Labor (birth)

Definition for labor:  Dreaming that you are in labor or are giving birth can indicate that a creative project, endeavor, or business venture is coming to fruition.  You’ve already put in the time nurturing your idea, feeding it, and caring for it and now you are Read More

Labor Day

Dream dictionary definition for Labor Day:  Dreaming of Labor Day could represent all the hard work you do throughout the year – this is the day to celebrate your accomplishments and achievements with a well needed break.  You may desire to have some recognition for all Read More


Dream dictionary definition for laboratory:  Dreaming of a laboratory represents the idea of creation.  You are combining the ideas, knowledge, resources, and wisdom you have in new and different ways in order to create something unique.  Alternatively, a laboratory cou Read More


Dream dictionary definition for ladder: Dreaming of climbing a ladder indicates going to new heights or seeing your life from a new perspective.  Each rung on the ladder represents a stage in the journey.  Depending on where you are on the ladder indicates how far you h Read More


Dream dictionary definition for ladybug:  Ladybugs are associated with luck, so dreaming of a ladybug could indicate that you are feeling lucky or desire to have some good luck/good fortune come into your life. Questions to ask yourself:  What do you associate with lady Read More

Lamp or Light

Dream dictionary definition for lamp or light: Dreaming of a lamp or light indicates that you are gaining some clarity on a situation in which you previously felt unclear or “in the dark.” The size of the lamp/ strength of the light could indicate the degree to which yo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for landlord:  Dreaming of a landlord represents an authority figure or someone who you feel has control of you in some way.  You may not feel that you are in complete control of yourself/ your life.  You may feel that you need to defer your Read More


Dream dictionary definition for landscape: Dreaming of a specific landscape could represent a landscape you are familiar with in waking life.  You may be longing to go back to that place or to relive the feelings that you associate with that place. Examine the landscape Read More


Dream dictionary definition for landslide:  Dreaming of a landslide could indicate feelings of failure.  You may be out of control and sliding downward, unable to stop. Questions to ask yourself: Are there any areas in your life where you feel you are failing?  Is there Read More


Dream dictionary definition for language: We tend to dream in the language in which we are most comfortable.  If you dream in another language, it indicates that you are gaining proficiency in that language.  If you are studying a foreign language and dream that you are Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lantern: Dreaming of a lantern indicates the desire for guidance, to be led, or to gain some clarity on some aspect of your life. Questions to ask yourself:  In what areas of your life do you desire guidance?  Where is that guidance being Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lap: Dreaming of sitting in someone’s lap could indicate a desire for comfort or nurturing.  If you have childhood memories of sitting in a parent’s or relative’s lap, the dream symbol could represent a longing to return to those times wh Read More


Dream dictionary definition for larva: Dreaming of larva indicates new beginnings and new life.  You may have a desire to begin something new or start afresh in some area of your life. Questions to ask yourself:  In what ways are you creating yourself anew?  Where in yo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for laser:  Dreaming of a laser indicates focus and precision.  You may be very focused on a something in your waking life – it could be a problem, solution, job, or relationship.  Whatever it is, you are focusing your attention intently on i Read More

Last Minute

Dream dictionary definition for last minute: Dreaming that you are doing something at the last minute could indicate that you are feeling unprepared for something in your waking life.  You may be facing a new situation or life transition and do not feel that you have th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for late:  Dreaming that you are late for an appointment could indicate that you are juggling multiple priorities that are important in different areas of your life. Alternatively, being late could indicate that you are not interested in doin Read More


Dream dictionary definition for laughing: Dreaming of laughing represents happiness, joy, and good times.  It is said that laughter is the best medicine and the very act can alleviate sadness and sorrow.  Dreaming of laughing could indicate that you are feeling sad but Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lavender:  Dreaming of the color lavender indicates whimsical feelings, fantasy, and the desire to escape to a fantasy realm.  Lavender is associated with fairies and other realms of existence. Questions to ask yourself:  What in your dre Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lawn: Dreaming of a neatly groomed lawn indicates a desire for order in your life.  Dreaming of an untamed and wild lawn indicates a desire to go against societal norms and express your wild nature. Questions to ask yourself:  How did the Read More

