicate a desire for more spice in your life.  Alternatively it can indicate a desire for improved healt Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gatekeeper: Dreaming of a gatekeeper indicates that you are feeling blocked in some aspect of your life.  You are not free to do as you please; there is someone/ something else that you need to pass in order to continue on your journey. Q Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gavel: Dreaming of a gavel indicates judgment or passing judgment on yourself or others.  It could also represent the idea of justice. Questions to ask yourself:  In what ways do you judge yourself or others?  What does the idea of justic Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gay: Dreaming that you or someone else is gay can be indication that you are processing your feelings and beliefs around the idea homosexuality.  Examine your beliefs around the issue and the beliefs of others who are close to you.  If th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gazebo:  Dreaming of a gazebo indicates feelings of contentment, happiness, openness, and relaxation.  Depending on the elaborateness of the gazebo, it could indicate feelings of magical experiences or the desire to create these experienc Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gecko:  Dreaming of a gecko could indicate your ability to adapt to new situations or to adapt in general.  Further it could indicate your ability to get rid of old behaviors, patterns, habits and replace them with new behaviors. Alternat Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gem: Dreaming of a gem indicates that something is special or precious to you.  If another person is holding a gem it could indicate that you feel that person is special.  Further it could indicate that you or the other person have hidden Read More


Dream dictionary definition for genie: Dreaming of a genie indicates a desire for wish fulfillment.  You are looking for an easy way to achieve results rather than choosing the path which may be more difficult, but you know will get you the results you desire.  For exam Read More


Dream dictionary definition for genital:  Dreaming of genitals indicates sexuality and sexual desire.  Examine how the genitals are portrayed in the dream to gain a better understanding about your feelings toward your sexuality. Questions to ask yourself:  What role doe Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  germs: Dreaming of germs could indicate a hidden worry, fear, or anxiety.  You may be feeling under attack from someone in your waking life or you could be attacking yourself.  The attack isn’t necessarily physical – it could also be men Read More

Getting Bigger

Dream dictionary definition for  getting bigger: If something (an object, person, etc…) is getting bigger in your dream, it could indicate that that person or object is taking on more importance in your life.  Examine what it was that was getting bigger in the dream and Read More

Getting Caught

Dream dictionary definition for  getting caught: Dreaming of getting caught could indicate that there is something you are hiding or feel that you are doing “wrong.”  You may not be being completely honest in a certain area of your life or feel that you have to hide you Read More

Getting Caught by the Police

Dream dictionary definition for getting caught by the police:  Dreaming that you are getting caught by the police could indicate fears or anxieties regarding authority figures.  You may feel that your actions are not in line with what the “authority” figures in your lif Read More

Getting Married

Dream dictionary definition for  getting married:  Dreaming of getting married could indicate a desire to get married in your waking life or to form a committed partnership.  Alternatively, this dream symbol could represent commitment in your life and how you deal with Read More

Getting Paid

Dream dictionary definition for getting paid:  Dreaming that you are getting paid indicates recognition of your work.  You may feel that you are being compensated for your efforts, your contributions, and the value you add to a company, your family, or business. Questio Read More

Getting Smaller

Dream dictionary definition for  getting smaller:  Dreaming that something is getting smaller indicates that that particular object or person is becoming less important in your life.  Examine the object in the dream and particularly look at the associations you make wit Read More


Dream dictionary definition for ghetto:  Dreaming of a ghetto represents scarcity, poverty, and lack.  This could refer to a physical place or it could refer to your mental or emotional state.  Examine the other dream symbols for clues as to the areas of your life in wh Read More


Dream dictionary definition for ghost: Dreaming of a ghost represents feelings, emotions, behaviors, actions or beliefs that haunt you.  You may be feeling guilty about something you said or did and feel you are unable to get away from that guilt. Questions to ask yours Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  gift:  Gifts represent your own inner gifts, talents, and the unique value you add to the Universe.  A gift could also represent your intuition or knowledge from the Universe, your Higher Self, or your Soul. Alternatively, dreaming of a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for giraffe:  To dream of a giraffe represents looking at situations from a different/ expanded perspective than others.  You may see situations in a different way than other people and you may be able to see more of the situation than others Read More


Dream dictionary definition for girl:  Seeing a girl in your dream represents feelings, budding sexuality, and vulnerability.  Further it could represent innocence, childhood, playfulness, and joyousness.  It may also represent a daughter or a desire to have a daughter. Read More


Dream dictionary definition for girlfriend: If you have a girlfriend in your waking life, dreaming of your girlfriend could represent the relationship, the emotions and attachments you feel towards her, or the qualities that your girlfriend represents to you.  If you do Read More


Dream dictionary definition for giving:  Giving and receiving is a natural part of any relationship, so to dream that you are giving something usually indicates how you act in relationships. Examine what you are giving in the dream and how you feel about the act of givi Read More

Giving a Massage

Dream dictionary definition for  giving a massage:  To dream that you are giving a massage indicates a desire to help others and particularly to help others heal.  Alternatively, you may need someone to help you heal. Questions to ask yourself:  In what ways do you help Read More


