Definition for rabbit: Because rabbits are known for the rapid breeding, seeing a rabbit in your dream could indicate fertility, sexuality, or sexual desire. If you currently do not have a fulfilling sex life or love life, this could indicate that you desire more intima Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rabies:   Dreaming of an animal with rabies indicates a fear of nature, the wild or wild animals.  There is an aspect of yourself that is completely free and untamed and this dream symbols could be calling your anxiety about this part of Read More


Dream dictionary definition for raccoon:  Dreaming of a raccoon indicates deceitfulness, deception, or cunning prowess.  You may have misled someone else or feel that someone is misleading you.  Alternatively, seeing a raccoon could indicate theft, burglary, or fraud. Q Read More


Dream dictionary definition for radio: Dreaming of a radio indicates a desire to tune-in.  You may want to tune-in to someone else.  You may want to understand how they’re feeling and connect with them on an emotional and empathetic level.  Or you may want to tune-in to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for raft:  Dreaming of a raft indicates your ability to keep afloat.  If the raft is floating down a calm river, it could indicate your ability to do well and stay calm when your surroundings are also calm.  If the raft is getting jerked arou Read More

Railroad Tracks

Dream dictionary definition for railroad tracks: Dreaming of railroad tracks could indicate that you have laid the foundation for your goals and you now have ability to move forward towards your goals.  Dreaming that you are laying railroad tracks indicates that you are Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rain:  Rain could indicate that you have pent up emotions that need to be released.  It could represent crying and tears, but the emotion rain represents does not necessarily have to be sadness.  It could also indicate anger, hostility, o Read More

Rain Gear (Raincoat)

Dream dictionary definition for rain gear/raincoat: Dreaming of rain gear could indicate that you feel the need to protect yourself from something.  These feelings of protection could be related to the qualities you associate with rain (see rain).  You may feel you need Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rainbow:  Dreaming of a rainbow indicates spirituality and your connection with the Divine.  You may be feeling a desire to connect with your source to gain wisdom and guidance from a higher source.  Further it could indicate beauty that Read More


Dream dictionary definition for ram: Dreaming of ram indicates feelings of aggression, violence, and confrontation.  The ram may represent you or another person in your life. Questions to ask yourself:  How comfortable are you with aggression and confrontation?  In what Read More


Dream dictionary definition for ramp: Dreaming of a ramp indicates help, aid, and assistance.  You may feel you need to be aided in some way, or you may feel the desire to aid others. Questions to ask yourself:  In what ways do you need aid?  How can you aid others? Ali Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rash:  Dreaming of a rash indicates irritation.  You may be irritated or annoyed with someone in your waking life.  Or you may be irritated with something you did or said.  It could also represent a situation you find particularly irritat Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rat:  Dreaming of a rat indicates that which is dirty and unclean.  You may be feeling that you have done something dirty or foul.  Rats can also indicate disease and death as they are prone to congregate in filthy areas and feed off dead Read More


Dream dictionary definition for raven: Ravens are associated with death, so dreaming of a raven indicates a death in your life.  This is not meant as a literal, physical death.  Rather it’s a symbolic “death” as in transformation.  A phase of your life may be coming to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for raw:  Dreaming that something is raw represents unexplored possibilities and potentials.  You have the necessary ingredients but have yet to put them together.  There are numerous ways transform raw materials, raw foods, raw fabrics, etc… Read More

Reaching For

Dream dictionary definition for reaching for:  To dream that you are reaching for something indicates that you desire something.  Examine what it is you were reaching for in the dream.  This can provide insight as to what it is you want. To dream that you are reaching f Read More


Dream dictionary definition for reaping: To dream of reaping indicates that you are gaining the benefits of your work.  You have planted the seeds, given them the right conditions for nurturing and growth, and now you are harvesting your crop!  Your project is coming to Read More

Rear Ended

Dream dictionary definition for rear ended: To dream that you are rear-ended could indicate that you are afraid that someone else’s careless or reckless behavior will have a negative impact on you. It could also indicate that some aspect of your past is catching up with Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rebirth: Dreaming of a rebirth indicates feelings of transformation.  There is some aspect of yourself that has been born again – it is free from the bondages of the past and is ready to take on new life.  You feel good, happy, and ready Read More


