Definition for kangaroo:  A kangaroo is widely known for its pouch.  Because of this feature, to see a kangaroo in your dream could indicate a desire to either be protected or to be protective of someone else.  Examine the context of the kangaroo in your dream.  Is ther Read More


Dream dictionary definition for karma:  In the classical Indian Yogic tradition, the word karma literally means “action.”  To dream of karma or karma yoga represents a desire to act in your life – to get out and do something, to create, and to make things happen. Questi Read More

Kayak or Canoe

Dream dictionary definition for kayak or canoe: Kayaks and canoes are small boats propelled solely by the power of the people in them.  To dream of this type of boat indicates feeling of being self-propelled.  If you want to get somewhere, you are going to have to get t Read More


Dream dictionary definition for keyhole:  A keyhole is a small opening that, with a key, unlocks a door.  To dream of a keyhole, without the key, indicates that you are on the verge of a breakthrough in a current project or idea, but you are not quite there yet – you st Read More


Dream dictionary definition for keys: Keys open doors, locks, and other places.  To dream of a key could indicate opening up either in an idea, or a state of mind.  Look at the context of the key in the dream to determine what area in your life you are opening up.  A ke Read More


Dream dictionary definition for kidney: Your kidneys a filter organ.  To dream of a kidney represents filtering some aspect of your life.  Either you are currently filtering – as in an aspect of your life or your personality, or you desire to filter yourself more. A kid Read More


Dream dictionary definition for killer: To see a killer in your dreams indicates a desire to “kill” or let go of some part of yourself.  It’s a dramatic and drastic measure, but sometimes an abrupt ending is the most efficient way to let go of aspects of your personalit Read More


Dream dictionary definition for killing:  Since all dreams arise from within, and all dream characters represent an aspect of you, if you are killing someone or something in your dream; it indicates an aspect of your personality that no longer serves you and you want to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for kindergarten: To dream of being in kindergarten indicates a return to the basics and the fundamentals of life.  There are lessons to be learned that are not complicated, not difficult.  The lessons could have to do with getting along with Read More


Dream dictionary definition for kissing: Kissing, either romantic or non-romantic, is an intimate gesture between friends or lovers.  To dream of kissing someone indicates feelings of closeness towards this person.  To gain a deeper understanding of your own psyche, exa Read More

Kitchen Sink

Dream dictionary definition for kitchen sink:  The kitchen sink is where you generally clean up after cooking.  Thus, dreaming of the kitchen sink could indicate a desire to “clean up” or cleanse yourself after nourishing yourself and those you love.   Further, it could Read More


Dream dictionary definition for kite: To dream of a kite indicates feeling of soaring, flying, and being free. However, this freedom is not completely free because there is still something holding down, or keeping you grounded.  This does not have to be taken in a negat Read More


Dream dictionary definition for kitten: Dreaming of a kitten represents birth, and new life.  If the kitten is particularly playful in your dream, it could indicate a desire to express yourself through a creative endeavor or a new project. Questions to ask yourself:  In Read More


Dream dictionary definition for knee:  Your knee is the joint which allows your legs to have motion.  To dream of a knee represents motion in your life.  If you are unable to move your knee, it indicates feelings of being stuck.  If your knee moves freely, it indicates Read More


Dream dictionary definition for kneeling:  Kneeling is a sign of respect.  It represents humility and humbling yourself in front of someone you respect.  Think of kneeling in a church, while in prayer, or kneeling in the presence of a king.  To kneel in your dream signi Read More


Dream dictionary definition for knife:  A knife is a sharp object that can be used as a tool or a weapon.  If the knife is portrayed as a tool in your dream, it represents your efforts to improve your life by using your own inner resources.  If the knife is a weapon in Read More


Dream dictionary definition for knight:  Knights represent honor, chivalry, masculinity, and adventure, or whatever qualities you associate with a knight in your waking life.  To see a knight in your dream indicates that you are expressing these qualities or that you ad Read More

Knitting or Crocheting

Dream dictionary definition for knitting or crocheting: Knitting or crocheting represents a basic need to create something at the fundamental level.  Often knit pieces are designed to keep you warm, so it also indicates a need for warmth and home.  Further, knitting or Read More


Dream dictionary definition for knob: To see a knob in your dreams indicates your ability to handle your problems.   A knob represents the mechanism used to open a door and enter a new place in your life.  So to dream of a knob, indicates that your ability to solve your Read More


Dream dictionary definition for knocking:  Knocking is asking permission to enter.  If you are knocking in your dream, it indicates your desire to be let into something: it could be a group, a family, or some other social structure. Questions to ask yourself:  Are there Read More


Dream dictionary definition for knot:  Seeing a knot in your dream could indicate feelings of being “tied up” in a situation with nowhere to go.  Alternatively it could indicate feelings of strength, as strong knots can be difficult to penetrate.  If you dream about unt Read More


Dream dictionary definition for koala:  To see a koala in your dream represents whatever qualities you associate with a koala.  Examples could be cuteness, protectiveness, or agility.  Also look at where you are familiar with seeing koalas and the qualities you associat Read More