Dream dictionary definition for UFO: UFOs are associated with aliens and distant planets/other realms.  To see a UFO in your dream could indicate that you are feeling alienated in your life.  It could also indicate your desire to explore the unknown and distant realms.  Read More

Umbilical Cord

Dream dictionary definition for umbilical cord: The umbilical cord is our connection to the outside world during our nine-month gestation period.  To see an umbilical cord in your dreams represents your feeling of connection to the world, to your loved ones, and to thos Read More

Unable to Move

Dream meaning for being unable to move: Finding yourself in a situation in which you are unable to move, or are moving at an extremely slow pace is a common occurrence in dreams.  This indicates a feeling of being stuck or unable to take action in some area of your waki Read More


Dream dictionary definition for uncle: An uncle is an older relative, generally not in your immediate family unit.  To dream of your uncle represents your relationship with your uncle, so consider your feelings about him and the role he plays in your life.  Uncles repre Read More


Dream dictionary definition for unconscious: Unconsciousness represents not being fully aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you.  To be unconscious or to see an unconscious person in your dream indicates feelings of not fully participating in your lif Read More


Dream dictionary definition for under: To dream that you under something indicates feelings of lowliness or unworthiness.  You could be feeling beneath someone in a certain situation, such as feelings of subordination to your parents or your boss.  This symbol could app Read More


Dream dictionary definition for underground: To go underground is to hide.  To be underground in your dream represents hidden feelings, emotions, or desires. Questions to ask yourself:  What feelings, emotions, or desires to have that you are not fully expressing?  How Read More


Dream dictionary definition for understudy: In stage acting, an understudy is an actor or actress who studies the part in the event that the main actor/actress is sick and cannot perform.  To be or see an understudy in your dreams could indicate feelings of taking a bac Read More


Dream dictionary definition for underwater: To dream of being underwater represents overwhelming emotions that you are having difficulty integrating.  On the flip side, if you are able to breathe underwater and move about freely, it represents feeling in control of your Read More


Dream dictionary definition for underwear: Underwear represents your most personal and private self.  It indicates feelings of holding something very close to you in a cherished and treasured way.  Look at the condition of the underwear for more clues as to your feeling Read More


Dream dictionary definition for undressing:  To undress in a dream is to reveal your inner-most self.  It represents a falling away of inhibitions and exposing your true self.  It can be an act of total trust when done in front of someone who is close to you.  Or it can Read More


Dream dictionary definition for unfeeling:  Feeling is the backbone of human experience.  Without our feelings, we are empty shells.  To experience a state of cold, unfeeling in your dream indicates a disconnection from yourself, from others, from nature, and from the U Read More


Dream dictionary definition for unicorn: A unicorn is a fantastical horse-like being with a single horn in the middle of its forehead.  To dream of a unicorn indicates a desire for magic and fantasy in your life.  It could also indicate a need to go back to childlike ro Read More

Unknown Person

Dream dictionary definition for unknown person: To see an unknown person in your dreams represents a part of yourself that is consciously unknown to you.  Examine the details surrounding the unknown person in your dream.  What was he/she doing?  How was he/she dressed?  Read More

Unknown Thing

Dream dictionary definition for unknown thing:  Dreaming of an unknown thing can carry the same dream meaning as an unknown person.  Alternatively, it can indicate that you have an idea, emotion, or experience that is hidden within you and is just bubbling up to the sur Read More


Dream dictionary definition for unlocking: To dream of unlocking something indicates gaining access to something that you previously did not have access to. Questions to ask yourself:  What parts of yourself feel locked up?  How can you gain access to those parts of you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for unprepared:  To dream of being unprepared indicates feelings of not having enough (knowledge, possessions, information, education etc…) or of not beingenough.   It can also be an indication of anxiety or fear for an upcoming situation, pa Read More


Dream dictionary definition for unstable: To dream of being unstable indicates feelings of indecision, indecisiveness, or lack of balance.  Further it could indicate your mental state, feelings of being unstable, emotional, moody, or on the verge of a breakdown. Questio Read More


Dream dictionary definition for untrustworthy: To dream that you or someone else is untrustworthy, indicates feelings that you do not trust yourself in some way.  It could be that your inner voice (intuition, inner guidance) is telling you to go in a certain direction a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for upstairs: Going upstairs represents going to a higher state of consciousness.  It also indicates an inclination for spirituality, god, and higher ideals. To better understand your attitudes towards this subject, look at the condition of t Read More


Dream dictionary definition for urinating: Urinating indicates a release of old, used, and no longer needed parts of yourself.  It is a cleansing process that happens multiple times a day and a vital function to life.  Urinating in your dream indicates a need to cleanse Read More