Dream dictionary definition for X: Seeing an “X” in your dream could carry various dream meanings.  It could indicate a negating of something.  As in something that is not allowed.  It could also indicate a mistake that was crossed out and something else replaced it. Qu Read More

X Marks the Spot

Dream dictionary definition for x marks the spot: Seeing an X marking a spot in your dream, indicates finding something that is hidden, lost, or buried.  Usually “X marks the spot” is associated with treasure and the completion of a journey or quest.  In your dream this Read More


Definition for x-ray: X-rays are used to see through things, so seeing this symbol in your dream could be an indication that you need to look deeper at some aspect of your life or relationships.  Further it could indicate a desire to know yourself deeper and see previou Read More

X-Ray Vision

Dream dictionary definition for x-ray vision:  X-ray vision is about seeing through another person – seeing that which they do not want you to see.  Dreaming of having x-ray vision denotes your ability or desire to “see through” another person.  It can indicate feelings Read More


Dream dictionary definition for xylophone: A xylophone is a percussion instrument made with wooden panels and struck with a mallet.  To dream of a xylophone indicates feelings of connection to the natural environment, and using it in a harmonious, conscious, and sustain Read More