Lawn Sprinkler

Dream dictionary definition for lawn sprinkler: Dreaming of a lawn sprinkler could indicate a desire to take care of something and help it grow.  If you have childhood memories of playing in a sprinkler it could indicate a desire for playfulness and fun in your life. Qu Read More


Dream dictionary definition for leader:  To dream of a leader could indicate that you lack direction in some aspect of your life and desire someone to take the lead and give you direction.  If you dream that you are a leader, it could indicate that you feel you have an Read More


Dream dictionary definition for leaf: Dreaming of a leaf can have different meanings depending on the state of the leaf.  A leaf can represent new life and growth – the part of you which is constantly striving to be ever better.  A colorful leaf (red, orange, yellow) ca Read More


Dream dictionary definition for leaking: Dreaming of a leak can indicate that there is a “leak” or a drain in your energy.  Look for situations in which you are feeling particularly stressed, or where you are doing activities that your heart is not fully engaged in.  Su Read More

Leaving a Place or Situation

Dream dictionary definition for  leaving a place or situation:  First, examine the place or situation you left in the dream.  What was the situation and what does that situation represent to you? To dream that you are leaving a place or situation could indicate that you Read More

Leaving Someone

Dream dictionary definition for leaving someone: To dream that you are leaving someone can indicate an ending to a phase of your life.  To gain more insights into the area of your life is coming to end, examine the person in the dream that you are leaving.  What does th Read More

Ledge or Cliff

Dream dictionary definition for ledge or cliff:  Dreaming of being on a ledge or cliff could indicate fears of failure or fears of losing power or social status.  Alternatively, dreaming of a cliff could indicate that you are on the “edge” of something – you are in a tr Read More


Dream dictionary definition for leech:  Dreaming of a leech could indicate that you are freeloading off of others and not contributing anything of value or not pulling your own weight.  It could also indicate feelings that someone else is freeloading off of you.  Look a Read More

Left Alone or Left Behind

Dream dictionary definition for left alone or left behind:  Dreaming that you are left alone or left behind can indicate fears of abandonment.  You may be afraid that the people in your life who are the closest to you are going to abandon you, stop caring for you, or st Read More

Left Side

Dream dictionary definition for left side:  Dreaming that something is on the left side can indicate masculinity, linear thoughts, or a hierarchical power structure.  The left is associated with logic, order, structure, and black and white thinking. Questions to ask you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for leftovers: Dreaming of leftovers indicates that you have more of something than you can use.  Examine what was leftover in the dream and the associations that you make with that item. Questions to ask yourself:  What was left over?  What Read More


Dream dictionary definition for leg:  Dreaming of legs represents those aspects that support your life.  It could be anything from money, job, parents, or spouse, to more abstract concepts like love, care, friendship, or support.  Examine the condition of the legs for m Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lending: To dream that you are lending something suggests feelings of generosity, and the spirit of sharing.  It could also represent feelings that someone owes you something in return for what you have given or done for them. Questions t Read More


Dream dictionary definition for leopard: Dreaming of a leopard represents your “knee-jerk” response to a situation – how you act or react without giving much or any thought to the situation, your actions, or the consequences of the action.  Further, a leopard suggests r Read More


Dream dictionary definition for letter: To dream that you are receiving or sending a letter represents communication.   This symbol may indicate that you need to communicate with the person who sent the letter or with the person to whom you sent the letter. Further, rec Read More

Letter of the Alphabet

Dream dictionary definition for letter of the alphabet: Dreaming of a particular letter of the alphabet can indicate a desire to communicate. However, the exact intent of the communication is not yet clear.  There may be some communication coming or in the works, but th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for levee: Dreaming of a levee represents the way in which you prepare for future shortages, and symbolizes protection, storage, and reserves.  Dreaming of a full levee suggests that you feel well-prepared for a given situation, shortage, or Read More


