Falling Object

Dream dictionary definition for object falling:  First you need to understand the emotional qualities/characteristics you associate with whatever object is falling in your dream.  See Object. Falling generally represents a loss of something, dissociation, or loss of con Read More

Neck Problem

Dream dictionary definition for neck problem: Dreaming of a neck problem indicates stubbornness and the inability to let go or adapt to new situations. Questions to ask yourself:  In what areas of your life are you stubborn?  How can you learn to adapt better to your cu Read More


Dream dictionary definition for necklace:  Dreaming of a necklace represents how you see your own beauty.  It can be outer beauty, or it can refer to you inner beauty and self-worth.  Alternatively, a necklace can indicate your expression of sexuality. Questions to ask Read More


Dream dictionary definition for necktie:  A necktie represents your relationship to organized structure –  such as a job, school, or church.  If the necktie is loose, it indicates that you feel free to engage or not in these organizations and that they do not have a par Read More


Dream dictionary definition for neglecting:  Dreaming of neglecting something indicates that there is an area of your life that you are not taking care of or not paying enough attention to.  It could also indicate that you are neglecting yourself. Questions to ask yours Read More


Dream dictionary definition for negotiating: Negotiating indicates that you really want something.  You are not willing to let it go easily and you care enough about it that you will bargain or negotiate for it.  It can also indicate that you are willing to stand up for Read More


Dream dictionary definition for nerves:  Dreaming of nerves could indicate that you are feeling anxious about something or doubting yourself.  Alternatively, it could indicate that someone or something is annoying you – as in, “getting on your nerves.” Questions to ask Read More


Dream dictionary definition for nest: A nest represents your home.  It is a place of nurturing, rest, and relaxation.  It provides security for you and your family.  Examine the condition of the nest in your dream for more clues as to how you feel regarding these issues Read More


Dream dictionary definition for net: Seeing a net in your dreams indicates that you are feeling trapped, or caught in something.  If you are unable to escape from the net, it indicates feelings of frustration with your current situation. Questions to ask yourself:  Do y Read More


Dream dictionary definition for new: Dreaming of something that is new, indicates a desire to recreate yourself or an aspect of your life anew.  You may be feeling that your surrounding or the things in your life are no longer working – that they are old.  It’s time to Read More

New Year

Dream dictionary definition for New Year:  Dreaming of the New Year indicates a desire to move on and leave the past behind.  It represents a fresh start – you are not held down by the past, and you have a blank canvas in front of you in which to create the life you des Read More


Definition for oar: Oars are a manual form of propulsion for a boat.  They are also used to help steer.  To dream of an oar indicates your ability to propel yourself forward in a given situation.  It also suggests your ability to steer yourself in the right direction.  Read More


Dream dictionary definition for oasis: An oasis is a pond in the middle of the desert.  It represents life-giving water in the midst of nothingness.  An oasis may indicate finding something you need where you might not think there is anything.  It provides the life-givi Read More


Dream dictionary definition for obedience:  Dreaming of obedience can have a variety of interpretations depending on the context of the dream and how you feel about being obedient in your waking life.  In general though, the symbol deals with issues of personal power, e Read More


Dream dictionary definition for object: When you dream of a particular object, pay close attention to how you feel about that object or your relationship to it in your waking life.  Whatever qualities or characteristics you associate with that object, those will be the Read More


Dream dictionary definition for obsession:  Being obsessed with something in your dream indicates strong feelings toward that person/object/activity.  Observe how you felt about the particular obsession in your dream.  If the obsession is positive, it could indicate tha Read More


Dream dictionary definition for octopus:  Dreaming of an octopus indicates feelings of entanglement in a certain situation.  You could be feeling too busy or that you have too much going on, you are multitasking. Questions to ask yourself: How do you handle stress?  Do Read More


Dream dictionary definition for odor: Smell is the sense that is most linked to memory.  So dreaming of a particular odor indicates the feelings you have linked to that smell. Questions to ask yourself:  What was the odor?  Did you find it pleasant or unpleasant?  What Read More


Dream dictionary definition for off:  Dreaming of turning something off indicates that you no longer need something in your life.  Examine what you are turning off in your dream and, more importantly, what qualities, emotions, and characteristics that object represents Read More

Offensive or Ugly

Dream dictionary definition for offensive/ugly:  Dreaming of something that you find offensive/ugly indicates negative feelings towards that person or object.  If you dream that youare ugly, it indicates that there are parts of yourself that you are uncomfortable with a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for ogre: Dreaming of an ogre represents fear.  If you find the ogre scary, it could indicate that you are feeling threatened or unsafe in some aspect of your waking life.  If the ogre is friendly, it could indicate that you are dealing with Read More

Old Person

Dream dictionary definition for old person:  Dreaming of an old person relates to how you feel about aging.  Examine the way the old person acted in your dream.  If the old person is confined to a wheelchair, living in a nursing home, or has a decreased ability to funct Read More


Dream dictionary definition for Olympics:  To dream of the Olympics represents sportsmanship, competition, and national pride.  It also represents cooperation and coming together, as the whole world stops to watch the festivities.  Examine the context in which the Olymp Read More


Dream dictionary definition for one:  Dreaming of one of something indicates feelings being solitary or alone.  It could also indicate loneliness. Alternatively, it could represent feelings of connectedness, as in “we are all one.”  It could also indicate feelings of sp Read More


