Definition for m&m: Dreaming of m&ms could indicate a desire for a small pleasure, such as eating of chocolate or anything else that gives you please in small doses.  It could also indicate a desire to reconnect with the feeling and emotions that you associate w Read More


Dream dictionary definition for machine:  Dreaming of a machine represents completing a task or getting your work done in an efficient manner with the least amount of manual labor and effort necessary.  You may have found an easier or better way to do your work, or foun Read More


Dream dictionary definition for magazine:  Dreaming of a magazine could indicate that you would prefer to take on the beliefs and ideas of others rather than using your own inner guidance.  You are looking outside for answers, rather than looking within and feeling what Read More


Dream dictionary definition for maggots:  Dreaming of maggots indicates something in your life has gone rotten or has spoiled.  It may be a relationship, a business endeavor, or anything else in your life that is no longer serving you.  There is some area of your life w Read More


Dream dictionary definition for magic:  Dreaming of magic could indicate a recognition that you are the creator of your life and that synchronicities happen in ways that you wouldn’t have expected – as if by “magic.”  Alternatively, you may desire your life to work with Read More


Dream dictionary definition for magnet:  Dreaming of a magnet indicates attraction.  You are being drawn to a person, place, or event.  Examine the other symbols in the dream to determine what you are being drawn to.  Look at the symbols symbolically and examine the qua Read More


Dream dictionary definition for magpie: Magpies are highly intelligent birds and one of the only species of birds able to recognize themselves in a mirror.  Thus, dreaming of a magpie represents intelligence and self-recognition.  You may be going through a period of se Read More


Dream dictionary definition for mailbox:  Dreaming of a mailbox indicates expectation.  You may be waiting for a package to come or to receive news from a friend.  Alternatively, you could be excited about something in your waking life and have great expectations about Read More

Main Floor

Dream dictionary definition for main floor: Dreaming of being on the main floor of a building represents a foundation or a beginning.  You may be setting a foundation for a project, relationship, or event in your life.  Alternatively, you may be ready to begin a new pha Read More


Dream dictionary definition for makeup: Makeup was traditionally worn by women to mimic the appearance of sexual arousal (flushed cheeks, increased blood flow to the lips) and thus enhance their attractiveness to the opposite sex.  Dreaming of makeup could indicate a de Read More

Making Copies

Dream dictionary definition for making copies:  To dream that you are making copies indicates that you desire to replicate something in your life.  You may be longing to relive a certain period of your life or wish to experience more feelings of joy, excitement, happine Read More

Making or Building

Dreaming dictionary definition for making or building:   To dream that you are making or building something indicates a desire to create.  We are all creative beings and this dream symbol serves as a reminder that you are here to create whatever life you choose for your Read More

Male Problems

Dream dictionary definition for male problems: Dreaming that you are having “male problems,” erectile dysfunction, or the inability to ejaculate could indicate anxieties regarding your sexuality.  You may be feeling insecure about your performance and thus are dreaming Read More


Dream dictionary definition for man: Dreaming of a man indicates masculinity, strength, courage, leadership, determination, competition, and any other qualities you associate with males.  You may be exhibiting these qualities in your waking life or you may wish to exhib Read More


Dream dictionary definition for manager:  Dreaming of a manager could indicate feelings of authority, power,    and being told what to do.  This symbol may be depicting someone in your waking life who you feel is an authority figure.  You may also be expressing these qu Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  manatee:  dreaming of a manatee represents gentleness, endearment, contentment, and love.  To see a manatee in your dream could indicate that you are expressing these qualities in your life.  It also could indicate that you would benefit Read More


Dream dictionary definition for manicure: Dreaming of getting a manicure indicates a desire for outward beauty.  You may be pre-occupied with what others think of you and attempt to put on a front.   Alternatively, dreaming of a manicure could represent self-care, self- Read More

Manta Ray

Dream dictionary definition for manta ray:  Dreaming of a manta ray represents movement and grace.  Further it indicates an ability to disguise yourself or camouflage yourself when danger is detected. Questions to ask yourself:  How do you move with grace?  In what ways Read More


Dream dictionary definition for manure:  Manure is used as fertilizer, so dreaming of manure could represent fertilization.  This symbol represents the ideas of preparation, nurturing, and caring for that which you intend to grow.  You may be preparing for a creative pr Read More


Dream dictionary definition for many: To dream that there are many of something (item, object, people, etc…) indicates that this object or person is important to you in some way.  Examine the object that there are many of in the dream and the associations that you make Read More

Map or Directions

Dream dictionary definition for map or directions:  Dreaming of a map or directions indicates that you are looking for the way.  You may be searching for direction in your life, looking for purpose, or looking to discover something about yourself. Questions to ask yours Read More


Dream dictionary definition for marathon: Dreaming of a marathon indicates “going the distance,” and endurance.  There may be a situation or project in your life that requires your commitment, persistence, and endurance. Questions to ask yourself:  In what ways do you “ Read More


Dream dictionary definition for marching: To dream of marching could be an indication of the way in which you conduct your life.  If you are marching in a line or in a particular formation, it indicates that you conform to the expectations of those around you.  If you a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for marriage: Dreaming of marriage represents commitment.  This could be commitment to your partner, but it could also represent commitment to an idea, project, or belief system.  Examine the dynamics of the marriage for more clues as to how Read More


Dream dictionary definition for married: If you are married in your waking life, this dream symbol may reflect your actual marriage.  Look at other symbols in the dream to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of your marriage. If you are not married in your wakin Read More

Martial Arts

Dream dictionary definition for martial arts:  Dreaming of martial arts can have a variety of meanings depending on your relationship to the martial arts and how you view them.  If you currently practice a martial art in your waking life, dreaming of doing martial arts Read More


Dream dictionary definition for martin: Dreaming of a martin can represent your ability to succeed in the endeavors that you are pursuing – as martins are excellent flyers.  A martin can also represent good luck and communal living situations.  Alternatively, seeing a m Read More


Dream dictionary definition for massage: Dreaming that you are getting a massage relates to tension and stress.  You may be holding onto excess tension that needs to be released, or you may be actively releasing tension and stress in your waking life.  Alternatively, a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for master: To dream of a master indicates that you have gained mastery in some area of your life.  Examine the master and what s/he is a master of.  Whatever subject or discipline the person was a master of in the dream, you too have ability Read More


Dream dictionary definition for math: Dreaming of math represents problem solving, especially problem-solving in a linear, rational manner.  It also symbolizes left-brained thinking / male energies which are hierarchical, structured, logical, and rational. Questions to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for maze: Dreaming of a maze may represent confusion.  There may be a situation in your waking life which is confusing.  You may have difficulty sorting through your seemingly irrational and unrelated emotions. Further a maze can represent yo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for meadowlark: To dream of a meadowlark indicates that you are enjoying the journey of life.  You have a positive attitude and an optimistic point-of-view. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the meadowlark portrayed?  What was your relation Read More


Dream dictionary definition for meal: Dreaming of a meal represents nourishment – it could be either physical nourishment or mental, spiritual, or emotional nourishment.  Further, a meal can depict social gatherings or family.  It can also represent a break from your ro Read More

Mean Person

Dream dictionary definition for mean person: Dreaming of a mean person represents the meanness within yourself.  All dream characters represent an aspect of you (since you created that character 100% in your own mind), so this dream character represents that part of you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for measure: To dream that you are measuring something could indicate the way in which you measure yourself against others.  Alternatively, you may be measuring your progress towards a certain goal or objective in your waking life. Questions Read More