Definition for vaccine:  To dream of a vaccine indicates feelings of protection against something you deem as harmful.  It also represents feelings of assurance in a situation and an added confidence against harm.  On the flip side, dreaming of a vaccine could indicate Read More


Dream dictionary definition for vacuum: Vacuums represent cleaning.  If you are vacuuming your house in your dream, it represents cleaning your body or an aspect of yourself.  This could be in the literal sense of needing to detox your physical body.  It could also be i Read More

Valentine’s Day

Dream dictionary definition for Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day is associated with romantic love.  It carries the dream meaning of your desire to bring more romance in your life, or to start a new relationship.  It could also simply represent love in general. Que Read More


Dream dictionary definition for valley:  To dream of a lush valley indicates prosperity, abundance, and gratitude.  To dream of being at the bottom of a valley could represent feelings of being in a low place in your life, particularly if you are unable to climb out of Read More


Dream dictionary definition for valve: A valve allows liquid to pass through or not.  Dreaming of a valve represents you ability control your emotions or your actions.  Properly managing the valve indicates feelings of being in control, while mismanaging the valve indic Read More


Dream dictionary definition for vampire:  Vampires represent sucking the life out of another person for your own selfish gain.  Usually this means stealing someone’s energy, putting someone down, or shaming them.  Although this behavior creates a temporary good or high Read More


Dream dictionary definition for variety:  Dreaming of a variety of object, people, places, etc… indicates a desire for choice. Questions to ask yourself:  Do you feel you do not have a choice in any area of your life?  How can you empower yourself with more choice? Ali Read More


Dream dictionary definition for vase:  Dreaming of an ornate vase indicates a desire for beauty in your life.  If the vase contains flowers, it represents a desire to contain your life – rather than allowing yourself to be wild and free.  Alternatively, it could represe Read More

Vegetable Garden

Dream dictionary definition for vegetable garden: A vegetable garden represents self-sufficiency.  By growing your own food, you do not need to rely on others for sustenance.  Thus you are independent and resourceful. This dream symbol reminds you that you already have Read More


Dream dictionary definition for vehicle:  Dreaming of a vehicle represents your own feelings of control in your life.  If you are driving the vehicle, it indicates that feel that you are in control.  If someone else is driving, it indicates that you do not feel that you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for veil: Dreaming of a veil represents that which is hidden from view.  It’s not that it’s not there, it’s just hidden and you can’t see it.  Lifting a veil represents the hidden coming into view. Dreaming of a veil can also be interpreted a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for vein:  Veins carry blood towards the heart.  So dreaming of veins represents the Life Force and bringing new life into something.  It could be physical, as in energy.  Or it could be a spiritual Life Force, as in bringing new life to a pr Read More


Dream dictionary definition for velvet:  Dreaming of velvet represents the luxuries in life, enjoying life, and treating yourself to something special. Questions to ask yourself: How can you incorporate simple luxuries into your life? Ali Rittenhouse

Vending Machine

Dream dictionary definition for vending machine:  Dreaming of a vending machine represents convenience.  It’s a place to get a quick snack, but doesn’t necessarily offer the greatest variety or nutrition.  Thus, a vending machine represents the trade-offs and sacrifices Read More


Dream dictionary definition for vent: Dreaming of a vent could represent your expression of anger, as in “venting.”  It could mean expressing anger, frustration, or excess energy.  Alternatively, a vent could represent diffusion, such as a diffusion of energy, or dealin Read More


Dream dictionary definition for verdict: Dreaming of a verdict represents passing final judgment.  It could be on yourself or on someone else. Questions to ask yourself:  In what ways do you pass judgment on yourself?  On others? Ali Rittenhouse

Video Camera

Dream dictionary definition for video camera: Dreaming of a video camera indicates a desire to capture and save life’s memories. Questions to ask yourself:  What memories do you wish to preserve? Ali Rittenhouse

Video Game

Dream dictionary definition for video game: Dreaming that you are in a video indicates a feeling that you are not in control of some aspect of your life. You are a pawn, controlled by someone else from the outside. Alternatively, if you actively play video games in your Read More


Dream dictionary definition for vine:  Vines are strong and adaptable plants that thrive in some of the harshest environments.  Dreaming of vines indicates feelings of adaptability and the ability to thrive no matter what the outside conditions are.  Vines represent a s Read More


Dream dictionary definition for violence:  Dreaming of violence could depict violence that you are experiencing in your waking life.  You could be using your dreams to process the emotional pain associated with the violence. Alternatively, violence could represent repre Read More


Dream dictionary definition for virus:  Dreaming of a virus represents an unwanted entity that is causing harm in your waking life.  It could indicate feelings that another person is invading your space or intruding on your life.  Further, it could indicate that you som Read More


Dream dictionary definition for vision:  Dreaming that you are having visions could represent a desire to open your mind to new dimensions of consciousness.  In a way, dreams are also considered visions, so dreaming of having a vision is like having a vision within a vi Read More


Dream dictionary definition for visiting:  To dream that you are visiting something or someone indicates a temporary feeling.  You are not there to stay, but only coming for a short time.  Alternatively, the dream could represent an actual visit you have just experience Read More

Vivid Color

Dream dictionary definition for vivid color:  If you see a particularly vivid color in your dream it could indicate strong feelings or emotions towards whatever is represented in vivid color. Questions to ask yourself: What object/person in your dream was particularly v Read More

Vivid Dream

Dream dictionary definition for vivid dream: If you had a particularly vivid dream it could indicate that the subject of the dream was particularly real for you.  There could be an issue in your waking life which requires immediate attention. Questions to ask yourself:  Read More


Dream dictionary definition for voice: It is rare that you will actually hear a voice speaking in your dreams.  In the dream world, we tend to communicate more telepathically.  If you hear a voice in your dreams, pay particular attention to what it says.  It has a messa Read More


Dream dictionary definition for voicemail:  Leaving a voicemail in a dream indicates an unfulfilled desire to communicate with someone.  Your efforts may or may not be successful, but regardless, the desire is there. Questions to ask yourself:  Who do you have a desire Read More


Dream dictionary definition for vomiting:  When you vomit you expel something from inside you that is harmful, unwanted, or not needed.  To dream of vomiting indicates the need to get rid of something.  It could be something within your physical body or something on the Read More


Dream dictionary definition for voyage: A voyage is a journey.  To dream of going on a voyage indicates your life’s journey.  You are going forward in your life and making progress towards your goals. Questions to ask yourself: In what ways are you moving forward in you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for vulture:  Vultures are scavenger birds.  Dreaming of vultures indicates feelings of taking from others in order to “feed” yourself or advance your own agenda.  It could mean being disrespectful, judgmental, or using others for personal ga Read More