Dream dictionary definition for onion:  Dreaming of an onion represents peeling back the layers of a problem or situation in your life.  As you go peel each layer back, you get closer to the core of the problem, issue or situation.  Seeing an onion could be an indicatio Read More


Dream dictionary definition for open:  To dream that something is open indicates feelings of expansiveness.  The path is clear and unblocked, and this feeling is reflected in your dream. Questions to ask yourself:  What areas in your life do you feel most expansive?  Wh Read More


Dream dictionary definition for opossum: Seeing an opossum in your dream indicates feelings of being solitary as well as nomadic.  Nomadic doesn’t necessarily have to indicate moving from place to place, it could also mean being nomadic in relationships, career, interes Read More


Dream dictionary definition for orange: Orange is the color of sexuality and fire.  It’s the color of your second chakra, which is located just below the navel and is associated with passion.  Dreaming of the color orange represents issues dealing with passion, sexualit Read More


Dream dictionary definition for orangutan:  Dreaming of an orangutan represents your wild side – free from the restrictions of modern society, living free in the forest. Questions to ask yourself:  Where do you feel restricted?  What can you do to get back to your roots Read More


Dream dictionary definition for orca:  Orcas are a type of whale.  Orcas are very social animals and have highly stable matrilineal family structures.   Dreaming of an orca represents a desire to be social and to have strong family ties. Questions to ask yourself:  How Read More


Dream dictionary definition for orchard: Dreaming of an orchard represents your relationship with abundance.  If the orchard is full and you are picking fruit from the trees, this indicates that your life is full of abundance – you recognize this and you reap the benefi Read More


Dream dictionary definition for orchid:  Dreaming of an orchid represents beauty.  Further it could indicate feelings of sensuality.  Look for other clues within the dream to determine the best interpretation for you. Questions to ask yourself:  What do you consider bea Read More


Dream dictionary definition for organ: Dreaming of an organ represents music, but not joyful music.  Rather it is solemn and stern.  Often an organ represents religious feelings or connections with the church. Questions to ask yourself:  What do you associate organ musi Read More


Dream dictionary definition for organizing: To dream that you are organizing something indicates a desire to clean up and organize some part of your life.  It could be your relationships, your health, or your home.  It indicates a desire to start anew and have more orde Read More


Dream dictionary definition for orphan: Dreaming of an orphan indicates feelings of abandonment in some way.  It could be abandonment by your parents, but it could also be abandonment by your friends, or social group.  You may be feeling left out, unwanted, or devalued. Read More


Dream dictionary definition for ostrich:  Dreaming of an ostrich indicates feelings of being unable to launch a project, idea, or creative endeavor.  The project you have taken on may be too big or have extraneous components that are weighing it down.  Look for ways to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for otter:  Otters are playful animals and they do activities just for the fun of it – such as making waterslides and then sliding down into the water.  Dreaming of an otter indicates feelings of playfulness, joy, and light-heartedness.  Eith Read More


Dream dictionary definition for outdoors:  Dreaming of being outdoors represents enjoyment of life.  You are not contained and free to do as you please, enjoying nature, soaking up the sun, or whatever makes you happy.  Seeing this symbol in your dream may indicate that Read More

Outer Space

Dream dictionary definition for outer space:  Dreaming of outer space represents exploring the unknown.  Outer space is so vast (infinite, in fact) that you will never be able to fully explore it.  Thus, seeing this symbol in your dream also represents the infinite ques Read More


Dream dictionary definition for overdose: Dreaming of an overdose indicates excess.  There may be some area in your life that you have taken your quest for pleasure too far.  It doesn’t have to be related to drugs.  Examine other areas in your life where something that Read More


Dream dictionary definition for overflowing:  When something is overflowing in your dream, it represents abundance.  You have so much of something it can no longer be contained. Questions to ask yourself:  What are you grateful for?  In what ways are you abundant? Ali R Read More


Dream dictionary definition for overpass:  An overpass represents an alternative route to solve your problems. Questions to ask yourself:  Are there in any situations in your life that seem to have no solution?  Look for an alternative route to solve the problem. Ali Ri Read More


Dream dictionary definition for oversleeping:  If you oversleep in your dream and miss an important meeting (deadline, or something else important to you) it represents your own anxieties about missing something important in your life.  Alternatively, it may represent a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for overweight:  Dreaming that you are overweight may indicate excess.  Look for an area in your waking life where you are doing something excessively.  Alternatively, dreaming of being overweight could indicate a need to be seen.  You feel t Read More

Ovum (human egg)

Dream dictionary definition for ovum:  Dreaming of an ovum could represent fertility or the desire to have children.  Further it could represent a desire to start a creative project – as in giving birth to something symbolically rather than actually.  The project is onl Read More


Dream dictionary definition for owe: To owe someone something in your dream indicates feeling of “owing” something to someone else.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be about money, but represents feelings of indebtedness.  Examine the feelings you had in the dream around Read More


Dream dictionary definition for owl:  Owls represent wisdom.  They represent your own inner knowing, your intuition, and your heart-centered guidance.  Dreaming of an owl could also indicate spiritual feelings and feelings of connectedness. Questions to ask yourself:  D Read More


Dream dictionary definition for ox:  Dreaming of an ox represents strength and the ability to carry heavy burdens.  You might see this symbol because you are burdened by something in your waking life.  The symbol also reminds you know that whatever is going on, you have Read More