Definition for ice:  Ice represents a lack of feelings, or shallow emotional depth – as in your emotions are frozen.  It could also indicate feelings of aloofness or detachment – as in being “cold” towards others. Questions to ask yourself:  Do you have difficulty expre Read More

Ice Cream

Definition for ice cream: To dream of ice cream could indicate happiness, good times, and joyous memories from childhood.  If you are eating ice cream, it could indicate that you have these feelings or have the need to experience them. Alternatively, especially for wome Read More

Ice Sculpture

Dream dictionary definition for ice sculpture: Dreaming of an ice sculpture represents the transformation of something that was once devoid of feeling into something beautiful.  You are able to turn a “cold” or detached demeanor into something pleasant and enjoyable. If Read More

Ice Skating

Dream dictionary definition for ice skating:  Examine your past experiences with ice skating in your waking life.  If you enjoy ice skating, or if you enjoyed it when you were a child, ice skating in your dream could be a reminder of the fun times you used to have and a Read More

Identical Twins

Dream dictionary definition for identical twins: Dreaming of identical twins indicates a strong bond and connection between two people.  Additionally it could represent similarities you have with another person in your waking life. Alternatively, seeing identical twins Read More


Dream dictionary definition for ignore:  To ignore something in your dream indicates that there is an aspect of your personality that you are not willing to look at.  Examine what it is you are ignoring in your dream and what significance that has to you.  This can help Read More


Dream dictionary definition for iguana:  Dreaming of an iguana can indicate heightened vision.  This is not necessarily physical vision, but can represent an inner vision or a spiritual vision.  You can see what others cannot when you learn to “see” with your intuition Read More


Dream dictionary definition for illness: Dreaming of an illness represents getting rid of that which is not needed.  Illness is your body’s way of detoxing and restoring balance.  So to dream of illness indicates that you need to restore balance in some area of your lif Read More


Dream dictionary definition for illumination: To see an illumination or light in your dreams indicates clarity of thought – as in you have “seen the light.”  You are no longer fumbling around in the darkness, unable to determine which direction to go in next.   You can Read More

In Denial

Dream dictionary definition for in denial:  To dream that you are in denial of something indicates that you are unwilling to look at a certain aspect of your life.  Examine what you are denying in your dream and how strong you deny it.  These can provide valuable clues Read More


Dream dictionary definition for incense: Dreaming of incense indicates your relationship with spirituality or religion.  If you use incense in religious ceremonies it could be calling attention to your relationship with your religion and your feelings around that subjec Read More


Dream dictionary definition for increasing:  Dreaming of something increasing in your dream indicates that you want more of something.  Examine what was increasing in your dream.  This can provide valuable clues as to what you desire to have more of in your waking life. Read More


Dream dictionary definition for indebted: To dream of feeling indebted to someone indicates feelings of gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation.  To dream that someone is indebted to you indicates feelings of being generous or kind to someone else. Questions to ask yo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for indecision: If you are unable to make a decision in your dreams, it can indicate that you also have a hard time making decisions in your waking life.  You may not be sure which path to take or you may be torn between two opposing views. Q Read More


Dream dictionary definition for indigestion:  Dreaming about indigestion indicates that there is something you are feeling uneasy about or that doesn’t sit right with you.  You may not be listening to your “gut” (inner voice / intuition) or you may be listening, but not Read More


Dream dictionary definition for infection:  To dream of infection indicates corruption – you may be worried about a physical corruption, as in an actual infection in your body.  Or you might be feeling an emotional corruption, as in when you act out of your integrity an Read More


Dream dictionary definition for inferior: If you dream that something is inferior, it indicates that you are making a judgment about that person, place, or thing.  You may be comparing yourself to someone else or to a standard that was not set by.  Often this dream symb Read More


Dream dictionary definition for infinite: Dreaming of something that is infinite indicates endless possibilities.  There are no limits to what you can do or achieve once you decide and commit to doing it.  You are an infinite being, filled with infinite love. Alternativ Read More


Dream dictionary definition for inflammation: Dreaming of inflammation indicates anger, rage, or jealousy.  Depending on the severity of the inflammation in the dream, it can indicate the intensity of the emotions. Alternatively, inflammation can represent pain – emotio Read More


Dream dictionary definition for inheritance: To dream of an inheritance represents the abundance of opportunities you have at your disposal.  These opportunities are passed down to you and are your birthright.  It doesn’t matter what your family did or how you were rais Read More


