Definition for waiting:  Dreaming of waiting could indicate that you are waiting for something in your waking life.  Maybe you are waiting for a package to arrive, a friend to call, or someone else to do something for you.  You could be waiting for the world to change, Read More

Waking Up

Dream dictionary definition for waking up:  If you dream you are waking up, you could be experiencing a false awakening in your dream.  You think you have woken up in your waking life, but you are still in a dream.  Look for dream signs or something that may seem off in Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wallet: Wallets are associated with storing money.  To dream of a wallet could represent your relationship with money.  If there is money inside the wallet, it indicates that you feel abundant and wealthy.  However, if the wallet is empty Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wallpaper:  Dreaming of wallpaper indicates a desire to cover something up – either to hide something that is ugly, or to make your surroundings more beautiful or different in some way. Questions to ask yourself: How was the wallpaper pre Read More


Dream dictionary definition for walrus: Dreaming of a walrus could indicate dominance – either you feel the need to dominate others, or you feel that others are dominating you. Questions to ask yourself:  Do you tend to dominate others?  Do others dominate you? Ali Ritt Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wanting:  Dreaming that you want something indicates that you feel you don’t have enough of something in your life.  The paradox about wanting something is that the very act of wanting indicates to the Universe that you believe you alread Read More


Dream dictionary definition for war:  Dreaming of war indicates feelings of violence within yourself.  These feelings may be directed outward to someone in your waking life or inward toward yourself. Alternatively, if you have lost someone to a war, or have been part of Read More


Dream dictionary definition for warm:  Dreaming that something is warm indicates comfort and feelings of comfort.  Throughout our time on Earth we associate warmth with love and care.  So dreaming of this symbol indicates these feelings.  Either you express them in your Read More


Dream dictionary definition for warning:  To dream that someone gives you a warning could indicate that you feel fearful about some aspect of your waking life.  Further it indicates that you need to pay attention to something related to the warning in your waking life. Read More


Dream dictionary definition for warrior:  Dreaming of a warrior indicates strength, potency, energy, brawn, and qualities associated with the masculine.  It could also indicate a desire for protection or to protect others.  Further it could indicate that you feel someon Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wart: Dreaming of a wart indicates that you feel you have a blemish in your self-image or reputation.  You are not as pure and perfect and you pretend to be or would like to be. Questions to ask yourself:  How do you see yourself?  How do Read More

Washing Machine

Dream dictionary definition for washing machine:  Dreaming of a washing machine indicates that you need to clean some part of your life – let go of the old and bring in the new.  It could be in relation to feelings, beliefs, relationships, or anything that is holding yo Read More

Washing Yourself

Dream dictionary definition for washing yourself:  Dreaming of washing yourself indicates a desire to wash away that which is no longer serving you.  It’s time to take inventory of your life, your circumstance, your thoughts, and your beliefs.  What once served you well Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wasp:  Dreaming of a wasp indicates feelings of anger, frustration, or aggression.  If you have had a bad experience being stung by a wasp in the past, it could represent feelings of pain, hurt or fear.  Alternatively, seeing a wasp in yo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for watch:  Dreaming of a watch could indicate that you are pressed for time or are feeling rushed.  It could also indicate that you are on guard and feeling that you need to watch over something or someone. Questions to ask yourself:  What a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for watching:  To dream of watching something or someone indicates that you are feeling distrustful of that person or thing.  You do not trust that they are able to take care of themselves and you feel that they need guidance or protection. Q Read More


Dream dictionary definition for water: Water is the basis for life on this planet.  So dreaming of water could indicate life, the cycle of life, or the ability to nourish yourself.  Depending on the context of the dream, water could indicate a desire to cleanse yourself Read More

Water Heater

Dream dictionary definition for water heater:  Dreaming of a water heater indicates that you need to take more action in your life in order to feel comfortable or safe. Questions to ask yourself:  In what ways do you not feel comfortable or safe?  What actions can you t Read More

