Definition for hail: Hail is a solid precipitation in the form of ice.  It varies in size and shape and has the potential to be quite destructive.  Dreaming of hail could indicate feelings of/ a desire for destruction in your life.  Examine how the hail appears in your Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hair: Hair is often associated with our self-image.  Dreaming of hair represents the way you see yourself.  Dreaming of hair that is bright and vivid indicates strong feelings about yourself (or another person).  Vividness could indicate Read More

Hair Loss

Dream dictionary definition for hair loss: Since dreaming of hair usually represents how you see yourself (or another person), dreaming of hair loss could indicate feelings of losing yourself in some respect.  If you are undergoing a change or transformation in your lif Read More


Dream dictionary definition for Halloween:  Dreaming of Halloween could have several meanings depending on your associations, experiences with Halloween, and the context of the dream.  If you have fond memories of trick-or-treating as a child, dreaming of Halloween coul Read More


Dream dictionary definition for halo:  A halo is seen as a yellow or white ring of light around a person’s head.  In Christian traditions halos are generally associated with saints, or holy figures in the church.  To dream of halo could indicate religious feelings.  It Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hammer:  A hammer is a tool that can be used to help you build something or to take something down, depending on its usage.  To dream of a hammer could indicate a desire to create something, particularly something that is sturdy and meant Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hammock:  Dreaming of a hammock suggests relaxation.  It could also indicate a need to be supported.  Further, it could indicate instability, if the hammock is blowing in the wind or rocking.  Examine the context of the dream to fully und Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hamster: Hamsters are rodents and common childhood pets.  Dreaming of a hamster could indicate a desire to return to the simplicity of childhood, when caring for a pet was your biggest responsibility.  Further, hamsters could represent do Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hand:  The hand is one of the most common body parts to dream about.  Depending on the context of the dream, hands can have a variety of meanings.  It could indicate how effective you are in your relationships, career, and business dealin Read More


Dream dictionary definition for handkerchief: Dreaming of a handkerchief indicates how you are feeling about your personal hygiene and your ability to care for yourself.  A clean handkerchief indicates that you take pride in your personal appearance/hygiene and always w Read More


Dream dictionary definition for handshake:  Dreaming of a handshake usually indicates some sort of deal or agreement.  It could indicate a business deal or an agreement that you are making with yourself.  A firm handshake indicates a firm commitment whereas a floppy or Read More

Hang Gliding

Dream dictionary definition for hang gliding:  Dreaming of hang gliding could indicate a desire for adventure and fun – doing something new and different.  It could also indicate a desire to see from greater heights.  Or the symbol could be making you aware of your own Read More

Hard Object

Dream dictionary definition for hard object: First, examine what particular object was hard in your dream.  Next examine the qualities and feelings you associate with that object. Dreaming of something that is particularly hard could indicate that you have difficulty de Read More


Dream dictionary definition for harpy:    A harpy is a creature from Greek mythology with wings – often depicted as a woman with wings (see picture).  Harpies are known for snatching food.  To dream of a harpy could indicate a desire to grow wings and fly.  This could b Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hat: Depending on the context of the dream, a hat can have a variety of meanings.   Dreaming of a hat could indicate that you are hiding something or covering up some aspect of your personality.  (As in wearing a hat to conceal a bad hair Read More

Having a Spell Put on You

Dream dictionary definition for having a spell put on you:  To dream that someone has put a spell on you indicates a lack of control in your life or in your current situation.  Regardless if the spell has positive or negative effects, you are giving your power away to s Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hawk:  A hawk is a bird of prey.  Dreaming of a hawk could indicate that you are preying on someone else or that you feel that someone is preying on you.  This could be physically or in an emotional or spiritual sense.  To dream that a ha Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hay: Hay is a grass and a basic nutrient for livestock such as horses.  Dreaming of hay could indicate nourishment.  If you had to work hard to produce the hay in the dream, it could indicate feelings that hard work gives you the ability Read More


Dream dictionary definition for head: Dreaming of a head indicates intellectual pursuits, logic, and rational thought.  It also indicates your ability to use these traits and your relationship to them.  Examine the context of the dream to get a better indication of your Read More


Dream dictionary definition for headache:  Dreaming of a headache could indicate feelings of pain around the ideas of intellectual pursuits, logic, and rational thought.  These ideas may have been a disservice to you in the past and that pain is coming through in your d Read More