Dream dictionary definition for glacier: Dreaming of a glacier represents frozen or blocked emotions.  You may have difficulty connecting with your feelings or expressing your feelings and needs to others.  Additionally, you may have difficulty experiencing your own emo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gland:  The purpose of glands is to synthesize and release a substance from your body.  Dreaming of a gland represents a desire to release something from your life.  This could be something physical from your body, or it could be an emoti Read More


Dream dictionary definition for glass:  Dreaming of glass represents transparency.  Transparency can take many different forms so look for other symbols in the dream to gain more insights as to what it represents to you.  Possible interpretations include: being transpar Read More

Glass Slipper

Dream dictionary definition for glass slipper: Dreaming of a glass slipper – as in the one which Cinderella wore to the ball – could indicate a desire to transform your life into something more magical.  You may be looking for beauty in your life or you may want to esca Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  gleam:  If you see a gleam or sparkle on an object or in someone’s eye, it could represent happiness, freshness, or newness. Questions to ask yourself:  In what context did you see the gleam?  In what ways are you experiencing your life Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gloomy: Dreaming of gloomy weather or a gloomy atmosphere could indicate feelings of sadness or depression. Questions to ask yourself: What was gloomy in the dream?  Do you feel depressed or sad in any areas of your waking life?  What mak Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gloves: Dreaming of gloves could indicate a desire to keep warm or to be provided warmth.  Further, gloves could symbolize a desire to keep clean or to keep protected from some outside element or force.  Alternatively, gloves could repres Read More


Dream dictionary definition for glowing: To dream that something is glowing represents your own inner light shining through.  Examine the object that was glowing and what that particular object represents to you.  The glowing indicates that the characteristics represent Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gluttony: To dream of gluttony could indicate that you have too much of something in your life or that you are over-doing a certain activity, belief, idea, etc… It does not have to be around the idea of food, but can be any habit or behav Read More


Dream dictionary definition for goat:  Dreaming of a goat can have many interpretations depending on the context.  Goats represent agility, strength, stamina, and speed.  Further, if a goat is given as a gift it could represents high esteem and high regard for the recei Read More

God, Holiness

Dream dictionary definition for God, holiness:  Dreaming of God in the grandest sense of the word – the Spirit that moves through all things, the All-in-All – could indicate that you are on a spiritual path and that you are finding the holiness that exists within everyt Read More

God, Religious Figure

Dream dictionary definition for God, Religious Figure: Dreaming of God – the religious figure – could represent religious feelings or connection to your religion.  Further, it could represent love, greatness, purity or whatever positive feelings you associate with God.  Read More

Going Blind

Dream dictionary definition for  going blind:  Dreaming that you are going blind could indicate a failure to see an important aspect of your life or your personality.  What once was visible to you is no longer.  You may be ignoring a part of yourself, your life, or your Read More

Going in Circles

Dream dictionary definition for going in circles: To dream that you are going in circles indicates that even though you are making efforts to go somewhere in your life or take some action in your life, your efforts are not producing the desired results.  This could be i Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gold: Dreaming of gold represents abundance, wealth, and prosperity.  While there certainly could be a connection to financial wealth, it is not necessarily the case.  Gold can symbolize any area of your life in which you feel particularl Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  goldfinch:  Goldfinches are happy and joyous song birds.  Thus, to dream of a goldfinch represents happiness, joyfulness, and a cheery attitude.  To see this symbol in your dream could indicate that you are expressing these qualities in Read More


Dream dictionary definition for golf: If you are a golfer in your waking life, dreaming of playing golf is a way in which your mind processes information about the sport.  If you dream about rehearsing your swing, then this dream is helping you become a better golfer in Read More


Dream dictionary definition for good: To dream that something is “good” indicates positive feelings for whatever the object, person, etc… in the dream represents to you. Questions to ask yourself:  What in the dream was good?  What does the object, idea, belief, person, Read More


Dream dictionary definition for goodbye: To dream that you are saying “goodbye” to someone or something indicates an ending.  It may be a temporary ending or it may be permanent. Questions to ask yourself: Who said “goodbye” in the dream?  Who/what were you saying “good Read More


Dream dictionary definition for goose:  Dreaming of a goose, indicates freedom for you and your soul.  It represents breaking free from the bonds and chains that otherwise hold you back.  Further, it could indicate lack of direction in your life, or a desire to travel f Read More

Gorilla or Ape

Dream dictionary definition for gorilla or ape: Dreaming of a gorilla or ape could represent your wild and unrestrained instincts.  You may act without thinking or you may act without considering the impact of your actions.  Alternatively, this symbol could represent so Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gossiping: Dreaming of gossiping could reflect your waking-life actions.  Gossiping could indicate that you tend to criticize others rather than looking at yourself.   Instead of looking inward towards yourself, you project your feelings Read More


Dream dictionary definition for grackle:  To dream of a grackle could represent the dark places within you.  Further, it could represent your own beauty that you don’t notice at first pass. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the grackle presented in the dream?  What wa Read More