Water Softener

Dream dictionary definition for water softener: Dreaming of water softener indicates that you need to take some actions in order to be more “soft” in your life.  It is not serving you to act distant, cold, or defensive around others.  Find ways to come from a place of l Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wave: Dreaming of a wave is a reminder that we are all connected and that we are all one.  Just as the wave is inseparable from the ocean, you are also inseparable from creation. If you enjoy going to the beach or are a surfer, boater, je Read More


Dream dictionary definition for weapon: Dreaming of a weapon could indicate that you feel the need to protect or defend yourself in some way.  You are not feeling safe and thus feel you need to have a weapon to protect yourself.  Further it could indicate feelings of ag Read More


Dream dictionary definition for weasel: Dreaming of a weasel indicates sneakiness, evasiveness, or deception.  It could also represent a snitch, double-crosser, or tattle-tail.  Look at other symbols in the dream to gain more insights on the meaning of this symbol and h Read More


Dream dictionary definition for weather:  Dreaming of weather can have a variety of implications depending on the type of weather.  Examine the associations you make with the specific type of weather portrayed in the dream. For example: dreaming of sunny weather could i Read More

Weaving or Spinning

Dream dictionary definition for  weaving or spinning: To dream that you are weaving or spinning yarn (or something else) indicates a desire to create something using raw materials.  You may be experiencing an urge in your waking life to express yourself or to make somet Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wedding:  Dreaming of a wedding could indicate commitment, devotion, love, and trust.  If you are in a serious, long-term relationship this symbol could indicate a desire to marry your partner.  Examine the context of the wedding, the oth Read More

Wedding Participant

Dream dictionary definition for wedding participant: Dreaming that you are participating in a wedding could indicate a desire for ceremony and celebration.  You may be seeking some sort of ritual or rite of passage to mark a transition in your life. Alternatively, if yo Read More

Wedding Ring

Dream dictionary definition for  wedding ring: Dreaming of a wedding ring symbolizes commitment, fidelity, love and trust.  You may be experiencing these qualities in your life or you may wish to experience more of these qualities.  Alternatively, this symbol could repr Read More

Wedding Shower

Dream dictionary definition for  wedding shower:  Dreaming of a wedding shower could indicate new beginnings or beginning a new phase in your life.  You may be celebrating something special or have a desire to celebrate a new phase in your life’s journey.  Examine the a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  weeds:  Dreaming of weeds could indicate that which is unwanted in your life.  You may be feeling that there is something “taking over” a part of your life or an aspect of yourself that you did not intentionally place there yourself.  It Read More


Dream dictionary definition for weird: Dreaming that something is weird could indicate that you are looking at parts of your life through a new filter.  You may be uncomfortable with some part of yourself or some aspect of your life that deviates from the norm and thus Read More

Well or Cistern

Dream dictionary definition for  well or cistern:  Dreaming of a well or cistern represents your emotional reservoir.  If the well is full, it indicates that you have a full and strong emotional reservoir on hand – that is, when a challenge arises, you are psychological Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  werewolf:  Dreaming of a werewolf indicates your fears, particularly fear of the unknown.  Alternatively, it could represent the wild, untamed side of your personality.  Particularly a part of your personality that gets overtaken by ange Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wet:  Dreaming that something is wet could indicate an emotional saturation.  You may be feeling overwhelmed and unable to absorb or handle anything more in your life. Alternatively, something being wet could indicate that you are in the Read More

Wetting Oneself

Dream dictionary definition for  wetting oneself:  To dream that you have wet yourself indicates fears or anxieties.  Examine the situation in the dream for more insight about the type of fear or anxiety you have. Alternatively, this symbol could represent being out of Read More


Dream dictionary definition for whale:  Whales represent pure love.  They are the animals on this planet that are most consistently able to hold the frequency of love.  Dreaming of a whale reminds you that you are love and that you are loved. Questions to ask yourself:  Read More