Dream dictionary definition for receiving:  Dreaming that you are receiving something (as in a gift or object) indicates your ability to receive love in your waking life.  How you received the object in the dream reflects how well you receive (or push away) love in your Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rectangle:  Dreaming of a rectangle indicates order.  You may be in a place in your life where you prefer structure.  This symbol could also be telling you that you need more order and structure in your life. Questions to ask yourself:  H Read More

Rectory / Parish House

Dream dictionary definition for rectory / parish house: To dream of a rectory or parish house represents the ideas of spiritual and religious understanding and the truth behind religious symbols, figures, and stories.  Further, a rectory represents spiritual community a Read More

Recurring Dream

Dream dictionary definition for recurring dream:  Recurring dreams represent an important message about your life.  If you do not act on the message of the dream, it will repeat itself until you make the necessary changes in your waking life. In general, dreams are comm Read More


Dream dictionary definition for red:  Red is the color of fire, sexuality, sensuality, and the physical body.  This symbol could also indicate a fiery personality, a hot temper, anger, or rage.   To dream of red represents these qualities.  This symbol may indicate that Read More

Red Hair

Dream dictionary definition for red hair:  Hair represents self-image and red is the color of fire, sexuality, the physical body, and anger (see red, above).   If you encounter a character in your dream who does not have red hair in waking life, red hair could represent Read More

Red Rose

Dream dictionary definition for red rose: Dreaming of a red rose represents love.  Further, it may represent Valentine’s Day and the desire to have, find, or express love. Questions to ask yourself:  In what context did you see the red rose?  What was the condition of t Read More


Dream dictionary definition for referee: To dream of a referee indicates two opposing sides that need to be moderated.  You may be holding onto two different beliefs, ideologies, or philosophies that appear to be opposing each other.  The referee symbolizes the moderati Read More

Reference Source

Dream dictionary definition for reference source: Dreaming of a reference source indicates a need or desire to look for information / wisdom from outside of yourself.  You may not trust your own instincts or you may feel that others know more than you.  Further, dreamin Read More

Reflective Light

Dream dictionary definition for reflective light: Dreaming of a reflective light indicates a desire to be seen, even in the dark.  This dream symbol is best understood symbolically – even when life seems unclear, tumultuous, or “dark,” you are indicating that you are he Read More


Dream dictionary definition for refrigerator: Dreaming of a refrigerator represents the idea of keeping something cool.  This could indicate a need to take some time for yourself to “cool off” emotionally.  Further, it could represent keeping things “cool” for a long pe Read More


Dream dictionary definition for region: To dream of a particular region could represent that actual region or place.  If this is the case, examine the qualities / characteristics that you associate with that region.  Alternatively, it could represent the ideas of govern Read More


Dream dictionary definition for reincarnation: Dreaming of reincarnation represents a “rebirth” or transformation in your current life.   You may be experiencing significant changes in some area of your life.  It could be anything from a change in your relationship, you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rejection: To dream of rejection suggests that there is an area of your life or an aspect of yourself that is no longer working for you and you are “rejecting” that part of you in favor of something that does serve you in your current lif Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rejoining: To dream that you are rejoining something (as in objects), or rejoining a group, etc… indicates an actual or a desired reconnection with someone in your life, or to a previous time or place in your life.  Further, dreaming of r Read More


Dream dictionary definition for relationship: Examine the type of relationship that you are experiencing during the dream, who the relationship is with, and what is the nature of that relationship.  Dreaming that you are in a relationship suggests that you desire to inc Read More


Dream dictionary definition for religion: Religion is a complicated dream symbol and can have a number of different interpretations depending on the dreamer’s experiences, beliefs, and attitudes regarding religion.  Dreaming of religion can reflect your feelings about r Read More

Religious Figure

Dream dictionary definition for religious figure: Dreaming of a religious figure represents the ideals that you associate with that particular figure. For example, dreaming of Jesus could suggest forgiveness, unconditional love, and helping humanity.  Dreaming of the Bu Read More

