Definition for sabotage:  To dream that you are sabotaging something could indicate that you are sabotaging your own efforts in your waking life.  Most likely you are doing this unconsciously, so this dream symbol serves as a warning that you are thwarting your own effo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for sacrificing:  To dream that you are making a sacrifice (or sacrificing an animal) could indicate that you feel you are giving something up in your waking life.   Examine the other symbols in your dream for more clues as to what you are sa Read More

Safe or Vault

Dream dictionary definition for safe or vault: Dreaming of a safe or vault indicates a desire for protection.  There may be a particular object you want to protect.  More likely, this symbol represents emotions, feelings, or wounded parts of your psyche which you want t Read More

Safety Pin

Dream dictionary definition for safety pin:  Dreaming of a safety pin indicates a temporary solution to a problem.  There may be a situation you are dealing with that you have either fixed temporarily or which could have a temporary solution.  Examine what you are using Read More


Dream dictionary definition for sailboat:  Sailboats are associated with your ability to navigate life’s challenges and weather emotional storms.  To see a sailboat in your dreams represents your ability to navigate through your personal challenges.  If you are sailing Read More


Dream dictionary definition for salamander: Salamanders are known for their ability to regenerate limbs after encountering a dangerous situation.  Dreaming of a salamander represents your ability to adapt to life’s challenges and to bounce back from a harmful situation. Read More

Sale or Discount

Dream dictionary definition for sale or discount:  Dreaming that something is on sale or on discount represents the opportunities that are available to you.  The world is full of opportunities, you just need to recognize what works best for you and be ready to seize the Read More


Dream dictionary definition for salivating:  Dreaming that you are salivating indicates a strong desire for an outcome or result.  You are hungry for something to happen, for change or to achieve a goal. Questions to ask yourself:  What do you have a strong desire for i Read More


Dream dictionary definition for salon:  Dreaming of a salon indicates a desire for self-care and to take better care of yourself.  It represents the pleasure that comes from caring for yourself and attending to your own needs. Questions to ask yourself:  How do you take Read More


Dream dictionary definition for salt:  Salt enhances flavors – it’s a humble ingredient, but if it’s missing in a dish, the taste of the food will suffer.  Dreaming of salt could indicate a desire to enhance your life – to take it up a notch, to have more exciting exper Read More


Dream dictionary definition for salve: Dreaming of a salve represents feelings of being calm and collected, especially when under pressure or strain.  It also represents taking care of your wounds and helping yourself to feel better. Questions to ask yourself: How do yo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for sand:  Dreaming of sand on the beach could indicate a desire to take a vacation or a break from your everyday activities.  You may be feeling tired or overworked.  If you are planning a vacation, this symbol could indicate your excitement Read More


Dream dictionary definition for sandal:  Dreaming of a sandal represents a carefree, lighthearted attitude.  You are at-ease with your life and go about your days in a laid-back style.  This symbol could indicate that you are already experiencing these qualities or it c Read More


Dream dictionary definition for sandstorm:  Dreaming of a sandstorm indicates emotional turmoil.   You may be feeling trapped, chaotic or confused. Questions to ask yourself:  What emotional stressors do you have in your life?  Are there any areas in which you feel trap Read More


Dream dictionary definition for sauna: Saunas represent detoxification and relaxation.  Dreaming of a sauna could indicate that you need to take some time out of your busy schedule to focus on yourself and your own well-being.   You may need to physically detox your bod Read More


Dream dictionary definition for saw:  Dreaming of a saw indicates a desire to remove something from your life.  You may be carrying around emotional baggage, resentments or grievances.  This symbol calls for forgiveness.  It is time to remove negative emotions from your Read More


Dream dictionary definition for scab:  Dreaming of a scab represents a wounded part of you that is in the process of healing.   This could be a physical wound or it could be an emotional wound.  Seeing a scab in your dream warns that the wound is not completely healed a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for scalp:  Dreaming of the scalp could carry a variety of meanings depending on the context of the dream.  A scalp could indicate a need to get to the root of a problem.  When surface or temporary solutions are not working, it could be time Read More


Dream dictionary definition for scar: Dreaming of a scar represents the memories you still carry with you from past hurts, wounds or injuries.  These wounds do not have to be physical, but can also refer to emotional, spiritual, or psychological wounds.  Often our deepe Read More


Dream dictionary definition for scarceness:  Dreaming of scarcity indicates a fear that there is not enough to go around.  It represents anxieties about being able to provide for yourself and your family.  You are operating from a mentality of “lack.”  If you focus on t Read More


Dream dictionary definition for scarf:  Dreaming of a scarf indicates a desire for warmth and comfort. It could be physical warmth/comfort if you live in a cold place.  Or it could be emotional as in the desire for understanding, empathy, and compassion. Questions to as Read More


Dream dictionary definition for schedule: Dreaming of your schedule or calendar could indicate a preoccupation or acute awareness of your responsibilities, priorities, and daily tasks.  You may be too involved in these tasks, or you may need to give them some more atten Read More


Dream dictionary definition for school: Dreaming of being in school relates to your spiritual abilities.  School is a place of learning and so dreaming of a school represents your spiritual education.  This does not have to be in any esoteric or mystical way, if you’re Read More


Dream dictionary definition for science: Science represents the logical, rational, and thinking mind.  It also symbolizes that which can be touched, seen, or observed through the five physical senses.  Alternatively, dreaming of science could deal with the ideas of expe Read More


Dream dictionary definition for scissors: Dreaming of scissors represents cutting.  You may need to “cut” or remove something from your life.  This could be something tangible like a relationship, excess possessions, or unnecessary spending.  Or it could be more intangi Read More


Dream dictionary definition for scorpion: Dreaming of a scorpion could represent underlying fears or anxieties about a certain situation in your life.  Further, you may be feeling threatened by someone or some outside force in your life. Alternatively, dreaming of a sco Read More

Sea Lion

Dream dictionary definition for sea lion: Sea lions represent playfulness, creativity, and the ability to know when it’s time to rest.  Dreaming of this animal could indicate that you are expressing these qualities or that you need to express more of these qualities in Read More

Sea Monster

Dream dictionary definition for sea monster: Dreaming of a sea monster represents your fears.  The fears could be real or imagined.  Seeing a sea monster in your dreams reminds you that you create your own fears and that in reality, there is nothing to fear. Questions t Read More


Dream dictionary definition for seafood: Dreaming of seafood could represent attention to a healthy lifestyle or a desire to eat healthful food.  Further, it could represent the idea of diversity and enjoying what other people or things that are different from have to o Read More


Dream dictionary definition for seagull: Dreaming of a seagull represents basic survival and meeting your basic needs – as in the constant search for food.  Further, a seagull represents persistence in meeting your needs, as seagulls have a tendency to be very persisten Read More


Dream dictionary definition for seahorse: Dreaming of a seahorse represents your own uniqueness and your ability to stand out from the crowd.  It is your uniqueness that makes you special and that gives you the strength and freedom to contribute in this lifetime.  This Read More


Dream dictionary definition for seal: Seals represent playfulness, fun, laughter, and joy.  They are curious and fun-loving creatures, and are often seen performing tricks for humans in exchange for treats.  Dreaming of this animal could indicate that you express the qu Read More