Definition for table: Tables are generally used as a place to gather together with friends and family, to commune, and to eat.  To see a table in your dream could represent your relationships.  Look for other clues in the dream to indicate how you perceive your relation Read More

Taking Form

Dream dictionary definition for taking form:  To dream that something is taking form in your dream could indicate that something is beginning to take form in your waking life.  All the pieces may not be there just yet, but you are starting to see a beginning.  Look for Read More

Taking From

Dream dictionary definition for taking from:  To dream that you are taking something from someone else could indicate that you feel you do not have enough.  Examine what you were taking in the dream and the feelings and associations you connect to that object.  You may Read More

Talent Show

Dream dictionary definition for talent show:  Dreaming that you are in a talent show indicates that you recognize your inner talents, gifts, and abilities.  You are aware of your potential and are making good use of it.   Alternatively, dreaming that you are in a talent Read More

Talk Show

Dream dictionary definition for talk show: Dreaming that you are on a talk show indicates that you have something you need to say.  You have a message that needs to be spread.  It could be something personal that needs only be shared with your closest family and friends Read More


Dream dictionary definition for tangle: Dreaming that something is tangled (such as hair, rope, clothing, etc..) could indicate that there is a problem in your life that  you are having difficulty resolving.  You are literally “tangled up” in the situation and have not Read More


Dream dictionary definition for task:  Dreaming that you are doing a task could indicate that there is something you need to do in your waking life and you are thinking about that chore.  Alternatively, it could represent your full schedule and the busyness of modern li Read More


Dream dictionary definition for tasting: Dreaming that you are tasting something indicates that you are unsure about how to proceed in an area of your life.  You may be unprepared or unaware of the outcome.  Either way, you are not jumping in with both feet – but rather Read More


Dream dictionary definition for tattoo:   Dreaming of a tattoo indicates permanency.  There may be something in your waking life that you feel is very permanent.  It could be a situation, feeling, state of being, relationship, etc… Examine the tattoo for more clues as t Read More


Dream dictionary definition for tax: Dreaming that you are being taxed could indicate that you feel someone is unfairly taking something from you which you earned.  Depending on how you feel about taxes, it could also indicate that you feel you are contributing to socie Read More


Dream dictionary definition for taxi:  Dreaming of a taxi could indicate that you need help moving forward or reaching your goals. Questions to ask yourself:  Are there any situations in your walking life in which you need help?  Do you need assistance before you can re Read More


Dream dictionary definition for teacher:  To dream that you are a teacher indicates that you have gained life-experience and wisdom and can use that to help others.  You have mastered a situation or problem so well that you can teach others how to overcome the same chal Read More

Technician or Mechanic

Dream dictionary definition for technician or mechanic: To dream of a technician or mechanic indicates that you have the resources, skills, and knowledge to solve a problem in your life.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a mechanical problem, but could refer to a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for technology:  Dreaming of technology indicates a new and easier way of doing something or accomplishing a goal.  Examine the context of the technology in the dream and how you were able to employ it.  If the technology made your task easie Read More

Teeter Totter

Dream dictionary definition for teeter totter: Dreaming of a teeter totter indicates that there is an imbalance in your life.  Alternatively, if you played on a teeter totter as a child, it could indicate a desire to return the feelings you associated with childhood. Qu Read More


Dream dictionary definition for teeth: Dreaming of losing your teeth can indicate that you are feeling anxious about something in your waking life.  See Teeth Dreams for full dream symbol interpretation. Questions to ask yourself:  What is causing you anxiety or stress Read More


Dream dictionary definition for telephone:  Dreaming of a telephone indicates a desire for one-on-one communication with someone.  You may need to tell something important to a friend or desire contact with someone you haven’t talked to in a while.  If the person you ar Read More


Dream dictionary definition for telescope:  Dreaming of a telescope indicates a desire to have a closer look at something that feels distant and far away to you right now.  It doesn’t necessarily refer to physical distance, but could indicate a feeling or emotion that y Read More

Television Camera

Dream dictionary definition for television camera:  To dream that someone is filming you on television could indicate a desire to be listened to closely.  You may have something important to say or a message you want to communicate with the world and you want others to Read More

Telling on Someone

Dream dictionary definition for telling on someone: To dream that you are telling on someone could indicate feelings of superiority or judgment.  You may be feeling that others are doing the “wrong” things or completing their tasks in the “wrong” way. Questions to ask y Read More


Dream dictionary definition for ten: Dreaming of the number 10 can have various interpretations depending on your associations with the number.  Symbolically, the number 10 represents a coming to completion or full circle.  Dreaming of the number 10 could indicate that Read More

Ten Commandments

Dream dictionary definition for  Ten Commandments:  Dreaming of the Ten Commandments may represent your feelings about religion.  Further, it could symbolize the way you react to and respond to authority figures or people telling you what to do or how to behave. Questio Read More


Dream dictionary definition for tentacle:  Dreaming of tentacles represents the way in which you investigate new information, scenarios, people, ideas, etc…  It could also represent the way in which you “put yourself out there,” how you “get the feel” for a situation.  Read More


Dream dictionary definition for termite:  Dreaming of termites deals with the ideas of erosion, deterioration, or wearing away.  There may be some old ideas, belief systems, ideologies, etc… that you are holding onto that are no longer serving you or that are no longer Read More


Dream dictionary definition for terrorism: Dreaming of terrorism or a terrorist attack could represent waking life fears about terrorism or terrorist attacks.  Further, it could represent fears about unjustified, irrational, or unprovoked attacks on you, your family, or Read More


Dream dictionary definition for test: Dreaming that you are taking a test is very common dream.  To take a test or exam, indicates that you have completed a certain phase of development or growth in your waking life and are ready to move on to the next phase of developm Read More

Text Message

Dream dictionary definition for text message: To send or receive a text represents communication.  You may have a desire to contact or connect with someone in your waking life.  Text messages are short communications, so this dream symbol could indicate that you tend to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for Thanksgiving: Dreaming of Thanksgiving could represent your waking life experiences with the holiday.  It may symbolize the ideas of family, friends, socializing, or partaking in whatever activities your family does during the holiday.   Read More

The Bottom Of

Dream dictionary definition for the bottom of: To dream that something is at the bottom of a pile, stack, etc… indicates its relative importance.  Something at the bottom is less important than that which is above it. Alternatively, this dream symbol could represent you Read More

The Top Of

Dream dictionary definition for the top of: Dreaming that something is at the top represents its relative importance.  It’s at the top of the pile, so it’s more important than whatever is underneath it.  The top could also represent perceived importance, if not actual i Read More


Dream dictionary definition for theater:  To dream that you are going to the theater represents the idea of watching your life “play” out in front of you.  Additionally, it could represent watching your thoughts, feelings, emotions, or belief systems. This dream symbol Read More


Dream dictionary definition for therapist: In waking life, a therapist’s role is to assist you in two ways: 1) to help you better understand yourself and 2) to help you make the changes in your life that you desire. Thus, to dream of a therapist represents the aspect of Read More


Dream dictionary definition for thicket: Dreaming of a thicket represents the difficult challenges that you face in your life.  You may be struggling with something and you may not see a clear path to solve those particular challenges in your life. Questions to ask your Read More