Wheel or Tire

Dream dictionary definition for  wheel or tire: Dreaming of a wheel or tire represents your ability to make use of your own resources to get where you want to go faster and easier. Questions to ask yourself:  What inner resources do you possess that can help you grow fa Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  wheelchair: Dreaming of a wheelchair indicates help and support for the areas in which you are weak.  Although you may not have the strength or ability to do something for yourself (this could be physical, emotional, spiritual, behaviora Read More


Dream dictionary definition for whisper: Dreaming of a whisper could represent a secret you are keeping or something that is so personal you do not want others to know about it.  You may want to share your secret so that is doesn’t burden you anymore, but are afraid and Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  white: Dreaming of the color white indicates purity, cleanliness and being untouched.  It could also indicate a blank slate or a blank canvas – there is nothing there and it is up to you to create whatever you choose.  Alternatively, dre Read More

White Rose

Dream dictionary definition for white rose:  Dreaming of white rose represents innocence in love, purity, virginity, and exploring sexuality for the first time. Questions to ask yourself: What was the context in which you saw the white rose in the dream?  What do white Read More

Wig or Fake Hair

Dream dictionary definition for  wig or fake hair:  Hair represents your self-image or the way you see another person.  Dreaming of a wig or fake hair indicates a false sense of self of a false view of another person. Questions to ask yourself:  How do you see yourself? Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  wild:  Dreaming of being in the wild or of being wild yourself, represents your own wild nature.  You are deeply connected to the Earth and to the wilderness.  This dream symbols reminds you of that connection and asks you to get in touc Read More

Win a Competition

Dream dictionary definition for win a competition:  Dreaming that you won a competition indicates your competitive spirit.  Depending on the context of the dream it could indicate that you will do whatever it takes to win, no matter what the consequences.  Or, it could Read More

Win Prizes, Money, Gifts, etc…

Dream dictionary definition for win money, prizes, gifts, etc…: To dream that you have won any of these items indicates a desire for more abundance in your life.  You may wish that you would actually win such things or you may wish that someone would give you gifts.  Th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wind: Wind can have a variety of meanings depending on the context of the dream and the way in which the wind is presented.  A strong wind could indicate radical change or transformation in your life.  Whereas, a gentle breeze could indic Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  windmill: Dreaming of a windmill indicates the way in which you harness energy during times of change or turmoil. Questions to ask yourself: How was the windmill presented in the dream?  Was there anything unusual about it?  How do you u Read More


Dream dictionary definition for window:  Dreaming of a window represents your perception of the world, other people or yourself.  If you are looking out of a window it indicates how you see others and those around you.  If you are looking in a window it represents how o Read More

Window Washer

Dream dictionary definition for window washer: To dream of a window washer represents clearing or cleansing the way in which you look at the world or others.  Your perception may be tainted by past experiences, traumas, or emotional hurts.  This symbol calls you to clea Read More


Dream dictionary definition for windshield: A windshield provides protection from outside forces such as wind, dust, pollution, and bugs.  Thus dreaming of a windshield represents a layer of protection between you and the outside world.  It represents the “wall” or emot Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wings: Wings represent freedom and the ability to fly and soar.  This symbol reminds you that you have everything you need inside of you already.  You are the creator of your own life and you are the creator of your world.  It is within y Read More


Dream dictionary definition for winter: Winter represents a period of rest and rejuvenation.  Although there is not much visible growth during the winter, it doesn’t mean that nothing is happening.  This symbol calls for you to take time to rest, relax, and not push you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wire:  Dreaming of a wire could represent connection, holding things together, bonds, or communication. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the wire presented in the dream?  What were the size, color, and strength?  Was the wire intact or Read More

Witch or Wizard

Dream dictionary definition for witch or wizard: Witches and wizards have seemingly “magic” powers to control their environment through spells, shape-shifting, etc…  This dream symbol calls your attention to the fact that you do in deed possess the same abilities and th Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wolf: Dreaming of a wolf represents your own fear.  This symbol is calling your attention to the fear that you have inside of you.  Look at the other symbols present in the dream to gain more insights as to the specific fears you are carr Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wolverine:  Dreaming of a wolverine represents a primal urge to survive no matter what the cost.  It draws attention to popular world-views and concepts like “survival of the fittest,” and a “dog-eat-dog world.”  This symbol could be show Read More