Religious Symbol

Dream dictionary definition for religious symbol: Dreaming of a religious symbol carries with it whatever associations you have with that symbol in your waking life. For example, dreaming of a cross may represent Jesus dying on the cross, or it could indicate resurrecti Read More


Dream dictionary definition for relocating: Dreaming that you are relocating may represent and actual or desired relocation in your waking life.  Further, it represents a change or transition in your life.  This can be an actual change that is currently taking place in Read More

Remote Control

Dream dictionary definition for remote control: Dreaming of a remote control represents your ability to take control of your life and make the changes you desire.  Further, dreaming of a remote control may represent what you choose to “broadcast” or show the world about Read More


Dream dictionary definition for repairing: Dreaming that you are repairing something indicates an area of your life that needs some internal healing or work. Questions to ask yourself: What were you repairing in the dream?  What does that object represent to you?  Were Read More


Dream dictionary definition for repeat: Dreaming that you are repeating something represents a repeating pattern in your life.  This repeating pattern could be a conscious past or present pattern.  Or, it could be an unconscious pattern that you repeat without awareness Read More


Dream dictionary definition for representative: Dreaming of a representative symbolizes the ways in which you give away your power to others.  It also suggests the ways you allow others to “represent” you, your feelings, your beliefs, your desires etc… The representatio Read More


Dream dictionary definition for requesting: Dreaming that you are requesting something indicates a desire to have that particular thing in your life.  Examine the request in the dream and in particular, what that object, person, etc… symbolizes to you.  To dream that so Read More

Rescue Vehicle

Dream dictionary definition for rescue vehicle:  Dreaming of a rescue vehicle (such as a fire truck, ambulance, police car, public utility vehicle, or tow truck) may represent a crisis that you are currently going through in your life.  Further, dreaming of a rescue veh Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rescuing:  To dream of rescuing someone, or that you are being rescued, suggests that some outside intervention helping to bring about a change or transformation in your life.  The help could come from a variety of sources – within your a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for resigning: To dream that you are resigning (from a job, post, position, etc…) suggests that you are ready to move on in some area of your life.  You may be feeling discontent in your current situation (your job, for example) and feel the Read More


Dream dictionary definition for respecting: To dream that you have respect or show respect for someone often reflects your waking life feelings of respect for that person.  Further, respecting someone in a dream may indicate a respect or admiration for the qualities tha Read More


Dream dictionary definition for restaurant: Dreaming of a restaurant represents that which sustains you and aids in your growth.  This can refer to physical, mental, emotion, or spiritual sustenance.  It can also represent that which nourishes you in your life. Further, Read More


Dream dictionary definition for resting: Dreaming of resting suggests an area of your life where you need to take a break, need to relax, or need to stop what you are doing for a while.  It can also indicate feelings of tiredness – either physically tired, or emotionall Read More


Dream dictionary definition for restrained: Dreaming that you are restrained suggests you are feeling a lack of freedom in some area of your life.  This symbol represents feelings of captivity – emotional, spiritual, or psychological. Questions to ask yourself:  Who was Read More

Restroom Stall

Dream dictionary definition for restroom stall:  Sometimes when we are sleeping, we dream of going to the bathroom, or being in a restroom stall.  Often, when this dream symbols occurs, weactually have to go to the bathroom.  One of the functions of this dream symbol is Read More


Dream dictionary definition for result: Dreaming of a particular result or outcome may suggest an outcome or result you desire to have in your waking life.  Further, this symbol represents the achievements of your efforts and work. Questions to ask yourself:  What was t Read More


Dream dictionary definition for resurrected: Dreaming that you or someone else is resurrected represents a new beginning in your life, or a new beginning to a project, business venture, or creative pursuit.  It can also represent new intentions, new beliefs, new attitud Read More


Dream dictionary definition for resuscitating: Dreaming that you are resuscitating someone represents the ways in which you “breathe new life” into a creative project, endeavor, relationship or aspect of your life.  If you are experiencing “staleness” in a particular ar Read More


Dream dictionary definition for returning: To dream that you are returning to someplace in a dream represents “returning” or going back to an era or a particular phase in your life.  The return could symbolize the emotions, beliefs, attitudes, or feelings that you assoc Read More


