Definition of yacht: Dreaming of a yacht indicates moving through life in a luxurious and abundant way.  It signifies taking time and having the freedom to enjoy the pleasures of life.  If you do not feel that you live this way in your waking life, look for ways to feel Read More


Dream dictionary definition of yak: The yak is a long-haired bovine (same family as the cow), native to the Himalayans, Tibet, and Mongolia.  They are well adapted to high-altitudes and have expanded lung capacity.  To see a yak in your dream could indicate your capacit Read More


Dream dictionary definition for yam:  A yam is a tuber (root vegetable) commonly eaten throughout the world.  It is versatile and abundant.  To see a yam in your dream could indicate nutrition and nourishment.  Further, it could indicate versatility and abundance. Quest Read More


Dream dictionary definition for Yankee: Yankee can refer to someone from the northern part of the US, or from the US in general – often the term is used in a derogatory way, especially by those outside the US.  To see a Yankee in your dreams indicates whatever feelings Read More


Dream dictionary definition for yarn: Yarn is a raw material used to make things like sweaters, scarfs, and blankets.  To see yarn in your dream could indicate creating something from scratch using raw materials. Alternatively, yarn could represent playfulness, as in a Read More


Dream dictionary definition for year: A year represents a complete cycle of the Earth around the Sun.  To experience a year in your dream indicates a completion.  You have gone through one complete rotation, cycling through all the seasons and the all the changes that c Read More


Dream dictionary definition for yeast:  Yeast is a raw ingredient for bread – it was what makes bread rise.  To dream of yeast could indicate a rising up in some area your life.  It could be a spiritual rising, a rising in status, or a rising in your thoughts. Alternati Read More


Dream dictionary definition for yelling: To dream of yelling could indicate anger.  We tend to raise our voices when we are angry, frustrated or agitated.  It could also indicate a need to be heard.  Often we need to raise our voices and talk louder in order to get atte Read More


Dream dictionary definition for yellow: Yellow is a happy color, associated with the sun.  Dreaming of the color is associated with inner joy, happiness, and contentment. Alternatively, yellow could represent fear – as in expression of someone being “yellow” when they a Read More

Yellow Rose

Dream dictionary definition for yellow rose:  The yellow rose symbolizes friendship and platonic love.  To see a yellow rose in your dream indicates these feelings.  Look for other clues in your dream to determine the object of these feelings. Questions to ask yourself: Read More

Yield Sign

Dream dictionary definition for yield sign: A yield sign is a warning to slow down and let others go before you.  To see this symbol in your dream indicates a need to slow down and let others pass.  Do not be over-zealous or too eager to get to your destination.  In thi Read More

Yin Yang

Dream dictionary definition for yin yang:  The wisdom of the yin yang teaches us that there is always some light in what appears to be dark, and always some dark in what appears to be light.  Opposite forces are at work here and balance each other out perfectly. When yo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for yogi: A yogi is one who practices yoga.  To see a yogi in your dreams symbolizes the values, path, and lifestyle of a yogi. To fully understand what this symbol means to you, examine your relationship to yoga and its practitioners.  The s Read More


Dream dictionary definition for yoke (not be confused with an egg yolk): A yoke is a wooden beam that is placed between two oxen to allow them to work together to carry a heavy load.  To dream of a yoke indicates a need or an ability to work together with another person Read More

Yolk (Egg)

Dream dictionary definition for yolk:  The yolk is the yellow part of an egg, which is used as food for the developing embryo.  To dream of a yolk could indicate a need for nourishment in a very basic, totally dependent way – as in a baby whose only source of nourishmen Read More

You on TV or in a Movie

Dream dictionary definition for you on TV or in a movie:  To dream of being on TV or in a movie, indicates a desire to be seen by a large audience of people.  Further it indicates a desire to be recognized for your contributions and honored for what you do. Questions to Read More