Definition for quail:  Quails are a type of bird that are often hunted for game or food.  To see a live quail in your dreams indicates your ability to outwit others – as in your ability to escape from being hunted.  To see a dead quail could indicate feelings of failure Read More


Dream dictionary definition for quarry: A quarry is open pit mine where minerals and rocks are extracted.  To see a quarry in your dream could indicate your desire to extract something valuable from within yourself, such as raw materials or building blocks.  However, ra Read More


Dream dictionary definition for quest:  A quest is a specific type of journey in which the hero of the quest faces many hardships on his way to achieving his goal.  To be on a quest in your dream indicates your desire to reach a goal.  It symbolizes the many hardships t Read More


Dream dictionary definition for question: To dream of a question indicates curiosity and the desire to know more about a given situation.  Questions are not a sign of weakness or ignorance, rather they are a symbol of strength. Much can be learned by asking questions. T Read More


Dream dictionary definition for quicksand:  Dreaming of quicksand indicates deception.  What at first appeared solid quickly turns gelatinous and sucks the unsuspecting traveler into its trenches. Questions to ask yourself:  Are there any areas in your life where you ar Read More


Dream dictionary definition for quiet: If your dream is particularly quiet, it can carry a number of dream meanings.  Quiet can indicate peacefulness and serenity.  Alternatively, it could indicate an inability to communicate or express yourself.  Look at other symbols Read More


Dream dictionary definition for quill:  A quill is an old-fashioned writing instrument which features a feather and uses ink from a well.  Although the quill is an almost extinct pen, it boasts superior sharpness and precision in its writing. Dreaming of a quill indicat Read More


Dream dictionary definition for quilt: Quilts are a type of patchwork comforter often handmade and passed down within the family.  Dreaming of a quilt signifies feelings of comfort, home, and pleasantness.  If the quilt in your dream was made from various patches that b Read More


Dream dictionary definition for quitting: To quit something implies a sharp ending.  Quitting can either be positive, as in the case of quitting smoking to improve your health.  Or it can be negative as in quitting a project when it starts to get tough. Look at the othe Read More