Dream dictionary definition for reuniting: Dreaming of reuniting with someone may represent an actual reunion in your life or a desire to reunite with someone from your past. Further, dreaming of reuniting with someone in your dream represents reuniting with an aspect o Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  revenge: Dreaming of revenge can represent a grudge you hold against someone.  Further, it can represent resentment, anger, and fear. Questions to ask yourself:  Who did you did you {want to} get revenge against?  Do you know that person Read More

Revolving Door

Dream dictionary definition for revolving door: Dreaming of a revolving door represents going around and around in circles.  It symbolizes moving, possibly working hard and exerting effort, yet making absolutely no progress or forward motion. Questions to ask yourself: Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rhinoceros:  Dreaming of a rhinoceros represents the ways in which you protect and shield yourself from others and from the outside world.  You may be particularly guarded or hold your cards close to your chest – not allowing yourself to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rib:  Dreaming of a rib can have religious implications as Eve was created from Adam’s rib.  In this context, the rib symbolizes creation, subservience, or dominance.  Alternatively, dreaming of a rib represents the ways in which you prot Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rice:  Dreaming of rice represents the basic sustenance of life.  It suggests simplicity and humbleness.  Further, it represents a great breadth and reach in its ability to feed the masses.  This symbol can represent your ability to conne Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rich:  Dreaming that something has a rich flavor or texture represents life’s luxuries, pleasures, and indulgences. Questions to ask yourself:  What was rich in the dream?  What does that item represent to you?  What parallels can you dra Read More


Dream dictionary definition for riddle: Dreaming of a riddle or attempting to solve a riddle in a dream represents logic and the way you use logic to solve your problems.  It can also indicate curiosity and the desire to find out more about a particular subject or idea. Read More


Dream dictionary definition for riding: Dreaming of riding a horse (or other such animal) represents the ways you express your natural desires and animalistic drives. Dreaming that you are riding in a car or vehicle (not driving, but riding in the passenger’s seat or ba Read More

Right or Wrong

Dream dictionary definition for right or wrong:  Dreaming that a situation, person, idea, etc… is “right or wrong,” represents the judgments you place on others.  Examine the situation that you felt was either “right or wrong” in the dream and ask yourself why you judge Read More

Right Side

Dream dictionary definition for right side: Dreaming of the “right side” of an object, place, person, etc… represents feminine energy or to put it another way, right brain thinking.  Feminine energy/ right brain thinking is associated with creativity, love, compassion, Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rigid: Dreaming that an object is rigid suggests rigid thinking or a lack of flexibility in a particular area of your life. Questions to ask yourself:  What was rigid in the dream?  What does that object represent to you?  In what ways is Read More

Ring (Jewelry)

Dream dictionary definition for ring: Dreaming of a ring may represent marriage, engagement, and commitment.  It can also represent the way you feel about the person who gave it to you or the memories you associate with that ring. Questions to ask yourself:   What was t Read More

Risk or Gambling

Dream dictionary definition for risk or gambling:  Dreaming that you are taking a risk or gambling can represent your own risky behaviors, thoughts, or attitudes.  Examine your reaction to the risk or gamble to gain greater insights as to your feelings about risk-taking Read More

Ritual or Tradition

Dream dictionary definition for ritual or tradition: Dreaming of a ritual or tradition can represent the importance of rituals in your own life.  Further it may represent a milestone in your life – such as a birthday or anniversary.  It can also represent something in y Read More

Ritual Sacrifice

Dream dictionary definition for ritual sacrifice: Dreaming of a ritual sacrifice represents the parts of yourself – such as attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, actions, etc… that need to be “sacrificed,” given up, or surrendered for your growth.   Examine what was sacrificed Read More


Dream dictionary definition for road: Dreaming of a road represents your path in life and/or the path you are currently on in your life.  Examine the condition of the road, any obstacles present, and who you were with for greater insights regarding your life’s path and Read More

Road Sign

Dream dictionary definition for road sign: Dreaming of a road sign represents instructions, suggestions, or recommendations for you on the journey of your life.  Examine the road sign in the dream, what it symbolized, and anything unusual about it for greater insights a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for roadblock: Dreaming of a roadblock represents the challenges and/or obstacles you are facing in your life.  Examine the type of roadblock and your reaction to it for greater insights as to the type of challenges you may be facing and how Read More


