Definition for package: To dream that you received a package could indicate that you are expecting something or are excited about something.  It could also indicate your desire to express yourself creatively, as in hidden talents. If you are sending a package, it could Read More


Dream dictionary definition for packing:  Dreaming of packing indicates that you are preparing for a departure.  If you are planning a trip, this dream symbol could represent your excitement/anxiety about going on the trip.  Otherwise, it could represent a symbolic depa Read More


Dream dictionary definition for paddle: Dreaming of a paddle or an oar represents your ability to navigate your way through life, its challenges, and difficulties.  If you are steering well and stay on course in your dream it indicates feelings of being able to handle v Read More


Dream dictionary definition for pager: Dreaming of a pager indicates feelings of always being on call.  Even during your times of rest you carry the feeling that you may be called away from what you are doing at any moment.  Alternatively, a pager could represent feelin Read More


Dream dictionary definition for pagoda: Pagoda’s were originally used to house sacred relics and writings.  To dream of a pagoda could indicate that you are housing something sacred.  You recognize (or are beginning to recognize) your gifts and hold them sacred.  This s Read More


Dream dictionary definition for pain:  To dream that you are in pain could indicate that you are going through an emotionally painful experience or time in your life.  Alternatively, pain could indicate that you have some (currently unconscious) pain in your physical bo Read More

Pain Medicine

Definition for pain medicine: Dreaming that you took pain medicine could indicate a tendency to self-medicate.  You may be attempting to mask painful emotions or feelings, rather than dealing with them directly. Questions to ask yourself:  In what ways do you attempt to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for painting:  To dream that you are painting indicates a desire to express yourself creatively.  There are some feelings and experiences that can’t be adequately expressed in words, but can be beautifully conveyed visually.  This symbol coul Read More

Palace or Mansion

Dream dictionary definition for palace or mansion: Dreaming of a palace or mansion represents feelings of luxury, abundance, and prosperity.  You may feel that you need more of these qualities in your life or you may feel that you are already experiencing them. Question Read More


Dream dictionary definition for pale:  Dreaming that a person is pale represents sickness, fear, or even death.  Symbolically, this could represent feelings of boredom, being disengaged from your activities or not creating the life that you would most prefer.  You are n Read More

Pampering Yourself

Dream dictionary definition for pampering yourself:  To dream that you are pampering yourself indicates an awareness of the importance of self-care and self-love.  You may already be taking good care of yourself or you may need to take better care of yourself.  Either w Read More


Dream dictionary definition for pancakes: Dreaming of pancakes indicates simple pleasures in your life.  They nourish you and at the same time, they are an enjoyable treat. Questions to ask yourself: What simple pleasures do you enjoy that also nourish you? Ali Rittenho Read More


Dream dictionary definition for pancreas:  Dreaming of your pancreas indicates your ability to stay in balance. If the pancreas in your dream is functioning well, it indicates that you are doing well at keeping balance in your life.  If the pancreas is not functioning p Read More


Dream dictionary definition for panda: Dreaming of a panda could indicate black and white thinking – there is only one way or the other, an action is either right or wrong.  This type of thinking does not allow for any “gray areas” or areas of ambiguity.  It also does n Read More


Dream dictionary definition for panther:  Dreaming of a panther could indicate feelings of rage, anger, or a hot temper.  Further, it could indicate spirited enthusiasm for a particular area of life. Questions to ask yourself:  What was the panther doing in the dream? W Read More


Dream dictionary definition for pants:  Clothes, in general, represent the ways in which we protect or cover ourselves up.  Pants protect your legs and legs represent the aspects of life which support you.  So, putting the two together, dreaming of pants indicates the w Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  parachute: Dreaming of a parachute could represent a safety net or plan in your life.  Examine the condition of the parachute and the way in which it was used in the dream for more clues as to the meaning of the dream symbol. Dreaming of Read More


Dream dictionary definition for parade:  Dreaming of a parade could indicate fun, joyousness, or community activities.  Alternatively, it could represent a series of events taking place in your life. Questions to ask yourself:  What do you associate with parades?  Were Read More


Dream dictionary definition for parakeet: Dreaming of a parakeet indicates joyfulness, happiness, and the ability to allow your heart to sing no matter how the outside circumstances present themselves. Questions to ask yourself:  What brings you joy?  How can you find j Read More