Dream dictionary definition for headless: Since dreaming of the head represents intellectual pursuits, logic, and rational thinking, dreaming of a headless person indicates a lack of these qualities.  You may need to spend some time developing these qualities or put the Read More


Dream dictionary definition for headlights: Dreaming of headlights indicates that you are being shown the way down a particular path in your life.  You may not be able to see the entire road ahead, but you have enough information/wisdom/knowledge to move forward.  Only Read More


Dream dictionary definition for healer: To see a healer in your dreams indicates that you may need some healing in a certain area of your life.  It could be physical, psychological, spiritual, or emotional.  Look for other clues in the dream to gain more insight as to w Read More


Dream dictionary definition for healing: To dream that you are healing or getting better indicates that there is some area in your waking life in which you are also healing.  Healings can be physical, but they could also be spiritual, mental, or emotional. Questions to Read More

Healing Powers

Dream dictionary definition for  healing powers: Dreaming of healing powers could indicate that you have the ability to heal whatever ails you.  You may only need to get out of your own way in order to express these powers and abilities. Questions to ask yourself: In wh Read More


Dream dictionary definition for health: Dreaming of health can have different interpretations based on the state of health in the dream.  To dream that you are in good health indicates balance and harmony in your life – not only in your physical life, but also in your r Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hearing:  Dreaming of your hearing represents your ability to gather information from sources which you cannot see.  Such sources can include your intuition, your feelings, or any other way of gathering information that you cannot physica Read More

Hearing a Knock

Dream dictionary definition for hearing a knock: To dream of hearing a knock could indicate that there is some area of your life that needs attention.  You may be ignoring an aspect of yourself and this dream symbol is reminding you not to forget. Questions to ask yours Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hearse:  Dreaming of a hearse represents death and your feelings connected to death and dying.  Look for other clues in the dream to gain more insight as to how you feel regarding death and any fears you may have. Questions to ask yoursel Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  heart:  Your heart represents your intuitive, feeling, creative, and emotional side.  It represents feminine energy, the divine spirit, and goddess.  It represents win-win situations, inclusion, love, joy, and bliss for all.  The heart r Read More

Heart Attack

Dream dictionary definition for heart attack:  Dreams involving the heart relate to your female energies.  Female energy (which is present in both men and women and has nothing to do with gender) is heart-centered, compassionate, intuitive, empathetic, and collaborative Read More


Dream dictionary definition for heartbeat:  (See Heart) Dreaming of the heartbeat represents your life-force and the vital heart-centered energies that are an integral part of your being.  In Western cultures, we tend to think of the heart simply as a pump, but in fact Read More


Dream dictionary definition for heartburn: (See Heart) Dreaming of having heartburn indicates a problem with your heart-centered, female energies.  You may not be listening to the wisdom of your heart or you may be ignoring your intuition.  This dream symbol reminds you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for heaven: Dreaming of heaven represents the place within you that truly understands and knows peace, bliss, harmony, compassion, empathy, etc… This dream symbol reminds you that you have the power to create your own heaven, right here on Ea Read More


Dream dictionary definition for heavy: Dreaming that something is heavy could indicate a burden that you carry as in “a heavy burden,” or a “weight on your shoulders.” This symbol can also relate to heavy emotions such as depression, sadness, anxiety, fear, etc… Examine Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hedgehog:  Dreaming of a hedgehog could represent the defense mechanisms you use to protect yourself against a perceived attack.  Further, it could represent speed or play (as in Sonic the Hedgehog). Questions to ask yourself:  How was th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for heel: Dreaming of a heel could represent the end or the back of something.  Further, it could indicate your ability to make forward progress in your life through your own efforts.  Dreaming of an injured or blistered heel may represent th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for helicopter: Dreaming of a helicopter represents having an expanded view of a particular situation.  It may indicate looking at life situations / challenges from a different perspective.  Alternatively dreaming of a helicopter could repres Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hell:  Dreaming of hell represents your own personal hell that you have created or that you are capable of creating in your life.  This symbol calls forth the parts of you that create despair, grief, hatred, jealousy, anger, rage, depress Read More


Dream dictionary definition for helmet: Dreaming of a helmet represents protection.  You may feel you need protection in some area of your life.  Particularly, the helmet protects the head, which relates to the intellect, rational thought, and logic.  You may feel that Read More