Dream dictionary definition for levitating: Dreaming of levitating can have many different meanings depending on the context of the dream.  This symbol can represent a feeling of happiness and joy coming from inside; feelings of power; exhilaration; feelings of being on Read More


Dreaming of a library suggests a quest for knowledge and information.  You may be feeling a need or desire to know and understand some aspect of yourself or of the universe. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the library presented?  What was the condition of the librar Read More


Dream dictionary definition for license: Dreaming of a license represents the idea of permission or authority.   When you have a license you are allowed to do a certain task; for example if you have a driver’s license you are allowed to drive, if you have a business lic Read More

License Plate

Dream dictionary definition for license plate: Dreaming of a license plate represents the unique ways in which you identify yourself.  Just as each license plate is unique, so are you unique. Questions to ask yourself:   How was the license plate depicted in the dream?  Read More


Dream dictionary definition for licking: One of the first ways we experience the world as babies, is through our mouths and sense of taste.  Thus, to dream of licking something represents an exploration of the world around you – gathering information on a certain topic Read More

Lie Detector Test

Dream dictionary definition for lie detector test: Dreaming of a lie detector test represents the ways in which you deceive yourself and those around you.  You may be keeping something hidden from yourself or from those around you.  This dream symbol calls you to find t Read More

Life (Existence)

Dream dictionary definition for life: Dreaming of your life can represent anything connected with your current life – the path you are on; your past, present, and future; your beliefs and attitudes, etc… This dream symbol can shed light on areas of your life that you mi Read More

Life Force

Dream dictionary definition for life force: To dream of life force represents the energy, creativity, chi, prana, and the driving force behind your actions.  Further, life force represents your own will and desire to live and to create.  It can also represent your ego ( Read More

Light Bulb

Dream dictionary definition for light bulb:  Dreaming of a light bulb represents your ability to see clearly – this refers to seeing aspects of yourself, seeing your own (or others’) actions and intentions.  Further, this symbol represents the amount of clarity and awar Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lighter: This symbol has two sides to you it: the source of light, and the source of destruction.  On the one hand, a lighter represents the source of the light that exists within you.  This symbol reminds you that all you need to do is l Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lightning: Dreaming of lightning represents a build-up and release of vast amounts of energy.  This energy can have both beneficial and negative effects. Dreaming of lightning suggests that there is an area of your life that you are givin Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lightweight: Dreaming of an object that is lightweight, such as a feather, a piece of paper, etc… could suggest a carefree, joyous, or “light” attitude/mood.  It could further indicate “airiness,” or flakiness.  Alternatively, a lightweig Read More


Dream dictionary definition for liking: If you like something in your dream, this indicates that you have positive feelings towards that object, person, or idea.  It also suggests that you have positive feelings about what that object, person, etc… represents to you. Fu Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lily:  A lily represents the depths of your consciousness.  This symbol reminds you that there is so much more to your being than you can possibly perceive through your physical senses.  In fact, most of who you are is completely invisibl Read More

Limit or Boundary

Dream dictionary definition for limit or boundary:  Dreaming of a limit or boundary represents the limits you place on yourself or the boundaries which you do not cross.  The boundaries that you have in your life serve you in some way, thus you have created them.  There Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lion: Dreaming of a lion symbolizes bravery, courage, and protection.  It can also indicate feelings of aggression, anger, or violence.  Examine the lion’s behavior in the context of the dream to gain greater insights as to its meaning in Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lips: Dreaming of lips may represent sensuality – as in the sense of touch and/or taste.  Further, lips represent sexuality, sensual desire, passion, and pleasure.  Lips can also represent communication and your ability to effectively com Read More


Dream dictionary definition for liquid: To dream that something is liquid represents warmth, fluidity, movement, and motion.  You may be experiencing movement in a certain area of your life –  as in a part of your life may be changing. Questions to ask yourself: How was Read More