Dream dictionary definition for paralysis: To dream that you are paralyzed represents feelings of being stuck in a certain area of your life.  You may be in a rut and unable to free yourself from the same reoccurring thinking patterns or actions.  There may be a situati Read More


Dream dictionary definition for paramedic: Paramedics are first responders – they are the first people on the scene of a medical emergency.  Thus, dreaming of a paramedic could indicate the need to care for yourself and to be the first person to come to your own aid whe Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  paranormal:  Dreaming of the paranormal is a reminder that there is more to reality than you can experience through your five senses.  In fact, our five senses severely limit what we perceive.  This dream symbol reminds you that you have Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  parasites:  Dreaming of parasites could indicate feelings of being invaded.  There may be something unwanted taking place in your life that you feel powerless to stop or change.  You may be invaded by unwanted thoughts, behaviors, feelin Read More


Dream dictionary definition for parents: If the parents in your dream depict your waking life parents, go about interpreting this dream symbol in the way that you interpret other dream characters:  Look for qualities that you admire in your parents, associations that yo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for park: Dreaming of a park can indicate feelings of relaxation, fun, or social gatherings.  It can also represent open spaces – which can be understood as a general openness to new ideas or adventures in your life. Questions to ask yourself Read More


Dream dictionary definition for parrot: Dreaming of a parrot represents the ways in which you copy or mimic others. This could be as a way of trying to fit in or it could be as a way of learning.  Parrots also represent learning by repetition without actually understand Read More


Dream dictionary definition for party: Dreaming of a party represents fun times, social gatherings, and friends.  Alternatively, it can indicate being out of control, or excess. Questions to ask yourself:  What type of party were you at in the dream?  Who was present?  Read More

Passageway or Hall

Dream dictionary definition for passageway or hall: To dream of a passageway or a hall represents moving from one phase of your life or personal development to another phase. Questions to ask yourself:  Where were you headed to when you were in the hall?  Where were you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for passport: Dreaming of a passport could represent travel, new experiences, and new adventures.  With a passport you have the freedom to leave the country and go to other places in the world, so a passport can also represent freedom.  Alter Read More


Dream dictionary definition for password: To dream that you need a password indicates secrecy, seclusion, and privacy.  There may be an area in your life which you want to keep secret from others and to only allow access to certain, chosen people.  Further, dreaming of Read More


Dream dictionary definition for past: Dreaming of the past can indicate a desire to look at your past from a different / new perspective and to integrate the often painful lessons from your experiences.  Looking at your past from a wiser and more mature point-of-view ca Read More


Dream dictionary definition for pastry: Dreaming of a pastry represents indulgence or a sweet treat.  You may feel like you deserve a reward or want to enjoy yourself more fully. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the pastry portrayed in the dream?  What was the action Read More


Dream dictionary definition for path: To dream that you are on a path may represent your path in life.  It can also represent the path you take from one point in your development to the next. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the path portrayed in the dream?  Was it s Read More


Dream dictionary definition for pavement: Dreaming of pavement could represent the way in which you prepare yourself for events or situations in your life.  It could also represent taking a smooth path in life or looking for the easiest / smoothest way to do something.  Read More


Dream dictionary definition for pavilion: Dreaming of a pavilion can represent fun times, happiness, joyousness and social gatherings.  Pay attention to the action of the dream and what happened inside or around the pavilion. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the pavi Read More


Dream dictionary definition for paving: To dream that you are paving something represents laying the foundations in some area of your life. You are preparing for another phase of growth or the next stage of development in your life.  Paving can also symbolize leadership Read More


Dream dictionary definition for paying: Paying represents the exchange of goods and trading value for value.  To dream that you are paying for something can indicate the way in which you give back to others or the value that you create in exchange for other value.  This Read More

Peace Sign

Dream dictionary definition for peace sign: Dreaming of a peace sign can represent a desire for more peace in your life and your reality.  If you experience a lot of chaos, you may desire for the chaos to cease.  Additionally, you may desire some time for yourself to re Read More


Dream dictionary definition for peacock: Dreaming of a peacock represents showing off, being seen, and being center-stage.  You may feel the need to be noticed in your waking life for who you are or for your accomplishments. Questions to ask yourself:  In what context d Read More


Dream dictionary definition for pedaling:  To dream that you are pedaling represents the way you make forward motion in your life through your own effort. Questions to ask yourself:  In what context were you pedaling?  What other dream symbols were present?  What effort Read More