Definition for zebra: Dreaming of a zebra could be an indication of your ability to balance different extremes.  It indicates that you can hold opposing views and see the merits in both.  Alternatively it could suggest black and white thinking – this or that, one or the Read More


Dream dictionary definition for Zen:  Zen is associated with peace, oneness, meditation, and simplicity.  To dream of Zen symbols, gardens, or meditations indicates one’s desire for peace and tranquility.  Look for areas in your waking life where you long for peace. Que Read More


Dream dictionary definition for zero: Zero represents nothingness, emptiness, and void.  Seeing this symbol in your dream could indicate that you have these feelings, either hidden or known.  Alternatively, the circle could represent completeness, or a desire to feel mo Read More


Dream dictionary definition for Zeus: In Ancient Greek mythology, Zeus is the “Father of Gods and Men” – the God of the gods.  Dreaming of Zeus indicates godly feelings, particularly in relation to ruling.  It suggests power and authority, particularly in sexual escapad Read More


Dream dictionary definition for zodiac: To dream of the zodiac indicates your feelings for connection with the cosmos and the Universe.  Further it represents your own desire to connect with your Higher Self and your own greater consciousness – for it has been said that Read More


Definition for zombie:  Zombies are the “undead” or the “walking dead.”  Zombies represent those who are emotionally detached from life – mindlessly going through the motions without any excitement or passion for what they are doing.  The terms “zombie” is often applied Read More


Dream dictionary definition for zoo:  A zoo is a place where captive animals are put on display for people to see.  To see a zoo in your dreams could indicate feelings of captivity or of being on display.  Alternatively, the term “zoo” refers to something that is overly Read More