Dream dictionary definition for graduation:  Dreaming of graduation represents completion.  Congratulations… you have completed one phase of your life’s learning and development and you are ready to move on to the next phase of your development.  If you dreamt that you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for graffiti:  Dreaming of graffiti could represent a defiance of the status quo.  Depending on the type of graffiti in the dream, this symbol could indicate a disregard for the rules and the norms of society.  It could also represent self-ex Read More

Grain Field

Dream dictionary definition for grain field:  To dream of a grain field could represent the idea of “reaping what you sow.” Just as a seed of grain turns into wheat, every day you plant seeds with your thoughts and actions that will later turn into results or future eve Read More


Dream dictionary definition for grandfather:  Dreaming of a grandfather could represent your waking life grandfather.  If this is the case, examine the qualities you most strongly associate with your grandfather and what you admire about him for more insights as to the Read More


Dream dictionary definition for grandmother: Dreaming of a grandmother could represent your waking life grandmother.  If this is the case, examine the qualities you most strongly associate with your grandmother and what you admire about her for more insights as to the m Read More


Dream dictionary definition for grasping: To dream that you are grasping for something indicates that whatever you are grasping for is just out of your reach.  You may be able to see what you desire, and it is very close, but still just beyond your reach.  Examine the o Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  grasshopper:  Dreaming of a grasshopper could indicate that you are making intermittent progress in a certain area of your life. Questions to ask yourself:  What projects or endeavors are you currently working on which feel like you are Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gratitude: Dreaming of gratitude could indicate that you are feeling gratitude in your waking life.  Further, it could represent and unconscious gratitude for something or someone in your life.  Alternatively, this symbol could indicate t Read More

Grave or Tomb

Dream dictionary definition for  grave or tomb:  To dream of a grave or tomb represents death.  This death is symbolic and usually indicates and ending of some sort in your life.  This ending could be anything – the end of a relationship, the end of a period of your lif Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  gray: To dream that something is gray could represent dullness, or lack of life or luster.  Gray could also indicate sadness, depression, or loss of interest.  Further, dreaming of the color gray could indicate age, getting older, or wis Read More

Gray Hair

Dream dictionary definition for gray hair: To dream that someone has gray hair represents age and aging.  It could indicate a fear of aging or getting older (particularly if the subject does not usually have gray hair). Further, dreaming of gray hair could indicate wisd Read More


Dream dictionary definition for green: Green is the color of paper money (in the US).  Thus, dreaming of the color green could represent money and power and your relationship to those ideas. Green could also represent feelings of jealously or envy, as in the phrase, “gr Read More


Dream dictionary definition for griffin: A griffin is a legendary animal that is part lion, part eagle.  This majestic creature is a combination of two kings – the king of beasts, and the king of birds.  Thus dreaming of a griffin can represent anything mythological or Read More

Grim Reaper

Dream dictionary definition for grim reaper:  The grim reaper is another symbol of death.  Like other symbols relating to death, the death is symbolic rather than literal.  This type of dream symbol usually indicates an ending is occurring in your life – the ending can Read More


Dream dictionary definition for groom: Dreaming of being a groom could indicate a desire to get married in your waking life.  Further, it symbolizes loyalty, love, compassion, devotion, masculinity, and sexuality.   Alternatively, this symbol could represent the two ene Read More


Dream dictionary definition for grosbeak:  A grosbeak is a type of bird with a particularly long beak.  These birds are distantly related songbirds.  Thus, to dream of a grosbeak could represent joyfulness, singing, gaiety, and happiness.  Alternatively, dreaming of a g Read More

Ground or Land

Dream dictionary definition for ground or land: To dream of the ground or the land could represent a sense being grounded in your life.  You may be going through a period where you are down-to-Earth and firmly rooted in your life. Alternatively, dreaming of the ground ( Read More


Dream dictionary definition for groundhog:  Dreaming of a groundhog can represent “going underground.” You may be hiding from others, or hiding a part of yourself or your talents/gifts.  To dream that a groundhog is poking its head up from its hole can indicate a desire Read More


Dream dictionary definition for group: To dream that you are part of a group symbolizes a sense of belonging or a desire to belong to a group of other people who are like you.  Examine the type of group you were in and what the group was doing for more insights into you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for guest:  Dreaming of a guest could indicate feelings of unfamiliarity in a particular situation.  Alternatively, a guest could represent the ideas of hospitality and accommodation. Questions to ask yourself:  In what context did you see th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gym: To dream of the gym could indicate a desire to work out or be more active in your waking life.  It can represent fitness, health, and taking care of your physical body.  Further, it could represent hard work, accomplishment, or the i Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gymnasium:  Dreaming of a gymnasium could represent social gatherings or social events.  There may be a connection to high school or collegiate sports. Questions to ask yourself:   What was going on in the gymnasium?  What took place ther Read More


Dream dictionary definition for gymnastics:  Dreaming of gymnastics could represent the ideas of flexibility, strength, and stamina. This does not necessarily have to be physical in nature – this symbol could refer to flexibility or strength of the mind, of character, e Read More