Dream dictionary definition for injection:  Dreaming of an injection represents the idea of another person introducing something into your personal space/personal boundaries.  The circumstances surrounding the injection can change the meaning of the symbol.  If you are Read More


Dream dictionary definition for injured:  To dream that you are injured could indicate that you feel weakened or debilitated in some way.  Further, you may be hesitating in some area of your life or you may be experiencing uncertainty. Questions to ask yourself: Do you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for ink:  Dreaming of ink suggests permanency.  Writing with ink suggests firm beliefs and/or universal truths.  Dreaming of spilled ink represents failing permanency – what you once thought was permanent or a universal truth, no longer holds Read More


Dream dictionary definition for insects:  Insects can represent the often hidden driving force behind your actions.  Insects are small and often overlooked (or seen as a nuisance), but without them life on Earth would not exist.   There is an eternal beauty in the persi Read More

Instant Message

Dream dictionary definition for instant message:  Dreaming that you are sending an instant message represents the idea of constant and immediate communication.  You may desire to get in contact with a friend, ask a question, or just check in.   This symbol reminds us th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for insurance:  This symbol communicates the ideas of protection and security.  You may feel you need to be protected against something in your waking life, or you may desire more security.  Examine the type of insurance presented in the drea Read More


Dream dictionary definition for interacting: Dreaming that you are interacting with someone indicates a desire to be in contact with your friends in your waking life.  You may desire more social interaction or to meet new friends.  If the interaction is aggressive or co Read More


Dream dictionary definition for interfering: Dreaming that someone is interfering with your plans or actions, indicates a fear that others will thwart your plans or stop you from accomplishing your goals.  Dreaming that you are interfering with someone else’s plans or a Read More

Internet or World Wide Web

Dream dictionary definition for the internet or World Wide Web:  Dreaming of the internet could indicate a desire for information.  You may be searching for an answer or solution to a problem.  If you were playing a game or socializing with friends it could indicate a d Read More


Dream dictionary definition for interrupting: Dreaming of interrupting could indicate that a pattern, belief or thought process in your life needs to be stopped.  You may have gone too far into a negative or destructive pattern in your life and this symbol is telling yo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for interview:  Dreaming that you are being interviewed for a job indicates feelings of being on display or being put on the spot.  You may feel that you need to be at your best or that you need to present yourself in a certain way.  It could Read More


Dream dictionary definition for intruder: Dreaming of an intruder could indicate feelings that someone is invading your space.  You may be feeling that you lack privacy in your life or that there are people/things in your life that you would prefer were not there. Quest Read More


Dream dictionary definition for intuition: Dreaming of your intuition is a reminder to use your intuition.  Intuition is another sense (often called the 6th sense), which unfortunately, lies dormant in many people.  It is possible to develop your intuition so that you a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for invading: To dream that you are invading someone’s home could indicate an illness in your own body (home = body, invader = illness).  You may be aware that something is not quite right with your physical body on an unconscious level, that Read More


Dream dictionary definition for investigator: Dreaming of an investigator represents an attitude of curiosity.  You are constantly investigating new things and learning new information from your surroundings. Questions to ask yourself:  What are you curious about?  What Read More


Dream dictionary definition for investment: Dreaming of an investment indicates feelings that the actions you take now will give you even more benefit in the future.  The investment could be financial, educational, in friendships, in a business venture, or in any area t Read More


Dream dictionary definition for invincibility: Dreaming that you are invincible indicates feelings of being “on top of the world.”  You feel good about yourself and about what you are doing.  You are committed to your path and will do whatever it takes to accomplish you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for iron:  Dreaming of an iron could indicate a desire to solve a problem or “smooth out the wrinkles” in a situation.  There may be a situation in your life which isn’t quite as you would like it to be – this symbol indicates a desire to str Read More


Dream dictionary definition for island:  Dreaming of an island could indicate feelings of isolation or loneliness.  You may feel removed from your family or friends.  It could also indicate that you feel stranded in some area of your life – no one is available to help y Read More


Dream dictionary definition for itch: Dreaming that you have an itch indicates that you have a strong desire to do, have or be something in your life.  You are “itching” for something. Questions to ask yourself: What do you long to do, have or be?  How can you satisfy t Read More


Dream dictionary definition for IV:  Dreaming of an IV indicates that you need something administered to you which you cannot provide for yourself.  It could be something physical, emotional, or spiritual.  You need some assistance in some area of your life in order to Read More