Dream dictionary definition for list: Dreaming of a list depicts logical, structured, analytical, left-brain thinking.  If this is the way your mind usually works in waking life, the dream symbol is showing you the way in which you process information.  If this is not t Read More


Dream dictionary definition for listening: Dreaming that you are listening to someone or something suggests a desire to gain knowledge, wisdom, or information.  It can also symbolize compassion, love, empathy, and a desire to connect with others on a deep, personal leve Read More


Dream dictionary definition for liver: Dreaming of the liver represents cleansing, cleaning, purification, and detoxification.  There may be an area of your life that could benefit from purification or detoxification.  On the flip side, dreaming of a liver represents wa Read More

Living with Someone

Dream dictionary definition for living with someone: To dream that you are living with someone (who you don’t live with in your waking life) suggests that you possess some of the same qualities that you admire about the person you are living with. Examine the qualities Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lizard:  Dreaming of a lizard represents your primal urges – such as the need to eat, drink, and sleep; the fight or flight response; and sexual drive and reproduction. Questions to ask yourself: How was the lizard depicted in the dream?  Read More


Dream dictionary definition for llama: Dreaming of a llama has the same implications that any generic animal does in a dream – getting in touch with you natural drives, animal instincts, and wild side. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the llama depicted in the dream? Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lock: Dreaming of a lock represents the problems that you are facing in your life.  The lock is a male symbol, which means that this dream symbol suggests problems associated with logic, analytics, and structures. Alternatively, dreaming Read More


Dream dictionary definition for locked: Dreaming that something is locked represents protection, security, or the desire to keep something safe from harm.  Further, it indicates that there are places inside of yourself that are “locked away,” hidden, or repressed. Quest Read More


Dream dictionary definition for locker: Dreaming of a locker suggests keeping something safe, protected, and out of harm’s way.  Examine what was in the locker for clues as to what it is you want to keep safe and protected.  Also, look at the qualities you associate wit Read More


Dream dictionary definition for locking: To dream that you are locking something (such as door, bolt, padlock, etc…) suggests that there are aspects of yourself/your personality that you are attempting to keep hidden, protected, or “locked away.”  This usually happens o Read More


Dream dictionary definition for locomotive: Dreaming of a locomotive has many associations.  It represents the direction you are taking in your life – be it growth, abatement, or stagnation.  Further, a locomotive represents the opportunities that are present in your li Read More


Dream dictionary definition for logic: Dreaming of logic represents left-brained, analytic, structured, masculine thinking.  This symbol may be an indication that this is your dominant way of thinking, or it may suggest that incorporating more logical thinking into your Read More


Dream dictionary definition for login: Dreaming of logging in (to a computer, account, etc…) represents access and the ease in which you gain access to something.  This symbol could refer to events/situations in daily life.  Going deeper, this symbol is showing you that Read More


Dream dictionary definition for loner: Dreaming of a loner represents the parts of yourself that are uncared for, unloved, and unappreciated.  This symbols reminds you to take care of yourself and love yourself – even (and especially) the parts of yourself that you feel Read More

Looking in a Drawer

Dream dictionary definition for looking in a drawer:  Dreaming that you are looking for something in a drawer, cabinet, closet, etc… suggests that you are in search of self-knowledge, inner-knowing, or wisdom.  Pay attention to what you were looking for, or what you fou Read More


Dream dictionary definition for loon: Dreaming of a loon suggest awareness, being conscious of something, and mental clarity.  You may be expressing these qualities in your waking life, or you may benefit from expressing more of them. Questions to ask yourself:  How was Read More

Lose Your Life Force

Dream dictionary definition for lose your life force:  Dreaming that you have lost your life force (breath, chi, prana, etc…) symbolizes a loss of energy or desire for a particular activity, situation, relationship, etc… Further, this dream theme could represent a state Read More

Losing Teeth

Dream dictionary definition for losing teeth: To dream that you are losing your teeth symbolizes anxieties about the way others see you or your appearance. Losing your teeth can also point to issues regarding self-worth and self-love.  See “Teeth Dreams” for Read More