Dream dictionary definition for roadrunner: Dreaming of a roadrunner represents speed, velocity, quickness, and momentum.  Dreaming of a roadrunner may suggest that you are gaining momentum or accelerating in some area of your life.  This could refer to any area of your Read More


Dream dictionary definition for robin:  Dreaming of a robin represents new beginnings, new life, and all the possibilities and hope that come along with fresh starts.  Robins also represent spring, joy, and song. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the robin presented i Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rocket: Dreaming of a rocket represents flying to new heights and reaching your highest imaginable potential.  A rocket also represents exponential growth in an area of your life – it could be a project, business endeavor, spiritual growt Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rocky: Dreaming that something is rocky represents danger and insecurity.  Examine what was rocky in the dream and your reaction to it to gain more insights as to what situation, attitude, belief, place, event, etc… you feel is dangerous Read More


Dream dictionary definition for romance: Dreaming of romance or a romantic situation may represent a desire for romance in your waking life.  Further, it could represent your current (or desired) romantic partner.  Alternatively, dreaming of romance suggests love, compa Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  roof:  Dreaming of a roof represents shelter and protection.  It suggests the beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, etc… that you use to keep yourself feeling secure in your daily life.  Examine the condition of the roof for greater insights as Read More


Dream dictionary definition for room:  Dreaming of a room represents a certain feeling or state of being.  Pay attention to the overall tone and atmosphere of the room to gain greater insights as to your feeling state. Questions to ask yourself:  What was the room in th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  rooster: Dreaming of a rooster represents new beginnings and waking up.  There may be an area of your life where you are starting fresh and beginning anew.  You may literally be “waking up” to a new life, new beliefs, new attitudes, or n Read More


Dream dictionary definition for root: Dreaming of roots (such as roots of a tree or plant) represent your past, family of origin, and past experiences that made you who you are today. Alternatively, dreaming of a root could represent your most basic levels of consciousn Read More

Root Vegetable

Dream dictionary definition for root vegetable:  Dreaming of a root vegetable such as a potato, beet, yam, etc… represents your hidden actions, beliefs, or motives.  It can also represent the areas in your life where you give most of your energy and effort.  Further it Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rope: Dreaming of a rope can have a number of different meanings depending on the context of the dream.  If the rope is tied or if you are being tied up with the rope it represents that which is holding you back in your life, keeping you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rosary: Dreaming of a rosary may represent religious feelings or a religious upbringing.  Further, it can represent meditation, peace, and good will. Questions to ask yourself: How was the rosary presented in the dream? In what context wa Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rotate:  Dreaming that something is rotating can represent a shift or “rotation” in your ideals, beliefs, or attitudes.  Something that is continually rotating or spinning can indicate that you are “spinning in circles” in some area of yo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rotten:  To dream that something is rotten may depict a bad situation in your life.  Further, it can indicate that you are neglecting something or some area of your life – a part of your life that could be nourishing and beneficial to you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rowboat: Dreaming of a rowboat represents your own efforts in attaining your goals and creating the life you most prefer. If the rowboat is moving slowly, it suggests slow progress towards your goals.  Conversely, if the rowboat is moving Read More


Dream dictionary definition for royalty: Dreaming that you are receiving a royalty (from a book, script, movie, etc…) represents recognitions, appreciation, and compensation for your efforts. Questions to ask yourself:  What did you get a royalty for?  How much did you Read More

Rule or Law

Dream dictionary definition for rule or law:  Dreaming of a rule or law may represent your feelings about authority figures, law-makers, or the government.  Further, dreaming of a rule/law may represents a social or cultural norm.  It could also indicate your own moral Read More


Dream dictionary definition for running: Dreaming of running has a number of different meanings depending on the context of the dream.  If you are running away from someone or something, this can indicate that you are “running away” from a problem, challenge, or situati Read More


Dream dictionary definition for rural: Dreaming of a rural location represents getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  It suggests quietness, peace, serenity, and calm.  Further, it can represent a connection with nature, the beauty of the outdoors, or sp Read More