Dream dictionary definition for woman:  Dreaming of a woman represents an aspect of yourself.  Examine the woman in more detail to gain more insights as to what aspect of yourself the woman represents and what this dream symbol is showing you. Dreaming of a young woman Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wombat: Wombats are very secretive animals and only rarely seen.  They tend to stay hidden and the only visible evidence they leave behind are holes and feces.  Thus, dreaming of a wombat could indicate feelings of secretiveness, or hidin Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wood:  Dreaming of wood represents certain ideas, beliefs, habits, etc… that have become second nature for you.  Alternatively, dreaming of wood could represent something which was once alive and vibrant, but is now dead and/or being used Read More


Dream dictionary definition for woodpecker:  Dreaming of a woodpecker represents taking consistent steps towards reaching your goal.  Just as a woodpecker must show persistence in doing a repetitive task to achieve his goals, so too must you show persistence in order to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for words: Seeing words in your dream could have a variety of meanings depending on the words you saw.  Examine the words in the dream and determine what those words represent to you and what they symbolize. Alternatively, dreaming of words c Read More


Dream dictionary definition for working: To dream that you are working could represent the way you feel about working in your waking life.  Examine your emotional state in the dream and also look at other dream symbols present to get a better understanding about how you Read More


Dream dictionary definition for workplace: Dreaming of the workplace usually represents the way in which you feel about or perceive your current or former workplace. Questions to ask yourself:  What was the workplace you were in?  Was there anything different or unusual Read More


Dream dictionary definition for world: Dreaming of the world, or even another world, could represent your viewpoint or attitudes in relation to the world or world events.  Dreaming of the “end of world” represents fears that your “world” is changing or becoming obsolete Read More


Dream dictionary definition for worm:  Dreaming of a worm could represent a strong connection to the earth and the soil.  Further, it could represent feelings of lowliness, being small, or decay in some area of your life. Questions to ask yourself:  How was the worm pre Read More


Dream dictionary definition for worms: Dreaming of swarms of worms could represent congestion or confusion in your life.  There may be a difficult problem or challenge in your life – as in opening “a can of worms.” Questions to ask yourself:  What challenges are you fac Read More


Dream dictionary definition for  woven: To dream of something woven represents the interconnectedness of life.  This symbol reminds you that you are not a separate, individual being, but rather you are a part of the tapestry of life, deeply immersed and connected with e Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wren: Dreaming of a wren could indicate feelings of being small and inconspicuous.  Alternatively, as some wrens are quite bold, this symbol could indicate boldness.  Examine other dream symbols for more clues as to which interpretation f Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wrinkle: Dreaming of a wrinkle could represent a problem or a challenge you are facing.  Dreaming of wrinkles on a face represents your feelings about aging and getting older. Alternatively, a wrinkled face could represent wisdom and expe Read More


Dream dictionary definition for wrist: Dreaming of a wrist represents flexibility and movement in your life. Dreaming of a broken wrist or wrist that doesn’t move indicates lack of flexibility in some area of your life.  You may be feeling stuck in some way or unable to Read More


Dream dictionary definition for writing:  To dream that you are writing indicates a desire to express yourself and your feelings.  You may be working through a problem in your life and by writing about it you are able to solidify the experiences in your mind.  Further, Read More

Writing Music

Dream dictionary definition for writing music: Dreaming that you are writing music could indicate a desire to express yourself creatively.  You may be an auditory learner or you may have an affinity for music.  This dream symbol asks you to explore your creative side an Read More

Writing Utensil

Dream dictionary definition for writing utensil:  Dreaming of a writing utensil such as a pen, pencil, or marker indicates a desire to communicate through writing.  Examine the type of utensil you were writing with as this can give you greater insights.  For example, if Read More