Losing Your Seat

Dream dictionary definition for losing your seat:  To dream that someone has taken your seat or that you have lost your seat suggests feelings that someone else is taking what you believe to be rightfully yours.  This may come from a place of lack or a fear that there a Read More

Loss of a Loved One

Dream dictionary definition for loss of a loved one:  If you have recently lost a loved one, this dream is a way of processing and integrating the experience.  If you have not lost a loved one, this dream symbol suggests that you are undergoing a personal transformation Read More

Lost an Item

Dream dictionary definition for lost an item: To dream that you have lost an item suggests feelings of loss regarding the symbolic value of that item.  Examine what the item represents to you and what you associate with it to gain deeper insights as to the loss you are Read More

Lotus Flower

Dream dictionary definition for lotus flower: The lotus flower is a unique and special flower.  It grows in muddy water, blooms during the day, returns to a state of dormancy in the night, and then blooms again in the morning – pure and clean.  Thus, dreaming of a lotus Read More


Dream dictionary definition for loud:  When a sound is particularly loud in your dream it suggests that there is an area in your life that requires your attention.  The dream is attempting to get your attention and loud noises are an effective way to do that.  Examine w Read More


Dream dictionary definition for love: Love is a complex word that carries different meanings for different people.  In its purest form, love is All That Is – it’s where you came from and where you will ultimately return.  Everything is created out of love – from the mos Read More

Love Letter

Dream dictionary definition for love letter: Dreaming of a love letter represents your desire to communicate your feelings to someone.  Alternatively, this dream symbol can represent a desire for someone else to express feelings of love, kindness, appreciation, or desir Read More


Dream dictionary definition for low: Dreaming that something is low to the ground can represent feelings of “lowliness” or unworthiness. It can also indicate depression, negative feelings, and a general dull mood.  Examine what was low in the dream for greater insights Read More

Lubricant or Catalyst

Dream dictionary definition for lubricant or catalyst: A lubricant or catalyst represents the ways in which you can help a situation through encouragement, support, and love.  It also represents making a task, situation, or problem easier. Questions to ask yourself:  Wh Read More

Lucid Dream

Dream dictionary definition for lucid dream:  Lucid dreaming is the ability to recognize that you are in a dream while you are experiencing the dream and then to be able to control your actions within the dream.   If you realize that you are dreaming while you are in th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for luck: Dreaming of good luck represents feelings of good fortune, opportunity, and abundance. It also represents positive feelings and a generally optimistic outlook on life.  Dreaming of bad luck suggests feelings of lack, sabotage, or ru Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lung: Dreaming of the lungs symbolizes the basic essence of life and your life force – as your ability to breathe is most closely linked to your ability to sustain physical life.  The lungs also suggest environmental toxins (physical and Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lure: To dream that you are luring someone or something to you – or that someone is luring you in represents feelings of manipulation and deceit.  Further, this symbol can appear in relation to unrealistic hopes regarding a situation, pro Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lust: Feeling lustful in a dream represents repressed or unfulfilled sexual desires.  Lust can also represent a desire for a material object that may be out of your current reach.  This symbol can also suggest jealousy, envy, and desire. Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lying: To dream that you are lying suggests that you are hiding something from others.  It can also indicate feelings of inadequacy, or fears of not being enough, thus you need to lie in order to make yourself seem more attractive or bett Read More

Lying Down

Dream dictionary definition for  lying down: Dreaming of lying down symbolizes relaxation, rest, calmness, stillness, peace, etc… Further, lying down can indicate giving up, throwing in the towel, or a loss of interest in a particular subject, person, situation, etc… Al Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lymph: The lymphatic system is crucial to our overall health and wellness and plays an important role in eliminating toxins from the body.  Thus, dreaming a lymph, lymph node or any part of the lymphatic system represents your ability to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for lynx: The lynx is known for its big, bright eyes, thus dreaming of a lynx represents your ability to see clearly even in situations that are unclear or not part of your conscious awareness.  The lynx calls you to open your third eye to lo Read More