Helpless or Vulnerable

Dream dictionary definition for helpless or vulnerable: Dreaming of being helpless or vulnerable represents a part of you that feels helpless or vulnerable.  Depending on how you relate to these feelings you may take this as a sign of weakness.  Alternatively, feeling v Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hermaphrodite: Dreaming of a hermaphrodite represents the presence of both male (logical, structured, hierarchical, rational) and female (creative, intuitive, compassionate, loving) energies in one body.  It represents the balance of oppo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hero: Dreaming of a hero represents courage and your ability to dive in and face your own demons.  Seeing this dream symbol reminds you that you are your own hero and that you have the ability to change any situation that you choose.  It Read More


Dream dictionary definition for heron: Herons are beautiful and graceful birds, thus dreaming of a heron represents beauty and grace.  To dream of a heron can indicate that you are already expressing these qualities in your life, or it may indicate that you could benefi Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hesitating: To hesitate in a dream indicates resistance and fear. Examine what it was that you were hesitating to do in the dream and what that event represents to you to gain deeper insights about your fears and resistances. Questions to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hiding: Dreaming that you are hiding indicates that you hide who you are or part of who you are in your waking life.  You may not be fully expressing your inner most self in your daily interactions. Examine the ways in which you hide in y Read More


Dream dictionary definition for high: Dreaming that you are high or are getting high can have different interpretations depending on the context, the substance portrayed in the dream, and your relationship to drugs. Dreaming of getting high could indicate a desire to ge Read More

High School

Dream dictionary definition for high school:  School is a place of learning and dreaming of being in school represents spiritual learning and spiritual development.  Alternatively, dreaming of high school could represent your waking life experiences in high school.  Fur Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hip: We store a lot of tension, negativity, and emotions in our hips.  Thus, dreaming of your hip could represent these feelings.  Dreaming of opening your hips (as in yoga or gymnastics) represents opening up to healing and releasing neg Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hippopotamus: Dreaming of a hippopotamus represents weight, being overweight, strength, or power.  Hippos are often submerged underwater, thus they can also represent hiding parts of yourself or not being forthright with others. Questions Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hitchhiking:  Dreaming of hitchhiking may represent your own resourcefulness in your ability to get from one place to another in your life.  It can also represent the way in which you use other people or depend on others for your success Read More


Dream dictionary definition for holding: To dream that you are holding something represents a desire to keep or hang on to something.  Depending on the way in which you are holding the object, it can also represent care and nurturing. Questions to ask yourself:  What we Read More

Holding a Person

Dream dictionary definition for holding a person:  First, examine the person that you were holding in the dream.  If the person is known to you – what qualities does that person represent to you?  To dream of holding a person indicates the desire to possess the qualitie Read More

Holding Hands

Dream dictionary definition for holding hands: Dreaming of holding hands represents affection, love, and connection. Questions to ask yourself: Who were you holding hands with in the dream?  Do you know that person in your waking life?  If so, what does that person repr Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hole: Dreaming of a hole may represent a void in your life – or something you feel you are missing.  It can also symbolize a challenge, problem, or difficult situation in your life.  Further, it can represent hidden, repressed, or unconsc Read More


Dream dictionary definition for holiday: Dreaming of a holiday may represent happiness, joyousness, and celebration.  It can also symbolize independence, peace, and time away from your day-to-day activities. If you dream of a specific holiday, it can indicate that you a Read More

Holiday Party

Dream dictionary definition for holiday party: Dreaming of a holiday party represents fun times, social gatherings with friends, cheerfulness, and joy.  Further it can indicate a celebratory and festive mood. Questions to ask yourself: How was the holiday party portraye Read More

Holy Book

Dream dictionary definition for holy book: Dreaming of a holy book could represent spiritual or religious feelings.  It could also indicate a desire to connect with the divine or to learn some spiritual lessons.  Further, it could represent your interactions or associat Read More

Home Theater

Dream dictionary definition for home theater:  Dreaming of a home theater could represent your life and the way in which you see your life.  It could also represent your imagination or the way in which you would prefer your life to play out. Further, this dream symbol s Read More


Dream dictionary definition for homeless: Dreaming of being homeless may represent a fear of losing your possessions or losing your home.  Further, it can represent loss in general – or a fear of loss.  The loss can be related to anything, not just to losing a home, but Read More


Dream dictionary definition for homework: Dreaming of homework represents the idea of practice.  There may be a certain area of your life which you could benefit from more practice.  Further, homework represents work – particularly work that you do not enjoy doing, are Read More


Dream dictionary definition for honey: Honey can represent sweetness, nourishment, and healing. Questions to ask yourself: How was the honey portrayed or used in the dream?  What does honey represent to you?  What was the action of the dream? Ali Rittenhouse


