Definition for naked: Being naked is a common dream symbol.  Being naked signifies vulnerability, and baring all.  It symbolizes who you are, deep down, without anything to cover you up or hide behind. If you are naked in a dream it could indicate that you feel vulnerab Read More


Dream dictionary definition for name: Hearing someone else’s name in your dream indicates that you are thinking of that person or desire to have a connection with them.  Hearing someone call your name indicates that you are feeling a connection with yourself and wish to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for napkin: Dreaming of a napkin represents cleaning up after yourself.  This could refer to keeping a clean home, body image, or social image.  If the napkin is dirty, it indicates that you are not able to maintain clean appearances or feel Read More


Dream dictionary definition for napping: Napping indicates a need for rest in your life.  A short break from your normal activities can do wonders by allowing your mind and body to rest.  You need some time in your life to recharge, stay still, and relax. Questions to a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for neck:  Dreaming of your neck represents your flexibility and how flexible you are in a given situation.  Dreaming of a stiff neck indicates that you are too rigid and stuck in your ways and this stubbornness is causing problems. Questions Read More


Dream dictionary definition for newspaper: Dreaming of a newspaper indicates a desire to be well informed and keep up with what is going on in the world.  If the newspaper carries bad news, it indicates fears that there are bad things happening that you cannot control. Read More

Next To

Dream dictionary definition for next to: If you dream that objects/people/places are next to each other, it indicates feelings of connection.  Further it could indicate a desire to be closer to someone or something. Alternatively, seeing something next to something else Read More


Dream dictionary definition for night: Dreaming of nighttime indicates quiet and stillness.  Almost all life forms on this planet sleep during the night, so the world is quiet.  Night can also indicate the inability to see, as in darkness. Questions to ask yourself:  Ho Read More

Night Light

Dream dictionary definition for night light:  Dreaming of a night light indicates shedding light on a small aspect of yourself or your life.  Even a small amount of light is enough to help you find your way.  You will not get lost or trip in the dark, as the night light Read More


Dream dictionary definition for nightclothes:  Dreaming of nightclothes represents comfort and giving up.  You may have decided to make a change in your life, but opted to stay with the familiar and the comfortable instead. Questions to ask yourself:  What behaviors are Read More


Dream dictionary definition for nine:  The number nine symbolizes completion and satisfaction.  Thus to see this symbol in your dream could indicate the completion of a journey or era of your life. Questions to ask yourself: What area of your life is coming to completio Read More


Dream dictionary definition for nipples: Dreaming of nipples suggests a connection with your mother.  You may desire some motherly love and protection or you may desire to love and protect someone else. Further, dreaming of nipples represents femininity, nurturing, and Read More

No Brakes

Dream dictionary definition for no brakes:  Dreaming that you don’t have any brakes or are unable to use your brakes, indicates that you are moving too fast in some area of your life.  You may have gotten out of control and are unable to stop a certain behavior, pattern Read More


Dream dictionary definition for nobility: Dreaming of nobility represents status, power, and authority.  Further it could represent luxury and living an abundant life.  This symbol could indicate that you are expressing these qualities or that you need to express more o Read More

Nodding Your Head

Dream dictionary definition for nodding your head: Nodding your head indicates agreement, consent, and permission.  You are agreeing with something or giving your approval.  For more clues as to what you agree with examine the circumstances in which you were nodding. Qu Read More


Dream dictionary definition for noise:  Hearing a noise in your dream suggests that you need to pay attention to a particular issue.  Depending on the noise you heard it will carry different meanings.  Noises from a party indicates celebration.  Hearing an alarm indicat Read More


Dream dictionary definition for nomad:  Dreaming of a nomad indicates feelings of being at home in any situation.  You are comfortable living in a variety of situations and conditions.  Alternatively, dreaming of a nomad could indicate wanderlust.  You have difficulty m Read More


Dream dictionary definition for noose:  Dreaming of a noose indicates feelings of being choked or smothered.  You may have something or someone in your life that is smothering or overwhelming you. Questions to ask yourself: Who or what in your life feels like it is chok Read More


Dream dictionary definition for nose: The nose is the sense organ that is most connected with memory. Through our nose we sense things that are invisible to our eyes and which we are unable to perceive through our other senses.  Thus, dreaming of the nose represents you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for nosebleed:  Since dreaming of a nose represents your own intuition, dreaming of a nosebleed represents a diminished capacity to use your intuition.  Look for other clues in the dream to understand the impact of this diminished capacity an Read More

Not Hungry

Dream dictionary definition for not hungry: Dreaming that you are not hungry indicates feelings of indifference and dispassion.  There may be some area in your waking life in which you have lost interest in doing activities that you used to enjoy. Questions to ask yours Read More


Dream dictionary definition for notebook: Dreaming of a notebook represents a desire to keep a record of events.  It serves to enhance your memory and keep important information at your disposal. Questions to ask yourself: What do you want to remember?  What records do Read More


Dream dictionary definition for nuclear: Dreaming of nuclear war or a nuclear bomb represents feelings of total destruction.  There may be an area in your waking life in which you are going through a transformation – a part of you needs to be [metaphorically] destroyed Read More


Dream dictionary definition for numb:  Dreaming that you are numb, or that part of your body is numb represents disconnection.  You may be feeling disconnected from your feelings – as in, you are unable to experience a range of emotions.  You may be disconnected from th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for number:  Dreaming of numbers indicates a connection with your left-brain and your logical, rational mind.  You may be working out a problem or challenge in your waking life that requires a very logical, rational solution.  Further, you ma Read More


Dream dictionary definition for nun:  Dreaming of a nun could represent religious feelings or feelings of devotion to God.  Further, it could represent chastity, virginity, spiritual devotion, or living a life of service. Alternatively, dreaming of a nun could indicate Read More


Dream dictionary definition for nurse:  Dreaming of a nurse indicates feelings of care and concern for others.  You want to help people get well.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be about sick people getting physically well, but could refer to helping people solve othe Read More


Dream dictionary definition for nymph:  Dreaming of a nymph represents sexuality.  Usually it indicates an abundance of sexual energy.  Your sexual drive may be getting in your way and hurting you more than it is helping you.  Alternatively, this symbol could indicate t Read More