Sleep Your Way to Success

Can you sleep your way to success?  While you might be tempted to answer “no,” the latest sleep research reveals you can.

When I worked at a tech company, the guys at the top of the food chain liked to brag about how little sleep they got.  They were in the office at 6 am and working from home til 11 pm.  They liked to let us know that they were hard workers and got sh!t done.

Lack of sleep is like a badge of honor in our work-a-day world.   There seems to be an unspoken understanding that if you want to be successful you have to work long hours.  And that sacrificing your sleep is a small price to pay.

I don’t buy that.  I don’t buy that taking a nap means you’re lazy; Or that getting 7 – 9 hours of sleep each night means you’re not working enough. In fact, I’ve come to understand that the opposite is true AND science backs it up.

If you truly want to be successful in your life and career, it’s time to ditch the outdated story that success equals late nights and coffee-fueled mornings.

The Sleep Your Way to Success infographic outlines exactly how getting enough sleep will actually make you more successful in your life and career.

sleep your way to success


Sleep Your Way to Success

Are you on a mission to be successful in your career, business, or life?  If so, have you given a thought to how your sleep affects your success?  It’s not a topic that most of us give much thought to.

With such strong evidence showing us the importance of sleep, I invite you to give more importance to sleep.  Make a point of getting enough sleep.  Take a midday powernap instead of pouring another cup of stale coffee.  Make sleep a priority and see how it helps you.

It’s your turn, Dreamer

As always, I love hearing from you.  What effect has sleep (or lack thereof) had on your success?  Share your experiences in the comments below.

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  1. Very interesting post, Amy. I can’t forget those college days when I spent many nights not getting enough sleep. Especially during the exam times when i would allocate most of my day and night to studies. If you aren’t up all night you aren’t studying hard enough. It was the norm as most of my friends were doing this. It was hard to decipher that all those sleepless nights were not making me smarter but rather dumber, until one night right before the exam I had hardly any sleep, I just kept studying trying to do really well in the exam. This is what we call a delusion. I was so wrong. All that preparation and I was sitting in the exam can’t write with my hands. My hands just froze as did my tired-exhausted-unrested brain. This was a “wake up” call. Sufficient sleep is more important than we generally hear about. Brain does so much work all day and it needs a cooling off period like they do in rest of the animal kingdom. A well rested brain is sharper and smarter.

    Thanks for this wonderful post.