Dream dictionary definition for honeymoon:  Dreaming of a honeymoon may represent the peak or high point of an experience – euphoria, and positive emotions.  Further, dreaming of a honeymoon could signify a desire for love, romance, or private getaway with a loved one. Read More

Hooded or Masked

Dream dictionary definition for hooded or masked: To dream that you or another dream character is hooded or masked represents the way in which you hide parts of yourself from others.  It also represents the different “masks” you wear or the different personas you portra Read More


Dream dictionary definition for horn: Dreaming of horns or antlers can represent self-protection or self-preservation.  They can also represent your defense mechanisms or the way in which you protect yourself from outside forces or perceived attacks. Questions to ask yo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for horse: The horse is a symbol that is widely used and widely portrayed throughout human history.  Dreaming of a horse represents strength, beauty, grace, and freedom.  Additionally, dreaming of a horse can represent high-spiritedness, and Read More

Horseback Riding

Dream dictionary definition for horseback riding: Dreaming of horseback riding represents the way in which you are navigating your life and the way in which you take responsibility for the actions and the direction of your life. If you are able to control the horse well Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hose:  Dreaming of a hose can represent communication – either giving your receiving communication.  If the hose has a strong stream of water, it represents a strong flow of communication, whereas a weak stream of water indicates weak com Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hospital: Dreaming of a hospital may represent a need or desire for healing in your life.  It could also represent sickness, or even death.  These do not necessarily have to do represent physical health, sickness, or death – but may repre Read More

Host or Hostess

Dream dictionary definition for host or hostess: Dreaming of a host/ hostess could represent taking care of others’ needs.  It could also represent managing and coordinating multiple projects, tasks, or events.  Further, it could represent the ideas of proving hospitali Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hostage: Dreaming of a hostage situation could indicate that you are feeling trapped or like a “hostage” in some area of your life.  You may be feeling that someone in your life is taking advantage of you or attempting to coerce you to do Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hot: Dreaming that something is hot could represent anger, rage, or “hot” emotions.  Further, it could indicate feelings of oppression, as in “oppressing heat.”  It could also represent repressing your emotions. Questions to ask yourself: Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hotel: Dreaming of a hotel represents something in your life that is temporary or not permanent.  It could represent anything including – thoughts, feelings, beliefs, or fears.  It could also indicate a relationship, friendship, period of Read More


Dream dictionary definition for house: Dreaming of house, represents YOU, or an aspect of you or your personality.  So, whenever you dream that you are in a house, going to a house, etc… the action in the house represents an aspect of your personality.  It could also in Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hug: Dreaming that you are hugging someone represents closeness, caring, love, and affection. Questions to ask yourself: Who were you hugging in the dream?  How did you feel as you hugged that person?  Do you know that person in your waki Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hummingbird: Dreaming of a hummingbird can represent the sweet pleasures of life, or the nectar of life.  Further, a hummingbird could indicate that you are seemingly suspended in one place without making forward progress, even though you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hunger: To dream that you are hungry could indicate that you yearn for a certain result, feeling, or outcome – you are “hungry” for something to happen.  Thus, you may find that you are working hard and diligently towards a certain goal. Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hunting: To dream that you are hunting could indicate a desire to control and dominate others who you perceive to be weaker than yourself.  It could also indicate predatory feelings and a tendency or desire to “prey” upon others. Alternat Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hurricane: Dreaming of a hurricane can represent emotional upheaval, or distraught emotions.  You may be feeling a sense of emotional upheaval or have a sense that you are unable to effectively deal with whatever life situations you are f Read More

Hurting Yourself

Dream dictionary definition for hurting yourself: To dream that you have hurt yourself, could indicate feelings of judgment, or a desire to punish yourself for something you have done “wrong,” or that you perceive to be as wrong.  Further, it could represent areas in yo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hut:  A hut is a form of house, thus dreaming of a hut can have the same meaning as a “house.”  That is, a hut represents YOU, some aspect of yourself, or aspect of your personality.  However, with a hut, it also indicates that part of YO Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hyena: To dream of a hyena represents taking advantage of other people, or living at the expense of others.  It could also indicate exploitation of yourself, others, or the natural environment. Questions to ask yourself: How was the hyena Read More


Dream dictionary definition for hypnosis: To dream that you are hypnotized could indicate feelings that someone else is control you – that you are not completely in control of yourself or your actions. Further, this dream symbol could be showing you deep spiritual insig Read More