Definition for Jack-O-Lantern: Jack-O-Lanterns are associated with Halloween, The Day of the Dead, and All Hallows Eve.  They symbolize spirits and protection.  Seeing a Jack-O-Lantern in your dream could indicate that there is an area in your life where you feel the ne Read More


Dream dictionary definition for jackal: Jackals are often referred to as opportunistic omnivores and scavengers.  To see a jackal in your dreams could indicate your inclination to take advantage others or to benefit at the expense of someone else.  Look for other clues Read More


Dream dictionary definition for Jacuzzi: A Jacuzzi has a dual function – it is used to cleanse your body and it is a place of relaxation.  To dream of a Jacuzzi could indicate a desire for either of these two experiences.  Look at the context of the dream to determine w Read More


Dream dictionary definition for jaguar:   Jaguars are the third largest cat and an endangered species.  To dream of a jaguar could indicate any of the qualities that you associate with a cat, magnified and enhanced.  Such qualities could include: agility, speed, arrogan Read More

James Bond

Dream dictionary definition for James Bond: James Bond is a fictional character often idealized by young men and seen as a sex symbol by some women.  Seeing James Bond in your dream indicates feelings of masculinity, sexual prowess, action, and adventure. Questions to a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for jaw: Your jaw is a powerful force in your body.  It represents strength and power.  Further since it is used at the beginning of the digestive process, it represents using its strength for survival and self-preservation. If the jaw in you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for jaybird: The jaybird is a noisy, bold, and aggressive bird.  To see a jaybird in your dreams indicates an association with these qualities.  Look for other clues in your dream to determine if you associate these qualities with yourself or Read More


Dream dictionary definition for jaywalking:  If you are jaywalking in a dream, it indicates a slight disregard for the rules.  It also indicates being in a hurry and not wanting to wait for the proper time to move. Questions to ask yourself: Where in your life are you i Read More


Dream dictionary definition for Jello:  Jello is a gelatinous dessert often associated with childhood.  To dream of Jello could indicate nostalgia for childhood and the foods and activities associated with this time in your life. Alternatively, Jello could represent a l Read More

Jelly Beans

Dream dictionary definition for Jelly Beans:  Jelly Beans are often associated with childhood.  They represent fun and joyous times – childlike excitement. Questions to ask yourself:  What brings you joy and gives you excitement? Ali Rittenhouse


Dream dictionary definition for Jellyfish:  Jellyfish are the oldest living multi-organ animal.  They do not have bones and sting their predators or any animal (including humans) seen as a threat.  To dream of a jellyfish indicates old, deep feelings of hostility for th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for jewelry:  Dreaming of jewelry represents sexuality, beauty, and adornment.  Pay attention to the type of jewelry in the dream.  Costume jewelry represents a false sense of beauty or a desire to be attractive despite not feeling that way i Read More

Jigsaw Puzzle

Dream dictionary definition for jigsaw puzzle: Jigsaw puzzles represent putting something together and finding where different aspects of your personality fit within the larger picture. Dreaming of not being able to fit a piece into a puzzle indicates a sense of not bei Read More


Dream dictionary definition for job: To dream of your job represents the place in which you contribute yourself and your talents to the world.  It symbolizing productivity, hard work, and adding value. Dreaming of losing your job could indicate that you do not feel that Read More


Dream dictionary definition for joining: To dream of joining objects or people together could indicate a feeling of commitment to those people, objects, or even ideas represented by the people or objects that are joined. Examine the qualities you associate with the obje Read More


Dream dictionary definition for joint:  Depending on your relationship with marijuana, dreaming of a joint can have a variety of meanings. If you perceive marijuana as a harmful substance, smoking a joint in your dream could indicate that you are harming yourself in som Read More


Dream dictionary definition for journal: A journal is a personal exploration of your inner thoughts.  To dream of writing in a journal indicates a desire to explore your own inner world and gain insight into a deeper part of yourself.  Writing can be a therapeutic proce Read More


Dream dictionary definition for judge:  A judge (in a court of law) represents the impartial ability to determine right from wrong and to sentence accordingly.  This type of judge represents a desire to find out what is true and separate fact from fiction. A judge (as i Read More

Judgment or Disapproval

Dream dictionary for judgment or disapproval:  You can either dream that someone is judging you/disapproving of you or that you are judging/disapproving of someone else.  In either case, a judgment indicates that you judge yourself in that same way.  We generally only s Read More


Dream dictionary definition for jumping:  Jumping in a dream indicates taking a risk or taking a big step towards a project or a goal.  It could represent a recent risk you took in your waking life, or it could indicate a desire to take a risk. Look for clues in the dre Read More

Jumping Rope

Dream dictionary definition for jumping rope: Jump rope is a common childhood playground game.  Dreaming of jumping rope could indicate nostalgia for childhood or childlike activities.  Alternatively, it could indicate your ability to jump over or side-step small proble Read More


Dream dictionary definition for jungle: Dreaming of a jungle represents your wild nature.  In a jungle, you are completely free from the restrictions of modern society.  You are wild and free to be as you were born to be, unbridled and unbounded. Examine your feelings i Read More

Junk Food

Dream dictionary definition for junk food:  Junk food represents a conundrum.  On the one hand, food is meant to nourish and sustain your body.  On the other hand, junk food does none of that – in fact it wreaks havoc on your body.  Dreaming of junk food represents your Read More

Junk Yard

Dream dictionary definition for junk yard:  To dream of a junk yard indicates that you have heaps of garbage in your life.  This does not have to be literal garbage, but could be representative of emotional baggage, relationships that don’t work, a job you hate, an addi Read More


Dream dictionary definition for jury:  The jury is charged with being impartial, yet they also have to make a judgment against another.  This could be expressed in the form of you judging yourself or the feeling that others are judging you. Questions to ask yourself:  H Read More


Dream dictionary definition for justice:  To dream of justice indicates feelings that a wrong has been set right.  Further it can indicate a desire to act as an authority in your own life and take more control of what you do – what is right for you and what is wrong for Read More